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11/02/2004 3:04 PM

OOC: Few things to keep in mind;

-I mentioned that the meeting place for the characters would be a Temple of the Blue Lady... To these women the Blue Lady is Mishikal.. However any type of characters are welcome to join them there.. they do not have to be clerics of Mishikal..

- I don't mind if you use more than one character, however make sure you can manage them all..

- I have a rough idea of where this is going.. but don't ask for a plot outline.. not sure I have one yet :P

A cold and bitter wind blew in from the North as the small band of travels set up camp. The sun had just began to sink below the horizon, painting the Krynnish land scape beautiful hues of pink and purple.

"Just serval more days until we hit land.." The first of the travelers said. He glanced to his female companions and shrugged. The four of them had been through so much recently.. and they still had a horrible fight ahead of them.

The first of the women was glancing absantly off into the sunet, an air of royalty around her, even in the begger close that clung to her wiry frame. Thie Chieftan of The Marduk had been through much on her journeys..

Two more sat just behind her, whispering to themselves about the events of the day. The first of the two possessed harsh features, her eyes were pale and devoid of emotions long since killed off, or well hidden from everyone but the one she spoke with. Her hair was cropped to the bottom of her neckline, and even though she was very feminine she possed an aire that was anything but.

To her right sat Krista, Her sea foam colored hair was pulled back into a sort of Ponty Tail. A scar ran up the length of her right arm, and she kept touching with her left, as if it pained her even to this day...

Last of all was the black haired one. A mysterious aire followed her, and seemed to crackle with the very chaos that she embodied. She had been through prehaps the worse ideal..

The man shrugged. It wasn't time to look into the past for awnsers... He lost someone very dear to him.. twice.. He wouldn't let it happen again.

"Narrissa.. were you able to locate the postion of the lost temple?"

The black haired Raven rolled her eyes. "Ronin.. If I had done that it wouldn't be hidden now would it?"

"No.. I suppose not... Any idea how far to the nearest town?"

"Not a one." Narissa shrugged. "But if you're worried about keeping warm.. I'd be more than happy to help you with that." She walked over, slightly swinging her hips. Even outside of her human form the woman was stunning. She ran a finger against his chest. "That is.. if you'd like me too.."

"Not tonight Narissa.. not here..."

NArissa rolled her eyes. "Fool.." She whispered.


Chieftan Varan shot up, sweat dripping down the side of her neck. She had felt a scream escape the confines of her throat.

"What's wrong?!" Came the gruff voice of the ever present Gregorian.

"A- another dream."

"Another dream?" Gregorian squinted her eyes, trying to make out the form of her friend. "What about?"

"Another message from the blue lady... We must travel to village of Giglanta... it's on the outskirts of Thorbardin.."


Varan smiled gently. "No.. It's mainly a human territory.. all kinds gather there... The blue lady says to go to her temple there and await instructions.."

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11/02/2004 10:36 PM

*grin* I'm in!

Name: Adrianne Emberson
Race: Human
Hair: Blonde, short, straight
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Fair, but tan
Gender: Female
Alignment: Chaotic good
Weapon: A dagger


Adrianne is the niece of the infamous Adrien Shimmer. Her mother, Kayla Emberson, followed the family tradition of naming children after the dearly departed. Adrianne resembles her aunt at a first glance, but she is a very different person.

I'm still not sure how I'll introduce her....must have sleep....

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