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11/15/2004 7:41 AM

He sat upon the wooden floor, tears streaming down a slightly pale face, reddening his eyes and cheeks, each drop wetting the wood, darkening it momentarily. Shaven head, with hazel eyes....eyes that had seen far too much within his relatively short life thus far, suffered too much grief and pain, rejected, loved, hated, despised, wanted, needed, admired and pitied. He had seen blood spilled, flowing from those whom he loved, from those he felt nothing for. It was difficult to live through life and not have it harden your heart, turn it to ice, for what other way was there to help deal with the damage inflicted on the heart? Many would give other options, and he would listen to them, knowing they were right, blinded to the truth by a series of emotions that were too much for his head to cope with in its current state.

" Stop the pain! I command you! "

His voice rang out, filled it seemed with the pain of the world, shaking the walls, causing more tears to run freely, now tinged red with blood.

No, mortal! You cannot ask such a thing. ow dare you summon this power for such a mudane and weak task!, the Keeper of Darkness owned this voice, he who gaurds the power of the Dead, the Gate Keeper.

He was being refused his release, but why? Could his pain not be felt by this being? Surely even the devine would not be so cruel as to allow a mortal to suffer with this. Why live on when you are broken in two? Who is there to heal you...... no one.

" Damn you to Hell's depths! ", his tears wouldn't stop, and he knew he risked the Keeper's wrath. But he cared not, for it might bring the release he desired. The darkness surrounding him, the waves of his power cascading about the room, holding the Keeper in check, weakened as he did. Sustaining the magic for this length of time took its toll eventually.

You weaken mortal, and by rights I should end your life for this outrage, but such is what you desire, so it will be denied! Live with the knowledge that I will not bring you solace, do so by your own hand. But you are a coward, aren't you mortal? Even Osirus knows this as I do. We will not do your task for you! , with that the Keeper broke bring of the bonds placed on him, and the young man crouched on the floor wailed. No, come back! You must! I command--", he was thrown through the air, slamming into the wall behind him, several pieces of furniture following suit as power washed through the air. " I command it... ", his voice, now weak and strain, still bore the pain, ragged and raw, he kept on crying, looking pathetic as he sobbed out his heart. Here was no great Warlock, here was a boy playing with power he had no control over, playing with death and love and fate. These were things that would forever elude his command, no matter the curse, the book or incantaton....

He was lost once more, at an end again, facing a blank wall already stained with blood. " You cannot do this to me....not to me.... ", fading was the sound of hs moaning as exhaustion claimed his consciousness, forcing him to slip into darkness and slumber. Though this sleep would bring no rest, for his nightmares would return again, filled with the faces laughing at him, always running, never stopping, unable to escape Him and the tormenting. Those words....always with him. He needed help so badly, someone who was to love him and care... but he knew no one here, alone in this country. Unless....

Help me.....

Those two words rang out from his mind, they would reach the person he needed, wanted. There was no force that could stop the missive, for it was filled with the anguish of his hurt, his suffering, the pain, hate and mourning of loss and love. It wuld be heard....


And it was heard. Though not only by the one it was intended for. Deep beneath the City, in the darkened remains of a Temple, dedicated to some long and forgotten God or Demon Lord...it mattered little, for it was an abode. " I sense the anger....such dark grief.... ", the black clad figure seemed in a trance. " Oh the sweetness of it, it would give me the power needed....it must be mine.... death will bring no end, peace, only eternity in darkness....sweet sweet darkness. ", his voice was as cold as the midnight stars were distant. " I will come for you my sweet...I will bring the embrace you desire.... "

None of this was heard by the boy that now slept fitfully.

11/16/2004 3:21 PM

Kalina sat quietly in the coffee shop. The steaming mug warming her chilled hands. Every sense was flared out. Constantly surveying her surroundings.

She sighed and sipped at the hot liquid, then ran her fingers through her hair. She silently chided herself as she scanned the room again. There was no reason to be so paranoid. Was there? You'd think that after one hundred and eighty-four years she would have gotten used to living the night life.

She foreced her gaze down, staring intently at the coffee. She had only heard of two others like her. The infamus Angel, and that love-blinded fool, Spike. She had never met Angel, though she did have the displeasure of meeting his alter-ego, Angelous. And it was not an experiance she wanted to repeat anytime soon. As for Spike, the last she had heard of him was that he had died... Pity.

She stood and left a couple of bills on the table and walked outside. She reached inside her leather jacket and pulled out a paper-wrapped flask. Slipping into a shadowed alley, she quickly drained its contents.

She twisted the cap back into place then hastily wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. She frowned at the crimson smear and then rubbed it away. Glancing around, she tossed the flask into a nearby dumpster, listening to the glass shatter before turning away.

It was then that she 'felt' the call. A strong telepath before her change, the abilitie had only evolved afterward. She groaned and raised her hands to her temples. A flash of a vision made her moan and fall to her knees.

A young man, a boy really... Pain... Tears... Laughter and despair. A cry for help.... and... And a direction. A sense of being pulled in a particular direction.

The Vision faded and she gasped as reality swamped her senses. She shook her head and looked around. Fearful that someone had noticed her little 'episode'.

11/17/2004 7:50 AM

Waking several hours later, Martyn rubbed his aching eyes, placing a hand upon his forehead and around, feeling for cuts, seeing if any blood was present at all...there was none. Not such a relief as it would have been to other people. Just now, he wanted to die, but was too much of a coward to take his own life, for he knew what place would be waiting for him if he were to do so. Plus, he had desired to die by magical means, not by some paltry and defficent mortal way, he was greater than that, or so he thought.

Regaining some of his composure and dignity, Martyn rearranged some of the furniture, placing most of it back into its original place, the other stuff, mainly being broken, was thrown aside to be taken outside at a later time. For now, he did not want to face the open world, and instead gathered a blanket around himself, sitting upon the now dust covered couch and burying his shaven head into his arms. Was there to be no release from the world unless he did so himself? Sighing heavily and raising eyes to stare around at the one bedroom apparment, he could not help feel how much of a fool he had been. Giving up his life in scotland to move here to America, what had be been thinking?!

But of course, the answer was simple. He had not been thinking, for love often blinded ever the most clear sighted of people. A lover's idea of fun and 'paradise'. A new life to start together. Then came the lies, the late nights and then the empty space in the bed where their form once lay, still the mattress was molded to their shape. New tears could not help but spring to Martyn's eyes. He was so angry, not so much at his lover, but at himself for falling for such a cliche and worn out story of love. It mattered little now he assumed, he could not find his lover by any mystical means known to him. After all, his lover, Jonathan, had lived with him for long enough to have seeked a looked into his books, found some way of being undected..... or something, currently, Martyn cared little of it. He knew one thing though, if he were to ever see his face again.....all the Powers That Be could not stop him from replacing his eyeballs with his testicles, and the amusing thing was, he could literally do it.

Standing up and moving to the window, Martyn looked out over the City, or what he could see of it at least. " You all have so much pain. How can you deal with it? Will it ever end? ", for several minutes he then stood in silence, moving away and towards the door after he had looked long enough. Opening the door, he walked into the hallway, the door closing of its own accord. " I need a better view.... "

He went up the stairs towards the roof, to stand for hours, simply thinking, and watching.


11/17/2004 2:18 PM

Moving with purpose, Kalina strode through the city streets, ignoring the cat-calls of the gang on the corner, following the pull. Abruptly it stopped, and her step fell short. Her hazel eyes flitted from sidewalk to the street, searching for the source of the pull.

Then she felt it again... though it wasn't in the same direction as it was before. This time the pull was up... She stepped back, and craned her neck so that she could see the building before her. A large appartment building, lights on here and there in the windows that faced this street. She sighed and following the pull walked down the alley, searching for the fire escape.

With a single well aimed jump, her hands closed on the lowest rung, pulling the ladder down. She climbed it quickly, still not wanting to call undue attention to herself. Less than two minutes later she had reached the top. She crouched on the parapice, looking out across the roof to see a young man there... the same one that she saw in her vision. He was in trouble, and he was the source of the pull. She didn't call out to him, didn't move, she simply stayed in the crouched position, poised like a lioness ready to pounce, she watched... wondering... waiting to see what he would do...

11/18/2004 6:53 AM

He had been there sometime, his eyes closed to the visual world, allowing his senses and mind to stretch farther than his eyes ever could, still searching for him, though he knew his efforts would be fruitless. There had to be another way....it would come to him in time no doubt. Opening his eyes, it was then he felt the presence behind him, and whipping around, the words to a spell on his lips, Martyn simply stared at the stranger. This was no human, he could feel the lull of death and its lament surrounding this creature of twilight. " Can I help you Vampire? Or are we going to play that game of stares? Seeing who can last the longest without blinking? Well, I would think you'd win it... so lets skip it eh? "

There was something else about the woman, something else that didn't fit too well. Where was the feelings of malice and hunger he could sense on most vampires? The inherent evil and corruption they were transformed into upon being sired, it was there, yes... but she was different.

11/18/2004 2:54 PM

Kalina eased off of the parapace. She watched him for a moment longer before speaking.

"My name is Kalina LaGrou. I am here because I was 'called' here, after a fashion that is." Her eyes swept from him, in a sweeping arc around the roof to settle back onto him.

She noticed the confusion in his eyes, scented it on the wind, as well as the despair she had felt in the vision. This one had messed with things he didn't know how to control.

"You are a Wicca no? What have you gotten yourself into?" She said aloud, not particularily caring on what impact her words might have...

11/19/2004 2:29 PM

Ivan had just gotten off the subway and was walking home from the factory when he saw it. The black velvet that was the sky was, for a moment, disrupped by a blood red flash sailing throught the night. It took him a few moments, but Ivan concluded that he had seen a light like that before and he would have to go investigate it. After all, if what he thought was right he might have to leave the city, very soon.

His father might have found him, and if he was right the aura he saw was a Death-dealer, a vampire. The hellish creatures had served his family before, so why not now to hunt him? After all, Agustus knew that of all the demonic influence, it were the undead he feared most. Ivan ran down the street toward where the aura had been, being very careful to remain within the shadows hoping that his black hoodie and jeans would be able to hide him from the death-dealer's vision, at least initially. Maybe, if the creature was more occupied with what it was doing, he would have a chance.

Ivan was already two blocks away from his appartment when he saw the light again, standing at the side of a building. He also noted another aura a little further onto the building's roof, a screaming violate which indicated a sorcerer. Ivan had to physically stop his teeth form chattering in fear so that he had any chance of hearing them. Moving slowly, Ivan place himself at the side of the building where the sorcerer and vampire stood. He pulled his hood around his head to cover up the black hair and tried very hard to hear anything. Suddenly cursing himself for never taking up magic, Ivan focused of the dull mumbles.

11/26/2004 9:55 AM

Martyn bristled at her words. " I am a Warlock, vampire.... and I-I have gotten myself into nothing! ", his eyes narrowed as he felt a rage burn in him, bringing with it a surge of power that sparked in his eyes and between his fingers, " Who are you anyway? What are you doing here? Come to feed.....well, I won't be easy prey I'm afraid.... ", there was another surge of magic, threatening to burst from his control.

11/26/2004 6:04 PM

Kalina narrowed her eyes, but she didn't move, nor did she flinch at the sudden rise of power around this human.

"Had I wanted to do so, Human Don't you think I would have done so already?" She questioned calmly as she guaged the power surge that made the very air vibrate. The power was strong, and to her it nearly seemed too strong to her. too strong for him to contain.

"You can attack me if you insist. But I was called here, and I'm not leaving until I find out what is going on." She nearly whispered the words, but her voice carried a hard edge, she wouldn't hurt him if he attacked... well... not much anyway....

11/27/2004 3:39 AM

Called here? What is she--oh gods....., sudden and visable comprehension crossed his face, and the power boiling in him simmered to nothing. " Oh...I see. ", turning, Martyn face once more out over the city, his back to the vampire. " Its beautiful, isn't it? Morning, noon and especially at night.... seems so calm....but we know the truth of it. Blood is spilt every night, someone new dies. Some rise again to walk as you do, others remain still and cold. Waiting for nature to bring its decaying touch. ", he laughed. " Death. It comes only to those that do not wish for it. Natural order he calls it.... utter torment I say. ", new tears leaked from his face.

" So, whats your name vampire? Unless you want me to remain calling you by your demon breed? ", still he did not face her.

11/27/2004 9:07 AM

Kalina moved then, not nessicarily closer to the boy, but towards the edge of the building nearest to him. She stared over the edge, and sighed in regret over all the years she had wandered this land.

"Torment you say? Yes, I can understand that..." She hesitated a moment then turned, extending one slender hand.

"My name is Kalina LaGrou."

11/27/2004 9:30 AM

Martyn looked towards her extended hand. He smiled, not happily, more so a smile filled with pity. " A vampire with a soul. Interesting.....yet so sad..... ", he took her hand, shaking it. " Name's Martyn, I would say its a pleasure, but I have found that the company of vampires is never something of a pleasure. You might prove otherwise I guess... ", he eyed her silently with a gaze both hard and filled with sorrow, pain...

" You said you were called, do you know by whom? "

11/27/2004 9:50 AM

Kalina shrugged a bit, then made a broad gesture with her hand. "The powers that be I suppose. Ever since I was a child I was given visions. I grew up in creole New Orleans. Millie was my best friend, even if she was a voodoo priestess. For the longest time I didn't believe her. The night I met Him, You know I never did meet him again?, She proved to me she was what she claimed.

I woke with a hunger, a blazing fire burning in my heart and throat. Millie had found me, as well as two of her 'friends' They managed to restrain me, and Millie performed her magic....

When I woke next, the fire was still there, but muted, banked if you will. A dull heat that never really goes away. Millie was holding me, and offering me her blood...

Ever since then I've hunted the one who made me. And I never may, if my research is correct, he is already dead...."

Kalina sighed, and looked back towards the city. "After Millie returned my soul, the visions returned en masse. They've gotten easier to bear over the years, but the violence in them sickens me many times. I figured I was given them for a reason, as was my vampiric curse. So I combine them... "

11/27/2004 10:43 AM

Days passed in this horrible world, and every day the sword would haunt him. It pulled him in, but he could handle it for now. But it grew stronger, the pain drawing him in. "What was I thinking"? In his head he knew he should not have taken the mysterious sword. 'But it was nice'. "NO". He threw the sword against the wall. "KEEP IT DOWN", the old women in the next apartment yelled. Well she seemed old, not that he knew, and sure sounded of it. "Heck, I can't get rid of this sword, it's too late for that." "Way too late." He glanced up at the cracked sealing. 'Kill'. "STOP". 'Kill'. "Ahhhhhh", he ran out the door and down the stairs. 'You cannot hide from me'. "GET OUT OF MY HEAD". 'Do not try, Theres no hiding now'. It stopped, not that he really knew, but he felt it, whatever it was, leaving his head. "Hm, I need some food".

11/28/2004 4:21 AM

He listened to her words intently, he knew of the sort of spell and power required to rein-soul a vampire. Far from easy magic. There had been only one, and if the rumours were true, two other vampires whom he had heard of with their souls attached to them. Perhaps it was a new trend amongst the un-dead, however he cared little of it, so long as she kept her teeth from his neck, he didn't have a problem.

There was something in the air though, it had called him to the roof top in the first place. " This city is full of sin. Full of grief. ", a shudder passed over him. " And something is feeding on it. I can feel it, almost smell it. There is a convergence occuring. Powers gather, only to draw more powers..... for power draws power..... always the case. ", his voice was soft, slightly slurred, and his gaze somewhat glazed, as though he saw something other that a concrete jungle and flashing lights.

Shaking his head, Martyn continued. " What was I saying? ", he looked confused, befuddled. " Oh..yeah... um...ack I've forgotten. ", shrugging, Martyn walked back to the roof entrance, looking over his shoulder. " Care to join me for a drink? ", there was a small laugh in his throat.

11/28/2004 1:55 PM

Stephanie sat in her dorm room, shades drawn and her lights off. Her room was lit by the soft glow of candles. She was sitting on the floor, leg crossed, eyes closed, head tilted back. She was trying to get in touch with the earth, feeling the flow of natural energy coursing through her.

Help me

Her eyes flew open, and she looked around her room.
"Hello?" she said. "Who's in here with me?"

There was no answer, not that she had expected any. Sighing, she shook her head. Well, she was finished for the day now. No sense in trying again. Besides, she'd probably practiced long enough. That's how she rationalized it anyway.

Stephanie stood up, and turned on the light. She sighed again, and blew out her candles, one by one. Grabbing her purse, she decided to head out, take a walk, maybe get a drink. Who knew, maybe she'd run into someone she knew.

The college wiccan grabbed her purse and room key, and headed out, locking the door behind her. It was still early in the evening, so someone had to be out and about.

11/28/2004 7:45 PM

"Heh, Grand!" Rand said as a car came near the curb and splashed water all over his cloak.
He looked up and down the street, looking for a place to rest and eat.

"A burger sounds nice about n-" something swooped over him up in the roofs of the buildings. All he saw was a black blur.
"Must be a cat", he said dryly. ( ;

He stopped. 3 more black blurs seemed to jump quickly from building to building.
"Strange", he said, "very strange".

While he was looking up he tripped on a rock and landed face first into the side-walk. Well it was more of ear first, for he lat there ear against the walk'. "help me", he heard, but it seemed like the voice came from under him, not to the side. He stood up walking at first, then running, soon he was surrounded by people. Here he was safe... Or so he thought.

11/28/2004 8:20 PM

Ivan listened to what he could hear from the shadows, but it wasnt much. There was a momentary spike in power around the air, but it was gone as soon as it came. The blood red aura of the vampire was moving slightly, but beyond that it didnt try to feed on the warlock, which surprised Ivan. For a moment the young russian thought they might be colaberating, but Ivan shoved that thought out of his head. Vampire's didnt like to play with their food unless they were forced.

For a moment, the conversation of the roof shifted to some kind of psychic call. Ivan vaugly remebered feeling something about half an our before, but he was no mentalist. However, as soon as the vampire mentioned it, the aura of the warlock seemed to change a bit. The deep purple for a moment had a blue hue. Ivan had seen such a hue before on people, magical and mundane. The hue meant to signify intense emotional pain. The warlock's aura seeped it like a leaking tank. The tank tried to keep the fuel in, but the gash was there and for a few scant seconds it leaked like hell, unable to contain itself.

Still not knowing weather or not he should be worried, Ivan decided to tail them for a bit, but as he moved to get a better view of their auras he accidentally moved a stray steel bar that had been laying on the floor in the alleyway. It had a huge noise, and Ivan gulped.

11/29/2004 10:17 AM

OOC: What city are we in? IF we're in L.A. change "strange city" to "strange area."

Drunk again. Jack weaved about on the sidewalk, pissed in more ways than the one. He had gotten into a fight in a bar, and was still angry at his assailant. Also, he was angry at himself. Even when he wasn't wandering through strange cities, he had a bad habit of stirring trouble, with lots of whiskey on the side. He had promised himself, once, not to try to relive old glory days of drunken companionship, but here he was.

He had consumed so much whiskey that the bartender kicked him out threataning to make Jack wash dishes to pay for the lost bottles. It took an awful lot of alcohol to intoxicate a vampire after all. Between self-deprication and half-assed thoughts of finding home, he wondered idly of trying everclear.

He stumbled a bit, and moseyed into an alley for some well needed vomiting. before the festivities could commence, he lost his balance again and knocked into another person. With a glance, he saw the person's gaze shift along the rooftops.

"Excuse me..." he moved slightly as his balance shifted, slurring only slightly when he talked, "Can you show me...the way to, uh, Los Angeles... he started mumbling about hitchhiking, and how the most direct routes had the stingiest motorists.

11/29/2004 3:10 PM

Kalina smiled at Martin’s feeble joke and nodded. “A drink would be nice... As long at it’s strong.. believe me I think I could use it right now. Whiskey?” She asked hopefully, again thankful that this ‘curse’ of vampirism at least allowed her to consume any liquid to hold the masquerade of being human.

The sudden noise made Kalina turn, jumpy and paranoid as always, into a half crouch, searching out the sound.

12/18/2004 9:22 AM

Martyn, hearing the noise also, moved swiftly to the edge, peering over the side and down to the ground below...it was a fair height up, and his head began to spin slightly until he shook away the sensation. " Must have been a cat or something? ", he didn't think it was a cat, and there was another odd feeling, not quite in the air, it came from within him. He didn't believe it to be hostile though, which was reassuring.

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