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05/01/2004 8:37 PM

The coarseness of the concrete stone moved like an abrasive against her finger. The tomb stood there, the head engraved with words in memory of, that the course of time had not worn away its importance. It has been a long time. Too long in fact, that everyone that once was thought of as friends were all decrepit or dead. Here, where once there was a contemporary life that beats alongside as she had, now rest a human shell. The grasses oscillated in patterns that only she could see, those memories that once again repeated itself now. A gust of wind blew a strand of air across her well defined face, and the sudden emergence of the sun from the lustrous trees, drew a shudder across her slender body. Her hands instinctively clutched the red pendant above her chest, and she sighed, a long emission of relief.
Then a shadow flickered across the trees and bushes, a human silhouette it appeared to be, and Mauve started.
“Hey!” she shouted, running after the fleeing figure. “Stop!”

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05/14/2004 8:04 PM

The sound of a male voice brings Cassie to her senses. “Huh? What?” She blinks her hazel eyes as the men next to her smile at her.

“Remember, bus trip out of town in a hurry? You said let’s go anywhere.” Billy said with a bigger grin, “Well here we are. Welcome to Kansas, hon.”

“Your kidding me right? Kansas? Talk about the middle of nowhere Ville!” Cassie says without thinking .

Billy frowns, “Have you ever been here before?”

“I don’t think so.” Cassie says as she stands up.

“Then give it a chance. Hell, Cass You might even like it.” Billy says with a boyish smile.

Cassie looks down into his deep green eyes and can’t help but smile. She has only known him for a short while. He is so charming, so sexy but so human. Her smile fades a tad as she touches his face.

“What are you thinking Cass?” Billy asks as he stands.

“What am I always thinking, baby?” Cassie says while pulling him closer.

From behind them they hear the sound of the bus driver clearing his throat. Cassie blushes slightly as she rushes pass the driver with a grinning Billy in tow. Once outside it is as she originally thought, not much to see. Cassie grabs her bag from the curb then turns to Billy.

“Since you took us on this little adventure, where to babe?” She asks as she put on her sunglasses due to the brightness of the afternoon sun.

Billy smiles that almost impish smile, “Why off to my Grandma’s house.” Before Cassie can reply he continues, “I didn’t live here all my life, ya know. Just after my parents died when I was 14 my grandma took me in. You will like her Cassie.” Billy says has he turns, “Come on we have a bit of walking to do.” Cassie sighs then follows after him.

A few miles down the road, Cassie sees an old cemetery. She can smell death but not just the smell of the dead rotting in the ground but also the scent of the undead. Wrinkling her nose a little, she walks closer to Billy. Not to protect herself but more of protection for him. Just then she sees something move in the trees a head of them and then hears a female voice cry out, “Hey! Stop!”

05/18/2004 1:34 PM

Mauve crashed into the brambles, snagged and minutely tearing her leather coat.
“Damn,” she swore, taking an intermission from the pursuit to extract herself from the blasted branches. She had received some well earned splinters and shallow scratches, but tonight, her skin would heal and be as smooth as before. That is, when she takes the amulet off.

She squint her eye from the glare of the sun that streamed from the trees. With black dots, blurring her vision, she shook her head in attempt to clear the confusion, and in that moment, glimpsed the figure flitting away, several yards ahead.

“Hey!” She grunted, finally liberated from the branches’ dreadful clutch. "Come back here!" But too late, the figure had disappeared.

Her ear suddenly perked to the sound of voices, as well as the distinct sound of sticks and leaves crunched beneath footsteps.
More people, she thought exasperated. Granted, it was a nice day outside, but just when she needed solitude, she couldn’t have any!

Careful not to draw attention to herself she tried to slink back to the cemetery. Too late, she didn’t see the gnarled stick that laid just a footstep away from her back.
She heard a whoosh, and then a near replic of the sound of hundreds of glasses cracking, as she fell on top of the bushes and coiled vines.

She heard hurried footsteps and the next thing she saw were human faces peering at her ffrom above.

05/19/2004 6:08 PM

Cassie and Billy see a woman falling to the ground as they rush to her aid. Looking down at her, Billy smiles his boyish grin then puts out his hand, “Take my hand and I’ll pull you up.”

Cassie is too busy looking in the direction where the other figure had rushed off too. She can still hear the sound of branches being broken in the distance. Realizing that that they most likely not find the other person she turns he attention back to the woman that Billy is trying to help.

“He won’t bite, ya know.” Cassie says as she steps a tad closer to the woman, “His name is Billy and I’m Cassie.”

Something about the woman seems different to Cassie but she can’t seem to make sense of the feeling. Cassie shakes off the feeling then frowns. Cassie starts to wonder why this woman was in the cemetery in the first place and who was she yelling out to.

“You going to take my hand or not lady?” Billy asks as his charming smile starts to fade.

05/19/2004 6:25 PM

A snarl almost appeared on her face at the indignity of the whole scene, but with mustered restraint, she played a coy smile, batting his hands away. With an agile move, she pushed her elbow to get to her knees, and stood up.

"Good afternoon," she greeted them, with a feigned smile. "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you coming."

She dusted her hands from the dirt and gunk that it had accumulated. "Well, That was a nice fall wasn't it, I'm just glad i didn't twist an ankle?!"

They intoduced themselves, and she nodded with exaggerated cheerfulness. "And I'm Meryl, a pleasure to meet you." She extended the hand that was not copmletely free of the dirt encrustmetns.

05/22/2004 10:03 AM

Jack paced around his basement room, organizing his records, reorganizing them, and playing some. He had a strong urge to walk outside, but he knew he couldn't with the sun strong in the sky. Maybe on a rainy day he could sit on the porch, but he settled for the pictures on the wall. Eventually the urge to prance subsided, and Jack warmed a cup of blood in the micro wave and planned his day. He had heard that there was a concert sometime soon, but couldn't remember for the life (or death) of him what band it was.

It doesn't matter, I suppose. A little bit of music and human contact could do me some good. Still, after deciding to contact a friend or two about that concert, he was still restless. He went into his underground garage, and fired up his Charger. A ride around town couldn't hurt. He retreated out, narrowly missing an old berkelounger. (Batcave, it ain't.) He roared the engine and burnt the tires, shooting down the road with Zeppelin blasting through the speakers. As he drew near the graveyard, he saw some figures in the shade. It could be someone he knew, so he screeched onto the shoulder, and got out, covering himself with an overcoat and a large hat. He rushed under the trees, because even with the coat, he sizzled faintly. He then noticed that the newcomers were unfamiliar. He sighed, and hoped they didn't mind the faint smell of bacon.

05/25/2004 7:54 PM

Cassie takes a step back while crossing her arms then gives her best polite smile. “Nice to meet ya.”

Billy shakes Meryl’s hand without even thinking about the dirt and gives her a big boyish grin. “The pleasure is all mine, Meryl.”

Cassie frowns for a second then makes a more natural expression. At that moment, Cassie catches a faints smell of something burning in the air. “Why do I smell something burning?” She starts looking around in every direction.

Billy turns his gaze away from Meryl and sees a figure standing under the trees. “Ahh we have company, Cass.” He turns and looks at Meryl, “You expecting anyone?”

Cassie turns her attention to the trees and sees a man in a overcoat. She can tell for sure that this one is not human, just call it a hunch. Tired and a tad cranky from the long bus ride Cassie groans, "So much a nice quiet day at Grandma's." Cassie turns toward Billy, "I hope that man is the friendly type otherwise we may have a problem."

05/26/2004 6:04 PM

Mauve grin from the handshake. A century of being undead doesn’t truly end all surprises.
“you’re quite friendly,” she commented, at the release.

A figure entered the peripheral of her vision, and resulted in questions. “I do not know him,” she said, the grin fading into a thin smile as she turned. The man seems to be familiar, be she couldn’t quite place him. Perhaps he’s a mere observer? But thenmaybe not, she thought with a laugh. Let’s find out.

“But I’m sure he has some things to say.” With a bold move, she called over her shoulder, “shall we?”

05/26/2004 7:04 PM

What have I gotten into now? Jack was never a good ice breaker, but he did what he could. He shed his overcoat and hung it on a branch.

"Hi, I'm Jack. Pleased to meet 'cha." He scanned the cemetary for movement, or smoke. None. He would just have to socialize.

06/09/2004 5:07 PM

As Meryl walks towards the man under the tress, Billy starts to move when Cassie gently lays a hand on one of his arms. Billy looks down to see a look of caution in Cassie’s eyes then with a short nod he lets her know he isn’t too sure about these two either. Billy then takes his place walking behind Meryl as Cassie trails slowly behind them.

Cassie feels like something is a tad out of sorts but she can’t seem to place her finger on it. The three of them stop right in front of Jack. He seems friendly enough.

“Hi Jack. I’m Billy.” Billy says with a friendly smile as he turns to his side and points towards Cassie, “This is Cassie.” He looks at Meryl for a second then decides that maybe it is best that she introduce herself.

“Hi Jack. Nice to meet ya as well.” Cassie says with a smile. “What is it with people in this area and this cemetery? Is this a big hang out or something?” she asks as she looks at the others standing around her.

06/10/2004 12:36 PM

Is this a big hang out or something?

"Well, I personally like the scenery, it is an ancient cemetary, and has a lot of great architecture. As for many other people I know, it's a great place to go if you don't want to be found, and also is used as a meeting place occaisonally. Sometimes goth groups will have some wierd ceremony in a mausoleum. Lost their marbles, if you ask me."

06/11/2004 8:57 PM

"Mind you," she muttered under her breath, "I didn't want to be found."

She felt the wind picking up speed, and on human instinct that surprised her, she wrapped her leather coat tighter around her. She smiled at the paradox of her action. I guess vampire years hadn't completely vanquished my human proclivity after all. Even with this amulet on.

"There's going to be a storm," she stated simply, staring at the darkening clouds above them. Her keen ears could pick up the sound of resonation in the crevices of caverns nearby.

"I suggest, we bette rhead home," she said, her words bear more emphasis as a lightning instantaneously struck a tree nearby.
"Or better, yet, find shelter."

06/12/2004 2:15 PM

Jack cringed as the lightning struck. Hopefully, the clouds would obscure the sun well enough to protect him.

"Well, I have a shop and aparment we could go to, only about five minutes away. Would anyone need a lift?"

06/12/2004 7:54 PM

Cassie flinches at the flash of lightning followed by the loud thunder ringing in her sensitive ears, “I don’t care where we go just as long as we go now!”

“I agree. I think we will take you up on your offer Jack.” Billy says with a grin.

“Wait Billy, what about your grandma?” Cassie asks while making a face every time the thunder roars overhead.

“She doesn’t know we are coming so she isn’t expecting to see us. We can go there later.” Billy replies then turns back to Jack, “Ready when you are.” Then he turns towards the ladies, “But of course, ladies first.” He adds with a boyish smile.

06/12/2004 9:39 PM

Mauve reluctantly followed. "Sure, why not," she said, flashing a feigned grin towards Jack.

"Lead the way, dear boy. And hurry as well," she added, as another lightning struck the tree. Her clothes were now soaking wet. She smiled. She had always liked the rain.

06/13/2004 10:11 AM

Jack nodded and grabbed his overcoat, and hurried to his car. He slid across the hood, got in, and started it, waiting for the heat to kick in. He didn't feel the cold, which bothered him. He felt nothing, except the drops of water.

He drove along the country roads with confidence, and they arrived at his small brownstone quickly. He parked his car, and said, "Come on in, I'll start some coffee going..." He gestured to the numerous shelves of records. "If anyone wants music, I've probably got whatever you want."

06/13/2004 5:42 PM

"Coffee would be great Jack, thank you. " A soaked and tired Cassie says as she tries to smile. "Mind if I change my outfit in the bathroom?" she asks as she closes the door not waiting for a reply.

Billy pulls a towel from his bag and puts it down in front of Mauve with a slight smile, "Thought you might want to dry off a little." he says as he turns look at Jack's collection of music. "Wow Jack, this is quite a selection you have here."

Cassie strolls gracefully out of the bathroom in a ½ tee shirt and some tightly fitting biker shorts. She stops to look at the music collection as well, "I think this is a Led Zeppelin type of day, what do you think, hon?" she adds as she starts brushes out her wet hair. "I hate getting caught out in the rain." she almost mumbles to her self.

Billy turns to look at her then places a kiss on her cheek, "Ahh but you still are beautiful even with your wet matted hair." Cassie blushes for a moment then heads to the couch flopping down on the soft cushions. "I could just curl up and fall alseep right here." she adds with a slight sigh.

"What do you think Jack? Led Zep or can you think of anything else that fits the day better?" Billy says as Jack walks into the room.

06/13/2004 10:10 PM

Mauve languished on the sofa, studying the black paint, on her long nails, naturally grown.

"What a nice abode, you got here," she commented, as raised her hand back to slide the curtains, revealing the rains peltering rythmatically against the windowpane.

The stereo was suddenly turned on, an dsoon the room rocked with television and that zeppelish music.

"I'm afraid it's not going to stay that way for long," she muttered, looking out at the dark sky.

06/14/2004 11:42 AM

Jack turned the stereo down a little bit, so they could converse a little more clearly.

"Well, this selection is so wide mainly because I don't really sell anything often. The music shop is moreof a facade. I work night-shifts when I need money."

When questioned about the night shift, Jack shrugged and changed the subject. The conversation continued, mostly between Cassie, Billy, and to a lesser extent, Jack, who had quieted. After the record finished, he stood up.

"Now, I think it's time for some Pink Floyd. How about Wish You Were Here? The weather has certainly taken a damp turn from this morning, eh?" The real storm had passed, but was just hovering, waiting to return in force.

06/14/2004 6:04 PM

"Yeah Floyd is a good choice." Billy said as Cassie snuggles next to him.

"Can't go wrong with Floyd" Cassie says as she sips her coffee. Feeling a tad annoyed that Jack wouldn't talk about himself Cassie find herself trying not to fall asleep while leaning on Billy's shoulder. She shakes her head slightly then clears her throat. "How long have you live here Jack? I'm surprised you and Billy here don't know each other."

With that both Jack and Billy turn theirs eyes on her. Something in Billy's eyes makes her feel uncomfortable while Jack's remain as friendly as ever. She looks away from Billy and places her attention on Jack. "What I meant was that this is such a small town that I thought everyone knew everyone or something along those lines."

06/15/2004 1:15 PM

"How long have you live here Jack?

"Well, I was born in NYC, but my family decided the hustle and bustle was not for them. I moved here, oh, probably verging on twenty years ago." Jack looked at Billy, and then back at Cassie. "This seems like a small town to an outsider. But it has a lot more to it than you expect. That's true with a lot of things, especially here in unassuming Kansas."

Jack looked at Billy again and, before the silence becomes uncomfortable, he breaks it. "Do you live out in the suburbs somewhere? If you do, that probably explains it. The areas around here are huge, but have a good number of people living in them."

06/15/2004 6:09 PM

Billy looks at Jack and shakes his head, "Yeah my grandma owns a farm on the outskirts of town just a few miles past the cemetery we were in. That is where we were headed earlier. We just got into town today. It was kinda a last minute trip, if ya know what I mean."

Cassie is glad that Jack took Billy's focus off of her. He had told her once that his past is his business to tell and by her pressing to see if Jack knew Billy, did not make him happy. She sips her warm coffee as the storm outside seems to be coming back full force. Cassie isn't fond of storms. Putting her coffee back down on the table she pulls her legs up close to her body and lays her chin on top of her knees then closes her eyes.

She feels a arm wrap around her, "Cassie doesn't really like storms." Billy says to Jack. Billy looks over at Mauve, "So what's your story? Or are you the secretive type?”

06/16/2004 5:43 PM

Interest suddenly piqued by this curious quesiton tha tmight lead to exposure of pertinent information to be processed and stored in her mind, Mauve leaned forward.

"yes, this is a nice little town," she added colorfully. "Everyone must know eachother, anyone who lives here long enough."

She wave a graceful hand into the air in an arc around the room, the lambs that have seen too many uses, but was still of durable qualities, items and books neatly and carefully placed, yet some speck of dust were discernable. Driven nails that the oil paintings hung with not the obliqueness that one usually finds after years of disinterest neglect. "And you certainly take very nice care of this place."

"I must say, I haven't been around town long, but this place and you," she relaxed back, "it tells me, you're a man of many mysteries."

06/17/2004 2:03 PM

She wave a graceful hand into the air in an arc around the room, the lambs that have seen too many uses, but was still of durable qualities, items and books neatly and carefully placed, yet some speck of dust were discernable. Driven nails that the oil paintings hung with not the obliqueness that one usually finds after years of disinterest neglect. "And you certainly take very nice care of this place."

OOC: this is a little bit confusing. could you clear it up?

BiC: Jack watched Mauve curiously. He could tell she had alterior motives, but he couldn't say waht they were. He had figured out what she was, but not much else.

"Well, I try not to hide much. I think of myself as an honest guy. What do you want to know?"

06/17/2004 4:58 PM

OOC: Ah, certainly. It mainly serve as a toss of description in the surrounding But shortly, she's implying that your char. takes very nice care of his place, so is there a hidden agenda to it? Very suspicious, she is. :)


"Well, anything that you'r ewilling to reveal. But since you don' t hide much, where is your family? I'm sure you must be close. Do you often allow strangers into your home?"
She added hastily, "Not that I disapprove." I'd just hate to be turned out in that storm after that, she added under her breath.

06/20/2004 3:32 PM

"My parents live somewhere in Pennsylvania now, as far as I know. Now that's a quiet place. It's also as boring as heck. We are pretty close, and I write them when I can. As for you guys, I'm not too worried about stangers in these parts. Also, I can usually tell who I should be careful of, and none of you seem like serial killers or psychos." He remembered who he was dealing with, and wondered about the last sentence.

He looked at Cassie, and then it hit him that she wasn't human. He wasn't very good at detecting these things yet, because he hadn't had practice. He continued smiling, because if she hadn't killed him yet, he figured there wasn't very many reasons to later.

06/20/2004 5:58 PM

Cassie smiles to herself as she hears Jack mention PA. It is only then she realizes that she misses her home and her family. Then she gets the feeling someone is staring at her as she looks up to see Jack smiling at her.

Cassie smiles back at Jack then clears her throat, "I used to live in PA not too far from Philadelphia but that was a while ago." she looks down at the floor for a moment then back up at Jack. "I agree that PA can been boring if you live in an area that is in the middle of nowhere. I've been there and done that too." She sits up straight then stretches her body a little, "Have you ever been to Philly, Jack?"

06/20/2004 6:50 PM

"Not for any valid trip. I went with my parents, drove them to their house, and I visited once last year. I never saw any place to stay. From what I saw out the window, there was no reason to."

06/21/2004 6:22 PM

Cassie smiles slighty, "Pa has it's moments just like any other town but I like to move around a lot so I don't get to attach to any one area." The lie she told didn't show on her face but the pain in her heart is enough to make her close her eyes. She hates to move around so much. She wants peace in her life and only peace she has ever known was when she was human.

06/21/2004 6:28 PM

I like to move around a lot so I don't get to attach to any one area."

"I've gotten that feeling before. I have nowhere to go and no way to leave, so I have resisted the urge, but it only comes occaisionally. Also, I do have some friends around here who have convinced me not to. Eventually, though, I think I will move away, to someplace new, maybe a city by the sea. Somewhere warmer, busier."

06/21/2004 6:41 PM

"I was thinking of heading out to Cali myself. I have a friend from Baltimore that was thinking of moving out to LA. Her husband had died a few years ago and she has been needing a change in scenery. I wonder if she move there yet?" Cassie thinks for a minute about her longtime friend then continues to talk, "I met her in a bar when I had singing gig at a nightclub. She is a bartender."

All of a sudden, Cassie feels like she is talking way too. “Anyway maybe someday I’ll look her up again then pay her a visit.” She adds with a smile.

06/23/2004 8:22 AM

Ah, kindred spirits, aren't we now, she thoguth.

"It's alwasy nice to be suprised by old friends," Mauve said almost wistfully.

"But my story is, I've been bouncing around to various places across the United States. From the New Orleans, to Chicago, New york City, and to now Kansas City. Only stayed so long as the social milieu interested me. if not, its off to somewhere else." Where my identity is unkonwn, she added quietly.

"I do this in part because I've got no strings attached, no need to cut loose ends, and there's also that singular freedom in it, you know?"

She shrugged and winked. "Life, is short, isn't it? Why not live for the moment"

07/03/2004 8:43 PM

OOC:ahhhhhhhhhhh,is it allright if i join?????

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