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06/02/2004 3:53 PM

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06/04/2004 9:03 PM

Mepherion Flameform was going to die.

The bare cell held little sympathy for the forgotten cleric, as did the curious lack of guards. Of course, Mepherion was a holy man; he would no more affect his own escape than he would curse his god. But still...doubt was a powerful emotion, one he had much experience with. People often doubted their gods and goddesses and what was his job, if not to assure them of their faith?

Mepherion had never considered the Kingpriest to be a bad man. Yes, his Edict was a bit...extreme, but the cleric would never have believed it to be enforcable. No, it was just another deterent, another threat to the disbelievers and discontents who wished to stir up trouble. The Krynnish gods had similar methods. Through they were prominent in his sight, they very rarely descended to smote the evildoers of the world, leaving that to leaders as the Kingpriest. And, more often than not, it was merely the threat of their displeasure that was a deterent in itself.

Of course...there had been rumors as well. Istar was a diverse city, a beautiful city, a small example of the world at large. It was only recently that the Kingpriest had made his displeasure known...only recently that the diversity had disappeared from his Temple and it was rumored that the elves and mages and dwarves and kender...that they had been driven out, banished from the shining jewel of Istar.

Mepherion was not a worldly man. Rumors were unreliable at best and his responsibility was to his Temple and those who sought its comfort. He did his best to mind his business and had thought he was doing quite well at it...

The morning rituals finished, Mepherion descended from the altar to Sirrion, with its eternal flame, his red and yellow robe tracing the marbled steps behind him. He smiled warmly at the morning light, streaming in perfectly through the tall, clear glass windows...his Temple was always well-lit. Sirrion was, after all, the God of Flowing Flame and the Giver of Light and Life was well within his domain.

His warm smile quickly transfered to the only occupant of his long hall. Her green eyes flickered with the flames spread throughout the building, one fire to grace each area of worship. Though he had seen her in the Temple many times recently, he had had only a few opportunities to speak with her, and had yet to learn her name. He sensed she attended the Temple not so much to worship, but to seek out comfort and guidance. Mepherion was perfectly happy to advise her, if advice was what she was searching for, or comfort her if that was her need. Perhaps now was the time to once again offer to listen...perhaps he could learn more and help.

Mepherion had wanted to help. He would help anyone, should they ask, worshipper of Sirrion or not. It was part of the reason he loved his god so dearly...as a lord of neutrality, Sirrion's heart knew no bounds.

But alas, just as he had approached her, hands before him, smiling in welcome like a jovial father-figure, the Kingpriest's men had come and told him...they had told him he was guilty of an evil thought. They told him he was going to die.

And then they had dumped him in this lonely cell to ponder how...silly this situation was. And the more he thought, the more silly it became. People were not responsible for their thoughts...after all, if you told a person not to think about a purple kender, the first thing they would do is imagine a purple kender!

Surely this was not the Kingpriest's true intention. But still...Mepherion was here and he couldn't for the life of him recall thinking an evil thought.

He longed for his god. Sirrion had always been a rather loud god, his words, often incomprehensible to mortal ears, nevertheless a beautiful song. And now...there was nothing but angry whispers. Now, there was a sad song of dispair. And the cleric, once hopeful, once so full of his god and the beauty of this city, felt utterly alone.

Because now...Mepherion Flameform was waiting to die.

06/05/2004 4:18 AM

Yui paused... the early morning light shining down on the holy city... with a delicate snort, she tossed her head in contempt... Holy city indeed...

Yui could see the darkness that choked the city... a darkness of ambition... of a path that no mortal had the right to pursue. The sun crested the horizon, its pale light made the unicorn seem to glow for a moment, her profile frozen against the darker sky to the west, her long shining mane and tail gleaming silver, her horn of shimmering crystal. Hanging around her neck, was a silver chain, so beautifully made, only dwarven hands could have forged it. dangling from the chain were two things.. a crystal bottle, that held some sort of liquid and seemed to shine faintly like a star. The other was a blue-steel wrought figure... the symbol for infinity, the mark of Mishakal.

Yui had wandered the face of Ansalon for centuries... she had been born at the begining of this 'age of might' and once she had left her homeland...she wandered and brought solace where ever she could...

The unicorn's form shimmered, and reformed... A young woman with long pale hair, the color of platinum stood in the unicorn's place... her violet eyes still locked on the city below. her pale blue robes marked her as a cleric of Mishakal... and she felt her Goddess closer now than ever... something terrible would happen here... not now..not this peaceful morning. Maybe not even for years. But the air around this 'Holy City' shivered in anticipation, and Yui trembled.

a staff of delicately carved Vallenwood rested in her hand, and she made her way down to the city below... following the call of her Goddess...knowing that someone there needed her help desperately.

06/05/2004 1:24 PM

Faith stood on the ground as a mage, a light red robed mage (the robes are very light red), she had black hair that hung half way down her back. She would have flown if it wasn't for her fear of flying during the day.

Faith had seen what she thought was a mysterious unicorn, but blinked and only saw a mage. Faith dispised unicorns cause they thought they were so cunning and clever. Well, Faith had news for unicorns, "look who can fly". She had only seen a couple of unicorns in her long life. She had no idea how old she was, only that she was created sometime around the beginning of the age of might. She had just woke up one morning alive. She had had no contact with any living creature for a long time, thus making her age unknown.

Faith favored her Pegasus form more than this ignorant fool of a man form. She did like the use of arms though.

Faith decided to follow this woman mage person. Faith came to look upon the HOLY CITY.

06/05/2004 2:51 PM

The Gate Guards of Istar were vigilant and suspicious men, but men nonetheless. They whispered among themselves as the young woman approached the gates, as men do. But her blue robes and staff quickly afforded her the honor of an unhindered and respectful entry.

"G'day, m'lady," the Captain of the Guard said on her arrival. "It is my pleasure to welcome you to the fair city of Istar and offer you any assistance or direction you may need during your stay." He tipped his helmet while his men opened the large, fortified gate and dozens of archers and soldiers looked on, trying not to stare.

06/05/2004 8:04 PM

Luna Kristalsong had her head bowed in worship at the temple. She loved the fire temple greatly, everything abotu it spoke to her. The warm crackling of the ceremonial flames filled the silent hall, as she walked along, stopping and sitting at one of the pews. Sirrion's temple often was quiet, but today it was silent. She shot a glance around. Where was Revered Cleric Mepherion? A few robed acolytes were performing their dutiies, and she stopped one of them.
"Beg your pardon good sir, but where is Father Mepherion?"
He shot her a wild eyed glance.
"The Revered Kingpriest's Servants needed him."
That simple sentence sent ice to her heart. She sat down, numb. That could mean but one thing. She sighed, and bent her head to praying again, adding a prayer for the good Father. She prayed, and medtated.
The young woman was beuautiful, in her own way. Long pale blonde hair was pulled back in a straggly tail, and her beautiful green eyes were focused on searching her soul. Searching for answeres. Answers to her dreams.

Her dreams had started with the Proclamation of Manifest Virtue. Terrible dreams, prophesying doom, madness and terror. She had thought they were but nightmares. But they did not stop, and grew worse.
Drowsiness drifted over her, and she unwillingly dozed off.

A dark, bare cell. A man sat within, seeking comfort from his god. A man she recognized. Then the voice, the voice she always heard. "Save him. He has done no wrong. Rebel. You know of the Kingpriest's evil." No, she tried to tell the voice. I can't, they'll burn me. But the voice did not hear. She saw the man, withering away in fires, the fires of the Kingpriest. Fire burnt her as well, and she screamed, screamed without a voice. SHe lifted her hands, and watched as they withered away in the flames..........

Luna gasped, and opened her eyes. The dream, the cell, the fires, the man. The man! Father Mepherion! She had to do......do something. Impulse seized, her, and the terror of the dream, causing her to jump up, and hurry from the hall of worship.

06/05/2004 9:46 PM

The cell was cold.

Mepherion wouldn't have thought it would be cold. After all, he had been taken to the best prison in all of Istar...devoid of Kender and clean, relatively speaking, the Kingpriest's personal prison--it wasn't officially that, but Mepherion had come to realized some things during his "stay"--was, of all things, cold.

At first he had thought that he was being accorded respect as a cleric when they had brought him to the center of the city, near the seven-spired Tower of Istar and thrown him in this lofty jail. It was small, as well. Part of a large municipal building, there were few cells--all empty save for his--and again, no guards...or, at least, none that he could see.

He had watched on the way in, curious. The building's corridors were winding, but the jail area was close enough to a side door that their trek coud have been shortened considerably to three hallways. Said hallways were lavish, lined with great pillars that Mepherion's mind, once told he was thinking evil thoughts now thought them, believed would be useful for hiding. The opulence, in fact, was staggering, though the jail itself was plain.

What he couldn't fathom--besides the cold--was why he was still waiting. Never a stupid man, Mepherion nevertheless had had little reason to overthink the reasons of men in a long time...he dwelled more on his god and his faith. But now...now he wondered at the method behind the Kingpriest. Why would he be arrested for something, he was sure now, he hadn't done?

A shiver ran through his sizable bulk and he wondered and waited.

06/06/2004 9:57 AM

"YESSS YES my son, bask in the light of the glory of istar and repent of your sins."

The kingpriest waved away the peasant, the last of those wishing to be in his great presence. He tired of these fool people, he was not please at the growin filth that infiltrated their minds. His vision of a worldwhere all evil was purged was not coming to fruition. Still in the back of his mind his thoughts trailed. He still was not sure what he was to do with Mepherion, but something must be done. In the mean time he had smaller matters to clean up. He motioned to one of the many 'holy' guards that walked about and whispered in his ear.

"Make sure that peasant does not leave the gounds alive. I will not tolerate willing imperfection, ALL imperfection must be purged for I have willed it. The gods favor ME and it shall be as I command for through me the will of the gods is done."

With that menial matter in hand he turned his thoughts to more pressing needs. There was someone he had to meet later, an assasin. A great sinner, but for now his sins coul be overlooked...

06/06/2004 9:50 PM

The prison house was cold and dark, the only light from the sputtering torches set at various intervals along the wall. Luna felt like an intruder on something, padding quietly along the passageway. The guards had let her in when she claimed her brother was imprisoned, along with a generous portion of steel. She stopped at the cell, seeing the familiar figure of Father Mepherion within.

"Father?" she said cautiously.
"Father Mepherion?"

06/07/2004 10:52 AM

Yui had passed through the gates with only a nod to the guards, her violet eyes searching. The medallion of Mishakal seemed to grow slightly warm as she moved closer to the palace of the Kingpriest. She knew that something wrong was going on, and she had to follow it, and find what was wrong.

Mishakal's voice sounded worried and sad in her mind... and that in turned worried Yui to no end...

Silently she continued on her way, following the call of her goddess, searching out the source of her Lady's worry.

06/07/2004 12:17 PM

Faith noticed how nice the guards were to the pale blue robed cleric. She didn't want to rush in there and demand entry also. She didn't want the guards to get suspicious.

Faith waited about an hour and walked up to the guards.

"Excuse me, Sir?" Faith said politely. "My friend and I were to meet here." "Have you seen her? She is wearing a pale blue robe." Faith asked the guard in front of her.

06/07/2004 12:47 PM

Outside of Istar, acouple of miles away, a small fog had formed. And inside that fog was a man, a man running scared. The man wasn't sure where he was but, he knew that if he got inside of Istar, he would be safe. Atleast he hoped he would be safe from the blacked cloak man who was chasing him. He wasn't sure why he was being chased and he hoped he never found out.

Yet he was lost because this fog had come from nowhere. Why was this happening? And why to him? His thoughts were interrupted when he heard a crackle of twigs under someones feet. He stopped moving and checked the area around him.

He then spotted someone walking towards him but, it wasn't the blacked cloak man, it was someone else. "Oh thank god, can you please help me I'm lost and there's this crazy cloaked man after me and I..." He stopped as the figure walked closer and he noticed that this person was not alive. For this person had his throat slit and then many others like him started to appear in a circle around the man. Now that they were in sight he saw that they were all disfugured with body parts missing.

"Oh god no, please no." He fell to his knees and started to cry. For he knew that his end was near. He looked back up to see that none of them were moving but, parted aside for the black cloaked man. "Who are you?" He said as the cloaked man unsheathed his sword.

The cloaked man said, "I am the one who will take your soul and make it a warrior, or atleast an undead zombie." The cloaked man smirked and then cut the man's head off. After that the fog disappeared and the black cloaked man sheathed his sword. He then whistled for his horse and his horse came. Then he headed towards Istar for he had some business with the Kingpriest and after that he would go off and do what was needed to be done.

06/07/2004 1:16 PM

"My child, you should not have come!" Taken by surprise, Mepherion felt rather helpless, staring at her from behind locked doors. If she should be caught, he thought with dismay...

"You must leave immediately. You cannot be caught by the guards; you would surely be punished," he said desperately. The thought of her being punished because of him was too much to bear. Why had she come? A prisoner sentenced to death under the Edict was allowed no visitors without special permission so surely she had snuck in. But why?

The voices of people echoed distantly through the corridors. Mepherion had seen no guards but the workers of the building could be heard from time to time and, even though they had never entered his cell, their voices made Mepherion jump. When, he wondered suddenly, had people once sworn to protect him and the city become his enemies?


The Captain of the Guard eyed the woman before him suspiciously. Her robes were reminiscent of a mage, but the coloring was off. Nevertheless, all suspected mages were to be brought before the Kingpriest. But this one had mentioned the cleric that had passed some time ago and it would look bad for the Guard if he wasted the Kingpriest's time with a strangely dressed cleric.

He spoke carefully to her. "Many people have passed through these gates today. What is your business here?"

06/07/2004 3:02 PM

Kylen hastily walked in Istar, his steps hurried as he left the grand temple. The place put him on edge, and this was odd....especially because it was built to the gods.

But that, of course, was now questionable. The last time he'd been there, the place had been not so godly-devoted and more Kingpriest-devoted. The thought made him uneasy, but he pushed it out of his mind as his steps slowed and he strolled around Istar at a more leisurely pace, now that he was farther away from the temple.

His eyes strayed to the prison across the street. Curiousity got the better of him and he walked over there, glancing at the guards.

The cells were empty, a strange occasion. Even since the Kingpriest had issued this new declaration about evil thoughts, they had been packed...and now of coures it was different, and he didn't particularry know why...Kylen didn't like not knowing why.

"Excuse me, sirs?" He asked politely to the guard at the door, "What brings the prison to be so empty lately, if you do not mind me asking."

06/07/2004 3:18 PM

Faith looked at the guard with her redish purple eyes, she looked right through him.

"I am hear for advice and duties." "And my business is my own." Faith said as politely as she could. "Can you please direct in the direction of that cleric that game through here earlier?" Faith asked.

Faith was starting to get nervous, she wasn't sure whether this guard was going to let her in or not. She hoped he would not be much of a problem. Faith smiled her most beautiful smile she could muster...

06/07/2004 5:39 PM

Yui made her way to the prisons... it was there that the medallion grew abruptly cold. She lookedaround and noticed another, talking with a guard, asking why the prisons were so empty these days. She sighed... and took a deep breath...

Her nose wrinkled, the scent of blood permeated the air... she glanced at the two who were talking and back to the prison. she knew exactly why it was so empty... even if these mortals couldn't smell it, she could and it made her sick.

06/07/2004 10:17 PM

The guard spat on the street and then looked at the man addressing him with a bit of a sneer. For a moment, it looked like he wasn't going to answer, but then he was suddenly reminded that he was stuck at this shithole post and wasn't likely to find anything better today.

"We 'ad us an ex'cution," he said without preamble. "Couple 'o days 'go. Clean'd the place out. His Hol'ness pr'sided before 'e went on 'is li'l trip." He spat again. "Alls we got left is 'at piss poor excuse for a 'oly man in the back cells." He grinned suddenly. "Reckon we'll be 'aving ourselfs another ex'cution soon."

Suddenly bored with the conversation, the guard looked around and amused himself by leering suggestively at the beautiful woman he saw across the street.


The Captain's suspicions were not alleviated by the woman's vague answers but he had once been a fair man and the recent executions of those charged by the Edict stood out fresh in his mind. He wouldn't do that to her, not without knowing for sure. "Look, lady," he said, looking her in the eye and using a very straightforward, don't-you-dare-lie-to-me tone, "are you a mage, a cleric or what?"

06/07/2004 10:52 PM

Faith listened to the question carefully. She was now very nervous, she was not a cleric or a mage. She pledged allegiance to herself only. She thought for a second...
"I am a mage." Faith said while smiling.

06/08/2004 2:45 PM

Kylen had no paitence for people like this, so he politely slipped inside the prison. The air reeked of death, and his medllion grew cold. Chislev did not like death, and personally, neither did the cleric himself.

His eyes ran down each one of the cells, noticing the emptiness. He forced down what he was thinking and continued, noticing the bare emptiness of the place. It was cold. Spiritually and litterally, and Kylen shivered a little.

He stopped and leaned against the wall to collect his ideas. He avoided calling them 'thoughts', for one could not yet be persecuted for an evil idea. he glanced around wearily, the prison sucking the life out of him. The thought made him sleepy. He turned to exit when a flash out of the drab dark grey caught his eye.

Another cleric? He asked himself silently as he made his way over, his long legs taking giant strides. His green and blue robe fluttered around his feet as his medallion came to a rest around his neck from its bumping and jostling as he walked, and he squated to glance at the man in the cell, his violet eyes full of curiosity.

"Exuse me sir, what exactly....why, If i may ask, are you in prison?"

06/09/2004 3:10 PM

There was a chill in the air as he passed. His dark wooled cloak drapping from broad and evidently strong shoulders, walking with an air confidence, perhaps even arrogance, which would not have been a surprisingly interesting trait in a man walking up to the Gates of Istar, save for the fact that this man did not have the polished cloth or practiced and refined step of one born into arrogance. No doubt the Guards would stop and question as man as gruff looking, despite being somewhat 'dashing', as a suspicious nature did seem to cling tightly around him.

06/09/2004 5:44 PM

Mepherion started and looked from the woman to this new man, who was, oddly enough, dressed as a fellow cleric. "I can not tell you, kind sir," he said mystified. "because I do not really know myself. I only know that I am not long for this world." He eyed the other man's medallion. Chislev? "What brings you to this place of sorrow?"


The Captain's eyes narrowed and his lips thinned. Either this woman was very foolish...or they were all in a lot of trouble. He quietly signaled his second, who hurried away to alert the archers and have swordsmen standing by. "Well, then, I am sorry to inform you that by the order of the Kingpriest, all magic is henceforth banned and I am obligated to place you under..."

He trailed off as he spotted another man, strolling toward the gates like he was the Kingpriest himself. Except the Kingpriest would have never worn such clothing. "Arrest," he finished, shaking off his distraction and turning back to the mage. "Any resistance will be met with all due force." He signaled again and two guards stepped forward to either side of the mage, while another signal sent a third guard into the path of the arrogant man.

"Sir," the guard said, "welcome to Istar. May I ask your name and business here?"

06/09/2004 6:17 PM

Blake slowed the horse down to a walk and looked towards the gates of Istar. He noticed that there seemed to be some kind of commotion by the gates that a women seemed to have caused. There was also another man coming up to the gates and if trouble were to start, Blake would kick back and watch. He wasn't going to stop the fight unless he would get paid for it, but he highly doubt that as the guards seemed to have it under control.

He then pulled back the hood of his cloak to reveal devilish, piercing green eyes and brownish skin with dreadlocked hair. He decided to continue forward and find out what was happening. He reached the gates and waited for the guards to let him pass. Although he would have rather watched the scene errupting here, he had business to attend to.

06/09/2004 8:06 PM

Mepherion started and looked from the woman to this new man, who was, oddly enough, dressed as a fellow cleric. "I can not tell you, kind sir," he said mystified. "because I do not really know myself. I only know that I am not long for this world." He eyed the other man's medallion. Chislev? "What brings you to this place of sorrow?"

"My own whims, I supppose," Replied Kylen, "And because I sensed one full of life and magic was about to fall," He squatted down to see him face-to-face, "You mean you do not know why you were thrown in prison?"

06/10/2004 4:09 AM

Yui had followed the man, Kylen, into the prison, moving as lightly and silently as her true form. She listened to the whispered words of her Goddess till she heard the hushed sounds of voices, and she made her way towards them.

Upon seeing the two, the one she followed, and another in the cell. The whisperings of Mishakal became more urgent. And she moved forward, stepping out of the shadows.

"Father Mepherion, I am Yui... I know that this sounds forward, but I've been sent to get you out of here." She said softly.

06/10/2004 4:46 PM

Blake slowed the horse down to a walk and looked towards the gates of Istar. He noticed that there seemed to be some kind of commotion by the gates that a women seemed to have caused. There was also another man coming up to the gates and if trouble were to start, Blake would kick back and watch. He wasn't going to stop the fight unless he would get paid for it, but he highly doubt that as the guards seemed to have it under control.

He then pulled back the hood of his cloak to reveal devilish, piercing green eyes and brownish skin with dreadlocked hair. He decided to continue forward and find out what was happening. He reached the gates and waited for the guards to let him pass. Although he would have rather watched the scene errupting here, he had business to attend to.

The kingpriest sat idly reading a rather large book, most notbaly the early history of krynn. He had just recieved information that his 'guest' was now in istar. He would need to find out his motives. Perhaps he could be useful. There where many people that needed to be 'cleansed' from krynn, so long as it was not merphion. Perhaps another time. Just a little while longer and they could talk...

06/10/2004 9:57 PM

Mepherion stared at Yui in astonishment. Then, needing something to focus on, he turned back to answer the other man's question. "I...I don't know. I was told that...that I had an evil thought, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was..."

He trailed off and then turned back to Yui, eyes wide. "Not to sound ungrateful, my lady, but...sent by whom?"

Before she could answer, voices drifted in from down the hall, barely audible to anyone with sharp ears. "Yeah, they're having...of trouble...gate...might want to...the prisoner sooner or..." Footsteps echoed faintly through the long corridors.


The Captain noticed another person approaching the gates and cursed loudly, again delegating the responsibility. But the guard he motioned to hesitated. "Sir, look..." The Captain looked closer at the man and gave a sigh of relief. The new person matched the very description he'd been given earlier with explicit orders to allow him to pass. He nodded again to the guard, who hurried over to where the man was now sitting patiently on his horse.

"The Kingpriest and the Great City of Istar extend their compliments to you, good sir. Enjoy your stay," the guard said, waving the man and horse through the gate.

06/11/2004 7:22 AM

Being stopped by one of the Guards did not appeal to him at all, however to save hassle, he calmed himself. " I am E'Ralladon, and as to my business within Istar..... why, I have simply come to Bask in the Glory of the Kingpriest and the wonders he has bought to the City. ", In truth, E'Rall had little idea as to why he was actually here, only that he was drawn to the City as a moth to the flame, hoping to avoid such heated circumstances in the mean-time also.

" Is there any harm in such? "

06/15/2004 4:35 PM

He nodded towards the guard and rode forward into Istar. He stopped by a stable and got off his horse. He motioned for one of the stable's workers and said to the man as he walked up, "Take good care of my horse good sir." He pulled took out a few silver coins and gave them to the man. He then walked out and strolled around the city.

He decided that if he had to make a quick get away or something, that he would need to know the area. For awhile he did this and then started to walk towards a guard. Once he reached a guard he said, "I am here to see the Kingpriest, could you please take me to him."

06/20/2004 2:29 PM

He trailed off and then turned back to Yui, eyes wide. "Not to sound ungrateful, my lady, but...sent by whom?"

Before she could answer, voices drifted in from down the hall, barely audible to anyone with sharp ears. "Yeah, they're having...of trouble...gate...might want to...the prisoner sooner or..." Footsteps echoed faintly through the long corridors.

Yui froze, her eyes wide, she shook her head at Mepherion. "No time now... " She whispered, and touched her hand to the lock. A pale blue flash leaped from her fingers to the cell door. Immediately it clicked open.

"Go...Hurry! Go that way, I'll distract them." She turned from them and dissapeared around the corner. Once out of their sight, she shifted... returning to her true form... almost. the pure white creature that stood before the guards now looked no unusuall than any other horse, save that it had violet eyes. The Mare neighed indignantly and reared as high as the low ceiling would allow. The guards overcame their shock as the Mare dropped back down to all fours and bolted towards them.

Yui enjoyed this... sometimes humans could be so stupid... She neighed in laughter as she sent them scattering before her, and after her... She could hear their confused thoughts most dominant of all...was how in heaven had a horse managed to get into the jails....

She burst out of the jails' main door and bolted down the street.... weaving between buildings untill she managed to loose them...

06/23/2004 4:50 PM

Kylen laughed, "By Chislev, a beautiful sight...come on!" He chuckled, "Let's go." Instead of wating for Mepherion, he dashed out of the prison, trying to keep an eye on the horse.

Placing a hand on his bobbing medallion and calling out to Chislev for the sight of the hawk, he managed to keep the brilliant mare in his sight. Even though his vision had sharpened, his goddess's call had been distant. It worried him deeply. He pushed it out of his mind for the time being and focused on his running.

07/01/2004 12:12 PM

Blake turned as the horse ran through the streets. He also noticed a man chasing after the horse. He thought nothing of it and turned back to the guard. The guard nodded and took Blake to the Kingpriest.

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