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03/22/2004 4:28 AM


Flare walked into the tavern and says “ wow, it’s great outside the mid summer wind is blowing and, smells great”

Merith “ glad to hear it son now I hope we get some good business tonight.” All of a sudden a fight breaks outside in front of the mayors office.

OOC: Perfect intro for my char...considering her appearance...and I am gonna assume that it is either near sundown or already dark...

BIC: "Get it!!" A man shouted, blade drawn. A figure crouched before him, head completely concealed by a dark green cloak. Firelight from the street-torches gleamed on a dagger held in the gloved hand of the cloaked figure.

A second man darted forward, too fast for the cloaked figure to counter... He grabed the collar of the cloak and pulled back the hood. Several spectators cried out as the wolfish face was revealed.

Nakira blinked rapidly to adjust her eyes to the light, anger sparkling in their emerald depths. White fur covered her entire face, from the ears at the top of her head to the edge of her nose. Her lips curled back away from long canine teeth, as she fixed her gaze on the one who pulled away her hood.

"Get out of here! Witch! Shape-changer! We don't want your kind here!" Sneered the first man, as he brandished his sword. Nakira lithely dodged each swing, the crystals that were woven into her fur clinked musically together and twinkled in the firelight.

03/22/2004 12:57 PM

Misty saw the canine looking creature fighting off a group of men. Normally Misty would have stayed out of something like this, but something fascinated her about the wolfish creature.
Misty grabbed her bow nocked an arrow and sent it flying into the man swinging the sword's arm. He dropped the blade and screamed in agony as 3 more men jumped into the brawl in his defense.
OOC: I like this rp, I would like to join if it's ok. If it is run with what I wrote. :)

03/22/2004 2:31 PM

OOC: That is perfectly fine Misty. Kalia thnak you for starting a new post. I was gonin do that myself, but you did it for me. :)

BIC: Merith, and Flare looked out the window. They noticed two people fighting a mob. Merith, and Flare run outside to help.

Flare causes a fire to surround the two people (being careful not to burn them). Merith cause the groud to shift beneath the people so that they were movedd away from them (also being careul not to hurt them also).

Merith yells " Stop this foolishness not let then go about there business as they please"

Flare yells " Now leave them alone. Get out of here I said"

The towns people leave at that moment except five.

03/22/2004 3:44 PM

OOC: So far so good Red_Mage, but you could use a little work on your story-line work... it's a tad bit choppy...

I.E.: Merith and Flare looked out the window, drawn by the sounds of fighting. They noticed the mob ganging up on two figures, one obviously an elf, and the other... well the other was something neither had ever seen before.

Rushing outside, Flare called the flames to rise from the ground, encircling the pair, protecting them from the mob. Close behind his son, Merith shouts warningly at the crowd. "Stop this foolishness! Let them go about their business as they so please!"

Echoing his father, Flare yells out. "Now leave them alone. Get out of here I said!"

See what I mean? Perhaps that will help ;)

Nakira blinked and turned towards the three that had come to her rescue; An elven female... a half-elf and a human. She sighed in relief and straightened her stance. Standing at nearly six feet tall, she was taller than the two with elven blood, and was nearly as tall as the human.

"Thank you for helping me..." She said. Her voice had a husky quality to it, and had an obvious elven accent.

03/22/2004 3:58 PM

OOC: Alright I see what you me. I'll work on it O.K

BIC: Flare asks “ Do you study Alteration magic?”

Merith “ I strongly don’t think so son. Probably had something happen to her, or was born that way. I got an idea, why don’t you two come to the tavern, and get something to eat? Then you can tell us your story, ok?"

03/22/2004 8:11 PM

OOC: Just to let you know in this rp my elf character is Misty Darkness and she is 278 years old and she has learned a few mage spells that are quite powerful and she can also understand almost every language spoken on krynn. She is also becoming a dark elf......
BIC: "No offense stranger but I think we could have handled that, but yet I thank you again." Misty said to Flare with dissapointment in her voice.

03/23/2004 1:25 PM

OOC: I can't think right now, so i'll post later O.K

03/23/2004 1:42 PM

OOC: hey I've rp'd a bit before and i just found this site(you may know me as kendercommander). so I'll give it a shot...

BIC: acorn thistleknot gulped down his dwarven spirits very quickly and soon regretted it. He *hick*ed a few times and then everything starting shaking and running around. A few minutes later it stopped but was still very fuzzy. He sighed and he took out a small rabbit chunk and took a bite out of it. He quickly spat it out and staggered into a group of blurry forms in the doorway entrance. "Hello! C'you.... pleag.... MakeFur fer....m'*hick*! I needsh toot wabbrit!" he staggered around a bit waiting for the blurry forms to answer

03/23/2004 3:20 PM

Nakira stared at the drunken kender with wide eyes. Groaning, she shook her head. "Now I have seen everything.." she growled, as she followed Flare and his father to the tavern.

03/23/2004 4:58 PM

OOC:Hope you don't mind if I join, my computer is down thoght so my postings may be a little spaced.

BIC: Farva had been watching the commotion outside without much interest, that is until the cloak came off, when he saw the features of a wolf he almost spat out his ale.
As the group walked into the tavern he couldn't help but stare, it'd been a long time since anything interesting had come his way, he might be able to get in on whatever was going on. he thought,
OOC: Here's my char:
Race:3/4 elf\1/4 human
Occupation:Nothing (whatever opportunity arises, though he is a seasoned campaigner and very often serves as a merc.)
Appearance:6'6", large and muscular, long jet black hair, full black beard, wears black dyed lether clothes, a breastplate, caries a bastard sword (one or 2 hands), and wears a black cloak over everything.
Magical items:ring of teleportation(can be used five times), talismin of hypnotyzation(used to hypnotyze)

03/23/2004 4:59 PM

Merith say “ Sara(barmaid) take the kender outside, after you checked his pouches. I’ll go get you some fresh food, water, and ale, Ok.”

Flare takes them to their seat. He sits next to misty( of course), and farva sits across from them. Farva did noticed the stare, and was about to say something.

Before she could say anything, Flare says “ Keep eating there’s nothing to look at here. Farva, sorry about that, people can be mean sometimes.”

03/23/2004 5:48 PM

Tammy looked at the inn.

This looks like a good place to get directions. Maybe I actually will make it home...

He really didn't want to go home...how was he susposed to explain everything to his parents? Would they even want to take him back?

Maybe I should just turn around, head back Tarsis...

He began to swivel on his heel, but stopped.

No! I've come to far!!

He walked in.

03/23/2004 7:09 PM

OOC: farva could you please delete some of your post. You posted the same thing 3 times.

03/24/2004 2:00 PM

OOC: uI apoligise but i'll have to leave this forum.
Well I don't think my character got involved whatsoever so I'll leave without anything dramatic.

BIC: the kednder staggered in and just collapsed on the floor. He fealt darkness overcome him and then his vision went blank....

OOC:Just say my kender died from alcohol poisoning... :D

03/24/2004 8:56 PM

OOC: KENDERCOMMANDER it's me Darkness_Misty from the other site. If you want to rp on this site come to the topic sPheRiCs misty.

03/25/2004 1:29 PM

people can be mean sometimes.”

Nakira snorted and then nodded. "This is true, and there are those who are mean all the time..." She muttered as she looked around the common room of the tavern. "So... well I guess a Thank you is in order... so well... um.. Thank you for helping me... I didn't want to have to hurt anyone." She said avoiding everyone's gazes.

03/26/2004 2:22 PM

"Nakira, you are an experienced fighter, no?" Misty asked.

Misty pulled up a chair to the table and ordered an ale. She wasn't going to drink it, but she was going to do 'something' with it.

03/28/2004 9:56 AM

OOC: sry about the muli-messaging but all is well, i got my new computer and am extremely excited.
BIC: "I'm sorry that I stared, as my appology I offer my services in any way possible." Farva drew up a chair and took a seat.

03/28/2004 3:43 PM

OOC: sorry about not being on that much new game and have been playing it alot.

BIC: Flare said “ Yes, there is something you can help with, all of you actually.”

Merith “ Got your food, and water here.”

03/30/2004 1:25 PM

OOC: I got a new game also, so I know what you mean.

03/30/2004 6:28 PM

OOC: What was the game? I just got FF11 dor ps2 and it rulz. if any one esle plays that game tell me please?

03/31/2004 8:03 AM

(OOC: Yep games are addictive. Crono Trigger is my new fav.)

Tammy walked up to a table and sat down. He streached and looked around.

He saw two rather lovely ladies sitting down. Maybe they would know the directions...

But, maybe I'll just wait a bit. After all, procrastination is a virtue.

03/31/2004 8:08 PM

Misty took the ale from the barmaid, poured some powdery substance in it, then turned around a threw it at this drunken draconian. Misty turned around and started in conversation with her friend, secretly keeping her hand close to her dagger.

The drunken draconian became enraged, now he was no small draconian he was big and strong, the draconian flipped his table over and started yelling at people, threatening them. Yelling about who did it. Misty had seen this other draconian playing with a slingshot for along time now. Misty found a little pebble on the floor and threw it at the drunken draconian. Hit him right between the eyes. He charged at the draconian holding the slingshot, yanked him up and bashed his head against the wall. The draconian slumped to the floor with blood flowing from his mouth, now that draconian that just got bashed into the wall had some friends.

Misty motioned for her comrades to keep their weapons ready for any signs of aggression on them. Misty's plan hadn't worked how she planned but it was becoming better.

Misty heard many footsteps coming toward the door..........ahhh, the draconian guard more than likely. Stupid she thought, she hadn't meant for it to get this out of hand. Misty motioned for her friends to exit the tavern through the door in the back of the kitchen, Misty snuck off into the kitchen and jumped out the back door..........

04/01/2004 6:21 PM

OOC: Misty i'm quite confused by what you put
First: I thought you were sitting at the same table as us, or did i read the post wrong. If so sorry.
Second: In the time that this story is based. There wouldn't be that many Draconian that would come in to a tavern with just 2 of them( at least), I believe not sure correct me if i'm wrong please. If you need help with the dates of events check Dragonlance.com, please.I'm a little off to, but the dragons still hold some of Krynn(I believe).

04/02/2004 1:45 PM

OOC: that was a little confusing...

BIC: Farva's right hand strayed to his sword and his left to his ale, he wanted to drink it quikly in case they followed misty out the window.

04/03/2004 2:26 PM

OOC: please tell me if i being mean but, I know you got this whole dark elf thing going on now, but thats a little much. Please, forgive me for this but, just skip that we don't need this in a town that, under the dragons control. We'll all be dead in a matter of minutes. Read my next post in the OOC tread for more info on the towns.

04/04/2004 8:36 PM

OOC: Well sorry, I was just trying to liven things up a bit. You want me to leave this rp?

04/05/2004 7:38 AM

OOC: no, no,no , you must stay I was just saying. Also It's alittle my fault because i didn't post the whole story earlier. So please stay.:)

04/05/2004 1:17 PM

OOC: So are we just gonna petend that didn't happen or what? I'm extremly lost, you'll find it doesn't take much to do that though...

04/06/2004 5:48 AM

OOC: yes, just skip it.

04/06/2004 10:33 AM

OOC: Alright.

BIC: Misty noticed the dark figure in the corner, he was just barely visible, she motioned her others in the direction of the figure.

04/06/2004 10:51 AM

IC: Flare nods and wispered " Get ready to run It's one of the dragon rulers."
Merith walked up to the dragon and said " Hello, sir, how may I help you?"
Flare " Ready, set, go!"
Everyone guns to the door. Merith summons earth to bash the dragon ruler. Flare calls the fire to surround them.

04/06/2004 12:47 PM

As he's running Farva threw back his cloak and drew his sword.
He let out a shrill wistle and his horse "Tel-et-jhan" meaning "steed of the gods" came from behind a clump of trees. Farva hopped on and followed the others.

04/07/2004 12:46 PM

Merith summons the ground up under them to have them move faster. Farva keeping good pace with them was in a bit of danger, because he was outside the wall of fire. So well flare was opening little pockets in the wall, and the others were shooting arrows where flare told them. Merith called the horse Farva was on to move in to the bubble. Then called lunarus to come also, then when they were in safly he speed them up.

OOC: the bubble is as big as a house. Just so you know. Also when they get the edge of town the bubble goes under ground and they travel under ground, but not sure how to put it. So Can somone put it up there for me.;)

04/11/2004 7:51 PM

OOC: the bubble is as big as a house. Just so you know. Also when they get the edge of town the bubble goes under ground and they travel under ground, but not sure how to put it. So Can somone put it up there for me.;)

OOC: REDMAGE that is kind of godly, no offense, but, your character is way to powerful if he can do that.
BIC: Misty wondered what this bubble like thing was that they were riding in, she only new that if you stuck your arm out through it that it would probably obliterate just like the stick that she stuck out the side.

04/12/2004 6:17 PM


OOC: REDMAGE that is kind of godly, no offense, but, your character is way to powerful if he can do that.

Sorry but I have to agree.

04/16/2004 8:15 AM

OOC: ok, i don't remember posting that though hmmmmm... i haven't been on for awhile. I really don't remember posting that. can we delete all this and forget that was posted.

04/16/2004 4:27 PM

OOC: Did you realize it was kind of godly? And I am lost in this story now cause its been a few days since anyone posted.

04/18/2004 11:05 AM

no i'll probly just close this place down. and i really don't remember posting that srry

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