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11/16/2004 7:22 AM

how do i play it
how do i gain points and rank
ive read the guidelines and still cant understand

11/16/2004 7:32 AM

First off, welcome aboard! It's always awesome to have new faces around.

You gain points from many things, mostly for the amount of posts you've made. My XP and PP are how many posts I've made. You can sometimes make extra points by doing something helpful, like promoting the RPGC.

Your rank will go up with your post count. Once you get 25 posts you'll go from Wanderer to tourist, at 50 to Citizen, at 75 Apprentice, and up and up.

All the ranks can be found on the sidebar(over there<<<<<<) by clicking "My Member Points".


Well, I'd reccomend you check out the "Training Grounds" forum, and the RP thread by the same name. Read over some of the posts, and you'll get a good idea of how it works. Feel free to post and sharpen your skills on it, that's what it's there for. Don't mind if some of the people are a little hard on you, they mean well.

Have fun!

11/16/2004 8:04 AM

In simpler terms.

XP = post counts.

11/17/2004 12:40 AM

XP = post counts.

No... more acturately... XP = Participation Points. :) Posting makes up most of your points now because that's they only system on this site that's auto recording activity right now.


11/17/2004 12:43 AM

Moving this thread to the RPG Forums Support forum.


11/18/2004 1:19 PM

how do i play it

Free form roleplaying as actually a quite easy concept to grasp. You create a character according to the nature of the storyline (whichever system is played) and participate by having your character react to the posts made before you.

Do keep in mind however, that you cannot react on a post on page 1, if the rest of the players are on page 8. ;)

11/18/2004 7:02 PM

I hope it is okay if I post in here. I just need some help on getting started. I'm not new to roleplay but this is a different forum from my old one and i'm not really sure where to start out or how to get involved. Any tips?

11/18/2004 7:43 PM

Welcome! Anyway, the easiest way is to find a thread (story) that hasn't been running very long... for instance, my newest, "The Project" in the General Roleplaying forum or "Tavern of Fire: Arisen from the Ashes" In the Dragonlance RP forum. Post a character in the OOC/Recr Section (Listed under each thread topic) and either ask to join/ post a character bio/stats and then see if the thread 'manager' (or rather the one who started it) approves. Sometimes Approval isn't required, but it is courteous to ask before barging in any existing thread.

Hope you have fun!!


11/21/2004 5:04 PM

It always helps to look over a few of the threads. This helps you get an idea of how to do the rping.

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