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05/03/2004 10:38 PM

I'm recruiting for this thread now. Please read the OOC Recr: thread:)

05/11/2004 4:26 PM


The village of the Hishimi was bustling with noise, and yet unusually quiet. Ayame Ushimi Kiroto wandered through the streets, vaguely heading toward the gate. It was a warm summer day, and the weight of her heirloom katana on her back was annoying. The katana had become her possesion when the rest of her family had died of the plague, and it was said to have been the weapon of one of their ancestors who was a dragon rider.

She walked idly down the road leading away from the village. the road was beneath the ground level, deep enough that her head came over the grass only barely. Her pale blonde hair was pulled back, and fanned out slightly in the breeze. A yell form up the road distracted her. She stared before the word registered.
She stopped, frozen in shock. What could cause someone to call for help like that?
Then she came hurtling back to the present. She ran along the road, stopping only to hoist herself up onto the grass. The waist high grass stretched away from the village nestled by the trees of the Great Forest, and a smudge of leaves in the distance was the Darkwood. The cries for help were coming from the direction of the Darkwood.

Fear squeezed her heart as she bolted through the grass, her bare feet running with all haste. The cries for help continued as she ran. She stopped, and jumped into the road. A man she recognized from the village, Kiroku lay by the deep road, clutching his ankle and crying for help.

"Kiroku! What's wrong????" she asked, staring at him.
"Ayame! Thank the gods that you're here! I tripped in a gopher hole as I ran, and I think my ankle is broken!"
She frowned.
"What were you running from?"
His eyes widened.
"Y-You didn't see it?"
"See what???"
He pointed, and Ayame gasped.

As she had run, she had been running up hill. Going uphill, she had not seen what terrified him so.

A huge black spot on the clean green of the plains writhed and squirmed towards him. It looked like some sort of giant spider, with red eyes, and running incredibly fast towards her and Kiroku. Kiroku was a notorious coward, but she did not blame him for running.
"A demon" she breathed.
It had spotted them, and it was almost upon them. She helped Kiroku into the road, and began half-dragging him to the village.
"Demon! Demon!" she shouted at the top of her lungs, while the terrified Kiroku added his shouts of "Tasukete!!"

A shudder went through the earth, knocking her to the ground, and Kiroku moaned in terror. She gasped for air, the wind knocked out of her. A hideous slithering noise and a terrible stench wafted to her, and she turned.

The demon had jumped down into the road, less then 5 feet away from them.

She got to her feet, and stood in front of Kiroku, drawing her katana. It gleamed brightly in the sunlight. She had never used the katana before, save in practice, and she feared that it had lost it's edge. The demon, almost lazily, sent a huge spidery limb at her. She was ready, and swung the katana, severing the tip of it's leg. An unearthly screech of pain erupted, and the demon jerked it's leg back.

She used it's distraction to her advantage, and climbed onto the grass. The demon climbed after her, it's red eyes bright. She ran as fast as she could, towards the great wood, praying that a god of some kind might deliver her from this terrible foe.

The grass snapped and waved as she ran, and she stumbled over a rock, flying headfirst down a hill. The demon continued after her, and she rolled over as it reached her, katana in hand. The small jewel on her katana flashed in the sunlight, and the katana jerked her arm upward, stabbing into one of the hideous eyes. She gasped, and got to her feet, continuing to run. She was fast going downhill, and the demon followed her, inflamed by her wounding it. She had outdistanced it well, and had reached the edge of the forest. She hopped onto a boulder, and saw two things that startled her.

The grass where the demon had walked had withered. And the demon was not alone. More hideous spidery beings were surging out of the Darkwood, with scraps of shadow that had glowing red eyes drifting among them. A demon horde accompanied by Kotomono, the evil ones.

Her attention was diverted by the demon running into the rock where she stood, knocking her off. She started to run into the woods, and she heard the demon blundering behind her. A loud crash startled her, and a giant wolf with threee tails stood in front of her.

"Hishimi. My people will deal with the other demons. This one you must kill."
She stared, her mouth wide open as the giant wolf vanished into the woods. A forest god.

The presence of the demon brought her back to the moment, as it stormed towards her, howling in fury. She hopped onto a rock, and a warmth flushed her sword arm. The demon rushed at her, and she crouched, clutching the katana with both hands, pointing it towards the demon. The jewel flashed one last time, and she drove the sword into the demon's eyes, with all her might. It jerked back, howling in pain. For a moment it stood, and then crashed to the ground, causing dead wood to fall all around. An oily black ooze drained off of it, revealing the form of a huge dragon. Ayame stood, frozen, when a piece of wood hit her on her head, knocking all of the world from her, into darkness.

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