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04/15/2004 4:17 PM


History of Dragon Coast:

The history of Dragon Coast is the history of money, particularly the darker-side of the coin. Situated between the inner sea and sword coast. These lands never coalesced into a solid, coherent nation. Instead small petty city-states have risen and fallen, powered by greed and the most powerful merchant or Pirate faction of the day.

As a result, the Dragon Coast has always been the home to the smuggler, the pirate, the rogue, and the hired killer. It has been the place where those seeking to skirt the laws of more civilized nations to the north make landfall. It is here that the Cult of the Dragon launches its plots to the south. And it is here that independent secret societies and assassin guilds have their greatest powers.

The last semblance of organized resistance to this trend was the reign of Verovan, last of the kings of Westgate. The monarchy of Westgate had long worked closely with the various merchantile houses and petty lords. His sudden and mysterious death without acceptable heirs in year 1248 opened the door for much of what now is commonplace in the Dragon Coast - Corruption and Treachery.

It should be noted that while Verovan's name is still venerated in these lands, better known is Immurk, the greatest of the Inner Sea Pirates, a brash and flamboyant rogue who united a pirate fleet beneath him and ruled from the year 1168 to his death in 1201. Such it is in the Dragon Coast, that good people are venerated, but the power of darker rogues is imitated.


The dark elf known only as "Araith" ran from roof-top to roof-top, in an attempt to lose his pursuers. In the single largest port city in Dragon Coast, Dunbarr. His long black cloak was flowing in the rapid wind of the cool night air. Araith was an assassin of sorts, taking any job he could find. The only features visible from his dark shape are his piercing dark green eyes, silver hair, greyish black skin, and long black cloak. He stands at about 5'8", weighing no more than 150 pounds.

Araith took long smooth stides across the rough surface of the roofs of many buisness's in Dunbarr. His pursuers were made up of but three men. Though Araith thought it best to lose them than risk a confrontation with the men under the man he had just killed. The three men were angry and wanted Araiths head. But as agile as they were, they simply couldn't catch up with the speed demon drow. But they would not stop there, they soon got the city militia to send out search partys and offering rewards for the drow's head.

Araith had no property that he stayed at for any long period of time, but in his moment of need he remembered a haven he had used in the past. A tavern run by an old asset of his, who he had became buisness friends with. He knew that the tavern was his only secure place he could stay until things died down with his actions. So that was were he had to go, but with his luck, he found himself on basicaly on the other side of town than where the tavern was.

Great...the chase might pick up again if I get caught, oh well, I have to risk it...

With that, Araith started his slow cautious trek to the tavern.

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