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07/27/2004 5:21 PM

Miya Rishia sat in her favorite spot in the Copper Dragon tavern, holding a mug of hot mullled wine in her numb hands. She listened to a woman minstral as she sung a song near the fire....

For she who steps on the way of the sword
The path gets harder at every turn
Sanctuary she'll find no more
Among the people of her lot
She will leave the past behind
The Goddess knows what she is to find

Past is left behind
For the one on the way of the sword
Fools are meant to fall
They'll get lost along the way
Past is left behind
For the one on the way of the sword
Fools are meant to fall
Are you she who's on the way of the sword?

For she who knows not the way she must walk
Life is sweet but with little reward
She who wields a sword
Must be prepared to shed her blood
Pain she must endure
And know too well that she must be strong

Past is left behind
For the one on the way of the sword
Fools are meant to fall
They'll get lost along the way
Past is left behind
For the one on the way of the sword
Fools are meant to fall
Are you she who's on the way of the sword?

So many farewells
Many tears you must shed before your journey ends
Ot it's only just begun
For a glory wish there is much to sacrifice
So many farewells
Many tears you must shed before your journey ends
Ot it's only just begun
For a glory wish there is much to sacrifice

Past is left behind
For the one on the way of the sword
Fools are meant to fall
They'll get lost along the way
Past is left behind
For the one on the way of the sword
Fools are meant to fall
For you are she who's on the way of the sword. **

Miya sighed, and then turned to her companions.

"Legends speak of a sword of such power, that it can heal or destory, depending on the heart of the user... " Miya paused an took a sip of the wine.

"Yes, I know... it doesn't sound all that impressive... at least this past summer it wouldn't have been... now, with the gods gone... it's the only hope I have to save my mother..." Miya's liquid brown eyes filled with tears.

Digging into a purse at her waist, she pulled out glittering object. It was a diamond that easily filled the palm of her hand... surrounded by an ornate swirl of Platinum.

"this is the first of a trinity puzzle... I managed this one on my own easily enough... I was told that the others, the ones of balance and darkness aren't going to be so easily obtained. That is why I called you two... there is no one in this world I would trust more on this... nor anyone so crazy as to acompany me on this in the onset of winter..." She smiled.

** "The way of the sword" By Power Symphony

07/28/2004 11:36 AM

"Of course, I'll be with you. I always liked your mother, after all. One question, what the hell good does a healing sword do us, should we find some enemies?"

Eris looked straight into Miya's eyes, his crossed legs up on the edge of the table, a cold mug of ale in his gauntleted hand. Today his hair was loose, falling about his shoulder's in a yellow mane. He took a long swig of his ale, and then took his legs down to lean foward.

"Either way, I'll be with ya, keeping your cold nights warm." He pinched a candle that had gone out, and whe nhe rmoved his fingers, sure enough, it was lit.

07/28/2004 7:26 PM

"Knock it off Eris..." Miya said with a chuckle, wiping the unshed tears from her eyes. She shook back her long dark curls.. "seriously... This sword is supposed to be only legend...but if the artifacts..er puzzle pieces exist then so must the sword..."

07/29/2004 9:01 AM

At the notice of Miya's tears, Eris's grin narrowed to a compassionate smile. He remembered to be more careful when discussing Miya's mother.

"Well, what other artifacts are there? I know don't know much about this legend, so I'm pretty much gonna follow you. It'll probably be good to know what to look for."

07/30/2004 7:13 PM

A cloaked figure entered the Copper Dragon. A hood upon the figure's head covered everything but a pair of sparkling golden eyes. Gloves covered his hands, boots on his feet. He seemed rather tall for elf or human, reaching about eight feet. Regardless of this, he went unnoticed.

Sitting down at a table on a bar, he slumped and rested his forearms on the well used wood. The bartender glanced around, trying to see into the cloak. Well, acutally, cloaks. He was wearing seven of the things, making him impossible to see, "Can ah getcha a drink, sah?" The bartender asked curiously, again trying to see. The man's mind idly wondered how the figure could SEE out of all of those cloaks.

The two pools of molten gold hooked on the bartender, and he shrunk back from them. A gloved hand waved the man away and he replied in an unnatural, gutteral voice, "No."

The barkeep was more then happen to leave the cloaked figure with those scary golden orbs alone. He served another person instead.

Standing up, the figure glanced around the bar. There was no one of interest. He shuffled towards the door.

A man bumped into him, and he snarled. The man paid no attention to him. The smell of alchohol wafted off the man, who was stumbling towards a girl who had just finished a song and was now in conversation with another. He turned to the pair and leaned against the wall.

I recognize that face..... The figure thought to himself. That is Traorin's little one.

He watched as the stumbling drunk moved over to the girl -- he couldn't quite recall her name. The man growled something, then raised a hand high over his head and brought it down on the table in front of the girl. The cloaked figure with the golden eyes turned to watch, a faint growling emitting from somewhere within all that cloth. In a smooth motion he was nearer to the drunk and the girl.

The drunk grabbed the girl by the jaw, but held on for no more then a half-second, for a glistening gold elbow had shot out of nowhere and hit the man in the face, a glistening gold clawed hand had reached into the man's eyes and ripped them to shreds, then tore up the rest of the drunk's face. The golden claw pushed the bleeding and blinded man away, the claw retreating back into the cloak in the time it took a person to blink. That shimmering golden aura hung in the air as the cloaked figure pulled himself a chair and sat down across from the woman, his nonchalance at the wounds he had caused the drunk almost unsettling.

"Miya." He said in that gutteral speech again, "I remember you."

HIs lookd at her again, so that she could see his molten eyes of golden magma.

07/31/2004 6:38 AM

Miya was caught off guard, the drunken man saying that he owed her something for helping her family after the death of her father. She simply didn't know what to say... but was saved, this time, by one that at first caused her more alarm than the drunk.

When the draconian said her name, her dark brown eyes blinked in surprise, and realization like a bright dawn after a long cold night washed over her.

"Dark? is that you??" she breathed, still in shock over the whole incident.

07/31/2004 11:03 AM

Eris cringed as the drunk man's face was ripped up by the cloaked figure. He looked at Miya questioningly. He wa surprised that she wasn't upset. The drunkard may have been an ass, but still.

Miay muttered something to the cloaked one, and Eris sat up straight.

"What, you two know each other?"

07/31/2004 1:44 PM

"What, you two know each other?"

Dark chuckled raspily, "I've gone through many, many names," then turned back to Miya, "So then it is you, Miya." He stood up again and looked at Eris, "Who is this companion of yours? Can he be trusted?"

07/31/2004 6:41 PM

Miya nodded, in answer to both of them. "Yes, Eris... I've known Dark nearly as long as I've known you...he was an associate of my Fathers'" She smoothed back her long dark hair.

"what brings you back here Dark?"

07/31/2004 6:51 PM

Eris sat back with a sigh. He didn't immediately want to trust Miya's violent new, no, old friend. He also didn't remember mucof Miya's father, but that was as much the fault of clouded memories than secrecy. Eris put his arms up behind his head, he didn't have anything to say, and didn't mind listening.

07/31/2004 7:12 PM

Miya nodded, in answer to both of them. "Yes, Eris... I've known Dark nearly as long as I've known you...he was an associate of my Fathers'" She smoothed back her long dark hair.

"what brings you back here Dark?"

"Eris....I am pleased to meet you, I do suppose..." The golden eyes fixated on the man in a rather uncomfortable and non-meant stare. He held out the unbloodied glove, then shook his off, revealing a scaley golden claw to shake, "My name for the current time is Dark, but the list of aliases I have gone though is quite endless..."

With a shrug, Dark turned back to Miya, his voice grating in dissaproval, "Nothing, or no one, brings me anyway, dear Miya. I go where I want to go. It is..fortunate, to say, that I ran into you, otherwise you may have left the inn with less jawbone then most....what brings you to a place such as this, hardly set for one of your class?"

08/01/2004 8:22 AM

Eris leaned foward again, shaking the hand, unenthused.

"Nice to meet you too, I guess." Eris listened, not exactly matching the sentiments toward the bars class, he rather liked it, down to earth, homey, even. He managed to keep his mouth shut. He could tell it would be better if this draconian didn't dislike him.

08/03/2004 2:06 PM

Miya bristled visibly at Dark's words, her dark eyes narrowing. "My Class? Hmph.. My so-called class faded away like snow in the sunlight when my Father died... " she stopped there, and swallowed the hateful words that she was going to say.

Tears once again sparkled in her eyes, unshed. "Mother is dying... an illness that cannot be cured with the departure of the Gods... She will die if I don't set out soon... " She smiled at Eris, knowing that he would be glad to help her, then she turned to Dark.

"Dark, I would assume that you probably have heard of the legend of the Mirror-Heart Sword? It holds the power to heal my mother... I have managed the first of the Trinity Puzzle, and Eris and I seek the other two... would you join us?" She asked, not really sure if the Aurak would bother or not...

08/03/2004 2:52 PM

"I was only trying to be polite, dear Miya. I knew you as one much better then these....conditions. As for your mother, I unfortunately have not met her, thought, for you, I suppose I hope she gets well."

Dark's heart jumped. The Mirror-Heart Sword? That's what she was after? Was he that lucky? He shrugged, his emotions hid behind the scaley mask and many, many cloaks, "I have nothing better to do, I suppose..." He reached one gloved into one of his cloaks, resting on it on a rather large sphere of sphining onyx, inset into a beautiful swirl of obsidian. He had been searching for this sword for some time now, thought had lacked the heart, so to speak....Miya was pure...yes..this would work out nicely.

"Yes...I suppose I shall travel with you, on your little quest..it sounds interesting, to say the least."

08/05/2004 10:57 AM

Eris muttered under his breath. He knew he wouldn't have trouble getting along with Miya, thye knew each other well enough by now, after all. But this Dark...he had already shown his hairtriggered violence. Cold-blooded at that.

Eris set down his empty mug rather loudly, getting the attention of both companions.

"When and where do we start?"

08/07/2004 6:16 AM

Miya glanced at Dark, and then turned back to Eris. "I would think that we should start looking for second piece...Though it may be the hardest considering the way of the Divine Scales. I say we start in the great Palanthas Library, Unless either of you know of a better start? I was under the impression that the Temple that we seek won't be easy to find..."

08/07/2004 8:39 AM

"Alright. Sounds like a plan." Eris stood up and stretched, reaching for his staff. "I take it it's fine with our new friend?"

08/07/2004 1:36 PM

Dark shrugged his broad cloaked shoulders, "It is alright as far as I am concerned," He said glancing at the crowd as the claw in his cloak tighted around the onyx and obsidian sphere, "The library seems to be the correct place to start."

His gaze settled back on Eris and Miya, a reflection drawing them downwards. Dark had a bad habit of never looking under him from when his magic has been strong, when his Queen had been there fo rhim. When she had been there, his left eye had been able to see under and behind him as well, thanks to it's magic. Now it's magic was gone, and he didn't look down anymore out of habit.

But that flash of silver had finally caused him to look, "What are you holding there, Miya?" He almost purred in amusement.

08/08/2004 10:31 AM

Miya's hand clenched tightly around the large gem in her hand. "It's the first of the trinity puzzle that we need to find to get the sword..." she held her palm out level for Dark to see. The facets of the large spherical diamond glittered in the low light.

Then she slipped it back into the soft leather pouch at her waist, and pulled her cloak about her shoulders. "Lets get going..." Miya said, fastening the cloak with a pin that was a black rose. Her fingers caressed the obsidian petals, her mind immediatly turning to her Father....Traorin Rishia, Knight of the Skull...

"Come on, we'll ride to the mountains, and then we'll have some better transportation...

Talazemaska lounged on the large flat stone that crowned her lair, her long tail trailed over the lip of the cave, her wings half spread to soak up the sunlight that set her blue scales aflame. Talaz was large for a blue, about 50 feet from nose to tail, her wings spanning over twice her length. She stayed nicely hidden here, keeping watch over her charge, her master's only child, Miya. Upon his death he made Talaz swear to stay near her, though to her mind, the child was too good for her own good... one day something would happen and Talaz would not be able to help her.

08/08/2004 10:46 AM

Miya's hand clenched tightly around the large gem in her hand. "It's the first of the trinity puzzle that we need to find to get the sword..." she held her palm out level for Dark to see. The facets of the large spherical diamond glittered in the low light.

The first piece! Dark's full eye gleamed, "How lucky it is we start off with such a handicap," He growled again, both eyes sliding over the rose pin. He had served that pin once.

The feeling of complete underappriciation rolled in his gut and he felt his scales click together in irritation, though the many many cloaks hid it. That pin meant, to the Aurak, everyone who disrespected him. And here he was, serving the obnoxious bastard's daughter. Ah, Traorin, how many, many times he had imagined that haughty dragonrider on his torture bed instead of some unfortunate Solamnic...twas why he was a very good interrogator...

He mentally sighed. Those were the good days, weren't they. And here he was now, serving another pinned idiot who had no idea what she was doing. And this time, there were no tortue beds involved in it for him.

He glanced out to the entrance again, "What would transport us so in the mountains, Miya?"

08/08/2004 11:06 AM

Miya smiled, and winked. "Who else? What other thing could get us to such a far destination in barely a couple of days?" She answered, and swept out of the door.

Her father taught her much about horses, and the Roan stallion that stood impatiently at the post was one of her father's favorites. He had refused to Geld the stallion, prefering to break the stallion in, knowing that the beast would be unsuited for a battle charger if gelded. The stallion snorted, and tossed his black mane, his hide was lightly sprayed with a pale brown, while the rest of him was a deep chestnut. She checked the girth of the saddle, and scratched the stallion with her free left hand, the roan snorted and leaned into the scratches.

She put a bitless bridle on the roan's head, she never believed, as her father never believed, in that stupid bit of steel placed in the mouth of a mount... She swung up into the saddle with practiced ease, and turned the stallion around. The roan protested breifly, rising halfway on his hindlegs, then made a half-leap foraward. Miya held the reins tightly, and sat firmly in the saddle. The Roan arched his neck proudly, his black tail flagged like a silken banner.

"Alright... Come on you two..." She said, as she double checked the horse bow that rested on the back of saddle.

08/08/2004 12:03 PM

Eris walked out, holding his staff close in the crowded bar. He had made the mistake of holding it out before, and ended up knocking someone on the head. When he was outside, he twirled it slowly, enjoying the feel of the smooth wood in his hand. He had wondered before about carpentry, but for some reason magic had always felt right to him.

"Well, I hope you don't have a horse, Dark. I would fell kind of stupid being the only one on foot in this little band."

08/08/2004 12:07 PM

"Alright... Come on you two..." She said, as she double checked the horse bow that rested on the back of saddle.

Dark followed Miya out, eying the stallion. This horse had given him a bad bruise on his knee once. He almost slit it's throat that time, unfortunately, he couldn't becuase of that man's orders. Damn, damn, damn that bloodline. He made a mental note to kill Miya after she'd made the sword. SLowly and painfully. And her dragon too. He was not fond of the creatures. THe feeling was respectably mutal.

"I do, but if you want too, you can ride with me." He flashed a very, very toothy smile to the human and walked over to his mount.

The golden draconian untethered a large stallion that snorted and pawed at everything. The coat of the stallion was dead black, spattered with flecks of dark red. Suprisingly close to a blood-red crimson.The eyes of the mount were the same red, and it was easily large enough to allow the draconian to ride. He flung himself into the strange saddle, create to allow his tail to sit, behind him. The stallon sensed it's masters anger and snorted at MIya's mount, and recieved a sharp pull of his reins. Dark shook off the eight hoods and glared around with both eyes, thought only one could see. THe other seemed to carry a pupil - one more then was normal for a draconian, and the remains of his magical eye. Lacking said magic, and leaving him blind in only his left eye.

He glanced back and patted a happy looking greatsword. The only part that could be seen was the hilt, though it was clearly enough. It was steel, painted black, carved with swirls and symbols that weren't recognizable to any but the darkest magic users. The sheath itself had a large insert symbol of Takhisis on it. Dark smiled at it
patted the mane of his gigantic and no doubt magical (if not hellish) mount, which apparently appricated the touch of the scaley claw - something no normal thing would like.

"Let's go."

08/08/2004 12:16 PM

Miya turned the Roan, and pulled Eris into the saddle behind her. "Come on, Stormrunner can carry us both." She said. "its a long treck to Talaz's Lair, I wouldn't want to leave you behind..." She said with a smile. The stallion snorted and bucked lightly before settling under Miya's hand, and raced down the trail.

08/08/2004 7:25 PM

Dark spoke something in the harsh draconian language as the giant stallion began to follow Miya and Stormrunner. He dropped all the cloaks except for one.

The draconian's golden body was nothing short of impressive. At least eight feet tall not counting tail, Dark was heavily muscled. He gleamed brilliantly golden as if he had never entered battle, not a scale out of place on his form and and not a scar visibly showing. His mouth was presed into a concentrated line, both eyes narrowed. He was not looking foward to meeting this dragon. His tail hung to the side of his giant mount, a large pylon of gold sparkling as it hung, contrasting sharply against the black and red coat of the stallion. He wore no armor save for a pair of mithril shorts, or something like it. Around his neck he carried a black chain that was apparently undecorated with no charms.

"Talaz is a blue, I assume..." the Aurak growled.

08/09/2004 10:13 AM

Eris sighed, ready to hold tight to Miya. He had certain...problems with riding horses. He prefered to call it an aversion, but in truth, the large animals frightened him.

"Alright Miya...go easy, please?" He hooked his staff on an impromptu niche on the back of his cloak. He looked back, sufficiently awed by the draconian. He looked impressive to say the least. Enough to take his mind off the horse.

08/11/2004 7:12 PM

Miya nodded in silent concent to Dark's question. No more than a quarter of an hour had passed when Miya reined in the roan stallion... the cliff that rose before them was a sheer face of stone that rose many times their own height above them.

"Talaz!" Miya called out, her voice echoing through the small clearing... it also echoed in the mind of the blue. Talaz appeared, sauntering with an easy grace uncommon upon land-bound dragons. The blue fixed her icy gaze upon the trio, fixing in surprise upon Dark.

"So this is the group you have managed to gather for your quest Miya?" Talaz asked. Her gaze narrowed as she stared more intently upon Dark.

"Graphuk! What are you doing here?" She rumbled, clearly displeased to see him...

08/12/2004 3:32 PM

Dark growled lowly as he glared up at the dragon from utop his mount, his good eye narrowing, "I have not been called that since the War of the Lance, Talazemaska" He grated angrily, the feelings clearly mutual between the dragonspawn and the dragon, "And I will not take up that vile title again. You may call me Dark. If you have to speak to me. I'd prefer not."

His claws tapped impaitently against the puzzle peice in his cloak. HE wanted to get going. ANd he did not want to ride a dragon, nevertheless the dragon of that bastard Traorin ...

The Aurak swallowed his pride, forming it into a little ball in the pit of his stomach, "I am here to help Miya on her quest to find the Mirror Heart Sword," He said between gritted, serrated teeth.

08/12/2004 3:39 PM

Talaz's lips curled up in distaste. Her mind was sharp and the Aurak's thoughts where strongly, and unwittingly broadcast.

::Trust me, I don't want to carry you... but if you are to help Mistress Miya, then I would have to fly you, winglesslizard:: Talaz sent, the tone of her mental voice mocking.

Talaz turned her gaze away from the Aurak, and looked to Miya. "So we're to fly immediatly?" She asked, glancing back to the cavern.

Miya nodded, and slipped from Stormrunner's back, and moved to the Blue's side. "Can you carry all of us? I hadn't counted on a draconian." Miya noted, catching the spiteful gaze between Talaz and Dark.

"I am stronger than I look mistress..." Talaz stated, and spread her wings.

08/12/2004 4:13 PM

::Trust me, I don't want to carry you... but if you are to help Mistress Miya, then I would have to fly you, winglesslizard:: Talaz sent, the tone of her mental voice mocking.

::I"d rather brains then wings. SOmething you clearly lack if you are taking orders from THIS girl...:: Dark shot back, baring his teeth, "Let's get this over with..."

The draconian slipped off his giant of a mount, then muttered something to it. It gave almost a nod and darted off into the distance, seemingly fading away into the shadows. He rubbed his scaley hands together and glanced up at the blue dragoness, "Palanthas it is then...."

08/12/2004 5:46 PM

Eris also jumped off Stormrunner, not unhappily. He noticed the immediate grating between the dragon and draconian. He reminded himself to keep his mouth shut, knowing that all occurences seemed to lead to a more hair trigger temper on the lizard's part.

"So, how about a more fleshed out plan, then? Do either of you know Palanthas's streets and inns? I assume we want an inn relatively close to the library..."

08/13/2004 4:44 PM

"So, how about a more fleshed out plan, then? Do either of you know Palanthas's streets and inns? I assume we want an inn relatively close to the library..."

"Try the Fallen Lance. It's in the slummier areas, but it's cheap and close. The backstreets of Palanthas are well known to my kind. A few steps from the library...nevertheless a dangerous few. But I"m sure we can all take care of ourselves, if not, we can always intervene..." He smiled toothily.

08/22/2004 11:25 AM

Miya frowned, but nodded as she climbed up into the saddle that sat about two feet ahead of Talaz's wings. Talaz fixed her icy gaze onto Dark for a long moment, then once all had settled, raised her wings and with a powerful leap was airborn...She circled three times, her narrow wings gave her the greatest speed of all the chromatic dragons...even whites weren't as fast.

At the final turn of the third circle, she had gained the height that she had wanted... and banked hard to the west, flying hard and fast for Palanthas.

08/23/2004 6:57 PM

Dark was thought about putting a talon through Talaz's wing membrances just to watch him fall. The idea was very, very tempting. HOwever, given the fact that this would also make him crash to the ground in a very disgusting pile of scales and guts sort of negated the goodness of the idea.

"Go faster, dragon," He growled, sitting slightly behind Miya, "I've seen my own kind run faster then you can fly."

08/27/2004 6:43 PM

Miya clung to Talaz’s harness with white-knuckled intensity. Her long hair flew free of its braid, and her gaze was torn from the fading earth below to the glowing heavens above. So much had happened in her lifetime, the triumph of the Dragon Lance, the Banishment of Takhisis from their world. The Summer of Flame.... The coming of Chaos... and the ultimate banishment of all the Gods from Krynn...

Now that magic was failing, the clerics could not help Miya’s mother who had lain sick since the Summer of Flame had come to pass. And now Miya flew to her aid, her companions, as odd as they could possibly get for one who was on a mission of mercy. Her father’s dragon, the blue Talaz flew with a deceptive grace, her wings straining against the winds.

Palanthas was their destination, and one step further to finding the sword that could, in the correct hands, heal anyone of anything... Still dread filled Miya’s heart as they flew, if the sword should fall in the wrong hands.... No, best not to think about that, their world had fallen perilously close to utter destruction... if the sword was used for ill intent, without the Gods to guide and protect them, their destruction would be a surety.

Holding fast to the hope of her mothers’ survival, Miya raised her voice; the others could hear her only briefly as the wind tore her words away from them.

‘Home is behind, The world ahead.
There are many paths to tread.
Through shadow, till the edge of night
Until the stars are all alight
Mist and shadow, cloud and shade
All shall fade, all shall...fade....”**

Talaz roared her voice tainted with sorrow, a loss that very little would assuage. Seconds later, as the sky above them darkened, and the first stars began to wink at them, Talaz began her slow spiral downward, her wings stretched to their fullest as she searched for a place to land.

Almost silently she landed, back winging furiously to land as gently as possible. Talaz waited till all her passengers had slipped off before she turned to Miya. “Remove my harness youngling... I will join you.” Miya glanced at her in mild confusion, but she did as was told, and unbuckled the blue’s harness straps, and with Dark’s help, pulled the saddle off of Talaz’s back.

“In the main pack, is a necklace with a golden jewel... could you get it for me?” Talaz rumbled. Miya nodded and rummaged the pack. A necklace of woven silver wire, each strand glistened like light from a star. woven in the center was a jewel that was such a pure golden color that it could have been made from a ray of sunlight. She admired it for a long moment and then handed it to Talaz.

“Thank you... this artifact was woven by the claws of a golden dragon, it holds magic still... for it is the magic that is Krynn, and will allow me to accompany you.” She held the necklace in her pearly talons and spoke a single word.

In a flash of golden light, Talaz disappeared, her form shrinking. When the light faded, a woman with dark hair and pale blue eyes stood before them. She wore silks in every shade of blue imaginable, cut in the fashion of Elvin rangers. A long, elegant long bow slung over one shoulder; the quiver of arrows, each tip a shaped piece of blue dragon scale, strapped to her back. The necklace settled in the hollow of Talaz’s throat, and she smiled, though it faltered a touch when her gaze met Dark.

“well what are we waiting for?” She asked, arching an eyebrow as she walked past them, her gaze on the white-city beyond.

** Taken from “Lord Of The Rings: Return of the King: Pipin’s song

08/27/2004 10:00 PM

"An elf." Dark commented, his tone biting, "A blue dragon decides to take the form of an elf. You are quite literally insane. Do you truely expect an elf to fit in in the slums of Palanthas? You are stupid just as well." He smiled toothily, "Unless you have a better idea, of course. "

The draconian snorted, "If you wish to take my way, look human."

08/28/2004 4:11 AM

Anger errupted within Talaz, held, just barely, in check as she curled her slender fingers into fists. "I have my reasons, Lizard." She snarled, as she pulled the hood of her black cloak over her head.

"Do not presume to tell me what to do." She hissed, moving to the lead of the group.

Miya was smilling with mild amusement through the whole exchange. She had heard stories that her father had sometimes traveled wtih a dark elf, that her beauty was a wonder to behold, and that she was just as deadly as she was beautiful.

Shaking her head with the self-same amusement, she followed Talaz.

08/28/2004 2:33 PM

If this was anything less then the Mirror Heart Sword, Dark would have clawed Talaz's face off. There was no question to this. Dark would have used every last skill he knew as an interrogator to hurt this dragon. And he knew alot of skills. His scarred eye glistened, a low and strangled growl errupting in the draconian's throat. If this was going to be more trouble then was worth, killing both of them and taking the item Miya possessed, then dealing with the lack of pure heart later most certainly would do.

Dark pulled several cloaks from a bag on his shoulder. A magical bag, one which held much moer then one woudl think. He threw them over his form, shaking down all of the six hoods but one, "Do not order me around, worm. Spelled with an 'O', not a 'Y'. I will have some very unpleasent things under your scales." Every syllable dripped contempt, every word infused with fury. He was NOT a happy Aurak.

In one broad stride that made good use of his 8-foot height, he was in front of Talaz. His clicking talons on the ground echoed as he walked briskly, glancing back occasionally to see if his companions were there.

The neighorhood rapidly got poorer. He slipped into an alleyway and came out the other end.

What would seen an entirely new world appeared in front of them. Unkept buildings stood two or three feet next to one another as the streets were just about empty. Any vendors that had been selling had closed their shops, and every other decrept shop was an alehouse.

He stopped in front of one of them, holding out a hand to the others. A worn sign depicted a shattered lance, and he kicked open the door. STepping inside with something akin to deadly grace, he sat down at the bar.

"Derin," He growled at the barkeep, who turned around, peering under the cloaks.

"By the name of the lost gods, it's Solar." The barkeep muttered, "My absolutely favorite Aurak. What brings you back?" He glanced over the cloaked figure, lifting an eyebrow, and wrinkling a faded scar on his forehead.

"Heard of the Mirror-Heart Sword?" growled Dark. Derin nodded, his bald head glistening with sweat, "Tell me what you know about it."

"Got the power to--"

The draconian growled, "The third peice. What do you know of it?"

The barkeep shrugged, "Move yer claws."

Dark leaned over the table and shook off his last hood. He narrowed his golden orbs and bared his teeth in an unpleasent smile. His claws moved. They extended and dug several deep holes in Derin's bar, "The third peice, Derin."

08/28/2004 8:16 PM

In the distance, a silver cloaked figure loomed. He had been following them ever since they landed. He could tell that there was a blue dragon and an Aurak with them. That was the only reason he was following them. He had thought it strange that and Aurak and a dragon would travel together, unless they were on a quest of some sorts.

He moved quickly and quietly as he followed them, hoping they had not heard him. When they reached the alehouse he waited outside in one of the many alleyways. Not daring to get any closer so as not to be spotted. He would wait until they came back out and move on again.

08/29/2004 3:21 PM

Talaz noted something that Dark had said, he specifically said third piece, that means he has had one of the pieces all along, her ice-blue eyes narrowed, and caught the barkeep's gaze. Derin trembled under her gaze. "Lady Tala!" He gasped, extended a partial bow.

He glanced fearfuly at Dark, and noted the gouges on the wood. "All I know is that the piece is guarded by some strange type dragon... though I do belive a member of the thieves guild, a very crafty fellow by the name of Cull knows the whereabouts of this dragon and it's 'treasure'." He gave Dark a dark look before turning away.

"So I guess it's off to the thieves guild..." Miya said softly. Talaz was staring at Dark for a long moment.

"So tell me, Why have you kept the fact that you hold the second piece?" She asked, her arms folded across her chest. Miya glanced at Talaz, and then realization dawned across her features and she too looked at Dark.

"You did say third piece just now...." She mused, her brown eyes narrowed.

08/29/2004 3:55 PM

Dark was very grateful for the fact he was a draconian, and that his scales covered muscles. Otherwise, they would see the twitching frown and the faint shock. However, he smoothed his face over, "Miya, really now. If I had a peice, do you truly think I would waste the time of staying with that....that...that thing that accompanies you.." He bared his fangs at Talaz, "to only get one peice? If I only needed one peice, I'd simply kill you, take it, and be done with it. Besides, when I said third peice, I meant third as 'good, evil, and neutrality'. And neutrality would be the third on that list, no?" He didn't wait for an answer, "Exactly. Now..off to the theives guild. We should waste no time."

He stood up, replacing his hood, "Thank you for that information, Derin," He said with a cold smile, digging out a few more chunks of the bar, "I sure hope it is accurate." The glint in the draconian's golden eyes left little to imagination upon what would happen if it wasn't.

Briskly, Dark exited. He did not look behind him to see if Miya and Talaz were coming.

"Blasted lizard..." Muttered Derin under his breath after he was sure the draconian had left and examining the new bowl-shaped indent in the bar, "Lost gods damn you, Solar....I hope the guild kills you off..." He looked over to Miya and Talaz, "Why are you travelling in that bastard's company, m'ladies?" He asked to the two girls remaining.

08/29/2004 6:05 PM

Miya stared after Dark before turning back to the barkeep. "He's helping me find the sword...." was all she could say, as her mind wandered back to the first time that they had met, she also remembered the disdain and mistrust on her father's face before he realized that she was near.

"I am Miya's guardian.... Her father was Traorin Rishia, my old partner." She turned from Derin, and looked past Miya towards the door.

"He's lying.. Do not trust him Miya... He needs us for something..." She turned back to Derin. "What do you know about the sword?" She asked, her icy eyes bright.

08/29/2004 9:57 PM

Derin laughed briskly, "Traorin - ah, I know him. The wonderful Aurak decided it would be alright to talk to himself about how different ways he could dismemeber the knight. And anyway, Solar wouldn't help anyone if he killed him. Look what he did to my bar. Third time since I've known him, too. M'lady Talla's right - he's using you. I mean - he's a lizardfreak for the love of the lost gods. As far as the sword goes ..." He leaned on the table thoughtfully, "Mirror-Heart..comprised of three gems and the sword itself, powerful artifact...alot of peple say that the departure of the gods hasn't affected it, makes it one of the strongest things around..." Derin wiped the indent of the bar with a dirty rag, "Reflects the heart of it's wearer. Scaley bastard wants the sword - he's been after it for some time. Last time I saw him in Palanthas, he was raving about missing the sword of it. That's when he made the second indent in my bar," Derin motioned down the bar some, where there were several long indents, claws being dragged down the wood.

The barkeep shrugged, filling a glass of ale and handing to someone, takign their coin as he returned to Miya and Talaz, "My suggestion? Stay away from him. Kill him, get his jewel, and be carful about his body exploding. You'd do the whole world a favor. " He handed out another mug and got the steel, shrugging, "But do what you want, I guess. Help and Solar Minin dont' go together."


Saying Dark was irritated would be an understatment. But we'll not get into that as the 8 feet of furious scales walked to the theives guild. He rapped on the door, and was greeted by a pair of eyes through a slit.

"Who is it?"


The door opened, "Oy. Great. You. What do you want."

"Take me to Cull."

"What's in it for me?"

Now, one must understand, that when you deal with a draconian, it's wise to be meek and submissive. When you deal with a once-general, eight foot tall, scarless, clearly muscluar and impressive looking golden-scaled Aurak draconian who has just made a mistake, was notified of this, and has been walking with blue dragon, who, by the way, he hates with a passion, and has been doing this for the past few hours, it's best to just hide and let him storm through. Otherwise, one tends to lose his appendages. This one lost his ears.

Dark's index and pinky claw shot out and raked the sides of the man's face, slicing the external ears clear off his face. That claw reached out and grabbed the front of the man's shirt, growling into his face, "Cull. Now."

The man whimpered and pointed down a hallway. Darkk dropped him - or would be more appropiate to say threw him to the floor and stepped on his face (shattering his nose with a cloud crunch) - and hastily walked down said hallway.

09/05/2004 5:49 PM

Eris had been waiting outside the barroom door, getting a breath of fresh air after the flight. When Dark Stomped out, he gestured as if to say something, and noticed that Dark was alone. After looking in the window to make sure of Miya's safety, he started to follow Dark, leaving a small flame by the door, along with a guiding spell, noting to complicated.

Eris couldn't be sure if Dark was aware of him or not, so he tried to walk normally, but very quietly, to be as inconspicuous as possible. He watched as the Draconian traveresed the winding streets confidently, and knock on just the right door. As he ducked into a shadow, he thought he saw Dark's gaze flutter to him, but he walked in side without hesitation.

He heard conversation, growls on Darks part, whimpers on the other man's. As he snuck through a minute later, he apologized to the victim, unsure if he was alive or dead..

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