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09/21/2004 5:53 PM

Lights flickered in the burned-out building. A woman appeared, with dark skin and black hair, wearing velvety purple robes with the words "Crowd Control" in silver on the back. Jazara brushed her robes off. The door creaked open, and a young woman with pink hair came in. Jazara snapped her fingers, and the building righted itself, ashes and ruin disappearing, rebuilding.

The woman with pink hair stepped up to the announcers spot.
"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Celebrity Jeopardy! I'm Anne Kariss and I will be your host this evening!"

Jazara eyed her, shaking her head in disgust. She walked over to the side, just off the stage, out of sight, conjuring up a Spongebob Squarepants folding chair, and sat down, flipping through an Alcoholics anonymous pamphlet.
"As if they wouldn't drink if they had my job...." she muttered in disgust, slipping a silver flask out of her robes and taking a deep drink.

09/21/2004 6:46 PM

Jack walked in the door, sitting next to a girl in a spongebob chair. He took his own flask out, and took a long swig. It remained full.

"I tell ya, if it weren't for this whole vamp thing, I'd be in one of them before you could say 'leave the bottle.' So, what exactly is this?"

09/21/2004 8:09 PM

Jazara raised an eyebrow.
"Celebrity Jeopardy Krynn edition. The first one was started by Aeramae. The host, Anna, will ask questions in the categories to three Krynn celebrities. The one with the most correct answers wins a large cardboard check."

09/22/2004 10:40 AM

Straea popped in with a shower of glitter, followed more normally by Mae and Aria, a shifter and a vampiress. The other two waved at Jack and took their seats in the audience.

"Jazara, good to see you again," Straea said with a huge smile. "I see you've resurrected the place for your own amusement. Good. I've got a player for you. You'll have to forgive him, I had to do some resurrection myself, and for that he's rather cranky."

Straea looked over at the wings of the set and motioned for her guest to come out. She frowned when he refused, and she snapped her fingers and gestured grandly for him to come over. A heavy sigh was heard from the shadows, and out strode Raistlin Majere.

"I don't want to be here," he whined. "Why did you have to resurrect me for the millionth time? I thought people would be tired of seeing me by now!"

"They are dear," Straea said soothingly. "But you have to win this contest for me. I need some bragging rights. I mean, killing kender in new and interesting ways just isn't what it used to be where I come from. So, you play, I win, and I let you 'sleep' for the rest of eternity. Good enough for you?"

Raistlin looked at the red-haired woman and sighed again. He nodded slowly, and went back into the shadows of the wings, waiting for the time to come back out. Straea smiled once again, and sat down in her seat, not far from Jazara, but also not too close to the other mage. She wanted to save a seat in case a certain spikey haired mage showed up.

Straea looked around once more. Mae and Aria were chatting rather amicably, glancing over at Jack from time to time. Whatever they had in mind couldn't be more fun than that of Straea's own plans.

09/22/2004 2:17 PM

Jack waved back to the pair, then turned to the stage, prepared to heckle.

"So, Jazara, do you come here often?"

09/22/2004 2:37 PM

"I work here." Jazara replied. A familiar shower of glitter caught her eye.
Jazara waved.
"Straea! I was hoping you'd be here!"
She looked around warily.
"Er, Samsterd isn't here, right?"

Anne Kariss beamed.
"And, ladies and gentlemen, we have our first contestant! Born in Solace, he became the most powerful mage of all time, killing more people then a gnomish nose-hair trimmer! That hourglass-eyed, bad-tempered, supposedly dead mage......Raistlin MAJERE!!!!"
Recorded applause sounded, and a group of gnomes in the front row booed.

09/22/2004 5:21 PM

"Yeah? What do you do then?" Jackwas tempted to boo, but the time hadn't come yet.

09/22/2004 6:53 PM

"Crowd control, mainly. These crowds usually are.....rowdy. On occasion I have to teleport rowdy people out, or if they really piss me off, banish them to another plane of existence. And I've lost count of all the kender I've had to disintegrate."

09/23/2004 5:59 PM

"Hm." Jack took this in, then said, "Nice meeting you, then..." He got up, and moved next to Mae and Aria. "I haven't seen you guys in a while. And, just some advice: don't go hiking in Nevada. I swear, this is the fifth time I've ended up in strange places. I should really kick the habit..."

09/24/2004 7:19 AM

Aria smiled at the thought of hiking in Nevada. She prefered sticking around the city, always hoping to see some hot CSI dudes roaming around.

"Well, we got a special invitation here," Mae said, sliding closer to Jack. It might have been the booze in her system, but she was willing to be extra friendly with the vampire right at the moment. "I was doing shots with someone in a bar...somewhere....when the next thing I know, I'm with Aria, and we see that red-head over there."

Aria nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, it's been rather boring back home anyway," she said. "We could use some entertainment. What about you Jack? What, aside from hiking, have you been doing or not doing?"

09/24/2004 3:31 PM

"Well, after hiking in Nevada, I ended up in a few alternate dimensions, this being most recent. I think thye might be dumping nuclear waste there or something. But before hiking, I remember just going about my business, playing at the bar, etc. Also, me and Becca went to that conference in NY with Pedar, met that asocial electric kid...

So, nothing really different."

OOC: That last one is a something i've been writing for a while. If everyone is good boys and girls (read: I finish it.) then I might post it on the shorts board.

10/11/2004 2:54 PM

A crazed fan jumped up on stage in the nude and streaked across laughing hysterically!

10/11/2004 6:30 PM

Jack whistled.

"I wonder if they get a lot of that around here."

10/11/2004 6:45 PM

Jazhara choked on her vodka.
"What th-!"

The newly hired crowd control member, Singe, who had slipped into the building hoping Jazhara wouldn't banish him to an alternate dimension for being late to work, gaped at the beautiful young woman, his red hair sticking out.

10/12/2004 10:05 AM

"Doubtful," Aria replied dryly. "Quite a bit of excitement in an otherwise dull world."

Straea frowned at Aria, and went backstage to check on Raistlin. The mage was huddled in a corner, almost invisble to see. And he was coughing up a storm, while glaring out at everyone who passed him. Straea walked up to him, and stood, hands on hips.

"What are you doing on the cold floor? Do you want to make your condition worse?"

"No," Raistlin replied testily. "It's just that there aren't any chairs, and no other contestants are making their way here. I think you resurrected me for nothing."

"I did not resurrect you for nothing," Straea said as she conjured up a chair. "There, sit on that. Listen, other people will join. You just have to give them time is all."

Raistlin shrugged as he sat down on the chair. Straea sighed and went back out to sit with Jack, Mae, and Aria. Mae had somehow managed to find a bottle of Jack Daniel's, and was taking huge gulps from the bottle.

"Don't get drunk before the show starts," Straea said.

Mae glared at her, and went about her business, offering some to Jack. Aria sighed, and wished there was someone she could bite...even just a little nibble would be good. It'd be something to do after all.

10/12/2004 6:43 PM

Jack, surprisingly, declined.

"Nope, got a bloody screwdriver in my flask. It never runs out. Have I told you that story?"

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