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08/23/2000 4:16 PM

Welcome to the arena. I select your opponent(s) and you may change them with my permission. MAGIC IS ALLOWED!!!=)"Oops, it must've fallen into my pouch."

-Uncle Tas

08/23/2000 4:20 PM

give me an opponent

08/23/2000 5:21 PM

"I'll be your opponent!"
A kender runs in."I wanna be in the first fight here!"


Joe Ghostbuster,Founder of the Order of The Plaid Robes-"Ghostbusting is all!"

08/23/2000 7:10 PM

"Okay, Roo-boy. Are you sure you know magic?"

08/23/2000 7:16 PM

I hate to brag but...
See these sporks?
*takes out sporks*
those are magicsporks!
And I enchanted them! I know magic!


Joe Ghostbuster,Battler and posseser of the Sprks of Doom-"I shall borrow all!"

08/23/2000 7:17 PM

Hey, whait who referees?
We could just say "I kill him" and thats that.
We need a referee.



08/23/2000 7:23 PM

we're not going to hurt each other here are we

08/23/2000 7:25 PM

so we play until...what?

08/23/2000 7:28 PM

until we both get our cookies

08/23/2000 7:31 PM

ok, whatever.
Ghostbuster enters the arena and waits for Aestas to enter.

08/23/2000 7:33 PM

Aestas appears in front of him, her arms crossed over her chest.

"Your move first."

08/23/2000 7:38 PM

Ghostbuster shrugs.
He throws off his plaid robes and reaches out his hands.
"KALA BAYA TORA!" out of his hands comes a minoutar controlled by him.
"Kill the srceress!"

You can form your own monster, or fight it with magic.This is my only famaliar, so it won't turn into a battle with us controlling our famailars, and not fighting.

08/23/2000 7:46 PM

Turning four somersaults in the air, Aestas lands behind the minotaur and sends seven thick chains around it, indelibly binding it together. It can hop around, but not much more.

"Olly ozzi Polly Wolly Ump-Bump Fizzzzzzzz!" a paralyzing downpour of tennis balls pummels the kender, as tiny green army men march around his feet and tie his shoestrings together.

"heh, heh, heh."

Aestas forms a small militia of army men in front of her and begins to chant in a tiny voice.

08/23/2000 7:55 PM

(If you want to do it like that...)
Ghostbuster unties his shoelaces and kicks those of the army men that come close to him.
He Takes out of his pouches two golden spoons."Now,You shall face the wrath of the Sporks of Doom!"
Ghostbuster jiggles his arm and says: "OOGA BOOGA OOGA BOOGA!"
Out of the spoons comes a rain of Prozak, which forces itself down Aestas's throat, and makes her deal with her life.
Ghostbuster giggles.
Knowing he has little time until she recovers from 'Prozak rain' Ghostbuster finds a wand he diddn't know he had."She Must have dropped it.Oh well, wonder what it does?"
Ghostbuster points the wand and says:"WAGGLE BAGGLE!".Out of the wand come little beer sprites, who's purpose in life is to get people drunk.They immediatly join the army men and make all desert.

08/23/2000 8:02 PM

OOC; haha that's ironic

Aestas snatches the wand away from him and slaps him with it.

"That's...not....FAIR!!!" she slaps him once more on the bottom for good measure.

" Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue

Make this Kender

Drink from the Toilet"

with a brilliant flash of light, a golden toilet appears in front of the kender, and his golden spoons fall in. with her boot, Aestas pushes his head into the toilet bowl and flushes, then cracks the seat down on his head.


seeing him get up, she wishes the toilet away and TPs him.

08/23/2000 8:12 PM

(You are a very dominatrix kind of girl, you know?)
"HA! You think this can hold me?NEVER!"
"JABBA BABA,INDA GAPA!".Ghostbuster bursts out of the TP cocoon and flies up.(Yup, after the cocoon, he has wings!;))
"All right, time to get serious!"
Ghostbuster concentrates, all the while dodging golf balls thrown at him by Aestas.
Then..."I'm in the soup!Let through a group!!"
Under his body, a gateway appeared,letting a large number of kender out.
"My students!This woman has insulted your Ghostbuster Mentor,and taken his wand! Attack her!"
The kender, angry at the thought of the sorceress stealing from thier master, surged toward Aestas.

08/23/2000 8:13 PM

Counter this!

08/23/2000 8:23 PM

Aestas shrieks in terror as a gaggle of kender swarm over her. She wrestles one to the ground and dives into the pulsating mass, wriggling out and leaving them to grope hopelessly at one another.

hissing violently as she paces back and forth on the ground, aestas comes up with her next spell.

"Shake him like a tambourine

make him sick till he turns green

turn his tummy upside down

send him spinning all around

make his brains like slimy gook

and then give back that wand he took!"

A monstrous dragon appears and grabs the kender's ankle. he spins and twirls and dives and shakes and makes ghostbuster literally lose his lunch.

the wand drops into aestas' hand.

08/23/2000 8:34 PM

Ghostbuster is shaken by the dragon until he loses his lunch.Fortunately, he loses it on the dragons eyes.
Noticing the other kender, he shouts."Blasted apprentices! Go after the dragon and let me deal with the Wizardess!"
The kender happily run to the dragon, who when seeing that many kender running towared it, fly's away,the kender running after it.
Ghostbuster turns to Aestas.
"Now, my apprentices have run off with your dragon.Let us now fight alone,the two of us."
They stod at opposing sides of the Arena, the kender and the human, like two gunfighters meeting at high noon.Grudging respect, and a desire to win.(Real Novely, huh?)
Ghostbuster shoots a fireball out of his fingers, testing Aestas defenses.

08/23/2000 9:57 PM

With a quick breath, she sends a bottle of Zima out of each finger.

The ten bottles explode onto the fireball, quenching it just in time.

She smiles.

"Lets take a break. I want some Zima. You thirsty?"

Two chairs and a table appear.

08/23/2000 10:09 PM

Ghostbuster sits down.
"Can we stop fighting? This is the Arena, after all."
"Ah, who cares.Pass me a baget."

08/23/2000 10:23 PM

what's a baget

08/23/2000 11:51 PM

Ghostbuster eats his french bread, and says:
"As enjoyable as this is, we need to get back to the duel."
After Aestas gets up, Ghostbuster vanishes the table and chairs.
"This time my lady, you shall begin."

08/24/2000 9:37 AM

"Okay then.

Bippity Bobbity

Pretty Whopper"

Aestas continues the spell as seven mirrors surround Whopper,

"Mirror mirror

on the wall

who's the fairest

of them all?

You are, Whopper."

tiny shards of glass fall into his topknot from the sky. the mirrors shake, sending his image bouncing all over the place.

"Such a shame...

oh what the fukc

give him years of tough bad luck!"

all the mirrors break into thousands of peices not three feet from him, exploding broken glass all over him. Aestas's relection is in each of the peices.

08/24/2000 12:00 PM

A hand comes out of the shadows briefly, catching one of
the pieces of the mirror. After which it blends
back in.

'Ooh nice.' Jordie says looking over the shard.

Sliding it into a pocket, he smiles.
He then gets back to watching the spectacle, still
fully concealed from view by the wall of shadows in
front of him.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

Paperweight of discord and bodyguard of The Man for Chaos Inc.

08/24/2000 1:55 PM

(Hey Neo,this is a duel.You can fight the one who wins,but don't interfere now.)(And umm...I'm Ghostbuster.Whopper is the great great great grandaddy of me.)
Ghostbuster quickly recites a spell:
"Oh man, Oh man!I'm in a can!"
A can drops from the sky and falls on Ghostbuster, leaving him in the hollow middle and protected by the walls.
The spell vaporizes the can and the shards of mirror,sending the blinding smoke at Aestas.
"And as my last trick,You'll be a hick!"
Ghostbuster quickly recites this twice,until a soggy substance appears in his hand.
This was half of Aestas brain.She was now a hick.

08/25/2000 7:39 PM

Seing Aestas was no longer responding, Ghostbuster decided to make it a fai fight again, and give her her brain back.
"Hand me a brain, opi kik!Make this woman no longer a hick!"

08/27/2000 6:52 AM

Whoops, sorry guys i was away.

Aestas struggles to her feet and curses
Ghostbuster nimbly hops away as she swings at him with her fist.
The sky turns black, and a giant Crocodile flops out of the the sky. he turns towards Aestas and ghostBuster.....
"Oops, it must've fallen into my pouch."

-Uncle Tas

08/27/2000 10:44 AM

OOC: sorry i was away too

Aestas shakes herself all over and returns to normal. She laughs loudly at whatshisface

and turns to Jordie.

"I'll fight you next"

muttering adjectives under her breath, aestas giggles and sits down hard on the sand.

"what time is it?"

09/02/2000 8:01 AM

Jordie slowly walks out of his hiding spot.

'Alrighty then,' he grins 'You want to fight me, huh?
Then so be it.'

He makes a low bow, pointing his right hand at Aestas
as he rises.

'Cos you're such a spicy little lass,' he says, though
he really doesn't need verses to cast his spells 'I'll
give you a case of fiery gas.'

Aestas feels her stomach squirm and and it grumbles
hard. The feeling gets clearer, slowly making its way
further down her body, then...


A great line of fire spews from her @$$, burning her insides
as well as her garment.

Every five seconds the flaming fart returns and there is
no way Aestas can keep it in.

'Just like Cartman,' Jordie laughs.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

Paperweight of discord and bodyguard of The Man for Chaos Inc.

09/03/2000 5:17 AM

Ghostbuster despairs of ever getting in a real duel, and vanishes in a puff of smoke.



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