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03/25/2004 11:51 PM

Welcome to the RPG ForumsWelcome to the RPGC roleplaying forums. Please peruse these guidelines BEFORE posting in any RPG threads here on the RPGC. This is to help keep the RP threads going as well as save a lot of fustrations for the current roleplayers on the RPGC.

It's important to keep the roleplaying moving in a thread. To keep from interfering with the roleplaying, two threads are created for a storyline. The actual roleplaying thread and a thread for recruitment and questions/answers about the storyline in questions.

The actual roleplaying thread is titled appropriately. For instance, if I decide to create a roleplaying thread called "The Quest for the Elements" the roleplaying thread will be titled as such. Another thread will be created and I will either title it "Recruitment for The Quest for the Elements" OR "OOC: The Quest for the Elements".

Be sure you post stuff like "Can I join?" or character information in the recruitment or OOC threads. Do not interfere with the Roleplaying Thread with non-roleplaying replies. If a Regulator finds a thread that has nothing to do with the current storyline in a ROLEPLAYING thread then it will be deleted.

It's most likely the person who is the "manager" or "gamemaster" of the thread is the one who started it. Please ask THEM if you can join or if there are any other questions about the storyline itself. All the rules and requirements to join a RPG thread should be posted by the gamemaster in the Recruitment or OOC thread.

RPG Forums GuidelinesProper EnglishPlease try to use proper grammar and spelling when RPing. If you don't, don't be surprised that the gamemaster will ask you not to join the thread or play in someone elses thread. The make language here is english however, we know there are people who's primary language is not english. No worries. This really isn't directed towards you. This is directed to the people who DO speak english as their primary language. Sad but true. A few mistakes here and there is not a problem, though we ask you to double check your posts before letting it go. Keep netspeak and l33t crap out of the roleplaying threads.CopyrightPlease be original and use your own creativity. Do not steal stuff from other sites or especially, books and other copyrighted media. If something borders on the line of copyright infringement and if notified by the copyright owner, we will work with the owner and proper authorities to have you prosecuted.READ AND COMPREHEND BEFORE YOU POST DAMN IT!Please read what is currently happening in the storyline. Do not just jump in and post your move that does not work with the storyline and expect people to be happy about it. If you think you're cool, you're not. People well just think you're a complete idiot. Do not bother posting if you don't wish to take the time to read and understand where the storyline is currently. The players spend time and effort writing out their moves. When someone jumps in without regard or respect to those currently involve, that pisses them off and in turn pisses of the administration of the site and in turn will "invite" to leave.Listen to the Roleplayers Currently InvolvedThe gamemaster and players that are currently involved with a storyline knows what's going on. If they tell you what you are doing is wrong and to change your move to fit what's going on, then change it. Don't argue, just do it. If your best excuse is that, "I roleplay the way I want and no one tells me how to write." then you can go somewhere else or go start a thread of your own and get people in join in your storyline. It isn't about telling you how to write or roleplay but they are helping you adjust to the storyline so you can join in.Asking for HelpAlmost all the roleplayers here will help you if you ask. If you want help with improving your roleplaying then as someone who looks like they know what they are doing. They will be eager to help. Roleplayer like to have more roleplayer join in here so don't be afraid to ask for help.Controlling other Player CharactersOne if the most annoying things about forum roleplaying is the liberties the some new player takes upon themselves with other player characters. Do not assume or make actions of other player characters. It's annoying. Ask first if you need to make actions for someone elses characters.

These rules are subject to change anytime so be sure to check in onces in a while.

Thanks for reading this and following them! If you have any questions about the guidelines or anything else, please post a new topic in this forum.

The RPGC Staff

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