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05/07/2004 10:31 AM

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Dawn came reluctantly over the horizon, bringing with it the first rays of light that then graced the green and dew glistening grass and set the water drops sparkling like miniature diamonds. Martin did not regret the beginning of every new day though, he welcomed it, for it meant yet another day in the Age of Misrule, a world in which he now seemed to fit and relate. He had no place to call home, ‘asked’ to leave by his mother unless he gave up the ‘heresy’ he practiced… but how could he give up something than rampaged though his very blood and heart? He could only die for such to happen, and dying was not on this young man’s mind at present. Martin sighed, a heavy drawn out sound of exasperation and impatience, for he had been waiting long enough for the sun to rise, and now was the time to move. Slipping off the large stone, Martin landed gently, carefully positioning the gnarled oaken staff clutched in his right hand, so as not to injure himself nor it. Rubbing his arms through the overcoat, he tried to warm his stiff and cold muscles, having sat motionless for the majority of the night, watching the stars and listening to the whispers. Something had happened last night, and it was not a pleasant thing at that. The air still held the rank and pungent smell of rancid, charred flesh, drifting delicately on the gentle passing wind. The young druid grimaced, shaking his head at the thought of death.

It was to be expected however, as the Fomorii did seem to be growing bolder over the last few weeks, moving closer to the Ancient places of worship that were the last sanctuaries of protection against them these days. Like the one Martin had sat on, a stone, once part of an old temple dedicated to some old God… one of the Tuatha De Danann, holding the power to make the Fomorii blind to the presence of Mortals within its reach. He had seen one of them only once before, and never again did he wish to lay eyes on them. The event had caused him to pass out, his head reeling from the seemingly ever shifting faces of those monstrous creatures. The hideous devils scourged the country, killing where they would and willed, led by one of the utmost intelligence…… who? Martin did not know, neither had he any desire to. Still, he had other concerns for now. There was place he had to get to, but it was still some distance, and walking it was going to take several days at least. The roads were not safe, nor where the more secret routes and paths, ever on those he could be traced and found.

No… he needed others to come with him, if not for company, there was safety in numbers, or as much as one could hope for in this day and age. There was little point in going to Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland was the next best thing to a ruin now, overrun with Fomorii and other creatures of Ilk and Foul Fae. In particular one whom the very thought of made him shiver… The Hag of Winter. Her grasp was bitter frost, and death. Somewhere else perhaps, on route towards the borders. With that in mind, Martin began his trek for today, the folds of his makeshift leather overcoat swaying about him, leaning on his oaken staff.

05/07/2004 2:04 PM

over the crest of the next hill, a woman sat near what remained of her camp, the fire now cold. A rough Circle was drawn in the dirt about nine feet in diameter surrounding what remained of the fire. Tiny flecks of light danced around the woman, her eyes closed.

each light seemed to have a life of its own as it darted around her. at the Approach of Martin, the woman opened her eyes, and the lights, now easily seen as Fairies, flitted away into the trees.

Starr looked up and smiled, happy to see her old friend.

05/08/2004 6:29 AM

Martin smiled as the little Fae darted into their hidings at his sudden presence, he was never one to understand the Little Folk, however took immense delight in their existence. The young man nodded towards Heather with a warm smile of his own. " Glad to see you made it here in one piece then, Heather. I wasn't entirely sure if you would have..... ", a crack entered his expression. " Anyway... how are ya? Have trouble last night at all? ", at this his eyes wandered to the circle surrounding her, the remnant of her spell clearly evident. Martin looked back to her, raising an eyebrow. " They are getting bolder you know... I had to hide last night. Wasn't easy either.... I still don't know all the old names and places..... "

05/11/2004 11:48 AM

Starr nodded, but then smiled. "I know they are bolder... however, they're afraid of Nakisa here..." A soft snarl answered her, and out of the shadows, a smokey form of a black jaguar padded forth. His emerald eyes fixed on Martin for a long moment, before rubbing his head against Starr's leg.

The Jaguar's form was misty, as though he was only partly in this world. Starr thoughtfully scratched at the spectral cat, her eyes scanning the rolling green hills. "What about Stonehenge? I know it is quite far, but you would think that it would be one of most powerful places in these three countries...." She tilted her head to the side, wondering what he would say about it.

"Its not like I'm all that familiar with this place..." She muttered.

05/11/2004 12:04 PM

A shuddered passed over Martin and wrapping an arm around himself, he looked towards the North into the horizon. Shaking his head lightly, he sighed again. “ They’re getting too close now… too bold… I wonder what has made them so fucking cocky! “, there was intense irritation in his voice as he spoke, but as Heather spoke, he turned his thoughts to her words. “ Yeah… I was gonna be headin that way myself anyway… Stonehenge is one of the Old Sacred Places… and you are right in assuming about it being powerful, it is. Or so I’ve heard… “, the appearance of her familiar did little to trouble him, he simply stared at the Jaguar and carried on talking.

“ I hope to achieve something there… at Stonehenge I mean… though I don’t have a clue as to wither I’ll be able to do it or not. “, he mused on it for a moment. “ I mean, I’m still learning, but what the hell, you only live once.” He smiled widely and tried to wash away the doubt hanging over him. Only, living once was not entirely true in this new ‘Age of Misrule’.

05/11/2004 1:05 PM

Previous Night

He stood in the fullness of the night, waiting, watching, his eyes following the Fomorii devils as they scouted fast and furiously throughout the woodland. They were some distance from him, but he could see them still, his Tribe, his eyes, his mind. He was Ma'Laa Cant. Half-breed and leader of his Tribe. Not like the rest of his people, he was handsome, in human terms, but possessed that terrfying and sickengin quality beholden to the almost human creatures searching the land around him. Their faces, always seeming to shift... melt... their true face... too horrific for any human to view and comprehend. Ma'Laa whispered to the night. " Hurry and find it. The druid and witch are close.... hiding... but close... I cannot see them.... hurry! "

05/12/2004 7:46 AM

Ailani O Kai was an odd mix, race wise. Her father had been half Hawaiian and half Irish and her mother fully Irish. Thus it was strange to see her with her Hawaiian-slanted, gray eyes and curly red hair. But nevertheless, she managed. Her olive skin also seemed strange, with as much Irish as she had in her, but she was used to being different. She had lived in Ireland for as long as she could remember, though her parents had told her she was born far away when they were on one of their trips around the world... somewhere in Africa, though she did not know where exactly. "High Chief of the Ocean" was what her name meant in Hawaiian, and she had never been sure exactly why it was so. Did her parents expect her to carry on in their travels across the world?

Thinking about them will get you no where, she grumbled to herself mentally and tossed a lock of curly, red hair over her shoulder and scanned the horizon with her eyes. She was from Cork originally, but with a little beg, borrow, and steal action, she'd managed to get across to Swansea in Wales. She could feel the pull on her terribly now... she was so close, yet so far away... She tried to avoid the big cities as best she could, for there were the evil creatures that frightened her nearly to death, but as it was, she was forced to go through a couple to get to her destination. She would have to go through Oxford and Bristol to get to Stonehenge, her trusty map told her. From Bristol, she'd go southeast to Salsibury and then she would be right on top of Stonehenge, which was on the Salsibury Plain, a tad northwest of a little town called Amesbury.

I'll get there, she told herself. And with a little luck this Martin fellow won't be far off... maybe he can teach me, at least help me figure out what's going on!

05/19/2004 4:33 AM

They had moved off from Heather's camp site, wandering the country side for a few hours, their feet burning and legs aching. " You know.... I don't know if I'll get used to all this walking.... I mean... a car was so much more convienant to around in! ", he sighed heavily, but restrained himself from complaining further, leaving on the oaken staff more so than was necessary. In truth, his legs were ok, however he enjoyed the chance to moan somewhat every now and then.

Scanning the horizon briefly, he muttered to himself, and stopped, half closing his eyes, losing some focus. After a few seconds, he continued onwards. " We're heading in the right direction anyway...... ", there was an uneasy tone to his voice, as though he wished to say more than he was. I'm coming Craig.... don't worry.... I'll be there.

They lapsed into silence for an hour, concentrating on the arduous and taxing relief if the landscape. " I would have suggested Edinburgh, Heather, but I doubt there would be any.... point.... ".


Else where, deep within the earth, they swarmed like insects, the strange chittering screeches of their langauge resonating loudly and disturbingly off the rock walls. Their movement patterns seemed irratic, but far from it, they had a purpose, moving with an intense determination and frenzied action. The smell of death and sewage filled the already dense air, but it never bothered them. Howls of pain and cries of anguish rose from the pits littering a certain part of the ground, where humans lay in cowering postures, lying upon the remains of already mutilated and tortured individuals, not all of them human.

A growing sense of urgency was about them, and yet, a note of triumph, exhalted endurance filled him as he stood surveying the work on his Tribe. They were close to suceeding. So very close. Still, there was much to do, but he had the time.

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