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06/29/2004 6:09 PM

I hope it's okay to post this here.

I was thinking that since many people have questions about coming up with characters, it would be a good idea to have a thread here. I know that there have been several in the DL forums, but I thought it would be a nice thing to have one here for the newbies.

Well, here I go...

Some no-nos...(these aren't absolute, these are just some things to consider...)

1. Your character does not have to be related to a cannon character. For example, they don't have to be the daughter of Raistlin Majere or Tass. They don't have to be the long lost sister/son or wife/husband either. I'm not saying you can't, it's just they don't have to be. And if they are related, that doesn't mean they have to have the family name.

For example, If married to a cannon character, maybe they kept their family name...or maybe their culture is materilinal(names and inhertitence passed through the female side.)

Also, there are other relationships besides blood and marriage. Like friendship, admiration from afar, envy, family friends, comrades, ect.

2. They don't have to be more than one species. For example...they don't have to be part black dragon, part water elemental, part elf, part god and part human. Ask yourself why you are making the character that way. Try to make it about more than having cool powers and no weaknesses. Maybe they inherited more weaknesses than advantages.

For instance, consider the half-vampire. Normally, people will make them super strong blood suckers, but they aren't weak against the sun or holy objects. Well, consider this for a change: Maybe they can't go out in the sunlight and are as strong as a normal mortal...

3. They don't have to be from some new fantastic race that you made up. What I mean is, don't make them that race just so they are all powerful. New races and classes are good as long as they aren't uber powerful.

4. Don't make them too angsty. Not all of life is good, but it's not all bad either. Ask yourself why you have all this bad stuff happen to them and if their reaction is a realistic one. And just because another character doesn't sympathize with that angst, doesn't make that character (or the player) bad.

(That's all for now...)

07/01/2004 7:26 AM

5. Try to keep them consistent, and realistic. Don't make them normal humans and later have them defeat a god with their bare hands. Losing a fight is not always a bad thing.

6. If you make them reckless, don't make them too reckless. Thre's a limit to what someone would do without good reason, even under pressure.

07/03/2004 4:29 PM

Also, I know some people get stuck on creating characters. Some hints for now...

1. You don't have to know their entire life history. These things can come later.

2. Names can be very hard to come up with. My one bit of advice: it should either fit the setting or else there should be a good explaination for it. And make sure it's one that character's parents would name them.

3. If you've played for a long time, you should take a look at the type of characters you usually play. Do they have a lot in common? Such as class, personality and concept? Next time, you might want to play a character that's different from the type you usually play.

07/06/2004 6:04 PM

Another way to make names, you can take something, like another person's name, say, and twist it. One character I made ad the last name of a friend with a space added and a vowel changed. I never used him though.

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