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03/06/2004 12:39 PM

Hi all,

I am Toying with the idea of running a Pseudo-Paranoia thread here (i.e. it's inspired by Paranoia. As it sits, I am planning a game where I am Mother Computer, and all of you get to play your characters....in septuluate....

For those that aren't familiar with the Paranoia game concept, it is post-apocalytic US. Mother Computer runs society, and there are laws against the unnormal. The players are secret strike teams for Mother Computer hunting down mutants and members of secret societies. But, here is the twist, all of the players are mutants and members of secret societies. Oh, and Mother Computer has seven clones of you in storage, with the same powers and loyalties, just not the same memories (occationally the clones are mind-blank with MC taking a brain scan for replacements based off of your current memories).

If you are interested in perhaps playing give a holler, and I will see what I can put together!


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