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02/24/2004 7:51 PM

White, endless white is all that can be seen across this land.

Small dark speks can be seen moving along it, through the blowing snow. A closer look, you see that they are fighting.

There are all types there, and you are never sure which side they fight for except for the armor they wear. In the days of old, you would see similar armor on the Dragon Highlords and their troops.

There are also, White Dragon's flying and swooping in the air. On one of the larger ones is a very small figure, that figure is wearing nicer more decorated armor then the rest. And you can hear a voice yelling towards the troops on the ground, it is very much a female voice: "Retreat you idiots, we cannot win here today."

After that slowly the troops fall back and disappear into the snow.


There is what looks to be a big cave, which has been converted into a bedroom/stratigy room. There is a hall that leads out, into what makes alot of other halls and rooms all along the place. But that cannot be seen right now. You hear footsteps, then see the same female that was on the dragon walk into the room, still wearing all of her armor. There are others which look to be servents follow her in, one tries to help get her out of the armor but she just pushes the girl away harshly. She looks to the others, and takes her helm off. Blond hair is seen, her face is in the wrong direction to be seen though she yells at the ones standing at the door: "Get me Salga, NOW."

She then turns and throws her helm at a wall, where it bangs so loudly that anyone still left in the room jumps at the noise. As her face is shown, she has slanted ice blue eyes and pointed ears. As an elf she would be considered beautiful by most races, unfortunatly for her the right side of her face and much of her body which cannot be see is scarred and discusting from what looks to be a horrabile burn. And lips that should be smiling are now kept as a scowl most of the time.

OOC: Ok, this is based off of a character I had on the other DL forums site. It was a thread started by Arandur, that was about Dragon Highlords coming back after the War of Souls. Nyara managed to set herself up in the dragon highlords seat, and is now trying to get Ice Wall castle away from the White Dragon Twins. The is one character I would like to have, but will play if no one wants to. It is a Female Sivak draconian named Salga, she is an informant from Ice wall castle that has come over to the Highlords side to help. She will end up being one of the ones that the Highlord trusts the most, wether she should or not I don't know. If someone decides to take her, I will discuss it with you what she is doing right now. As for any other characters, I am open just let me know what you would like to play and where they could fit. Please try and have the characters slightly normal. Ok, I think that is it for right now. Lets go and have some fun.

02/26/2004 7:23 PM

Not wanting to risk there mistresses wrath, the servents take their leave.

Nyara the White Dragon Highlord finally allowing one servent who she commanded to stay, to help her with her armor. Once out of it and into some warm comfortable clothes, she finally takes a seat to wait for Salga. As she is doing this, she plays with a crystal that is on a choker around her neck. It is white and looks like a piece of ice beautifully carved to resemble a crystal.

Time passes, and eventually heavy footsteps are heard coming down the hall, A group of in armor, comes in made up of all types of races. A man steps forward: "Salga cannot be found."

03/09/2004 7:12 PM

Jocie Mahari wanders around listening to these people , staying out of site when someone walked by, she is afraid she will be caught and thought of as a spy........she tries and sneaks away when she hears someone yell "hey you, who goes there?" "guards"......Jocie without thinking takes off running, the guard chaces after her..........

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