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05/10/2004 6:50 PM

Stepping from his small pile of rubble that he called his home, Solerin from the house of Torviir, looking about the bazaar for a quick bite of food to steal. His dark green cape trailing behind and whip coiled at his hip, as he walked toward a small cart filled with pyrimo meat. The goblin merchant behind the cart is haggling with drow, Solerin being unnoticed by the goblin slips two small peices of pyrimo meat under his cloak.
"Hey! Your gonna hafta pay for that dark one." Screamed a bugbear.
"Pay for what?"Solerin argued.
"The pyrimo meat you stoled."Exclaimed the bugbear, pionting to Solerins right hand.
"How about you pay for....with your life, if you don't shut your trap!!"Solerin screamed angrily.
"Whats all the noise for?"Questioned the goblin.
"Ugly, over here says I stole this meat from your cart." Answered Solerin as he started to unsheath a dagger.
"N-N-NO thats N-Not my m-meat."stuttered the goblin nervously.
Solerin turned and stepped around the bugbear on his way to the new tavern to get some ale. Entering the tavern Solerin takes a seat by the window and signals for a pint of ale, observing the waitress as she brought his ale. Solerin gives her a extra gold peice for a tip, he winked at her and made her giggle and blush even though her skin was to dark to tell.

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05/28/2004 11:01 AM

A slender, small drow steps into the tavern and seats herself. She scans the crowd in the in for familiar faces, and finding none, she signals for the waitress to bring her a glass of red wine. She is wearing a black cloak, the hood up as if to hide her face, but the firelight reveals onyx skin, glistening white hair, and amber eyes. She seems fairly well to do in the drow society, but her clothes seem exotic. As an extra safeguard, she throws her cloak open a bit to reveal a row of daggers to ward off any would-be trouble makers.

The waitress brings Syndilia her wine, and Syndilia hands her a gold for the drink. She scans the room again, and her eyes rest on Solerin's. She narrows her eyes, wondering if she knew that face.

12/21/2004 7:40 PM

Meeting eyes with a slender female drow, he takes it as an invitation to sit next to her. Solerin slowing rises from his seat and makes his way to the seat opposite Syndilia. Noticing the row of daggers Selerin readies himself for an attack if one arises. He then motions for another round for the two.
"My names Solerin, what is your name or what you'd have me call you?" Solerin says, putting 2 gold pieces on the tray and removing the glasses. Placing one in front Syndilia and sipping his own.

12/27/2004 12:33 PM

A tall drow Mage takes a seat near the talking pair.
He orders a tall glass of ale and listens...

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12/31/2004 4:31 PM

An older drow was sitting on a chair nearby.
"Has the time come?" he asked himself wondering if he should finally leave his job in the Academy as a teacher for the younger wizards. He sighed in hopelessness. His bones were growing older and weaker, if only he had the magical aid Gromph did to ignore the curse of time. But he was much wiser than him, much wiser than any other wizard in Menzoberranzan. He had to leave imminently and meet with his friends in the world above. But to leave Menzoberranzan alone would be but foolishness. He needed companions. Maybe more recruits for The Cause...
Suddenly he sees the two younger drow and becomes curious. He and the tall drow watching them notice each other. "This should be interesting."

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01/01/2005 2:06 AM

Upon recently arriving in Menzoberranzan, Sigg quickly learned how to fit in and to cover up his human features. He sought out the closest tavern in search of a place to relax for a moment while he figures out where he will begin looking for companions. After so many years of living as a social reject, Sigg quickly noticed something different about a few members of the tavern. They seemed as though they were hiding something, which was accentuated by their slight anxiety. Intrigued by this unique aura surrounding these drow already seated in the tavern, Sigg goes to the darkest corner and watches.

01/05/2005 1:18 PM

"Indeed it shuld.."
says the tall mage..

01/05/2005 4:47 PM

A man walks in and sits at an empty table and orders a pint of ale. He looks around for anyone he thinks might have a heart that is not black with hatred for everything, looking into there very souls but sees none. a few with potential. "My search has failed" He thinks to himself. "There are no more drows left with mercifull hearts, the only one that ever had one is gone from here and will never be back." And he turn's back to his ale.

01/08/2005 6:17 PM

Maybe it was the entrance of the surface-dweller that made Zanrin Giir uneasy. Whatever the reason he had the feeling that constantly infested Menzoberranzan, the feeling that your murder was close.
His hand instinctively went under his cloak were his beloved mask hung. The mask he recently received had saved his life quite a few times already. The mask, that represented his alliegance to the Cult of...
He reminded himself that wearing the mask in public would lead some to the false belief that he worshipped Vhaerun, and heresy wasn't taken lightly in Menzoberranzan. So his hand went shaking back to a pocket in his pwifafwi where his throwing knives waited to be thrown. There was a strange tension in the drinking pit. Zandrin almost left; there were other things the old mage would prefer to be doing. But something about the scene kept him tied to his seat.

01/12/2005 6:49 PM

Noticing the entrance of a strange man, that looked to be from above. Maybe he could help him leave this dreadeful place, Menzoberranzan, home of the drow. Solerin slowly made his way over to the table that the stranger had rested himself at. He took a seat all the while holding on to the handle of his whip, ready if the strange man lashed out to kill him.
" Excuse me, are you head skyward anytime soon? If you need a Companion through the tunnel of the Underdark, I would happily guide you." Solerin said, in perfect common, winking slyfully. Quietly Solerin added, "I'll also traverse the above with you, if you wouldn't mind."

01/13/2005 4:59 AM

Sigg's head snaps up quickly unveiling his face in the dim tavern torchlight. Almost immediately after meeting eyes with the uncommonly friendly drow, Sigg could tell this elf was sincere in his offer.
"Bold you are to confront someone so openly with such an offer in a place like this."
Recognizing the sheer leap of hopeful faith that Solerin was taking, and it moved Sigg to at least some of the same sense of hope. Sigg has found over the years that actions are often much stronger than words. He slowly but confidently holds out his hand with a look of acceptance on his face.
"Very well, we will travel together, my name is Sigg."
As are the beginnings of all the rest of his hopeful endeavors among what he always thought to be decent, trustworty companions. However, hardened by experience with disaster, Sigg forces himself to subdue the joy that normally comes along with even the faintest hope.

01/13/2005 12:35 PM

THe tall mage hearing the others talking walks slowly to the door,
gripping his dark wood staff.

01/13/2005 1:06 PM

"My name is Solerin. I am ready to leave this place as soon as you are." He said as he followed the mage to the door with his eyes. Solerin was filled to the brim with hope that he soon would be leaving this place for good, hopefully. Even if he had to come back it would only be against his will or to save a friend. Solerin hadn't had any friends since his clan fell, no one wants anything to do with him. Sigg seems to be one of the few somewhat good guys in this city of the Underdark, unless he was a hired assassin, either way Solerin was on the tips of his toes in anticipation.

01/14/2005 3:37 AM

Sigg allowed a slight smile to play across his face as he became more convinced that this elf was indeed trustworthy.
"Ah, but I was born ready. Such is the nature of the nomad. Lead on Guide, but we shall be wary of prying eyes and ears, whether they be welcome or not."
He knew the road to the surface would be long and dangerous, but he didn't care. Sigg had no true destination and his only real goal was to find what his life had been missing all this time. Strangely enough however, Sigg felt a little more at ease in a self-destructive way when he was in the Underdark. Most likely because most of it's inhabitants were completely alone... but these people did this to themselves so Sigg felt no pity for them. Eager to be out of the tavern, he stands up and gestures toward the door. Noticing the peculiar drow in the tavern, Sigg inconspicuously leans over to Solerin and whispers,
"I re-iterate caution... I feel as though we are being watched."

01/14/2005 1:28 PM

Solerin notices the staring drow and winds through the tables to the exit. He hangs a right out the door and waits, the goblin eyeing him suspicously moves his cart away. Solerin gives a little chuckle, "Little Goblin is so scared."
This is going to be fun finally he will get expl;ore someplace with different surroundings, instead of the cave walls to contain him he'll have free roam, finally. How long will he survive though? If his plans are correct it should take 2 days to the surface and it should be dark, hopefully.

01/16/2005 3:15 AM

Matching Solerin's brisk pace, Sigg follows him out of the tavern. He stops next to Solerin on the front stoop in front of the tavern and keeps his voice low enough so that only Solerin can hear him.
"It would be most prudent to leave as soon as you are ready. I say this not to rush you, but because it will probably not take long for many to notice that I am an unsual Drow, which may very well cause problems for you if you are seen traveling with me. Let us gather what food we need and begin our journey."
The suspicious drow from the tavern still greatly bothered Sigg as he held his dagger concealed by his cloak. Sigg motions with his hand for Solerin to lead the way.

01/16/2005 12:04 PM

Slipping out after Solerin and Sigg The mage follows them into the underdark,

01/16/2005 3:13 PM

Zandrin had watched the peculiar drow approach the surface-dweller, he had said something that had surprised the surface-dweller, he had then observed the fellow mage take a leave shortly afterwards. He stared at the female drow. Out of all the drow in the tavern she was the only one left that worried him. After a while he stood up and found it more prudent to leave through the back door. Then he carefully cast an invisibility spell and like a phantom shadowed the steps of the three males.

01/16/2005 8:29 PM

Sensing that he and Sigg were being followed, Solerin set a brisk pace through the alleys and courtyards. Reaching a place that looked no more than a rock face, reaching to the ground Solerin pulls a piece of loose slate and grabs his bag that he already had filled.
"This should be more than enough for us, I put food for 5 in here."Solerin says pointing to contents, A large jug of water, two large mushrooms, and three pieces of slice already cooked Pyrimo Meat. Throwing the bag over his shoulder, Solerin walks behind his destroyed home. "We aren't taking the normal way it would take to long, so my family had a tunnel built to smuggle in goods. There might still be some drider searching it for escapies, But we should manage just fine." Solerin whispered, as he moved a stone about waist high out of the way and motioned for Sigg to enter, before he would close the entrance.

01/17/2005 2:08 AM

At first Sigg is very suspicious of his new companion, fearing treachery on Solerin's part. Sigg quickly shrugs this notion off and enters with caution.
"It looks like this won't be as difficult of a journey as I had originaly anticipated, what a pleasant surprise you have sprung here..."

01/18/2005 12:33 PM

The mage slips in behind Sigg, blending with the shadows.

01/20/2005 12:31 PM

Seeing this, Zandrin silently runs over behind some tall rocks and dismisses his invisibility spell. At the same time, he prepares another spell. Then he walks out from behind the rocks, but there is a strange magical aura to him. "Hello my dear fellows, may I inquire what you're doing in this place and what is your purpose?" he said with a smirk.

01/22/2005 10:05 PM

A voice speaks from what seems everywhere "As you all travel do not forget one thing Every day is an Apocalypse for someone, I have seen it happen countless times mostly by my own hands. I just hope you do not have to suffer what I have suffered for years and then have peace but in this world that will be extremely difficult" Then all at once the voice died and Lord Tekesu keeps watching them from his hiding place also behind a rock having followed them from the tavern hoping not to be sighted but feeling he will dealing with what he thought to be an extremely intelligent group then he spoke again with his magical device "soon i will reveal myself if not found by then"

02/05/2005 5:09 AM

All the simulaneous commotion greatly disturbed Sigg, immediately he tensed up and prepared for the worst. Hearing the question from the elderly wizard, Sigg slowly turns to face him. He does not like this at all... From the looks of the wizard, he was relatively powerful and had no doubt prepared something prior to entering in this encounter. All of this told Sigg to let his hand fall away from his Rapier and dangle harmlessly in an exaggeratedly obvious way. After taking a quick moment to relax himself a little, Sigg calmly stared directly into the wizard's eyes and spoke.

"My companion and I are only out for a walk, and might I ask why the abundant interest in two average strangers' business?"

Once his question was finished, his muscles almost instantaneously tensed up again. He did not want a violent conflict, for they rarely brought any sort of positive outcome, however his reflexes were finely honed from his years of paranoia caused by countless unprovoked attacks. That light that once burned so brightly in his eyes, that hope that things could turn out for the better for him, was now but a faint flicker of candle light perpetually threatened by an ever increasing breeze. Thus he expected no more than another bout of violence, and dared not to hope for any more.

02/05/2005 7:38 AM

Zandrin disappeared, vanished into thin air. At least his illusion did, seeing there was no harm to come from these two, although he was rather unsure of the strange voice. He walked out from behind the large rock he was hiding behind and said, "I have a feeling you might be interested in lengthening your walk to... perhaps to the surface?"

02/06/2005 5:58 AM

Sigg registered this question, and allowed a slight chuckle to escape his lips. He had put together the pieces in his mind. The most notable gesture of friendship was that of dispelling his illusion and coming forward in his true form. Of course, this could also be a trick in hopes of luring Sigg into attacking him and thus falling into the trap. That, however, made no logical sense. There would be no reason whatsoever for a person of considerable power and thus considerable standing in Drow society, to go through all of this trouble over some random strangers. The other thing was his knowledge of their plans to ascend to the surface. That could only mean that he had overheard the brief conversation in the tavern. All of this added up in Sigg's head to mean that this wizard meant him no harm. Although his true intentions still seemed somewhat ambiguous, Sigg felt no need to deny his own destination.

"Yes, we are travelling to the surface, but I ask with all due respect, what concern is it of yours?"

Sigg never lost eye contact with the wizard, but only out of respect for his obvious superior talent with magic and elderly wisdom. Although, he still didn't dare to hope that this dark elf would offer any sort of companionship. Sigg felt safe in his shell of skeptisim and pessimistic tendencies, but secretly in the deepest reaches of his soul he wished with the very last bit of his trust that his negativity would be proven wrong.

02/13/2005 2:58 PM

"Well, all I can say is I have some friends to meet up there," said Zandrin. He walked up to the two drow slowly. "You can't get to the surface without a mage... or two " he added, as if talking to his back, knowing the tall mage would be somewhere close.

02/15/2005 4:24 AM

Sigg let his muscles relax. The Standoff had come to an end, without a drop of blood. A slight smile cracked in his dark skin, an extreme rarity in his case. As quickly as it had appeared, the smile vanished to leave a stern business-like face beneath. Instead of mincing more words and being over-paranoid where there was no need. Sigg simply held out his hand as in an offer to make the partnership official. That dull flame in Sigg remained as such, but it snapped to attention as starvingly waited to be fed some shred of companionship, trust, and maybe even hope.

02/15/2005 7:51 AM

Zandrin shook the man's hand. "We better get going, someone might be watching."
His hand went quickly to his belt grabbing something under his cloak. He pulled out a mask and placed it on his face. The mask had no expression, it was half white, and half black. As he put the mask on, it grabbed on and Zandrin felt the arcane power crackle.
The mask seemed to give Sigg a smile.

02/16/2005 4:41 AM

With no trust left in his heart, Sigg simply motioned the wizard to go in front, as the passage did not seem wide enough for them to walk side by side. Although it opened up into wider, more cavernous areas. He only hoped the path wouldn't be too complicated, but not just a straight shot. With no side paths, there was no way of escaping any sort of ambush or treachery. Either way, he supposed he would cross that bridge when he came to it.

"After you my masked friend."

03/12/2005 8:26 AM

"Solerin," a cloaked figure called out from above the dark elf. "Your crimes are much against the Spider Queen, but to me, it makes no difference," he exclaimed as he slowly floated down from the stalagmite ceiling. His eyes were in the heat seeing spectrum, this was the only way that you could see in the aptly named Underdark. The dark elf touched down lightly onto the ground, and drew out his twin drow wakizashis in the process. With one swift leap, he had covered the distance between himself and Solerin and had his sword at the dark elf's neck.

"You are a menace to your people; following in the footsteps of some cursed soul you call a hero. Perhaps you and Drizzt have more in common than I can see, but I knew the traitor," he spat out the words with venom, hatred clearly seen on his face. The dark elf slowly turned around to regard the rest of the crowd.

"If you do not wish the wrath of my band, I suspect that you will help me accomplish my second task; to spy on the surface," he said with glee. Then, in one fluid motion, he spun around in the air and embedded his twin wakizashis into Solerin's stomach. Solerin gasped in surprise as his face twisted into agony and his lifeblood slowly poured onto the ground. The dark elf withdrew his wakizashis from Solerin’s stomach, wiping them onto the dying dark elf’s clothing.

“Who is with me?”

**Solerin only dies if he does not revive his character. If he comes back and wishes to join, all he must say is that he was... revived, go figure. ;)

03/13/2005 11:55 PM

Sigg had become numb to murder over the years, and he had not known Solerin well enough to care of his death, not to say that Sigg was overly calous by any means. Seeing another companion to partner with, his eyes brightened slightly, mostly because this one had been straight forward and seemed believable.

"Aye, I will travel with you in your task."

Of course Sigg left out the part about him reserving the right to abandon his companion if he deemed it necessary.

03/20/2005 1:07 AM

(OOC: Good one Exile.)

Four throwing knives were already in between Zandrin's fingers, ready to sail the air and pierce the attacker's neck. Listening intently to what the assaisan had to say, Zandrin held his hand up offensively, at the same time, ready to cast a spell with consequences that I don't want to think of.

"Well, well! The matrons have sent a spy. To tell the truth, I care not who I reach the surface with. I'll follow you as well, Master..." he stopped, welcoming the man to present himself.

He'd have to be much more secretive about his intentions in the surface. But he still just might have a chance with those two to join The Cause.

03/20/2005 1:45 PM

The assassin smirked at the mention of him being a matron mother's spy, his lips turning up in a dry half smile.

"I regret to inform you that the band I work for," he paused, taking in each of the dark elves. "Has no concern with the affairs of matron mother's and their petty internal wars," he stated cooly.

He turned on his heel to regard the one who had spoken to him last. With a slight bow and tilt of his head, he drew out his twin wakizashis, turning them over skillfully in his hands, and sheathing them as quickly as they had been drawn.

"I am Farin Valandil of Bregean D'aerthe," he stated with a slight chuckle.

03/20/2005 2:13 PM

Zandrin put his throwing knives back in their respective pockets, keeping the spell in his mind, and bowed. He said mockingly, "And my name and face, will be concealed from you." He smirked behind his mask.

"Well," he turned to the other dark elf and asked, "What's the quickest way to the surface from here? And from there," he pointed up, "where will we be?"

03/21/2005 3:17 AM

Slightly caught off guard by the sudden question, Sigg took a moment to ponder the answer. Then he answered as best as he could,

"Well, I suppose it's obvious I am not from here so I will tell you how I gained entrance to the Underdark and perhaps that will answer your question. Through complete chance I overheard a cloaked Duergar mention a "rendezvous" at some hidden cave that would lead to the Underdark. Apparently this was this particular Duergar Clan's means of entering and exiting with the goods of trade. It was not easy to sneak by all of the dwarves but that is how I came to be here. Perhaps we could go back that way? That is one suggestion although it is rather risky, but I suggest that we also consider the possibilty that this secret tunnel our late companion uncovered might lead us straight to the surface. If you choose the way I came, I will lead us there."

He stopped talking in anticipation of a decision of which route to take.

03/26/2005 11:19 AM

Zandrin didn't have to give it much thought.

"I think I'd rather take my chances with this tunnel right here. No guards. At least none that I see..." he left the spying to the assaisans. "We better leave before... well, before something happens." He crouched over the dead body, "And we probably don't want to leave our friend here, he'll get cold." He gave another crude smile from under his mask.

04/15/2005 4:52 PM

Falin regarded his workmanship with a bit pride; it appeared his strikes had been swift and decisive.

"Leave him. Some animal or another will come along and claim him for its own," he casually replied.

"As for direction, I agree with our friend. The unguarded tunnel would indeed be the best route. Please lead the way," he stated as he impatiently tapped his foot onto the cavern floor.

04/16/2005 3:57 PM

Zandrin hoped that their eyes were busy scanning the tunnel as he quickly reached for one of the dead drow's items that had caught his attention. He pocketed it just as secretivley.

"I meant I don't want the matrons seeing him," he explained as he worked a spell that would place the corpse... out of view.

"Leave the rear to me. You can trust me watching your backs." He smiled behind his mask at the irony those words brought when said from the mouth of a drow.

04/21/2005 9:19 PM

With a sigh of submittal, Sigg began walking into the walkway.

"Well I guess that leaves me to lead."

He knew the futility behind arguing the point. Although Sigg strongly disliked the idea of having both companions behind him, he immediately started to feal better as they started moving. Moving forward usually had that effect on him, and taking the first steps into the passage way, as well as in the direction of trust, was moving forward.

The stone passage way seemed somewhat crudely made, but he knew better than crude constructions among the Drow. The jagged overhangs and loose rock corners that seemed to be almost falling off were probably made that way to be able to easily set it up to collapse behind a fleeing party. He thought to himself that perhaps they should consider doing this, but then pushed it from his mind, he didn't want to go burning his bridges before he knew he didn't want to ever go back across.

Sigg had not yet become entirely accustomed to the eery silence that lurked around every corner. Yet even in the silence of his surroundings he still had to strain his ears to be able to detect the soft thuds of his companions footfalls. The air smelled of a sterility that can only come from years of being untouched and unmoved.

After walking for several hours in utter silence, the walkway opened up into a relatively small cavern with a fire pit dug directly into the ground rock.

Stopping in the cavern, Sigg turned to his companions,

"Must be a waypoint for the travel to the surface, perhaps we should stop and rest a moment... I don't think we will find much to cook over a fire, but I assume we all have brought some provisions as the journey to the surface is at least a few days walk."

Without waiting for a reply, Sigg reached into his brown burlap bag and produced some dried fruit and jerky strips he brought with him from the surface.

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04/27/2005 11:20 PM

Zandrin stopped and looked at Sigg as he began to eat. He really didn't feel like taking the mask that protected him, so he pulled out of his pouch a certain ring that enabled him to go days without food or water. He pulled another ring, one that he wouldn't need much now that he was out of Menzoberranzan, from his index finger and put on the formerly mentioned ring. Thirst and hunger slowly faded away.

"I'm not quite hungry right now, thank you. There's a spell I can cast to help us in our unique situation." Zandrin smiled. He walked off a bit further from his companions and pulled out a piece of blank parchment and a vial of ink as he sat down cross-legged. He closed his eyes, as he recalled the particular divination spell; one of his own. He began chanting and moving his hands in strange patterns. The spell wasn't yet perfected, so one wrong movement could change the results and leave them unprepared.

He held one note, his eyes closed, and opened the vial of ink. His hand move spastically, as it poured ink on the parchment wildly. He chanted one last syllable, and opened his eyes, ready to appreciate his work. His spell hadn't failed him. In front of him, there lay a map of the tunnel they were in, where it led (up to a certain point: the limits of his spell) and where they had come from. Cleanly, in black, their names were handwritten at a specific point in the tunnel. He smirked and said loudly, "That's too bad. My spell had no effect."

04/29/2005 2:56 AM

Through slitted eyes, Sigg's curiousity tumbled out of his mouth,

"To what effect was the spell meant for?"

05/01/2005 8:45 AM

"Wizards," Farin grumbled to himself before taking a portion of food. He quietly made his way towards the cave wall and reclined against its rough surface. The food was of good quality and the fact that it did not choke him only heightened his confidence in his new companion.

"Yes, please tell us Master Wizard," Farin added mockingly.

05/05/2005 8:08 PM

Seeing that he hadn't fooled either of his companions into thinking that the spell had failed, but refusing to call himself a liar, he answered, "Well, the spell was supposed to create a map of this path, and in it, reveal any enemies that followed us. I believe I made a mistake in the casting and it will fail to reveal any that follow us." He dropped the map on Sigg's feet.

There. Maybe he could trick these so-eager-to-reach-the-surface fellows into "trusting" him. It should also give them a wrong perception of his magical abilities in case their journey didn't fare well.

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