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11/05/2004 6:49 PM

The world has passed from what the people now call the War of Souls. Takhisis is dead, the Lord of Dragons who stood in her opposition now wanders the world in the guise of an elf, marked for a mortal life to keep the balance.

Mishakal, Goddess of healing and compassion has taken her consort’s place as leader of the gods of light, while the gods of darkness squabble over the position. The three gods of magic remain together, always in favor of the magic that they love so much. Unknown to theses quibbling Gods, one head-strong cleric is insistent that his goddess be returned to her glory.. and he thinks he may have found a way.

Two keys and a door, and the Dark Goddess will be reborn... that was the obscure prophecy he had found, for five years Corwin has searched for the meaning, for the true identity of these hypothetical references. Two keys and a Door....

Lightning split the sky when he found his answers... two keys... a staff known as the Staff of Life, guarded by one of the most powerful dragons alive... The Last Scion of Paladine, Crystalamira... And the sword of souls, an artifact said to be kept within the bowels of the Lords of Doom, one of the horded treasures stolen years ago by the fallen dragon overlord, Malys.

Another bit of the obscure prophecy came to him, saying that the ‘door’ was a special sacrifice. One of pure blood and spirit. Corwin knew where the keys rested, so he searched for this “Door”. In his search, five more years has passed. The wars upon Krynn had intensified, the unified elven nation, led by Gilthas, Former “Puppet King” Are slowly retaking the Silvanesti Homeland, forcing the Minotaurs back, one by one.

The tower of Wayerth is busy with new apprentice mages once again, headed by the black-robed mage, Dalamar. Magic was once again the lifeblood of the world, and it felt even stronger than before...

The Temple of Paladine was a shambled ruin in the heart of Palanthas. One woman stood before it, the cool white marble rested under her loving touch. She wore a blue robe and cloak, and though she was in plain sight, those who moved around her, didn’t even seem to see her. She stood and turned her piercing blue gaze towards the stars. Her long silvery blonde hair tumbled out from under her hood, and she frowned slightly, as if she saw something written there that worried her.

“The time has come... Once again Krynn faces calamity, but this time, it is the Age of Mortals... We will not directly interfere.”

Not too far away, in the temple dedicated to the Goddess of healing, a young woman knelt in her prayers to the Goddess. Once she finished, she stood, her long silvery blonde hair fell around her shoulders in loose waves. Her deep violet eyes held a wisdom beyond her sixteen years, for she had been only six when the war of souls ended, and she had seen plenty of unplesantries before it was over.

Her gown was of finely woven flax and linen, dyed a deep blue. The cloak around her shoulders was a few shades lighter, and the medallion around her throat gleamed a steely-blue. “Lady Leila!” One of the acolytes came running into the central temple.

“What is it Mari?” Leila demanded, turning to follow the agitated woman without further question.

“It’s Osa, he’s getting worse...” At Mari’s words, Leila’s heart jumped. She knew how old Osa was, he was one of the head clerics here, he was the one who raised her when the war orphaned her.

She pushed past Mari, and ran towards his rooms. She opened the door to find two other Clerics and one more acolyte there.

“Leila, my child...” Osa’s voice was thin, barely a whisper. Leila blinked the tears away and moved towards him.
“Mishakal, Mother of Compassion, please ease the pain of your faithful servant...” she whispered as she knelt at his side.

“You cannot ask for more life for one whose time has come, it would be an affront to nature, child. It is Her will.” Osa smiled, and raised a shaky hand to wipe away the tears that Leila didn’t realize were on her cheeks.

“The Goddess came to me in my sleep. You must leave here... There is great danger to you if you stay in the temple. Mishakal did not say what the danger was, or when it would strike, only that it was you at the center of it all... Two keys and A door... The first is the Staff of Life Guarded by the dragon, Crystalamira, the second is the Sword of Souls, buried deep within the Lords of Doom...” Osa’s eyes unfocused... “My friends have come... Now I must go... heed the Goddess’s words...”

Leila shook her head. “No, please Osa! I don’t understand! Two keys? A door? what am I to do?”

“Find the Keys.... before he does... and destroy them...” Osa’s voice died in a sigh that told Leila he was gone before she even looked towards his sightless eyes.

It was Mari who finally lead her back to her rooms. “Come on Leila... we should prepare you for your journey....”

The Dawn came and filled Leila with a dread she hadn’t felt since the War of Souls was at its’ peak. She was dressed well, though her clothing was much different than she was used to. She wore woolen trousers of a dark blue under a split skirt meant for riding. A simple long knife belted at her side, over a white linen tunic embroidered with blue symbols on the hems. Her medallion gleamed against the white linen, as she pulled the hood of her heavy cloak up to cover her hair. The Temple had two horses, an aging pony for the kids to ride, and a tireless draft horse named Hauler.

Hauler was saddled (even though he did seem a bit ridiculous, as the saddle seemed so tiny sitting upon his broad back. Hauler’s ears flickered with interest, as this was a new experience for him, though he seemed willing enough. Mari saw her off.

“Be careful Leila... I don’t know what Master Osa meant, but please watch out for yourself...” Mari turned away before Leila could say anything further.

“I will....” She said to Mari’s retreating back, she clumsily reined Hauler in, and guided him to the street, pausing only once to look back... to the only real home she had ever known... then urged him down the road, following one of the largest roads out of the city....

11/08/2004 3:23 PM

Deep within the bowels of the Volcanic trio, known as The Lords Of Doom, a large red dragon woke from his slumber. Soot caked his eyelids and every gleaming crimson scale. He wasn’t nearly as obscenely huge as Malys was, but he wasn’t small by any scale. about 110 feet from nose to stirring tail, Kellvanros woke from a slumber he didn’t expect to wake from for decades. He had fallen into the slumber at the death of his Goddess... and he didn’t care if he ever woke from it.

At Malys’s death, Kellvan being the strongest of the remaining reds, took one of her lairs, the same lair used by their ancient ancestress, Crematia... The scorching heat soothed him in his slumber, curled around the treasures that he had claimed. He opened his soot-caked eyes and his scarlet orbs fixed on a sword in the midst of the treasure. Its’ blade seemed to be made of rippling crystal and black glass, it seemed to pulse as if it had a life-beat of its own.

This sword was special to Malys when she was alive, for it had the power to coerce the souls of the dead....

Hundreds of miles away, the wind howled through the open archways of the crystal spire that sat alone in the plains of Solamnia. The sky was clear and the sun shone dazzlingly down upon the spire, refracting the light that it was nearly impossible to stare directly at this prefect beacon of light.

Within the spire a sinuous form stirred. Golden eyes opened languidly as Crystalamira turned her head to stare at the jeweled crystal staff magically imbedded in the crystal pillar to her right. The staff was glowing, just like it had when it first came into her possession. It was the combined magic of the Staff of Magius, and the Staff of Light. The Staff of Life was what resulted, turning it into pure crystal.

The staff of life held the power to heal all wounds... And Crystalamira guarded it at the charge of her God and Father, Paladine....

Leila rode on, and at the exact same moment, where, miles away, the two dragons were woken from their slumbers, she cried out, a pressure seemed to build in her chest... Making it hard for her to breathe. For a brief moment it felt as if something was pulling at her, calling her.... She felt as though a hand was forcing her own to turn her horse south... and she struggled against it.

Simultaneously, the call ceased for all three.... Kellvanros felt his eyes grow heavy, the pulsing of the sword had ceased, and his head lay back onto the pile of treasures, his sides heaving in the deep breath of sleep.

Crystalamira watched as the glow faded from the staff, and she listened to the wind die down and all was silent once again. She turned her golden gaze once more to the pillar that encased the staff, then lay her head back down, knowing that all would come about with time.

Leila gasped as her lungs suddenly allowed her to take the deep breath she wanted... and she blinked in surprise. What was going on? She slowly relaxed, her shoulders trembling as she tried to ease the tension in her muscles. She gazed around, half-fearful to find the source of the malevolent power.....

11/12/2004 12:28 PM

The lords of Doom.

Vertigo woke up at the suddenly shaking of the volcano. He hadnt remembered sleeping on the cavern floor and sure as heck didnt even remember such heat. Getting up, he slicked his sweaty hair back, walking around dazily.

Sighting the infamous magma of the volcano, he leaped back, startled. "Where am I?" The last memory he had was a woman talking to him in his home back at Palanthas. He didnt know how he feel asleep or how long he had been asleep.

His stomach rumbled.
He was very hungry and, by the looks of the volcano, he wouldnt be finding anything delicious for awhile. Straitning himself, he looked up and saw a vision of a dream. The magma ran like a river above him. Magic.

As he wondered around, he felt something at his side. It was a sword. A gorgous sword by the looks of it. He pulled the blade from the golden sheath and struck it out in front of him. "What is going on...?"

"Vertigo..." a voice called.

Vertigo fell back instantly, the voice nearly frightening him. "Who are you?" Silence. He asked again. Still silent. Then he turned around and saw a woman behind her. "You!"

The woman held his gaze for a moment.

'I am quite suprised that the dragon hasnt eaten you yet."

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