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10/22/2004 2:06 PM

The year was 2015, the year when it all began.... When the world spun out of control... Literally. The earth’s magnetic poles shifted, turning north and south to east and west...and vice versa, resulting in an entirely new angle of rotation.

What was once tropical zones where plunged into arctic freezes. Leaving the current inhabitants clawing for survival in 100-degree below zero cold. Colossal tectonic pressures would cause the continents to buckle, fracture, and finally fold. Rising up in massive tides, the oceans would wash over the costal lines, crash across the Rockies, Andes and Alps alike. New inland seas would form, new mountain chains. Volcanoes spew forth-great burning seas of the earth’s fiery blood. With civilization gone, billions dead, the human race is reduced to only thousands.... Scattered in small bands across the remaining lands; Becoming tribes of hunters and gatherers.

During the massive surges of the planet, its orbit shifted, and parallels with the Second planet, bringing it closer to the fiery heat of the sun. It also acquired a second satellite. In the night sky, New moon is larger than Old Moon, and has a slight bluish cast to it.... And the “Yellow Star” follows them in the night sky.

10/23/2004 4:02 PM

Four centuries pass...while language has become more diverse and complicated.... Human civilization has declined... Forests and jungles run rampant, the skies clear and free of all pollution. Humans live in small tribes, and most of them live in peace on the central continent of Euramsia. The two largest tribes where the Star-watchers, or Enelve’astre (Star-eyed) They lived north of the Black-Sand Desert. And the other was the Azusa clan, a group infamous for their cruelty... the Azusa live just north of the Fire Mountain, Killiarlm, which is north of the Enelve’astre Plains.

Two smaller tribes live nearby, the Rocfliers* who lived in the mountains to the west, and the Uranthis who lived fart in the arctic north.

Kelli, lead hunter and apprentice shaman to the Enelve’astre clan, shouldered her bow. A small quiver of obsidian headed arrows lay against her back. At twenty summers she was tall and slender, hiding strength born of a lifetime of hard work. A pouch made from the skin and feathers of a scarlet Roc hung from a leather thong around her waist. She lay against the cliff edge, the thick conifer trees supplying ample cover. To the south, the edge of Night desert stretched to the horizon, making it seem, as though it were the edge of the world. Looking north, the great Fire-Mountain, Killiarlm blew it smoke and ash into the sky.

In the dim red light, Kelli spotted the dark Shape of an obsidian Roc; it’s black fathers highlighted by the scarlet light. She watched it for a long moment, before leaping to her feet, and running down the hill. Her long blonde hair was tied back in one thick plait, a thick leather strip tied around her forehead, decorated with a few feathers from a White Roc.

A Denhyli stag pawed at the ground. The creature almost resembled the unicorn of our legends. It had short soft fur, the stags where usually a glossy blue-black, with almost imperceptible striping. While the Does’ where usually a dun-brown. It had a short, stiff mane that was black at the roots and faded to white on the ends. A spiraling black horn curved up from the center of its forehead. It was laden with only a softly-cured animal skin and a lovingly made leather halter.

Kelli leaped onto the Denhyli’s back, and urged him towards the Enelve’astre camps.

“Hai! Hai! We must hurry my friend...that is an Azusa Roc!!” She cried, her pale violet-gray eyes dark with fear for her people.

* a "Roc" in this is about the size of a modern day elephant, not nearly as big as depicted in D&D, and can be shades of red, brown or black or white.

** Also, just about anything can be used and made up here...this is a near -clean slate....though I ask no dragons....bit of an overkill....though dinosaurian creatures may be used....I was kinda thinking of using the Velociraptor

10/24/2004 10:21 AM

Along a cliff above the racing Denhyli and rider, a group of creatures watched eagerly. Their eyes seemed to glow in the lightening sky, and they pulled back without speaking. They raced like odd, loping wolves, though they could clearly stand like humans. Their skin was mottled and ugly, decendants of those unfortunates who did not escape the ancient's catastrophe. They were once human in all appearances four hundred years ago... but they were scarred and mutated by the obscene ammounts of radiation that the Enelve’astre and Azusa clans managed to escape.

Finally the leader called a halt, and stood, his shoulders and back slightly hunched from such positions. He pulled crude horn from his belt, made from the horn of a Denhyli. It's call was chillingly high pitched, and a creature answered it, a high-pitched scream that made all five turn.

A single Kelloran, and four lesser Korlans followed it. If one of us were to be there, we would recognize it for what it was, a later decendant of a dinosaur, and some of us would even notice that it was of one of the most vicious hunters from all those millions of years past... This creature resembed the Velociraptor, only much larger in size, the four smaller creatures behind it were still large enough to ride, but they seemed more docile.

The Kelloran creature snarled, but didn't resist when the leader clamored up onto its back. The language was glutteral, and no one in this region would have understood it.

"Is a Grassrunner, and the wingedfliers... Soon we will conquer them too... with this weapon that K'Lora found, they will become our slaves or be destroyed..." He laughed then, a deep grumbling sound that made the Kelloran below him snapp at the air and snarl.

10/24/2004 4:49 PM

L'aerei stood on top of a hill, overlooking his clan's lands. A breeze sent his long hair whipping around his shoulders as he drew his sword. Closing his eyes, he brought his sword into a test swing. Before he knew it, he was in a full-fledge battle with imaginary enemies. His thrusts and cuts brought the battle into full-swing, and it looked as if he was winning.

He continued his fight, cutting down his enemies with skills that surpassed even the bravest of men. As he rolled to avoid a cut that would've impaled him, he drew his daggar and threw it.

He looked to his right and saw his biggest rival. He sneered at the Azusa and moved his sword in front of him. "Come you great bastard. Feel the sting of my blade," he bade the evil man.

He rushed to the man and they met with clashing steel. He tried to force his enemy to the ground, but the evil man would have none of it. Smiling wickedly, the Azusa kicked his foot up and pushed L'aerei away from him. L'aerei lost his balance and fell to the ground. He brought his sword up in time to deflect the killing blow and swung his foot around to trip the Azusa.

His plan worked and the Azusa tumbled to the ground with a powerful thud. L'aerei was quick to his feet and went into the offensive mode, bearing down on the Azusa. The evil man found no mercy in the hands of L'aerei. It was L'aerei's turn to smile as he sliced his sword through the air and chopped off the Azusa's head.

"L'aerei!" Came the sound of a sweet young voice.

L'aerei looked around and blinked. The images of his mock battle disappeared as he looked to see a young girl running up the hill towards him. He replaced his sword and held out his arms to catch the girl. He picked her up and swung her around.

She giggled, "You really shouldn't be doing that, you know. Mother and Father would have a time with you."

He put her down and smiled. "Doing what?... This?" he said as he moved to tickle her.

She ducked away and giggled more. "Father's looking for you right now. Says you should be studying."

L'aerei frowned. He knew his father wanted him to become a priest. At the same time, it wasn't what he wanted. He looked forlornly to the East. "I want to be a warrior, Kala. To ride into battle with valour and glory. I wish Father would let me go to Enelve’astre. I could train there..."

"And I don't want to be a loreteller," Kala said, touching her brother's shoulder. "But we have little choice in the matter. This is the destiny that was designed for us. This is where we belong..."

"How do you know that?" he interrupted, turning on her. "What if we are destined to do something greater than this? What if I don't want to be a priest? What if I'm not supposed to be a priest?"

"Then why were you born in our clan and not born in the central clan?" Kala asked.

L'aerei frowned and turned away. He looked back to the East and sighed. Kala replaced her hand on his shoulder. "I agree with you, my brother," she said. "But let's not give in to these false hopes. If we are to become something more than priests and loretellers, then time will let us know."

L'aerei nodded and allowed his sister to lead him towards the village, his eyes never leaving the east and his hopeful future.


Kala giggled as she watched the specticle before her. Asorys had caught L'aerei in yet another riddle. It was a cheerful evening and there was dancing, music, and drinking. As Eskae pulled her into another dance, Kala laughed aloud. The smile on Eskae's face told Kala much.

Told L'aerei much too. Ignoring Asorys's riddle, L'aerei joined in the dance. He slipped between Eskae and Kala, taking over Eskae's position as Kala's dance-partner.

Eskae moved to the side where Asorys stood and watched his two youngest siblings in their dance. "He loves her," Asorys stated.

His older brother nodded, "Yes, that he does. But that can be a problem. He's too protective and jealous. It will be hard to find her a proper suitor with him around her like that."

Asorys laughed and patted Eskae on the back. "Don't fret over it, brother. There are many other ladies who would like you to entertain them."

Eskae shrugged and walked away. Asorys watched his older brother and then turned back to the younger siblings. L'aerei still hadn't answered his question, but he wouldn't press the matter. He knew his young brother had other things worrying him.

The specticle grew even more rambucous as a strange creature entered the dance. This creature, known as a Cotorn, was a curious creature. It stood about waist high on four catlike paws. While it's body was shaped like that of a horse, it held the features of a cat, with a long heavy mane and tail. This particular cotorn had black and white patterned coat. It was long furred, like most of it's kind.

Asorys shook his head. "L'aerei! Get River out of here! You know she's not allowed in these things!" he said, asperated.

Kala giggled and threw her arms around the cotorn's neck in a hug. The cotorn stepped out from under the young girl and shook her neck. This caused Kala to giggle even more. L'aerei laughed and grabbed hold of the cotorn's thick mane. "Come along, River. You heard Asorys. You are not allowed in the party," he said.

River nickered and rubbed against L'aerei's body, causing him to loose balance and fall onto the floor. He clutched onto the cotorn's mane and pulled her down with him.

10/25/2004 9:20 PM

Sharrah was just returning to the village, the sun rising ending her sojourn into the night. Her beloved Ga'ren padded softly at her side, his molted dark brown and black fur looking like the American pit bull terriers of old ((posting a photo in OOC)). Just as she was nearing the camp, she heard the hoof beats of a Denhyli and paused, wondering who was coming in such a hurry…

Charin lay low, clutching the obsidian feathers of the large Roc that carried him on his way. His skin blended in well with the great bird, his tan was so great. Cold, ice-blue eyes scanned the land around him. ‘We’re almost there, Galas,’ he sent back to his father.
Back on the other side of the Killiarlm, the chieftain smiled. ‘Very good, my son… continue as we planned…’

10/28/2004 9:21 AM

River stepped away from the small party. She knew she wasn't allowed in the parties, but enjoyed going to them anyway. She took her master's position on the hill. It was a great view and the Ad'seho's favourite watch place. She glanced to the east and saw the powerful steed, an far removed cousin of hers, galloping into the central clan's camp.

She watched it curiously and try to decide whether or not to alert her master. She shook her head to rid herself of a fly and turned away. Besides, how would she be able to alert anyone?...


L'aerei stood before his father. The man was old, but his age was blanketed in wisdom. he had long, stringy white hair and a thick white beard that covered his chest. No one knew his real name. After all, it was lost once he became the clan's head priest and leader.

Now he looked at his son with grief and consternation. He knew about L'aerei's dreams. Knew the boy wanted to be a warrior and had no place among the Ad'sehos. This was a hard decision for the elderly man to make. L'aerei was his youngest son and he had hoped the boy would become a priest or a medicine man like his brothers.

L'aerei bowed before his father, as was customary. He loved his father, but also resented him. And why wouldn't he? L'aerei had argued with the older man countless times. His love of adventure and fighting had brought him into much trouble. Now he stood before his father again. And he knew he'd be berated.

"My son, I want to talk to you about your position in the clan," the elderly man said.

L'aerei sighed. Here it comes.

"You do not belong here, my son," his father said. L'aerei's eyes widened and for a moment he forgot to look at the floor as he raised his eye level to his father.

His father smiled and nodded. "Yes, my son. I have watched you for many moons and many springs. Each spring you grow stronger. Your battle awareness is enough to make any nobleman of Enelve’astre proud to call you his or her son. However, you are in Ad'seho. And battle awareness is not condoned here. We are a peaceful clan, driven by our desires to heal the sick and care for the young. You do not belong here."

L'aerei couldn't believe what his father was telling him. Shock turned quick to anger. "So, you're going to disown me? Through me out? Make me a rogue?" he asked, incredulously.

His father put a hand up to silence his son. "No, my son. I'm going to give you the opprotunity to fullfil your dream. You wish to go to Enelve'astre. To learn to be warrior and to fight alongside their warriors. I talked to the mistress of training there and she has agreed to take you into the school. You will leave as soon as you can pack your things."

Tears gleamed in L'aerei's eyes. For the first time, his father was giving him the chance to prove himself. His smile reached his ears and he had to stop himself before he hugged his father.

His mother, another lost name, walked in then. She carried a large book in her hands. L'aerei knew the book without having to give it a second glance. It was the book of Daialcoa, their god. He smiled as his mom came and kissed him on the cheek.

She pressed the book into his hands. "I want you to take this with you, my son. You may train in the warrior arts, but you are an Ad'seho first and foremost. Daialcoa is a great god of healing. Something that could come in handy when you are out there and your comrades are dying around you," she stated, kissing him on the cheek again.

Tears welled in his eyes as L'aerei took the massive book. He did not think he'd ever beable to use it. After all, Daialcoa's words made little sense to the want-to-be warrior. He thanked his parents, bowed, and then made haste to his room.

As he packed, he noticed a movement in the corner of his room. He looked at the corner and raised an eyebrow. "Kala, you know you are not allowed in my room. Our parents would have a fit," he said to the poorly concealed form.

The girl removed herself from the spot and looked at him. She was crying as well. But her tears were not those of joy. "Please don't go, L'aerei. Please don't leave me. If you go, who'll care for me?" she begged.

The young man put his things down and hugged his sister. "You have two great brothers and a wonderful sister. They won't let anyone harm you."

"But I want you. Can I come with you?" she asked, already knowing the answer.

L'aerei shook his head gravely. "No, Kala. You have to stay here. Take care of Mother and Father. Look after our brothers and older sister."

"If I'm so busy looking after them, who's going to look after me?" she asked, pushing him away and placing her hands on her hips.

L'aerei sighed. He knew this wasn't going to be easy. "You are a strong warrior, Kala. I've taught you all you can know. You have to stay here and take care of things while I'm gone. I'll be back before you know it."

Kala looked at his bed, where the large tomb sat. She picked it up. "How can you be so sure? Mother wouldn't have given this to you if she was sure of your safety," she said, handing him the book.

He threw the book back onto his bed and picked up his sack. "Mother doesn't know everything, Kala. I'll be fine," he said. He gave her a kiss on the cheek and left the room.

Kala looked at the bed and the forgotten book. She then turned to the place where she had been hiding. Her things were already packed, but there was always room for more. She picked up the book and walked over to her pack. She carefully put the book in her pack and closed it.

Now would be Kala's greatest challenge. L'aerei wasn't the only one leaving for Enelve'aske tonight. Kala wasn't going to be left behind...


As L'aerei headed to the east, he passed by the hill. River came galloping towards him and rubbed against his body. The young man patted the cotorn on the head. "Are you coming with me, River?" he asked.

The cotorn made a noise the could've been distinguished as either a meow or a nicker. L'aerei took that as a "yes" and continued. The cotorn, while confused with why her master was walking ~away~ from the clan, followed obediantly.

10/30/2004 2:17 PM

(OOC: Gonna bump it a bit, hope you don't mind Tass....)

Kelli raced on towards her village. The Estre’Enlave was the central clan for the tribe of the same name. Kelli’s warning cries were enough to stir the village. Several of her warriors came running, spears in hand. Three large wolf-like creatures bounded out of a large enclosure. One was pitch black, its blue eyes gleaming. Kelli leaped from the back of the exhausted Denhyli. Two of the dire-wolves herded the weary beast back to the enclosure, while the black furred one stayed next to Kelli. Panting for breath, Kelli leaned against the dire wolf, relying on the huge creature, oblivious to the fact that it’s shoulder stood even with hers.

“Kelli! What’s wrong?” The closest warrior asked anxiously. Kelli didn’t even have to answer, for it was then that the dire wolf that she was leaning against turned its head, ears pitched forward catching every tiny sound. Its blue eyes caught sight of the low-flying roc and it raised its muzzled to the sky, a chilling howl piercing the sudden silence that blanketed the village.

“Gather the warriors... I must speak with my father!” Kelli gasped, as she actually pulled herself onto the back of the dire-wolf.

“Yes Princess!” The warrior saluted and ran off to gather the rest.

The dire wolf bounded through the maze of huts and lean-tos. When the reached a large earthen lodge, the dire wolf skidded to a halt, and Kelli slipped from his back.

“Thank you Cerberus! wait for me?” Kelli had named him from a myth her grandpa once told her, about a huge ferocious wolf with three heads that used to guard the realm of the dead. The wolf before her may not have three heads nor guard the realm of the dead, but he was ferocious. The dire wolf sneezed and then sat back on his haunches. Kelli smiled and ran inside.

“Jiisan!” Kelli cried when she shouldered past the heavy hide that served as the door for the lodge. The aging shaman looked up, his rheumy eyes blinked at her in surprise.

“Kelli? What ever is the matter child?” He questioned as he struggled to stand.

“Azusa! A black Roc headed this way! I must tell father!” She explained when Jiisan’s seemingly frail hand grasped her arm.

“Ser Charoliss is in the main hall.. meeting a newcomer to our tribe, he was accepted in my Jisa, to be trained as a warrior.”

“Thank you Jiisan!” She cried, and ran past him, to burst into the main hall. She had made such a racked that her father stood to see what had caused the intrusion. She ran forward, ignoring the young man who stood at the foot of the dias. She stopped at the second to last step, and dropped to one knee. She was so fixed on the news of impending danger that she nearly forgot herself and spoke ‘Father’ instead of the term of respect required by all who lived in the village, no matter their relation to him.

“Fa-” She reddened, and swallowed hard. “Ser! An Azusa approaches on an obsidian Roc!, It is headed straight for the village. I have ordered that the warriors be gathered. What are your wishes?”

At the tone of his daughter’s voice, Ser Charolilss turned towards the boy. “well here is your chance to prove yourself to Jisa, and my chief hunter, Kelli here.”

10/31/2004 6:06 PM

When the girl ran into the room, L'aerei, who had been kneeling, looked up to see who it was. He was amazed by the beauty of the woman. As the anxious woman spoke to Ser, L'aerei listened. His eyes widened at the mention of an Azusa coming this way.

He stared in disbelief when Ser Charolilss spoke to him. His eyes widened only slightly more. A real battle! Against Azusa! The thoughts brought a goofy smile to the boy's face. He bowed, "Ser, I will be honoured to help with the defenses."

He straighted up, his face tightening in a more stern look and turned to the woman. "My lady, I am yours to command," he said, bowing to her.

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