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02/08/2004 11:32 AM

This thread is rated R for violence, gore, sexual implications, nudity (implied), adult language, adult situations. This thread should not be viewed by anyone immature. Viewer discretion is advised.

London, England. 1812

Victoria sat at her desk in her three story mansion. She was writing a letter to an old friend. It had been such a long time since last she spoke with this friend and she cared to pay a visit. However, she was in the process of discovering something climatic and really didn't have time to go where he was. She hoped he would come to her. And she said such in the letter she wrote.

Lucas laid across the sofa. A mortal sat on the floor next to him attempting to feed him grapes, but he denied them. Instead, he took her head into his hand and pulling her into a kiss. He bit her tongue and sucked her blood. So enticing was the act, the other mortals in the room thought nothing of it. Even after the kiss when the girl fell onto the floor in a coma.

Such incidences were so common in the mansion that very few servants ever paid heed to it. In fact, some servants even knew why these incidences happened. But they dared not tell the other servants. Death awaited any who opened their mouth about the mistress and master.

"Victoria? Are you finished with that letter yet?" Lucas asked, licking his lips as his face became slightly rosy from the blood.

Victoria smiled and stamped the letter. "Howard, darling?" the vampiress called. Her oldest servant, a dark skinned human in his late forties, took walked up to the vampiress.

"Yes, my lady?" he responded, bowing to her.

A smile played upon Victoria's lips as she handed the black man the letter. "I need this delivered to an old friend who lives in York. Please see to it he gets this."

The old man nodded. "One of your own, my lady, if I may be so bold?" he asked.

The smile on the vampiress's face widened. "No. And you should be lucky. His kind are far more... kinder then Lucas and I," she said with a laugh.

The black servant nodded and turned on his heel. He left the room to get an errand boy to deliver the letter.

"A lycan, Victoria?" Lucas asked, sitting up.

The smile on Victoria's lips etched with mischief. "Aye. Someone I've known since I was your age. We had been enemies at the time, as all our kind were with lycans. But as the years passed, he and I grew into a kinship that has only flourished with the new laws regarding us and the lycans," she said, cleaning up her desk area.

Lucas shook his head. "When are you going to make a companion for me?"

The vampiress's eyes widened and her smile vanished. "A companion? Am I not company enough for you? You wish to gain more?" she inquired, agitated.

The vampire shrugged his shoulders and walked to the window. He watched as the grass and trees danced in the moonlight. Silently, he wished the sun would rise and he would not be affected by it. He missed the pinks, purples, and oranges the rising of the sun created. The sounds of the birds chirping at their happiness for daylight was but a memory to him now. A fond memory.

Victoria rolled her eyes. Lucas had been asking for a lot lately. Things that angered her. Upset her. His prying questions about her past, his near demand for a companion. It was getting more then she could handle.

She got up and joined Lucas at the window. "The nightingale plays a far sweeter tune then the bluebird ever did. And there is wisdom in the owl's whoot. Do not go wishing for things that can never be, dear. Such things exist no more for you. And thinking of them shall only drive you mad."

The vampire looked at her sternly. "It's rude to pry into someone's mind without asking," he said.

She smiled and kissed him lightly on the lips. "You forget. I made you. I don't need to pry into your mind. I can see what you are thinking clearly by looking at your face. You have yet to learn how to hide your emotions, dear. You should work harder on that."

Lucas shook his head and turned back to the window. "Morning should be coming soon. We'd best be off for bed."

Victoria sighed. "You go on to bed. I'll join you later. I have a few things I wish to take care of first."

The vampire nodded and bowed. Turning on one heel, he left the room and went to his own room. A boarded up room with a large king-sized bed. There was no window in the room, nor in the hall the room was located. When Victoria had designed the house, she designed it to accomidate her handicap.

Originally she had come to England with a vampire she had made named Jacob. She had found Jacob in France and the two had done much exploring for years. It only made sense that the two built a house when they came to London. However, Victoria had not planned for Jacob's sudden departure. She had not seen him in over three decades now.

Lucas had become her new playmate. The vampire thought this over as he readied himself for bed. He rolled his eyes as he thought that at one time, Jaco had laid in this bed.

Jacob and Victoria had been lovers then. Were so when they first met.

When Jacob left, Lucas stepped in to fill in the void. Now Lucas was starting to have his doubts about Victoria. Though the ancient vampiress did not lack in her skills, but she was over anxious, easily excitable, remorseless, and at times even reckless. She tended to speak of her vampirism freely among the servants. She was almost more then Lucas could stand.

The vampire got under his covers and laid there, waiting for sleep to take him in it's deathlike grip.


A playful howl escaped Dokar's lips as he playing with the stray. It was his favourite game. The stray yapped at him and gave a playful bow before running away from him. She stopped at the corner and yapped again. Dokar ran after her.

Any person watching the two would think of it as two dogs playing. But Dokar's purpose with the stray was deeper then that. Near the alleyway were two gentleman standing at the corner, talking. These gentlemen has sparked Dokar's curiousity in more ways then one.

Apparently there was going to be a huge ball in an old mansion in London. Dokar looked up at the two gentleman and walked towards them. He even let one of them pet him.

"Aye, mate. Tha' exotic woman's been plannin' this fer years. I'm aimin' to see aboot gettin' in," said the gentleman who petted Dokar.

The other shrugged. "Good luck to ye then, mate. I wouldn't set foot in that place. Something about that woman worries me. Only comes out at night? And her skin is paler then the moon."

Dokar barked and the scrurried off. So, Victoria was planning a party? When he was sure no one could see him, Dokar turned back into his human form. He smiled gruffly.

"I'll just have to give her a visit. Learn why I didn't merit an invitation," he chuckled as he opened the door to his apartment building.

He walked up the stairs and put the key in the lock to his apartment. Opening the door, he walked in and grabbed his bathrobe to put on. He smiled softly to himself and got into his own bed. Though he liked the day, he had been awake for nearly forty-eight hours. He was tired. Besides, it wouldn't do any good to be sleepy when visiting his old friend...

02/10/2004 10:33 AM

The sun filtered intoMarleena's bedroom, shining it's rays upon the bed in which she slept. The golden haired beauty awoke with a slight grimace. She been having the most wonderful dream in her life, but couldn't, for the life of her, remember what it was. She sighed as she sat up and stretched. It was a new day, and she wondered if her new friend would visit her today.

The young woman got out of bed and went to her window. As she looked outside, she began to daydream, trying to remember her pleasant dreamt from last night. A loud knock on her door startled her out of her thoughts and she whirled around to see who was entering her room. One of her maids entered with a breakfast tray.

"Good morning milady," she said. "I didn't expect you to be up yet."
"Good morning Marie," Marleena replied. "How are you this morning?"
"Fair well. You father wishes you to eat and then dress quickly. He has important matters to discuss with you."

Marleena rolled her eyes as her maid scurried about the room, getting clothing ready for her young mistress. Both knew what "important matters" there were to discuss. Marleena sat down to her breakfast, ate as much as she could, and with the help of Marie, got dressed quickly and made her way downstairs into her fathers study.

Her father had his back to her when she entered the room, and didn't bother turning around to greet her.

"A rumor is going around that there will be a ball soon," he said without greeting his daughter. "I'm sure you will be invited to it."
"Father, you know how I hate those things," she protested.
"Nevertheless, you will go," he said. He turned to look at her and smiled. "Daughter, you are young and beautiful. I want to see you married before you become a spinster."
"Yes, I know that," she said. "But your choices aren't right for me! I should be allowed to choose for myself!"
"Very well. You go to this ball, see if you can find a suitor for yourself. If you cannot, then you must submit to one of my choosing."

Marleena sighed. This had been a long standing argument between them, and now she was being given one chance and only one chance to find her right match. It didn't seem fair to her, but she agreed anyway. Her father turned his back to her once more, and she withdrew to her drawing room.

She grabbed her smock, put it on, and began painting a face. The face from her dream. She had no idea who the young man before her was. He probably didn't even exist. The very thought of never meeting the one she was meant to be with saddened her. She sat on a stool before her painting, and sat there gazing at the face before her.

"Miss Marleena, a Ms. Goodlight here to see you," announced their butler. Marleena stood up, took off her smock, and greeted her new friend. They had met a few weeks back in a garden. It had been by accident, both had somehow managed to bump into eachother without seeing the other. For whatever reason, one that Marleena hadn't deciphered yet, they had stopped to talk to each other instead of going on their seperate ways.

"I see you're painting again Marlene," said the other girl.
"Yes, I am Nikki. I can't get this face out of my head."
"Hmmm, maybe he's your soulmate," Nikayla (Nikki to her friends) said. "So, have you heard about the ball yet?"

The two women sat down to tea, discussing the rumor and the stipulation Marleena's father had set.

02/11/2004 5:26 AM

"Cynthia!" said Mr. Sullivan's voice from another room in the house.
What does the old goat want now?!? thought Cynthia raising her head from the diary she had been writing in.
"Yes, father... What can I do for you?"
"I need to talk to you, child. Please, come to my study".

The girl sighed wondering what her father wanted. She glanced at the mirror making sure that she looked alright. Her father had some rich clients and sometimes he introduced her to some of them. This thought made her smile. She smoothered her green dress, powdered her nose and left the room.

She knocked on the study's door.
"Come in, Cynthia"
She was a little disappointed to see that her father was alone.
"Sit down, my dear. I have good news".
Cynthia did as she was asked to and smiled. She was very good at playing daddy's little jewel. She knew her father loved her deeply and blindly and she used his feelings to get what she wanted. He had no idea that his little girl was not so sweet and innocent as she appeared to be.

"What is it, father?" she asked.
"I've just received an invitation to a ball at Lady Victoria's mansion. I thought it would please you to know that".
Cynthia clapped her hands in glee. She was genuinely happy about the news and it was not difficult for her to look delighted.

"Oh... father... This is wonderful news! I will see Sir Lucas again!".
She had met Lucas at a ball a few months earlier and hadn't been able to forget him. She had decided that he was the man she wanted to marry and had therefore been quite rude with the other young men that had shown interest in her. Her father was worried about this, thinking it was a foolish thing to decide, but he would do his best to help her.

"I knew you would be happy to hear about this and if Sir Lucas doesn't notice your beauty, then he doesn't deserve you, sweetheart. You'll have a new dress for the ball. Your mother has talked to the dressmaker, she will come here tomorrow so you can tell her how you want the dress. I have bought that wine red velvet you so much liked. It will look wonderful on you" he told her with a smile.

Cynthia hugged her father and stamped a kiss on his cheek.
"Thank you, father. I promise you will be proud of me!" she patted him on the head and giggled, her eyes shining with excitement. She thanked her father one more time and went back to her room, her mind busy thinking about the new dress. She was in such a good mood that she even smiled to her maid and offered her some of her favourite cookies.

02/11/2004 7:55 AM

…The powerful figure of Vladimir idly picked at something between his teeth with a long nail as he released the corpse of the nobleman held in a vice-like gripped that had crushed his windpipe with pale almost ghost-like hands. The figure dropped to the floor, the rich embroidered rug eagerly soaking up the blood that pumped from his carotid artery as he struggled to breathe his last dying breath.

The vampire lord stepped over the dying man, his mind paying no more heed to his dying than the expensive trappings around him as he spat a sliver of skin absently across the floor, the nagging wound in his side a bare two inches from his undead heart throbbing angrily.

Vladimir disliked England, it wasn’t the weather, the vampire liked the chill rain and especially the famed London fog. It was the people, so devoid of the robust liveliness of those in Romania, all so self assured in their pompous arrogance.

He had been forced to come here however, a hunter had gotten too close and almost ended his undead existence, a coward of a creature that had given him this the wound as he slept in his coffin deep within his castle lair amongst the mountains with a crude wooden stake. The hunter had paid for his mistake, a long torturous ordeal that had lasted days before the man finally succumbed to the pains inflicted by the Vampire Lord.

The hunter’s broken corpse now hung impaled upon a long spear, one of hundreds that lined the last mile to his Romanian castle, his horror filled expression now food for the crows an example that the Vampire Lord was indeed master of his domain.

But it was not the hunter that had compelled Vladimir to come here to this place called London, it was the dreams. Dark and foreboding, they had caused his deep slumber and had almost dragged him into their depths with the long sleep of his final death. There were very few of his kind who still walked the world, most slumbered beneath the earth waiting for a new time, with new experiences to rekindle their thirst for the unlife. Here in this dying corpse of a city that refused to admit its slow death, was the last of those he knew that still wakened to each nights rise.

The Vampire glanced out into the night from the window of the mansion he had taken a liking to, no reflection cast upon the glassy surface. Somewhere in this city resided the Vampiress Victoria and he found himself wondering idly if she too was plagued by these dreams…

02/11/2004 10:12 AM

Staying out of the sunlight, Victoria walked around the mansion pointing out different things that needed to be done. She helped the servants dust, polish, and shine the ballroom. She tasted the various meals the cook had thought of cooking.

It was her common tradition to make sure everything was right. And while her tastes and such did not quite match her mortal companions, she knew what to look for. Purple amyethist flowers sat delicately in vases as old as the Roman Empire. Pictures of long dead ancestors hung along the walls. A large portrait of Victoria sat as a centerpiece above the fireplace mantle in the ballroom. One the portrait's right side was a portrait of Lucas. On the left was a portrait of Jacob.

Lucas was a handsome man. He had long dirty blonde hair that was kept in a low ponytail. His fairskinned features were finely chisled in an English noble manner. His cold blue eyes stared with a feiry lust over the ballroom.

Jacob, also quite handsome, had a more exotic look to him. His dark brown hair was also long. But he was known to wear his hair down. His skin was slightly darker then Lucas's as well. He was lilthe and his finely toned muscles could be seen through his French poet shirt. His dark brown eyes watched over the ballroom with a more protective gaze.

Victoria smiled at the portraits. She had loved both vampires very dearly. Then she turned to another portrait that hung on the wall further away from the mantle. This portrait was old, worntorn, and not all that great. It was the portrait of a man more exotic then even Victoria. It was a portrait of her maker.

His Egyptian style could be well noticable. Even in the portrait, he wore Egyptian attire. Clothes fit for royalty. His black hair hung in tightly woven braids down his back and part of his head had been shaved. His black beard was also woven in tight braids and gave him a demonic appearance. His cold black eyes stared at the ballroom as if he were ready to jump out and destroy them all.

Victoria's smile turned to a frown. Sure she cared deeply for her maker. But she wondered how appropriate his portrait hanging there was. She thought it over and decided against taking it down. Victoria was an exotic person. And she had strange, exotic ways. Anyone who knew her knew this about her. The portrait was fitting to be there.

Nodding her approval of the way things looked, Victoria turned her attention on the most important thing... What was she to wear?


Dokar was just falling asleep when a knock came to his door. With a low growl, the werewolf got up and opened the door. It was a messanger boy with a note from Victoria.

Dokar thanked the boy and told him to wait a moment as he read it and wrote a quick response.

Sitting at his desk, the werewolf opened the letter and read it. He smiled. So he had been invited to the ball afterall. Furthermore it seemed the ball was designed to find a companion for Lucas.

Dokar snorted. A companion indeed! He found Lucas to be quite selfish and had very little, if any, love for the vampire.

The werewolf wrote his response, telling Victoria he would indeed attend the ball and to make sure there were tasty morsels for him as well. Course, he meant this last part merely in jest, but did not doubt Victoria would see to it his request was fulfilled.

The werewolf handed his response to the messanger boy and started getting ready to take a trip to London. Hopefully he'll be able to catch some sleep in the carriage and then some more at the mansion. Though somehow he doubted Victoria's "happiness" in seeing him would allow him to sleep.

02/11/2004 10:54 AM

"So your father has given you one night to find a suitor of your choosing," Nikayla said. "How interesting."

"Maybe to you," Marleena sighed. "You have it so easy. Your parent's died, leaving a fortune to you, as well as the freedom to choose whom you may for a suitor."

Nikayla's face grew serious, and she looked down at her hands. Marleena gasped, and reached out to her friend. The werewolf looked at her for a moment, and smiled a forgiving smile. It had been two years since her parents had "died". Truth be told, they had grown homesick and went back to Romania. Rumors about a vampire lord had been circulating the underground, and they used that as an excuse to return.

A knock announced another announcement, and once again the butler entered the room. He bowed to the two ladies, and cleared his throat.

"A young man just delivered two letters, one for you Miss Trufou, and the other for Ms. Goodlight."

"Why is there a letter for me?" Nikayla asked, frowning.

"The young man said that he was told where you were by your servants Miss. Shall I give you your envelopes?"

"Yes Stefan," Marleen said, rising to her feet and meeting him halfway. The elderly butler handed her both envelopes and left the room. Marleen crossed back over to Nikayla, handed the werewolf her own envelope, and they opened their letters at the same time.

"Nikki, I've just been invited to a ball...the one my father told me about," the human woman said in awe.

"As have I Marlene. It appears to be...tonight? No, that can't be."

"Wait, there's more on here...it says that a carriage will be around to pick us up. I'll be picked up here, what about you?"

"The same. It seems that Ms. Victoria knows quite a bit about us. I wonder who she is?"
And how much does she know about me? Nikayla thought.

Marleena rose to her feet and started pacing. Nikki watched in amusement. She could almost hear her friends thoughts. What was she going to wear? How soon exactly was this ball? The she-wolf had no problems about what to wear. She had, on a whim a month back, had a silk emerald green ball gown made for her. She had fallen in love with the color of the fabric and felt she would need a knew ball gown soon.

The door burst open and Lord Trufou walked in, arms behind his back, an expectant smile upon his face. He nodded to Nikki and then looked at his daughter. Marleena stopped pacing and curtsied to her father.


"I've been invited, just as you supposed father."

"Splendid! Here, I have a present for you," he said, pulling a large box from behind his back. Marleena went to her father, opened the box, and pulled out a sapphire blue ball gown, with matching slippers, and powder blue evening gloves. She looked at her father, and wondered when he'd had the time to have the dress made.

"Father, it's beautiful," she said. "Thank you."

"There's one more thing," he said, and reached into his coat pocket. He pulled out a jewelry box, and opened it. Inside was an elegant necklace, accented with sapphires and diamonds, a hair jewel, and matching earrings. "These were your mothers. I'm sure you would make her proud by wearing these."

Tears welled up in Marleena's eyes as she hugged her father tightly. Nikayla said her good-bye's quietly and left the house. She had her own preparations to make, but first wanted to take a run in the woods behind her own house. She returned home, told her servants to make excuses for her absence should anyone come calling, and went out back.

Once outside she stripped off her clothing and went running naked through the woods. She was glad that her family had purchased the property and that no one else was allowed there. She would have loved to change, but didn't. Running naked in her human skin was fine enough for her at the moment.

When she returned from her run, she went upstairs to her room to nap before twilight. Her run hadn't exhausted her, but she had the feeling that she would be very active come nightfall.

02/11/2004 3:48 PM

Tereira Akamato stepped out of the carriage, drawn by a pair of great white stallion. She withdrew from the folds of her cloak, a coin and handed it to the driver, whilst eyeing curiously her new surrounding, a welcoming darkness that forebode of pleasures lying in tangible grasps. She raised her chin and sniffed, ignoring the irking sound of the carriage rolling away.

Smokes, driven on by hungry industries had induced a wide range of smog that now permeated the city’s ambience. This would allow her to hunt the filthy criminals without concern or guilt of tarnishing a neighborly decent environment.

She allowed her eyelids to close and a gradual smile stretched across her face, revealing a pair of elongated fangs that was an anomaly among the perfectly even white teeth.

The brittle night air descended a strange comfort upon her as she strolled across the streets, where the sound of coarse men delicately drifted into her ear. And predictably, a scream pleasantly perked her acoustic sense, and within seconds, the familiar rush flooded throughout her body.

“Help!” The voice shrieked this time the inflection was quite a bit higher than the former.
Teira could hear scuffles, and could only assume that the woman was desperately wrestling with an intruder.
With another burst of adrenaline, she arrived at the sight of struggle. Assuming a mediating position, she insinuated a concerned voice.
“Ma’am, sir, is everything alright here?”

The man, Teira could see, had the woman at clutched intimately to his chest.
He snarled, “Git you gone, girl.”

Still approaching him with a curious air, Teira persisted softly, “Is the lady okay?”

“Da lady and I is havin’, say,” he grinned, exposing yellow decadent teeth, “a wondeful time. Yer most welcomed to join.”

Teira stared at the woman, she could see the soft of her neck left vulnerable to the night’s chill. She could already see the bluish bruises on the fine skin underneath that delicate fabric. She did not have to look at her trembling body, to perceive the fear that emanated so clearly in those beautiful human eyes. Human eyes that Teira had once had.

In a blur, teira had the 316 pound man on the dirty ground, and the woman released.

Tha man groaned as Teira turned to the woman.
“Thank you,” the woman gasped out her gratitude. “Thank yous omuch.”
“It was my pleasure, ma’am.” She let herself smile, a smile that immediately unnerved the woman. “Now, Go.”

The woman abandoned all thoughts of gathering the items that spilled from her purse and ran.
Hearing the last of the steps fading away, Teira turned her attention towards the injured man and lowered herself beside him.

“Thank you for the invitation,” she told the man, cradling his head with her hands. "I'll take it." She then lowered her face to his neck and drank.

Minutes later, the body laid cold and lifeless. Teira stood up and immediately a lone parchment on the gournd caught her attention. Intrigued by the oddity of the paper’s quality, she picked it up and scanned it, finding it to be an invititaion.
There was to be a ball. At the Countess Victoria’s mansion, itself. A mischievous glint passed through those dark eyes, and Teira tucked the paper safely away into her pockets. How interesting.

02/13/2004 4:37 AM

...The Vampire rose with the rising of the moon, the lid of his ancient resting place rising in a silent announcement the Vampire had awakened, more akin to a sarcophagus than a coffin, he lay there and savored the absolute silence of the darkened wine cellar beneath the mansion where he had slaughtered those living there and taken it for himself. It was the silence of death, a comforting lack of sound that held him in its cold embrace.

He rose and stood, leaning against his place of rest and probed the puckered wound that lay amongst the purple black bruise with a detached sense of feeling, the pain a distant reminder of what it was once like to be mortal. His fingers traced the entry mark of the stake, now half-healed as his long-nailed pale hands explored the injury, gauging it recovery.

He had once again had the dark dreams, shadowy and terrible of things clawing at his mind and trying to drag him down into the miasma of torpor. Sirens that ate at the sanity the Vampire had and threatened to drown him in the darkness of terrible madness.

He crossed the cold floor marveling at the way the cold seemed to leech what little warmth his dead body could maintain as he gathered his clothes from the table where he had laid them shortly before dawn.

This night he would find Victoria…

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02/13/2004 7:08 PM

Victoria climbed into Lucas's bed. The vampire slept in a deathlike sleep. Placing her hands on either side of him, she kissed him lightly on the lips.

The vampire slowly opened his eyes. For a while maker and apprentice stared at one another in silence. Finally, Lucas lifted up his head and returned Victoria's kiss, only deeper. Lifting his hands, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer. The only thing between the two were the bed sheets.

Suddenly, Victoria pulled away and pushed him onto the bed. "You need to dress. It will be night soon and I want you to drink before the ball."

Lucas laid his head back against the pillows and rolled his eyes. Letting loose a low growl, he asked, "Why?"

Victoria sneered, "I will not have my mortal guests fearing their lives."

"Mortal guests," Lucas grumbled sarcastically. "Everyday you become more and more like your precious mortals. You should've remained one."

It took not even a second for Victoria's face and body to be pressed against Lucas's again. "I made you," she warned in a rough voice. "Do not forget I can destroy you as well. I have lived long enough to understand the importance of mortals among us. Do not think to underestimate me. Ever."

The vampire said nothing. But his hatred for his maker shook him. He kept calm until she finally got up and walked out of his room. Thankful, he punched his pillows. The tension in that moment was more then he could have held. Victoria was growing more and more aggitating by the day. And her love for mortals irritated him.

Getting out of his bed, he looked through his wardrobe. A maid walked in at that moment. "Lady Victoria asked me to bring you some warm undergarments, m'lord. Said you'd need them for the ball tonight," the maid said, making sure to keep her eyes averted from the vampire's clothless body.

A sudden thought came to him and he smiled. "Agatha. How long have you been a servant in this house?" he asked with a strange curiousity.

The woman blushed at the mention of her name. "I... I don't know, m'lord. I-I-I would think about five years now."

The smile on Lucas's face widened. "And what do you know of Lady Victoria and myself? What rumours have spread to your ears?" he asked, walking behind her and touching her shoulder lightly.

The maid quivered under the vampire's touch. For a moment, she could not speak. When she did, it was more a stutter then anything, "I-I-I h-hadn't 'eard no-no-nothin', m'l-l-lord."

A deep chuckle escaped Lucas's lips and he slowly wrapped his hands around the woman's petite frame. Agatha was a slender woman in her late 20s. She had never married and thus Victoria hired her into the mansion's service.

A cold ran up Agatha's spine and she felt Lucas's body and manhood press against her back. The vampire bent down and kissed Agatha's neck lightly. It was a tickle. The woman forgot to breathe. Fear gave the woman a cold sweat on her brow. She had seen what the vampire was capable of. And it terrified her.

"Iffen ye don't mind, m'lord," the woman said with a sudden burst of bravado. "The lady merely asked me to bring you some warm clothes. She did not wish me to linger. I shall go now."

Lucas swung the woman around. "Oh, but I do mind, Agatha. Your beauty has turned me into a monster and if I don't claim you now, I shall grow mad with the desire," he responded in a rough, lusty voice.

Agatha's eyes grew wide as the vampire leaned in for a kiss. As their lips touched, Lucas pulled the woman to the bed. Once they were locked into a deep kiss, it was relatively easy for him to take control over the situation. As his hands and fingers worked at the buttons of her dress, his lips and tongue played with her mouth.

The romance did not last as long as Agatha had hoped. It wasn't that Lucas couldn't produce a long romance. It was that Agatha bored him. He had had many women of her type. Those that were easy. Rolling his eyes in aggitation, he bent his head to her neck and bit into the curve. She gasped for a moment and then grew still as he drank from her.

A sudden thought to drink her dry came to his mind, but he decided against it and did not prolong his drink. When he was finished, he licked the blood that was on her neck and licked his lips. It was only after he was sure he had no blood on his lips that he raised his head and kissed her.

He got up and went about getting ready for the evening. "Agatha," he said, his voice still gruff from his recent pleasure, "get my waistcoat and make sure it's dry. It rained two nights ago and I hate going out with a smelly waistcoat."

Orders brought the woman back to life. She busied herself getting his waistcoat and making sure it was clean and fresh. She then helped him into it.

The vampire sat at his vanity while the woman brushed his hair and put it in a prong at the base of his head. When she finished, he smiled in the mirror. "Now, if you'll be so kind, my dear. I do not think it appropriate for you to walk out of my room with nothing on. You may want to get dressed yourself," he added with a smile.

Blushing with embaressment, Agatha grabbed her dress and quickly put it on. Lucas stood up and nodded to her before leaving the room. The woman did not leave immediately. She stood for a moment as if at a loss of what to do. She then walked to the vanity and looked in the mirror. The bloody imprints of teeth kissed her neck. The woman's eyes widened and she gasped.


Dokar sat in the carriage with his eyes closed. The welcome of sleep was only disturbed by the occasional smile of the sun. Halfway to London, Dokar woke up and opened his window. He liked to watch out his window at the people strolling through London. He liked London.

He remembered the last time he had visited London. It was a great time. Much had been spent with Victoria and Lucas. Though, moreso with Victoria. Dokar smiled at the remembrance of the nights he had Victoria's body wrapped in his arms. The beauty of the vampiress was exotic and enticing, even to a werewolf as old as he.

He had longed to be Victoria's companion, but it was against the new order. Such ideals were for those looking for trouble. Something he had no interest in. Therefore, he and Victoria's affair was kept secret. Safe.

A smile spread along Dokar's face as his carriage carried him along the bumpy roads of London. He was happy to be heading towards the mansion he loved so much. More importantly, he felt like a pup excited to see a long missing mistress.

02/15/2004 12:08 PM

Cynthia looked at her reflection in the mirror and smiled satisfied. She loved the blood red colour of the new dress which brought out her slim waist and full bosom. Her maid had set her hair up weaving silver threads through her raven locks.

She took her small velvet purse and a pair of lace gloves, then she knocked on the study's door.
"I am ready to go, father..."
"Cynthia, you look enchanting. Have fun my dear" he looked at her visibly proud and kissed her goodbye.

The carriage was waiting outside. The driver opened the door for her and helped her inside. Cynthia sat down and closed her eyes, her hands clenched her purse nervously.
Lucas... I'm coming... You will be mine tonight. She told herself trying to get the selfconfidence she needed to approach the man she had been dreaming of for months.

02/15/2004 9:03 PM

Lucas walked into the ballroom. He smiled. While he got quite irritated with Victoria at times, he couldn't help but be impressed with her ability to get things done. No doubt she was in her room currently getting ready for the ball.

He watched as the servants made a few final touches. He knew Victoria wouldn't make an appearance until the guests arrived, so he didn't bother calling for her or anything. Instead he asked a servant for the time.

Smiling to himself, the vampire walked out into the night air. He looked around him as if deciding where to go. Finally settling on an idea, he heads towards a shabby old tavern in the downtown area of London. He chose a fairly decent being for his meal and made quick work of her. He did have the time to play with his victims.

Dokar's carriage pulled up to the mansion only moments after Lucas left. The werewolf stepped out and bid the driver a good night. After all, he wasn't going anywhere any time soon. He knocked on the door.

The old black man answered the door with a welcoming grin. "Welcome, Lord Dokar. My lady is upstairs getting dressed."

Dokar entered the mansion. "And Lucas?"

"The lord is out for the evening. I assume he shall return however. He is not one to miss Lady de Rosehart's balls," the butler answered, monotonisly.

The werewolf rolled his eyes. "I do not doubt that, Hawthrone. Please inform the lady that I have arrived. I will await here in the hall and greet the guests as they arrive."

The butler bowed to the werewolf and left to walk upstairs. Dokar made himself busy by ensuring all was well. He had the servants change the flowers to fresh cut flowers. He tested the piano, harp, and violin to ensure they were in tune. He played a little Mozart on the piano and smiled at one of the servants. She giggled and turned away, embarrassed.

Dokar chuckled. Standing up, he nodded to the musicians and walked back towards the hallway. He stood perfectly still next to the door and waited for the first arrival to knock.

02/16/2004 11:12 AM

the first to arrive, didn't knock, nor did she enter through the front door.

"well well, long time no see Dokar." a throaty voice declared from behind Dokar. When he turned, he saw a young woman of about twenty-five years, with short dark hair and amber colored eyes. She was dressed in man's clothing of black silk and scarlet brocade.

"It's been a long time Dokar, you haven't forgotten me have you?" Serenity said, smiling faintly.

02/16/2004 12:07 PM

Treira felt extremely invigorated after her meal. She had endured several days without the taste of blood, and the waiting was well worth it from the pleasant sensation now rendered upon her body.

As she trawled down the streets, she found several bodies tucked in corners of the brick edifices, their death, invariably the same as her previous victim.

A scanty dressed female caught her eyes. She lay prostrated amongst the garbage, her appendages spread out ina final submission. Treira gingerly turned the body over and found a puncture to her neck, and the pallid face sunken. Her body was lukewarm. Someone had just finished their meal, she mused, straightening herself up.

She snagged a quick glance back at the still form, before making off to the vampiress mansion. Such an inconsequential life would be tallied into the many before the night is over. And she was now heading to crash the party.

02/16/2004 3:35 PM

Nikayla is running through the woods once again, this time at night and in her wolf skin. The moon shines down upon her, and the damp earth feels good beneath her paws. She hears panting from behind her, and glances backward to see another wolf, a male of her species running behind her.
The pair pauses at a stream and lap up it's cold crisp water. They pause in their drinking to look at each other, and then....

Nikki sat straight up in her bed, and looked outside. It wasn't night yet, but just moments before twilight. She groaned, and ran her hands through her long red hair. She looked towards her door. She knew who was out there. It was Charles. She could hear him and smell him.
"Come in Charles," she called out. Her elderly butler entered the room.
"Pardon me ma'am, but you told me to wake you at this time," he said.
"Indeed I did Charles. Send Patti in to help me dress."

Charles bowed before his mistress and shuffled out of the room to fetch the maid. Nikayla got out of bed and went over to where she kept a small basin filled with clean water and a small sponge. She picked up the sponge, got it wet, and sponge cleaned herself off quickly.

Another set of knocks, soft ones this time, announced Patti's arrival. The werewolf nodded to the young girl, who in all honesty had only recently arrived to the estate and had no idea of Nikki's true nature. So far none of the other servants had seen fit to tell her.

The maid entered the room, and went to Nikki's closet to get the green ball gown. Nikayla stayed where she was, and Patti helped her into her dress, and then helped brush her hair.
"Would you like your hair put up tonight Madam?" the young maid asked timidly.
"No, I want it down, like always," Nikki said, and waved the young girl away. Pattie curtsied before her mistress and left the room quietly. Nikki heard the sounds of horses and a carriage and went to her window. She glanced outside, and saw her carriage arriving to pick her up for the ball.

She made her way downstairs just as the footman was knocking on the door. Charles answered, and was about to go get Nikki, when he noticed her making her way downstairs.
"You carriage is here ma'am," Charles stated.
"Yes, I see that. Thank you Charles," she said as she kissed him on the cheek. "I will see you later."
"Be careful mistress," Charles whispered. "I have misgivings about this ball."
Nikki frowned, but said nothing. She walked out of the house and to the carriage. The footman helped her in, and she leaned out the window to speak to the driver.

"Sir, if you don't mind, I would appreciate it if we stopped to pick up a friend of mine along the way," she said.
"Who is your friend madam?"
"Marleena Trufou," she said. "Do you know her?"
"Yes madam, she is on my list for tonight," he said.

Nikki smiled to herself and leaned back into the carriage. Within moments they were at Marleena's house, and the young human lady was being helped into the carriage. Both women smiled at each other, each letting the other know that they looked stunning.

Neither said much as they were wisked away to the Lady Victoria's mansion. Neither knew Victoria personally, although Nikki had heard of her before. Supposedly, Victoria was a vampire. Nikki wouldn't believe it until she had the hard proof before her though. The carriage finally arrived at the mansion, and both women were helped out.

They walked up to the door, and stood there for a moment. Nikki was about to knock, when a doorman appeared and welcomed them in. It looked as if they were the first to arrive. The women looked at one another and stood in the foyer, waiting for their hostess to show herself.

02/19/2004 9:36 AM

Dokar smiled at Serenity. "What makes you think I could forget someone like you?" he asked. "You look fabulous. I'm sure Victoria will be jealous," he added with a smirk.

Hearing two more arrivals, Dokar turned to the door. His eyes widened and he smiled in satisfaction. "Hello, Nikki. Didn't expect to see you here. Victoria, I think, has a lot of surprises for us this night."

He led the three women into the ballroom. While he had already been in the ballroom, the beauty of it still stunned him. He nodded to the pianist, harpist, and violinist. The instrumentalists started playing from Beethoven.

He kept his ears peeled for the slightest hint of Victoria. Alas, she was still in her room. His curiousity of what she was doing nawed at him. He debated going up there and checking on her, but thought against it. Instead, he smiled casually to the three women.

Lucas returned to the mansion and entered. The music was the first thing to catch his ears. He did not expect everyone to be here so soon. He walked into the ballroom to find Dokar and three women standing there. He sensed the werewolves and mortal.

Mortal blood. He thought he had had enough to drink tonight. Damn Victoria and her mortal friends. Always did the woman invite mortals to her balls. And always they left the ball unscathed.

Were it his choice, Lucas would make this ball into one of the largest feasts. However, it wasn't. As long as Victoria was around, he had to follow her rules.

He walked dignified into the ballroom and nodded to Dokar and the ladies. "Such beauty embraces us tonight, Lord Dokar. Perhaps we should invite them to dance?" he offered, extending his hand to Marleena. "I do hope you will grace me with a dance to Beethoven's fine works," he asked her, a gentlemanly smile on his face.

02/19/2004 2:59 PM

Marleena placed her hand into Lucas', and flushed prettily as she did so. He was a rather handsome man, and although she was used to having handsome men pay attention to her, this was the first time one had done so this boldly. She took a deep breath and decided to be bold herself.
"Of course you may," she said smiling at him. "In fact, it would be my pleasure to dance as many dances as you wish."

Nikayla watched her mortal friend, wishing she could tell her to be careful with the vampire, but she held her tongue. She didn't wish to upset her hostess. Instead she looked over at Dokar. As surprised as he was to see her, it didn't match up to the shock she felt when she had seen him. Nikki couldn't remember when the last time she spoke to him was, but it couldn't have been that long ago.

"Dokar, you are looking very fine tonight," she said conversationally. "Tell me, who is this ravishing creature to the other side of you?"

Two more men entered the room, followed by a young woman wearing a purple dress that covered all of her back, but left a stunning view of her decolletage. One of the men had the smell of the woods on him, indicating that he was a werewolf. The other...Nikki inhaled again and knew instantly. The other was a vampire.

The two men seemed to be friends. Indeed, they were chatting innocently enough. The woman seemed to be unescorted, much like Nikki and Marleena. Nikki nudged Dokar and pointed at the men.

"There's another werewolf over there...do you know him?"

Across the room, Rolph was watching Nikayla, even as she was watching him. Marco looked all around him. So far, there seemed to be three werewolves, two mortals, and two other vampires in the room with him. He looked over at the other two werewolves and the vampire lady. He nudged Rolph.
"So...I take it that the red head is the one," he said.
Rolph merely nodded.
"Well, she's got looks, I'll give her that much," Marco said as he walked away. Rolph remained silent, and stayed where he was, watching Nikki.

Esperanza wandered around for a bit, before she found a table in the corner. She sat down and watched the room fill with more people. And she wondered what would happen before the night was out.

02/19/2004 9:44 PM

Lucas smiled as he led Marleena around the dance floor with ease. "Do you have any idea what you have done to merit an invitation to this ball?" Lucas asked her while they danced.

Dokar watched the two with little interest. He looked at Nikki and smiled. "This is Serenity. She and I are old pack companions," he said, with a graceful nod to the werewolf next to him.

The werewolf looked around him. He made a quick head count. There were at least twenty mortals at the ball at the moment. And most were unaccompanied young women. Those who had escorts, had fathers.

Dokar frowned. He did not see Victoria anywhere. Though he knew he shouldn't, worry started to creep up in Dokar. He walked onto the dance floor and tapped Lucas on the shoulder.

Lucas stopped dancing with Marleena to look at Dokar. "You've come to steal her, have you?" he asked, a slight growl in his voice.

"No, I haven't," Dokar said. With an added note, he nodded to her, "No offense to you, m'lady. But I've actually wanted to ask you, Lucas, if you know what Victoria is doing?"

The vampire rolled his eyes. "She's probably waiting for the right moment to make some climatic entrance. She's always loved drama. You should know that about her by now," Lucas said as if irritated to be disturbed for something so petty.

It was Dokar's turn to growl. He grabbed Lucas's collar and pulled him close. "You are an ungrateful little twit, Lucas," he sneered in a low voice so no one could hear. "You don't deserve this. Any of it."

Lucas snarled back, "You will unhand me before I do something the both of us will regret."

"How sweet. Two grown men fighting over who dances with the beauty," a voice said from the top of the stair.

The vampire and werewolf looked up to the stair.

Victoria stood at the top of the stairs. But she did not look like a normal lady of the English court. She had the air and beauty of one as ancient as the Egyptian Empire. In fact, she was dressed like an Egyptian queen. Her arms had golden snakes wrapped around them. She wore a straight cut dress that was made out of gold and white silk threads. Her raven hair lay in elaborately decorated braids down her back and shoulders. Her emerald eyes glittered like orbs. Her face and lips were painted in shades of brown and natural.

If the werewolf and vampire did not know better, they would've mistaken her for a mortal. Either a mortal or a goddess.

The vampiress did not move for a few moments. Instead, she watched the people around her with her fierce emerald eyes. She looked just like the portrait that hung above the mantle.

02/20/2004 6:47 AM

Serenity nodded to Nikki, though her suspicious nature shone through her friendly smile. "Call me Seren." She said.

When Dokar confronted Lucas, Seren watched with mild interest, as she toyed idly with the collar of her coat. When Victoria made her appearance, Seren stared impolitely, and she didn't care.

02/20/2004 8:04 AM

Nikki sensed that Seren was suspicious of her, but couldn't figure out why. She smiled comfortingly at the other female werewolf.
"Don't worry. Dokar and I are merely friends," she said. "For the time being that is. Any moves that are going to be played would have to be made by him first. And so far, I have had no indications from him that anything is going to happen between him and I."

Nikki watched Dokar confront Lucas, and then watched as Lady Victoria made her grand appearance. She noted the way both men looked at the woman in Egyptian garb and snorted. This was obviously the reaction Victoria had been looking for.

Marleena was still reeling from the scene before her. She had been about to answer Lucas' question, when from seemingly out of nowhere another, very rude man, had interrupted them, and then the lady of the mansion appeared, looking quite ravishing. Marleena stood by both men, forgotten for the moment, and stared at her hostess. The Lady Victoria was quite beautiful, and apparently knew it.

In fact, nearly all eyes were upon Victoria now, including Rolph's and Marco's. The only one not eyeballing the lady was Esperanza. She had glanced at the vampiress, noted her garb, and continued to look about the floor. She waited for somebody, anybody, to break the eerie silence that had fallen across the room.

02/20/2004 12:19 PM

Seren nodded only out of courtesy to Nikki, though she fought back laughter, for she thought of Dokar only as a pack-mate, a brother. She ran her slender fingers through her short dark hair and smiled... not that she had many suitors anyway.

Now her mood considerably darker, she leaned against the wall, her amber eyes flitting from person to person in the room.

02/20/2004 2:20 PM

Cynthia had only been at the ball for a few minutes and she was busy looking around. She was fascinated by the place, so much bigger than her parents' house, and all those interesting things. She was already imagining how it would be to be the lady of the mansion.

She studied the people too. They were all richly dressed and most of them were young and beautiful. She felt excited, somthing was in the air... She was sure it was going to be an unforgettable night.

Her eyes searched the room and finally found Lucas. She bit her lip seeing him dance with another young woman. She wanted to scream in anger and disappointment, but managed to stay calm, at least on the surface. She smiled to one of the servants and snatched a glass of champagne. No, Lucas was hers and she would do anything to get rid of her rival. Thinking of how to proceed, she kept staring openly at Lucas.

Then suddenly it was like everybody had gone quiet at the same time. She felt compelled to turn and quickly realized why. Lady Victoria had made her entrance. Cynthia had heard her father talk a lot about her, but she had never seen her before.

There was something about the woman, something exotic and dangerous that drew Cynthia to her. She wanted to go to her and touch her smooth skin and soft hair, but she didn't move. She shook her head and focused her attention back on Lucas. He was still with the same girl.
"But not for long..." she muttered to herself.

02/20/2004 5:19 PM

Rolph shook himself slightly, breaking his gaze with Victoria's visage for a moment. When he looked back at her, she was still as lovely as ever. He started forward, going to Victoria. Marco stood where he was, watching his friend approach the beautiful vampiress. Rolph stopped at the foot of the stairs and looked up at Victoria.

"My lady, may I have the first dance?" he inquired with a wolfish grin as he held his hand out to her.

Everyone in the room seemed to wait for her answer.

02/20/2004 7:02 PM

Victoria looked at Rolph and smiled. Her smile seemed to break the trance. She took the werewolf's hand. "I would be honored, my lord," she said in a voice that was dignified and calm.

As she let Rolph lead her to and across the dance floor, Victoria smiled. Her shimmering gown danced along with them. The beads and jewels in her hair catched the candlelight and chandelier. She was truly a work of art around the dance floor. And as ancient as the Egyptian gods.

Lucas watched breifly and then shrugged. He cared very little for Victoria's entrance. And even less for her display of power. He knew the vampiress loved to flaunt her powers. It irritated him.

Turning his attention back to Marleena, Lucas bowed politely. "I apologize for my ignorance where you are concerned. It is quite unhonourable of me to have forgotten you. Please, allow me the honour of one more dance. Though I know I am undeserving," the vampire said, holding out his hand to pull the human into a waltz.

Dokar, breaking from the trance, shook his head slightly and looked around. There were many young, beautiful women here tonight. Or, at least, there were many who seemed young, he thought with a grin. Glancing at Serenity, he smiled. "I must ask, my dear. Would you care for a twirl about the dance floor? It has been such a long time since last we danced together."

He then winked at Nikki, "And do not worry, I have not forgotten you. I would like to dance a little later, if I may?"

Dokar had always been a man for the ladies. He loved the ladies, and ladies tended to love him in return. Though, not as much as they loved Lucas.

And this was quite apparent. While Dokar got a few winks here and there from various women, it was Lucas who got the most attention.

If they weren't watching Victoria dance around the dance floor, women were watching with envious eyes as Lucas twirled around the floor with Marleena close to him. His dazzling appearance made many wish of a chance with him.

02/21/2004 1:31 AM

...The doors to the ballroom opened suddenly and the powerful frame of Vladimir strode into the room his long, black coat trailing the floor behind him like it was sewn from the night itself, his eyes dark and hooded, his pale face looking straight at Victoria as he stopped motionless and stared lost in his own darkened reverie.

A slow predatory smile slid across the vampire’s lips as an acrid scent reached hi nose, a scent he had not smelt in some time that reminded him of his beloved Romania, the seat of his power. He turned his head slowly watching the crowd, his keen sight marking mortal from his damned kindred and searching for the origins of that scent. A musk that cried of the memories of the wild, primal and wild, caged within the heart of man. A lycanthrope. More than one perhaps a pack.

The dark vampire walked across the ballroom, his own majesty self assured, his dark eyes fixed upon the Lady de Rosehart, his face a porcelain mask of death, devoid of any human emotion. As he approached, the vampire glanced to the man who was dancing with the woman, noticing he wore the scent of the beast. Vladimir struggled to control the bloodlust within him at the impertinence of one of the changing breeds to think they may land a hand on one of the daughters of the night.

Inclining he head to the Lady, “Forgive my intrusion Victoria, I did not know you were having such a…lively…gathering. I hope my arrival is not an inconvenience.” He said in a deep, voice that reminded one of thunder in a terrible storm.

Head inclined the dark vampire lord, waited for the Lay de Rosehart’s words…

02/21/2004 6:52 AM

Seren nodded and allowed Dokar to lead her away from the wall and towards the dancing floor. She cast a disdainful glance at Lucas and snorted delicately.

"He's a fool... he has everything...and yet always wants more... the perfect persona of a Vampire. One day someone will pull the rose colored glasses off of his nose and the silk rug out from under his feet." She growled softly.

02/21/2004 2:25 PM

Nikki nodded her consent to a dance with Dokar later, and left to find a table where she could watch everyone in the room. The table she found had one person sitting at it, the woman wearing the purple dress.
"Good evening," she said.
"Good evening," the other woman replied as she continued to watch the dance floor.
"Might I inquire as to what your name is?" Nikki asked.
"You joined me, I think you should introduce yourself first."
"Very well," Nikki said calmly, fighting the anger that had momentarily welled up inside her. "I am Nikayla Goodlight."
"Esperanza Kiraldy."
"Nice to meet you Esperanza," Nikki said, holding out a hand. The other woman shook it momentarily.

Nikki, sensing that the human wasn't going to be much of a conversationalist, turned her attention to watching Lucas, Marleena, Lady Victoria, Serenity, Dokar, and the mysterious werewolf. As much as she wished she could deny it, she was looking forward to her dance with Dokar later.

She felt a tap on her shoulder, and turned to see the vampire that had entered the room with the werewolf. He smiled at her and held out his hand.

"My lady, may I have this dance with you? It seems unfair that a beauty such as you should sit out this alone," he said charmingly.

Nikayla said nothing, merely put her hand in his and allowed herself to be led out onto the dance floor. Once they were dancing, she looked up at him and smiled. Something in her smile must have been a little off, however, for the vampire looked a little nervous.

"I know what you are, even if I don't know who you are," she said.
"What are you talking about?" he asked, feigning confusion.
"Don't worry, I'm not going to make a large announcement about it. For one thing, our kind and your kind have a truce of sorts between them, and to expose one would also expose the other. And neither group needs unwanted attention, wouldn't you aggree?"
"Yes, you are right about that," he said relaxing. "I'm Marco Diantonio by the way. My friend, the one dancing with our hostess, is Rolph Dungree."
"Nikayla Goodlight," Nikki said smiling. "But, if we become friends, then you can call me Nikki. I too am here with a friend. She's the young lady dancing with Lucas. Her name is Marleena Trufou."

Marco looked over at Marleena and was momentarily stunned by her beauty. Nikki noted the way he looked at her friend, and frowned a little bit, before relaxing into a smile once more. She wouldn't tell her friend about this man. Rather, she'd let her discover him on her own. If her father wanted Marleena to choose for herself tonight, then Marleena would.

02/28/2004 9:14 AM

As the music ended, Victoria curstied to Rolph and thanked him for the dance. She then looked at Vladimir. A smile crept on her lips. "My lord, it is so good to see that you have made it. I am honoured to have you here. Your arrival has never been an inconvience to me," she said with the air and dignity of any in the English royal court.

Lucas bowed to Marleena and kissed her on the hand. "I thank you kindly for the dance, my lady. We shall dance again sometime soon if you do not mind. It would do me great honour," he said.

At the end of the song, Dokar kissed Seren on the cheek and said, "Such a fine evening for a ball, isn't it, my dear? Dancing with you has reminded me of the great hunts we went on as pups. Perhaps we should do that again sometime... Hunt together, that is. What do you say to that, Seren?"

As Lucas and Marleena bid adieu to one another, a girl walked up to him. "My Lord Lucas," the girl said. She couldn't have been more then sixteen years of age. "You look extravagant on this fine evening."

Lucas looked at the girl. She came up to his shoulders in height and wasn't very appealling. "Yes, well, when you come from good breeding, it becomes natural. If you will excuse me, the next dance is about to start and I have yet to find another partner," Lucas said, walking away from the girl before she had a chance to say anything more.

Surprisingly enough, the girl did not seem in the least offended. In fact, she walked back over to her friends and bragged about how Lucas had talked to her. The girls giggled.

Dokar walked over to Nikki. "The next song is about to begin and you promised me a dance. Care to fulfill that promise?"

As the music to the next song started playing, Victoria smiled at Vladimir. "Dance with me, love. That way we do not look as foolish standing here on the dance floor," she said, touching him lightly on the arm.

Lucas found one girl and asked her to dance. The girl fainted. The vampire raised an eyebrow and looked at the girl's best friend. "Would you care to dance?" he asked.

The girl immediately accepted and the two began dancing as the music played.

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