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02/17/2004 4:02 PM

Setting: Modern times

The Story: Soja, Regona and Dresel are creatures from the Aether realm, who have been away from Earth for the last 65,000 Years. Soja, regona, and Dresel are responsible for the evolution of the human race. They have been called back by the higher power to stop the humans from destroying themselves.

Justin Anders and Sarah Mc Greggor are Teachers at a local highschool, and are reincarnates of Nimrod and Di'ox, two archemages that lived during the medeval times. Several of thier students are reincarnatesof thier court, and have retained some of thier ablities.

Soja, regona and Dresel are quite aware of the re-existance of the Two, and thier court and are trying to destroy Justin And Sarah before they can begin the end of the world...

What we Need: People to play the court, Regona and Soja. (And Sarah..)

Character Abilties

Soja, Regona, And Dresel:
**Create Monsters** Since they were responsible for the evolution of Mankind, they can tap certain left over genes in the human genome to create monsters called Genpires. These serve as minions to the three since they have no Pysical bodies. Generally only one Genpire can be tapped at one time, Unless Dresel is present. Since she is the leader of the three she can tap a second Genpire.. (Thats on Genpire per character) If either Soja or Regona tap a second Genpire (And dresel a third) They run the risk of the Genpire going bezerk. Each Genpire is controlled telepathically, or by voice command. Genpires have no will of hier own while under the control of The three.

GenPires: Generally based off of the personality of the human they're created from. Once a human is turned into a Genpire they cannot be returned to thier normal form unless one of the archmages are present.
The Archmages and the warriors (Thier court) Cannot be tapped as Genpires.

Soja: Fire spells, Ice Spells, Healing Spells

Regona: Weather Spells, Earth Spells, Destruction Spells

Dresel: All of the above, Plus the abilty to summon an additional (Two) Genpire.

The court: Has control over one element. The elemnts are as follow..


Im sure i've left stuff out.. So please ask questions.. :)

02/17/2004 5:19 PM


I might be interested in joining. Maybe I could play Sarah-?

02/17/2004 11:47 PM

Mebbe :)

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