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05/24/2004 1:05 PM

Please see the OOC thread before entering. :)

05/27/2004 11:38 AM

"Here lay the nation of Ahm' Ra' Hica the land of Futures Past. To know our beginning you must first know their past."

Khal could not get that inscription out of his head as he trudged back to his makeshift tent. What did it mean? He held the newfound maps tightly in his hands. He would find out if it took him the rest of his lifetime, he just needed time to sort things out. And help........

05/27/2004 5:51 PM

Tototl swayed serenely atop her mount as it slowly crested yet another hill. Her little, elderly pony seemed to move slower with each step taken away from elven lands, weighed down by something that was certainly not the wisp of a passenger on its back. The culprit was more than likely the lumpy looking saddlebags at her feet, but that thought never even crossed her mind as she waved at the villagers she passed and smiled into their stares.

She thought this was terribly exciting. An adventure so far from home! Her brother was always talking about adventures he had while serving the elite elves, but her research had not afforded her time for such things as play and excitment. So imagine her surprise when she had been asked to apply her knowledge in the aid of a dangerous quest! She had been so delighted and had agreed immediately, ignoring her brother's concerned plead. After all, she had seen men before...could it really be so hard to exist in their world?

Her directions had been mysterious as well. Was she headed to some isolated castle or mage school where the leader of the quest awaited with impatience? Was she head to...a tent?

Looking curiously at the only structure in sight, Tototl once again consulted her carefully written notes on where and who she was to meet. Yes, this was the spot. A tent, then. Unruffled, she guided her pony toward the tent--though it would have been faster to walk--dismounted and was sure to thank the pony for a job well done before looking around for an owner. Someone was coming toward the tent, clenching something tightly in his hand.

Quickly arranging her long, strawberry-blonde hair behind her ears and out of her face, she brushed at the remaining dust on her clothes that the wind hadn't quite dislodged and then drew up to her full height. Always make a good first impression, her brother would have said, but he didn't because he wasn't here. She was all alone, on her first adventure.

Smiling, she politely inquired, "Sir? Are you Sir Khal?"

05/28/2004 1:49 PM

Misty had just been back in Silvanesti when she heard of a strange elven maid riding on a pony. She decided that she should go keep an eye out before she got too settled in. Her rest could wait.

Misty grabbed her bow and jumped down on to the forest floor, she waided through some bushes and came to the edge of trees, she saw the elven maid riding and followed her. Misty almost laughed when the girl smiled and waved at the humans, "this girl will need to learn alot, or she won't make it far.....alive" she thought. Misty followed the girl to a tent, a strange looking man was standing in front of it. Misty crept up as close to them as she could to hear without trodding so close as to be seen interested in their affairs.

05/29/2004 3:08 PM

Nakira kept to the shadows in the garden... she much prefered the Qualinesti to those she had grown up with... The Qualinesti gently shaped nature, while the Silvanesti over-ran it at times.

Her long green cloak was dappled by sun and shadow as she watched Mixtli pace with worry, he had yet to realize she was there. clearing her throat she startled Mixtli as she made her presence known.

"Nakira! You came!" He said the surprise evidant in his voice.

"Of course.. why not? you have done me no wrong for me to ignore your cry for help Mixtli." She said as she pushed back the hood of her cloak with a clawed hand. The sun and shadow danced over short white fur, emerald green eyes stared back at him from a face so feral one would question the intelligince of her mind.

The wolfish face broke into a grin as her appearance once again startled him... then she shook her head. "what is it you want?"

"My sister, Tototl, has answered a summons to go on some quest...she is still so young... please watch after her for me." Mixtli pleaded. "I cannot go without her believing that I think she cannot go on her own..."

Nakira tilted her head to one side and laughed. "but Mixtli, she is of age...She should have the chance to proove herself..." She paused, catching Mixlti's glare, and then sighed. "Alright, I'll go after her...

Now running through the woods that bordered the road, Nakira loped after the girl, her full feral form a ghost amung the trees. When the girl stopped and called out a name, Nakira crouched in the brush, to watch, Listen and wait.....

05/30/2004 5:35 AM

Tsri-in felt almost strange as his soft footfalls made their way down the hallway. Bertram was in front of him, his nose pompously in the air as he continuously told Tsri-in that he could not think of absolutely any idea why the great Astinus would want to see him. Though the human's antics were usually a source of amusement for the half-elf half-Irda, this time Tsri-in's own questions, mingled with that of Bertram's, stopped him from any smile that would pass his lips.

As they neared the door, Bertram stopped and raised a knuckle to knock on the door before a voice from the inside said, "Come in."

Bertram opened the door and strode into the library. Tsri-in followed, his soft footfalls silent behind Bertram's larger and clumsier. Bertram, bowing slightly, said,

"Master, I have brought-"

"I don't recall asking for you, Bertram. Please leave."

Flustered and shooting a few jealous looks at Tsri-in, Bertram strode out of the library. Tsri-in, now alone in the library behind the stony-faced Historian, said,

"Master, you called for me?"

Astinus, not stopping in his writing, said,

"You know that I know your true origins, do you not?"

Tsri-in nodded. He knew that his unwanted birth was most likely recorded somewhere in one of the tomes that lined the walls.

"Then this will be quick. A certain man named Khal has stumbled upon an ancient ruin of a land kept secret by the Gods. Since the Gods have not allowed me to record the events that transpired there, and I feel it is necessary within the History of Krynn, I wish for you to go and meet this man and travel these ruins with him and record what you find. Your records will be included in this library under your name, of course."

Astinus ceased in his writing long enough to look up at Tsri-in and said,

"I would send another, more experienced one for this, but the road may be fraught with danger. You will most likely be able to hand these situations best, considering your...ancestry. Furthermore, you will be travelling without the grace of any God..."

Tsri-in nodded and said,

"Considering who I am, that will not be much different than anyhing else so far for me. I will depart immediately."

"Very well. I cannot tell you the whereabouts of this man, nor can I help you at all, as it is the will of the Gods. I bid you farewell until you have returned."

Tsri-in, after bowing, turned on his heel and walked out the door.

05/31/2004 1:08 PM

Quickly arranging her long, strawberry-blonde hair behind her ears and out of her face, she brushed at the remaining dust on her clothes that the wind hadn't quite dislodged and then drew up to her full height. Always make a good first impression, her brother would have said, but he didn't because he wasn't here. She was all alone, on her first adventure.

Smiling, she politely inquired, "Sir? Are you Sir Khal?"

Khal stopped suddenly. He had been so deep in thought that he had not noticed her approach. With an awkward bow he tried his best to put the crumpled map in his sack, hopefully she wouldnt notice.

"Ha! SIR Khal? Why I like the sound of that. However, its just, Khal. What brings an elf to these parts?"

05/31/2004 7:53 PM

Tototl's polite smile became politely confused. She had thought all human men were called sir. Perhaps he was just trying to make her feel more comfortable. Well, then she was grateful.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Khal," she said, smiling brightly. "I am Tototl, Royal Archaeologist and Historian. I come bearing greetings and my services from the Speaker of the Sun, who is most interested in your quest. I would be honored if you would accept my humble assistance." Feeling a sudden surge of patriotism from her little speech, Tototl stood straight and proud, determined to represent her people in a way that would do justice to her beloved homeland.

06/01/2004 7:12 AM

"Oh, an archaeologist? The gods must be with me this day. Truly, luck must be on my side. Could it be mere chance that I should this day meet an archaeologist who is a historian to boot? Please, come inside my tent, its not much but it will do for now. There is something I feel may be of great importance that I have stumbled upon today."

Khal absently touched his pocket as he motioned toward his tent. The flapping sound of the tent made of rough fabric gave heed to the rising wind and the dust swirling every which way. That seemed rather odd as the winds were usually still this time of day and year. Without a second thought he walked toward his tent, hoping she would follow. Maybe she would know somthing of this map...

Nuitari was not pleased. For eons the secret had been kept and now this human had stumbled upon some trifle of a map who's history could shake the world.......and more importantly the pantheon. Having been the first find out a human inadvertantly found insight into this distant past he had thought to act quickly. He would destroy all the evidence once and for all. NOTHING shuld be allowed to destroy the magic. And this knowledge most surley would. What to do? A windstorm, that should do the trick....

06/01/2004 12:20 PM

Tototl absently brushed the hair out of her eyes as the wind dislodged it once again from behind her pointed ears. She smiled and lovingly patted her pony's neck. The poor animal whinnied nervously, anchored against the winds by the weight on its back, but still weak against its onslaught. The pony's ears turned into the wind, as if listening, and it whinnied softly again.

"There's a good pony," Tototl said, oblivious. "You stay here while I go into the tent, yes?" She smiled, patted its neck again and then followed Khal into the tent, excited. Surely he had something to show her, something she could study. With that thought in mind, she didn't even hear the howl of the wind or her animal's soft cry of fear.

06/01/2004 1:13 PM

Nakira creeped closer, pausing every time the pony began to grow nervous. She crouched low, allowing the high grass and brush to hide her. Light and shadow played across her white fur, serving to hide her further... the wind created so much motion around her, that Nakira felt she could afford to be more bold...and she moved forward again.

06/01/2004 2:11 PM

The pony pawed at the ground, whining in distress. It could smell something...a predator...on the wind, but the air was coming in all directions at once, so its simple mind was confused. All it could tell was that the smell was getting stronger...

Bucking slightly, the pony, tired and at the edge of its rope, attempted to twist every which way.

06/03/2004 4:15 PM

Misty decided she should go see what this Khal was up to. She was not afraid of him or of the elf there. Misty nocked an arrow and walked out into the open and up to within 20 feet of the two. All the while not keeping her gaze away from the bushes. She had suspected another was watching...

"Hello there." "Misty Darkness is my name" Misty said bowing. "I have overheard pieces of your conversation and was sure that I could be of some help."

06/04/2004 9:50 AM

The pony pawed at the ground, whining in distress. It could smell something...a predator...on the wind, but the air was coming in all directions at once, so its simple mind was confused. All it could tell was that the smell was getting stronger...

The wind WAS geting stronger.Thick clouds of dust swirled as if angry. A low hummed buzzed through the terrain. Withno cloudin sight it seemed odd such a storm could produce such stron winds. Khal looked nervously around in his small tent. He knew it would not be strong enough to withstand much more pressure. Added to the worry was that he did not want the elf woman to get hurt.

"Well, it looks like we got ourselves in quite a mess. Out here with scant protection against a storm that shouldnt be here. Im not sure hw much more this tent will hold up. We may have to make a run for the city though the storm....or go back o the cave." Kahl gave a shudder at the thought of going back to the cave, he wasnt sure why.Something was just not right about that place.

"I leave th choice to you, there is great danger in both"

06/04/2004 9:52 PM

"Oh my..." Tototl barely heard Khal's words with the storm raging outside the tenuous tent. Weather was never like this in Qualinost...not that she could remember. Yet another thing the humans seemed to do louder than most.

He was leaving the choice to her. Well, that was polite. After all, she was the guest. She thought carefully. "Perhaps, the city...yes, we shall go to the city," she proclaimed, doing her best to look decisive. Besides, elves do not like caves. The storm howled suddenly and she jumped. She disliked the idea of going out in the storm even more than the idea of a cave, but she tried to look brave. It wouldn't do to be a coward on her first adventure, would it? She gingerly reached for the tent's doorway flap.

"Um...after you?"

06/05/2004 1:28 PM

Misty had spoke her words when a gust of wind had caused the other 2 to rush inside the tent. Misty was sure they hadn't heard her words. She cradled against the tent till they came back out. She would reintroduce herself.

06/05/2004 2:31 PM

Boren was walking along a trail in the forest when the wind started to pick up very quickly. He didn't like this feeling. It was like the gods were causing this but, why? His hazel eyes scanned the area around him and saw that no one was within his area. He decided to move forward to find out why the wind was so strong here and he would.

06/06/2004 9:43 AM

"Um...after you?"

"Well, Lets make a run for it. Lets hope our horses dont decide they are better of without us."

He said his words as bravely as he could. It wouldnt do to look like a coward when she was so obviously being so brave.

He noticed a vauge figure just outside of his tent just as he readied himself to leave. With a pause he motioned to tototl. "It seems we have another visitor outside." Taking no risks he pulled out his dagger just in case.

"At any rate, we cant stay here much longer. Whoever that is must be a fool to sit outside in a windstorm out in the middle of nowhere, best we take precautions." In one swift move he burst outside the tent, ready for anything.

"WHO are you, and why were you eavsdropping on us?"

Khal could barely breath as the wind kicked up even more, visability was about as far as he could throw a heavy log, not far at all. Still, he stood his ground, this would b a short conversation. Staying out hear in the stor meant certain death.

06/06/2004 1:50 PM

"I can't hear anything out here." Misty said honestly. "I have need to talk to you Sir. I am in need of shelter and food but, in return I will help protect you on this mission of yours." "My name is Misty Darkness," "I am a Silvanesti Elf, and have traveled far for work." "I think you would be amazed at my Marksmanship, if you saw it, Sir." "May I come inside and we could discuss this?" Misty asked.

06/06/2004 3:12 PM

"Inside? Oh dear me, no." Tototl shouted over the wind politely. She had followed Khal outside without a weapon of any kind. Honestly, who would be rude enough to attack in this? "I don't believe there will be an inside in a moment." She eyed the tent, trying not to stagger in the wind. It was increasingly difficult as she couldn't quite stop shaking. She looked at the Silvanesti. She knew all about them, of course. Her cousin elves were notoriously snobby and self-righteous. They had forced the peaceful Qualinesti from their homes a long time ago. As such, Tototl knew just how to handle them. She would be sweet and show the Silvanesti who had won out in the end. "Perhaps you should accompany us to the city," she shouted, giving the other elf a fake smile which nearly blew away with the wind.

She waited for a moment, getting more and more nervous with the howls of the gale, and then fear got the best of her. Making her way over to Khal, she grabbed his hand and almost started dragging him toward the city. It was far too windy to ride anyway (her poor pony was still standing through nerves alone) and so she gave a shrill whistle that somehow topped the wind (and broke a small glass vial in her pack) and the pony began first to follow and then overtake them in the direction of shelter.

06/06/2004 3:43 PM

"Umm,sure misty. I guess there is no harm in meeting new people or in accepting help."

and the pony began first to follow and then overtake them in the direction of shelter.

It became increasingly harder to stand as the wind whipped up. It looked as though they would make it to shelter without too much harm. A few bruises and dirty clothes could be mended. Noone seemed to notice and the dust in front of them begane to coalice and form vaugly into a shape of its own. First very dimly then thicker and taller. Mounds of rock spewed into the air, a low hum buzzed above the howl of the gusting winds.
A huge dusty arm lashed out, seemily made of dust and air, translucent in a way giving off the affect of an hour glass without the glass casing. Living moving sand. Khal noticed too late and took a blow to the head. With a thud he fell, all he could see as he tumbled was the dust shape raising his hand for another blow...

06/06/2004 8:23 PM

Misty saw the dust smash into the guy. Misty ran over to the guy as the dust raised for another blow. Misty yanked ahold of the guys arm and slung him will all her might back behind her. Misty was ready for the dust to attack her and got ready to dodge it.

06/08/2004 10:48 PM

Tototl hurried to the spot where Khal had been thrown, staggering against the wind. Fretting, she tried to think of a bit of magic that might help against this strange weather but the gale howled in her ears, making it impossible to concentrate.

Appearing as if from nowhere, her pony came into sight from within the swirling dust. Smiling briefly at the loyal animal, Tototl decided that if she could get Khal on the pony's back, they could get to Misty and make a break for the city, guided by the animal.

"Can you stand?" she shouted, not even sure if Khal was consious.

06/09/2004 2:58 PM

Groggily he nodded. "I think I can stand" All seemed as if in a haze as he tried to stand. Dusted swirled everywhere. Before he could take another step the dust coalesed and readied itself for another blow.
Only sheer luck made him duck to miss that blow. For all of its strength the wind figue moved rather slowly. If they could make their way to the pony, the could hopefully out run it.

06/09/2004 5:50 PM

Boren was getting close, he could feel it. Actually he did feel it for the farther he went, the stronger the wind was. He decided that something was up and pulled out his bow and arrow. He then notched an arrow as he struggled against the strong wind and soon walked into a clearing were he could barely make out what seemed to be some kind of monster created from the wind attacking some people.

He let loose his arrow and his arrow struck a rock near the center of which he thought might be the head. He then yelled at the top of his lungs, though compared to the noise of the wind, it was nothing. "Hey, fight with somebody who can actually stand up."

06/10/2004 10:04 PM

Tototl clucked her tongue in worry as she laboriously helped Khal over and onto her poor pony. For all the weight it carried and all the energy spent on the journey, the animal seemed possessed by fear and all the stronger for it. But now there was another newcomer to worry about. Under the wind, the elf's teeth chattered with nerves around her mutterings of "Oh, dear...oh dear..."

Once Khal was on the pony, she grasped the reigns and hesitated to jump on. The new man was engaging the wind...though how he expected to defeat weather was beyond her. If only she'd paid more attention to the royal mage...

"We must retreat to the city!" she yelled, hoping the man would hear her over the gale and that he might have a horse somewhere that he could make use of. It would be awful to try and outrun this thing and he was so gallantly trying to save them...

06/15/2004 4:12 PM

He looked over to the elf maid and saw that she was helping the man onto the pony. The creature struck as he paid attention to the others. He looked back towards the creature as it attacked and dodged it, barely. He wasn't sure what he was going to do now. He thought of something and hoped it would work.

Before the creature could attack again he notched an arrow and said a few words and let the arrow fly. As soon as the arrow left the bow, it transformed into water spiraling towards the creature. Though it obviously did no damage, the water seemed to join with the wind. Perfect, I hoped it would do that. Now, I hope this part works too.

He notched another arrow and said a few more words, though they were different then the last and let the arrow fly. This arrow, like the last, transformed but, into lightning and arced towards the creature until it hit. The electricity surged through the water and seemed to hurt the creature of wind. For the creature fell down and disappeared, the rock and everything else fell to the ground. Though the wind was still howling, he looked over at the others. "Your right, we should move out before another creature appears." He ran over to the others and waited for them to move.

OOC: Sorry if you didn't want the creature to be destroyed, but I figured that was the only way we could all get away. If you want me to I will change or delete my post.

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