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09/14/2004 8:15 PM

Sorry everyone, I've been gone a long time. I've been really busy with my boyfriend and school and work that I haven't had any chances to get on. Well I'm back now and really wanted to start up a sequel to Tavern of Fire. So if any of the old players want to come back that would be awesome, all new comers are welcome as long as you don't have god like characters. Go to the Recruitment page to see how this will start and come along. Nice to see all you guys again.

~~~ Jocelyn

09/16/2004 12:09 PM

Sounds fun.

09/17/2004 11:28 AM

Cly sat at the bar alone, sipping his ale. He was amazed, even after the war, the Tavern of Fire looked just as it did 15 years ago...

He had aged remarkably well, the elf in his blood becoming more apparent. The only sign of his age were silver streaks in his iron colored hair, and a short gray beard.

He hunched his cloaked shoulders, the hundreds of charms making no noise against his light mythril mail, one of his fonder memories from the town.

He finished his drink, asked for another, and turned his attention to the other occupants of the bar...

09/17/2004 4:54 PM

A young woman sat near the fire, a glittern (An eight stringed guitar-like instrument) rested across her lap the glittern a golden color of well cared-for vallenwood. The girl never once looked up, so absorbed in her song. She wore clothing of silk and linen, her long black hair fell in loose waves around her face and shoulders. She was slender and seemingly frail, but as always looks can be decieving. Her fingers fairly danced across the strings as she sang, her voice dusky and sweet, the song somber but with a hint of light relief....

"Shadow-Lover, never seen by day,
Only deep in dreams do you appear.
Wisdom tells me I should turn away,
Love of mist and shadows, all unclear --
Nothing can I hold of you but thought --
Shadow-Lover, mist and twilight wrought.

Shadow-Lover, comfort me in pain.
Love, although I never see your face,
All who'd have me fear you speak in vain-
Never would I shrink from your embrace
Shadow-Lover, gentle is your hand
Never could another understand.

Shadow-Lover, soothe me when I mourn
Mourn for all who left me here alone,
When my grief is too much to be borne,
When my burdens crushing-great have grown,
Shadow-Lover, I cannot forget
Help me bear the burdens I have yet.

Shadow-Lover, you alone can know
How I long to reach a point of peace
How I fade with weariness and woe
How I long for you to bring release.
Shadow-Lover, court me in my dreams
Bring the peace that suffering redeems.

Shadow-Lover, from the shadows made,
Lead me into shadows once again.
Where you lead I cannot be afraid,
For with you I shall come home again --
In your arms I shall not fear the night.
Shadow-Lover, lead me into light."**

Song is "Shadow Lover" by Mercedes Lackey

09/19/2004 3:37 PM

Tala sat in her corner, her feet up and crossed on the table in front of her, the hood of her cloak pulled up, concealing one of three new scars that she now wore proudly. She looked down at her hands, and smiled grimly at the two "x" marks on the back of both hands. She had gotten those the same time she had gotten the scar that now ran down the left side of her face, starting just above the eyebrow and ending just above her jawline. She had been taken prisoner and tortured for information that she would not give about her people. She never saw her captives, but she could tell by the way the spoke and moved that they were elves. Whether they were Sivanesti or Qualnesti elves, she couldn't tell.

It had been a miracle that she had escaped, and an even bigger one that her left eye was still good. She thanked the gods everyday for that. Without both her eyes working, she felt that she would not be whole. She looked up, feeling as if she were being watched. From across the bar she saw a familiar face. She smiled, and wondered what an old friend was doing here of all places. Probably looking for Misty.

Misty is dead a voice spoke up inside her.
No, she is alive said another. Tala shook her head to rid herself of the annoying voices. They had seemed to pop up more and more these days. She wished she knew why.

"Barmaiden," she called out. "Get me another mug!"

As Tala waited for her order to be filled, she watched the young woman playing the glittern. There was something vaguely familiar about her, but the elf couldn't tell what it was. She shrugged to herself, and sat back to enjoy the music.

09/19/2004 7:40 PM

Engulfed in shadows in the corner sat a hooded figure, she was eyeing everyone in room and making sure to stay out of site. She stood up and walked slowly towards Cly while staying in the shadows. "Excuse me m'lord" the hooded figure said to Cly, and bowed as he turned. "This is for you" she said as she handed him an envelope addressed to him. The hooded figure uncloaked at the door just as she walked out, leaving a visual picture to the few specific people to look upon. She had beautifully bright blue hair which was still ever so bright even in the dim candle lighted room. Her skin was of the look of silver. And her primitive type of clothing was of an emerald green. She then departed and was gone from site....

The letter reads:


*~*~*~* i'm going to be short and to the point, meet me in the abandon shack outside this tavern and to the east in 3 hours, try not to be late *~*~*~*

09/21/2004 4:02 PM

Cly had just noticed a customer looking at him with a glint in their eye when the message got to him. He nodded to the note carrier, and made a beeline for the cloaked one. (Tala.) As he got closer, the recognition got stronger.

He sat down next to her, curious, and said, " Do I know y-- Tala?! Is that really you? I haven't seen you since, well, this place... What are you up to these days?"

09/22/2004 10:50 AM

Tala smiled from under her hood at Cly. In another time, in another life, she might have tried to make him hers, but she knew that it wouldn't work. Even if he didn't know it, Misty had been in love with him. That was a shame. During the years apart, Tala found herself thinking of the man before her at the most inappropriate times. Oh well.

"I've been travelling," she said, pulling her hands below the table. "I never thought this place would be able to survive all the hell it went through."

She nodded at the bargirl who had just dropped off her ale. She'd have to remember to tip that young woman well when she left. She looked at Cly again. Time had been not all that unkind to him. She smiled to herself. Yes, another time, another life indeed.

"I noticed you'd recieved something just now. What was it?" Tala asked. She shook her head. "I'm sorry, that was rude. How have you been these years?"

Over by the fire, she could hear a sweet melody being played on the glittern. It was soothing. As she listened to it, and to Cly, she wondered what the others had been doing. And if they would make any appearances any time soon as well.

09/22/2004 2:04 PM

"Well, I went back to my old ways afterwards. I continued roaming, and I ended up here. And don't worry, I'm just as curious as you." He pulled out the note, and read it to her. "I assume you'll want to come?"

09/22/2004 5:48 PM

Kiyomi rested the glittern in her lap, and detuned it, her dark blue eyes scanning the room as she did. Two caught her interest, and her almond shaped eyes narrowed for a brief moment. Listening, watching... waiting.

09/22/2004 6:45 PM

(2 guys have been eyeing Cly for the last few minutes)
The big guy got up out of his seat and stumbled a few steps while dropping his ale. "Elf boy.... you come here.... freak." "Yeah... you pretty boy... I dont like elves and you is... a uh elf." The guy turned to his comrade and motioned towards Cly before he about collapsed again. The comrade finished his ale and got up, he was only about 5'10 but he was pretty stocky. "Joe... wat we gonna do, he gonna rape our women." "We gots to stop him..." The 2 guys stumbled towards Cly while yelling and cursing, the big guy stumbled up and took a swing at Cly...

09/22/2004 7:30 PM

Tala stood up and lowered the hood of her cloak, revealing the scar on her face for the first time. Some of the bars patrons winced as they noticed the long mark on her face, but stayed where they were. The elf woman paid them no mind, her right hand creeping to her back where she kept a dagger strapped to her belt.

"You don't want to be touching this elf," she said quietly. "Doing so could have very dire consequences."

09/23/2004 1:55 PM

OOC: Bring it aeramae hehe... let's have fun!

BIC: "Stay out of this WOMAN!" said the small one, "Or .. you wish.. you had!" He stumbled a step or 2 towards Tala and pulled out his beautifull steel scimitar he had just purchased the day before. The tall guy lowered his hand at Cly to watch his comrade, all the while he had pretty much forgotten all about Cly. Leaving Cly there ...unwatched... The small guy swung his scimitar at Tala with all his might causing him to lose much of his balance before the blade was even within a foot of Tala.

09/23/2004 2:58 PM

Kiyomi frowned, and with a motion almost too quick to see, (Not that many were even looking at her) She made a sharp throwing motion, barely flicking her wrist. A silvery object flew from her hand with lightning speed, buring itself into the drunard's arm.

By this time she was standing, a second throwing 'star' in her hand, her arm poised to throw.

"I'll warn you not to cause such a ruccus here... this Tavern has seen far too much trouble in the past. My next throw will be leathal...." She spoke this all softly, but her voice rang clearly in the sudden silence of the Tavern.

09/23/2004 5:00 PM

OOC: Ah! See what I miss when I don't come in a day...

BiC: Cly slid quickly out of his seat, prepared to either diffuse the situation, and fight if need be, but before he could calm the drunkards down, the musical elf from the corner got involved.

"Now, see here. I'm not really an elf, so this really has been a waste of time, hasn't it? Why don't we all calm down, and the next set of drinks be on me." He looked at the elf and the drunkards in turn, without anger. The bigger man paused, not sure what to do. His anger not quite mollified by logic, though the appeal of free drinks was irresistable. As his friend writhed on the floor, he gladly accepted some more alcohol.

Cly walked over to the elf. "I thank you for your help, although I expect we could have worked as well without the blood. But, I'm a peaceful old man. Now, can we help you?" He was refferring to the fact that the elf obviously had held an interest in the pair.

09/23/2004 5:04 PM

Tala watched as the smaller of the two dropped his weapon and clutched his arm. The drunkard was yelling in surprise and pain, blood welling through his fingers. His companion turned sluggishly towards the woman who had been playing the glittern earlier.

"You goan pay for that...bish," he slurred and made a drunken lunge for her. Tala whipped out her dagger and leapt over the table in one fluid motion. She landed behind the drunk, grabbed him about his waist, and held the dagger to his throat.

"I think it's best you and your friend leave," she whispered into his ear. "Before you both die while in this tavern."

The drunk nodded and grabbed his friend as Tala released him. They both made their way to the door, the smaller running out into the night, running for home.

"You'll shee ush again shoon," the larger one promised. "When we're shober....you'll be shorry."

"Get out of here before I change my mind about letting you live," Tala said, softly and clearly. She sheathed her dagger, pulled her hood back up, and sat back down at her table. "Sorry about the disturbance. It shouldn't happen again tonite."

She looked over at the glittern player, wondering who and what she was to have moved as quickly as she had. Obviously she wasn't human. Tala shook her head and looked at Cly once more.

"Sorry if I embarrassed you," she apologized. "Do you think we should invite her over to sit down with us?"

09/23/2004 6:42 PM

Kiyo relaxed when the two dunkards fled the tavern, and she hid the star almost as magically as it had appeared, and bent to retrieve the one she had thrown. She pulled the silver pin from the tightly tied knot in her hair, allowing the long black locks to tumble free around her face and shoulders.

"No need really, I don't like people attemting to wreak this Tavern. By the way... I'm Kiyomi, Kiyomi Seimiya."((*hint* she's Kalia/Glimmer's granddaughter))

She pulled at the strap of the glittern and slung it across her back. "But if you're offering...." She let the sentance end there, wondering if they would invite her to join them.

09/28/2004 6:09 PM

Cly looked outside through the old windows, then nodded to the elves.

"Well, it's time to leave, Tala." Then, for the benefit of the other, "We have to meet someone. Unless Tala objects, I have no quarrel with your attendance."

09/29/2004 7:53 AM

"I have no objections," Tala replied, rising from her seat. "After all, three is better odds than two when going to what may be an ambush."

The elf woman laid a few gold coins on the table and walked towards the entrance of the tavern. She paused by the bar, and laid down a few steel coins as further payment. She looked behind her once more, and went outside, waiting for Cly and their new ally.

09/30/2004 1:50 PM

Cly nods, and follows her outside, holding the door for the other elf.

"So, Kiyomi, do you work for this place, or are you just a good Samaritan?"

10/02/2004 5:43 PM

Kiyomi smiled. "A bit of both actually, I am a minstrel, and I am well able to care for myself.... I've had a deal with the owner, that when I come in town, he offers me a room for the night, and food, in return I play and watch for potential problems..." She said, patting the glittern that rested against her back as she followed them out.

10/03/2004 6:28 PM

She looked out from her hiding place while awaiting Cly and whosoever else he may have brought along with him.... The message to be given was for him and a few others alone and she was not about to give out information to others willingly... She highly doubted that these cretents could do much to spoil that inspiration in her....

She noticed Cly and one whom she had been told was Tala, but the other had this hidden mystery about her as if even if you knew her, you still didnt "know her" and never would. That one cannot hear the message and if force was needed to keep her away so be it...

She watched as they approached.....

10/05/2004 1:11 PM

Cly noticed the old shack up ahead on the trail, and quickened his pace.

"Well, I suppose that's the place. It looks like we're early." He stood by the door, unsure whether to wait for the sender of the message, or go inside.

10/05/2004 7:07 PM

The messenger girl saw Cly and the other walk up to the shack. She waited till Cly was near the door before she opened it and whispered out to them. "Cly and Tala only!" She demanded and sent a menacing look at the girl who had acompanied them. She quickly shut the door behind them and left the mysterious girl out there by herself. "Before I begin, I need you both to swear an oath to not tell anyone of whom I am about to speak of."

She began her story....

" The one whom I am speaking of is your old friend Misty. She is fighting against the forces of death as we speak. She believes that death is unfarely trying to take her to the after life since she finished her task. So far she has succeeded in delaying death. I know she is still winning the fight because I can sense it. She is needing help from you but it is of course your decision to make. Right now she is on a different plane of existence so you cannot help her at the moment. She is finding her way here to fend off death on the mortal plane and she will send for you if you will support her effort. Misty is not as she used to be and I am to fill you in on the details. Misty has become the priestess of Darkness. Something she was born to become and she has finally found it. By Darkness I mean that she is now sided with the nexis of Darkness. The Darkness is neither Good nor Evil but yet not Neutral. I am sorry but that is all I can say on that. This is what I have been told to tell you, the choice alone is yours. You need not make your decision yet. "

"I will ask of you one favor, you need not if you dont want to, but I am asking of you to look after my little sister if you are willing." "She is unequaled with a bow but yet young and naive," "unfortunately where I am going she would easily be killed so that is why I ask of you to look after her till I return." "My name is Savara, and I can contact later when I will return." "My sister's name is Kaetie and she is just 16 years of the moon." "This is another decision for you, if you accept this to accompany her, there will be no need to tell me, you will just find her outside the Inn in town. If you do not wish to have her then she will not be there." "Keep your guard up!"

With those last words the Savara stepped back in the Darkness and was gone.....

10/06/2004 11:39 AM

Cly took it all in silently, nodding occaisonally. He was unsure how they could help, though he was sure that they'd find a way. He was surprised that Misty had become sided with the Dark, but he was unshaken.

"I'd be happy to help. I may be little creakier than before, and my good friend Boldar is no longer with me, but I can still wield my sword as well as ever. Also, I see no problem in taking...Kaetie with us."

10/06/2004 2:27 PM

Tala remained silent, even after Cly had agreed to the mission. She didn't like the sound or feel of it. Something wasn't right. She stepped forward and looked Savara in the eye.

"What, may I ask, will happen if we choose to include another outside force? Such as the person who accompanied us this night," Tala asked. "She helped us out in the tavern, and agreed to follow us here. I see no reason why she should be left out. After all, we may need her help."

10/07/2004 8:11 PM

Savara just looked at her with the most blank expression then grew a sinister look on her face and stepped back in the Darkness and was gone.

10/08/2004 1:07 PM

Cly raised his eyebrows at this ominous display. As he turned to Tala, he said,

"Well, that doesn't exactly settle well, does it?"

10/08/2004 1:59 PM

"Too bad," Tala replied, turning towards the entrance. "I think we'll need the extra help, and I'm not about to go against that feeling one bit."

Tala walked outside and into the night air. Their companion was still waiting for them, standing guard. Tala nodded to her, indicating everything was alright. The elf woman sat on the ground, quietly waiting for Cly to join them.

10/08/2004 3:58 PM

Cly followed her, crossing his arms in the brisk air. He faced the town, and spoke without turning around.

"Well, Tala, if we get struck by lightning, I'm blaming you, then. Regardless, I think we might as well go meet our new acquaintance."

10/09/2004 8:34 AM

Kaetie was waiting for these so called "fighters" that she was supposed to guard and help keep alive. She was dissapointed when she saw the looks of them. She had actually thought that they would have least looked like fighters not bums. Not everything in life goes as planned... She was going to have to really try to keep these fools from dieing, especially from themselves. As they approached her she had a very bored and a look of anxiousness at the same time. Kaetie waited for them to make the proper introduction before she was going to even think about talking to them....

10/09/2004 10:41 AM

Cly quickened a bit when he saw an elf standing by the tavern, in shocking blue clothes. He could tell that they might have some problems, the elf had an unmistakable look of dissaproval on her face. He extended his hand, a charming smile on his face.

"Kaetie, I presume?"

10/09/2004 3:10 PM

Kiyomi watched the newcomer carefully, her dark blue eyes narrowed warily. She nodded and then walked up so that she stood slightly to the right and behind Cly. She wanted to help these people but the clear disaproval on this newcomers face made her wonder... perhaps she had better call in some of her debts....

10/09/2004 6:57 PM

Kaetie turned and looked at Cly, she looked him over with a snicker and replied. "Yes I am Mistress Kaetie." She said bowing, even with the disgust she had she would never intend to insult someone openly. Kaetie was still learning about these people on this plain of existe.... Kaetie stopped her thought, best not to think anything that could give away her supreme identity. Kaetie turned and eyed Kiyomi suspiciously. "Whom may I ask are you?" Kaetie could sense this person looking at her with such a piercing glare as if she could read her mind. Kaetie just to be cautious she decided to impede any criticizing thoughts. Kaetie did however observe that this mysterious person looked capable of taking care of herself and didnt exactly look like she held a strong allegiance to the other 2. Kaetie would have to keep an eye on her, even if it wasnt her eye.

10/10/2004 6:42 AM

Kiyomi raised an eyebrow, and then smiled charmingly. "My name is Kiyomi Seimiya, I hail from Solace Vale. I happened to be in the tavern when these two got into a touch of trouble, and I helped them out of it." She turned towards Tala and Cly pointedly ignoring this girl, Kaetie.

"How do we get where we're going? On foot? Or by horse?" ((Please say horse :D)) She asked, arms folded across her chest.

10/10/2004 7:49 AM

Tala noticed Kaetie looking down on the trio. The elf woman narrowed her eyes, and turned away from the stranger, hoping to get her silent message across. She looked at Kiyomi and shrugged.

"I don't know," Tala said. "I'd prefer by horse, it would be faster, but I suppose that's for our 'protector' here to decide."

10/10/2004 1:24 PM

Kaetie understood the hint of sarcasm in Tala's voice. Kaetie would prove to them that she was the real deal... eventually.

"Don't look at me, I'm just accompanying you too make sure you dont die.... just yet." She said the last 2 words with a mumble under her breathe which was intended only for Kiyomi to hear. "You will see Tala, what I am capable of, just give it some time."

10/10/2004 2:52 PM

Cly smiled a little more wearily, surprised that the group was already facing so much inner strife.

"Personally, I like to think I can handle myself, especially with group like this, but it can't hurt to have an extra member, can it? Anyway, I don't have a horse, I rarely travel with them, though I have no problem with the idea.

Maybe we should walk for a while, and get to know each other a little beter. I've always noticed that people fight better with friends than with strangers."

P.S. Kalia, you can still have a horse this way, just walk slowly.

10/10/2004 4:45 PM

"Well let's get going, shall we?"

10/10/2004 7:40 PM

Cly looked at her, "Where? I suppose our mighty leader should choose the way."

10/11/2004 4:17 AM

(OOC: KK :) Thanks))

Kiyomi nodded once, then pulled a small silver flute out of the fold of the sash around her waist. "Well then I hope you don't mind if I ride then? And She may be able to help us as well.

Without waiting to see if they would ask who 'she' was she raised the flute to her lips, and played a short, lilting melody. The sound that issued from the flute was sweetly pitched, and it seemed to echo... It took a few moments that left anyone wondering if this girl was really straight in the head, for nothing had happened.

Then, a crack in the underbrush made Kiyomi turn towards her left. A horse stood there, and if any of the group were to look at Kiyomi's face anyone could tell that this wasn't what she had expected. The horse's body was velvet black, and it's mane and tail were silvery white. It snorted once and then paced forward, it was when the light struck it's forehead that everyone could see what it was. A crystalline horn spirialed up from it's forehead.

The unicorn walked with deliberate slowness till he reached Kiyomi.

"Traveler... I come to your call... to answer the debt owed to you by my sister." The timbre of his voice was unearthly beautiful.

Kiyomi reached out to rest her hand against his shoulder. "Yuske? What happened to Yui?" She asked, concern lacing her usually cool voice.

Yuske lowered his head. "She has not been seen in fifteen turns Traveler..."

10/12/2004 6:37 PM

Cly raised his eyebrows at the entrance, having never seen a beast of such beauty. Even in Darken woods, he'd never verified the legend of the Forest master. He only barely caught the words between Kiyomi and...Yuske, just understanding that they were important to them, but the name was meaningless to him.

He approached the unicorn respectfully. "So, we should be going, then..."

10/13/2004 7:02 AM

Tala kept her distance from the unicorn. She had a feeling she wouldn't be held worthy to approach it. She nodded to the beast, acknowleding it's presence.

"Before we go, we might want to get our things," she said. "I had rented a room in the tavern, and my traveling pack is there. I'd like to fetch it, if no one minds."

10/13/2004 2:20 PM

Kaetie walked up to the unicorn and then hissed at him and walked away. She eyed the unicorn suspiciously along with everyone else in the area. She still didnt trust them.

10/13/2004 6:50 PM

Yuske had listened to each of Kiyomi's companions as they spoke, and then nodded, which would have been comical in a plain ordinary horse. "My family owes the Traveler a life-debt, I am obligated to help her in what ever she needs."

"I am sorry for Yui's loss... I didn't know...I loose track sometimes..." Kiyomi said, greif shadowing her melodious voice.

"Time is a fleeting thing for one such as you Traveler, loosing track of it must be common I would think..."

When Kaetie walked up to him, he wasn't sure what to make of her, but at her actions, his ears lay flat against his skull, and every muscle went tense and still as stone. In the blink of an eye he went from warm flesh to cold hard iron under Kiyomi's hand.

His violet eyes tracked her movements as she walked away. He relaxed slowly and tossed his head in irritation. "That one is odd... and not to be easily trusted...." He mused softly.

10/13/2004 8:32 PM

Kaetie looked up from her sitting place for a second, her ears perked up. "We need to go!" "We have spent too much time here....." "We need to go now!" Kaetie hopped to her feet and had her hand ready on her bow. "Let's go now!"

10/14/2004 7:19 AM

"We leave once I get my pack," Tala said, glaring at Kaetie. She too, hadn't like the way the girl had treated the unicorn. "I will not go anywhere without my weapons."

Tala walked away, heading for the tavern, not waiting for a response. She looked at no one as she entered the building, going straight for her room. She entered, and glanced around. Something seemed wrong...but whatever it was, it wasn't in her room. She grabbed her belongings, and left without a second glance.

She rejoined the group, nodding to Cly, Kiyomi, and Yusuke, ignoring Kaetie. She was now ready to leave.

10/14/2004 4:22 PM

Cly shook his head. Their newest companion was starting to give him a bad feeling. "Well, for someone who claims to be along for the ride, you seem very inclined to lead...where, exactly?"

10/15/2004 3:25 PM

"Just follow me!"

OOC: Acknowledge whether or not you follow me before I go on. :P

10/16/2004 8:06 AM

Yuske stamped his hoof against the ground and waited patiently for Kiyomi to swing up onto his back. Once she had settled, he turned his head so he could see her.

"Settled comfortably for now? we can get a nice thick blanket to help later on." He intoned, tossing his head in amusment.

Kiyomi shifted and then nodded. "I'll be fine for now. I have Yui's silver and opal halter and silk reins if you would want that..." Yuske's head lowered for a long moment, and Kiyomi could tell he was trying to hide his grief over Yui's loss.

"I would be greatly honored Traveler Yui was the most precious light in my life... unicorns colored as I am do not have an easy life Traveler." A velvetly black ear flicked towards her as he tossed his silvery mane. Again his eyes strayed to the girl, and they narrowed. "I do not like that woman, Traveler She is odd...." He said as he began to walk towards the group.

"I too have left my things at the inn.." Kiyomi called out from Yuske's back.

10/16/2004 9:23 PM

"I for one will wait for you both here," Tala said. "I don't figure that between the three of us, we will have much difficulty finding Cly and Kaetie should they leave us behind."

Tala had overheard the conversation between Yuske and Kiyomi. She had to agree with the unicorn on two things. One, it had to be hard to be a black unicorn, especially when most people considered a unicorn had to be white to be pure. And secondly, she too did not like Kaetie. There was indeed something odd about her. Tala prayed to the gods that whatever was wrong with the stranger, it wouldn't come back and harm Cly. Or their new companions.

10/17/2004 9:05 AM

"I for one will wait for you both here,"

OOC:Who is this directed too?

BiC: Cly stood with Tala.

"I'm certainly not going anywhere without everyone else."

10/17/2004 2:25 PM

"Fine!" "If you're not going to go now then atleast lets get off this road and under some cover and to hide from 'wandering' eyes!" Kaetie didn't wait for their answere, she was told to help them stay alive but if they were not going to listen to her she couldnt make them. Kaetie knew they wouldnt understand what things were following them so she decided not to speak of it. She knew her Priestess would be dissapointed with such failing of what she would have seemed a simple task.
"I am sorry for my actions but please just listen to me for the time being..." Kaetie pleaded with Tala and Cly.

10/17/2004 4:27 PM

OOC: It was directed at Kiyomi

10/17/2004 5:46 PM

"I am sorry for my actions but please just listen to me for the time being..." Kaetie pleaded with Tala and Cly.

Yuske made an indignant sound and Kiyomi sighed. She tapped Yuske's shoulder and he turned in the indicated direction with an irate swish of his tail.

Kiyo turned to Kaetie. "we will follow you as it seems that we have little choice. However, we did leave a few things back at the Inn.... I know some of my things are of some importance, and could mean the difference between success and failure of this 'quest'. You may think we're completely inept idiots, but I can assure you... we are not." She said the last three words with a low hiss to her voice. She hated when she was figured to be just another helpless female. Her parents had raised her to be strong... her father in particular, and they succeeded.

10/17/2004 6:55 PM

Cly nodded at Kiyo's words. "Yes. There's more to all of us than you might think, but I'm sure that applies to you also. I left nothing at the inn, so I will wiat for you here, Kiyo, Yuske."

He turned to Kaetie. "What did you mean, 'wandering eyes?'"

10/17/2004 8:10 PM

"I will explain when it is safe!" "Now come on! Off the road!"

10/17/2004 8:24 PM

Yuske snorted, his ears lay backa gainst his head. His dislike for this woman was increasing with every word she spoke. He was begining to regret that he accepted his sister's life-debt to the Traveler.

Kiyo could tell that Yuske was becoming impatient with Keatie, and she turned her sapphire eyes to the woman. "As I said, I have some things that I must retrieve. You do not know me, and you have no right to tell me what I can and cannot do. I will return to the Inn." Kiyomi frowned.

10/18/2004 8:23 AM

Tala ignored Kaetie and turned to face Kiyomi and Yuske. She saw the unicorn's ears flattened against his head, and knew that wasn't a good sign. She hoped that Kaetie would realize that Yuske was irritated and that the girl would leave well enough alone.

"Kiyomi, would you and Yuske like some company?" Tala asked. "I would like to get to know you two better."

And I would also like to get away from this stranger for a little bit again, she silently added.

10/18/2004 1:32 PM

(Has no one noticed that Yuske doesn't calle Kiyomi by her given name??)

BIC: Kiyomi studied Tala for a long moment before nodding slowly. Yuske did the same, and he slowly relaxed.

"I do not mind Tala, as I said I left something of some importance in the Inn, and I do not intend to leave it behind."

As they walked, she finally asked her first questions. "What happened here before that tie you and cly so closely? And who is this other girl you are looking for?"

10/18/2004 4:20 PM

Tala took a deep breath, walking alongside the unicorn and woman. What had happened before seemed so long ago, and strangely insignificant to what had happened to her since then. Perhaps it was because she had tried to forget the past.

"There had been a battle of sorts here, and Cly and I had participated in it, as well as a few others. The girl, Misty, was one of them. We thought she had died in the battle, but apparently part of her carried on. Now, she is in trouble, siding with the dark, and from what we've been told, has no regrets about it."

Tala wondered if she would get into trouble for giving that last bit of information to the pair beside her, and shrugged it off. What was done was done, and what would be would come to pass. She looked at Yuske, and asked a question of her own.

"If you don't mind my asking, what is the relationship between you and this one's past sister, Kiyomi? And Yuske, why do you call her Traveler, instead of by her given name?"

OOC: I had noticed...just thought it was a thing of his.

10/18/2004 6:18 PM

"Kaetie, we're in the middle of a town, I doubt getting off the road would do us any good. And, I don't think I'm going to start worrying about nameless fears if I'm given no reason." Cly took a deep breath. He was already slightly irritable, he would need to get used to Kaetie.

"Now, perhaps we should accompany Yuske, Kiyomi, and Tala into the inn. Not only would we be out of immediate sight, but we would stay together. For someone so worried about safety, you're not thinking very well."

With that, Cly started to follow the others, hurrying to catch up.

10/18/2004 6:22 PM

Kiyomi smiled and her gaze unfocused, lost in memory. "Many years ago, I saved Yui's life, She promised to help me when ever I had need of her... During our year of travel together, she and I became close friends. I met Yuske here not long after, and he vowed to carry on her oath should anything happen to her."

When Tala voiced her question about the title Traveler, Yuske turned his head so his violet gaze was locked on Kiyomi. Her gaze was fixed on Tala, her blue eyes piercing and searching. She nodded once, as if she approved of what she saw.

"I suppose trust should start with truth... I am not an elf Tala, no matter how much I may look it. My father was Hiaku Seimiya, my mother was Wylin Majere, or better known among elves as Windrider The daughter of Kalia Majere, or better known to most mortal races as Glimmer. My main abilities mirror my fathers' ability, with one difference, while he can traverse space in an instant, I can traverse Time. Centuries can pass for me in an instant or in an aeon... I sometimes loose track of what I do if I'm not careful. Most people don't realize that Time cannot be easily manipulated. A single stone thrown in a stream does not divert the stream... different events may happen, but the end will be the same, nothing can change that."

"Mostly I traveled back to watch the progress of my Grandmother's life, she endured such hardship and strife to survive this world and it's immense evils, so I wished to become a spectator in that life..." Kiyomi shook her head, her almond shaped eyes closed in her reverie.

Yuske snorted and tossed his head. "What the Traveler has said is true, and to be honest, with her mild absent mindedness, I was quite surprised to hear the call on the flute that Yui had given her."

Kiyomi opened her eyes and looked at Tala. She wasn't sure what the woman would say, not that she cared, if she had to she would go her own way, it usually happened that way.

10/19/2004 2:03 PM

"Fine Cly go with them but I will not accompany you... If for some reason the need arises before you get back that you should need my services all you have to do is say my name... I will hear you." Kaetie said and then walked off the road to the nearby trees.

Kaetie thought to herself, they have no idea what they are up against do they? She thought about it and she knew of course that they had no idea... yet...

10/21/2004 6:34 PM

Tala took it all in, no suprise registering on her face. The woman was a time traveler, and...part dragon? If Tala remembered correctly, Glimmer herself had been a dragon. Tala shook her head, not in disbelief, but in understanding. The woman who currently sat upon the unicorn must live a very lonely life...one that had little to no friends in it. Much the way Tala herself lived.

"We're here," Tala said, pointing at the inn. "I'll wait out here for you, Kiyomi. Yuske, perhaps you could tell me a little of the history of your kind while we wait?"

10/21/2004 6:49 PM

Kiyomi felt Tala's silent understanding, and slipped from Yuske's back as he stopped. After she went inside, Yuske turned his gaze towards Tala.

"History? well... not a whole lot I can tell, I'm not exactly a historian, thanks to my coloring, I've been a warrior of sorts for my people. My people are few, and we're rarely found in one place. The forest wilds are our home, and the leader of us all is simply known as the ForestMaster." He almost seemed to shrug as if unwilling to really go any further about it.

((OOC: I've always felt that the "ForestMaster" was actually the Goddess Chislev in disguise.... *Shrug* what do you guys think??))

Kiyomi returned, a pack slung over her shoulder, wearing a silvery cloak. She didn't divulge the contents of the pack, and she swung up onto Yuske's back with ease. "Alright, so where are we going first?"

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