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10/10/2004 7:33 PM

Please post your characters bio. Please include Element, age, and personality.

10/10/2004 7:35 PM

My character

Name: Samantha Alexson
Nickname: Sam
Age: 16
Element: Ice
Personality: Shy, somewhat crazy, dark

Hair color: black
Eye color: Ice Blue
Skin: Pale
Nationaity: 50% French 50% English

10/11/2004 2:35 PM

Uhh, Is there a story to this? Anyways, I'm stealing my cahracter from Unbreakable:

Name: Cooper Falladine
Nickname: None
Age: 18
Element: Air (Electricity.)
Personality: Quiet, Clever.

Hair: White
Eye: Green, I think...
Skin: Nomal.
Nationality: American, with Polish Heritage.

Powers: Absorb and Release electricity, see electro magnetic fields.

If I need to, I'll add stuff later.

10/14/2004 6:59 PM

Yeah, is there any story to this? I think this might be interesting if you have a story for it.

Name: Devin Kerkins
Nickname: None
Age: 17
Element: Water
Personality: Calm, Collective, and somewhat Cocky about his abilites.

Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Sky blue
Skin: Tanned
Nationality: American

Post more if I need to.

10/15/2004 4:58 PM

I'm interested.

Name: Erin Kellison
Nickname: none
Element: Wind

Hair: Brown, ponytailed
Eyes: Blue-green
Skin: Normal, tan
Nationality: American
Personality: Nice, a little wild

10/26/2004 4:28 PM

Anyone can start a story.

10/26/2004 9:59 PM

Name: Seamus "Livewire" Anwell
Elemental: As his nickname implies, Livewire channels electricity in many forms.

Age: sixteen
Hair: fire red
Eyes: green, very dark
Skin: pale, due to limited exposure to the sun.
Nationality: Irish/American
Personality: a kid of few words, many passions, and little control over his feelings.

(This has to be the worst bio I've every done but it will have to do. I see no general story at all here, so I guess I'll start something since the name inspired me. Sorry if it all feels out of touch.)

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep* *Beep* *Beep* *Beep*

The noise forced Seamus to open his eyes and rub the sleep out of them. Even as the tall teenager sat up in his bed and the cold air touched his bare chest he knew he was going to have a dull day. A little disappointed that he had been awoken from his slumber, Seamus took his alarm clock and threw it at the wall, hoping it would break and he wouldn’t have to listen to it anymore. Luck was not on his side and the noise continued. Seamus grunted in frustration as he turned his head to the bedside window and looked out it.

It was one of those mornings when you just wanted to lay half awake and half asleep in bed. Outside it was raining cats and dogs and thunder rolled around the skies in the distance. Seamus would have been perfectly content to sit there all day gazing out the window into the rainstorm but apparently his mother had other ideas. Hearing the alarm clock buzzing, she burst into his room.

"Wake up or your going to miss the car your new school sent over." she said as if it would matter to him. Her Irish accent was very prominent in her voice and this lead Seamus to wonder how she had the energy to speak this early. One quick glance at the overturned alarm clock on the floor told him that it was five thirty in the morning.

She walked over to the clock on the floor and picked it up. She pressed a button on it's underside and it quickly shut up. Due to this, any little anger Seamus felt to her intrusion prior dissipated.

"Get up and get yourself dressed. I want you downstairs for breakfast in ten minuets, tops." She said as she left the room. I of course spent the next fifteen minuets staring out the window, slowly waking up. After she yelled up the stairs four times I got up and pulled on the clothes I set aside the night before just after my shower. I pulled a pair of tight fitting blue jeans over my legs and hips. Since I was so skinny I didn’t have a problem sealing them. After that I pulled a white undershirt over my head, and over that a blue t-shirt. Doing this caused me to pause a moment and look at myself in the mirror. I snickered at my own ugliness as all I saw staring back at me was a mess of flaming red hair and glassed green eyes. After the little inside joke I have with myself passed I pulled the final touch over my t-shirt, a baggy, plain black hooded sweatshirt. The soft cotton made my shivering body feel warm, and I pulled the hood over my head to cover my hair. After this I put on my shoes and I was off to brush my teeth as my mother yelled again for me to get up.

The car arrived to take me to 'St. Jane's Academy for the Gifted' at around six o’clock and I knew there was now way I was getting out of going to freak school. I stood at the door and said goodbye to my mother before walking out into the garage, where the car waited. As I got to what was a large black limo of a car, the driver got out and opened my door for me. Just before I was about to get inside the Driver extended his hand to greet me. This made me snicker at him.

"If I were to take that hand and shake it you would be fried to a chirps in seconds."

This made him scurry away, and I noticed once inside that the partition had been closed around his window. I smiled to myself as I pulled tight fitting leather gloves over my hands and tucked the seams under my sweatshirt. Thus I bean my journey to the 'rich' estate prep school known as 'St. Jane's Academy for the Gifted.'

It's not my fault I was born a living lightning rod, but that’s in the past and cant be changed. At least I was able to entertain myself with the thought of other freaks like me to joke around with. Maybe, if some of them were lucky, they be able to call Livewire himself their friend.

OOC: Ohh! Can someone say foreshadowing? I was going to describe the school, but It’s late and I'm tried, so it anyone wants to do it themselves, I'm thinking huge 17th century mansion? Something like the Princeton campus? If not Ill just describe the school my next post. Peace yall.

10/26/2004 10:16 PM

*tackles him*
You're back!!! How are ya, man??

11/05/2004 7:37 PM

Sam Alexson looked at her clock. Six-twenty am. The new kid would be coming in ten minutes or so, she thought, I better get dressed. She dug through her closet and pulled out a black t-shirt, black jeans, black sneakers, and a black pair of satiny gloves that went up to her elbows, then put them on. Sam wore the gloves because she once had the ability to suck the life force and powers from anyone or anything by skin contact before it mysteriously vanished leaving her confused and afraid that it would come back. Out of percaution she wore the gloves to keep her skin covered.

Now that she was dressed, Sam pulled her hip-length silver hair back into a ponytail at the base of her neck, leaving her shoulder-length black bangs down. As she gazed into the mirror her ice blue eyes started to get a misty white tint to them. 'Crap, gotta get my meds.' she thought desperatly.

Another problem that Sam had was that she was the host body of a 4,890 year old kitsune youki (fox spirit) that was very grouchy about being locked up in her host's mind, not being able to get out and roam around free how kitsune like to do. The kitsune, Sajau, was a thief. A very bloodthirsty, revengeful theif that was very pleased at the suffering of other, especially if there was blood or death included. Lot's of blood and death. The she-kitsune didn't like her host very much as well and liked to trick her like kitsunes love to do.

The medication Sam took kept Sajau at bay so she wouldn't be suddenly suprised by the she-kitsune's appearence. The medication warned Sam as Sajau was pushing at Sam's mind to take over and it gave her ten minutes to get to a secure area were she could transform and it made it so Sajau could harm anything at all.

Now this was a disadvange for Sajau since she loved to torment people, especially non-gifted people unlike Sam and many others at the school. Sam could make it so she and Sajau could merge their minds if they had to fight someone for some reason. But only she could do it, not the other way around.

Her thoughts about her medication were interupted when there was a knock on her door. "Sam, Seamus is here. Will you please come down to greet him since the rest of the boarders are with their parents over the weekend?" called the female voice of the C Dorm's supervisor Miss. Robyn.

"I'm coming Miss. Robyn. Do you by any chance have the refills of my medication?" Sam replied as she walked out the door, which she then locked, and walked down the hall with Miss. Robyn.

"Yes I do Sam. I'm sure you'll want it now." Miss. Robyn said as she rummaged through her purse and pulled out a bottle of pills which she handed to Sam who took one out before putting the bottle in her pocket and chewed the pill which tasted like chalky bubble gum.

They were down in the main meeting area three minutes later, the new boy, Seamus sitting on the couch next to a woman who was presumably Seamus' mother...


11/06/2004 9:45 AM

OOC: Eh, forgot to post my other character's stats.

Name: Eric Kellison(Erin's twin brother, though they don't look it)
Nickname: None
Element: Fire
Hair: Auburn, short
Eyes: Blue-green
Skin: Tan-ish, freckled
Personality: Nice, a bit of a klutz

The shrill sound of a digital alarm clock sounded through her room.
"NGAAAAH!" Erin yelped, sitting up and hitting her head against the top bunk. She groaned, slumping back down, gingerly touching her forehead.
Her twin, Eric, shifted on the top bunk, rolling over and clamping a pillow over his head.
Erin fumbled for the nightstand, smacking the general area where the snooze should be.

The clock finally went silent, and she gratefully sank back into bed. She shoved the bottom of the top bunk with her foot.
He groaned, rolling away from her foot.
She shoved it hard with both feet.
"Gotta get up."
"You're the one who stayed up until one last night playing on the Xbox."
"Shuddup. You were playing too."
His twin shoved hard on the bed one last time, and got up, sitting on the edge of the bed, finally getting up.
Eric reluctantly emerged from under the Animaniacs-covered pillow, his red hair messed up. His green eyes blearily looked at the clock.
"Damnit." he groaned, and sat up, sliding off the bed. Erin was already changing from her oversized pajama t-shirt and shorts, to a pair of jeans and a grey shirt that bore the logo of a hospital. She slipped on a blue hooded sweatshirt,keeping the hood down,and pulled her hair back into a ponytail, and padded outside in a pair of socks, toothbrush in hand.

Erin walked down the hall, revelling in the silence of the school. The twins and their brother hadn't been able to go home for the weekend, since it was so far. Erin stopped in a bathroom and brushed her teeth, ridding herself of the 'morning mouth' taste. She yawned, and determined to head towards the kitchen next. She headed towards the kitchen, going down the stairs, into the main area. She stopped, staring at the people there. One of them she recognized as a fellow student, Samantha Alexson. The other boy, she realized, must be a newcomer.

"Umm.....hi." She said, painfully aware of how untidy she looked.

11/06/2004 11:44 AM

Cooper smiled through the windows at the weather outside. It was getting colder, and with Autumn came school. Soon after would be winter, a favorite in his mind.

A burst of thunder broke into his thoughts, and as he contemplated the effects of a lightning strike on his unique chemistry, he heard his mother talking loudly. He looked, and saw her talking on a cellphone, struggling to be heard through rain, thunder, and a bad connection.

"Mom." he said, "No cell phones on the road."

She gave him an irritated look and said something about 'Your father' and 'an important conversation.'

Cooper shook his head, and his smile returned. He lightly touched her phone, and it went dead. "If you're good, you'll get it back when we get to the school." His mother stuttered, and he went back to looking out the window, thinking about the school he went to.

Two years before, while working in a normal highschool shop, some large machine had busted, and the electric currents that resulted arced all across the shop and through him. He had just barely been saved from the ensuing fire, and from that moment on, been able to infulence electricity around him. And, he was acutely aware of fire; it gave him panic attacks.

When they arrived, he recharged the phone and slid out of the car. As he entered the school, he drew his well worn leather jacket around him, perpared to make small talk with the other school denizens.

11/06/2004 1:37 PM

OOC: Uhh I don’t remember bringing Seamus's mother along, or actually going inside the school, but I'll roll with it. *smirk*

Seamus liked his sweatshirt above all other articles of clothing. Coupled with the gloves it kept none of his skin exposed where he might accidentally touch someone and electrocute them, but that’s not why he liked it. His sweatshirt was so favored over everything else because it was one size too big for him and he could hide within the confides of the cotton. After all, that’s why the hood was always up in the first place, not because he was ugly or because he wanted to come off as dark or brooding, but because it made him feel safe. From under the hood nothing could happen that he was pray too, only his own thoughts.

Seamus leaned against the couch in the corner of the room and watched as all of the other freaks arrived. Off on the other end of the couch he took note that his mother was involved in some kind of meaningless conversation with another adult. He was pretty sure that they were all looking at him from time to time, so he made sure to appear as calm and collected as possible, but in the back of his mind we wasn’t sure it was working.

First to walk in after the adults representing the school was another girl, around his own age. Something different about her struck Seamus right away, but he wasn’t quite sure what. She seemed a little out of place here at what was essentially a castle, but then again they all did. After the girl came two others. Judging from the electrical auras around their bodies, they were twins, even though they didn’t look alike at all. The girl strode in first, while the boy fallowed in slowly behind her. Seamus also took note of how the boy appear to be a much younger version of Seamus himself, which made him smirk to himself under his hood.

OOC2: Feel free to correct me if any of the assumptions I made are incorrect. I'm sick, so I'm seeing a bit blurry and could have easily missed something. So, whose playing the teachers? I don’t want too..lol

11/06/2004 7:16 PM

OOC: Eh, being sick sucks. Getting over the flu myself. Only error that I spotted: Erin's the only person who walked in. Her twin is still up in their room, presumably being a lazy bum and sleeping;)

11/07/2004 8:35 PM

OOC: Ugh, I finally have time to post and everything has like 10 posts. Well, atleast after Wednesday I''ll be free from drivers training. I'll be playing catch up for awhile...

BIC: Outside in the pouring rain a tall, somewhat medium built figure sat on a stone in the rain. He was wearing blue jeans and had a green shirt slung over his right shoulder. And as he sat on the stone he meditated. After awhile he heard the noise of a car pull up to the school. So he decided to see what was up and went into the school.

And as he did so he put his green shirt back on even though it was drenched, in fact his whole body was drenched. Yet, in one quick movement he raised his hand and all the water leaped from his body into his hand, forming a ball of water. The ball then lowered into his hand and seeped into his hand. He then walked into the room and noticed that they had a new student. He then noticed some of the other students and decided to have a little chit-chat with them.

OOC2: Sorry if its bad, really tired and its been awhile.

11/09/2004 1:30 PM

OOC: Driving? What's the legal age in your state?

Cooper leaned against a wall, surprised that noone approached him to converse. He supposed they must be tired. It was early, after all. He played with some static electricity, letting arcs srunn between his fingers, almost like a street magician rolls coints across his knuckles.

Another person walked in, surprisingly dry. Cooper's attention was drawn when he noticed it was harder to control the arcs, they were inexplicably drawn to this new face. He cut them off and walked over to greet the guy.

11/10/2004 6:23 PM

OCC: I'm soooo sorry I haven't been on! The internet on my pc spazzed out and I haven't been able to connect to the net for the last week!!!
Sam looked at the new kids. She sat behind a large potted plant and watched them mingle. She knew no one would notice her, just like always. If they did see her they would ignore the weird silver haired girl and go on with life. No one ever liked her. No one wanted to be friends with her... Sam hoped that one of the new kids would want to be friends with her but she highly doubted it. Just like the rest of the kids that showed up at the begining of each term. Nothing changed. Same rutine, same sad loneliness.

Note: I could play a couple teachers... Depends on the subject though.

11/10/2004 7:40 PM

Erin, sidled away, attempting to dodge behind a potted plant. The girl had been at the school for a few years now, and knew the best places to hide. She was startled to find Sam, a girl who had also been there for a while. She ducked behind the plant, peering out at the newcomers, before sinking to the floor, leaning against the large pot that contained the plant.

"G'Morning, Sam."

11/12/2004 12:41 PM

OOC: Well in Michigan you have to be 14 and 9 months to take Driver's Training 1 which I just finished and passed. So now I can drive with my parents, until I take Segment 2 of Driver's Training. Oh and by the by, I was actually meaning for Devin to be a regular student but thats ok if he's new student.

BIC: Devin noticed someone approach him from the corner of his eye and turned to greet the person. "Hey my name's Devin, what's yours?" And as he said this he also noticed a girl who seemed to be standing alone. He would have liked to introduced himself to her first but, decided to wait and find out about this guy. After all he was new to this place.

11/14/2004 10:53 AM

OOC: I gotta wait till sixteen, unfortunately. I can already drive, but those damn laws...
Cooper's a regular student too, I think for two years. DO we want to do some sort of class seperation other than grades?

BiC: "I'm Cooper. Nice to meet you, I haven't seen you around before. What grade are you?"

(Not much, I know. Dry day I guess.)

11/16/2004 12:16 PM

"Morning..." Sam replied in her quiet voice. She was suprised that someone was talking to her. Most kids just stayed away because they thought she was going to kill them or something.

11/16/2004 1:42 PM

"Nice to meet you Cooper. Well I'm sort of new here. Well if this school is just like the others than I'd be a senior, so I'm in 12th grade. What about you?"

OOC: Wow, sixteen? Thats got to suck big time.

11/18/2004 10:20 AM

OOC: Yep. Luckily, I'll occaisonally have impromptu lessons on an empty college campus.

BiC: "Same here, though I've been here a few years. It's a nice enough place, you'll just need to adjust a bit to the atmosphere." Cooper shrugged, and glanced at the clock. Class would be starting eventually.

"Do you want me to give you a tour?"

11/18/2004 12:53 PM

"H-how is your week going?" Sam added. She wanted to make conversation and give the girl a reason to think she was normal but when you've isolated yourself for as long as Sam has it's tough.

11/21/2004 10:37 PM

She looked at the ground, studing the hardwood floor. "I-i just wanted to say t-that I-I've always admired you..." she stuttered. She looked up for a breif moment before turning. "I'm sorry for bugging you... I'll leave..." she added, brushing a silver stand of hair out of her face.

11/25/2004 6:27 PM

"Thats cool. Well this seemes like a friendly enough place so I should be ok." He then noticed that Cooper was looking at the clock. He also had his attention on the two girls.

"Huh? Oh yeah sure." He then waited for Cooper to lead the way.

OOC: Where's AvengingAngel?

11/26/2004 12:21 PM

OOC: I have no clue! She hasn't been on for awhile!

12/11/2004 4:22 PM

Name: Toshiro Kanazawai (teacher)
Nickname: Zen
Age: 28
Element: Mind (Telepath/Empath)
Personality: Calm, controlled. Generally friendly, but a bit reserved.

Hair color: Black (long hair, tied back)
Eye color: Green
Skin: Tanned
Nationality: Asian American (Japanese)

Toshiro entered the room and looked around, a smile covering his face as he shifted his focus from one student to the other. He was sure this would be the case and did not need his gifts to tell that these young people were nervous indeed. With a forceful stride he walked into the middle of the group and began to speak. "Good morning everyone. My name is Toshiro Kanazawai, but people call me Zen. I shall be your teacher in two different classes. I will be teaching you meditation and the initial steps into a number of martial arts. The combination of the two will sharpen your mental control and physical prowess."

The teacher looked to be quite serious, although he did not have a tall build, nor did he seem to be fearful of the powers dormant within these young students. If anything, he appeared to be confidant and moved almost fluidly. The only sound heard so far in the hall, was the rustling of his pantlegs, which brushed against eachother as he walked. Odd looking wide pants, as if taken straight out of some samurai-movie, including the matching vest and sandals. "Everyone please gather around me and take a seat on the floor."

OOC: She's around, don't worry. I hope nobody minds me storming in like this? :)

Can we get an OOC thread opened for this and exactly where is this school located?

12/11/2004 9:58 PM

Erin Fey, thief and acrobat extraordinaire found herself standing outside the iron gates of the school. She had just parted company from a travelling circus; a misunderstanding about the Mayor’s wife’s pearl necklace had escalated beyond all control. When the FBI had been called in, Erin Fey had thought it best to disappear from the grid for a while. The school looked deserted and as good a place as any to hide out in.

She scratched the short mop of red hair under the bobble hat and eyed the high gate, assessing its height. Taking a few paces back, she began to run towards the gate and then at he last possible second, flipped into the air in a forward somersault before landing in a crouch on the other side of the gate. She rose to her feet, laughing delightedly to herself, and made a mock bow to her imaginary audience.

She swept back her black raincoat, and the light glinted off the two silver daggers buckled at her waist and thighs.
“Never leave home without it” Sly had told her all those many moons ago when she had been a young apprentice and learning at the feet of the master; but Sly and his kind were long gone now. The modern world had little use for people like Sly. The time of the dark hunters and vampire slayers was over.

Green eyes glowed, and a green shimmer seemed to hang like the eerie light from a fire-fly around her skin. Erin stepped towards the huge doors of the school. Erin pushed opne the doors and went inside.

"Anyone home?" she yelled out loudly in the hallway.

12/11/2004 10:03 PM


Name: Erin Fey
Nickname: Erin
Age: 16
Element: Trees
Personality: Flightly, uncontrolled. Generally hyperactive, and "very" kenderish. Complicated past. Raised on the street. Apprencticeship to a Werehunter.

Hair color: Red, short, spikey
Eye color: Green, glows a bit now and again
Skin: pale with freckles on nose
Nationality: Irish
Race: Dryad

12/14/2004 9:16 PM

OOC: I have no clue! She hasn't been on for awhile!

OOC: *appears in a puff of pink smoke*
Sorry about that, I'm back. If I go MIA, just send somebody to whack me over the head, 'k?


"H-how is your week going?"

"Alright, how's yours?"
Erin had rarely talked to Sam, who seemed quiet, but she felt in a mood for talking.

12/16/2004 5:29 PM

"Fine thank you." Sam said with a small smile, "I probably better be going. See you around... Erin..." she added as she walked away.

12/17/2004 5:47 PM


Hello everyone, hope you don't mind me joining.

Name: Matthew 'the bug' Palin
Nickname: Matt
Age: 16
Element: Sound (Air)
Personality: Values friendship, believes in himself and his abilities to get him out of tight spots, procrastinator, loves music, good listener in conversations.

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark brown
Skin: Lightly tanned
Nationality: American, mom's a Russian.

Powers: Extraordinary hearing


Whoever designed this map must've thought every kid in this school has some kind of GPS stuck in their head or something, sheesh.

Matt sighed as he stood alone and tried his best to interpret the map posted on the school notice board. It was a detailed map of the school which was posted recently to guide new students to their classrooms. On the map, the layout of each floor was well diagrammed with various symbols representing the different rooms, stairs, and facilites available. The map even displayed a recommended path to safety, shown as a series of red arrows, should an 'accident' occured in the school.

Yeah, yeah, yeah whatever. What I want to know is where's the bloody 'You Are Here' arrow?

After scanning across the map a couple of times, Matt slowly shook his head in disbelief, his lips curled downwards. No such arrow could be found on the map. He looked at his surroundings for a brief moment, trying to imagine what the hallway he was at would look like in 2D before comparing them to the map. No match at all.

School for the gifted my foot, can't even offer a decent map.

Matt decided to give up on the map. If he was going to find his way to his classroom he would need to take extraordinary measures.

Matt took a deep breath before he concentrated on using both his ears to listen to his surroundings. At first all he could hear was the sound of himself slowly breathing out and the sound of a girl yelling somewhere in the school. Later he started to faintly hear the sound of flowing water, the gentle wind blowing, people's footsteps, birds chirping, and people talking though it was difficult for Matt to distinguish where they were coming from. Soon after that, to Matt's ears those sounds increased in volume and in clarity, helping Matt to recognize that the sounds were coming from the school's piping system, the wind blowing into the windows along the hallway, the different footsteps of the different people walking in the school, the four birds perching on a tree outside, and just so many people talking all at the same time.

This is not as simple as I thought

Matt concentrated on listening to the many conversations one by one, trying to catch a phrase that would give a clue on where his class would be. It took him quite awhile, but finally he heard something in the far distant that seemed relevant.

"Good morning everyone. My name is Toshiro Kanazawai, but people call me Zen. I shall be your teacher in two different classes. I will be teaching you meditation and the initial steps into a number of martial arts. The combination of the two will sharpen your mental control and physical prowess."

Hmmm. Meditation and martial arts?

Matt took a sheet of paper out of the pocket of his navy blue jeans.

Yep, this is the one. Toshiro Kanazawai. Sounds like I'm late for my class. Judging from the origin of the sound, the class should be one floor up and southeast from here.

Matt glanced to his left and later his right.

Now where's the bloody stairs?

12/18/2004 10:44 AM

Sam walked up to a black haired boy glaring at the map of the school. "Excuse me, are you lost?" she asked.

12/19/2004 6:16 AM

Matt spent the next few minutes trying to figure out where the stairs would be on the map.

Now where's the stairs? Lets see now....is it this one? Nope, that's a table. Urrgghh. Maybe it's this one?

Sam walked up to a black haired boy glaring at the map of the school. "Excuse me, are you lost?" she asked.

Matt didn't reply immediately but glanced to his left to see who had asked him the question. It turned out to be a silver haired girl, clad in black from top to bottom. The girl was probably around his age, and most probably a student too. Judging by her question, Matt made an assumption that this girl was not a freshie like he was.

"Well yeah, kinda. I'm suppose to go to my meditation class or something. I'm late for it and I can't seem to find my way there. I heard... I mean I think it's upstairs somewhere."

Matt turned to face her before offering his right hand for a handshake.

"Hi, my name's Matt. In case you haven't figure it out, I'm new here."

Matt gave the girl a brief smile.

"So what's your name?"

12/19/2004 6:36 AM

Yep, this is the one. Toshiro Kanazawai. Sounds like I'm late for my class. Judging from the origin of the sound, the class should be one floor up and southeast from here.

Matt glanced to his left and later his right.

Now where's the bloody stairs?

As he was talking to the girl, inside his head Matthew heard a voice.

~ "You must be in the entrance hall then. Excuse me for dropping in like this, but I heard you think my name. The fastest way here, if you'll allow me to guide you, is to your left, second corridor to the right, where you'll find those bloody stairs, up a floor and to the right as you pass through the door. You'll find the classroom at the fifth door on the left." ~

12/22/2004 4:05 PM

Name: Kionia Fiorae
Nickname: Kio (pronounced key-oh)
Age: 15
Hair: extremly pale blonde, almost white, thick and wavy
Skin: Very fair, sometimes looks almost blue
Eyes: Deep glacial blue
Element: Ice, (and empathy)
Nationality: French American
Personality:Intellegent, kind, happy, observant, optimistic. She gets along with almost every one shes met, but shes rather self contained

Kionia woke up slowly and glanced at her alarm clock. GAH! She would be late if she didnt hurry. Why didnt the stupid thing ring when it was supposed to?? She hurridly pulled on a light purple peasant shirt with snowflake-like sleeves beacause of geometric holes cut out. She pulled on her dark blue jeans and ran out her room door down to the hall, tying her long, thick, wavy hair into a half ponytail. She arrived at the entry hall to see the new people already here. She looked at the clock and saw it was about time for class to begin. She went down the hall to Zen's class. It was her favorite class because she got to use her empathetic powers and expand them beyond mere empathy.

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12/30/2004 3:42 PM

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sorry! my pc got fried! i lost all of the crap saved on it.... XD

Well, it happens. I'm sorry to hear that.

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03/12/2005 11:43 AM

The room was already hushed by the time the explosion of glitter happened. In came, through her portal, the red haired mage Straea, wearing one of her slinky red dresses. She looked around, a smile on her face.

"Ah, this is exactly what I like to see! Due respect for the mistress!" she exclaimed. "Hmmm, you all seem to be frozen in awe of my beauty. Good, that should make this easier."

She turned back towards the portal, and motioned for someone to follow her. Two people walked through the portal, one holding a boombox, and another holding a rather short stack of CD's.

"Put the stereo over against that wall," she ordered. "And give me those CD's. Did you remember to borrow the stuff from Eliar?"

The CD henchman nodded, handing the stack to his mistress. The stereo henchman, being done with his task, went back through the portal, disappearing for a moment, before reappearing with a rain coat. He handed it to Straea, and then disappeared once more, taking his friend with him.

Straea went rifling through the CD's. Smiling, she grabbed the Britney Spears she had borrowed from her spikey-haired friend, and went over to the boombox. She put the CD in the player, put her rain coat on, placed ear plugs in her ears, and turned on the CD.

The result wasn't what she had hoped for. A few heads exploded, but unfortunately, alot more people remained. In fact, some of them were even dancing.

"Damn, that should have gotten at least half of you!" she cried, turning off the CD. "Here, try this one then!"

Out came Britney, and in went Hillary Duff. More head explody occured, but over half the room still remained. Straea couldn't believe it. Growling in frustration, she yanked the Duff out, and put in Clay Aiken.

People started to shake. Men became gay, and women began to foam at the mouth. Insanity was fun, but not what the mage wanted today. Sighing, she grabbed the Aiken CD out, and sat on the ground and thought.

"Alright, what is it that I can use against you people? Nothing is giving the proper effect needed!"

A sudden light of inspiration hit. She rifled through her stack, throwing cases left and right, some of said cases burying themselves into nearby onlookers heads. At last she found what she wanted. She held the jewel case up high. On the cover was written this:

Yanni and his World Record Note: Pirated edition, do not steal.

"This is bound to work," she muttered as she put the CD and cranked the volume up to max.

Within five seconds, people started to clutch their heads. 30 seconds after that, heads started to pop like pimples left and right. A minute after that the world started to shake. Straea stood, grabbed the Britney Spears CD, and went through her portal. She left a small window open so she could watch what happened.

Not long after she had made her way to safety, did a huge crevasse appear, spewing magma up in large gusts. But the release was too little, too late. Unable to take the Yanni playing at full blast, the world exploded, leaving bits and pieces of ash in it's wake.

"About time I got rid of that stupid CD," Straea said happily. "Oh well, where's my next victim at?"


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Nobody can ever be as badass as this man here.

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Exile erupted into laughter at the picture in question.

"This guy," he asked, pointing a slender finger towards the picture. "What makes him so tough," he.... asked, then began to repeatedly tap his chest with his outstretched pointer finger.

03/13/2005 3:00 AM

"He is the reason why this thread has ended." Eliar answered simply.

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Name : Serina
Nickname Seri

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Name : Serina
Nickname Seri
Age 16
Personality. Dark Wonderous

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