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06/24/2004 8:39 PM

A lithe man walked up to a small clearing and stood. He wore a chainmail, and a studded leather skirt over his pants. Copper colored hair flowed down to his jawline from under a bronze helmet. An ornate rapier hung at his side.

"It has been pointed out to me that many newcomers have little knowledge of battle. I have decided, along with two companions, to fight, and teach anyone who would like to learn. In this circle, there will be 4 rules. They are as follows:

1. Each player will have ten moves, and an introduction, which should be numbered/labeled. In the introduction, the character will be described, along with his weapons and armor.
2. Each move must be reasonable, and give the opponent a chance to respond, i.e. you cannot punch, kick, stab, and headbutt someone, then jump away all in one turn.
3. After the fight, viewers can vote on the better fighter.
4. You cannot, at any time, use your opponents character."

"I am not the only opponent you can choose from." he gestured to two people standing at the edge of the clearing. "There is Boldar, a berserker with a great axe," at this he points to a large man, in a iron breast plate, with an axe upon his shoulder, "And Jack, a vampire." He points to a scraggly man with jeans and a tie-dye shirt, drinking a beer. "I am Cly."

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