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10/31/2004 6:53 AM

Selina ran, her shoulder-length auburn hair flew in a wild tangle behind her as she fled. Her den-realm had been destroyed, and she could only run, exhausted in attempting to keep it intact. Her pride destroyed, all she called family gone.... She ran.

Even in this weak human form few could match her speed, she could even out distance a garou, even though it would probably catch up to her in time... that meant that she had to hide... She paused, her green eyes wild from the flight, and she took stock of her surroundings. She had only been in this City for a short time, The New York Skyline was still slightly daunting. She turned her gaze skyward, and frowned, the moon was no where to be seen, and it was well after midnight.. New Moon then... Damn!

The Taghairm wouldn't be in meeting, she had heard no Kheuar whisperings of a meeting, so turning to the rest of her 'extended family' was out of the question..not that she really wanted to. They called her "houscat" at times, quite insulting actually. She frowned, and then thought of her other ties, the ones that the others really disliked her for, teaming up with 'dogs' and 'monkeys' or in literal terms, the Garou, and Humans. So that left one thing...

Selina slipped into the shadows, she lifted her head once again, this time scenting the faint breeze. She opened her mouth, and breathed deeply, not just scenting it, but tasting it as well. The use of Padaa had helped her in many other instances.. for sometimes finding the Moots of the Garou could be difficult.

The scents of exhust weren't as bad in this chilly season, but come summer it would be bad enough to make her gag. Finally she found what she wanted, and jogged down the alley. She didn't dare step sideways, that was where They were, she would have to find them on her own.

She caught a glimpse of herself in the reflection of a darkened shop window, and frowned. If police were to see her this way, there would be trouble. Her hair was dishevled, her face pale with a bruise forming under her right eye, one sleve of her nice silk shirt torn to tatters. Sweet Gaia, they would think her a victim of a mugging or something and she couldn't afford to be detained. Hastily she tore the tatters of her sleve and then tore the other completely off, wincing as she did. The tribal tattoo on her arm was visible then, and any other who could recognize it would know who she was, but it couldn't be helped.

She ran her fingers through her hair in attempt to tame it a bit, untill she was satisfied that no one would stop her, she stepped out onto the busy sidewalk....

11/28/2004 3:54 AM

James had been observing the crowd, that continually passed through the street, standing comfortably in the shadows of a porch. The patience of his inborn native american nature served him well in this endeavor. His eyes caught a girl coming out of an alley, her hair barely in a decent shape, the sleeves of her blouse seemingly torn off. Then his senses were alerted, as his glance slid over the tribal tattoo on her arm. The ragabash did not hesitate long and started to follow her from across the street, his mind racing and his curiosity peeked. ~What would a bastet be doing running around New York and so close to Glasswalker territory?~

He had to get more information, perhaps even make sure the Glasswalkers did not get this information first, either taking out the kitten or sheltering her, whichever option would work best. Slowly he crossed the street, his pace now a little faster and aimed to reach the sidewalk she was on, at approximately the same point where'd she would pass. His attire was not conspicuous, a straight and simple suede coat, cotton shirt, jeans and mocassins. His long hair tied back and the only weapon on him well concealed beneath the coat, lodged on his back within the deerskin sheath.

The mocassins carried him almost silently across the street, popping onto the sidewalk at the spot he had chosen, less then a feet away from the girl, seemingly heading for the coffee bar on the corner. As he approached, he could see the bruise that was forming on her cheekbone. At this stage, he decided to approach her, perhaps offer her a coffee in one of the booths at the bar, so they could speak. She seemed to have run into trouble and was not in safety yet.

As if accidental, he crossed her path in such way, that a collision was practically unavoidable, knowing that this would at least start a conversation and a possibility to invite her to that coffee, as an apology and a sort of peace offering. Good manners would hardly allow for her to decline and James knew that his friendly demeanor had gotten him much success with women in the past, combined with his native american looks. The ball was now in play.

11/28/2004 6:23 AM

Selina had glanced behind her, still wary of followers, so she didn't see the man who interposed himself into her path. With a startled cry, she walked right into him, stumbled, but as most cats, managed to keep her balance. She cast him a glance that was only partly annoyance, the rest was pure terror.

After an almost comical moment, She took a deep breath, once again invoking Padaa again, and this time she inhaled the unmistakable scent of Garou. The gift would never allow her to discern which tribe the Garou was, but anything was better than the things that had driven her from her den-realm.

For a brief moment, she stumbled over her words, as the terror slipped from her like water through a seive.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going...." She said lamely.

11/28/2004 11:57 AM

James smiled lightly, knowing that now it would depend on how he brought up the subject. "Well, I think we could say the same for me, now can't we? However, do allow me to make up for startling you, as I think I have, judging by the look in your eyes, by offering you a cup of coffee in the bar on the corner, which was where I was heading." He had cast a glance past her and saw nobody out of the ordinary, but did so without making her aware of it.

His smile widened and he managed to bring a look of embarrashment in his eyes, for bumping into her. For a moment he hesitated, then glanced again and raised a brow at what he saw. Umbral sight is a rather common trait among Uktena or among Theurge, but he still had a hard time doing so. He shifted his focus on the girl and changed his sight, then grinned at her in a friendly way. "Whatever made you this easily startled is not anywhere near, miss. I think we should talk over that cup of coffee." Calmly, as if guiding her way, he placed his hand over the tribal tattoo, then smiled and whispered towards her. "Best keep that out of sight, there are ears and eyes everywhere these days, some won't even hesitate to catch one of our kind in broad daylight." The hint James made towards Pentex was obvious, especially to another of the shapeshifting breeds. "We can safely talk inside, away from prying eyes." His voice was sincere and showed no sign of wanting to harm her.

11/29/2004 3:05 PM

Selina struggled to calm herself as she nodded. She felt much more inclined to trust the Garou before her than many of the other inhabitances of New York. The Swara clasped her hand over the tribal tattoo on her upper arm, her cheeks reddening.

She didn’t even hesitate when he offered her shelter, a place where she could talk openly. She cast another glance around, she didn’t have the sight that this Garou had, but she wasn’t searching the spiritual, but the mundane... she feared that more than anything.

“Alright, You lead....” She said carefully, her jade colored eyes fixed onto the Garou before her, forcing herself to keep her gaze steady.

11/30/2004 7:27 AM

James lead the way into the coffee bar and headed towards the back of the room, stopping before a booth in the back and stepped aside to allow her to sit first. With a swift motion to the waiter, he ordered two coffee and sat across the table from Selina. After the waiter had brought the coffee, he made clear that he did not want to be disturbed. As the waiter had left again, the native american man began the conversation. "First things first, I guess, an introduction should be in order. I am James Two Elk and what your kin would call a 'dog', but I gather you already are aware of this, seeing as you relaxed just after you ran into me. Had I been anything else then a tribesman of the shifting breeds, I think you would have ran. You are Swara, by the looks of that tribal tattoo of yours, but what is your name?" He left no doubt that he had recognised the tribal mark on her arm.

"I recall that your tribe is comparable to our Silent Striders, loners mostly, explorers of the Umbra, but not far from what you call your home, which is in africa, I believe?" His calm tone of voice was evident and aimed to make her feel more at ease. Almost all Bastet were not comfortable around the Garou, just as Cats and Dogs. James hoped this would work, but was not sure if she'd trust him.

"If you'll allow me, I can use a small gift I received from Gaia, to know what got you into this state and why you are running, without you having to speak about it. I will only search for the reply to that question and nothing else, so I can aid you more effectively, kitten. How about it, care to give it a try?" James leaned in as he spoke, his voice calm and serene and his regard fixed on her expression. As he awaited her answer, he began to focus on the gift he was about to use, the gift of 'secrets'. "If you accept, then place your hand in mine. Should you not wish so, then simply don't. The choice is entirely yours, but no matter what it is, I shall try and help you." His eyes now reflected the determination within, a sign to Selena that he would keep his word, once he had given it.

12/27/2004 4:15 AM

Selina didn't speak, she was still very shaken... her mind was clenched tight in fear and wouldn't allow her to utter a word... however her hand slowly moved and rested in James' hand...

12/27/2004 8:36 AM

James smiled to Selena and took hold of her hand, then focussed deeply, before envoking his gift. He searched for the answer, searched.... then he glanced at Selena with wide eyes and nodded to her. "I can see why you are in this state, kitten and for someone your age, I do not blame you. I know the ones who took your sister, but do not know their hideout. We can start by gathering information, perhaps a few friends to aid us, for this will not be easy." He motioned the waiter closer and payed for the coffee, then helped Selena up. She was looking rather tired, but her eyes seemed to express a little more hope.

On thier way out, James lifted a coat from one of the racks and draped it over Selena's shoulders. Surprisingly it fit better then expected. "There's a nightclub in town, where it is rumored to be a gatheringplace for our kind, the shifting breeds. It is the only neutral ground in this City that I know of, where we can meet others. We'll go there and try and find some help and info, ok? For now you need a safe place to rest until after nightfall and I know just the place for it. I'll watch over you as you rest."

James waved a taxi, which halted just in front of them. He opened the door and glanced at Selena. "Once again, kitten, your choice whether you trust me or not to keep you safe." In a low whisper he added. "The first human that enters my place will get a bullet between the eyes, and the rest will have to deal with me and my silver bladed knife." He didn't exaggerate, for his eyes were as honest and open as the crystalline springwater running down the mountain after winter.

01/02/2005 4:16 PM

After a few hours of rest, James and Selena exited the building he had taken her to. She had slept for about three hours, until James had woken her for dinner. Now, ready and better rested, they made their way to the nightclub Jmaes had spoken of earlier today, in the hopes of finding information and perhaps some help for the task ahead. For the night of gathering, James had decided to wear a different attire, consisting of a black suit, combined with black mocassins and a green silk shirt. He had given Selena a shirt of his own, so that she had her arms covered. After all, advertising was not a clever thing in an establishment where different members of the changing breeds were rumored to frequent.

Thirty minutes later they stood before the entrance, awaiting in line to enter the club. With a weary look at the doorway, the Uktena ragabash was glad he had chosen to leave his knife at home, for the detectors at the door would have reacted immediately on the metal. The bouncer looked him over and smirked, then let both him and Selena enter, after he had paid the fee for them both.

The inside of the club was dimly lit, booths along the wall and a dancefloor in the center. James whispered lowly to Selena. "if you see anyone you know, tell me. Otherwise you have to stay close to me. This is not a place to roam around carelessly, kitten." Slowly they started to walk through the club, looking for informants first, then try to find allies against D.N.A to get her sister out of their hands. "We need to make sure the veil stays intact, which is why we must get her out of their hands. That organisation already knows too much and we have no ned to make them aware of the fact that there are other changing breeds, agreed?" Again, his words were whispered.

01/02/2005 6:36 PM

"Agreed." Was all Selina could bring herself to say, as her gaze flitted across the crowd, hoping for a familiar face.

That hoped for familiar face saw her first. Kiyoko Mitsuke, Kiyo to many of her friends and confidants. The strikingly pretty asian woman was leaning against the bar, and was actually on undercover duty for her 'cover' as an NYPD detective.

However, all thoughts of her duty fled her mind when her gaze slipped towards Selina. Kiyo's emerald colored eyes widened for a moment, then narrowed as she took in the visiual state of Selina... The girl was scared, and at this time, Kiyo couldn't tell if it was because of the man beside her or not...

Using her more easily accessable gift, Flow of Aura, she attempted to seek out the possible threat. She leaned back against the bar, and focused her entire concentration onto the Swara. Immediately images assaulted her mind, a black van, a young girl who looked somewhat like Selina being dragged away, and then terrifying images of spiders....

Kiyo blinked and then focused her gaze onto the pair again. Time to get back to the real work.....

01/12/2005 12:05 PM

James in the meantime was walking around in the club, searching for familiar faces. A few faces he recognised, but these would do no good in what they aimed to do. The monkeys he would clearly stay away from, just as he would avoid any shadowwalker. He had spotted a few cats, but so far none that he knew, nor a friendly face among the garou.

For a moment he was lost in thought, which turned out to be a mistake, as he walked straight into one of the Children of Gaia, who seemed not all too pleased with it, then grabbed him and pushed him aside, tumbling into a mokole. The lizzard hissed and threw him off his person, then came straight at him. James reacted instinctively, by grabbing the mokole and hurled him into the Gaia that had tossed him.

The lizzard and the Gaia immediately lost their tempers, first clawing away at eachother, then at anyone in the immediate vicinity. Not long after that, James retreated a few steps, while he dodged a few swipes and blended into the crowd, swiftly tugging Selina with him. As they stood in relative safe distance, he spoke to her. "Stay here at the bar, get yourself something to drink, but whatever you do, keep an eye on the fight. If it moves towards you, then draw back, if it doesn't, then stay put. I'll be right back."

The next instant he moved into the crowd again, aiming to pass the fight and check out the faces, but unfortunately the mokole recognised his face and pulled him in. Now the Gaia, who turned out to be anything but an ahroun, fortunately, pointed at James and started to close in on him too. James did not hesitate, dodging the swipes made at him and punched or kicked whenever there was an opening. The two opponents now focussed their attacks on him, who was responsible for all this. Carefully James made sure they were constantly in eachother's way, neither of them getting a clear chance to hit him.

From his back, he pulled two wooden sticks, each about two feet long and twirled those in his palms. The two hesitated slightly, giving James the chance to speak. "Easy fellows, now I do not wish to break off your coldblooded tail, nor do I wish to play fetch tonight, Child of Gaia. So why don't you two be a good lizzard and a nice pooch before I have to try and break these oaken sticks on your thick skulls??" The mokole hissed and clawed at James, who dodged and swung one of the sticks full across the mokole's hand, who squeeked in pain.

From the corner of his eyes, he saw the Gaia-galliard grow, accompanied by popping and crackling sounds, as the man shifted to his glabro form, enraged by the words of the Uktena.

01/14/2005 4:18 PM

Kiyo had been trying to make her way towards Selina, when the ensuing fight caught her attention. She cursed harshly in her native language and thumbed the catch off of the dagger tucked into the waistband of her jeans against the small of her back.

Those who knew her quickly moved out of her way, knowing how quick and fierce she could be. One unfortunate didn't move quite quickly enough, and got a rough shove for his failure. Her muttered curses became more and more sharp. Finally she could be heard in english as she pushed her way past the final wave of onlookers.

"Stupid Wolves and their desire to show off...." Her words brought grins of amusement from some, and unmistakable hatred from others.

Before either of the Garou could move, Kiyo ran forward, placing herself between the two, her left hand twisted behind her back to grip the dagger there, her right resting on the butt of her pistol.

"I'll have none of this bickering in my jurisdiction..." She growled, her voice was soft and low, immediately catching the attention of the onlookers. Most of the patrons knew her, and silence fell, only the music from the corner jukebox was to be heard.

01/17/2005 1:17 PM

The enraged Gaia glared at Kiyo, hesitating whether he'd give up or if he'd try to get to James anyway. With a few moments of pondering, the guy shifted down and turned away. Until that moment, James had been ready to catch the attack of the glabro, but now silently slid the two oaken sticks into the holster on his back. As the Gaia had taken a seat, James looked at Kiyo, a slight smile curling around his lips. "Now there's a coincidence, can I perhaps have a word with you, seeing as this seems to be your jurisdiction?"

He extended his hand to her and smiled towards her, before he spoke to Kiyo in a soft tone of voice. "I'm James Two Elk and I travel with a recently found friend, whom I am trying to aid in a noble cause." He pointed at the bar where he had left Selina.

01/18/2005 3:12 PM

OOC: sorry was having internet problems :(

"Stupid Wolves and their desire to show off...."

"I'll have none of this bickering in my jurisdiction..."

"And on what athourity do you have jurisdiction?!" cut in a rough voice from the crowd. "This was OUR land long before it was yours..." The voice seemed to fill the room, cresting over the buzz of voices and sounds that assailed the club. It projected from a man, a huge man, as he broke his way through the crowd.

"You want to see us "show off"?" he mimicked. "I have but to growl and every Garou in this club will do much worse than "show off"." the man said angrily. "I can tell you're a fighter... your stance, the knife at your back and the pee-shooter at your side. But you can't fight us all."

He turned to the crowd, "Crank the damned music and start drinkin'!" he hollered before taking a seat on a barstool that could barely hold him.

01/18/2005 5:54 PM

Kiyo frowned, but supressed the instinctive growl. She shook her head, and rolled her eyes.

"I merely meant that I had no desire to explain to my coworkers such a fight." she stated calmly, also suppressing the scathing response on how she was more closely related to the natives of this country than most who lived here... with the exception of her new companion that is...

"So, James... I am Kiyoko Mitsuke, NYPD. Late of the Tokoyo Police force... Shinju Kitsune. I know that girl you brought in with you, met her in Tokoyo actually. She gestured towards the bar, and waited for James to preceed her, though she gave the big man who spoke a cool glance before following.

01/19/2005 6:22 AM

"Tokyo? You're a long way from home,foxy. I'm an Uktena ragabash, btw. The loud one you just heard may be useful, if i'm not mistaken, he's a ronin. At least that is what the rumormill states."

While talking, James preceeded her to Selina.

"What brings a tokyo cop all the way here, Mitsuke?"

He asked, just as he stopped before the bar, next to Selina.

01/19/2005 2:52 PM

Kiyo laughed softly and gave Selina a wink. "A change of scenery mostly. Home life had been a little tense... to say the least. I'm a forensics specialist with the CSI taskforce here in New York. I transfered here about two months ago."

Selina had relaxed somewhat with Kiyo's presence, her muscles slowly relaxed, though they still ached from such tension. She had relaxed to the point that she had nearly dozed in her seat until Kiyo directly addressed her.

"Selina, Neco-chan What has happened?" Kiyo asked softly, her green eyes filled with concern for her friend.

02/06/2005 7:27 AM

Selina offered Kiyo a ghost of a smile at the 'pet' name the Kitsune had tagged her with when they had first met. Again Kiyo caught images of a Van... a girl with brown hair whose features resembled Selina, and a single name....Renella.

"Ranella..." Kiyo breathed the word so softly that even Selina barely heard it. The reaction from selina was immediate.

"They took her... Ranella." Selina moaned in exhaustion.

"Who took her?" Kiyo asked, her grip on Selina's arm tightened.

"It was only one group who would have bothered... she was only kin, not a true bastet... Develepmental Neogenetics Anaglamated... D. N. A....."

Kiyo's sharp intake of breath was a hiss of sound and she looked up to James. "THis is not good... If they find that there are more than one type of changing breed, they very well may induce the reaper strain..."

02/06/2005 1:30 PM

James' face went a little white, then he slowly responded to what the asian woman said. "Ok, first things first, the option of the reaper strain I had not even thought of, but since you seem familiar with DNA, I will assume you're a changing breed yourself. This however only enforces the decision that the girl has to be taken our of their hands as soon as possible. The vail must be protected."

He glanced around the bar and spoke further. "We came here to se who would be able to help achieving this, I gather that you will be helping, Kiyo? Have you seen others that may be suited for this?" His words had been bluntly honest, which was not usual for a garou, even for those that had something to do and needed help to do it.

02/12/2005 1:19 AM

OOC: When i have head a chance to re write the bio i'll post it either here or in the OOC bit...I know this is a pretty long post for the ST type game of WW games but i need to get my character set up...

In another part of town Close to the air post Karen Newport landed on the red eye from Cairo, he was feeling VERYVERY hungry and having emptied his back pack full of food hours previously he decided to get a sandwitch or something with a food court thing. When it was closed he was most surprised, AND MOST PISSED OF! Feeling the Rage course through his body, he walked to the bagagebelt and picked up his stuff, Still feeling very hungry.

He walked out of the airport and grabbed a cab to his hotel, he did managae to get the driver to go through the McDrive and about 10 mac menu's later the worst edge was of the violent hunger. The cab driver did stare in the mirror when he saw the slender youth eat ten menu's and complain it wasnt enough... He was most suprised that their wasnt a gram of fat on his body, and for someone with those eating habits that was quite suprising, Ariving at his Hotel he saw it was quite a shit hole but he only had to live their for about 2 weeks until the Magic the Gathering Protour was over. even though it was close to sunrise he dropped himself onthe bed and slept until close to one o clock when he realised he had wrapped himself in his trench coat (OOC yeah he wares a trench coat live with it) it took quite some time to unwrap himself and he decieded he would go and check out this city.

Shurging of the confines of his human form he shifted in the the shape of a house cat and went through the window it was the second floor but he jumped of anyways and landed softly -on his feet- on a dumpster which didnt agree with him. and after that he groomed hus fur back into position and walked out exploring the city. He payed carfull attention to the location of the Pro-tour and the quickest way to get to and from that loaction. Sinse the opening of the tour was today and he only got their just in time he walked into an alley and shifted into his homid form again takign the time to ge used to this skins weird center of gravity and the weird way you had to balance yourself. Checking his deck for the Pro-tour he found it was where he had left it and he walked in, showing his pass to the clerk behind the desk and he walked in to the main area greeting the judges and looking around, he saw alot of new faces probably the people that werent prepared to travel around the world and go pro, or they were jsut here for kicks... Well the day went okay he won his 2 matches and he didnt think they spotted him cheating, God how he loved this deck of his...

By this time violently hungry, he was glad the tourney day was over and he just about cleened out the food in the cafeteria(some people beet him to it) and went to the local 7-11 and filled up his bag with food and went to a local bar to see if their was someone of worthy blood for him to use for the contiuation of the Bubasti blood line, when he entered he saw a group standing near the bar it was a rag tag bunch bet he saw a woman of worthy "quality" and he deceided he would attempt to pick her up, while the bubasti were nearly extinct he wouldn't lowerhimself to rape, he wasnt ajaba after all, not that that would work nowadays the girl would just have the baby removed careless of what it's real worth was. So he walked over to the date brushed one of the peopleout of the way and was about to open with a pickup line when he heard the word "changing breed" were they really getting this sloppy? He looked at them with clearly written across his face: "you shouldnt be this obvious" he was sure the message would get across.

OOC i editted the post so that included less MtG talk and it ended in the bar you were at. the female characters can deceide who i'm trying to pick up...

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02/24/2005 11:44 AM

OOC: Vampires and change breeds don't normally get along... ever... since werewolves consider Vampires to be connected to the destruction of Gaia... the bar is just a change breed bar. and The OOC thread that accompanies this story is used for the ooc: and character development and discussion as to not clutter the story. You should consider reposting your info there, and deleting your double post, and we need to discuss whether or not a Vampire would be allowed in. Thanks

02/26/2005 7:42 AM

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