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05/06/2004 7:17 PM

See the recruitment thread first.

05/25/2004 6:27 PM

((OOC: M'kay, I guess this thread is mine now as the original ST has dissapeared and hasn't returned in nearly twenty days...))

BIC: Juri strode from the maing chamber of the tower of High sorcery with determination in each step. Her jade colored eyes where fixed on the door ahead of her, while her mind was wandering down paths that she wished she didn't have to think of...

Some of the things that Dalamar had charged her with made her shiver. This renegade mage made for much concern among the three leaders of the mages... they had called her, for she was one of the best... her reputation as a theif and an assasin had spread far, much to her disdain... she didn't want such attention...but now she had it, and she wished that she hadn't answered the Mages' summons.

With a sigh, she left the towers, and took the reins of her horse from the aprentice mage. Taking one quick glance back at the central tower, she caught a glimpse of Dalamar at the window for the main chamber... flushing, she quickly mounted her horse, and steadying the mare, urged her into a canter -- out of the gates and into the Wayerth forest.

She would head for Palanthas, and search out others to help her on this quest...she didn't become as successful as she was by doing everything herself....well...almost...

05/25/2004 7:19 PM

Ryume shifted uncomfortable, watching the mage leaving the tower. Her long black hair stirred slightly in the breeze. The mages had had some sort of major meeting, ending with a woman exiting. She was riding her horse away, towards the gate, out into the forest. Ryume buried her face in her wolf-companion, Kageme.

What troubles you so?
The wizards.
I do not know what to do. Someone who works for them is going somewhere. Should I follow and spy?
Follow. For a ways. Just to see where she goes.
What if she sees us?
Don't bellyache over it like bad fish. She won't. Get on already, or we'll lose them.

Ryume eyed the wolf, and then slid onto his back. He was large, being the size of a small horse and twice as strong.
"Well then, let's go!"
The wolf shot her a baleful glance.
I may look like a dog, but I certainly am not one. You should know better then anyone, Ryume Starfall
She just grinned.

The wolf sprang into action, and sped off through the enchanted wood.

A little while later, Ryu had slid off his back, and walked alongside him as they shadowed the woman, keep the road and the lone rider in sight.

05/28/2004 2:06 PM

Mel was riding her steed when out of the woods came a woman on her horse. Mel watched closely and soon there after the woman came bounding after a ?!?! Wolf!! and someone riding it. This was a very big wolf, and they were heading right for the woman. Mel turned her horse and charged after the woman, determined to get there and help her fight off the wolf and wolven rider.

"Miss!" Mel yelled at the woman when she was in range. "Miss, may I have a word with you?"

05/29/2004 4:33 PM

Juri reined in star; startled at the shout, the mare reared slightly in place, her ears flat against her skull. "Whoa!" Juri cried, leaning forward to keep her balance....and almost imediately, as though the horse had been chastized, the mare dropped back down, giving her head and shoulders a brief shake.

Patting the horse's shoulder, Juri turned her attention on the woman who cried out to her.

"what is it?" She asked, her eyes narrowing in suspicion, her one hand lowering to the bow resting across her thighs.

05/29/2004 9:32 PM

Ryu gasped. She was well hidden in the woods, but the woman had seen her, she thought. Another woman. She placed her hand on Kageme's shoulder. He stopped. She paused for a minute, then glided silently through the woods, peering out from a position behind an old log, laying on her stomach. The first woman had stopped, and had her hand on her bow. Ryu's hand slid down to her knife. she continued to watch them, wondering.

06/03/2004 4:20 PM

Mel showed the woman that she had her weapon sheathed.
"You have a very unusual comrade following you." "It appeared to be a person riding a wolf...." "I don't know anything cept the fact that they looked like trouble." "Do you know them, miss...?"

06/09/2004 4:51 PM

The sun shimmered through the trees, casting a dimmed light on the path before Dukio. His barefeet stepped carefully, not requiring him to look where he stepped. Occassionally, the plains native would step on a rough edge and feel it, but the soles of his feet were so tough and scarred, they didnt feel much. Never getting blisters, when Dukio started moving little could stop him, with a major exception of the complaints from the people who paid.

"Oh Paladine, what a day! Darling, look at my dress, its drenched...with sweat!" A pampered aged women complained, screaming in disgust. She walked with an old man wearing glasses at the brink of his nose, their arms interlocked. Truely, Dukio saw it ridiculous for any women covered in jewelry and with a dress to her toes to venture into Wayreth, however she paid good money, so Dukio couldnt complain. The old man shushed his wife.

"Excuse me Rufio...are you sure this is the right way to the Caverns of Rigtan. It seems to be getting later than I wanted." The aged man said, jogging up to where Dukio walked gracefully. Dukio came to a halt with a hidden sigh, and turned his head downward to see a crouching old man fumbling with fogged up glasses.

"Dukio, not Rufio, and the caverns are just over that rock face. If you'd like, you and your wife could rest here for a moment while I go scope it out to 'make sure its properly fixed' like the last rock slope." Dukio proposed, keeping his composer as to not lose his job. He was just about at the end of his rope with all the stopping and checking. The old man sighed in fatigue and plumped himself on a fallen down tree trunk, wiping it down first, of course.

"That would be good Tuki...thank you. Come on now Mildred, the nice plainsmen is going to check the rock face for us." The old man said in a weary voice, motining her to sit. Dukio grinned at the silly old man's behavior. How strange some people were. He tightened his pack around his shoulders and began climbing a slightly sloped rockface, requiring his hands to help himself in some situations. He did so with ease, finding satisfaction in the process, something missing from his life within the passed 10 minutes of bickering. He looked back down upon his burden, hearing some distant words about how annoying the forest was, and wanting to be back home in her dining room. Dukio rolled his eyes and walked out of there sight. Dukio heard a nervous shout from below.

"Wait one minute sir! Where do you think your going? There could be goblins or.... bears in these woods. You cant just leave us here!" The old women raved nervously. Dukio walked back to the ledge.

"Dont worry mam, its all going to be fine. I'm just going to see how close we are." Dukio shouted down with a calm reassuring voice. Once out of range, he muttered some mocks and curses in his native tongue. He had picked up Common very well over the years, and even began to fear sounding like one of the proper rich folk he guided sometimes.

A distant breaking of branches caused Dukio to duck in an alert state, his long black hair flipping around in the frantic move. He let out a few bird calls, hoping to get an answer back and therefore reassuring all was safe. None came. There was something nearby keeping the birds quiet. Dukio took out his bow and strung an arrow. He heard the annoying tone of an old women screaming "what was that?" from down below. He would have ended the nagging right then and there, if it werent for the fact that it would be a waste of a good arrow...

Dukio snapped his thoughts back to the mysterious sounds. He then heard the beating of hoofs. It was either a stag or a horse. The clanking of weapons on the patterned hoof beat made him assume the latter, and also that a human was riding it. Looking down a slight hill, throuh a thick tree line, Dukio finally spot the source, which just so happened to stop. The old couple continued to bicker and complain. Dukio was about to hush them when another rider came onto the scene. Very odd indeed. He would have to watch more of this before accepting that this way was safe for the rich folk, not that Dukio was favoring their life or death at that moment.

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