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11/13/2004 12:03 PM

Ayalana guided the Peregrine through the maze of black holes. One milimeter off, one parsec misjudged and it would be all over. The Maw Cluster was a sight to behold, but right now Aya was concentrating too hard on getting through it alive to be awed by the sight. She glanced at the radar, and saw that Slave One was right behind her.

Inside she fumed, tossing out everything she had recently learned from Skywalker, and raged at the trickery this overzeleous bounty hunter had used. She sighed and shook her head, her eyes once again locked on the screen before her. She hated to admit it, but if she were him, she probably would have done the same things, some of them were a tad underhanded and dirty for her tastes, but if she had to to pull the job off, then so be it.

He allowed her to guide the Peregrine in through the cluster herself, knowing that it would be sucicide to attempt a tractor beam in such tight calculations. She wondered if she would ever get out of this, if the information was a dud? or was it real? did he really know of her past. If it was all a farce, as soon as she got back to the New Republic, she would gladly turn him in.

She cursed under her breath, as the deflector sheilds began to fail to starboard. She couldn't do anything about it, but pray that the refited Nubian Transport would hold together. She tried to calm herself, and she took several deep breaths, her mind focusing on one thing, the guiding lever, and the screen in front of her.

She moved the ship a bit easier now, the ship slipping left to right, slowing and speeding up before the obsticals could even show on the screen. Less than a minute later, the Peregrine shot out into the center of the Maw, revealing an area of open space, deep within the cluster.

A lone Star destroyer hung there in the space... the lights blinking forlornly. Instantly a feeling of both dread and anticipation filled Aya, this was the destination... only just what would await her there?

11/14/2004 8:09 AM

The darkness was his home. For in it lay his power. His hate, his jealousy, his envy and lust for greatness and might. Darth Imranii stood at the window looking out into the blackness of space, watching the distant stars, knowing that all life was for the Sith Lords to rule over, dominate and crush into dust if they so desired. Existence was their whim to do with as they pleased. However, Alphys knew his place when it came to serving his Lord and Master...... The Lord of the Sith. Palpatine.

The Emperor sat upon his 'throne', his eyes straight ahead of him, looking neither to his left, nor right. For he had no need to. The Lord of the Sith knew everything that occured within the confines of the room, and the entire ship....reaching further than even that. " You are thinking, Lord Imranii, that I should not have called you back so soon from your last mission. ", it was no question, a statement and a correct one at that, his voice, colder and more devoid of feeling that his own could ever be, he heard the power ringing in every word though. Alphys turned to regard his Master, bowing his head in reverence. " My Master, the task was not complete as you had instructed it to be. I was merely confused at the counter-order, however it is not my place to question you Master, and I did as commanded. "

Palpatine then shifted his eyes, only his eyes, nothing else of him moved, not even a ripple crossed the fabric of his hood. " I have another matter for you to deal with, Lord Imranii, one of much greater importance and benefit to the Sith Order. ", his attention was directed out the window, his mental perception reaching. Alphys felt the redirection and followed suit at his Master's bidding. " She is approaching, you can feel her yes? ", Imranii merely nodded his agreement. " We, must have her Lord Imranii.... no other must. I must control her, she must be brought to such by any means. You understand your orders? "

His face was marble, betraying no thought nor expression. " I do, my Master. ", with that, Alphys knelt before the Emperor, bowing his head low for several moments before rising, the folds of his black clock biollowing as he did so. " She will be yours. ", he left after that, the door behind him opening, leaving the Emperor alone, whom had turned in his throne to view the same blackness Alphys had only minutes before. Silently to himself, Palpatine spoke. " Yes, my dear, you will be mine... you are mine already.... "

11/14/2004 10:59 AM

Ayalana shivered with a sudden chill of fear as her entire focus centered on the star destroyer before her. Slave One shot past her as she sat, indecisive before the controls to her ship.

"Hurry it up Jedi I don't want to have to blow that pretty ship of yours to pieces."

The crackling, staticy voice that growled across the communications channel spurred Aya out of her daze, and she began to guide the Peregrine in pursuit. As the Star Destroyer grew larger through the view ports, The dread grew...as well as an unexplained sense of belonging...

She shook her head to clear her mind, not wanting to think on such feelings, but she was starting to wonder if she would ever see Skywalker again, he seemed to willing to help her, and she betrayed him. Silently she cursed as Slave One dissapeared into the open Hangar of the Destroyer. The large bay seemed like a yawning maw awaiting to swallow her whole.

She concentrating on guiding the Peregrine into the Hangar, easing back on the throttle, the engines' whine began to lower in pitch as the Pereegrine touched down. For a long moment she stared at her hands, unable to even think clearly. She blinked and shook her head again, standing up. With a flick of a few switches the Peregrine's engines shut down.

Taking a deep, soothing breath, she turned to leave the ship....

OOC: basically the last bit of the old story is gonna be null and void at the moment... as it won't fit well without Starlite or Arandur playing...so that half will be reset. I'll post for skywalker later :D
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11/15/2004 6:33 AM

He walked through the ship towards the hanger bay, all the while thoughts running through his head. Yes, he had felt the woman, but why the urgency on the Emperor's part? Surely she could not be so important as to forget about Alphys' previous mission, currenty this task seemed mudane compared to what he had originally been assigned to do. Never the less, he did as his Master commanded, and always would that be the case. His black robes and cloak fowing behind him as a waving sea of midnight, it caught the attention of several offciers passing, all of whom stopped as he passed, bowing and muttering their respect and greetings to Lord Imranii.

Cold faced and expressionless, his gaze never once left the path ahead to look at them, however, such was not unexpected, for Alphys spoke to few others save the Emperor and to give orders. He preferred it that way.

The ship had docked, he could sense her presence on board, already making her way off. Alphys stood stone cold and still, radiating a sense of power and intimidation, his eyes locked on the ship waiting for her to emerge. For some reason, there was a nervous anticipation in his gut, from where it came, he hadn't a clue, but it made him angry, and he used that dark emotion to crush the previous feeling, with success.... he was ready for her.

11/15/2004 4:05 PM

Ayalana hesitated for a moment before pressing her palm down resolutly upon the faintly luminescent pad, and the hatch hissed open. Her long dark hair had long since been freed from it's confining braid, and it swung loose around her shoulders and down her back. Her dark gray and black flight suit was torn in places, neatly sliced from the lighsaber duel she had fought with the Jedi Apprentice Paej. Her dark green eyes flitted around the hangar to settle upon Imranii.

Aya's gaze narrowed as she focused on him, and with a single touch knew that she far out-matched him in potential, but he was far superbly trained that she was. She felt something pulling at her, a faint but forceful feeling in the back of her mind, and following the impulsive pull, she walked down the ramp, and stepped out upon the polished black steel deck.

It was then that she caught the movment of Boba Fett as he crossed the space between the Peregrine and Slave One. He crossed the space with a purposeful stride, his arm reaching out to snare hers, as if she were merely a possession to be delivered.

Her temper flared and she pulled out of his grasp with a violent wrench. "Get your hands off of me. I am not your prisoner, nor your hostage. I am not a possession to be handed off." She said the words soflty, a steely edge in her voice. She could feel the Hunter's resentment and anger as he reached out again, this time his intent to strike her was clear.

She blocked the strike with a well timed move, and threw him back, using the force to do so as well, throwing him back several yards. She never even grazed the lightsaber at her side with her fingers, he wasn't worth the effort. She glared at his unconcious form for a long moment before turning back to Imranii. Her gaze swept over him again, silently. Then she crossed her arms across her chest.

"I was told that this place holds something of my past here... at least that's what that fool of a Hunter said.

Luke had helped Paej nurse her wounds, and then sent her back to Yavin IV, knowing it would be some time before the girl got her confidance back. Now Skywalker was at a loss... He wanted to help Ayalana, to help her learn her past, and guide her away from the dark power that grew within her each moment. He was so lost in this thought that he almost missed Leia's presence outside of his rooms.

"Come on in..." He called before she even had the chance to knock. Leia entered the main sitting room quietly. Her long hair was unbound and it fell as long as it was when they had first met some twenty-five years ago. She made her way through the darkness easily, walking towards the balcony where Luke liked to sit and watch the city life pass him by.

"Luke... You shouldn't berate yourself this way. If you feel she needs your help, then perhaps you should go after her." She said softly, resting one hand on his shoulder. Luke looked up, his blue eyes searching hers. After a moment he sighed and turned his gaze back to the traffic below.

"It's more than that... She's in danger, yes, but it reaches beyond her... There is something about her that seems so familiar. And it's not something I'm exactly comfortable with, it's almost like she triggers a memory that I don't want to review... but I feel that I have to, or it will mean the end of us all." He shook his head and closed his eyes for a moment before looking back up to Leia.

"Perhaps I should go after her, but I can't go alone...."

11/17/2004 5:21 AM

He disliked her immediately, but there was also a grudging respect. She followed her own will, allowed no one to touch her, strong, independent, so full of potential..... even he could sense it, and truth be told, it was this that un-nerved him. His gaze never left hers, and for several moments silence hung between the two individuals, until Alphys spoke, his voice cold but strong. " You will learn respect, my dear, I do not tolerate a lack of such in my presence, those that have showed me none, are now dead. I would hate for such to happen to you before you meet the Emperor. ", he looked her up and down, " I hope we are understood? Oh.... and if you think I demand much, wait until you meet my Master....he can deliver something worse than death if provoked. ", this brought mild amusement to his eyes, but the emotion of it never once cracked along his face.

" This way. ", without another word, Lord Imranii turned with a flourish of black robes, the light glinting on the metal of the light saber. His stride was confident and strong, saying much of his character and personality. " I am Lord Imranii, you will address me as such at all times, or my Lord will also suffice. Show respect woman, and you will recieve it in turn. "

Eventually, a door opened infront of them, one gaurded by four figures dressed from head to toe in red robes, all carrying firing arms. Alphys turned, stepping aside slightly, and gestured for her to enter the dark room. " The Emperor will see you. ", with that, he stood straight, waiting for her to enter before him.

Inside, Palpatine waited, lost in the folds of his dark grey and hooded robe, but his presence could be felt from within, wafting out in cold and shivering waves of will and power, washing over those that were sensitive to the force. " Enter, child..... we have much to discuss, you and I.... ", his words lingered in the air afterwards, and even Alphys closed his eyes to save himself from reeling, for each syllable was laced with the raw and dark emotions that powered the Sith Lord's strength.

11/17/2004 3:59 PM

Aya didn't speak again after Imranii introduced himself. Her dislike for this sith lord was immediate. He was pompus, cruel.... and jeleous. She pondered on this for a moment before masking her every emotion, and followed him...

Ayalana heart was racing, though she didn't betray it with her emotions. She suppressed the cold waves of ill-will that the room was permeated with. But it was also so familiar...

She slipped past Imranii, never making a sound as she walked along the black steel floor. Her gaze was fixed upon the figure at the far end of the room. Immediatly the feeling of familiarity grew, and she moved on with more curiosity.

Palpatine stood, and drew back his hood ((the palpatine here is much younger than the one in ROTJ)). Ayalana stared at him for a long moment before her memory began to piece together. It couldn't be.. could it?

The man that stood before her hadn't changed from what she remembered of him from ten years past. She stepped forward hestiantly before quickly dropping to one knee, a reaction ingrained into her since she was five years old.

Palpatine smiled, a cool, pridful expression, and reached out to lay his hand on Ayalana's shoulder. Deep under her emotional sheilds, she cringed, she remembered clearly what Imranii said, and she quickly pushed it aside, unwilling to allow those emotions to surface.

"Rise, my child. I am very pleased that you came here. The bounty hunter was correct in telling you that you would find your past here. You have already found this scenario familiar correct?" He rasped

Aya stood, and then glanced around the room. Slowly she nodded and looked back towards Palpatine, careful to keep her gaze on him, steadfastidly ignoring the itch of Imranii's gaze on her back.

"Yes... very much so." She said, her voice echoing in its confines.

"As well it should be. The Imperial design was all you knew for the first seven years of your life, Ayalana. Such a pretty name, and such a pretty child." Palpatine walked around her, studying her.

"So much like your mother..." He said, abiet wistfully.

Aya watched him from the corner of her eye, following his movements. "you knew my mother?"

"Of course, as she was my mistress. Such a lovely thing. She came to courscant without a credit to her name. I took her in, and well the rest is history.. at least for me. For you the past is your future child. A future of power, and control. A future of ruling this galaxy. Of ruling by your father's side. By my side."

Ayalana went still inside as well as out, the shock of his words complete. Father? Him? His icy blue gaze locked with hers and held it, as Aya found herself unable to find an adequet reply to this shocking revelation...

11/18/2004 6:30 AM

Calintha was in her room, standing on her head, meditating. It seemed like she was always meditating these days. Whether it was to calm her own nerves, or just to collect her thoughts, she meditated.

She took a deep breath and, springing to her feet, opened her eyes. She smoothed down her hair, and grabbed her robes, putting them on as she left the room. The Jedi was going to see Master Luke. She had received a notice that morning, saying that she was requested to see him today, at her earliest convenience.

She walked past many apprentices, nodding in acknoledgment as they smiled and said hello to her. None tried stopping her. She stopped outside of the room she was supposed to meet Luke in, and took a deep breath.

She knocked on the door, and stepped inside. She saw Leia, Luke's sister, in the room with the master. Calintha bowed to the older woman, and turned to Luke.

"I am here, as requested, Master," she said, humbly. "What is it you wished to talk to me about?"

11/18/2004 6:58 AM

Though his face was a mask of coldness, no expression betraying his thoughts, inside his anger swelled and hatred sprang from the depths of his power. Daughter?! This cannot be.....a mistake, he cannot be serious about her..... but that would explain the potential, the power in her. , he said nothing, knowing all too well that his Master would be aware of his emotions rising in him.

" Lord Imranii, do you have anything to say with regards to this surprising revelation? Your thoughts and feelings suggest you do. ", Palpatine, only flicked his eyes to Alphys once, and no more, his gaze lingering ever on his newly uncovered daughter. " No my Lord, I have nothing to state, but I am extremely intrigued as to your....daughters....opinion and thoughts. ", the eneminity in his voice was unmistakable. He hated her even more now, but she was the Emperor's daughter, apparently, and as such he would not be allowed to raise a finger to harm her, unless directed to.

11/18/2004 3:06 PM

Aya felt frozen, fear warred with disbelief for a breif moment before she shook her head. "You say you are my father. Please forgive me, but I have very little memory of my past, and while this all does seem very familiar, I cannot completely accept your words..." All the while her mind raced, Emperor Palpatine.. how could this be possible. He was dead... wasn't he?

Palpatine's eyes narrowed for a breif moment, and Aya felt a little sick as she sense the potential for violence rise within the man. To her credit she stood her ground, and a smile broke out across Palpatine's lips, even if it didn't reach his eyes.

"Ofcourse not, Child. I can hardly fault you for such shortcomings. You suffered a great trauma ten years ago, and five minutes cannot completely undo what has happened. I can however, continue your training. Perhaps this will help trigger your memories." Palpatine studied her in silence for a moment, forcing himself to regain control. Lure her with sweetness... promises of power... oh this was going to be so easy. She was strong, both in will and in the potential she carried.

"Lord Imranii. Please show her to her rooms. The small suite of rooms down the corridor from my own." again his gaze rested on Imranii for only a moment before turning back to Ayalana. "I am quite sure you would like to freshen up, belive me I will have a word with that bounty hunter...." His words had taken a deadly edge, and Aya wondered if she would have anything at all to say about the bounty hunter ever again.

"I will expect you for dinner of course. Perhaps we could find something in your size to replace that torn flightsuit." He commented offhand. He sat back further into his chair, as an obvious dismissal. Before Ayalana turned, she bowed at the waist, and turned sharply on her heel, decending the steps to where Imranii waited.

11/19/2004 9:39 PM

Luke allowed one of his rare smiles to ghost across his features as he stood. "I am sure that you have become aware of the situtation here on Courscant before your arrival?" Luke quickly summarized everything that happened since night had fallen.

"Captain Antillies tracked their jump, and it's shown that they've headed for Kessel. The Installation there was destroyed nearly twelve years ago, but lately I've noticed that it's become a sort of 'dead zone'. I tried to search her out, and met a wall of sorts."

Luke began to pace, as he often did when he was thinking hard about something. "What's worse is I fear that I should not have let her go. There was something so familiar about her, something important. She's in danger now, a darkness so thick that I cannot see past the darkness to the danger beyond."

Leia listened to the worry grow in her twin's voice, her own worry doubled. If he was concerned, then the danger was very real, and more destructive than she thought.

"This danger is like a vile disease, attempting to spread itself through the universe... it's almost as if the Force itself around the Maw Cluster has turned dark, unwilling to help those who serve the light." Luke mused softly...

"Calintha, I have a request. I ask that you acompany me to Kessel in search for Ayalana. I dare not go alone."

Leia did not mask her surprise this time, but she didn't speak. She couldn't go, not with the twins here, nor could she abandon her own duties. She could only hope and pray that Luke and Calintha would return safely...

11/21/2004 6:55 AM

Calintha listened, quietly, taking everything in. So they had to go on a rescue mission. And they had to go to Courscant. Not one of her most favorite places to go, but definitely better than most. She glanced over at Leia, and watched the older woman's facial expressions. Leia showed almost no emotion, except for the surprise she felt when Luke made his announcement that he would be leaving.

Don't worry, Calintha thought. I will protect him with my life....you will see your brother again.

"I will go with you, Master. I consider it to be a great honor to be asked," Calintha said, bowing. "When do we leave?"

11/23/2004 4:04 PM

“We’re leaving now.” Came Han’s voice from the doorway. Leia looked up in disbelief, the last person she expected to show up was him. Luke had a knowing smile half-hidden by the shadows of the room. Han walked in, dressed and ready for flight, blaster tapping lightly against his thigh. He quickly held up a restraining hand when Leia tried to speak.

“I know... I don’t like her, I don’t trust her. But if Luke says she’s in more trouble than he can handle alone, I can’t let him go off without me can I? Besides... I like to think I still owe him from saving our hides back there in Jabba’s Palace all those years ago. And don’t try to talk me out of this Luke, I’ve come to trust your judgment on these sorts of things...”

Luke smiled then, and shook his head. “I wouldn’t dream of it. Together again huh?” He said with a wink.

“Wouldn’t miss it.” Han laughed and turned to leave. “Chewie’s prepping the Falcon now. I’m sure our friend here would prefer to come with me. Taking your x-wing and Artoo?”

Luke nodded. “I know that the Falcon is one piece of work, but I should fly as guard for this, we really don’t know what we’re walking into here. Everything is clouded.” He added the last almost as an afterthought.

“What do you mean Luke?” Leia asked softly. Luke turned his gaze back to his twin and shook his head.

“The same clouded feeling I got from Ayalana. Her past is clouded, and her future is too. It’s almost as if she doesn’t exist. But I’m getting the same feeling from our destination. I realized then that the haze, if you will, had a feel to it, a signature. It’s almost as if something or someone is deliberately blocking me from searching out the Maw Cluster. And the haze’s signature is the same when I try to feel for Ayalana’s past or future.”

Leia frowned. “Is it the signature you recognize?”

Luke nodded. “It’s so familiar... but the reality is eluding me. Every time I think I have the answer, it slips out of my grasp.”

“Perhaps you are trying too hard.” Came Calintha’s soft voice. Luke’s thoughtful gaze met hers, and then he nodded.

“Perhaps you’re right. Perhaps I am trying to hard... we’ll see.” Luke stood up and Han left the room. “Whenever you’re ready Calintha.” He noted and turned. Leia embraced her brother warmly, and kissed his cheek.

“Be careful”. Was all she dared say. She hesitated and watched him leave the sitting room in favor of his private chambers, probably to switch into his flight suit.

Her gaze turned towards Calintha. “Take care of him, sometimes he forgets his limitation...” She pleaded before leaving the suite of rooms.

11/26/2004 10:00 AM

He controlled the rage that rose in him, bowing to the Emperor and turning as she reached the bottom of the stairs. " Follow me. ", his cold voice betrayed no feeling nor thoughts, and his powerful stride carried him from the throne room into the corridor where he proceeded to the living quaters. He wanted to say something to her, but could find no words, only irritation, anger and a slight revulsion...where it came from her had no idea, but it was there.

" This must have come as quite the surprise? ", was all he could think of eventually.

11/26/2004 11:16 AM

Calintha bowed to Leia's fleeting form, and turned to face her master. She smiled at both him and Han. She could sense that Master Luke was eager to be on his way. Good thing she was always prepared.

"Master, I have all I need with me," she said, showing him her lightsaber. "Sir Han, I would be most pleased and honored to accompany you and Chewie on the Falcon."

Calintha blushed lightly, and added, "I've always wanted to take a ride on your ship anyway."

11/27/2004 9:19 AM

Ayalana turned, and followed Imranii, and though she could feel Palpatine's gaze upon her as she walked, she didn't turn. She walked in Imranii's wake, head bowed, not really seeing anything as she walked, but immersed in a circle of thought that refused to make sense.

It was only when the Sith spoke that she looked up. Her numbed mind provided her with his quesiton as she had failed to consciously hear it.

"A surprise? a bit perhaps... but I recognized him from my vauge memories the moment I saw him, no, that's not right. It was the moment I felt him, the second I touched the Peregrine down."

She spotted the rooms that Palpatine had instructed, and she moved past Imranii, not wishing to continue this line of conversaion.

11/28/2004 6:35 AM

His eyes never left her back. " You should be honoured to be related to the Emperor through ties of blood. ", it was simple statement, yet his cold and hard voice added that threatening edge that could not have gone un-noticed. " I will leave you to settle in, if you need anything, asked the gaurds that I will be placing outside your door. ", just then, two red robed gaurds, armed, came up behind him and positioned themselves on either side. Imranii had no doubt she could take them, however it was a precaution none the less. One the Emperor might not approve of.

" You will be sent for shortly, no doubt. ", he left with a flourish of his black cloak.

12/18/2004 9:36 AM

Ayalana ignored Imranii, and even ignored the fact that he had guards stationed at her door. She glanced around the room, and found it lavish in comforts and style... a style that made her shiver. The color was dark and somber. The bed itself was canopied in black silk, and the windows shrouded in black and scarlet velvet. A set of clothes was already laying on the small bench at the foot of the large bed.

She glanced at it, and then towards the second room where a large bath could be seen. Aya stripped without hesitation, her clothing nearly sticking to her skin. She un-braided her hair and ran her fingers through it with a grimace.

A good hot bath... just the perscription needed to get her mind to untangle itself and thing along a straighter path.

An hour later, she was dressed and seated on the bench, running a silvered comb through her hair, hair that was still damp from the bath. It was then that the door opened, and a scarlet clad guard stepped in.

Immediately her fury rose. "How dare you walk in here without announcing yourself first?!" She shouted, her face pale.

The guard immediately halted, and then bowed. "Forgive my intrusion m'lady...I meant no disrespect... The Emperor is ready for you now."

Aya narrowed her eyes, as though she were contemplating if she should accept his apology or not when she stood, snatching the black satin-lined cloak off of the bench and swung it around her shoulders.

"Show me." was all she said, her words curt and clipped. The Guard bowed again, and turned. Ayalana was led to a large room, with a long black metal table. Many chairs were set along each side, with only one chair at the far head of the table. Two settings were placed, the head of the table and then to the right.

Palpatine was already seated at the head of the table. He had forgone the hooded black cloak, and she was greeted by an image of the man whom had lived over forty years ago. He was the exact image of the holo’s she had once seen as a child. Was this merely a clone? The True Palpatine would have been ancient by now, nearly a hundred or so years old... Aya swallowed hard, and stilled her confusing thoughts as she walked forward.

“Ah, my child. Glad you came, and doubly glad that my former student’s clothing was a decent fit. Mara was always on the trim side.” He reached out and took her hand in his, and immediately his eyes narrowed.

“You’re troubled...” He whispered, and Aya felt herself drawn by that icy blue gaze, and the forced herself to break eye contact, and she pulled her hand free.

“Yes...”she paused, at a loss of what to say. Should she say Emperor? Master? Sire?.... Father?? Fear rose like bile from her stomach and she forced it back, swallowing it.

Palpatine seemed to enjoy her discomfort, for he smiled. “Just Master will be fine.” He said as he gestured to the chair to his right. “Please, sit.”

She reflexively bowed. “Yes, Master.” And pulled the chair out so she could sit.

Palpatine studied her for a long moment, his pale blue eyes lingering on hers for what seemed to be an eternity.

"Perhaps we should do something else, before dinner. I have an itch to see how you fare in battle. It has been so long. Please come with me..." He said, his hand brushing against her shoulder, and she stood.

She followed him and after walking down a long corridor, he opened a double hatched doorway, and motioned for her to go first.

Ayalana preceded Palpatine at his insistence, and he followed her into the arena. “This is my pride and joy. It was made to test my pupils, to see how their real skills had improved.”

Ayalana found herself looking around, her gaze flitting around the circular room. The heavy windows above them gave an astonishing view of the cluster, illuminating the room with a reddish-violet glow. She could see a tree growing in the center, but just why that was there, she couldn’t fathom just yet.

Across the room, standing on a balcony lined observation deck twin to the one that she and Palpatine were standing on, was Imranii. He too was looking around the room before his gaze fell upon her. She felt the undisguised hatred in his gaze, hatred she was certain that Palpatine had no trouble distinguishing, but seemed to relish in.

“Your opponent.” That was his response. Ayalana didn’t hesitate, she started forward, as did Imranii.

“Wait! Be forewarned. Take a good look into that tree if you will. Can you tell me what you see?”

Ayalana squinted, trying to see, then reached out with the force and felt for what he spoke of. And she found nothing. Nothing at all. She could sense Imranii across the room, the crew all around them, and even Palpatine beside her. But from the tree, and for about fifteen meters around it, she felt nothing at all. Then she caught movement in the tree itself. She looked closer and saw three lizard like creatures perched on the branches.

"Ysalamiri!" That was why couln't feel anything... these force-repelling creatures created a null space of the force. And once she stepped within the boundries, she would be stripped of her powers in the Force....

12/20/2004 12:57 AM

Imranii stood outside the force nulled field, feeling it just as Ayalana had been doing. What did his Master hope to achieve from this duel? He was far from complaining, as it would give him a chance to show his superiority over the bitch, a thought which almost.... almost.... brought a slight smirk to his lips. He had the experience in the dark side of the force, he had the power and strength to crush her. Though, this duel would perhaps be settled with a light saber, to which his own saber rose to his hand in a heartbeat. " Are you ready, Emperor's Daughter? I know I am.... "

01/24/2005 2:53 PM

...Callan ran a gloved hand lovingly across the humming underbelly of his X-Wing, his green eyes taking in the worn fuselage with a critical eye as he walked from the vessel's rear stabilizers to the tip of her nose inspecting his fighter craft with meticulous duty. The wind whipped across the landing platform high amongst the skyscraping towers of Coruscant, blowing his long fringe across his eyes, causing the young pilot to scrub a hand through his hair pulling the blonde locks away from his vision. Though the skyline of Coruscant was breath-taking, Callan had seen enough of it that he no longer was awed by the spectacle.

"Cee-Five, keep her primed and ready for me, Commander Skywalker and General Solo should be here soon for the departure to Kessel and I want to be ready to go when the get here." he instructed the small Red and silver astromech droid that sat nestled in its droid socket to the rear of the fighter's cockpit. Cee-Five warbled a dull response, punctuating the remark with a final sharp whistle.

As Callan rounded his X-Wing, the shape of the Millenium Falcon came into view, its ungainly proportions and aging bulk never ceased to amaze Callan. The fact that such a battered wreck of a freighter belied such a suprisingly fast vessel, especially for an aging YT-1300 series always made him smile. It helped remind him that not everything was how it appeared to be.

His gaze wandered to another X-Wing, partially obscurred by the Falcon, being prepped by the droid ground crew on the landing pad. It was an older model X-Wing almost identical to his own built almost twenty years ago. The personal vessel of Luke Skywalker. Commander, hero and Master of the Jedi Academy.

Callan clenched his jaw, surpressing the memories of his failure at the Jedi Temple on Yavin. The young pilot had found that he could sense the Force, feel it flow around him but could not touch it, not in any significant way anyway. To Callan it was like placing water just out of the reach of a man dying of thirst. He had left the temple and thrown himself into his duty with the New Republic navy, eventually being recruited into Rogue Squadron by Captain Wedge Antilles himself. He turned and tried unseccessfully to suppress his grin as he regarded the red striping on his X-Wing. The mark of Rogue Squadron, the mark of the best fighter pilots the Republic navy had to offer...

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01/25/2005 9:34 AM

Calintha followed her master and Han out to the docks. She stopped, frowning in concentration. She felt the presence of on she had not seen since....since he left the Temple.

"Master Skywalker," she said, "I think Callan is here. I can almost feel him."

01/25/2005 1:56 PM

...Something trembled in Callan, it reminded him of the light touch of a cool hand gently tracing across his forehead but the familiar feeling was gone before he could make anything of it, the strange sense of Deja vu banished by the arrival of the Repulsorlift skiff to the Landing Platform amongst the clouds.

As the three figures stepped onto the wind-swept landing pad, Callan moved forward to intercept them, stopping just short of the trio and clasping his hands behind his back as the wind rustled his orange Republic flightsuit and sandy blonde locks.

"Commander, General, Calintha." he nodded to each, the last a little less military and accompanied with a relaxed nod and the ghost of a smile to the young jedi woman. He remembered the last time they had spoken, the very morning he had left the Temple on Yavin. He pushed the memory deep inside his mind and focused on the Here-and-now.

"Lieutenant Callan Vrenn reporting for duty. Wedg- -I mean Captain Antilles thought you could use another fighter as escort." he finished crisply and smoothly as he stood before the assembled group...

04/12/2005 6:18 AM

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"Ysalamiri!" That was why couln't feel anything... these force-repelling creatures created a null space of the force. And once she stepped within the boundries, she would be stripped of her powers in the Force....

Palpatine smiled, and again that cold glitter had retuned to his blue eyes. "Ah yes, so you have heard of these ingenious creatures. Imranii and yourself shall battle without the use of the force. I have wish to see how your training has paid off. While you are stronger in potential, Imranii has been my student for the last ten years. Instinct should serve you well..."

Aya stepped forward, towards the small lift that would lower her to the training area. She paused when she heard Palpatine clear his throat.

"The winner, by cry of forfit, will gain control of my fleet during the upcoming battles and inevitable war with the New Republic

04/13/2005 8:21 AM

Ayalana shivered inwardly, as a thrill of excitement warred with fear in her heart. Control of the imperial fleet... such power... She closed her eyes and sought out that calm center, knowing that her emotions would cause her to fail if she let them. She rested her hand on the touch-sensitive pad to lower the lift to the arena floor.

Across the arena, she could see Imranii doing the same, their eyes met green to green, and she noted how much they were physically alike, long dark hair, bright green eyes... However the hatred that radiated from him made her feel ill.

Her hand closed over the lightsaber that she had taken from Paej before leaving Courscant. She unhooked it from her belt wtih a flick of her wrist, and with her other hand, uncliped the cloak from her shoulders, allowing it to fall to the floor like a puddle of ink. Last think she wanted to give him was an advantage...

Imranii stared at her, watched her remove her cloak with a critical eye, his grudging respect grew, seeing she knew basics of combat... He did the same, allowing the cloak to fall to the floor. He drew his saber, holding it loosely in his right hand. He paused long enough to note how she was holding her lightsaber, just as loosely in her left hand.

Aya took a deep calming breath, again seaching out that center that Luke spoke of, and stepped forward into the nulled space....

It was like being struck blind.... Her senses vanished, the sense of everything in this room and beyond simply dissapeared, and she blinked several times, trying to adjust herself to the absence of the force.

Imranii took that moment to strike, his scarlet saber blazing. Ayalana saw the blaze in time to duck and roll away, her thumb grazing the touch-sesnsitive pad to activate the saber. The blue blade hummed to life, the light seemed to make her eyes glow.

04/13/2005 9:04 AM

Calintha sat in a secluded area on the Falcon, meditating, trying to find her center through the Force. A day had passed, and so far there appeared to be no change in their situation. Instead of getting closer to Ayalana, it seemed that they were falling further behind. But, it only being a day, it was hard to tell.

As she floated in mid-air, a soft mechanical voice spoke up.

"Excuse me, Miss Calintha?"

Calintha's eyes flew open as she toppled to the floor. She hated being disturbed when meditating, seeing as how this sort of thing almost always happened. Grimacing, she picked herself up off the floor, and turned to face C3-PO. She glowered at him for a moment, before regaining her composure.

"Yes, what is it?" she asked, trying to keep her voice calm.

"Master Luke, I mean, Master Skywalker has requested your presence in his sleeping quarters," 3-PO reported. "Please, follow me."

Calintha sighed, dusted off her robes, and followed the protocol droid to where Luke was waiting for her. She stood outside the door, and nodded at the droid, letting him know he could leave. Bowing, the droid left, and the jedi knocked on her master's door. As she waited for admittance, she wondered what, if anything, he had discovered about Ayalana.

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04/13/2005 5:10 PM

Luke looked up from the computer chart and rubbed his temples. They were getting no where... Kessel was less than an hour ahead of them, and his tension rose with each moment that passed by them.

He stood and turned towards the narrow window showing the mottled glare of hyperspace. He propped his arm against the thick glass and rested his forhead there. When he heard the knock he nodded, and called out.

"Come in..."

He remained silent as Calintha entered the room, allowing his thoughts to wander randomly. He heard Calintha step inside and close the door behind her. she waited patienly as he remained silent.

Takind a deep breath, his mind took an unexpected turn. The second Death Star, hanging like an omen of death above the Sanctuary Moon of Endor... That darkness, that cold emptiness that permeated the halls... all caused by one person. Emperor Palpatine...

That same coldness was there in Aya, not as powerfully strong, but still there. Her power to the force was immense, but untrained, and governed by her emotions. And that same darkness and unsaitiable hatred was what blocked his searches at every turn.

"We're dealing with something that I fear may be even too much for us" He finally said as he turned and faced Calintha. She could now see the strain this was putting on him. His eyes were shadowed and red-rimmed from lack of sleep.

he waved his hand, dissmissing her concern. "We have a real problem here..." He said as he gestured towards the settee and sat down. In elaboration he told her of the sensations he was recieving, and the thoughts his mind had just turned towards....

04/16/2005 6:48 AM

Calintha sat next to her master, and briefly went over what he told her. So it wasn't that she felt Ayalana getting further away. It was Aya joining deeper with the Dark Side that she felt. And with the Emperor thrown into the mix....

The jedi shook her head and looked at Master Skywalker. Sighing inwardly, she chided herself for not looking after him better. After all, she had made a promise to Leia, and now she felt she was failing in keeping that promise.

"Master, I know that these thoughts trouble you," she said. "They trouble me too. But if you don't get some rest, then we won't be able to fight for her at full strength. Ayalana needs us, whether she wants to accept that fact or not. And we can't help her if you aren't with us."

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