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06/21/2004 10:26 PM

"They say that some things are thicker than blood." he smiled, memories coming back to him. "Things like friendship, chivalry, and love." his gaze drifted across the table, capturing in it the purple eyed mercanary that stole his heart.

"Some search for years, not finding their query, others never knowing what they are in fact searching for. Some find religion, some find freedom, some death, and still others find waht they never knew they were looking for." He took a sip of his soup, closed his eyes, smiled and then continued.

"There is something about me many find strange." he said, looking down towards those gathered at the table. "Obviously, I speak of my height... most assume there is giant blood in my viens, though the giants that roamed these lands ages ago have long since passed." he paused, gathering his words. "I've spent much time in the great libraries of Palanthas. I've spoken with historians, librarians, chronologists, scholars, I've talked to them all. I've traced bloodlines, bloodpacts, religions, marriages, adoptions, kidnappings... everything."

He took another sip of his soup, and a gulp of his water.

"Once, a long time ago... before the races of man, elf and dwarf. In a time before the great dragon wars, the fight with Takhisis, the legends of Huma, Kaz, and the good dragons, there lived two races of people. the Syvenja, and the Merthigelions. The Syvenja were incredibly endowed with powers of the mind, while the Merthigelions were very advanced in the arts of smithing and alchemy. The races fought horribly against each other. Bloody massacre led to bloody massacre led to a near genocide of both races. They fought each other to the death, every last one of them..."

He paused, adding a moment of silence to deepen the impact of the words.

"...or so the history books would lead you to beleive. What you don't know, is that the bloodlines are in fact still intact, having thinned, mixing over the centuries, weakening and fading. But they still exist. In this day and age, the few Syvenja hunt the few Merthigelions in an ages old fued that's reasoning is forgotten."

Another sip and his bowl was empty.

"You all may have seen those whose blood is mixed. The most distinguishing feature of both races was their height, both rising to nearly ten feet tall. Over time of course the blood has faded, most now standing closer to six or seven. The Syvenja appeared closer to elves, while the Merthigelions resembled stronger the humans that over time they bred with."

He watched the others eye him, his words registering slowly.

"The Syvenja slowly won the fued, nearly eradicating every single Merthigelion on this planet. It was pure genocide. But they were winning only by a hair. The Merthigelions were the fiercest warriors in all of history." he said with a smile. "Not a single man or woman in all of history could stand toe to toe with a Merthigelion swordmaster. And yet you may ask, "How would the Syvenja have won?" Well it came down to the Syvenja's mental abilities. Top most being the ability to track people with their minds. There was no escape from a power such as that. Plus the Syvenja fought dirty..." he laughed. "Ambushes, raids, things like that."

"But that's all in the past now." he said. "What my words come down to is this...."

"I have uncovered the fact that I have flowing in me the blood of the Merthigelions. The Syvenja on this planet still hunt me, and the few others like me. I have also located the ruins of an ancient Merthigelion temple buried in the mountains since the cataclysm, a months travel from here. I ask you, my friends, those I trust the most, those who mean more to me than even my own brother and sister, I need help. I must learn about the people I have decended from. I must understand this fued, and why I am being hunted over it. Already I have withstood the attacks of many I beleive to be Syvenja. I fear I can't do this alone."

"He waved to the waitress and ordered another bowl of soup as the others at his table sat silent.

06/22/2004 5:07 AM

OOC: Hey Glassy, if it's ok with you, I would like to join this thread. I won't use Cherizal though, as she can't be classified as one of Jorgan's friends. I was thinking of using another character of mine, a seer, unless you want me to play something else.

06/22/2004 7:47 AM

Kalia sat silently listening to her old friend talk... his story was facinating. As a part one of the strongest races on Krynn, she felt obligated to find out the whole story of it...

"I'll help you Jorgan... if only to understand the truth behind this fued.." She smiled faintly.

06/22/2004 2:38 PM

Theron winked towards the waitress as she set down the mug of cold water. As cold as ice, the water was. Taking a gulp, Theron leaned in, revealing a man hardened over the passed years of his life. Perhaps the most noticeable change was his shaved head, the blue mohawk gone. He now instead had a chin patch style beard, which was white. He was still young, however, the mysterious color was probably from his Goddess, Corria.

As well as the absence of the mohawk, there was now a black tattoo on his forehead. The design was that of a winged creature engulfed by an ice diamond. He still fashioned the bare chest, now scarred up from passed battles with pure evil. A giant tattoo also spread across his bare shoulder blades, representing large wings that seemed to spread across his back.

Listening to the tale of his friend, Theron smirked.

"Sounds fun...bud...Count me in." Theron replied, between bites of cheese covered bread in a woven bowl before him. Removing his contracted staff from its strap on his belt, Theron slid it on the table into view of the Jorgan.

"I'd like to see those Syvereli-what track the ice staff of Corria right up their asses." Theron said with a challenging grin.

06/22/2004 8:35 PM

OOC: Oh Que, your post kept me laughing for about five minutes straight! lol Cheri if you wanna join you can, the character isn't important, the past can be glazed over and created as we go, it was just something I had in mind for awhile. My main thought was to feed off of the "Thicker Than Blood" theme and go with a group of friends who trust each other.

Kalia, would you like Kension to join this story also? I guess in my mind the whole time during "Thicker 1" was that in the end Tomi and Kension would end up together "happily ever after". I planned on setting this after "Thicker 1/2" so anybody that develops in the story can join this one.

I'm in no rush to push this story ahead at a pace it's not built for. So take your time and post when you want to, not cause you guys feel like ya have to ;)


06/22/2004 11:42 PM

OOC: Glassy, how many years have past between Thicker Then Blood and this one?

BIC: Brooke took a sip of the light wine the waitress set down in front of her. Setting the glass down, she drew her hand through her short dark hair as Jorgan finished his story. The mercenary had asked him about what he called the legend of his height many times, but now that she had heard the tale she was fasinated. Smiling, she looked at the warrior who still held the key to her heart.

Her violet eyes seemed to dance as she nodded. "You know I'm in. I'd love to help figure this thing out. Besides, wherever you go, I'll follow." she said in her usual quiet tones, a grin lighting her face as she remembered the statement she'd made when first meeting the man.

06/23/2004 4:10 AM

Kalia, would you like Kension to join this story also? I guess in my mind the whole time during "Thicker 1" was that in the end Tomi and Kension would end up together "happily ever after". I planned on setting this after "Thicker 1/2" so anybody that develops in the story can join this one.

sure, I don't mind.. you can have Kension again if you'd like, and I'll control Hitomi and Kalia ;)

06/23/2004 4:15 PM

OOC: I'm not in thicker then blood..but i want to join this one. what do you suggest?

06/23/2004 8:15 PM

Sokar watched the lording man before him silently from under his hood. The light didn’t touch his face, and it would have been painful if it did. Many would mistake Sokar to be a mage, due to the charcoal robes that covered his body, however this was not the case. In fact, Sokar wore the robes for an entirely non-magical purpose, and just as much for everyone around him as for himself.

Of all the people sitting at the table, Sokar was probably the most recent acquaintance of the storyteller having met him only a few short months before. The human, if you could call him that, already had a great deal of respect for the near giant. He already knew that there was no need to say anything. Sokar would help however he could in this venture, no matter how radical it appeared.

Carefully a gloved hand reached forward and took hold of the wooden goblet that had been placed before him. The goblet was filled with a strange reddish liquid that swished like water but looked closer in texture to blood. In the same careful motion that extended the hand, he brought the goblet back under the fold of his hood. Sokar knew his silence was understood, so he leaned back in the chair and carefully sipped his concoction.

OOC: I also was not in the first (2?) threads, but I am greatly interested in this. Tell me if this is ok, and if not I'll delete it.

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