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02/06/2004 2:53 PM

OOC: I am a Halo fantic. Unfortunately, I can't play, since I haven't got an Xbox, so I figure, Why not do a little Halo RPing?

This is the way the plot is going:
The threads are going to be fairly short, and set in each of the successive levels, so we will be starting on the Autumn

You can either play a marine, or, if you reallly want to, a Covenant soldier. There'll be info for both of them here:


The 883rd unit is on the Autumn, still fairly bloodied up form the Covenant's initial charge. The group that this centers on have just been woken up from cryo-stasis, and are in the cryo bay, trying to figure out what's going on.

All the marines have an A.I. helper, who goes with the 883rd, named Lilian.
Similar to Cortana, she can hack into Covenant databases, and helps you out when she can. ((I'll be controlling her, for the beginning, at least))


A Strike Team has been sent against the Humans, trying to take one of their ships: they are being boarded, but their soldiers are succesfully holding against them. The group being centered on has been sent through the ship, to try and reach the control room, and are currently in the airshafts, trying to plot their course.

If you are unfamiliar with Halo, there are details in the recruitment for this thread, which I will be posting shortly.

I'm going to be playing a female marine, by the name of Adrien, and a Convenant Jackal, by the name of G'rion.

Adrien stirred slightly, lost in the darkness of cryo-sleep. Her eyelids fluttered, and she slowly began to drift towards consciousness, as warm air flowed into her tank. With a hiss, the top came off, and her eyes opened, and she awoke, to the sound of voices.

".....What were you thinking? You weren't supposed to wake these up yet!!"
"What else could I do? Leave them there to die, while we die too? No! They're Marines! They can protect us!"
Adrien groaned, as her head began to throb from the noise.
One of the men, in a white coat, jumped.
"They're coming around!"
He hurried over to her tank, as she swung her legs over the side.
"Wha-what's going on? Where's my gun? Where am I?"
She tried to stand up, and nearly fell over, being caught by the cryo-engineer.

"You're on the ship, Autmun. We're being boarded by Covenant forces, and we need help." She shook her head.
"Where are the others?"
As if in answer, the hiss of opening tank lids answered her.
"Where's my gun?" she asked, firmer this time.
"There's a gun rack over through that door, but-" the words never left his mouth. She pushed away, and started walking managing to stay upright for roughly 5 paces, before collapsing beside her tank. The man in the white coat started foward, before a clanging noise came from the door at th other end of the room.

He and the other scientist hurried over and opened it.
"Captain Keyes?" he asked, opening it.
An explosion ripped through the front part of the room, not quite reaching the cryo-tanks. She heard the screams of the two men, as they died, and shuddered, still laying on the floor.

She managed to pull herself up, holding onto the side of her tank.
The front of the room was scorched, and the two men were nowhere to be seen. The light above the half-opened door was red, and a piece of metal blocked it from the ouside. All she could see on the other side was a fire.

She sat on the edge of her tank, trying to figure out what to do. The ship was under attack, but she wasn't going to leave until the others awoke.

A familiar buzzing noise came from a metal square on her belt, and she hastily unclipped it, pressing a green button. The bluish hologram popped up, revealing the familiar figure of Lilian, with her long ponytail and streams of code visible under her skin.

"Sgt Jones! You're alright!" the hologram exclaimed.
Adrien managed a weak smile.
"So they say. What the hell is going on, Lilian?"
The A.I's smile faded.
"The ship you're on is under attack. Sectors A, C, and F are all taken, and the sector you're in, sector B, is burning, mostly. The marines are holding them back at a chokehold of the landing bay in this sector, and sector C is blocked off completely. Adrien, you have to GET OUT OF HERE!"
Adrien sighed.
"How do I do that?"
"Through that door over there, is a barracks. From there you can take airshafts and maintenance tunnels to the bridge, or go and support the marines who are holding them off at A."

Adrien frowned.
"I'm waiting for the others."
Lilian folded her arms.
"Ok. But don't linger here too long, once they're awake. Go through the barracks, and take a right. Straight shot to where the Marines are holding out. The line's are getting thin, and the Covenant will be able to break through soon."

With that, her figure shimmered, and vanished. Adrien clipped the square of metal to her belt again, and settled, to wait.

02/17/2004 3:17 PM

His eyes fluttered awhile. All was dark, even his mind felt dark. With a hiss the top came off and he fell forward from an explosion. He tried to get up and fell again. He then heard a voice coming from his left and he looked over. As his eyes focused in on her he noticed that it was Sgt. Jones.

"Sgt. Jones, what is happening? Where are we?" He then looked around trying to take it all in at once and also trying to stand. Slowly he got up but, he still stumbled over to the weapons rack. His name was Sgt. Waters.

He then stood up firmly and grabbed an assault rifle. "Whats our status?" He said in a firmer voice. When he had awoken, he had noticed that she had been talking to Lilian. He was still weary but, he was ready for anything. He just hoped that worst didn't come to worst.

02/17/2004 3:27 PM

Adrien jumped.
"Waters! You startled me."

Sgt. Jones, what is happening? Where are we?

"Lilian said we're on the Autumn, a ship destined for Halo. Apparently the Covenant are attacking, and they woke us up. My guess is all the noise is gunfire."

She stared at the other tanks.
"I don't think that he woke them all up...." she went over to the controls.

"Damn! He only woke us up!"
SHe frowned.
"We'll have to go on without them. If any other wake up then they have to take care of themselves."

Another wave of nausea passed over her, and she shuddered.

"If you're up to it, the barracks are that way, and Lilian said that we can get out through there."

02/18/2004 3:48 PM

"Lilian said we're on the Autumn, a ship destined for Halo. Apparently the Covenant are attacking, and they woke us up. My guess is all the noise is gunfire."

"Well then, lets go take care of those Convenants!" As he said this he raised his assault rifle that he had grabbed. "Well thats not good but, oh well, the more for us." He said with a grin. "After you Jones." He then waited for her to move.

02/18/2004 5:22 PM

Adrien looked over the gunrack. After much deliberation, she picked an assault rifle and a shotgun.

"Okay. Let's move."

She pressed a switch on the small headset she wore, bringing the microphone down to her mouth, and makign sure the earpiece worked. She and Waters could hear eachother through the headsets, and hear Lilian. She brought the small metal arm with a green square of glass over her eye, allowing her to see a map, and then went through the door to the barracks, out into the hall, taking it at a run.


Lilian's voice buzzed in her ear.

"If you take a right here, you'll reach the landing bay. There's a group of marines holding here, but even with your help, they can't hold for long. You have to get the current Covenant attack team killed, and then run for it with the marines. You can go up to the bridge, where Captain Keyes is."

Adrien sighed.
"Here we go." she muttered, more to Waters then herself.

She charged in, and was alarmed. They'd taken the wrong door, and had gotten into the landing bay, on the Covenant side.

"SH*T!" she yelled, and hoisted her assault rifle.

Her rounds of gunfire created a racket, as a large blue, howling in rage charged at her.
This just isn't my day.....

"WORMS! Cowardly scum!"

Ba'yarin'o howled at them. G'rion crouched, knowing that the large blue's tirade would be short lived. He shifted his energy shield, which he held slung over his back, giving him the appearance of a blue turtle.
As always, the small orange grunts were causing trouble, refusing to enter the airshafts.
G'rion grinned: they were always plasma-food, "fed" in a wave to the humans' round, allowing jackals like him to get into place, followed by their larger brethren.

The assault through the ventilation was excellent idea: he and a few others were being sent to the "bridge" while the other part of his team was being sent to the landign bay, to aid a ship that was meeting resistance. After a moment, Ba'yarin'o had finished yelling, and gove the order to move out, in their guttural tongue. This conquest of their holy-site was going well indeed.....

02/19/2004 4:02 PM

After Jones had picked her second weapon, he picked his, a pistol. He checked all his systems and made sure they worked before he took off after her. He shot off after her in a run.


"Lets bring it to them!" He said back to her but, when he saw the Convenants landing bay he himself said, "Holy Sh*t!!!" He hoisted his assault rifle and started to pick off the grunts that were entering the airshaft. Even though there were bigger fish to fry he knew that if those grunts got into the airshaft, they could go about the Autumn and pick off the marines, something he didn't want...

02/19/2004 6:00 PM

Jones blasted a final grunt, and then turned to waters.

"I think we got this first wave, but I think we have more friends on the way." she jerked her head to the closed doors of the landging bay, where thumps and thuds could now be heard.

"Come on!" she yelped, as the doors began to part, and vaulted over the barricade. A perplexed marine looked up at her.

"W-Where did you come from????"
"883rd, in the cryo-bay. I'm Sgt Jones, and this is Sgt Waters. How are you holding?"

He shook his head.
"Not so good. Someone has to get through to Keyes, and get him to seal off this level, once we've evacuated. I'd do it myself, but we need as many here as we can get."
He stared at her hopefully.
"Do you think-?"
She turned to Waters.
"What do think? Should we try it?"

The bay's doors slid down, and a fresh wave of gunfire began.

02/20/2004 3:25 PM

He looked back at her. "Yes, but if both of us leave here, most likely these marines will be killed. I say, you should go with this marine and get to Keyes. I'm pretty sure that he wouldn't make it without backup. I'll hold out here with the rest until you can get Keyes to seal this level off."

He then peeked out from the barricade's right side. "I don't care if you don't like this idea Jones but, it seems the only way we can get to Keyes. So now go before too many Convenants come and overrun us!" He then stood up and from left to right he unloaded his assault rifle upon the on coming grunts. He knew that sooner or later the bigger and badder enemies would come, and he knew that they couldn't hold on for long.

02/21/2004 7:25 PM

Jones glared at him.
"Damn it, Waters, this is no time to be playing hero!!"

The nervous marine tapped ehr shoulder.
"What!" she snapped.
"I think he's right. We need to move."

A sharp comment caame to the tip of her tongue, btu she bit it back: he was right.

"G0damnitall!" she muttered, and hurried off, down the corridor, as another blast of firing came through.

02/23/2004 2:13 PM

He looked back at her as she ran off and then turned back to the battle ahead. He didn't know how long they could hold the Convenants off but, he had to make sure that he gave them enough time to tell Keyes. "Lets do this!" He then peeked from his corner and saw their numbers. Atleast 10 or so jackals blocking our fire power and atleast 5 big blues and 20 grunts ready to fire.

"You there, give me those grenades!" He pointed to a marine and then to a crate of grenades by him. Once he had the crate he started to throw them one by one between all of the Convenants. Some of the Convenants noticed and jumped out of the way while others were killed or injured in the blast. The jackals had been his main target so the marines could get in shots.

And it was working. Any injured Convenant or uninjured one was getting pounded by bullets. Maybe we can hold them off... But he knew this was futile when a whole new wave charged in on them...

02/13/2005 7:42 PM

A dark skinned, black haired mage with purple robes appeared. Where the words "Crowd Control" had once been embroidered in silver on the back, the words "Thread Enders Inc." now were.
Jazara grinned.
"Where better to start thread ending then my own thread? I officially hijack this thread in the name of Thread Enders Inc!"
She rolled her sleeves up, and waved a hand. Instantly, a loud rumbling started in the corridor leading to the battle.
Marines and covenant alike stared in horror
"Wh-What is it!?"
A swarm of creatures so terrifying, so purely horrible, so singularly vile that they defied explanation swarmed over the forces. A horde of....................fluffy pink rabbits?
Jazara frowned.
"I didn't intend to do that."
Covenant and marines laid down their arms, petting rabbits.
The mage glared.
"Damnit! Ah, well."
She snapped her fingers, and the rabbits all leapt for the throats of the nearest living beings, fangs bared. Now the forces ran as fast as they could, inevitably borne down by the fluffy pink tide.
Jazara wrinkled her nose at the little left behind of the marines and covenant.
"Hm. Not as satisfying as I thought it'd be."
She took a drink of something that looked suspiciously like a bottle of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum, and disappeared.

Adrien entered the room, gazing over the horrifying carnage.
"Ew. Damnit."
Out the window covenant forces were overwhelming earth. She sighed.
"Ah. Well. I'm going to get a latte." and waltzed off to the nearby Starbucks. Why exactly there was a Starbucks on the Autumn she had no idea, but who cared? It was convenient.
The End.

02/15/2005 9:42 AM

( OOC: If it's okay, I'll joiin in as a human soldier named Zak and a Covenant Elite(Blue) named Brokz (in english). Covenant name unknown. Let me know if i can join)

02/15/2005 5:44 PM

(OOC: *points* Didn't you read the last post? This thread had been dead for over a year, so it was officially hijacked and ended by Thread Enders Inc. If you want to be in a Halo thread, maybe you should try making one;))

02/27/2005 10:27 PM

OOC:Gah! I just read this whole thread to figure that out...lol

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