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03/26/2004 9:53 PM

OOC: Go ahead, join, roleplay however you wish. Adherence to DL timeline is not strictly enforced, but coherency and logic is. That is, you can make up things that did not happen in DL while maintaining a reasonable contour of the plot.
This is set just before War of Souls and Mina, so there should not have been much drastic changes in the locations of elves, humans, dwarves, and kenders.

if you feel the need to create an OOC thread, feel free to do so, or else address the concerns in here, i don't care, as long as im not the one doing it. Ooh, and so sorry if the descriptions are too much to digest. ;) Please bear with me.

IC: The black bangs parted, revealing startling emerald eyes. A tiny pointed tip protruded from the mop of tousled brown hair to share its noble heritage to the world. She wore a robe of soft fabric material skillfully cut to accentuate the shapeliness of her figure, and its hems trimmed with blue and gold satin lace, the colors of her House, the Elven House of Varanne.
Strapped firmly to her side was a scabbard crested with a dragon emblem depicting the warrior tendency of her bloodline.
Erylaen’s honeyed hair tumbled aimlessly down her shoulder to the very end of her waistline, as she strides toward the prancing horse, impatient for its master to mount.

She placed her boots onto the metal stirrup and heaved herself aptly upon the horse’s saddled back. Stroking the horse’s smooth mane that had been combed too abundantly, she leaned close to its side ear and whispered a soft command. Promptly, the faithful horse sprang away, its hooves pounding the ground, releasing a spray of dust at its posterior.

Behind them the backside of the castle faded away in brilliant shimmers in synapses of branches and brambles, until every trace completely faded from apparent view. The path took a sharp turn around a twisted massive oak tree appearing to be in pain. Erylaen veered left, nearly avoiding a quagmire, hidden by shoots of stalks and scattered leaves that lay in splotches of a gamut of colors.

The letter laid folded in Erylaen’s leather satchel, carefully hidden, yet the message still sifted clearly into her thoughts.
The morning wind kissing gently her face, allowing herself to be submerged in the freedom that brought it, basking in the anticipation that seduces a strange warmth into her soul. She could hear Cecilia’s voice in her thoughts as though speaking to her through the letter.

“…come quickly, to the old inn from whence we had met so many years ago. YOu shall be met with familiar and friendly faces. Hither, you shall know of my urgent reason.
Godspeed, Erylaen, may the gods shine their lights upon your travel.”

Suddenly as if the memory invoked a strange wonderment, the sun appeared to have come across an eclipse, immediately eliciting a sudden chill that came with an unanticipated draft. From a distance several dark figures emerged.

03/29/2004 6:45 PM

((OOC: I might join...just gimme some time to get out of this brainfart I'm in...))

03/30/2004 5:11 PM

And I shall wait until those gaseous substance is completely released! :)

Just take your time, no hurries here.

03/31/2004 4:02 PM


I might be interested in joining, if that's ok with you. Just curious, could you give a little bit of a plot outline?

03/31/2004 4:12 PM

Sorry, i do free form roleplay, from sci-fi fic, fiction to fantasy, and I never needed to do much but start off and others would branch off. Most of them never lasted more than 80 posts as we ran out of fresh ideas and immediate insane, illogical, incoherency takes place.
That's a bad habit of mine, with the lack of an outlined direction, but I'm not kicking the bucket on it just yet.
So just branch off, and have fun! We'll have many OOC's in the thread, but oh well!

03/31/2004 4:39 PM


Okey dokey! THanks!

Name: Willow Nightshade
Race: Human
Hair: Dark brown, nearly black, straight, shoulder length
Eyes: BLack

Willow was 2 when her village near kendermore was destroyed by Malystryx's armies. A wandering kender found her, and took her home to Kendermore, raising her as his own.
Willow wason her way back to Kendermore from Palanthas, when Malystryx destroyed Kendermore. Willow's adopted father, Karlin Quickpak, was killed, and Willow witnessed the destruction. Being raised by kender, she had a very kender-like personality. Being like a kender, she was changed by the Destruction. She became as close to afflicted as a human could be, she swore on the ruins of her home that she would find a way to destroy the dragon highlords.

Willow became an accomplished necromancer,and rose to being one of the most powerful mages in the age of mortals. The necromancy changed her, and gave her a more "evil" personality.

Name: Dawn Emberson
Race: Human
Age: 17
Hair: Red, very curly, waist length.
Eyes: Green

Dawn was the daughter of a prominent merchant in Palanthas. Shortly after Khellendros took over the city, Dawn went on a hunting trip with her brother. She got seperated from the group, and found a man in the woods, dying. She got off her horse to help him, and he grabbed her, and kissed ehr. After that, Dawn learned she could start and control fires, as a Pyromance. She knew her family would not tolerate her, so she ran away from home, and went to the Citadel Of Light, where she learned to control her ability. She found out that the kiss had been a mystic passing on of powers, known as "THe Dying Man's Kiss".
She left the Citadel, and set out to explore the world at random.

03/31/2004 5:26 PM

You're always cleared to join any of my threads, angel. Well, anyone can basically, so just go ahead, branch it off and begin!

03/31/2004 6:24 PM

(OOC: Been lurking here a few months, this is the first thread to really catch my eye.)

It was just past dawn when the small figure snuck into the cave. Flitting as quietly as he could the tiny explorer approached the slumbering owner of the cave. Watching the sleeping figure he paused, making absolutely certain that the sleep was no act, satisfied he continued with his diabolical plot. After a few minutes of fast, yet silent work all was in order. Getting close to the sleeping one’s head the tiny figure yelled with a sound that belayed his tiny frame “RISE AND SHINE! It’s daylight in the swamp!”

The sleeping figure leap out of his bed with fright, which was just what the tiny intruder anticipated. A small string had been tied to the no longer slumbering one’s hair and as he jumped up the string was pulled taught, which ran to a small bucket balanced precariously on a small stone ledge above the bed. Spluttering water the now very awake cave dweller looked around to see who woke him up.

Giggles lead the man’s gaze to the culprit. Recognizing the small figure he sighed the patient sigh of one who has learned over long years how to deal with such antics, wiping his face off the man sat down on his now damp bedding. “Twig! Why the Abyss did you have to do that? Is there something I can help you with?” The first question was rhetorical the second was not.

Once the pixie stopped his near maniacal laugher he looked up at the wet man with a grin, “Oh come, you made an irresistible target,” this caused the man to roll his eyes, anyone who thought Kender were bad should try and spend an afternoon with a pixie he thought irritably. Besides was there any target a pixie could resist? “Seriously though, I’m here on business,” the pixie said as he pulled a scroll form his pack that was nearly half long as the pixie was tall. “Talin wanted me to deliver this to you, he said it was important.”

The man’s expression changed with the mention of his old teacher’s name. Without a word of thanks he reached forward and snatched the scroll from the pixie’s grip. The man’s expression changed when he saw the letter was written in the strange runes of the Druidic language, something important must have happened for his master to write to him in this secret language known to so few.

‘Derik my boy,’ the letter began, ‘I write this because I need to ask a large favor. Old friends of mine have asked for my help for some urgent reason. I swore an oath to them that if they ever needed my help I would come, unfortunately circumstance keeps me from keeping that promise, yet I can send them aid in the form of you. Go to them, if their cause is true hope that you give them all the assistance you can. They wont recognize you, but they will recognize the sword.’ The rest of the letter gave Derik instructions to the Inn he was supposed to meet these old comrades of Talin’s.

The sword… Derik looked up to where he kept the blade his master had given him. The scimitar was a work of art, the balance on it sublime, the pommel was fashioned after the head of a King Fisher, its beak pointed down the front of the handle, the blade raising out of the crest, the King Fisher’s Helm, a replica of Habbakuk’s own sword. A god Derik had never known, but had been raised to respect.

Derik thought about Talin, the old half elf had taken Derik in after Ogre killed his parents when he was only five. Talin taught him the ways of the forest, and the ways of the Druids even if their patron was missing from the world and the old rituals didn’t have the power they once had. Talin taught Derik to walk the wild paths, to protect the forests, the animals, and sylvan creatures in it, even without the power of the gods. He owed Talin more than just his life, and if Talin’s comrades needed help, he would.

His mind made up he rose and and donned his hide armor and midnight blue cloak. Quickly he gathered his traveling supplies, which weren’t a lot, he knew how to live off the land. The last thing he did was strap the scimitar to his belt. “Twig, I’m going to need you to tell Amilia and Drotinal that I’m going to be gone for awhile, if they could check up on this stretch of land I’d owe them.” The druids on Krynn were few and far between and spread thin as it was, he was sure they wouldn’t be happy but that’s the way things were.

Looking back at his humble dwelling he sighed not knowing when he’d be back, not that he had a lot of possessions but this was home. Turning on his heel the young druid set off towards the Inn the letter had told him to go to, unsure of what awaited him.

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04/01/2004 2:35 PM

OOC: Lurking or not, I’m glad I’ve drawn your talent out! :)

Erylaen could hear hooves thundering, the feeling of dread as if the ground was about to slide open beneath her. She could feel the lean muscles of her horse grow taut, and it began an agitated prance.
“Woah, boy.” She drew in the reigns closer to her. “Calm down,” she urged, her voice coming out soothingly, though her inner emotions were in virtual contradiction.
She led the horse cautiously behind a huge tree, and dismounted herself. Like a herd, they road pass her, their cloaks fluttering roughly in the wind. She managed to catch the sight of black armors.
Takhisis knights, the name immediately surged into her thoughts. Can it be? After all these years?
Another part of the letter, traveled into her thoughts.
“…There will be danger lurking every step of your way here. My source has indicated of dark nights, ermeging from Sanction along with an army of draconians..."

After the last vestiges of the knights disappeared, Erylaen draw her horse out from hiding, and began to mount. A curl of smoke from behind drifted into Erylaen's nostril. She quickly swung back around and hurried into the direction of the source. A dark hair girl was lighting a pile leaves on fire!

"WHat in the gods name are you doing?!" She glanced back to the direction where the knights had disappeard, and the fear of more coming this way, rendered her even more worried. She had to reach Haven, and the inn, and...and also to Cecilia. But she stood staring at this odd girl, and her question still demanding an answer.

04/01/2004 8:08 PM

Dawn had been enjoying a good sulk. One of the few pleasures in life, she believed, was sulking. Still, it wasn't everyday you were thrown out of an inn because you were mistaken for a half-kender, and she had taken advantage of her right to sulk She was grumpily lighting leaves on fire, trying to get a fire going. Her unruly mop of tomato red curls gleamed in the brief flashes of life. Just as she was about to give up, a voice calle dout of the dark.

WHat in the gods name are you doing?!"

Dawn jumped up and spun around to face the speaker. SHe had seen some Dark Knights around earlier, and peered into the darkening night.

"Last I checked, lighting a fire for warmth was still allowed." she said slowly.
"But I believe sneaking up on people in the dark still tends to be frowned on."

04/01/2004 9:15 PM

"Last I checked, lighting a fire for warmth was still allowed." she said slowly.
"But I believe sneaking up on people in the dark still tends to be frowned on."

Erylaen stepped slowly into full view of the girl. She watched the red head closely.

“Hmm, I wouldn’t consider myself sneaking,” she returned, “rather more of acquainting myself with the fool who has lit a fire, when Dark knights may lurk about.”

She took a step closer. “Why are you here all alone?”


Tris strode across town to the Claw’s Inn. She was certain that she’ll find her answers there.
It was a dream, or more of a vision she had received last night. Clouds of rolling thunder, cyan steams of poison curled in sluggish effort, as flashes of light bared in brilliant evanescence.
It foretells of future turmoil, of dark men, dragons, and… possible hope?
The nightmarish experience was however, alleviated by a voice, whispering of an inn. Of having part in something that may bear a lasting mark on Krynn. And finding the truth in which she seeks. The truth about herself.

In the throng of people, and radiance of body heat that was tortuously emitted in addition to the sun’s rays, what was a small headache now was amplified.
Dazed, and a hinderance to the crowd of people, she was predicably shoved from someone’s path, into another.
Before she could manage a warning yelp, she collided directly into a man, attired as a warrior.

04/01/2004 9:21 PM

“Why are you here all alone?”

Dawn eyed the elven woman.
"One might ask you the same question."

09/25/2004 7:07 PM

OOC: *bump*
Uh, Tess? You still around?

09/26/2004 8:01 PM

OOC: Mind if i hop in?

Name: Shao-Linh Kalanite
Race: human
Class: Knight of Solomnia
Age: 35
Weeks after his induction to the knighthood he was sent to the High CLerists Tower to fight under Sturm Brightblade against the Dragonarmies. He never progressed past knight of the Sword and has been skipped over for promotion because of enemies made after the war.

Shao-Linh threw the last bag of clothes and blankets into the wagon and climbed on, the letter telling to meet in haven tucked into a pocket inside his cloak. As he set off he took a quick inventory, two pack horses pulling a half full covered wagon with a war horse riding be hind. Havebn was less than a day away and he wanted to get there before anyone else.

10/05/2004 8:16 PM

OOC: this is a great idea improv roleplaying.

Name: Tir Dragonfire
Race: Human
Class: Mercinary
Age: 25
History: Tir was a Mercinary who served along side Shao-Linh and was always on dutie before Shao-lihn and that grew into a strong friendship with the usual competeitive spirit. He uses his broadsword to lay waste to anyone who he hired to do for with only his friends with "immunity"from his swords deadly tip. He was offered to join the solomic knights with Shao but refused being mercinarys made a huge amount of money.

IC: Tir happened to live just outside haven so he was only about a mile away from the inn so when the letter was resved he thought maybe he was needed to lay waste to an enemy of his friends so he quickly grabbed his weapon and suited his armour and mount and rushed off toward haven excited about possible work.

10/05/2004 8:55 PM

I recently heard from Tess(Erylaen) on the AIM-she's busy with work and school, so she's pretty absent. Yeek. Everybody interested enough for us to elect a new DM?

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