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02/06/2004 3:31 PM

Here's where the OOC's for Halo: Dark Tides go.
For those of you who haven't ever played Halo, but want to join anyway, here's some info:

In the far future, earth has colonized a few planets. One of, them, the most important, is known as Halo.
They also encountered an alien race, known as the Covenant. The Covenant appears to believe Halo is a holy site, which must be rid of humans. A war is raging.

The Soldiers for humanity are the marines: Sturdy, reliable, and cocky, they know what they're doing. ((((This is quoted)))) They're the best of the best, but they're only human.

The Soldiers for the Covenant come in several varieties: If they are not on the Autumn, there will be an asterisk (*) by their name.


These little howling orange dudes are annoying, and not particularly dangerous. In large numbers, they can overwhelm the unwary. They will run away, if they are shown overwhelming strength. They carry plasma pistols, and an occasional plasma grenade.

Big Blues:

These tall dudes are more dangerous then grunts. They have body shields that flare blue when they are hit. ((Marines have body shields as well, though they are yellow)) They carry a variety of weapons and grenades


Similar to Big Blues, but smaller, and with less strength, they carry energy shields which are impenetrable, unless you want to use a grenade. If you get close enough, you can smack them with you're gun, or just shoot them.
They occasionally carry weapons you can pick up.


These big guys are nasty. They are very tough, with big guns, and shields that deflect about everything. Worst part is, they NEVER carry anything you can pick up. Best way to kill them is to either blast the sh*t out of them with your gun, or grenade them. ((From a respectable distance))

Golden Dudes*:

Can't remember what they're real names are.
These guys are also veyr hard to kill, being strong, fast, and clever.
They carry nothing you can pick up.
They carry energy swords, which are most effective.


They can be Big BLues, on occasion, but they usually are an entirely different race. They're invisible, though they distort enough that you can hit them. Once their body shields are out, they are visible, but also pissed off. You can occasionally pick something up off of them.

Weapons: You can only carry two.You usually pick them up from dead bodies. Human's can use alien weapons, and vice versa.
Human weapons haven't changed much. After all, how many ways do you really need to kill things?

Pistol: Self explanatory, really. Fires one shot at a time, and can zoom in a bit. Not particularly good, in my opinion, but good if you're going to hide out and pick off things from a distance.

Shotgun: Also quite self explanatory. One shot can blow pretty much anything apart. Takes awhile to reload, though.

Bazooka: These are very handy against Hunters, but bad in close quarters, like on the ship. Hard to find ammo for.

Sniper Rifle: Self explanatory, as well. High magnification, allowing you to shoot the asses off of aliens. These are best when you are attacking a Covenant position, and you have somewhere to hide, wher eyou can fire from.

Assault Rifle: Ahhhhhhhhhh........... my old friend, the assault rifle. I love these things. Basically like a machine gun, fires bursts of ammo. Excellent for charging in with.

The Covenant's weapons don't run out of bullets: Plasma Pistols and Plasma Rifles run out of battery, and have to be thrown away. Needlers run out of rounds, but can be reloaded.

Plasma Pistols: Grunts carry these: pretty shitty, really. They run out of battery fast, but if you lose a weapon, and you cna't find anything else, they're all right. They fire energy bolts.

Needlers: Ahhhhhhhhh............. I also love these.
Needlers fire crystalline icicle-like rounds, made of a material that is extremely hard and durable. The are very sharp, and pierce almost anything. The explode once they've hit they're target. Once they've been aimed at a target, they'll follow it, unless the target manages to duck behind something, causing them to shatter.

Plasma Rifles: These also fire energy bolts, like Plasama Pistols, but are much longer lasting, and wreak more havoc, and are just better.

Grenades: Grenades are grenades as grenades tend to be grenades.

All clear?

02/07/2004 10:32 PM

Hey I've played Halo so this has peaked my interest. I have a Xbox but haven't come to buying Halo yet. I guess I played it alittle too much lol. But, yeah I'd like to join. I'll probably post sometime tomorrow mid-day. If thats ok with you. Later.

02/15/2004 8:48 AM

You're quite welcome to join!!!

I guess I played it alittle too much lol

THere is no such thing as playing Halo too much!;)

But, yeah I'd like to join. I'll probably post sometime tomorrow mid-day. If thats ok with you. Later.


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