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02/17/2004 7:54 AM


Okay, now I know that in the DL RPG forum somebody had done a FF thread before...but I didn't take part in it, and now with this rash of non-DL rping, I thought I'd like to try out another FF thread. Here's what I'm thinking of:

PLACE: Spira (the setting for FFX & FFX-2)
TIME: After Yuna's search for Tidus. (And her possible reunion with him.)
1. You can have as many ORIGINAL characters you wish to come up with, but only ONE Final Fantasy character of your choice.
2. The Final Fantasy character you choose will be under your control at all times.
3. FF character may be any FF character from any FF game.
4. If you try to bypass the one FF character rule, you will be warned. If you fail to heed the warning, I will inform a mod.
5. Anybody is allowed to participate, but if you run into problems with another player, then you will be warned in this OOC thread. NOTE: I will allow players to work out their problems in here, but if it turns into a flame war, than the players will be asked to go to the "Take it Outside" forum.

Anyway, like I said, it'll take place in Spira. Why? Because I'm in love with that place. The basic premise is this: Our band of hero's will be living a normal life (as is normal for all FF games) until one day their happy lives are interrupted. Not all the characters have to know each other right away, but be forewarned, they will be thrown together as is per all FF games. The quest they get given will not be announced as of yet, but don't worry, I do have a plot in mind. Humor will be allowed in this thread, so long as it isn't grossly overdone.

Now that I've said my piece, are there any takers out there?

02/17/2004 8:15 AM


02/17/2004 8:17 AM

Oops...sorry Swifty. Probably should have put in a warning. I just wasn't thinking. I just changed the top post...I included a spoiler warning...is that better for you?

02/17/2004 12:27 PM

If this picks up, might I play Wakka?

02/18/2004 7:44 AM

Sure. Got any original character's you might want to play?

02/18/2004 8:22 AM

OOC: *sigh* I don't see what difference would it make since I've already read the spoilers.

Should've name this thread FFX or something. So I wouldn't mistake this for an earlier FF world, or a thread with FF elements etc.

02/18/2004 1:47 PM

Im aprehensive about adding character to the FF worlds. I have a few good ones (I am writing a FFX fic now, post FFX2) but I dont know if they emasure up.... Im not even sure I will play here for sure, as it depends upon it's popularity.

02/18/2004 11:01 PM

If this thread ever takes off Id like to Play as Vavalis of Air and Celese Chere.. I'd have to figure out how to get them to Spira though...

02/19/2004 7:28 AM

Okay, here's more about this thread. The characters from other Final Fantasy worlds will arrive in Spira via this method: A freak storm. The storm affects everyone in one way or another. In Spira it opens up a sort of worm hole to the other Final Fantasy worlds, allowing the other characters to arrive in Spira.

Now, what everyone will be faced with doing, once they all meet, is to try to stop a massive war from breaking out. The Ronso & Guado are at it again, but so are the Youth League & New Yevon. Their leaders are being controlled by some strange artifact. The artifact is being controlled by, what else, a very nefarious fiend. Little is known about the artifact, other than it has the power of mind controll. The band of travelers will have to find this person, destroy the artifact, and if necessary, destroy the person as well.

I'm kind of tired as I write this, so if it isn't clear, just let me know, and I will try to explain what I meant later.

02/19/2004 7:57 AM

On second thought I would like to respectfully withdraw from this thread.
Sorry if you were counting on me.


02/23/2004 10:42 AM

So, for instance, i can be Cloud Strife and teleport to Spira? It would be kind of akward though, seeing all of these people come together and if the major enemy is good, i will definantly join.

02/24/2004 7:40 AM

Well, Straea, you can bring all main badasses of the FF games together for this one.

I would join, too bad I haven't finished FFX-2 yet though.

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