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02/22/2004 12:45 AM

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King Aryssan paced nervously up and down in his chamber. His beloved daughter was missing. She had been everything to him after the death of his wife, and now she was gone. She had been kidnapped in the middle of the night and 20 guards and general Jonantos had been killed trying to defend her.

He didn't know who had taken her. There was no trace of intruders in Dailea's room, only the dead bodies of his men. Who or what had kidnapped her? He was desperate and angry, he wanted revenge and he wanted his daughter back, at any cost.

He decided to summon all the brave men of the island. He gave a list of names to one of his man and asked him to send a messenger to those people and order them to get to the palace.


King Aryssan sat in the throne room and regarded the men he had gathered. Most of them were brave and strong and had served him faithfully. He waited until they were all there, then he spoke.

"My daughter Dailea has disappeared. Someone took her away from me and now I want her back. And I want the one who did it punished and killed. I will give my daughter's hand to the brave man that brings her back to me. But know that I will have you skinned alive if you go search for her and come back emptyhanded. Any volounteers?"

02/22/2004 3:10 PM

...Altheus looked across the other men assembled with eyes that were sharp and almost shone with a keen intellect, the color of the sky after a storm. His glance took in the throne room and the aging King who had offered his daughters hand, it was rumored that she was a woman of great beauty, and Altheus could understand the King Aryssan wanting his daughter returned.

The soldier’s eye was drawn to the place that would have been occupied by the King’s general Jonantos, his heart sinking with sorrow. Altheus had served the General faithfully in the War and was saddened by the death of the man he respected.

As King Aryssan spoke, the young soldier turned his head to listen respectfully to the king, his bronze helm with a red horse hair plume cradled under his arm against his breastplate of red stained hardened leather, molded to his warrior’s build and complete with a brand depicting a hippocampus chasing it’s own tail sitting squarely upon the breast.

As the King spoke the last of his words, Altheus nodded, a determined jerk of his head that was a salute to the King. He would serve his lord until death claimed him and he was ferried to the realm of Hades.

The young soldier stepped forward and drew his blade, laying it at the feet of King Aryssan. “I Altheus, son of Tyrius volunteer. To return your daughter unto you, To Serve my King and avenge the death of Janantos.” He said as he dropped to one knee, his bronze greaves ringing upon the pale marble floor and he bent on one knee in supplication before the King.

Altheus rose smoothly and gathered his sword, sheathing the blade as he backed from the king and turned, eying the gathering of men defiantly, challenging the courage of those assembled with his glance to take up the King’s quest as he walked and stood against the wall to watch those who would volunteer.

He ran a calloused, weathered hand through his close-cropped, coppery-blonde hair and looked to the other men as they began to talk and posture about the quest and the King’s daughter. He regarded them critically, noting farmers and guardsmen and also men from across the sea come seeking fame and fortune and the hand of the Princess Dailea…

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02/22/2004 3:39 PM

"I will also volunteer my services." Said a young man walking forward. He was tall and lanky. His light brown hair was messy and slightly longer then most. He had light brown eyes that sparkled. He wore a tunic that stopped above his knees. The cloth while not poor, was not rich either.

"I'm Enea, son of Agaenas. My father and many of my brothers have served you before me. I would be glad to do my part." Enea was trying hard to keep the right amount of modesty in his voice.

Finally a chance for valor at last. And well, throw in a possible bride while he was at it.

02/22/2004 3:46 PM

Demetrius stepped forward, his head held proudly. He looked neither to the left nor the right, only straight at the king. He made a fist with his right hand and placed it over his heart as he bowed before his monarch. He straightened once more and looked at the king again.

"I, Demetrius Valdamar, son of Queris and Nethalia, volunteer my body and services to you Majesty."

He bowed once more to the king, knowing that he wasn't the most well dressed in the room, but his vest, pants and boots hadn't failed him in the past while working on his family's farm. He doubted that a new pair of fancy clothing would aid him much in his search for the princess.

Demetrius walked away from the crowd and went to the side of the room where he offered up a prayer to all the gods, Athena and Aphrodite most of all.

02/23/2004 11:55 AM

King Aryssan looked thoughtfully at the three men that had volounteered to find his daughter and avenge the murder of general Janantos. He had hoped that a few more, tempted by the prizes he offered, would offer their service, but then those three young men looked brave and determined and he was sure they would do their best to do what was required of them.

"Very well Altheus, son of Tyrius, Enea, son of Agaenas and Demetrius, son of Queris and Nethalia, I accept your services and I wish you luck on your journey. It will be hard and dangerous, but I have faith in you. You will leave..."

The king's speech was interrupted, when the door was slammed open and a young woman entered the room. She was tall and very trim, with long dark hair and a proud look in her green eyes. She strode up to the throne without even noticing the way the men in the room stared at her.

She kneeled before her king and bowed her head in respect.
"I, Andalestas, daughter of Jonantos, offer you my services. I beg you, my king, to let me join these brave men on their quest." she shot a quick glance at the men who were standing beside the throne, then she fixed her gaze upon the king. He was a little startled and irritated by the interruption.

"But you are..."
"Yes, I know I am a woman" she snapped "But my mother was an amazon and I was raised as a warrior. And general Jonantos was my father. I wish to avenge his death and I won't find peace until I have done so."

The king regarded Andalestas for a few seconds. She looked fierce and hard as her father, she was truly Jonantos' daughter and he had no doubt that she could be a worthy foe in a fight. But still... she was a woman. This nagged him, but at the end he nodded.
"I accept your services, Andalestas, daughter of Jonantos."

The girl's face lightened up. She rose to her feet, bowed to the king and joined the three men that were going to be her companions.
"As I was saying before I got interrupted, you will be leaving tomorrow at dawn. You will be equipped with all you need for a long journey. And now we'll have a feast in your honour. You are all welcome."
The king waved and several servants entered the room carrying food and wine.

02/25/2004 5:38 AM

This is alright! A feast and the start of a quest!

Enea could barely contain his excitment. As he sat down to the feast, it was all he could do to keep from descending like a wild animal.

I wonder what my fellow companions are like?

02/26/2004 7:44 AM

Demetrius calmly sat down to the feast. Never in all his life had he seen such rich food as what was laid out before him and the others. He filled his plate, said a quick prayer of thanks to all the gods, and started to eat politely.

As he ate, his eyes kept wandering over to the female warrior. He wondered what she would get in reward should she be the one to rescue the princess. Whatever it was, she would surely deserve it. Demetrius kept looking over at her through his entire meal, aware that it was rude to do so, but unable to look away all the same. He had never seen the princess before, but he didn't think that a pampered thing such as her could match up to the beauty he saw before him.

When it looked like the woman down at the other end of the table was aware of his looking at her, Demetrius quickly looked down at his plate, aware that he must be blushing. He wondered, briefly, if she had caught him looking at her.

02/26/2004 12:49 PM

Andalestas stared at her plate. A servant had filled it with the most delicious food, but she couldn't make herself taste any of it. She was afraid she would throw up if she tried to eat. The pain caused by the death of her father was still so strong and fresh in her mind and in her heart that she had completely lost her appetite. Her father had been the only person that had truly loved her and she had respected and admired him deeply.

But she was going to avenge him, no matter what it costed. She wouldn't find peace of mind until she had done so. She sighed and raised her eyes from her plate. For a second she met the eyes of a young men who sat at the other end of the table, but he looked quickly away. She looked at him in wonder. She had felt the other men's condemning stare on her since she had entered the throne room, but the look this guy had given her had been different, it hadn't been full of contempt and irritation.

She recognized him as one of the other volounteers and she wondered why he had offered his services and what he hoped to achieve. She shrugged and decided to join him. There was not much time left before their departure and it was necessary to start making plans.

She took her plate and walked to the other end of the table. She tapped him lightly on the shoulder.
"Do you mind if I sit here? I thought we should start talking about the quest... Any idea of where to start the search?" she asked. She had a plan, but she was not sure that they would accept any idea that came from a woman. She glanced quickly at the other two volounteers wondering what kind of people they were.

02/26/2004 5:52 PM

Demetrius almost choked on his food as the beautiful warrior woman sat down next to him. He hadn't been expecting her to join him, and thought that maybe the gods were rewarding him for something. He quickly swallowd his food and wiped his face off before turning to face her.

"I haven't a clue as to where to start," he said. "Do you? I mean, maybe we could work together on this."

Demetrius took a sip of his wine, trying to stop himself from rambling. He looked over at the woman again. She seemed even more beautiful up close. Again he wondered what prize she would be given if she won this.

02/26/2004 9:37 PM

Enea sat down next to those who were to be his companions.

"Don't we need a clue or something? I mean we can't comb the whole world. Well we can try..." Enea looked around. He really wondered what was going to come of this volunteering.

02/27/2004 12:22 PM

Andalestas nodded at both Demetrius and Enea and looked thoughtful for a while. She hesitated. Every time she tried to express her ideas, people hushed her because she was a woman.

"I think we should pay a visit to the oracle in Delphi as first thing. I'm sure she can tell us where the princess is. What do you think?" she asked them and looked at both cocking her head to one side.


"Princess Dailea has been kidnapped, father" said Hermes looking uncomfortable.
"What?!?" Zeus' voice thundered and made the Olympus shake "I had told you to keep an eye on her!"

"Yes, but you told me to watch that nymph too..." answered Hermes and told his father what he knew about the fact.
"That doesn't sound like the doing of a mortal..." pondered Zeus "Gather everyone. I want to know who has done this! The idiot is gonna feel my displeasure, I swear"

He started pacing wondering who had dared to kidnapped a girl he wanted for himself. He stopped when all the other gods had joined him.
"Who has taken princess Dailea?" he asked in an angry voice looking at all of them, his eyes resting longest on his wife Hera.

02/28/2004 7:07 AM

"Who has taken princess Dailea?" he asked in an angry voice looking at all of them, his eyes resting longest on his wife Hera.

"Funny how you only care when it is one of your potentional whores." Said Hera, her voice containing barely concealed rage.

"Funny, how you lose track so easily of things, Husband."

Athena stepped up.

"I believe if we look to our brother Ares, we may find the answer." Said Athena.

02/28/2004 4:43 PM

Aphrodite concealed her shock at Athena's accusation. What was she insinuating by telling them to suspect Aires? True, he was the god of war, but the lovely goddess had a hard time believing that her lover would kidnap a princess just to do his job.

"Father, what interest do you have in this mortal woman?" Aphrodite asked politely, trying to draw attention away from Athena's accusation. "Surely she isn't that important to you."

02/29/2004 6:04 PM

…the soldier smiled at the comments of the nobleman to his left, a smile that reached his lips and not his eyes as he ate the food from his plate with care, such rich fare was not the province of a soldier and he found that despite the aroma his appetite was somewhat lacking. He felt uncomfortable where he was, eyes all watching him, the attention was more than he was used to and he found the mantle felt uncomfortable upon his shoulders

Altheus glanced across the faces of the other men and women who had gathered for the feast and found himself wondering why so very few had volunteered to undertake the King’s quest. His liking for the people around him was beginning to chafe, their shrill laughter was forced and their words filled with flattery designed to blind the young man to their cowardice and seeking to curry his favor.

His sea-green eyes caught the other three volunteers together and he found himself wondering why they had volunteered where others had not. He understood why the daughter of Janantos had volunteered, she was much like her father or so he had heard, remembering the general speaking of her with some pride during the Trojan War.

But of the other two? Altheus thought he remembered Enea’s brothers from the wars, but so many men had served beside him during the years he couldn’t be sure. Demetrius on the other hand seemed to be little more than a commoner, though the Soldier found he had to grudgingly admit the man had courage.

He smiled once again and excused himself, running his weathered hand across his close-cropped scalp and stood, gathering his plumed helm and placing it beneath his left arm, before making his way to where the others sat talking.

“Excuse me for the interruption, but I would like to pass on my condolences to you Andelestas, you’re father was a good man, he will be sorely missed.” He said with a bow of his coppery-haired head to the young warrior-woman…

03/01/2004 11:39 AM

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