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02/19/2004 5:33 PM

Hey all! I am a Diablo Universe fanatic, so I thought I might start a topic based in that world if others were interested. By Diablo universe, I mean the series of games by Blizzard Ent. that have the given name. (Diablo, Diablo Ex: Hellfire, Diablo II, Diablo II Ex: Lord of Destruction.)

***Warning, Spoilers adead!***

So here is my idea. The story will take off after the end of the last game in the series, Diablo II LoD. After the Archangel Tyreal destroyed the World Stone to halt Baal's corruption of the mightly magical nexus, the world is going through some changes. Daily, the northern plate of the world is rocked by terrible tremors causing massive landslides down Arreat, and powerful storms are calling up all around the southern seas, so strong that the most recent of which have flooded the docksides at Lut Gholein. The world shutters in a new and terrible way with each passing day, and the citizens of Santuary become more and more frightened as time goes on.

Perhaps worst of which is the fact the the powers of magic seem to be seeping from the world, slowly as if there is a small leek in Sanctuary's great pool of mystical power. The apparent loss of energy seems to be directly related to the destruction of the World Stone. Though this strange weakening of the forces of magic has yet to become so terrible to the individual student of the mystic arts, the guilds as a whole are beging to lose their power, and have begun to war with eachother over what few wells of magic seem to be unefected by the drain. The primary of these wells is fragments of the destroyed World Stone, which were scattered all about Sanctuary when Tyreal destroyed it. The wars have become violent, and bloody, many lives already lost in the short time which has passed since the beging of the battles.

Meanwhile, all contact with heaven and hell has been lost. The noble Paladins and Preists of the true light can no longer hear their prayers answered, and the portal to hell within Kurast has sealed. It seems that man is alone is this second comming of the bloody Sin war, and good and evil prepare to clash again over the dieing world of Sanctuary...

Thats about the jist of it. What do ya'll think?

02/23/2004 4:01 AM

In case anyone is interested in this. If not I'll drop the idea.

02/23/2004 9:45 AM

I'd love to join, since I've played both Diablos, but I haven't won the second one, so I don't know what condition Sanctuary is in..... I'd definitely join a thread set during the first one or between first and second, since I'm familiar with that.

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