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03/09/2004 7:56 PM

We all know the story of Istar. Istar was the great city of human kind, and seat for all of the powers that human kingdoms held. It was a center for trade, for magic, and even for the worship of the gods. The city was truly a marvel of it's time and a beacon of light that was the hope for everyone of Krynn. It was truly the city were anything was possible, the lone light in the dark void.

Sadly, it was a light that was just waiting to be snuffed out...

The Kingpriest wanted to be a god, and in his arrogance he proclaimed himself one and demanded that the gods recognized this of him. Of course the gods, being as fickle as they were, did not want to welcome someone into their ranks. For his arrogance, and having the rudeness to make such a proclamation, the gods punished him and the rest of humanity. With their great, ghostly hands they reached forward and in one final ball of flame snuffed out the light that was Istar. They dropped a mountain upon the great city and punished all the formals of Krynn for their mistakes. For a long time after this cataclysm, the people of Krynn suffered.

And the Blood Sea of Istar was formed…

Morgan Ganworld wanted to see the seas of the blood read ocean, so he visited, tomes of history in hand. A middle aged wizard of Lunitari, Morgan had always been very curious about the past, and all the animosity surrounding the once great Istar. History and knowledge of the past had always been the human wizard’s expertise so to say and to finally sea the red sea and not just read about it was a great joy for him. He was overjoyed to be at a location were so much history took place.

Of course his seasickness had always been something to keep him from ships. Unfortunately, he had to ride a ship across the coast of the blood sea so that he could visit the place in its entirety. It was hard for him to take notes however when he was always busy casting spells upon himself to help him with his seasickness. He looked out the window when he could though, and tried to caste spells to make it easier for him to remember what he was seeing. He only hoped that this would be enough for the time being so that he way is able to study the seas better when he managed to get off the ship traveling a scares mile off the coast. After all they could not go too far in, or what were calm waters now would turn into great torrents as they grew closer to the maelstrom.

Morgan sat in his study upon the great ship, trying his hardest not to feel sick as he looked out the window and scribbled some notes down. The mage’s eyes often shifted to that of the full length mirror on the other side of the room to that he could observe his condition. He did so now and as always he saw his great green ovular globes staring right back at him. His hair was a graying brown and was covered partially by his red robes of service. His skin had a green tint to it’s normal pale and partially wrinkled self, Morgan guessed this was from his seasickness as the few wrinkles were normal, born of intensive study and worry over the years. As far as Morgan was concerned he was in fairly good shape for his age. Morgan was a little short for his race, being only five feet and four inches, and he was very slender but this was common of many mages who often studied more then they did eat or drink. Becoming sick of his appearance in the mirror, Morgan turned his attention back to his books before him.

Morgan was trying to find a series of notes that mentioned some of Istar’s earlier history and was having trouble finding what he needed. After searching for it for nearly an hour, a frustrated Morgan began to speak the words of a searching spell. Morgan hoped that the spell would lead him to the page that he needed to get to in order to read the notes.

At first, the spell did not appear to have any effect. After a long moment however, there was a great rumbling around the ship, as if there was an earthquake in progress. Morgan was surprised at this at first as this was not the intended effect of the spell, but the rumbling continued violently all around the ship. Morgan heard the voices of the crew of the vessel running about in attempt to secure the ship as it rocked and swayed violently. Morgan instantly began to feel very seasick.

Somehow, defying his sickness he moved up from his seat and made his way to the door. When he got there he opened it and made his way out into the chaotic deck of the ship. It was nearly sun-setting time and the sky was a brilliant orange and red. Sailors ran in every which way trying to make sure that everything on the ship was secure, but indeed there were men and boxes sliding in chaos about the deck. The rumbling continued to get worse as did Morgan condition as he slowly sat down on the deck as to avoid falling over a second later.

That’s when he and several other sailors saw it. Out in the distance, many air bubbles began to reach the surface. At first Morgan thought that it might be a volcanic eruption, or indeed an earthquake, but then he thought different. From the center of the great field of raising air, which was about a mile form the now anchored ship, Morgan saw something rise from the sea along the coast. It was a structure! It appeared to be the old ruins of several buildings that were inter-connected. Marble pillars lined the structures that appeared very old and shiny in the water. Though the ruins that rose from the sea were not totally clear in the light one thing was very clear about them. They were covered in large paintings and engraves of a strange set of runes that could be seen from even hear a mile away. Morgan did not understand them. The structures seemed to radiate a powerful and unknown magic that could be felt for miles. As soon as the ruins were completely exposed and some of the water had receded, the rumbling stopped and the seas once again became calm.

Morgan’s sickness left him instantly in favor of excitement. What was this strange new structure? Could it possibly be some of the fabled lost city of Istar? And what was this strange and powerful magic that seemed to seep from the ruins? What did all those glyphs covering the ruins mean?

After a few moments, everything settled down a bit, and many of the sailors were looking at the strange ruins with as much awe as Morgan. Morgan snapped out of the initial shock sooner.
“Ready the ship!” Morgan commanded the men, “We must get closer to those ruins!”

As the men once again began to run about their work, Morgan pulled one aside and said, “Find me the captain, this instant!”

“Yes sir!” The sailor said, running off.

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03/11/2004 10:22 PM

(OOC: Can I be captain?)

Arda walked up deck as he heard the commotion. Six foot tall, well built with a strong jaw and fierce eyes, he was quite commanding. His skin was dusky, matching his dark eyes and brown hair that reached his shoulders, cut raggedly. He looked much older then his thirty years. He wore black trousers and a white shirt to ward off the harsh sun. He always carried a cutlass by his side, finding the weapon more trustworthy than any woman. One of his sailors reached him.

"Sir! There are ruins ahead! The mage requests your presence at once!" Said the man as he ran off.

"Mages." He muttered as he went off to find Morgan. Sure the money was good, but didn't trust wizards, especially a man who was so weak in form.

He soon found the wizard. He looked out into the distance at the ruins which were apporaching.

"Hmm. This is what you're looking for?"

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03/12/2004 1:04 PM

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Morgan looked and acted as if he were a wide eyed child that had just gotten a new shiny toy. He stared at the newly exposed ruins in awe of how gigantic the new structures seemed to be, and in fact he was so thralled by amazment of the new ruins that he didnt seem to notice that the captain had shown up at first.

"Ahh, captain Arda. Good that you answered my summons." Morgan said turning from the ruins for just a breif moment to notice the captain.

Morgan turned back to look at the ruins again. His attention was sorely lacking to the captain, but it took him a full minuet to remember why he had called him here.

"Captain, did you not feel the rumbling? See those ruins yonder off? The rumbling awoke them! I must go to investigate them as soon as possible!" Morgan said. By now it was night, but if it had been day his excitement would have easily been spotted.

03/12/2004 6:10 PM

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03/12/2004 6:54 PM

Eyes of deep silver winked open some fathoms deep beneath the ocean waves. The rumbling hadn't just caught the attention of surface creatures, so it seemed- but then again, Vanaseregiel -known by the sea-elves and others as Venorsh (the Silent One)- had always been a creature plagued by curiosity. There would be those that said her behavior was unseemly for a beast of her age and species. Right before she ate them, that is. She might have been curious, but she had... quite a temper.

Vanaseregiel was a deep dragon, of a similar line as the normal sea dragons of Krynn- with a few notable differences. She resembled less a serpent and more of a great, trailing mass of kelp, for her body grew into strange shapes to mimic such a thing- such as a chameleon changes the color of its skin. Her wings fanned from her shoulders like sails, such as a scorpionfish's fanlike fins. Her great rudder-tail threshed slowly at her side, her massive eyes fixed upon the surface.

She was old, this wyrm, very old- having spent most of her life in a part of the ocean so deep the pressure would have crushed nearly any lesser creature. As a result those silver eyes were huge, her body as narrow and streamlined as possible. She was also an inky blue-black, her sides lined with rounded patches of skin that glowed with phosphorescent luminosity.

Her flutelike head and long, slender neck broke the surface of the water about forty yards distant from the ship and its passengers, staring first at it, then at the structure that had lured her from her lair, fathoms beneath her. The exit made hardly a ripple, for even then the deep dragon knew the advantages of stealth. And now that she had seen what she had come to see, she was far from satisfited. In fact, her curiosity, if anything, had soared to new heights.

The dragoness's neck slid back into the dark liquid it had emerged from, the glowing wave-shaped ridge along her back lowering until it lay flat against her spine. Like a crocodile, she swam toward the ship, doing her best to attract as little attention as possible.

However, when one is ninety feet long, and glows to boot, stealth is a tactic easier said than done.

03/13/2004 3:09 PM

OOC: Welcome one and welcome all. You can join as you wish, but let's try and keep characters on the mortal level. The dragon is cool, but lets not get too carried away. No gods or anything.


Morgan felt the tingle of movement at the very edge of his senses. He couldn’t place it but it seemed as if something had moved in the water not to far off. Glaring at the spot again he did not see any kind of activity, so he pushed the thought from his mind. If anything truly pressing was happening, Morgan was sure that he would sense it.

Turning his attention back to the new ruins, Morgan again tried to place the runes upon it. Still though none of the runes looked like any of the runes in magic writings that he has seen before. He wondered what they could possibly mean.

03/13/2004 7:38 PM

"Come'on you lousy lay abouts! Faster!" The ship was coming closer, but it would still be aways.

Many would think he was cruel for the way he harangued his men, but harsh words were the only thing they respected. Besides, there was an understanding...

"You're sure this isn't dangerous, that we wont be encountering something we shouldn't?" Arda said cautiously. He wasn't a coward, but he liked knowing what he was getting into.

03/13/2004 7:51 PM

Morgan turned from the sight of the ruins to look at Arda with a look a mother might give a child if he or she asked a foolish question. Then he smiled and looked back at the ruins turning his back upon the captain.

"These ruins just rose out of the ocean. How might I know anything about them? Of course, they could be dangerous, as many things have that potential." Morgan said.

After a long moment he turned back to Arda and smiled a small smile. Looking at the growing sight of the moon in the sky he sought the words that he could use to explain this to the captain.

"The only thing I can tell you about the ruins so far is that there is a sorce of magic coming from them. I dont know what is giving it off or how it might work. For all I know there could be a dragon inside the thing. However, it is also the most amazing structure I have ever seen, in real life of on the page. It must be investigated, even if only to report to the conclave or its existance." Morgan said.

"Besides, it is the greatest I can think of. who knows what valuble items could be within. Magical tomes, or weapons. Perhaps even steel?" Morgan smirked as he eyed the captain, hoping to play on his greed.

03/13/2004 9:19 PM

"Alright, alright...no need to remind me why I was dumb enough to take on this job..." He could tell he had been patronized, but decided not to toss the mage over board.

They were almost close enough to the ruins by now. It just depended on how close they could safely get to it without running into anything.

03/13/2004 9:25 PM

As the two men are talking, from below someone comes up the steps. As she reaches the top step, who ever is watching her can see she is very tall and slender. She is covered in grayish-blue cloak, with the hood pulled over her head she cannot be seen within it.

A female voice comes from beneath the hood: "Yes of course there will be danger, but this is also still Zura the Maelstrom's domain. Just as long as we keep in her favor, we will have alot less to worry about."

She says this as she walks over to the two men.

03/16/2004 12:27 PM

From her position some distance to the left of the ship, Vanaseregiel watched the tiny people (tiny to her, at any rate) going about some rather excited-looking business.
If she had to guess, she'd say they were exclaiming over the ruins that emerged seemingly out of nowhere, just a brief distance away.

Vana didn't really mind changes in her environment, so long as it didn't interrupt everyday life too badly... but there was something about this mysterious place thast she didn't like one tiny amount. Ruins didn't just *appear*. There was powerful magic at work here -she could sense it, crackling like static at the edges of her mind-, and it made her nervous.

Before she could stop herself, the ancient deep dragon slapped her tail against the water in agitation, the spots along her sides glowing brighter in her agitation. The moment she executed the movement she cursed herself for a fool and slid beneath the water's surface again, this time sliding under the ship itself in passing.

Hopefully, they'd think she was just some trivial passing whale.

03/16/2004 4:41 PM

Tristan dropped the rope that he was helping to pull when he heard the giant splash. Abandoning his post for the moment, he rushed over to the side to see what it was. What he saw astounded him. It looked like there was something large and glowing traveling alongside the ship.

The shipmate rushed over to where Arda stood with the mage. The ruins of an ancient city loomed before them. Tristan cursed himself for not noticing them sooner, but then realized that if the captain knew about it, then all must be safe for the time being. Then he remembered what he saw.

"Captain Arda, sir, you have to come take a look at this,"he said excitedly. "I think we're being followed by a monster."

03/16/2004 7:20 PM

I was wondering can I join hear?

03/17/2004 8:13 AM

"Captain Arda, sir, you have to come take a look at this,"he said excitedly. "I think we're being followed by a monster."

Upon hearing this the cloaked female stops walking towards the Captain and the Mage, she turns around heading for the place where Tristan had just came from. Fearing that she had been wrong and that Zura had been angry, she starts running. As she does this some of the wind blowing catches her hood, and starts blowing it off of her head. Quickly she reaches up with a light blue webbed hand, to cover what is seen by who ever is watching some blowing silver hair. She covers her head again, and quickly hides her hand back in her sleeve.

Once she gets to the edge of the boat, she looks at what he had seen and realizes she has seen something like this before. Breathing a sigh of relief, she turns and calls out to the group of men: "Have no fear, it is only a great beast of the sea. It seems that we are not the only ones desterbed by what has happened."

I was wondering can I join hear?

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03/19/2004 6:35 PM

Well, I guess I'm not joining then. SEE YA

03/21/2004 3:54 PM

You know, I was going to say I don't have a problem with Red joining, but if he's just going to leave without giving anyone a chance to say anything, then fine!

03/21/2004 3:59 PM

I decide not to join for my own reason ok. Not because i became in patient.

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