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04/07/2004 8:35 PM

I am recruiting for this thread. Please look in the OOC/Recr thread an post there first.:)

An echo of yesterday,
Flying on the wind,
A journey from the past,
To change the present,
To change what was foretold,
To protect the future,
From chaos’s hold.

Faith alone to guard,
Hope alone to guide,
A light in the darkness,
Ever fading light.

Where the road meets the sky,
Where today and tomorrow,
Must pass to the yesterday of thought,
Before the future can be safe,
A journey must be taken,

Through the darkest halls of night,
To fight the face of fear itself,
To find the courage that was never before known,
To face the destruction of all that was loved,
To find the secret of a heart,
To find the strength hidden in the depths of the soul.

A guardian of the past,
An echo of yesterday,
Unlocking times’ secrets,
A prayer of hope for eternity,
To fight the end of forever,
And discover the beyond of infinity

~A Avenging_Angel original.

04/26/2004 10:18 AM

Rein, a Qualinesti ranger, stood looking up at the moon. His eyes never left the moon, not for a moment. He was thinking.

A voice, seeming to reach down from the moon itself, gripped his soul. It was a voice of memories, remembrance...lost history. His life was about to be changed and he felt it. His heart beated rapidly.

He slowly reached for his sword, a sword that seemed to glow blue in the moonlight. It was an ancient sword, handed down to him by his father. He gripped its handle and decided to move on.

He headed for Solace. At the same time as well, a voice repeated itself.."...And echo of yesterday.."

04/28/2004 9:03 AM

Faraday stood looking out the window, over the peaceful, green land of Istar. Children plaed in the street. Suddenly, a fire fell fromt he heavens, she screamed wordlessly as everything was consumed in flame. A woman in red robes grabbed her arm. "You alone can stop this. If you fail, Istar will fade to an echo of glory." Flames came over Faraday, burning her........
........As she woke up in terror. The dream was one she'd had before, but ti still terrified her. She got out of her bed, and looked around the room. Dawn was approaching, and she knew what she had to do. She had to leave the next day, with her maid and her friend, a cook in the kitchens. She went over to her maid's bed, and shook her slightly.
(Cue Erylaen)

04/28/2004 10:02 AM

Rein walked upon the outskirts of Solace.

He was anxious to find out what his path was. He awaited this day since he heard the voice calling him. But one thing was on his mind ... and that was food. He hadn't eaten in the last few days of traveling and he was starving to death.
He finally sighted the giant tree with the house on the top. The Inn of the Last home. It was as exactly as his father had described it. Giant...beautiful. The leaves were growing again as the season changed to spring and this was his ideal adventure time.
He sighted up the tree, seeing that the rising sun was behind it made it all the more beautiful.

He entered Solace, being greeted by the early risers. All the villagers were nice folk, he thought. And then he caught a smell of what he knew was food. He excitedly ran up to the Inn and prepared to enter.

04/30/2004 5:24 PM

Pherem lay in his bed with cold sweat pouring over his body, in his dream he could see Chemosh calling to him, as he came closer Pherem heard what chemosh was saying: "...she shall come and you shall follow, you must serve her to save Isthar, though she is not of the black flag you two shall join...you two shall join...you two shall join..."
As the dream faded away Pherem slowly opened his eyes, he was aware of who his god was refering to, but he didn'know what they were supposed to do yet.

05/03/2004 2:31 PM

Rein shoved some spiced potatoes into his mouth, the spicyness of the food made his mouth water. He loved every single minute of this. The food was great, the atmosphere, he couldnt ask for anything better. As this thought left, a voice reached into his soul.
"One person will find you..." his vision darkened. "...that person will take you from something that is most dear to your life..." Then a vision reached out to him, a skull, decomposing...and he fainted onto the floor.

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