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10/08/2004 12:04 PM

It was only dawning in the beginning of the cold, winter day.

Thalion rode upon his griffin, flying eastward in the direction of the rising sun. He knew where he was going but he hadnt known the reason. In the distance, he caught glimpse of something towering in the air. It wasn't a tower but it was a building. There ahead of him was an old city of Solace.

It was here he wanted to go and not go. Flying all the way from one of the western Islands was pretty tiring and Solace was a wonderful place to sleep. He began ordering his griffin to land in the outskirts. As he stuggled to get to the ground, he caught glimpse of a little person waving his hands.

Then he knew who it was. "Sitara?!"

An old kender friend of his who, long ago, went to Kendermore before the War of the Souls to live peacefully. Thalion jumped off his Griffin and was met with a strong bear hug on his leg. "Its good to see you too." he said. She still held her grip as she began whispering. "Sitara?" She let go.

"Thalion my dear. There is a sickness going around." she said sadly. "Umm...alright?" Sitara looked at him. "This is bad, Thalion. This is a sickness clerics cant heal." Thalion leaned against his Griffin. "And your point is?"
Sitara gave him a sharp look. "You dont help people anymore do you?" she spat. "What have you been doing then? You used to help everyone....and...well this is kind of sudden to be asking you, but i knew that you would be coming to Solace today."

"How did you find out?" he said, ear perked up. "A seer told me."

Thalion looked at her discretly. "What do you want me to do?" She pulled on his pant leg. "Come to Solace and look at this woman. Shes been bitten by something...unordinary."

10/12/2004 5:54 AM

Thalion looked about the wonderful village. Solace was as beautiful as it ever had been. The mixed colors of leaves and the stench of food from the Inn of the Last home.

Sitara moved on ahead without stopping to say greetings to anyone that greeted her but Thalion greeted them. Sitara only moved him foward. Upon entering a house near the Inn, Thalion noticed something in the shadows to his side. He looked but couldnt find.

Sitara pulled him over to the patient inside the house and pointed. "Look."
Thalion gagged at the sight of the patient. Blood was around the blankets of the patients neck and the the patient was swollen up from cuts and slices from either a knife or a clawed hand.

"What...do you want me to do?" he whispered.

10/12/2004 7:43 AM

Kameryu Stormrider was walking through Solace on the late summer evening. It was beautiful, a velvety purple sky deepening to black, as diamond-chip stars begn to appear, and a gently breeze stirring the warm air. Dragonflies swooped and dived, nightbirds began to sing, and in the flower bushes near the Inn, lightning bugs flashed yellow.

The Inn's windows were beacons of yellow light, spilling laughter out to the walkway she was on. Ryu brushed a lock of her long brown hair out of her face. The half-elf wore a simple brown skirt and blue shirt, like her elven friends, simply wishing to blend in. She continued her walk toward the Inn, pausing outside a house to watch the red moon as it rose.

11/02/2004 2:55 PM

"And next time don't forget the Ale!" The melodic female voice rang from inside of the tavern.

"Damn Bloody Inn Keep... Never gets my order right." The Raven haired figure slowly backed out of the door way, loud clattering echoing off the valenwood trees- A threat of a possible impeding beating.

She thudded into something solid, and turning around just as quickly as she had ran into it, she realized it was a person.

She faced a half elf, garbed in a brown skirt, and blue shirt. "Ohmygosh I'm Soooo sorry." The woman said. "Are you Okay?"

11/02/2004 3:08 PM

Adam!!!!!!! Ya came back!! *hugs within an inch of his life*
Maybe this thread'll get going now....

Ryu stared at the moon, musing. Suddenly, the world flipped sideways as someone ran into her. The girl fell down, her head swimming. A woman with black hair had run into her. She sat up.

Ohmygosh I'm Soooo sorry." The woman said. "Are you Okay?"

Ryu touched her aching head gingerly. She had hit it on the railing.
"I-I think so....."
She tried to stand up, and abruptly collapsed again.

"Or maybe not......"

11/02/2004 5:10 PM

the Woman handed the girl her hand, and helped to heft her up off the soft Earth.

"Look Honey, Unless you wanna get trampled I'd advise running with me and quick. There's a pretty mad inkeep after me.." Pausing for a second to glance over her shoulder she smiled.

"By the way.. I'm Narissa.."

11/02/2004 6:47 PM

Ryu's eyes widened as the woman helped her up.

Look Honey, Unless you wanna get trampled I'd advise running with me and quick. There's a pretty mad inkeep after me.."

Ryu inwardly groaned. She knew the innkeep by reputation.

"By the way.. I'm Narissa.."

"My name's Kameryu. Just call me Ryu."

11/03/2004 2:11 PM

"Pleasures mine.. now we should be off." She could heard the sound of footsteps closing in upon them.

"Now.. Know of any good places to hide? I'm not from here initially.."

11/03/2004 7:43 PM

"Here, this way."

Ryu ran, keeping as low as she could, dodging through the swinging bridges, the sound of the enraged inkeep close behind. She stopped where one low bridge attached to a tree.
"Down here."
She slipped off the bridge, landing in a pile of last year's leaves collected in a hollow of the vallenwood roots.

11/04/2004 4:13 PM

Narrissa scrunched her features in disgust. "Oh how lovely.. Oh well.. I didn't say I had to live there.."

She hopped down into the leaves and held her breath, waiting for the mob to passover. Risking a glance she pushed her face out of the leaves and watched the bridge.

"I think.. they're gone.." She shook her head in disbelief.

"My Gods.. You'd think that one little piece of wood wouldn't be enought to hold up an entire inn.. Well guess thats why i was never an architect.." Tossing the wood chip behind her she smiled at Ryu.

"So anyway.. What brings you to a dull town like this?"

11/04/2004 10:13 PM

"So anyway.. What brings you to a dull town like this?"

Ryu sat up, leanng against the vallenwood trunk.
"I've lived here since I was little. Me and my adopted family came from Qualinesti, but became seperated from the rest of the exiles, and decided to live in Solace."

"What about you?"

11/06/2004 7:35 PM

Narissa guffahed. "Eh, i'm just Tryin to meet up with my friends in some port town.. Problem is.. I'm not sure where that is... exactly." She sighed shaking her head.
"I haven't seen them for so long.. I hope they make it okay.."

11/08/2004 2:56 PM

Ryu frowned.
"When were they supposed to be here? There've been some attacks lately....."

11/16/2004 12:23 PM

"And how would you know?" Thalion came out of the brush behind the two.

Thalion gave them a maddening stare. "You know anything behind these twisted killings...the bitten victims?" Little footsteps came from behind him and the kender hit him in the leg with hoopack. "Sorry...he usually doesnt barge in on things like these. We are looking for a port city hidden somewhere."

He pricked his elf ears. "I am Thalion the shadow. This is my kender friend, Sitara. We are investigating these murders...and well ever since we saw the barmaid chasing someone out of Solace, we figured you might know anything of the ordinary.

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