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07/05/2004 8:03 PM

In a small village protected by mountains,there lived a smith who had extraordinary powers in making rings.
The village called Facalong had a small populatoin but some how it is always a rich and bautifull place. Trent was the smith's name. He made two powerfull rings for the future king and queen who were coming to the village. One ring held within it the power of fire. The other held the power of ice. They were oposites. Because everything in the world had to be balanced by an opposing force. The queen was elfkind and the king human. The elves did not approve of this marriage. The elves sent out an ambush party in secret to assasinate the king before the marriage was completed. The King and Queen loved each other greatly. Just as the King and Queen turned the corner and saw the village gates arrows started flying to the trees. The smith then came out og the forge to see what was happening, he held the rings in his hand. An arrow slew the king, hitting him in the heart. The queen dismounted her horse to run to him and accidentally and elven arrow hit her in the throat. When all was quiet she and the king lay on the road, the future king and queen dead. That day the smith decided he would leave the village to put the two rings in a secret place whre only the rightfull king and queen could find them. This ends the legend of the two rings of fire and ice.

Walking through the through the forest near the village where this was said to have happened i thought of the legend and who would be the true king and queen.
Me an archer trying to find food.
Now starts the tale of the rings of fire and ice wether ots true or not its for you to dicide.

07/10/2004 5:05 PM

OOC:a few mistakes but that will have to do.

07/10/2004 6:23 PM

Her bow unstrung lay across her knees. She held a jar of special ointment that she used to keep the slender piece of vallenwood supple. Tree used to make this bow was only a sappling, and while nearly as strong as it's larger parents, the sapling was much more supple.

The bow was engraved with images of deer, rabbits and other forest creatures. The apex of the bow was done in an image of a Griffon with it's wings creating the peak on which she would attatch the sinew to the bow.

Oshei lay in the grass, his green eyes watching her everymovement lazily. The Grass Cat's pupils narrowed to vertical slits, and his tail twitched.

Kistalanstha sighed and then lay the unstrung bow aside, yawning, staring up to the sky above. So enamored of it was she, that she was caught off guard when Oshei gave his warning growl, and she scrambled to her feet, quite forgetting to string her bow....

07/10/2004 7:36 PM

The inn was getting crowded. Bren sat right in the middle of the floor, but the crowd still didn't seem to notice him. He was lucky that he was actually being paid by the bar's owner, a personal fan. He strummed his staff, the sound of a lute coming out of a hole he had carved with one of his knives. He knew that he wasn't supposed to carry weapons, but, when asked, he dismissed them as a work kit. Some of them were enchanted, after all.

Every now and then, a kind patron tossed him a coin, and he caught in the hat balaced on his foot without missing a beat. He diddn't overuse that skill, of course. After the fire had burned down and the crowd had thinned, he he started to tell some stories. After a punch line that was recieved less than warmly and a few glares, he went back to music.

After he was finished, he used most of his tips to buy drinks, which ended up paying for one glass of wine. Then after a nice nights sleep, or as nice as possible on haybale, he went for a stroll through the woods, pondering his next moves. Soon he was leaning against a tree, whittling. His idle thoughts wandered to his knives, and then to his magery. He grimaced, and focused on happier things. He'd rather his mind didn't meander down that dark path. He soon started again, at a faster pace, through tall grass, rustling loudly. Loudly enough that he didn't hear the growl...

07/11/2004 11:07 PM

Relik notched an arrow to his bow,watching as the deer wondered along through the long grass,then he losed the arrow and with his mind he sent it straight for the neck of the deer.
suddenly Relik saw a man come out of the trees and again with all of the power in his mind he stopped the arrow,only two inches from the mans neck.
And while all of this was happening the man had scared away his lunch,the deer.

07/14/2004 1:53 AM

Relik came out of his hiding place hearing the growl and asked the man"excuse me but could you be a little more silent,there are others in these woods ya know."

07/14/2004 10:12 AM

Bren turned and saw the arrow. He ducked, but he knew it was futile he was going to...

Bren peeked out from under his arms. The arrow had fallen, just like that. A man walked out of the woods and Bren hailed him. all thoughts of the growl were out of his head.

"Hello. Um, did you fire that a-arrow?" Bren hoped the stutter came out as adreneline. He had been shy for most of his life though, ironically opposing his chosen job.

07/19/2004 3:03 AM

Relik smiled and said"i sure did and it seems that your hungry from that growl i just heard from your belly,i would have had some food but you just scared it away."

07/19/2004 8:01 PM

"I've eaten. Um, maybe it was something else." Bren looked around shyly, as a far more eloquent speech ran through his head. He wasn't sure about this stranger, and his hand rested lightly on a large 'carving' knife.

OOC: Could you try to give me a bit more to work with?

07/20/2004 1:47 PM

Tory swatted at buzzing insects hovering about his face as he entered the humble town of Facalong.
The pititful guard posted at the side of the wide avenue entering the town proper, for show was Tory's guess, hardly looked up from his constant fanning of his face.

The stuff of humanity, though he could smell them from the surrounding woodland, assailed him with renewed vigor as homes and buildings came into view. Scents of cooking and rot, stale, days old offal, and other sweaty smells not at all encouraging to say the least. Tory gave wide berth to the worst of these, and decided on a sturdy-looking inn to begin his search. The villagers around him eyed the stranger with more than passing interest, perhaps due to the strange black leather garb or the assortment of knives sticking out of various cubbys on his torso.

The door to the bar creaked horribly, and heads swiveled as Tory entered, promptly shutting out the glare of sunlight behind him. Windows provided ample light, but the overall cast, and mood, of the room was dull and grey. Most of the patrons returned to their drinks, or whatever it was they were doing, and Tory strode to the bar with a bright, warm smile on his face, ordering an ale, something stout.
He proped up an elbow on the counter as he awaited his drink, giving the room a cursory glance.

07/20/2004 7:20 PM

Kista had climbed the nearest tree to her position and was now overlooking the clearing where the two were standing... her violet eyes narrowed as she listened as closely as she could...

Oshei crouched low in the tall grass, his ears pricked forward, the pale golden tufts twitching as the grass grazed them lightly.

She didnt' know if these two posed any threat to her, so she figured she'd stay right where she was...She carefully sent Oshei calming thoughts, unknowing if the Grass Cat had caught them in his mind, let alone if he understood them....

She didn't have a prayer to Chislev in stopping him as he pounced, his snarl loud in the silence of the forest...

"No!" she cried, leaping down from the tree... she landed, falling to one knee, her left hand scraped from the tree when she jumped.... she lunged forward, in a vain attempt to stop Oshei.

07/21/2004 6:45 AM

Bren was just about to politely excuse himself and meander back to town when it hit him. Whatever it was, it caught him inthe back with a snarl. Bren felt claws scratching his back, but his mildly enchanted robes took the brunt of the attack. Bren thanked Paladine again for his skill in enchantment.

Some calm part of his brain registered a woman, but the rest was in a panic. After a failed attempt to bite his neck and finish him off, the cat rolled him over on his back. Bren stared up, not sure whether to fight or wait. His hand went back to his knifes, pulling out his biggest, his "sculpting" knife, useful for whittling large chunks of wood and enemies.

07/21/2004 5:04 PM

"'Ere ya go." Tory turned slightly and slipped his fingers around his mug of ale. The barkeep hovered silently in Tory's face and the thief side of him couldn't help but chuckle.
Reaching into a clasped pouch tied to his hip, Tory withdrew a smudged coin, barely showing the crown and scepter of Ergothiain Lord, Berdidian Klo'strom VII. The barkeep, with an imperious eye, accepted the coin and bit it, then slipped it into a pouch hanging around his ample midsection. "Keep em coming." The assassin told him.

"What brings ye to Facalong stranger?" The hefty man suddenly asked. Tory raised an eyebrow curiously, and the barkeep continued. "Dee's is strange times, with stranger troubles. We dont be needin none more of 'em ye get me drift?" Tory struck a pensive pose, placing his forefinger on his chin, before saying, "Strange times indeed! Why, I couldn't make the safety of this village without being harrassed by shadowy, pointy eared thugs in cloaks."

The bartender growled in his throat. He unconsciously slapped a stained rag on his shoulder, and adjusted his weight a bit. "Elves. Been a long time since their kind's ben seen in dee's parts. They show up right close to when our king was murdered! Sounds more'n a bit suspicious to me. I'll tell ye what stranger, yer lucky to have made it alive from meetin' the no good dogs. They hide in the woods and talk to the plants and animals. Carry squirrels and all manner of wild stuffs with em, use em as spies, have ye no doubt." The large barkeep nodded, and coughed up something deep in his throat, sounding quite the animal himself. "Strange times, but wont be a day this here inn ain't open, by the gods." The barkeep turned his head and spat on the floor, grunting. A call came from down the bar, and Tory's unpleasant host waddled toward the coin quickly, leaving his words hanging in the air.

So, there are elves here, Tory mused, stroking the length of handle on his mug. His employer told him as much, and that any elf with questionable motives for being in the area was to be questioned at the least, by whatever means. Tory wasn't the inquisitor type, but he had his means of garnering information... Rising from his stool, Tory crossed the room to a table where 4 patrons were playing a game of bones, and invited himselfto a seat. "Mind if i have a go gentlemen?" A clinking pouch of coins dropped from Tory's fingers to the table, and around the table grins, nods, and eye-poping welcomed him.

Now to find out where these elves are..

07/21/2004 5:27 PM

"Oshei!! Stop!!" She screamed verbally, the mental impact was sharper than a backhand across the jaw. The cat froze, dropping back to his haunches and blinked in confusion...

The large grass cat fixed Bren with a dark stare, the blood-fury ovbviously still racing the feline's blood... but there was some sort of psychic hold that kept him in place.

Kista jogged up to them, her long dark hair had tumbled loose around her shoulders, shrouding her ears from sight. "Oh, Thank Chislev... " she muttered and looked up, her violet eyes meeting Bren's.

"I am so sorry he normally doesn't do stuff like this, Are you alright? Did he hurt you seriously??" She questioned, the worry evident in her posture and in the deep violet of her eyes.

07/22/2004 9:37 AM

Bren pushed himself up on his elbows, his knife hanging loosely in his hand. He tried to look unaffected, but of course he couldn't.

"Uh, n-no. I'm fine." he stared at the cat, adreneine rushing through his veins, his wild gaze meeting the bloodlust of the cat. "Um...good k-kitty." Bren pushed himself up from the ground, leaning on his staff.

"I think I'm g-going back to town now." Bren turned and started walking, not looking to see if they were coming, more out of anxiety than anything else.

07/26/2004 1:12 AM

OOC sorry i havent been here.......and i have to leave a little longer for dinna.

07/26/2004 2:25 AM

Relik watched all this with his hand close to his scimatar,ready to take it out at any second.
When he looked at the cat he froze as if some thing in side him was being pulled out and all his energy was leaving him.He tryed to look away but there was some thing there that was holding him.
suddenly he came back to earth and saw the man on the ground with a woman standing over him with violet eyes.
She looked older then him but he wasnt quite sure.
He didnt know what to do so he waited for some thing to happen.

07/29/2004 4:10 PM

"...Hahahaha, and.. and then she said, 'but y..you said.. you l..loved me!' ooohahaha."
The wine was flowing freely, and as Tory had figured, these fellows weren't used to the potentcy, probably lived on ale since they were born. Tory chuckled along with the others around the table. A few other patrons had sidled up to the boistrous table and thrown their coins in, making the space crowded and a might overfriendly.
"I'll bet she wished ye hadn't when she got a look at yer muzzle ye dog!" The rough man, still bleating laughter out of a leathery, pinched face got punched and the two thugs broke away from the crowd, rolling and thumping.

Tory shook his head and raised the stakes on the next toss by two copper. "So I hear the poor king had a son who was kidnapped before the assassination." He ventured, looking at the small disks in his hands before studying the expressions around the table.
"Bah, the King had no son, he was as impotent as.."
"He did too, I heard it from my uncle's sister's friend, the boy was no more than his son than the next man's, word's truth."
"Yer both wrong! The king's wife had a misconception, and adopted to cover the fact. The king raised that boy as if he were he's own tho, have ye no doubt."
Tory let it all float around, waiting patiently to use his next bait.

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07/29/2004 4:29 PM

Bren came into the bar, finding it active, very active. FArmers and farmers helpers, all drunk. And one, who seemed, ah, nevermind it doesn't matter, the crowd was too wild to see anything. Bren headed for the hall, hoping to discourage anyone who followed. He departed through the back door, and made his way to the barn he had slept in, to whittle, and collect his thoughts.

07/31/2004 7:36 PM

Relik thought about going into the town but disided not to for he had to think about that cat......it was staring at him like he WAS a cat.
Finally Relik sat down to have what was left of his food and fell deep into thought.......

08/21/2004 11:37 PM

Relik did not here the troop of ocrs sneak up,and was defensless when thay set upon him and then fell into a spell bound deep sleep.

09/02/2004 5:20 PM

OOC:i say,this IS slow.......

09/04/2004 2:17 PM

Well, you're not relaly helping us help you. My character is in town, and since he's not prescient, he has no knowledge of your character's predicament. And, seeing as he barely knows you, little interest, as well.

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