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06/27/2004 2:27 PM

Starstorm frowned, her pale blue eyes scanned the valley below... something seemed wrong.. she had been on circut for a month now, her first of many... her long silvery-white hair was bound in a single braid down her back, a single white tail feather gleamed there, it's shaft glittering with crystal beads.

Starstorm reached up absently and touched the feather lovingly. Though she wore the uniform of a Herald, these detested 'oh shoot me now', plain whites, she was not Valdemaran. She was, by heritage and birth, a Tayledras... a Hawkbrother. Having lived within K'Shena vale all her life, she was brought to Valdemar by Firesong, summoned by his letters brought by his stunning bondbird, the firebird Aya.

In a skirmish with hardorn, she lost her bondbird, a peregrine falcon, Kyril. The loss of her bondbird stunned Starstorm into a state of shock, and she would have also died in that skirmish... if she hadn't fallen into the blue eyes of Kesseria.

The companion wore neither the bitless bridle, nor even a simple saddle blanket... Starsong was told much later that Kesseria had left the companions field with no explanation. It was certain that this spirit given form had saved Starsong's life... her timing was that perfect. She was shocked once she realized what had really happened, that she was now bound to Valdemar... She was offered the chance to renounce Kissaria's choice, but one last look into those fathomless blue eyes and Starstorm knew that her home was now here...

:Quit wool-gathering... can you not feel it?:: Came Kesseria's chiding mind-voice. Starstorm flushed and turned her gaze back down to the valley below, stretching out her mage sight and then slowly nodded. "Something is building, growing....a magical force that is very strong...."

07/04/2004 10:43 PM

Brightwind squinted her sapphire eyes against the wind that seemed to come from no where for a moment as it whipped silver and black hair around in front of her face. She was rising the crest of a mountain. Not far below her was a valley that she'd been told to check out. The Hawkbrother queried her Dyheli companion mentally and recieved an affirmation from the doe that they were almost overlooking the valley.

Above her, Brightwind could feel her Bondbird, Kreetane, gliding from tree to tree. :: People. :: He told her. :: Woman and Spirit-Horse. ::

A Herald, here? Brightwind thought with a frown, but shrugged. :: Stay back, we shouldn't startle them. ::

A few moments more at the Dyheli's split hooves were padding slowly out of the trees and it was then that Brightwind saw both Starstorm and Kesseria, as well as the valley.

"Heyla, Herald!" She called out, and found herself a little startled at seeing the feather in the woman's hair and the tanned skin. "Is there anything down there of interest?" The younger woman smiled amiably, and another gust of the breeze made the feather in her hair whip around her face, along with the many glass beads around it.

07/05/2004 6:53 PM

Starstorm looked up, and quickly noticed Brightwind. "Heyla!" She called back, raising her hand in greeting. She didn't get the chance to reply to the others' question, when the power that both she and Kesseria felt building broke over them like a wave.

She dimly heard Kesseria's panicked neigh, and the scream of her mindvoice through the haze of pain... the magical energies. Numb, she clutched frantically at Kesseria's presence, and held on for dear life, afraid that she would be washed away in this wave of power.....

Slowly she swam up, clinging to the worried mind-voice whose tone was hard to hear....

::Starstorm?? Starz??:: Came Kesseria's worried voice. Weary, Starz opened her eyes, and stared deep into the fathomless blue depths of Kesseria's eyes.

::Kess? What happened?:: Starz sent back, unable to find her true voice just yet.

Kesseria's ears lay flat against her skull as she raised her head and looked around.... the fear in her mind-voice made Starz sit up quickly.

::I don't know:: Kesseria said softly, her tail gave a nervous twitch...

07/07/2004 6:29 PM

Brightwind froze as the wave of power washed over to her and she felt it overtake her. :: Kreetane?! :: Brightwind called out frantically once the wave ebbed. :: Where are you? ::

A few moments later the bird's reply came. Unsure and not even close to steady, he glided over to her as what had been part of the tree he had been in fell to the ground. :: I am here. ::

Brightwind breathed a sigh of relief, though she was still reeling from the power flow. She looked around and only then noticed that there was a falled tree limb where a very large tree had once stood. It looked to be severed straight through. Closer inspection of the land around her showed that what she was in... didn't quite belong with the land beyond. Twisting on her Dyheli mount, she saw that she was in a perfect circle of ground that did not belong to that around it. "By the Gods," she said just loud enough to carry. "What was that?!"

The Dyheli doe became frantic the moment the power ebbed. She threw and tossed her head around, careful of her horns and her rider, but was muttering in a panic in her own mind. When Brightwind realized this, she did her best to soothe the doe, but was at a loss as to what to say.

07/07/2004 7:05 PM

Starstorm rubbed her aching neck and then looked around. The circle of land that they stood on, was the same that they had been standing on... it was the rest of the world that was different... or rather, so it seemed.

A violent shiver shook Starstorm as she stared at the lush landscape before them... and the huge, grey-stone tower that loomed in the distance.

"Where are we??" She mumbled, as she realized that she wasn't quite alone with Kess... the Tayledras who hailed her was here as well... along with her bondbird and the Dyheli she was riding.

07/07/2004 8:12 PM

"Where are we??" She mumbled, as she realized that she wasn't quite alone with Kess... the Tayledras who hailed her was here as well... along with her bondbird and the Dyheli she was riding.

Brightwind looked around herself again and noticed the forest stretching out around her. "Well, I'm not entirely certain... but I think we aren't anywhere close to where we were... look," she said, looking over her shoulder at the fallen tree limb that was inside their circle. "Do you see any trees like that one that's in the circle with us? We are very far from where we were..."

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