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06/13/2004 11:13 AM

As far as Jack Bowman was concerned, being a vampire was not all it was cracked up to be. It had it's perks, of course. Enhanced senses, skills, and strength were among the most pleasant. But, as powerful as he was, his worst enemy was, and always would be, the sun. He could avoid it, he could wear heavy protection for short trips, and he had heard of charms and amulets that protect his kind, such as the specially tinted windows in his Dodge Charger. All this could prolong his life, but he could never again watch a sunset, or take a walk in the park on a sunny day.

Jack looked around his empty basement. To him it was new, but when all was said, done, and unpacked, it would be the same as his old one. As his gaze fell on the boxes of records, cassettes, and even some CDs, he thought of his old home, in Kansas, the Sunflower State. Jack had never been a goth, rather near the other end of the spectrum, a hippy. Regardless, his lifestyle was hardly changed when he was turned, during a late night walk in the cemetary. Instead of midnight snacks at 7-11, he took them at a latenight pigfarm, or bought blood at the butcher shop. His friends were neither shocked, nor distrubed, and they remained his friends. He was not murderous, or particularly bloodthirsty, he was just as good-natured as before. Many of them even modified their schedules for him.

But, even with friends like his, Jack had to move on. He packed up his home and music store, and moved to LA. He had heard many horror stories (Figurative and literal) about big cities, and knew that something interesting was always going on. His music shop was actually more of a placebo for monemaking, he liked to hold onto his music, instead he usually worked night shifts when he needed money.

The apartment building was old, but had character. He hadn't met any of his fellow tenents yet, but that would change soon. Jack walked up the stairs and knocked on the first door he came too.

06/13/2004 8:16 PM

Rebecca Sims sat in front of her TV doing her Yoga exercise which is her normal routine before going out to work. Her lean long body frame easy move into each position as if she had done this all of her life. Her movement was fluent and graceful almost like that of a cat, which in this case is exactly as it seems.

Rebecca is a werepanthar and the only one of her kind as far as she can tell since the demise of her mate 5 years ago. She has only recently moved to LA to get away from the old memories of her lover and has taken up resident with two other single women. Saleka Vash and Greta Van Hasett both which have interesting lives as well.

Saleka is a fortune teller and real one at that. She is the one who got Rebecca her job at the local Bar & Grill down the street called La Luna. Saleka tells people about their futures and Rebecca works as a bartender. Greta is still a mystery to Rebecca. She is the one who placed the add to rent the 3rd room but it was Saleka who met with Rebecca not Greta. Since she had moved in two months ago, Rebecca had only met Greta once.

As Rebecca does her last position, she hears a knock at the door. Turning the TV off she lifts herself up and strolls toward the door. Pulling back her long curly black hair she stops at the door and peeks through the peephole to check out the visitor. The lighting outside the door isn’t the greatest but she can tell it is a young man. Her senses tell her he isn’t human but doesn’t sense anything bad either. Knowing full well she can handle most creatures she decides to open the door but with caution.

Rebecca slowly opens the door, “Hello, can I help you?”

06/14/2004 11:35 AM

Rebecca slowly opens the door, “Hello, can I help you?”

"Hi. I'm your new neighbor, Jack Bowman. I hope I wasn't disturbing you, I was just coming to say hello, y'know, get a feel for the people who share my building."

His naighbor smelled odd, and he had the feeling that she was more than she appeared.

06/14/2004 6:20 PM

Rebecca opens the door a tad wider and smiles at Jack. "Nice to meet you Jack. My name is Rebecca Sims but most people call me Becca. I'm pretty new here myself."

Rebecca could tell that Jack has no intent on harming her so she relaxes a tad but not completely. "I would ask you in but I'm about to get ready for work." She pauses for a moment then smiles a little more, "I have an idea. If you aren't doing anything tonight maybe you can stop by La Luna Bar & Grill, that's where I bartend. I could give you drink on the house to celebrate you moving in. By the way, which apartment did you move into?"

06/15/2004 2:43 AM

[Cameo appearance]

Eliar, who was known to some as Edmund, hurriedly walked past Rebecca and Jack while muttering beneath his breath. He had a basketball game to catch. No way was he going to let Detroit Pistons defeat the reviled Lakers for the NBA championship without him watching.

[/Cameo appearance]

06/15/2004 1:04 PM

[Cameo appearance]

OOC: I'm honored.


"Oh! I'd be happy to come by. I haven't been in a bar for a while. It's time to catch up on the social scene, I geuss." Jack smiled brightly. "If you ever need me, I'm down in the bottom room. And don't worry about disturbing me, I'm usually not very busy. But, I'll let you get back to your typical morning activities."

Jack left the door way and stood on the landing, unsure whether to kepp pressing on, or to retreat to his cozy lair to unpack some more.

06/15/2004 2:43 PM

Kiyoko yawned, and stretched as she stepped out of her shower. She wrapped one thick towel around her slender form, and vigerously attacked her hair with another. Pulling a brush through her long dark hair she turned and began to dress.

she slipped on a thin tank-top and then the light weight kevlar vest and then pulled on a second shirt over top. she belted her black jeans and tucked a pair of hand-cuffs in one back pocket. She tucked one extra loaded clip into the other pocket and slipped the other into the pistol itself, clicked the saftey on and then slipped the P90 into its' holster, and slipping the shoulder holster in place.

She grabbed both her badge and her leather jacket on the way out the door, slipping the former which was on a sturdy chain, around her neck, and then slipped her arms through the sleeves of the jacket as she walked down the hallway. She rounded a corner and just about walked into someone standing on the landing.

"Oh! geeze... I'm sorry... havn't had my 'morning' coffee yet" She said, smiling.

06/15/2004 4:50 PM

Just as Jack decided to retreat, a woman hurried down the stairs and just about knocked him into the door. Any other man, and he wood have been annoyed, but not only was this woman attractive, but she smelled dangerous. As in, not just a heartbreaker, but a heart ripper, render, and possibly eater. Jack smiled forgivingly.

"It's okay, I'm very shock resistent." Jack held out his hand. "I'm also new. Jack Bowman, at your service."

06/15/2004 6:44 PM

Kiyo smiled, and extended her hand. "Kiyoko Mistuske, or just Kiyo... LAPD. I live two floors up." She paused and looked him over, and allowed her senses to take full stock of the man.... and immediatly she knew he wasn't as he seemed. She took a deep breath that was disguised as a yawn.

"oh.. man, forgive me... I just started the graveyard shift..." She said, still smiling though she seemed to have tensed a bit, becoming a slight bit more wary.

06/16/2004 9:45 AM

"oh.. man, forgive me... I just started the graveyard shift..."

"Heh. I know how that works. You'll get used to it. I worked nights at a McDonalds once, and the wierdos certainly do turn out at night. But it looks like you were going somewhere, so I guess I'll let you go."

06/17/2004 3:08 PM

Jack told Kiyo where his room was, and she continued off, more careful around the corners this time. Jack stood on the landing, indecisive again. He decided it wasn't that bad to meet new people, and started climbing stairs again.

06/18/2004 6:45 PM

Kei dashed up the stairs, having just gotten over his shift at the restaurant he had chosen to work at for now. Dishwashing was not one of his favorite new jobs and he had made sure to change back into his regular clothes, rather then wear that sopping, wet mass home. He was wearing a white, unbuttoned shirt over a black t-shirt and had blue jeans on. As his tennis shoes pounded up the stairs, he couldn't help but shudder.

This place was full of it...he could tell. He wondered if living here was the best strategy. He could easily lose it and...but if it kept them from finding him...

I will not be the tool of those people ever again. I am my own person and I will do as I please.

It was at this moment that he saw someone on the stairs ahead of him and froze. He is...not human...what...

"Hey, uh are you new here?"

06/20/2004 3:18 PM

Jack started. He had been thinking, not of anything important, but dep enough that he didn't notice the man coming up behind him.

"Yep. I just moved in here with all my stuff today. Right now I'm looking around the building, meeting neighbors. Hey, it beats unpacking, right?" Jack flashed a grin, showing slightly large canine teeth. "Do you live here also?"

06/20/2004 5:08 PM

Kei started for a moment. Fangs...he must be a vampire or something...But, I don't sense anything evil. Just the usual non-human aura. That makes no sense...if any non-human is...it's best not to think about it...

"Yeah, I live here. " He looked at the other man slowly. "I usually don't talk to other tenants though." He was never sure about making friends with anyone since he had 'changed.' There was always some sort of risk involved. He stood there ackwardly for a second, thinking about what to do. Finally, he held out his hand, three beaded, copper braclets clanking together.

"I'm Kei Bannon. Nice to meet you."

06/20/2004 6:45 PM

"I'm Kei Bannon. Nice to meet you."

Jack extended his hand without hesitation. "Jack Bowman. My pleasure. I live in the basement. Hopefully I'll see you around. Maybe at La Luna? I hear that that's the place to go, around here at any rate."

Jack looked at his watch. It was already into the late afternoon. He had spent an awful long time thinking on one of the stoops to an empty apartment. He looked again at Kei.

"Actually, I'm thinking of heading there now. It's probably right at the lull before a busy period. It should fun, if you want to join me for a drink or two."

06/20/2004 6:47 PM

Keith was walking down the hall when he noticed two people talking. He decided that it was better not to get to friendly with the other tenants incase he had to make a run for it. He knew that his former creator, David Danson, was after him and that he had been tracked to LA. Keith knew that since LA was big, it might be easy to loose him besides, Keith liked the city of LA.

Keith rushed past the two very quickly, and headed upstairs. And besides that, he wasn't sure if it was such a good idea to associate with these tenants for most of them, he could tell, were not human. One of the tenants that he had just passed had a body temperature lower than a normal human and guessed that he was a vampire or something. As soon as he reached his room, he went inside and locked the door behind him. He then went his window and watched for any sign of David.


David had tracked Keith to LA but, Keith had removed his tracking device and in a big city like this, it was going to be hard to find him. David couldn't believe that Keith had ran away from him, his creator. Why he should be thankful to me, I gave him life and this is how he repays me? Of course I was planning on selling him to people who would use him for evil doing but, so what? Moneys, money and I don't care who says otherwise. Now I just got to find him...

He had been looking for Keith quite sometime and he was getting tired of searching. So he had called on the police to help find him. He had told them that Keith had stolen something from him and he wanted it back. Police, so easily tricked. It was like taking candy from a baby.

He had decided that it would be less costly to use his van as his home and tracking facility. His van was black and in the very back was all of his mechanical devices. All he had to do was sleep in the front, now money was another thing. He had to sell many things back home and was selling some even here. People now a days were easy to take money from. He just told them his device did something and then he got their money, and left, easy as pie.

With the money he was making, he might not need Keith but, all that money would be even better. He had been told to meet a police officer somewhere, it escaped him at the moment. So for now he would just drive around and look for Keith.

06/20/2004 7:10 PM

After having the nice little chat with her new neighbor Jack, Rebecca realizes she is running a tad late for work. She jumps in the shower then rushes around getting ready when the phone rings.

“Hello? Oh Saleka, what’s up? Ummm ok, I can get it for you. Not a problem. Yeah I’m getting ready to leave now. See ya in a few.” Rebecca hangs up the phone then grabs the book that Saleka asked for then runs out the door.

Rebecca thinks about the conversation she had with Jack and wonder if he really will come to La Luna. Walking swiftly down the street she turns the corner and can see the sign of the La Luna in all it neon glory. The full moon with a howling coyote in front of it gave it a Southwestern appearance but the food was more a variety to fit the many different styles of the clientele that came there. The owner always seem to have a knack for having exactly what people wanted. It would have seemed a tad strange if not eerie to Rebecca if she lived a normal life but since she isn’t human it doesn’t seem strange at all.

Upon entering the Bar, Rebecca sees Saleka waiting for her with her usual charming smile. “Here it is, Sal. How is business today?”

“Not too good, Becca.” Saleka says in her thick Romanian accent. “That is why I asked for the book. Things are a slight slow but I am hoping it will pick up shortly.” Saleka winks as if she knows she will have a customer soon.

Rebecca smiles, “I’m sure it will. Who’s on tonight?”

“Ahh..your favorite Manager.” Saleka says with a wicked smile. “But he has not arrived yet.”

Rebecca frowns for a moment, “Good God not him, anyone but him.” She thought for the moment about inviting Jack for a drink. Anyone else would give Jack one on the house but not this manager. “Well I better get behind the bar before Pedar, I mean Mr. Steele, walks in seeing me just standing here.” The two laugh for a second then Rebecca goes over to the Bar. Pedar Steele is one of the few people, if you can call him that, that Rebecca doesn’t get along with. With Mr. Steels at the helm, it is going to be a very long night.

06/20/2004 8:13 PM

Yawning, Kiyo pressed the end button on her cell phone, and looked around La Luna Bar and Grill. She was sent to meet someone by the name of David Dansen. He was after a thief of sorts and had asked the LAPD for help.

She leaned back in the chair, her legs stretched out before her, as she picked listlessly at the plate of cheese and other lite finger foods.

06/20/2004 10:21 PM

Greta was seated in La Luna, her pad of paper and pen at the ready. Her azure eyes scanned the room back and forth, searching for the one she was sent to observe. It seemed that one of the up-and-coming politicians came here sometimes and was very interested in the non-human population of the city.

The beautiful woman knew very well that La Luna was populated by those types of people; as was the apartment building she lived in. To be honest, so was her apartment. One of her roommates was a werepanther. A nice enough woman who was a couple years Greta's senior. A bartender here, in fact.

Thinking that, the Dutchwoman looked up and smiled seeing Rebecca. Funny... as much as I come here, and to hear her tell it to the Gypsy, she's only seen me twice... lovely how she doesn't seem to notice me!

The blonde woman sighed. She didn't mind the non-humans, in fact, she much enjoyed their company... they seemed more tolerable than most humans. They were more open-minded and less apt to call her a freak or a weirdo for her solitude. One of the waitresses here was a friend of hers, actually... an uncanny vampress who could see her even when she was trying to be stealthy--which was by no means an easy feat.

They had become fast friends, which was another shock for Greta, and talked quite a bit. Well, quite a bit as far as the definition went with Greta, that is. They had a couple short conversations each night that she came here in between other customer's orders... that was about the extent of it.

She picked up her glass of Coke and took a quick drink and looked around again. The detective was here. Mitsuke Kiyoko... a Japanese woman who also happened to be a werefox. Wonder what's brought her here? Greta wondered to herself and started to write brief notes on the woman and possible reasons for her being in the bar. She certainly didn't look like she was here of her own vulition; she was waiting for someone. But who?

06/21/2004 1:55 AM

Meredith stretched her tired body and jawned. She had been sewing all day with only a short break to eat an apple and drink a cup of tea.
Enough for today she thought and went to the bathroom. A shower was what she needed. She sighed with pleasure when the hot water hit her sore shoulders. When she turned the tap off, she felt invigorated.

And she was hungry too. On the way to her bedroom, she found Charles, her boa constrictor, lying on one of the heaters. She put him around her shoulders and went to the wardrobe to find something to wear. She chose a long black velvet dress with a deep v-cut in the back and long sleeves and a pair of highheeled boots, then she applied some make up and brushed her long hair till it shone.

She kissed Charles and removed him from her shoulders. She considered putting him back into his terrarium, but decided not to. Charles loved to crawl around the house and sleep on the heater and she let him free most of time. She tried not to leave delicate things on tables and shelves to avoid that he shattered them while he explored the territory.

She locked the door and almost flew down the stairs. She lived in the attic, and liked to take the stairs to keep fit, as she didn't have much time to go to the gym. And then she didn't like much the old elevator. It stopped too often. That was actually the only thing she hated in the building. The building was very old and spooky and the people who lived there fit the place very well.

She headed toward La Luna. It was the closest place and at this hour it was usually quiet, so she could get a meal and a drink in peace. Entering the bar she noticed several customers, a few of them were her neighbours. She nodded at them and went to the disk.
"Good evening, Rebecca. What do you recommend today? I'm starving."

06/21/2004 6:18 AM

"Actually, I'm thinking of heading there now. It's probably right at the lull before a busy period. It should fun, if you want to join me for a drink or two."

"Eh, sure why not? I'm underage yet, but I can manage."

Oh, great...that was misguided...I'm going out for drinks with a vampire...a potential killer...and he has no idea that I'm a potential killer...but actually, if I think of this as being a test...if I can hang around these people without losing it...

"Where is this place anyways?"

06/21/2004 10:20 AM

His home was simple, using the most of the light that entered the room through the main, and largest window, alot of mirrors hung on the wall, reflecting the radiance, leaving the place feeling fresh, clean and alive. The soft coloured hard wood floors had recently been swept, so that no dust marred them. At present, Martainn sat on one of the large white cushions, retrieved from the corner of the pleasently plain and minimilistic room. Three large stones encircled an equally large beeswax candle, the strong flame flickering brilliantly and vividly alive about a foot from his seated position. A single piece of heather lay between the stones and Martainn himself.

He whispered, softly, the words would be heard by none save himself and the one to whom he spoke. Although there was little effort in attaining this 'centered' state, something else seemed to cause a strain on his features, a slight frown etching his brow, small beads of sweat had begun to form.

" Thankyou. ", his eyes opened, and he picked up the piece of heather, placing the tip of it within the flame so that the end also caught fire. A silver dish was to his left, and in it was the flower lowered to. Smoke rosem scented with the soft lavender essence. " A gift, for the help. "

Nothing more was said, and he simply stood, stretching his back and legs afterwards.

Time for a bit of RnR I think.........

Martainn headed out his door, dressed black linen trousers, a white t-shirt and his ring, which he never took off. Gently descending the stairs, seeming to glide down them..... he hadn't lived in the building long, however he came to not trust the poor old elevator, whom seemed to be nelgected alot, however, he didn't have the time to spend within the confines of small box for an entire night.

La Luna bar, someone had mentioned it in passing, and as such, he found himself entering its threshold.

06/21/2004 10:29 AM

"Where is this place anyways?"

"Right around the corner, I guess." Jack thought he saw something flash in the man's eyes. Suspicion, maybe, but it was gone so fast it might not have happened. They arrived at the bar as quickly as possible, to avoid a powerful rainstorm that appeared almost instantaneously, without warning at all. Jack stumbled into the bar soaking wet, heading straight to the bar. He smiled and nodded at Rebecca, but she was pouring someone else a drink. He beckoned to Kei.

"If you want anything, I'll order it for you. You may be underage, but I'm not."

06/21/2004 3:27 PM

As David was driving, he remembered where he was supposed to meet the cops, La Luna Bar and Grill. He didn't like the fact that in a place like that, people might be able to overhear them talking, something he didn't want. Yet he knew that the only way to find Keith, faster and less expensive was to ask for help. He also needed a story to tell the cop. What would he say?

By the time he had made up his story he noticed that he was at La Luna and walked inside. It was raining, and so he was soaked from top to bottom. He was currently wearing jeans, an orange t-shirt, and his lab coat. His brown spiky hair was dampened down and so with his hands he restored his hair to its original look, even if it was alittle wet. He then looked around for the person he was supposed to meet with his hazel eyes and noticed that there seemed to be more woman than men. And these weren't any ordinary women, they all looked amazing, by his standards atleast.

I've go to remember to come here if I ever need companionship. He smirked and kept looking for the cop that he was supposed to meet.

06/21/2004 5:16 PM

"If you want anything, I'll order it for you. You may be underage, but I'm not."

Kei nodded, as he took a seat, shivering from the soaking he had recived. "Just order for me. I've never been to a place like this before. I have no idea what to do."

No one wicked here, just non-humans.

He didn't like killing anyone, whether they deserved it or not. But, if he was going to lose it and kill someone, he would rather it be because they were a monster on the inside, not the outside.

"Oh, don't order anything that's too strong." I'm never sure how alchol will react with my condition, so it's best not to take too many chances. Especially around other people.

06/21/2004 6:06 PM

"Oh, don't order anything that's too strong."

"Sure thing." Rebecca had fished with the first customer and headed toward Jack. "Hey,Rebecca. I'll have a Jack Daniel's and he'll have a rum and coke, please." He turned to Kei. "So, how long have you lived in this city?"

06/21/2004 6:12 PM

Entering the bar she noticed several customers, a few of them were her neighbours. She nodded at them and went to the disk.
"Good evening, Rebecca. What do you recommend today? I'm starving."

"Good evening to you too, Meredith." Rebecca says with a smiles always glad to see a familiar face, "I just got here myself so let me get you a list of the specials and a regular menu. It will only take a sec." Rebecca went to the other end of the bar and spoke to one of the hostesses who quickly ran off to grab the menus.

As Rebecca turn to go back towards Meredith, she sees Jack with a young man enter the bar and she smiles. The hostess calls to her and hands her the menus.

Upon returning to the other end of the bar, she hands the menus to Meredith, "You know I'm not a picky eater, so I'm sure whatever the chief made for specials have got to be awesome. So tell when you are ready and I'll set you up. Excuse me for one moment, the guy who just moved into the basement apartment just walked in. I had invited him here for a welcome drink, so to speak. I'll be right back."

Rebecca looks over at Jack as he is talking to the nervous looking young man. Not only does he look a tad nervous but she can smell it on him. Maybe she should keep an eye on him with the types that hang out here. "Jack it is good to see you again." Rebecca says as she waves him over to the bar. "What can I get you and your friend?"

As she asks Jack for his drink order, human man enters the bar and from looks of it there is a storm outside. By his wet cloths and hair it must be pouring out which will bring on more customer in a short period of time. Mostly humans looking for shelter til the storm passes over. She notices that he is looking for someone. Maybe a blind date? Or an Old college buddy? Rebecca loves to play these little games in her head to see how things play out in other people's lives. Especially humans because they live such normal everyday lives to her or at least the ones she as known prior to moving to LA. She is starting to learn differently.

Turning her attention back to Jack she smiles and takes his drink order. "Coming right up."

06/21/2004 6:23 PM

"Also, some food would be nice. Whatever's good." Jack looked around as he waited for Kei to respond. He also noticed the man in the long white coat come in. He seemed out of place. Jack supposed he might be looking for the introverted girl he had noticed writing quietly at her seat.

06/22/2004 5:00 AM

"Thank you, Rebecca" said Meredith, when the bartender gave her the menu. She studied it menu with a serious expression, whilst her stomach rumbled loudly. She blushed at the sound and shook her head. She had only eaten an apple during the day, she usually forgot her meals when she was busy sewing.

She looked outside and noticed it had started raining heavily. She was lucky she had got to the bar before it started. The place was getting crowded, quite some people entered just to get shelter. Rebecca was busy with lots of customers and she recognized some of them. Most of the people who lived in her building were regulars at La Luna. She tried to attract Rebecca's attention the first time the bartender looked in her direction.

"Rebecca, please, when you have a second, could you bring me a tuna sallad and a bottle of white wine? I plan on getting drunk tonight!" she said with a smile waving and hoping that the girl had heard her request. She had just finished a big order for one of the goth bands she worked for, and now she needed to relax and party, as she hadn't be out for weeks. She leaned back with a sigh and hoped the night would bring some action.

06/22/2004 6:57 AM

"He turned to Kei. "So, how long have you lived in this city?"

"About a year and a half now, I guess. Before that I've really just been drifting across the country. My hometown's in Maine." He sighed, feeling a little cold now.

"What about you? What prompted you to move here?"

06/22/2004 8:52 AM

"What about you? What prompted you to move here?"

"Well, I used to live in Kansas, a small town. Eventually, I had no reason to stay. My family is in Pensylvania, and most of my friends moved out. I liked the idea of living in a big city, and after all the time I spent in Kansas, this certainly is a change." Jack sipped at his drink. "This is certainly a nice place. I wonder if they ever have live music. I used to have a band, just a garage band, with some jury-rigged equipment, but even so, we weren't half bad, if I do say so myself."

06/22/2004 9:10 AM

Aria walked into the La Luna Bar & Grill, leaving the sounds and smells of the street behind her. She looked around for a moment before deciding to sit at the bar. She wasn't sure if anyone had noticed her or not, and it wasn't like it would matter if they had. The vampiress was used to being alone.

She sat down on a bar stool, not far from where two men seemed to be talking. She wasn't sure, but she could almost swear that one of them was a vampire. The other, she wasn't sure about whether he was mortal or not.

Aria ran a hand through her hair, and looked down at herself. Tight skirt that came down to her thighs, black boots that came up mid-calf, and a tight white blouse. She smiled ruefully. That must have been why her dinner mistook her for a hooker. Oh well, it didn't matter as long as she was satisfied.

She tried to wave the bartender down. A meal like she had just had deserved a drink. And Aria couldn't think of a better drink than a couple of whiskey shots and a nice cool beer.

06/22/2004 2:26 PM

Rebecca rushes over towards Meredith and takes down her order, “Sorry about that. One tuna salad and a bottle of white wine. Let me get your order in and I’ll get the bottle of wine. When I get a second you have to tell me what the occasion is. Be right back with your wine.” She takes the menu then rushes to the other end of the bar and gives a waitress the food order.

Within a few minutes she has the wine and two drinks ready for her customer as she sees another woman waving at her. With great skill she manages to give Meredith her bottle of wine with a glass then gives Jack and his friend their drinks with a menu.

“Give me a few minutes and I’ll take your order for food, ok?” She says to Jack as she walks over to the woman who was flagging her down only minutes earlier.

“Hi. Sorry about the wait. What can I get for you?” Rebecca gives her usual smile.

Saleka watches from a back table as the influx of ‘people’ walk into the bar within the last hour. By the aura readings in this place, not counting the staff, it is getting very interesting. So far two vampires, one were creatures , a young human man who seems to have a unstable feel that surrounds him and a older human man who seems to be looking for someone or thing. Not to mention Greta who is in stealth mode but Saleka knows she is there though not by sight only by feeling. Of course not everyone is odd in this crowd, Meredith had arrive as well and she seems to be in a happy mood or so her aura reads.

Quite pleased with her summing up of the group she went back to reading the book she had Becca bring to her. Ahh the joys of a slow night. she thinks to herself. Just then Pedar Steele walks through the dinning area door searching the room until he stops at the bar. Rebecca is taking the orders of the second vampire to enter the bar. Pedar starts to grin as he walks towards the bar.

Feeling his presence and seeing the grin on his face, Saleka places her book down then she watches and waits to see what will play out.

06/22/2004 4:20 PM

Keith was getting bored, very fast. After awhile he decided that he might as well enjoy his freedom for tomorrow he might be captured. He didn't like the thought and wanted to go somewhere to get his mind off of things. He remembered a couple of the tenants talking about La Luna Bar and Grill which seemed to be near the apartment. He figured that most of the other tenants had gone there for there was barely any noise coming from any of the rooms.

He then grabbed a green coat and started to walk down the floors for he didn't like the elevator, more chances of something going wrong in that thing. Once he reached the ground floor he put on his coat and ran to La Luna. He froze right as he reached La Luna. He did because he noticed David's van.

He couldn't believe it, David was here. Here of all places, this did not look good. For if Keith hadn't of noticed the van he could have ran right into David and got caught. He then started to walk towards the van and as he did so his pinky changed into a pick. After a few tense moments of picking the lock the doors opened up and he went inside.

He saw all of David's tracking devices and everything else he had brought. Keith didn't like this at all. So, he started to hack into one of the computers and placed a virus inside of it. If David tried to use anything that was currently hooked up to the computer, (nearly everything in the van was) the virus would activate on each and every single thing. Nothing would work unless David would take care of the virus on each and every single thing.

Keith, satisfied with his work got out of the van and locked the doors. One of Keith’s fingernails then grew into a small knife and he punctured David’s right side tires, just incase David tried to chase him in the van. After all this was done he went inside and scanned the room with every single sensor equipment that he had installed into him. Although right away he saw David, he wanted to see what everybody in here was, if that was possible. He soon found out afterwards that there were atleast two vampires in here and some kind of half animal- half human people in here. Plus a Gypsy and some kind of spy he thought, watching everybody else.

He moved in with a crowd of people, blending in, almost disappearing as a matter of fact. As soon as he knew that David could not see him he sat down and watched David. David was looking for someone or something, but who? Certainly David didn't know that Keith was here, or did he? He then resolved to keep his guard up, atleast for awhile.

06/23/2004 1:32 AM

Martainn had stood for some time, simply gazing at the bars' growing number of patrons, however eventually thought it a better idea to find a table first. Sauntering over to the bar, he waited until the woman behind, somehow familiar, had a free moment before speaking up. " Excuse me.... a vodka and cranberry, plus a white wine if you have it.... ", he offered a flash of white teeth, his dark hair shining in the illumation provided within the bar.

06/23/2004 5:16 AM

"Thank you, Rebecca" said Meredith with a smile when the bartender brought her the bottle of wine she had ordered. She watched the girl with admiration in her eyes, it was amazing that she could keep track of all the orders and not let anyone wait more than a couple of minutes. She knew she would get totally confused if she tried to do the same. No, she would surely be fired after a couple of days, if she ever applied for a similar job.

She shook her head at the thought and poured some wine into her glass. It was cool and slightly sweet, exactly as she liked it. She sipped it slowly enjoying the taste, whilst she scanned the room and regarded the guests with half closed eyes, like a predator choosing a prey.

After half a bottle of wine, she was already a little tipsy. With the glass in her hand she approached Saleka and whispered in her ear.
"What can you tell me tonight, Saleka? Am I going to find my prince? Which one of these men?" She giggled and drank more wine "Hmm... I guess I'm getting a little drunk, huh?"

06/23/2004 10:51 AM

Aira looked over at the other patrons at the bar for a moment. She was almost certain that there was at least one human in the area. Inhaling deeply she smiled to herself before ordering.

"Yes, I'll have two Three Wise Men, and a bottle of Fat Tire," she said. "Tell me something, have you been here long?"

06/23/2004 11:05 AM

Jack continued to watch the crowd, smiling at the drunken girl.

"I take it you don't plan to overdrink tonight? It's certainly an experience, take it from me. Back in Kansas I won an award at my favorite bar, for always entertaining, and still paying my tab. Ah, those were the good old days. I can hardly count the barfights, and the times I got thrown out for fighting a cut-off. I sure do miss those guys." Jack slipped into remincisent memories as he slowly drained his whiskey.

06/23/2004 2:38 PM

Kei took a small swallow of his drink, sighing to himself. "Sadly, I can't afford too many new experiences these days. I've experienced too much of the last few years and I don't like it. Besides, while I've never over indulged, I have the feeling that I'm a bad drunk."

The last thing I need is for my conciousness to go under again. I don't want to wake up to anymore scenes like that.

He took a deeper swallow as he found himself remebering his own memories, very unpleasant ones.

06/23/2004 3:50 PM

Rebecca grabs a couple of shot glasses and starts to mix the Three Wise Men as she answers the woman’s question, “Not too long. I have only been in LA for 2 months and working here for about a month I believe. Time does seem to fly while I have been working here, that is for sure.” She places the two shots in front of the woman. “Excuse me for one moment and I’ll be right back with your Fat Tire.”

As Rebecca starts to turn, a handsome man catches her attention as he ask for his drinks flashing a smile. “Sure no problem. I’ll be right back with your order.”

Walking to the other end of the bar she pulls out a bottle of Fat Tire and grabs the bottle of white wine and heads back towards her customers. Rebecca places the bottle in front of woman and starts to fix the drinks for the man.

When finished, she turns to the man and places his order in front of him, “Here you go. Anything else I can get you?” she adds with a charming smile.


Saleka watches Pedar stop at the end of the bar as one of the hosts starts to talk with him. She watches him frown as they walk off together toward the back where the bands plays.

Just then a tipsy Meredith, finds her way over to where Saleka is sitting. She ask if she will meet her Prince and which one would it be then she giggles. Sitting down next to her, Saleka smiles.

“Ahh yes you are getting a bit drunk. You must have finished a big project.” Saleka smiles then adds, “I don’t think you will find your prince here. If you knew what these men were thinking, you would probably never date again.” Saleka gives a little giggle of her own then she sees a man walk up to the bar and she stops giggling.

“Wait a minute Meredith, now that man seems different. You may have your Prince just yet.” Saleka grins as she look over at Meredith, “Then again I might be having an off night, that does happen sometimes.” She looks back towards that bar, “Yes he is delightful to look at, don’t you agree?”

06/24/2004 3:58 AM

Meredith smiled back at Jack, then she turned to listen to Saleka.
"Yes, I've just finished a big project. I stayed home for weeks and it's so nice to be out again. Do you really think all these men are so bad? What's wrong with them?" She frowned. It was hard to believe that they were all dangerous.

"Which one?" Meredith tried to follow Saleka's gaze "The one with the long black hair? Yes, you are right, Saleka, he's gorgeous. Do you think I should send him a drink? I need some advice. I'm not good at this. Usually I let the men come to me. But tonight I want to try something new, just for fun! And I want to dance! When will the band start playing?" She chuckled to herself and then added: "What about the guy that was smiling at me? Is he dangerous too?" She asked and pointed her finger at Jack.

06/24/2004 12:31 PM

Aria slammed her two shots before her beer arrived. She nodded thank you to the woman who was tending the bar, picked up her beer, and swivled around in her seat to watch those that came in. She could hear what was being said around her. There was a woman who was looking for some fun, and she happened to be thinking about two different men.

The vampiress looked over at the man with the long black hair. He was good looking, but definitely not her type. Aria glanced over at the other man, and smiled. That one was no mortal, that was for sure. She gazed at Jack for a moment longer before returning her gaze to Meredith. If that one wasn't careful, she'd be in for more than she could handle later on.

Aria sighed softly. There seemed to be nothing for her to do, but sit back, watch the scene, and be prepared should someone approach her. As she was scanning the crowd, another woman entered the bar. Everything seemed to fall silent as the stranger stood in the doorway, looking around, a strange smile on her face.

Mae stood for all to see, keeping her sunglasses on even though it was dark and no need for them. She looked around, and saw a vampiress sitting at the bar. The strange womans eyes narrowed behind her glasses, but kept smiling. So...vampires lurked around here as well. Goody for her.

She made her way to a table hidden off in the shadows, her leather pants and boots creaking softly, and sat down. It was the perfect spot for her, no one could sneak up on her, and she could keep an eye on those that came in. Mae wasn't sure why she was here, just that whatever she was looking for would be here. She wasn't sure what that was yet, perhaps it was a job and a place where she could finally rest. Truth be told she was a bit tired of constantly moving from place to place.

As she sat in the shadows, slowly removing her leather jacket, she waited for some one to come take an order from her. She was hungry and thirsty, and had more than enough money to pay for not only her order, but everyone else's as well. Not that she'd ever let anyone know that.

Aria sat in her stool, watching the woman in the corner. She wasn't sure what Mae was, only that she wasn't like anyone else in the bar. The other woman looked both inviting and unapproachable at the same time. The vampiress drank her beer and wondered what she should do next.

06/24/2004 2:07 PM

Shaking his head every so slightly so that a loose strand of black hair fell across his face, " No, this is perfect thank you.... ", he handed over the money for the drinks. " I think I'll just find a seat.... thanks again. ", flashing another brilliant smile, Martainn began to move from the bar, stopping for but a heart beat were his head seemed to cock to one side as though listening to someone whispering in his ear. Those that could see saw the wide smile, and hear him mutter his thanks to something, or someone.

Choosing a seat in a somewhat quitier corner, he sat and contented himself with watching the others. Non-chantly, he played with the diamond ring on his right hand, taking regular sips at his wine and vodka intermidantly. I have chased and conversed with shades for long enough, time to join the land of the living I think.........

06/24/2004 7:56 PM

Jack hailed Rebecca, and asked for more Jack Daniels, although he had gone through three glasses already. He contemplated singing, either onstage or just on the bar itself. He decided to wait until he was a good bit more drunk, in case he did something he'd rather not remember. Still, he went through a list of songs for when the time came. He snorted at the idea of "Have A Drink On Me."

He looked at Kei. He seemed to be either deep in thought or unconcsious. Jack patted his back.

"Hey...I'm goin to, uh... check out some of the ladys. Heh." He stood up, two whiskey in his hand. He wasn't staggering, but he wasn't very sober either. He made a beeline (Or as close as he could come to a beeline.) toward the chickie in all leather.

"Do you, uh, come here often?" He said tentatively as he more or less fell into a chair.

06/24/2004 8:41 PM

Saleka smiles as Meredith asks question after question before stopping for another drink of her wine. “That one at the bar..hmm..no believe it or not I do not think he is all that dangerous.” She knew Jack was a vampire but it is his secret to tell or not to tell but despite him being one, he seems pretty harmless and more humane. Unlike other vampires who were here at the present moment.

Seeing Meredith in her current state, Saleka decides to bring the woman back to her senses if only a little, “But I think for now you should hold off on going up to any strange man right now. To answer your question about all these men being that bad? I would have to say not all of them but most of them I wouldn’t be caught in a darken ally with. Most ‘people’ who come here aren’t always what they appear to be.”

Just then Pedar came from backstage with a slight smile on his face. Saleka straighten up a little as he walks by giving her a more charming smile and short nod. She turns towards Meredith, “I believe the band will be playing soon so you may get to do your dancing though I don’t know who is playing tonight.”


Rebecca makes her way back over to Jack. “Jack I’m so sorry but the new bartender has not come in yet so I’m on my own for right now. So you want another one? Ok another JD coming right up.” She makes Jack another drink and watches him wander off across the room towards another customer.

“Ms Sims, how are you tonight?” Pedar says to Rebecca as she slowly turns to face him.

“Mr. Steele, I’m doing well but I’m very busy right now so I will be unable to chit chat with you. As you can see, the new guy you hired as not shown up as of yet so unless you are willing to take his place…” Rebecca’s anger shows in her eyes and she can’t finish saying what she really wants like to say.

Pedar’s eyes narrow as he takes a step forward and looks into Rebecca’s eyes as she averts them away, “Don’t worry my pet, I will make sure you get all the help you need just so we can have our little…..what did you call it? Chit chat?” He leans into Rebecca as if to almost kiss her making her body tense for a second then he moves swiftly away without saying another word.

Rebecca composes herself and without missing a beat turns back to yet another customer at the bar and with a smile she does her job.

06/25/2004 3:36 AM

Listening to Saleka's words, Meredith sobered up. She seemed to have lost all her enthusiasm and regarded the fortune teller with a serious look in her eyes.
"You do mean what you are saying, don't you, Saleka?" Meredith sighed and seemed lost in her thoughts for a few seconds. "What are these people? Tell me the truth, I promise I won't faint in horror. My heart is quite strong and darkness doesn't scare me at all."

06/25/2004 7:39 AM

Mae looked at the man in sitting in front of her. He smelled slightly intoxicated, and looked like he could use a few cups of coffee to sober him back up. But she wasn't going to tell him that. Instead she grabbed one of the shot glasses, sniffed it to see what was in it, and then took the shot. She slapped the glass upside down onto the table and then smiled a rather feral smile.

"First time here," she purred. "I take it that this is your first time as well."

06/25/2004 7:53 AM

Jack was sort of dissapointed by the loss of one drink, but he got over it.

"Hyup. Nice place, isn't it? Listen, uh, can you, um, sing?" Jack waved down someone who looked like a waiter, and asked for another drink.

06/25/2004 1:58 PM

Kei shook his head as he watched Jack trying to sweet talk the woman.

I think they're both not human...Huh, imagine that.

He felt just a little fuzzy, but it was nothing he couldn't handle.

So many of them...

He was also puzzled by the one guy who had come in...

This blonde guy who had no aura at all, human or not, neither good or wicked. Every person had an aura…this was just unnatural.

He shifted in his seat, wondering if he should investigate it or not. But, that would mean getting up, and suddenly the world was spinning a little.

06/25/2004 4:22 PM

Saleka knows at that moment that she has said too much. She couldn't tell Meredith what she wants to know but she couldn't disregard what she has said either.

"Well my dear, as you know I am a Gypsy and my people are not the trusting types due the way we have been mistreated through the centuries.” Saleka pauses as second then continues, “I didn't truly mean that these men are monsters per say but this is LA and there are many types of strange people that dwell here.”

Taking a sip of her own glass of wine Saleka decides to add more, “Sometimes I pick up on things about people that are not completely part of their true nature and sometimes that is enough to scare me off. It may only be a one time thought instead of a reoccurring one. I am sure that most of these men are not harmful but it is wise for a single young lady to watch her step around any strangers in these times of serial murders and such lunatics as that." She stops and looks at Meredith.

What Saleka says is logical and will explain why she was being so negative before. At least that is what she is hoping as she take another sip of wine. If Meredith doesn’t go for that then it is going to be hard to change the subject. Saleka keeps her mind clear and her face natural.

Saleka sees Jack sitting down with another woman. “It seems that one is now taken.” She says to Meredith


Pedar makes his way around the bar room as he stops to greet some of his customers always with a charming smile. After his round is done, he stands in the middle of the room looking around while counting the dangerous creature who are in the room. He makes a mental note of who they are and where they are just in case a problem arises that he must handle personally. He takes pride in the fact the during his shifts as Manager, everything runs like clockwork and there is rarely any fights.

Pedar smiles to himself as he walks over to one corner of the room where he can watch everyone better. Knowing his services are not require at the present moment, he steps back into the shadows and disappears from everyone line of vision.

06/25/2004 5:10 PM

Mae smiled darkly. It was a nice place, especially if one could forget the vampires that hung about. Sighing, she looked over at Jack and nodded in response to his question.

"Yes, I can sing...after a fashion," she said. "That is, I can't sing as I am now, but-"

She morphed into a leather clad Marilyn Monroe

"When I become someone else, I can," she breathed.

Aria had been watching the two in the corner. It was a bit shocking to see the black haired woman turn into a dead singer/actress. She wondered if anyone else had noticed, and if she should go investigate the matter.

06/25/2004 6:34 PM

Jack blinked. His eyebrows went up and down once or twice.

"Well. Well. Well, that's just peachy. I wish I could do that." Jack downed his drink and got another. "Well, here's my plan. See, when I'm, uh, really cocked, I'm gonna get on top of the bar and sing. Is gonna be a good time. You think I'm drunk now, you aint seen noting yet. I can knock theses things back like..." He downed another and lost his train of thought. He sat down.

"So, any requests from the, uh, peanut gallery?"

06/25/2004 9:59 PM

Keith wasn't sure what to do. It wasn't easy for him because he couldn't taste or feel the effects of the drink like other people. He of course didn't really care for drinks at the moment and decided to watch and listen to other people. He was currently listening to a girl ask a Gypsy if she was going to find her prince tonight. He smirked, she was obviously alittle drunk.

He hoped that the Gypsy wouldn't spot him, he didn't need any attention right now but, he thought that somebody was watching him. He scanned the bar and saw the man who had been sitting with a vampire who was currently talking to a woman clad in leather. He then turned his attention back to the man and figured that he could tell what Keith was. He didn't like that factor but with so many unnatural people here it was probably okay.

He scanned the area once more and noticed that most of the women here were beautiful, even if some of them weren't human. Yet he couldn't complain, he wasn't human either. He then got up and walked over to the bar. He said, "Hello there, could I have a beer, any kind will do.” He flashed a smile and then waited patiently.

06/26/2004 12:14 AM

Rebecca stands and watches as the bar fills up with the people getting ready to hear the band play. She doesn’t know who is playing but she knows that with Pedar in charge tonight, that the band will be outstanding regardless of genre. Speaking of Pedar, she doesn’t see him wandering around oozing with his usual charm and a smile that is just as fake. Thoughts of him give her the chills. Just then a young man with blond hair come up to the bar asking for a beer.

Rebecca notices that he smells strange and she can’t sense any feeling from him but keeping that notion to her self she smiles, “Any beer will do huh? Well I’ll grab you something and if you don’t like it I’ll give you something different for no charge.” She smiles as she grabs a bottle from the cooler and hands to him, “Enjoy and please let me know if you need anything else.”

Even though there is always a influx of strange and unusual being that enter this bar, Rebecca realizes how much she loves her job. Where else can a someone like her get to socialize and not have to worry about what others know or think they know about her. Life is good to her and being a people person this is the prefect job. With a slight sigh she turns to see the new bartender slip his way behind the bar as if he has been there that whole time. Frowning Rebecca decides not to say anything to him, besides she is sure that once Pedar sees him then he will get enough grief.

06/26/2004 8:05 AM

"You must like beer," Aria said, "to order any kind and be happy with it."

She glanced at the man standing next to her, her own bottle nearly empty. She twisted around and held up the bottle, tapping it once. If the bartender was good, then the message would be clear and picked up on. She looked at the man once more. He wasn't vampire, but he wasn't "normal" either.

"So...how long have you been coming here?" she asked him.

06/26/2004 9:14 AM

Rebecca’s short break is over as she sees Aria lift and tap the almost empty bottle. She grabs another from the cooler, opens it and places it next to Aria’s other bottle.

One of the human bar waiters, Marcus, appears next to Aria and hands Rebecca a piece of paper that list the drinks requests for the band. With a smile she starts to fill the order as Marcus waits. “Who is the band tonight, Marcus?”

“Some cover band I never heard of but Pedar says they are really good. He heard them at one of the other club a few weeks ago. He said they play a wide variety of music. To me they look like a cross between a Rock and a Goth band.” Marcus says while checking out the women in the bar as his eyes stop at Aria and her sexy outfit. He grins at her with a admiring look in his eyes.

Rebecca is trying not to smile as she clears her throat and hands Marcus the tray of drinks. “Just let me know if they need anything else.” With a big grin Marcus takes the drinks and heads towards the back stage area.

06/26/2004 8:00 PM

Jack fishes another drink.

"When is this band starting? I need time for an encore too, y'know. I'm nice and fuzzy, so how about we do this? Hmm. I think we should sing... Pink Floyd, maybe. Or Zeppelin. Or AC/DC. Do you have a guitar or something? Maybe you could grow one out of your navel?"

06/26/2004 9:59 PM

“Any beer will do huh? Well I’ll grab you something and if you don’t like it I’ll give you something different for no charge.” She smiles as she grabs a bottle from the cooler and hands to him, “Enjoy and please let me know if you need anything else.”

"That sounds good to me." He smiled again then turned to the woman sitting next to him. "Well let’s just say I'm not picky about my beer." He noticed that her glass was empty and that she was probably trying to see how good the bartender was. "Actually this is my first time here, how about you?"

He also noticed how a waiter was starring at the woman he was talking to. He then opened his beer up and took a drink, although he couldn't taste it he didn't care. "So do you like what you wear, or is it to get the men riled up?"

06/27/2004 10:03 AM

"So do you like what you wear, or is it to get the men riled up?"

"A little of both," Aria replied. "It makes getting dinner alot easier. And yes, this is my first time here. I usually go other places for my after meal drinks."

She noticed a few men looking at her, and grimaced. None of them were her type...not yet at least. Glancing at the man next to her, she smiled. He seemed alright, even if she wasn't sure what he was.

"My name is Aria," she said. "What's yours?"

Mae glared at the man across from her through her glasses. She wasn't very comfortable around many men as a rule, and especially not around vampire males. She quickly smiled before he realized he'd made a mistake.

"I don't grow things out of me," she said. "I merely morph into other beings, living or dead."

06/27/2004 10:10 AM

"I don't grow things out of me," she said. "I merely morph into other beings, living or dead."

"Well, that's inconvenient. Could you morph into, uh, Jimi Hendrix, maybe? Our window of opportunity is closing fast."

06/28/2004 4:28 AM

Meredith raised an eyebrow listening to Saleka's explanation. The look in her eyes said clearly that she didn't believe a word.
"Bullshit, Saleka." She said simply, whilst she regarded the other patrons attentively. "Well, if you don't want to tell me, I will ask them personally. Which one should I start with? Which one do you think is the most dangerous?" Her expression was deadly serious and noone was going to make her change her mind.

06/28/2004 12:49 PM

"Well, that's inconvenient. Could you morph into, uh, Jimi Hendrix, maybe? Our window of opportunity is closing fast."

"I could," Mae said reverting to her usual look. "However, I think we should wait to see if the management of this place has anything planned."

06/28/2004 3:49 PM

Who is the most dangerous? Good question, for there are many equal in the room. Saleka thinks to herself as she gives out a heavy sigh.

Realizing that Meredith will not back off and may just end up getting hurt or worse, Saleka gives her a weary half smile, "Alright, Meredith let me ask you two things. First do you believe in the myths & legends of old? Second, when you look at the 'people' in this bar, what exactly do you see?" she leans forward to look Meredith in the eyes. "Remember that knowing the truth about others isn't all it's cracked up to be."

06/28/2004 10:27 PM

"A little of both," Aria replied. "It makes getting dinner alot easier. And yes, this is my first time here. I usually go other places for my after meal drinks."

"So I guess that means you get alot of free dinners then?" He took another drink and at the same time he looked around. He too saw a few men looking at her and she noticed, he smirked. "The way some of those men are looking at you, I'd say you will have acouple more free dinners coming up." He took another drink and then said, "Oh yeah, my name is Keith."

06/29/2004 9:49 AM

I could," Mae said reverting to her usual look. "However, I think we should wait to see if the management of this place has anything planned."

"Sure...good idea." Jack fell, unconcious, on the table.

06/29/2004 5:31 PM

Kei glanced back at Jack, who had crashed. "Hmm, funny." He snickered to himself, clapping a hand over his mouth.

What the hell's wrong with me? I'm not susposed to laugh.

Still it was nice. People weren't bugging him and the bracelets were sealing his power. If only it would stay this way, maybe just maybe he had a chance in life afterall.

06/30/2004 4:16 AM

There was something in the air within the bar that caused his the hairs on his arms to stand on end, to cause a shiver up his spine. Something angry. However, he simply took another sip of his wine, trying to relax his own mood and not concentrate too much, and yet.... even that proved difficult. Continueously finding his eyes roaming back to Meredith and Saleka, not knowing of the Saleka's origins nor gift, there was something drawing him in as a moth to the flame. He was not one to be soo stupid as to get burned though, an admirable trait perhaps.

Temptation to rise and introduce himself to the two women stole over him, however, he thought it bes tto wait for a less intrusive moment at present.

06/30/2004 3:06 PM

Greta had been taking note of just about everyone in the bar for some time. A very interesting crowd we have here... She thought to herself and checked her watch. Well, she sighed, if he was coming, he'd have been here already. Guess I can stop being a watchdog for the night. And with that, the blonde beauty stopped trying to keep others from noticing her. Besides, she thought as she stood. I've been nursing this drink for long enough. I think I'll go get one that has some bite to it, instead of another soda.

The Dutchwoman drank the last of her Coke and walked up to the bar, purposefully going to Rebecca instead of the other bartender. The werepanther had to see her more than a couple times eventually, after all. "Good evening, Ms. Sims. How is everything?" She asked with a smile, knowing very well from her observations exactly how everything was. "Give me a So. Co. and Moutain Dew, if you would please."

07/01/2004 4:18 AM

Meredith returned Saleka's look and her lips curled in a crooked smile.
"I believe in many things that people consider fantasies and at the same time I don't believe in what my eyes see. I look at these people with my heart, not with my eyes, and I just feel something that pushes me towards them. They have something for me, maybe knowledge, maybe adventure, maybe danger. I don't know, but I welcome it, whatever it is."

07/07/2004 1:37 PM

"Oh yeah, my name is Keith."

"My name is Aria," she said with a smile. "Nice to meet you, yes, I do get alot of free dinners, but no, I wouldn't dine with many of the men in here. I prefer my meals to be in sober company."

She looked over at the table that Mae was sitting at. The vampiress got the impression that the other woman didn't very much like vampires, and that she was less than thrilled at the vampire sitting across from her. Not that it was any of Aria's problems.

"You know, it's not just men that give me what I want," Aria said thoughtfully. "I've had my fair share of women in my lifetime."

07/07/2004 2:17 PM

Jack started. He sat up and shook his head. Since he was turned, his drunken stupors and blackouts were fewer and far between. He was actually almost sober now, after about four or five minutes of unconsciousness.
He looked at Mae, slightly dazed.

"Did I catch your name?" He wondered idly if he had done something stupid, and then wondered how Kei was doing.

07/07/2004 7:33 PM

"Nice to meet you too Aria." He noticed her looking over to where a vampire and a woman were sitting. He could tell by the way that the women didn't like vampires. He then turned his attention back to Aria. "Well then I guess you get more free dinners than I thought, or were you the one paying?"

07/12/2004 4:27 PM

Rebecca was not too surprised when Greta approached the bar out of nowhere. “Sure thing Greta. Coming right up.” She mixed the drink then she continued to talk, “Everything is pretty good. Can’t complain too much.” She said with a slight smile as she glanced down at the new bartender to make sure he was working. Once she saw he was, she turned her full attention back to Greta, “You here to listen to the band or just out to have a little fun tonight?”

Saleka tried to avoid this. “You welcome it, do you? Very well Meredith I won’t tell you exactly who is what but I will tell you what is here in this very room with us. You will have to find out the rest on your own.” She sipped her wine.

After a few moments Saleka leaned forward speaking almost in a whisper, “Among the humans in this room are creatures that can give you everything you have said. Knowledge, adventure and most definitely danger. I speak of the undead…vampires…among others but that is a good start.”

Saleka sat back up and gave her own crooked smile, “Take a good look around you, Meredith, if you truly believe me. Do you see any of them?”


Pedar heard what Meredith said then he listened to Saleka’s response. He stepped out of the darkness almost too quickly but he caught himself and slowed down at the last moment. He was angry at the Gypsy for telling this human about them but he would deal with her later. He had seen the new bartender come in late and he would have to deal with that first. He composed himself then walked towards the bar. As he passed Saleka’s table he glared at her to let her know he had heard her.

07/12/2004 7:41 PM

"I don't believe I gave you my name," Mae said darkly. "Nor do I have any intention of doing so."

She looked around, not wanting to leave the bar, but also not wanting to stay at the table. She saw a man pass by a woman, and noted the glare he gave her. It seemed he was not happy with something the woman had done. It also looked as if he was the owner of the place.

"Excuse me, I have to go talk business to someone," she said and left the table and drunk vampire behind her. She walked up behind Pedar and tapped him on the shoulder. "Pardon me, but is there an opening for employment of any sort here?"

Aria noticed the dark woman leave her table and shook her head slightly. The other must have gotten tired of the drunk vampire. Not that Aria could blame her, after all, she often tired of drunk men as well. That was probably the reason why they made better dinners than anything else. Smiling to herself, she realized that Keith had asked her a question.

"No, I never pay. At least, not until after I have had my fill of 'dinner'. Once I'm satiated, I go out on my own for an after dinner drink. I've never been to this place before, so I thought I'd check it out," she said, taking a swig from her bottle. "You know, you are a fairly nice guy. Can't figure out what you're doing with a guy like that."

Aria nodded towards where Jack was sitting. He was still sitting at the table, obviously waiting for someone. It was sad when a vampire tried to get drunk. In all her 250 years of being a vampire, she couldn't recall seeing a more sorry spectacle.

"So, what's your story?" she asked. "Better yet, how about we trade tales. It could be fun."

07/13/2004 4:09 PM

Pedar turned to face Mae and gave her a polite smile, "Yes. We always have room to add new people. Have you worked at a place like this before? If so, what type of job are you looking for?"

Pedar was intrigued by the strange energy he felt coming from Mae. He wasn't sure what she was but he knew she wasn't a normal woman. That was one thing in her favor for Pedar didn’t like dull people working for him.

07/13/2004 9:51 PM

Rebecca was not too surprised when Greta approached the bar out of nowhere. “Sure thing Greta. Coming right up.” She mixed the drink then she continued to talk, “Everything is pretty good. Can’t complain too much.” She said with a slight smile as she glanced down at the new bartender to make sure he was working. Once she saw he was, she turned her full attention back to Greta, “You here to listen to the band or just out to have a little fun tonight?”

The blonde smiled at the werepanther. "Well, I was working, but it didn't seem like I was going to get much done, so I decided to take a little break is all," she commented, looking at the room around her. "Quite an interesting crowd we have here tonight..."

07/14/2004 10:00 AM

Jack shook the last bit of drunkenness out of his head. He had to remember that this was not Kansas. He realized how stupid he looked, and navigated through the crowd, sitting next to Kei again.

"Sorry about that, trying to live through old memories never works like it should. How have you been doing?"

07/14/2004 1:00 PM

Mae smiled at Pedar. She could definitely enjoy working for a man like him. He seemed...intriguing. That was something none of the other bars she had worked for had had. No interesting people.

"You could say I've got experience. I've certainly been employed by a few bars, but nothing like this place," she answered, glancing at him over her sunglasses with her jet black eyes. "I'm looking for any job you can give me."

07/14/2004 3:33 PM

Although he knew what she meant when she had her 'dinner', he acted like all was normal. He noticed her nod towards where Jack was sitting and then looked back at her. "Oh him? I don't know him, only that he lives in the same apartment building as I do." He took another drink of his beer, whatever it was. "My story? Well my story isn't all that exciting. How about you tell me your story or tales then I'll tell you mine."

07/14/2004 5:18 PM

Rebecca smiled as she looked about the room. “Yes very interesting. But then again there has never been a dull moment in this place since I started.” She watched as the room was getting more crowded but the minute.

Rebecca was about to say something else when she spotted some activity on the stage. “I guess the band is about to go on shortly so if you want anything to eat then I would suggest you order it now.” She added with a slight smile.


Pedar’s smile widen a little. He noted her strange eyes but as uncommon as he felt they were he never let it showed on his face. The fact of the matter was that he liked to see someone who was eager to work. “Yes this place is very different from any other.” The room grew dark as the band came onto the stage.

“If you would come with me to the main bar, I have some business to attend to but then I can see what jobs are available. We can go from there to see what suits you best. Ladies first” Pedar gestured in front of him for her to go first.

07/14/2004 5:40 PM

Greta nodded and took a sip of her drink. "I hope the band is good... last time I was here they sounded more drunk than the patrons... and no, I've eaten already, but thanks anyways, Rebecca. Perhaps I'll see you at home when you get off work... but then, perhaps not..." She grinned, drifting away from the bar and taking a seat so that she could see the band.

07/14/2004 5:52 PM

Jack noticed Kei's silence. He wa about to check his friend to see if he was passed out or dead, but the lights dimmed, and he was shoved away as agroup of people migrated towards the stage. He decided to watch, a sneer ready, in case the band sucked, which he was more than willing to believe.

07/14/2004 6:28 PM

The curtain drew back, and Jack watched attentively. He thought there was something familiar about them. The drummer started the song with a series of clicks on a cymbal, and in the spotlight, he seemed even more familiar.

As soon as the guitar started, Jack's jaw dropped. Apparantly, his band had either followed or led him into L.A.
Sure enough, there was Eric on the bass, Tom on the drums, and Lex on one guitar, and Tad on the other. Jack couldn't count the times they had practiced this song in his garage.

Scattered cheers went around, Back in Black was an old favorite back in KA. jack watched, smiling that his band had finally got to play somewhere a little more high-end. That smilie slid off his face when the singer started. It's not that he was really bad, but he wasn't good, and he was the complete opposite of the bands type. Jack made it a note to talk to the band after the show.

When the lights went back on, the band got a good amount of applause, but that wa mostly for the songs and the instruments. Jack made a beeline, and intercepted the band back stage.

"Hey guys, remember me?"

07/14/2004 6:38 PM

Kei noted the band that was playing and shrugged. He could take or leave music, really. The singer didn't seem to fit though. He blinked when he noticed Jack heading over to them.

"Hmm. Does he know them?" Kei shook his head, trying to clear it a little. There was something nagging him. Not just the fact he was surrounded by vampires either. He could feel that he was going to have his own run in with the past.

Please, let me be wrong. Or let it be someone from back home. Someone clueless.

07/15/2004 10:13 AM

Mae smiled once more as she led the way over to the main bar. She would definitely like working here, not only for the atmosphere, but because of the manager. There wasn't a sexual attraction for her, more like a mutual sense of intrigue.

Mae's attention was diverted for a moment when the band came on stage. The musicians weren't bad...but the singer on the other hand sounded as if he were slightly bored and wanted to be anywhere but at the bar. The raven haired woman felt as if the lead singer didn't belong there. Something about him wasn't quite right.

07/15/2004 7:40 PM

Pedar Followed Mae to the bar then walked past her as he headed over to the new bartender. Before dealing with him, Pedar made his way around the new hire over to where Rebecca stood.

“Ms Sims, would you mind taking over the entire bar while I deal with my new hire. Being very late on the first night of a job does not make a great impression in my book.” Pedar gave an evil smile as if he lived to discipline his underlings.

“Why of course Mr. Steele, not a problem.” Rebecca smiled back at him as if she was glad he noticed the new guy was late.

Pedar leaned into her as she tensed a little then whispered, “That’s a good Kitty.” Then he turned and walked away as her face flushed with angry. With great effect she held back the growl in her throat that screamed to come out.

Pedar walked over to the new hire and tapped him on the shoulder. Upon seeing Pedar’s stern look, the new hire turn slightly pale. Not many human knew what Pedar was but this young man knew all too well. “Mr. Steele, I’m so sorry for being late but..” He never finished.

After Pedar was done with his task of putting this young man in his place and back to work, he turned his attention to the band as it played. Early the evening he had went back stage because he was told of a change in singers. Pedar wanted to turn them away but the rest of the band promised that the new guy was good. Apparently they had lied just to get the gig. The rest of the band was good but the singer was all wrong. There was something about him the bothered Pedar but he couldn’t figure out what it was. There was something odd about him.

At the end of one set and not realizing he had been standing there for that long, Pedar saw Jack wander over to the band. He watch for a few moments then remembered Mae was waiting at the other end of the bar. First he would deal with her and hopefully have a new employee by the end of their chat. Second the band. Lastly he would have a little chat with the Gypsy for spilling secrets that are not hers to tell.

He walked up to Mae and sat next to her as if no time at all went by. “So I take it you would like to work in the bar part of La Luna. We have several openings. Waiting tables, Bartending or a liaison/runner for the entertainers that perform here. I would have you fill out an application here but I rather have you take one home and bring it back later.” He smiles slightly, leaned on the bar and relaxed a little, “I find it better to just talk through an interview in a more causal way. If I find something you are suited for then I will deal with references later. It would help me to better place you if I knew exactly what your skills are. Tell me does anything I mentioned interest you and why?”

07/16/2004 9:05 AM

Aria glanced at Keith, unsure of what to tell him. She might tell him all of her past...but she might get into trouble for that. She opted for telling him a revised version of her story, and if he asked questions, she'd deal with those. There would be no volunteering more information on her part.

"I used to live in Virginia, but that's not the only place I reside. I've traveled all over the world, have homes in a few places. I used to be engaged, but that fell through. Now I live to please myself for the most part," she said. "I've told about me, now it's your turn."

07/16/2004 2:27 PM

Eric was the first to recognize him. He and Jack had been very close, writing most of the bands original songs together.

"Jack! I haven't seen you since...well, you know." The band had broken up after a falling out between Jack and Tom. Tom frowned at the memory, as did Jack, but they were both glad to see each other.

Jack ran his hand through his hair. "So, uh, were's the new guy? Iwouldn't miind meeting him."

07/16/2004 3:34 PM

Mae pretended to think it over. She already knew where she wanted to work, but she didn't want to seem too eager. Yet she also wanted a job. She felt ready to settle down in one area.

"I may not be able to fill out an application yet," she said. "I don't have a permanent address yet. As for my skills, I'm not a good waitress, and I don't like being taken advantage of by bands. But bartender sounds good. I've got experience, and it might be fun to work with her."

Mae nodded towards Rebecca's general direction. There was something dangerous about the woman, as well as about the man sitting in front of Mae. Danger was something Mae liked very well.

"I can cut a drunk off and deal with them accordingly if they get violent. I'm as tough as I look. Plus, I can make each night interesting...I could be anyone you want behind that bar," Mae said with a suggestive look. "Care to try me out?"

07/16/2004 9:28 PM

After hearing her story, he knew that she had revised it. So all he had to do was revise his. He decided that he didn't really have a need to ask her questions so he took a sip of his drink. He then glanced over to where Dave was still standing, looking for someone.

Hopefully he won't look over here. I'd have to leave then and I think I'm actually starting to like this place. He smirked and then said, "I used to live in Illinois but, I then decided to leave and I ended up here."


Dave was still looking around for the cop. Damnit are they even here? I could just be wasting my time here. Yet, being the idiots that police are they probably don't even remember asking me to meet them here. He smirked and then continued to look around.

Though he never seemed to look towards the bar for he figured that if they talked over there they would be overheard and he didn't want that. His lab coat had already dried and he kept looking around hoping for some clue as to who the cop that he was supposed to meet was.

07/17/2004 2:51 PM

Kiyo yawned and set down her coffee mug. Her almond shaped eyes scanning the crowd for the man she was supposed to meet... she didn't like this actually... LAPD normally didn't work in this fashion. She just glanced at the bar when she spotted, finally, the man she was waiting for...

Well at least she was quite sure anyway... how many people actually walked around in lab coats all the time? She sighed and then stood up, leaving her empty mug on the table and made her way towards the bar.

"David Dansen I presume?" She addressed him, smiling as she pulled her badge out from under her shirt, leting it rest against her chest, attached to a gold chain.

07/17/2004 6:49 PM

He was about to turn and look towards a different direction when an attractive women stood up and walked towards his direction. So he turned back to her and waited for her to reach him. "Yes?" He noticed her pull out her badge.

"Ah yes, I almost thought you wouldn't show. May we go back to your table and I can tell you of the thief that stole something precious from me." He then waited for her to turn and walk back to her table.

07/18/2004 9:34 AM

"Sure thing... I'm Detective Mitsuke" she said as she sat back down, noting with mild amusement that her mug had been refilled. She took a sip of the hot beverage and glanced at Dansen for a moment.

If she were in her true form, ever single hair along her spine would be raised in alarm... as it was the hairs on the back of her neck prickled.... She didn't like this man from the get-go... but she had to work with him...She would do what she could, and perhaps even turn it over to another detective once she got back to the station.

"so.. tell me about this theif of yours...and what exactly he has stolen." Kiyo stated

07/19/2004 3:17 PM

Pedar sat back and gave Mae a thoughtful glance. He was very intrigued by this woman’s style and at his age so few beings could do that to him. He looked back at the new bartender who he wished he could fired on the spot but the owner hired him for reasons unknown to Pedar. He believed that Rebecca wouldn’t mind working with Mae and this could even play in his favor. With that thought, he decided that the young man would move to the top bar out of sight and out of mind. This was working out well all around.

A slight smile crossed Pedar’s face then he turned his attention back to Mae and nodded. “Yes I believe a try out would be good. You can fill out the application later and maybe if I hire you someone here could give you information on dwellings in the area. I believe there is an apartment complex nearby.” He stood up and smiled, “I could have you work with Rebecca for tonight to see how things go. She is very interesting indeed but I’ll let you see for yourself. So if you are ready, I will introduce you to her or would you like to start tomorrow night?”

07/19/2004 3:52 PM

He sat down, opposite to her. He noticed that she probably wanted to get this over with. He waited a second then said, "The thief is a man around 23 years old with short blond hair and blue eyes. What he stole is a chip that incrypted inside has information on how to slow down your molecules. Now to put it into a simpler explanation, the information in the chip could be used to make any thing faster, much faster. Does that sum it up for you?"

07/19/2004 4:09 PM

Kiyo raised a skeptical eyebrow, a million questions running through her mind in a fraction of a second. Why us? Why LAPD? Such a thing was for National Security, FBI, CIA stuff like that...not a basic, lowly local Police Department....

She frowned, and nodded, she didn't want to voice her concerns... something about this man set off every psionic alarm that she had.

"Who is this theif? is he an employee of yours? What is his name?" She didn't like this... David wasn't telling her everything...

07/19/2004 7:22 PM

“I could have you work with Rebecca for tonight to see how things go. She is very interesting indeed but I’ll let you see for yourself. So if you are ready, I will introduce you to her or would you like to start tomorrow night?”

"The quicker the better," Mae said. "Anticipation isn't my thing. I don't like waiting."

Mae looked over at the bar once more. She was looking forward to the rest of the night. She glanced over at the vampiress again. Of course, there wer going to be a few drawbacks, such as dealing with the fanged ones, but she'd overcome that. She'd do anything to work at a place like La Luna.

07/20/2004 12:41 PM

Pedar noted how Mae looked around the room and his smile widened, “I am the same way. I am not a very good at waiting for things.” His eyes showed a hint of anguish in them but only for a brief moment then the smile faded. “Let me introduce you to Rebecca.” He said in a slightly more professional tone as he waved her over.

Rebecca saw Pedar wave and put her best smile on as she approached him. “Yes Mr. Steele. What can I do for you?”

“How many times must I ask you to call me Pedar?” Pedar said with a frown.

“Of course, Mr..err umm…Pedar. I wasn’t thinking.” Rebecca looked a bit confused as she spoke.

“No problem, Rebecca. I want you to meet…” Pedar turned to Mae and for the first time he realized that he never got her name. “Forgive me but I don’t believe we have introduced ourselves. How strange that the thought never crossed my mind.” He said with a slight look of amusement on his face. “Well now let us fix that, shall we? I’m Pedar Steele, Night Manager and Co owner of the La Luna.” He put his hand out towards Mae. “And you are?”

07/20/2004 2:45 PM

He watched her, knowing all to well that she had alot of questions about this. The only reason why he asked the LAPD for help was because if he asked National Securtiy or any other type of those departments, they would take his project away. And he couldn't let that happen. "The theif was an employee of mine. His name is Keith and he helped me to make the info on the chip though I was the one who encrypted the chip for I was afraid he would backstab me."

07/20/2004 2:55 PM

"Mae Darkshield," she said as she shook Pedar's hand. She looked at Rebecca and took her shades off. "You must be Rebecca. Nice to meet you."

07/20/2004 5:07 PM

Rebecca felt something different about Mae but she had nothing to compare it to so she noted it and smiled, “Nice to meet ya too.” Then she turned to Pedar with a questioning look.

“Mae is looking for a job and she has Bartending experience. So I decided to give her a try for the night and see if I have a new employee.” Pedar said flatly.

“What about the other bartender?” Rebecca asked as she pointed down the bar at the young man.

Pedar gave her a cunning smile, “Oh I think he would do better at the top bar, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Yes I believe I would.” Rebecca’s face lit up as she smiled then she turned to Mae, “Bartender, huh? Sweet.” She looked back at Pedar and gave him a quick warm smile that even surprised her a little.

“I must attend to some other business but I’ll be back later.” Pedar said to the ladies as he looked over at the stage. The expression on his face turned more serious as he walked off.

Rebecca watched Pedar walk away then turn her attention back to Mae, “Welcome to La Luna. Come on back here and we’ll get you started.”

Pedar heard the band members talking with Jack as he came to the Band's room and opened the door. The laughter and talking stopped as he stood in the doorway. Pedar crossed his arms as anger showed in his eyes but his face remained calm.

“You lied to me and that does not make me very happy.” Complete silence filled the air rather quickly as Pedar came a little further into the room. “I think you all have some explaining to do.”

07/20/2004 5:32 PM

The band was silent. Eric raised an eyebrow, content to watch everything play out. Tad was ignoring everyone, practicing chords on his unplugged guitar. Tom looked around nervously, and Lex sneered, not sure whether to rip this guy apart or keep quiet. Jack looked him over appraising ly, and said.

"C'mon, they weren't that bad. Give 'em a break. They traveled all the way to L.A. and couldn't find a good singer. So? I promise that we could have the band in great shape by the next performance, and earn your customers back. If not, we'll pay ya. How about it?"

07/21/2004 5:12 PM

A flash of amusement flash in Pedar’s eyes as he listened to Jack. He knew Jack was a vampire and that added to his amusement. “I don’t believe we have met but it makes no difference to me.” Pedar’s eyes narrowed a tad as his arm fell to his sides. He took a step closer to Jack then stopped trying to see what he could pick up on this vampire. Jack seemed to be an open book and a friendly soul unlike Pedar. Jack honestly thought he could do what he said and this made Pedar curious.

“Should I give you a chance or should I throw you out?” Pedar thought carefully about the choices, the second one would bring him pleasure but would leave him with the problem of an empty stage. With a heavy sigh Pedar looked at the band members sitting in front of him, “What choice did I have but to give you another chance. So be it.”

Pedar turned to walk out the door then stopped and looked back at Jack with a cunning smile, “If you can do what you say then I will pay you double but I really don’t see how that is possible unless you find another singer. I’m hoping that is what you have planned. Be on stage in 20mins or less.” This may work out better then Pedar could have imagined.

07/21/2004 7:28 PM

Jack looked at the band expectantly. Eric shrugged, smiling. Tom frowned, not really happy, but not unaccepting. Lex looked at Jack critically, and smiled. He smiled, and held out his hand.

"Welcome back, man. I suppose you don't need that air you're breathing, might as well sing for it." Jack grinned at that. He looked over at Tad, who, finished with his guitar, looked up and smile, a lopsided grin that left half of his teeth showing.

"We were wonderin what happened to ya when ya left. Nice ta have ya back, bud." Jack grinned wider. Tom finally broke a smile,and nodded, but not saying anything. Jack wlked to a couch and plopped down next to Eric.

"Well, we have twenty minutes to waste, at least five of which should be planning. But, first things first, what have I missed?" Before anyone could answer, the door slammed open, and the former singer walked in. He carried a bottle of beer, and from the way he looked, it wasn't his first.

"Who's this?" He asked slurredly. Jack stood up and shook his hand, escorting him down onto a chair.

"Well, I'm you're replacement," Jack said it gently, and it didn't seem to register. "So, I think you should walk home. On second thought, heres a cab fare." Jack dug in his pocket and put a crumpled five the drunken man's pocket. Then he ushered him, still gently, out the door, and shut it.

"So!" he breathed out energetically and rubbed his hands together. "Back to business?"

35 minutes later:

After an electric performance, Jack sat at a table with the band, joking and chatting, making the waiters happy with lots of tips accompanying drinks. Most of the band lived in the same apartment as Jack, but in a different section. Pedar walked up, and leaned on the table. The group hushed, and looked at Pedar.

07/21/2004 9:22 PM

Aria shook herself. She had fallen into a silent daze. That usually didn't happen to her. She watched as the manager talked to Mae, and then had just....zoned out. She looked over at Keith and smiled apologetically.

"I'm sorry, I must have spaced out for a moment there. Was there something you were saying?"

Mae followed Rebecca to the main bar. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed Pedar walk out from behind the backstage area, and wondered if he was alright. 35 minutes later the band came out again, this time with Jack in their group. Mae frowned slightly and wondered what he was doing up onstage. She shook her head, and smiled. After all, it wasn't really any of her business.

"So, how long have you worked here?" Mae asked as she served up a rum and Coke to a customer.

07/25/2004 11:26 AM

Rebecca watched as Pedar walked over and sat down with Saleka. The band stepped out on stage and to her surprise there stood Jack singing his lungs out. She had to admit that he was pretty good.

She turned to Mae after a few minutes, “I have worked here for a little less then 2 months. I really like it here though sometimes things can get a little strange.” She felt that Mae was most likely already aware of this fact but she decided to continue on with this line of talk.

She looked at Mae with a serious look that not many get to see and lowered her voice. “I don’t understand what is it that goes on around here sometimes but one thing is for sure I’m glad I’m not a part of it. If you just do your job and pay attention to everything then you’ll see what I mean.”

With that said, a customer waved Rebecca over and with a smile she walked over to him.


Pedar sat down with Saleka and Meredith who seems to be looking about the room and didn’t even noticed his presence. Maybe it was the bottle of wine she had drank? Pedar didn’t care he needed to speak to the Gypsy anyway.

He leaned over to her and whispered into her ear, “I don’t think telling someone about the creatures in the bar is a very wise thing to do. You may put them in unnecessary danger. But too late for this one for the damage seem to be done.”

Saleka gave Pedar a half smile, “Maybe she is more resourceful then you think. I don’t think she will put herself in harms way. She is a smart women.”

Pedar looked Meredith and truly had his doubts about her not putting herself in harms way. He made a mental note to keep an eye on her. He had noticed too many unknown vampires entering the bar lately and this made him a tad uncomfortable. The only one he had no problem with was Jack. But there were others that he could see and feel that were not as friendly. That did not please him.


The band came on stage and started their set. Pedar was impressed with the difference Jack had made. He smiled to himself then excused himself from the table walking over to the back of the room to get a better view of the band. They gave a grand performance and with the reaction of the customers Pedar was greatly pleased.

When the band came off the stage, Pedar went over to the table they sat at and leaned on the table. They all looked at him as he smiled. “Well Gentlemen. That was quite a performance. I will pay you double as promised. You can play at this bar anytime just as long as all of you in front of me are the members of the band.” He turned to Jack with a look of acknowledgement, “Jack I am highly impressed with you and believe me I’m not easy to impress. ”

07/25/2004 11:55 AM

The band let out a collective sigh of relief. Jack grinned, happier than he had been in a long time.

"Thanks a lot, Pedar. If you want us to perform, I live in the old building around the corner, so just give me a holler and we'll see what we can do."

07/25/2004 6:49 PM

Aria shook herself. She had fallen into a silent daze. That usually didn't happen to her. She watched as the manager talked to Mae, and then had just....zoned out. She looked over at Keith and smiled apologetically.

"I'm sorry, I must have spaced out for a moment there. Was there something you were saying?"

He smiled back at her and said, "It's ok. I had just told you my story when you zoned out. Guess I have to tell you again." He felt that if he told her what he had just said again, she would have many questions. And he really didn't need alot of those right now, for Dave was meeting a cop.

This wasn't good, with the cops, Dave could find him much quicker. He turned his attention back to Aria. "Well, I used to live in Illinois until a co-worker of mine tried to steal something from me. I left, trying to lose him but I think he followed me here."

07/25/2004 7:12 PM

OOC: Nice to see you back, SE. How was the Reunion?

BIC: Jack decided that it was getting late. He gave his farewells and went to the bar to get a final drink. He purposefully got Mae, although he expected she was purposefully avoiding him.

"Hey. I'm sorry about before, I was acting pretty stupid, trying to bring something back that I shouldn't have. Accept it or not, I apologize. And I'll have one more whiskey, if you don't mind."

07/25/2004 8:59 PM

Mae raised an eyebrow, and pulled out a glass and a bottle of Yukon. She had a feeling the vampire was a Yukon kind of guy. Then again, you never knew.

"Are you sure you need more? After all, I wouldn't expect someone like yourself to be apologizing, considering what your nature is," Mae said, hinting that she knew more about Jack than he had let her know. "But, hey, I'm in a good mood, so I accept your apology, and the drink is on me."

07/26/2004 9:07 AM

"This one is for later. There's a lot more to be than just my 'nature.' Thanks."

07/26/2004 7:08 PM

Pedar Walked around the room harassing some of the wait staff as they rushed around cleaning up. He even brought one girl to tears but he quickly told her he was joking and that he wasn't going to fired her. This action stopped a lot of the staff in their tracks for Pedar was never this kind even when someone cried.

It hit him as odd too but after all it was a great night. The crowd was thinning out and most the humans were gone. The band was packing up and he had paid them the money for the gig. He even heard that the new kid that the main owner hired had done well at the top bar. His unlife was good at the moment as the bartender rang the bell for last call then he look at his watch. He realized he had not eaten since he had first awoken and we the 'guest' that were coming in the next hour he needed to feed and fast. He looked around the room and could find no easy pray so with a sigh he headed for the bar.

"Rebecca, would you be a dear and get me a bottle from my private stock?" Pedar said in a uneasy tone, "I need a drink asap." He added with a slight smile, "Unless you would be willing..." he never finished.

"I'll be right back with your drink." Rebecca said quickly as she headed to a special looking case and pulled out what looked to be a bottle of red wine then a chalice. She handed the warmed bottle over to Pedar and placed the chalice in front of him. "Anything else?" She studied his face trying to find out what was making him nervous.

"Yes as a matter of fact there is." Pedar smiled and looks over at Jack who is sitting but a few seats away, "Jack my friend, would you care to join me in a drink? After all you are one the reason I am in such a festive mood and besides I think you would like this vintage. It is a very old year but it still dose the job."

Pedar poured some into his chalice and took a long slow drink as if every last drop were sacred to him. Then he turned to Jack and smiled, "Shall I pour you a glass?"

07/26/2004 7:20 PM

Jack raised his eyebrow at what seemed like genuine hospitality, obviously a rare thing from this man. He quickly let a smile widen on his face.

"Of course! I be glad to." He sat down next to Pedar, putting his whiskey down next to the glass of blood. "I was planning on going for a walk, but this is perfect reason to hold off." He took a sip of the blood, and his smile widened as afr as it would go.

"Wow. This is really good. I tend to spike mine with vodka, but it's not necessary for this. Great stuff."

07/26/2004 7:25 PM

Kei barely registered the second performance as he was quiete posibly smashed. He couldn't tell as he had never been drunk before. He wasn't used to this feeling and didn't want to think of what would happen if he was attacked. He had ways of remediying this problem, but he would rather not go that far.

At this moment, he could tell that Jack was talking to...

That vampire guy, he's not nice. Nope, not at all.

Well, what's it to me anyways? No trouble here.

He wondered briefly if he should pay and leave, and attempt to stagger home on his own.

07/26/2004 8:11 PM

Pedar smiled as he poured himself another, “Ahh yes but this is spiked. Of course not with anything you could get a hold of….no my friend non of these modern spirits can touch this stuff. It is spike with the blood of the ancients ones.” He said as he turned toward Jack and leaned on the bar, “It almost makes me feel like I have done a few shots of your whiskey. Gives me a warm feeling inside almost like I’m alive again.” Pedar down the second glass with less reverence then the first one. His once pales skin liked almost flushed with color. “I insist you finished this bottle with me.” He said in a friendly but serious tone as if he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Rebecca watched Pedar as if she had never seen him before. Even though she knew he got like this when one of his bottles came out, he was being truly friendly with Jack. This made her both worried and curious at the same time. She watched him carefully as she cleaned glasses and wiped up the bar. The bar was slowly becoming empty and only the strange ones were left for the late night gatherings. The main bar would be closing soon but part of the restaurant would remain open for late nighters. Rebecca rarely stay during these hours not because she didn’t want to but because Pedar had always sent her home. Maybe tonight she would see why.


Saleka walked up to the bar and counted out her money for the day and put away what she was keeping in her pocket. She was about to say something to Pedar about his cut when she noticed what he was drinking. She could wait for a little while until his buzz wares off. The intoxicated state he was in wouldn’t last very long and then he would be back in business but well fed to boot. Got to love his private stock!

She saw Mae not too far from her busy putting stuff away and cleaning like Rebecca was doing. She didn’t know Mae but could feel something different about her. She also felt someone else and she turned to see Kei sitting at the end of the bar who seemed to be having an inward conversation with himself. She walked slowly towards him.

“You ok? You need any help? Maybe someone could call you a cab or something.” Saleka said to Kei with a friendly smile. “It would be no trouble really.”

07/27/2004 8:39 AM

Aria stretched and put her now empty bottle on the bar top. She smiled warmly at Keith. He was alright...for a mortal. Too bad she had sworn off love. Maybe she could turn him. Now there was a thought.

"Well, I have to get home. It was nice meeting you," she said. "Will you be here again tomorrow night? I'll be wearing a red dress if you come."

Mae took the empty bottle and threw it away, listening to Aria flirt with Keith. She didn't know what the vampiress saw in the man, but it had to be something. As for herself, Mae discovered that she could like a few of the vampires. There was Jack. He was nice-for a vampire.

Mae wiped off the bar top and made her way over to Rebecca. She definitely couldn't wait for the next night. Tonight hadn't given her much of a chance to get to know the other woman.

"Hey, what are you doing after this?" Mae asked as she stole a peek at Pedar and Jack. She wondered what they were doing, but only for a moment. After all, if she wasn't invited to talk, then it wasn't for her to know about.

07/27/2004 11:57 AM

Jack nodded at what Pedar said. He didn't quite understand the reference to 'ancient ones,' but the blood certainly was spiked with something powerful. Jack's eyes grew wide. He felt alive again! He heard the blood flow in his ears again! He listened closely, and realized it was his imagination, to his dissapointment. He did feel remarkably well though.

"This is some heavy stuff. I'm surpised it doesn't make you fell depressed, to be so alive for this time, and then..." Jack watched Pedar idly, noticing the increased sense of activity in the room, and not human activity, either. He hoped the band got home alright.

07/27/2004 2:59 PM

“You ok? You need any help? Maybe someone could call you a cab or something.” Saleka said to Kei with a friendly smile. “It would be no trouble really.”

Kei looked carefully at the woman who was talking to him. Hmm, she's normal.

"I think, I'll be alright. This is the first time I've ever been at a bar though. Say," he paused a moment as if thinking through what he was going to say. "Are your regular customers always so, special?"

07/27/2004 6:46 PM

Kiyo nodded slowly.. "alright.. how can I reach you if I find anything?" She asked.

I saw someone who fits this guy's description not long after I came in here...I wonder... She thought, keeping tight rein on those thoughts...

07/28/2004 12:05 AM

Kiyo nodded slowly.. "alright.. how can I reach you if I find anything?" She asked.

I saw someone who fits this guy's description not long after I came in here...I wonder... She thought, keeping tight rein on those thoughts…

David nodded back, "Very well, here." He handed her a walkie talkie. "This will keep us in touch, later." He handed her the walkie talkie then left the bar. When he got outside he looked at his van and his jaw dropped.

Someone had wrecked his van! His tires were popped and somebody had spray painted the sides of his van. He looked around and saw a group of punks walking away with spray cans. He followed after them and at the same time called a car shop to come pick up his van and fix it. They said it would take them 20 minutes to get there, more than enough time to deal with the punks...


Keith finished off his beer as Aria smiled at him. She seemed to be okay for being a vampiress. "It was nice meeting you too Aria. And yes I probably will be here again tomorrow night. I'll be wearing a red colloared shirt and black jeans." He smiled and waved good bye as she left.

OOC: Yeah the family reunion was alright. Though the fact that there was no computer, no Tv, and my cell phone had no service was a killer, lol. Yet, overall it was good seeing most of my family members, some couldn't make it. Best part was at night when my family members told stories of each other and themselves (they were funny as hell and some even had some action stuff happening at the same time), especially when they were drunk :D. Plus I got a beer that was half full though it had no taste, the crappy kind lol.

07/28/2004 10:26 AM

Though the fact that there was no computer, no Tv, and my cell phone had no service was a killer, lol.

OOC: No, Not forced interaction! How'd you make it through alive?!

07/28/2004 7:16 PM

Rebecca heard Mae’s voice when it dawned on her that she was just standing there watching Pedar and Jack. She looked towards Mae and thought about the question for a moment, “Actually I don’t go anywhere but home after this. I know it’s not much of a life but there‘s not much going on in the wee hours of the morning. I haven’t really explored the city either. Damn, now my life sounds boring even to me!” She laughed, “I swear I use to be much more livelier back East in Baltimore.” She added with a smile. “So where ya staying at?”


Pedar drank one more glass then turned to Jack, “I suppose if I was as humane as you I would get a feeling of depression. When you have lived as long as I have, you look at things differently. I wish I could explain but it is hard too. There was a time when I miss being a live but now…..” Pedar’s voice trailed as he noticed the time the wall clock. It was about to strike 2am. He sat up rather quickly and looked seriously at Jack, “I have some business to attend too before the hour grows later. You can have the rest of the bottle or just have Rebecca put it back.” He stood up and looked at Jack with a slight smile, “Perhaps we could do this again sometime.”


Saleka smiled, “Yes I would have to say it is normal here to have such ‘special’ customers. It makes my job more interesting.” She looked at him thoughtfully, “First time huh? Well I guess next time you will know not to drink as much. Unless you enjoyed it this way.”

As she spoke to Kei, she saw Pedar get up rather quickly and get ready to head for his back office. With a sigh she turned back to Kei, “I need to go talk with my boss. I hope you decide to come back and see another show sometime. If you do come back look me up. My name is Saleka and I’m always here at one of the side tables giving readings or just talking with Friends.”

07/28/2004 8:08 PM

Jack stood too, his grin sliding away as he noted the serious tone in Pedar's voice.

"I would be happy to do this again sometime. I have to leave too, but I'll be back tomorrow, luck permitting." After this Jack left, stopping outside to lean against the wall, yearning for a cigarette, happiness from the wine competeing with an unexplained feeling of cold in the pit of his stomach.

He looked around the block, noticing the man in the lab coat chasing some typical punks. Jack could already tell something bad would happen, but to who he could not decipher. MTV2 generation vs. a mad scientest. I'd better follow, just in case something bad happens. Jack immediatly took off, to catch them as they went into an alley. He hoped he wouldn't intervene, but he knew there weren't mnay chances of that.

07/28/2004 11:03 PM

OOC: No, Not forced interaction! How'd you make it through alive?!

OOC: I don't know man, I just don't know. Maybe it was the fact that I was always kicking the living crap out of the little kids (don't worry I didn't really, I just tossed them around like rag dolls mwahahaha! :D). It was either that or I could've just sat around and do nothing. And we all know how boring that is plus time doesn't fly when your doing nothing. So it passed by pretty quick.

BIC: Keith was wondering where David was at the moment and decided to see what he was doing. So his left eye, though unnoticeable to anybody but himself, changed to x-ray vision. He looked towards the van to notice David wasn't there. He scanned the area and saw him following a bunch of punks.

He probably thinks they popped his tires. They are so screwed. Then he noticed that Jack was following after David and he decided that all was well. If things spiraled out of control he hoped that Jack would stop David, hopefully.


David followed the group of punks for about a minute until they stopped and he walked up to them. They all looked at him as he walked towards them. Then about an 18 year old boy with jeans and a black sweatshirt on looked at him and said in an arrogant voice, "What do you think your doing old man? You know following us was a bad idea." As soon as he said this his friends started to move towards David.

David stopped walking and said, "No, wrecking my van was a bad idea. And now your going to pay." As he said this he ran towards them all. And in a few moments it was all done. Before any of the punks could have drawn their concealed weapons, they were knocked onto the ground and unconscious.

He turned around to look at his work. If anybody could have seen it, it went like this. First he ran past the rest, grabbed two of them, and tossed them in the air. Before any of the others could make a move he sweeped the feet of one and he did a couple of flips before getting to close to the ground and smacking his head into the pavement. Another, he jumped up and round house kicked in the face which sent the punk nailing another punk like a tackle and knocking both unconscious.

For the leader, David appeared infront of him and sweeped his feet. And as the leader spun around like a clock he punched the leader in the stomach rapidly and then with a final punch sent him crashing into a bunch of trash cans. And he was out, like a light. The first two that he had tossed up were still in the air and by the time all of this had happen they were half way down when he jumped behind them and grabbed both of them by the necks. He then smashed them together 2 times then kicked them in the backs. They fell down onto the ground and like the others before them, were knocked out.

He then twirled in the air to be facing the other direction. And thats what happened, all in a few moments. He then opened up his shirt. Underneath his shirt was a thin layer of silver clothing but it wasn't. It seems the enhancement suit works. Pretty good for its first trial, has a few kinks to work out though. With this in mind he started to head back to his van.

OOC: Sorry if it has any spelling errors or anything, really tired, pulled an all nighter last night. Need sleep now, good night.

07/29/2004 9:09 AM

Jack's eyes widened as he saw the seconds long dismantling of a moderate sized gang. Jack swore a few times under his breath as he lipped behind the wall, out of Dansen's feild of vision. At least natural vision. Jack Had know idea if even he could fight this guy.

Mad scientist...you're damn right! The oddest thing was, he smelt perfectly human. Jack decided to go back into La Luna, maybe to talk, maybe to think. At least there he might be safe.

07/29/2004 3:09 PM

Aria passed Jack on her way out of the bar. She raised an eyebrow as he walked back into the bar.

"Don't you think you should be getting home? It's almost bedtime," she said.

Mae chuckled to herself as she helped Rebecca clean up. A person with a bed time-that was something Mae herself didn't have to deal with. Not anymore.

"I don't have anywhere to go yet," she said. "It's not like I need the sleep anyway. You know, we should go somewhere for breakfast, get to know each other. Especially since we're going to be working together."

07/29/2004 4:13 PM

Jack grinned, even his odd feelings could not surpress him. "Eh, I've got a few more hours in me. Anyway, this is the time of night when things get interesting. Hell, you should know that by now." He actually didn't mean that last comment, but the wine was having a slight effect on his already loose tongue. At least he wasn't requesting people to grow instruments out of their navels.

07/29/2004 7:45 PM

Keith's jaw dropped as David took out the gang. Even though Keith himself could have done that easily, he didn't understand how a normal human like David could have done that. He then with his right eye scanned for anything unusual on David and found something. David had some kind of suit on that amplified or enhanced his speed and strength. At least thats what it looked like anyways.

He wasn't truly worried, not at the moment. As long as David didn't surpass Keith's abilities with that suit, Keith would be ok. His eyes then reverted back to there regular vision and he continued to watch and listen to what was happening.


Once David reached his van he went inside and listened to the radio until one of the poeple from the repair shop came and got him. The man pulled up and started to hook up David's van to his truck and noticed that David was probably not in the mood to talk. So he stayed quite as he made his way to the repair shop and when he got there he left for David scared the crap out of him. Two others took the van into the shop and started to work on it. They told him it would take at least an hour for they had other cars to deal with also.
So David just went into the waiting room and fell asleep on a chair.

07/30/2004 4:04 AM

Kiyo had followed as close as she dared behind David, slipping sideways into the realm that only her and others of her kind could find... and she watched with amazement as her 'client' David take out the punk gang...

cursing, thankfully unable to be heard, she made her way back to Keith's side. from around the corner, she stepped back to this realm...She took the single step to reach Keith's side.

"I think we need to talk... NOW." She said, her voice firm and insisting... the badge that hung around her neck flashed in the low light. "I only want to talk to you..." She said, her eyes reflecting all the honesty in those words...

07/30/2004 4:11 PM

OOC: I thought Keith sat at the bar the whole time...

07/30/2004 7:51 PM

"I would like that Mae. I think there is a little all night diner around the corner. Saleka took me to it once. I'll ask her when she is done talking." Rebecca said as she watched Pedar and Jack part ways leaving the bottle on the bar. She picked it up and place the half empty bottle back in the cabinet. She looked at Mae, "I don't really sleep all the much myself and really don't need much anyway. But I try to at least live a normal life, as if I would even know what a normal life would be." She half smile


Saleka didn't give Kei time to answer as headed to Pedar's office. Rebecca stopped her asking about the little diner they had went to and Saleka told her it was called the Nite Owl Diner and it was just two blocks to the right of La Luna and around the corner. Saleka mumbled something about paying the master his due and headed off to see Pedar.

When she go to the office she knocked lightly and was told to come in. There Pedar sat behind his desk going through some books that didn't look familiar to Saleka but what did she know about business. "Pedar I have the money for today's work. It isn't much but here it is." she laid the money on the desk as he briefly looked up at her. She hesitated for a moment as if she wanted to ask him what was wrong but she just stood there in silence.

"Is there anything else?" Pedar asked in annoyed tone. "Because if there isn't, I must ask you to leave. I have a visitor arriving in a short while and need to...never mind what I need to do. Just go." He looked back down at his books and continued to read as if she wasn't in the room anymore.

Saleka decided to leave it alone for now but she felt concerned. Even though this was normal Pedar behavior she couldn't help think something was not right. With a heavy sigh, she walked back out to the bar. She noticed the basement door open due to the squeaking hinge and a couple of cloaked shadowy figures appeared. The room got very still and even felt a little chilled. Power crackled in the air.

Before she even could move Pedar stood in front of her and this made her catch her breath. "Now would be a good time to go home and take your friends with you." Pedar almost whispered over his shoulder to her then he went over to them. Saleka could not hear anything being said but she could see Pedar had gestured to them to follow him a back room.

07/31/2004 6:41 AM

OOC: he did? I thought I was missing something...well.... lemme know Soaring.. I'll change it if you want...

07/31/2004 10:20 AM

Jack shifted uncomfortably. It was getting fractionally colder. Naturally, he didn't feel the cold as cold, more as an absence of heat. Sort of a reminder of death.

He watched Rebecca and Mae cleaning up, chatting amiably. The bad feeling in his stomach grew, and he started to head to the back of the room, almost unconsciously.

07/31/2004 12:31 PM

Aria shivered. The room felt...cold. She watched Jack walk to the back of the room. She wanted to call out to him, but felt as if she were stuck in one spot. She looked on as the vampire continued on his way.

Mae looked around, the atmosphere suddenly felt like it had changed from amiable to extremely dangerous. The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end. Shaking herself, she put on her glasses and motioned to the door with her head.

"Come on 'Becca. Let's get out of here. We've done enough work for one night, don't you think?"

07/31/2004 3:57 PM

Kei finally staggered to his feet, feeling a little more steady. His body had the natural abiltity to neutralize poisons much faster then that of a normal human's. Thus, the alchol wasn't affecting him as badly anymore.

Waving to Jack, he headed out the door. He shivered, once again feeling a sense of foreboading. "I hope it's not him." He whispered to himself as he started heading back home.

Anyone but Verle. But, with my luck, it'll be him.

08/01/2004 11:23 AM

Rebecca felt strange as the figures enter the room. Every hair stood on end and she felt an unnatural pull toward one of them but she could not tell which one. She couldn't move or speak for a few moments when Mae broke the 'spell' she had been under.

Shaking her head, she refocused as she saw Pedar taking the whatever they were to a back room. She turned to Mae and nodded, "Yes I agree. It's time to leave."

She looked back at Pedar as he was shutting the door and he stooped then looked towards her. She could sense him telling her to leave and all she could do is give him a slight nod. With a half smile he shut the door and Rebecca gave Mae a thin smile, "So let's go get some breakfast or something. I'm starved!"

Saleka was on her way out too looking rather preoccupied with her thoughts. "Ill see you back at the apratment, Becca. Be safe in your travels tonight." she said her goodnights to the rest of the staff then disappeared out the door.

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08/01/2004 9:50 PM

OOC: It's ok, I was planning on posting like two days ago but I wasn't able to get on until now. Maybe when Keith's using his mechanical parts I can put them in bold or italics so everybody can know what he's doing.

BIC: Well with David gone Keith got up as the figures came and when he scanned the area for anything, the temperature dropped. He wasn't sure what the figures were but, he only knew that they were not human. He decided to take a leisure walk around the alley-ways so he left the La Luna and did. Yet, as he was walking, the police woman appeared out of nowhere and demanded to talk to him. He looked into her eyes to see if she was speaking the truth, she was.

"Very well, what do you want to ask me, Kiyo was it?”

08/02/2004 4:07 AM

Kiyo nodded, though she didn't ask how he knew her name. "I want to know the whole story behind you and the man I was speaking with... he's lying to me, and one glance at you, with my abilites tells me that you're not entirely human..." She growled, she hated to be lied to.

08/05/2004 9:50 PM

"Well with my abilities I can tell that you are some kind of were-fox. Am I correct about that? Oh and David was lying about most of it. And your right, I'm not human." He then held up his left arm and with his right hand he grasped his left armed. Then with a few twists he yanked his left arm off.

Even though the arm was off, it kept moving of its own accord and there was no blood spilling from his left shoulder or his arm. "You see, I am a an android created to do anything, anything at all. David was my creator, and he didn't lie about the chip, its in my head. David is only using the police to find me and take me back to his laboratory to reprogram me, I think." He then put his left arm back into place with a few twists.

"Thats better, now back to what I was saying. Once he gets a hold of me he will reprogram me so I will obey any comand. At first he was plaining on selling me to the hightest bidder, weither that was a terrorist group or a government, he doesn't care. Thats why I ran away, I didn't want to be a tool of destruction." He then waited to see if she would reply.

08/06/2004 1:47 PM

When the door shut, Jack came back with a start. He shook his head a few times, and hurried to the door, to catch Becca and Mae.

"What on Earth was that?!"

08/06/2004 4:24 PM

Kiyo blinked in surprise as Keith finished. He had taken her completely off guard when he blatantly told her what she was.. then, after another second, her cheeks reddened, and her eye narrowed.

"The correct term would be "Kitsune" (Kit-Soo-Nay)" She sighed and sat down, not bothering to ask. She hated to be lied to, that was part of the reason why she left home so long ago... She shook her head, clearing the image of her brother from her mind.

"so it looks like I've got to help you in some way... I can't, by my honor, let you go on your own... David is a dangerous man, I knew that the moment I looked into his eyes... He would be the type to come after me just because I failed."

08/11/2004 2:59 PM

"So, your a Kitsune, interesting." He watched her as she sat down. "You don't have to, I can look out for myself. And yes he would kill you if you failed. He's been tainted with greed and will stop at nothing to get me back."

He then looked into her eyes. "Are you sure you want to be apart of this?"

08/22/2004 8:49 AM

Mae nodded and took one more look back into the bar. She hoped that whatever Pedar was doing that he would be alright. She frowned, startled that she'd have those sort of feelings. Shaking herself, she smiled at Rebecca.

"You get to lead the way," she said. "I've got no idea where to go."

08/22/2004 4:53 PM

Jack ran a hand through his hair, sighing. He sent a last nervous glace at the bar, and turned to Becca and Mae.

"I was going to go back to my place, but I prefer company. So yeah, lead the way. I think I saw an Ihop not far away from here, so unless someone knows a better place..."

08/23/2004 6:22 PM

Jack lit a cigarette, trying to calm down. He didn't smoke much, usually only when he was in a bad mood. He had quite before he died, but now he kept a pack in his pocket for rough days. He doubted vampires got cancer, and he had found the nicotine not to affect his brain in habit-forming ways.

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08/23/2004 9:46 PM

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08/24/2004 8:22 AM

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08/24/2004 6:20 PM

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08/24/2004 6:30 PM

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10/24/2004 12:03 PM

Mae looked around, examining her surroundings. Things didn't feel right to her. Perhaps it was due to what was going on in the bar. She watched Jack light up a cigarette and nodded her head at him.

"Mind if I bum one of those off you?" she asked.

Aria walked outside, joining the trio. She smiled at Jack, and acknowledged the two women. She hugged herself, and shook her head.

"Well, Jack, you know that you're right about it being an exciting part of the night," she said. "Mind if I spend a few more hours with you? You know, before dawn comes."

10/26/2004 4:01 PM

Kami walked down the dark alley, her hands in the pockets of her slightly ragged jeans. Rusty fire escapes crawled up the brick buildings that she walked between. An uneasy prickle stirred the hair on the back of her neck, a feeling of being watched. That was not strange, and was a feeling she had grown used to in this human den, but this was different. A feeling of hostility, and anger. She felt like a deer being watched by a hunter.

The feeling was growing stronger, and keen wolf's ears, though in human form, heard the sound of a stealthy foot. She began to walk faster, towards the light of the street.
The stealthy footfalls matched pace. The wolf took her hands out of her pockets, and ran.

The feeling of pursuit grew, as she ran out of the shadows of the alley into the yellow glare of streetlights, her black jacket flapping. She turned around the corner, walking briskly down the sidewalk, turning into the first building, "La Luna Bar and Grill".

The restauraunt was fairly full, and Kami fought off the feeling of entrapment and being closed in that threatened to overwhelm her. She took deep breaths, sitting at the bar next to a man with shaggy brown hair. (Jack)

10/28/2004 8:09 AM

((OOC: Actually, the bar is empty, save for whatever was going on in the back room. Aria, Mae, Rebecca, and Jack are all outside the joint, on their way to a diner.))

10/28/2004 12:32 PM

((OOC: Actually, the bar is empty, save for whatever was going on in the back room. Aria, Mae, Rebecca, and Jack are all outside the joint, on their way to a diner.))

(((OOC: Well I feel stupid now............))

10/28/2004 2:49 PM

Rebecca shook off the feeling she had in the bar and tried to leave it behind her but her thoughts seem to dwell on Pedar. Was she really that worried about him? She shivered at the thought.

Turning her attention to the other three she put on her usual friendly smile and pushed her true thoughts far back in her mind, "Mae and I were going to the diner just down the street. You both are welcome to join us."

10/28/2004 4:38 PM

OOC: actually, Keith and Kiyo would still be there....

BIC: Kiyoko watched Keith for a long time, seemingly dealing with some sort of internal debate.

Finally she nodded. "Yes.. I am sure I wish to help you. There is something wrong, and my duty, not only to the LAPD, but to myself, and my cause, I have to rectify this." She looked up as a newcomer entered the rapidly emptying bar...

10/30/2004 2:20 PM

Jack grinned through the cigarette.

"Yeah, I suppose. I try to avoid the habit anyway." he shook his head, this night was more exciting than he would have expected. "Yeah, I could use some company. I never expected my first days in the city to be this exciting, let alone popular."

His eyebrows raised when a girl shoved her way into the bar and he got a powerful whiff of dog. "Oh yeah, a diner sounds good. Nothing better to top off beer and tobacco than coffee."

11/10/2004 6:35 PM

A very serious looking man entered the apartment building. He was a midsized man. Standing at six feet tall and weighing in at two hundred pounds, most would say he was a large man. But then, they had never seen the people of his time. His hair was darker than the darkest night. His eyes, were those of a wolf. As he stood in the lobby looking around and the over head lights played across his eyes, they looked like minature suns. He had no luggage, per se. All he had was his pack. He was wearing jeans and sandals( he go barefoot if he could, but people frowned upon that in the city and since sandals were the next best thing, he wore them all the time) and a white form fitting t-shirt.

He went up the stairs in search of his room, the owner of the place had assured him the door would be unlocked with the keys handing on the wall just inside the door. He went up the stairs till he found the room. He found the door, as the owner had promised, unlocked and the keys just inside. The man shut the door behind him without bothering to lock it. He was sure he could handle any would-be thief. He laid down in front of the only window and used his pack as a pillow. He fell asleep staring at the moon. He began to dream immediately.

OOC: Im new and i dont know if theres some way to italisize, so ima just do the dream sequence like this.

- He was running in his more favored form, his true form, in the open. Something he had not done in centuries. Then he was in the Training Grounds. He remembered going to the Training Grounds, as a pup. A very nervous time for him. He had wanted so much to train there. To hone his skill. But he had been told he should seek training in another place.Fernwood village. So he set off towards Fernwood Village. When he arrived though, he found that Fernwood village was not been to his liking. So, he had set off to see the land. Durring his travels he encountered a man who offered him a large sum of gold to find him a book. Young and eager as he was to have an adventure he agreed immediately. No questions asked, no gold given. The man said nothing else except, "Do not read the book. Do not even open the book. I will know if you have and will not pay you the promised sum. Understand?" He had agreed. Not taking into account the insatiable curiousity that comes with youth. He traveled far and wide, searching. After two years of searching he tracked the book down. Not far from where the quest had started, actually. He was elated. There were no guards, no traps, nothing to worry about. One night though, when the moon and stars were hidden and his brothers(wolves) we silent the fire played across the book. He had been tempted to read it before, but never as strong as this. He put the book away quickly. Trying not to think of it further he laid down to sleep. But thoughts of the book consumed him finally he gave in and with trembling hands, opened the book. Inside there were achaic symbols and writings. Even depictions of some demon and ancient battles. Just as he started to read it though, the words vanished. Then his head started to hurt, his eyes bulged. He was racked with pain. He changed from wolf form to human form rapdily. over and over. Screaming then, howling. Howling then, screaming. Finally, it stopped. he lay by the fire, panting. The words on the book were gone. It was blank. But as he thought about the book the images and words that were in the book,were now inside his head. At that point he heard laughing, from nowhere and yet from everywhere and the voice spoke, "I told you not to read it. i wanted you to, in the end. But what fun would it have been if I hadn't tried to stop you, eh? Torn between curiousity and loyalty. It can be fu watching you mortals, sometimes." the man from the city appeared infront of him, "Come Lycan. I have much to teach you before I send you off on your real quest." the man offered his hand and they disappeared. Leaving the book to land in the ashes. Embers flew up into the night sky, seemingly replacing the stars till they burned out.-

The man awoke with a start and lay on his floor for a moment, collecting himself. He had been having that dream for almost a millenia now, but it always seemed to affect him in the same way. He supposed it was a reminder that he was on a quest. Then again, his master had a weird sort of humor. He liked to rub in, how easily he had been duped into reading the book. So, a joke AND reminder. He smiled wolfishly at the sun, and crazy as it might seem, the sun seemed to smile back. Today he was going to be an interesting day. He was going to go meet his new neighbors. Lycan enjoyed meeting people in cities. They were so diverse. With that he went to the bathroom to freshen up.

OOC: I tried to write a good story. Im going to explain more through his dreams and such. Im new to rping so help is appreciated. Thanks

11/10/2004 7:53 PM

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11/11/2004 10:56 AM

OOC: Yep, your story was fine, not too confusing or vague. Only possible problem was at the end. The sun isn't up yet, Right now most of our characters are outside at night.

11/20/2004 7:23 PM

OOC: Im going to try to salvage my last post.

BIC: It was early morning when Lycan awoke. His heart was was pounding and he was feeling light headed. It seemed that time had not affected the dream much. It was always the same and it always had the same affect on him. Lycan looked over at the clock. It read three A.M. Lycan decided to lie back down and rest for awhile longer before getting up to go to work. He thought about his dream. To him it seemed like his masters idea of a joke. A constant reminder, throughout the centuries, of how he had been duped into opening that book. Lycan decided he didnt want to think about the book just, yet. He looked at the clock once more (3:47 am) and got up. He went into the bathroom. Turned the shower on the let it warm up and shaved. Lycan hated shaving. He could shave twice a day and still have a full beard by night. He had asked his Master once and he told him it was just his true self showing through. You see, Lycan was a Lycanthrope. Hence his name. Most people think that a Lycanthrope is a human who can turn into a wolf, but it's actually the opposite. It's a wolf who can turn into a man. Lycan preferred his natural form but his work usually required him to stay in human form for the most part. He was a wolf through and through, albeit a larger than usual wolf, but a wolf none the less. So, he had all the attributes of a wolf. SLightly amplified. But reading the book..or rather, absorbing the book had given him power beyond imagination. Lycan sighed. It always botherd him to think about all the power he had and all the rules and restrictions that came with that power.

Lycan finished shaving and hopped into the shower. He could smell everyone who had previously used it. It almost made him wretch. He hurried out the shower and decided it might be best to just bathe in the rain from now on. He got dressed and decided to go walk the streets and get a feel for the city. He dressed accordingly. He wore his broken in jeans his tennis shoes and a white wife beater with a flanel jacket( OOC:Lycan may be powerful but his sense of style is a little messed up, eh?) He locked up before he left.

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