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02/24/2004 4:30 PM

Okay peeps, Airiana, I'm calling you out on this one ;) AND anyone who has read any of the Mercedes Lackey: Heralds of Valdemar books :)

Lets try to figure out a story to play out here :) K?

02/24/2004 5:31 PM

I'd love to join! One of my favorite books is "Brightly Burning".

02/24/2004 8:23 PM

Okay peeps, Airiana, I'm calling you out on this one ;)

Yeah, lol! ^_^ As soon as I saw Valdemar I had to come check it out anyways! :P BTW, I just got 9 of Mercedes Lackey's books as a late Christmas and Birthday present! ^_^ I'm reading Owlsight right now.

Anywho, do ya know what you want the premise to be at least?

02/25/2004 5:27 AM

I was thinking of the timeline setting to be just after the Mage-winds Trilogy... I haven't read the Mage-storm trilogy yet, and plan to try to pick them up today (If they have them at the bookstore that is ;)) Have either of you read either set?

02/25/2004 6:21 AM

was thinking of the timeline setting to be just after the Mage-winds Trilogy

Um, I've read Exiles Honor, Birghtly Burning and The Black Swan. Are the Mage-Winds trilogy the Storm Warning ones?

02/25/2004 6:37 AM

I've read Exile's Honor, Owlflight, and am currently reading Owlsight... Though I have a few others that I haven't had a chance to read yet (the Mage Wars trilogy, the Vows and Honor trilogy, as well as Owlknight)... I dunno how much help that is, but if need be you could give us a li'l summary of the time period since we already know the basis of the land!

04/07/2004 6:07 AM

A little update... dunno if it matters or not, but I've read Owlknight, The Black Gryphon, The White Gryphon, and am reading The Silver Gryphon right now... (these are all since the last post I made)

05/02/2004 4:00 AM

I personally have read all of them. Is this game going to start as heralds, or can we start as herald trainees. Instead of dudging through our entire lives over the years of training, we can hit the highlights of those years... like ML did with Talia or Rawlings does with HP.

05/02/2004 4:16 AM

well, I just bought the trilogy for owlflight... so far so good ;) not that I'd expect anything less from "Misty" anywho...

I was thinking that we'd be trainees just fresh into our whites. give me a couple days to come up with a char and perhaps we'll start...

05/03/2004 6:33 PM

I had a plot idea....

The Valdemarans know something is going on in Karse, through their spies, but they're not sure what. Border raids have gotten more and more frequent. War is on the wind. Night Demons have begun to cross into Valdemar. Unknown to the Valdemarans, the Sunpriests have a terrifyng new weapon. An order known as Heralds of the Sun, with innate powers like the Valdemaran Heralds, and with a race of demonic Compnaions. The Heralds of the Sun are loyal beyond question to the Sunpriests, and have been trained since birth to kill Valdemarans. The Heralds of the Sun believe it is their destiny to destroy Valdemar and eradicate the Heralds of Valdemar, once and for all time.....

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