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02/04/2004 8:51 PM

Ok. Let's try this again. (Chung, seriously, everytime I go to post something and I get that Oops page, I try going back and EVERYTHING I just wrote is gone. I'll post more about this in the RPGC discussion forum.)

Ok, I'm doing a vampire and werewolf thread. It takes place in the early 1800s in London. I'm bringing in one of each type in the thread.

Restrictions: Please read these before creating a character.


*Garlic, crosses, and the like have no effect on vampires. (Aside from perhaps making them laugh at mortal foolishness.)

*The only true way a vampire can die is by burning them and then spreading their ashes in various places (be this by letting the ashes get blown in the wind, or putting them in the ocean or whatever.) Or keep them in the sunlight.

*A stake in the heart will "kill" a vampire, but over time, the wound will heal and the vampire will come back to life.

*It is against the Vampiric Code to drink the blood of another vampire. Just like it is against, what I'll phrase "The Code" from now on, to kill a vampire. The exception to the destruction of a vampire is if the vampire has committed a terrible crime against his/her fellow vamps.

*When a vampire drinks the blood of a mortal, they gain what the mortal has for a short period of time (Like two hours). Including the ability to reproduce (if the mortal is able to reproduce.)

*Vampires cannot reproduce unless they are males. The reason for this is that vampires cannot change. This includes their body weight and size. While males don't grow during a female pregnancy, females do. And the female's body cannot hold a child without the child literally being smushed to death. However, a male can pass his seed to a woman and a child can be born. A half vamp. (Though they are rare.)

*The older a vampire is, obviously the more powerful they are. However a vampire can gain power through the drinking of blood (either mortal or immortal, though more power is obtained through the draining of an immortal.)

Also, as far as abilities. Vampires can:

*Climb walls like a spider

*Run extremely fast

*Jump extremely high (So high that at times it seems they are flying)

*Have super strength

*Walk on water (I like this idea )

*Charm people and animals

And so on...

The older a vampire gets, the more they can do. But this goes with experience. Older vampires can also breed, or "create," more vampires. (While it's possible for young vamps to breed more vamps, this is considered to be against The Code.)


*Unlike vampires, werewolves can change, therefore reproduction and hair growth is possible. A werewolf can also trim their hair and the like.

*Werewolves can walk during the day in either wolf form OR human form. (Notice I said "or")

*I know that werewolves can change into wolf form during the night of a full moon. I'm expanding this. They can change into a wolf at any given time. THE DIFFERENCE is that when it's not a full moon, the wolf form is not ferocious, vicious, or "blood lusting." (Think of a big puppy dog.) This is used mostly by werewolf spies who will go into a tavern in the form of a wolf to gain information, free food, whatever.

Both races have a grudging respect for one another. It is forbidden to mate with one another. (If caught, both beings get death immediately.) It is also forbidden to kill one another, ei werewolf killing a vamp or vice versa. (Though these cases generally get looked over.)

If you have an idea for another creature, or would like to play something other then a vampire, werewolf, or mortal, please post the information concerning the creature here. Make sure I ok this creature before posting it in my thread.

Angel, don't even ask if you can join. It'll be a waste of your time to do so. And don't post anything to say how "disappointed" or "upset" you are over it. It'll be more waste of your time cause I won't read it.

02/05/2004 1:52 AM

Hey Tass, I can already hear the call of the night, I will indeed be in this when you begin the thread (if you have no objections), if you need character details just let me know and I'll post them here...

02/05/2004 4:44 AM

I'd like to join too, Tass. I think I would like to play a mortal who will be turned into a vampire at some point of the story. If it fits the plot of course, otherwise I will play a vampire.

02/05/2004 8:12 AM

I would also like to play as well, but I cant really give a for sure until after Friday, when alot of my work is due. I'll talk to you in AIM asap, and if it turns out I can join which I think I can, I'll post specs here.

02/05/2004 8:13 AM

Just on another note, does this remind anyone of 'Underworld'?

02/05/2004 1:22 PM

It sounds very cool, but I think I'll have to sit this one out. I did a tally last night and currently I'm in 7 games. I want to try and thin that number down a bit before joining anymore so I don't where myself thin. I'd like to pop in and read the story if that's alright though. I love stories like this. :)

02/06/2004 9:00 PM

Tass, if you'll have me, I'd like to join this. I assure you, I won't be mincemeat, or on a second thought, if you need one, I can be IT.
My char info is available upon request.

02/06/2004 10:20 PM

More on werewolves:

*Silver kills. Wolfsbane works like stakes do with vamps. (Just paralyzes the werewolf.)

*The common myth of werewolves howling at the moon is not necessarily true. Though some will do it for the fun of scaring people.

*Biting a mortal can turn a mortal into a werewolf within 24 hours. BUT if the mortal should die, (be that by a werewolf or any other means) the mortal will not turn into a werewolf. Werewolves can kill victims without fear of said victims turning into werewolves. (In other words, unless a werewolf wants the mortal to become a werewolf, the werewolf must kill all his/her victims.

I'll have more later.

Oh, and...

Tass, if you'll have me, I'd like to join this. I assure you, I won't be mincemeat, or on a second thought, if you need one, I can be IT.
My char info is available upon request.

Yes, you are more then welcomed to join.

And yes, anyone who plans on joining, I would like a description of the character you will be playing in the thread. Including their race. (If you wish to play something other then a vampire, werewolf, or mortal [ei. a Highlander, demon, angel, etc.] you must provide information about that being and it must be approved by me with a thumbs up post.)

02/08/2004 7:56 AM

Tass, this sounds like a rather interesting thread, and I would love to join. Only problem is, I'd want to be a werewolf, and you already said you were going to have one vamp and one wolf. Or did I read that wrong?

Also, I think that the blood thirsty during the full moon is a little bit off key there. During the full moon they HAVE to change, but they aren't necessarily blood thirsty. Trust me, I'm obsessed with the damn things.

02/08/2004 10:17 AM

Only problem is, I'd want to be a werewolf, and you already said you were going to have one vamp and one wolf. Or did I read that wrong?

I think you did read it wrong. I said I would be playing a werewolf and vampire. (I play multiple characters.) But I didn't say others couldn't play other werewolves or vamps. If you wish to play a werewolf, you are more then welcomed.

Also, I think that the blood thirsty during the full moon is a little bit off key there. During the full moon they HAVE to change, but they aren't necessarily blood thirsty. Trust me, I'm obsessed with the damn things.

I didn't mean that they are always blood thirsty. Just that their blood thirst is more prominant during a full moon. Sorry for the confusion.

02/08/2004 3:28 PM

hmmm, true but in most cases, the mere changing into a werewolf during the full moon incites an uncontrollable blood lust, as depicted in most movies and literature. ;)

Also a fan of the werewolf :)

02/08/2004 3:39 PM

Aranadur, are you going to participate? If so, then I consider it an honor to be involved in a thread with you. I plan on participating in this thread...especially since Tass was kind enough to set me straight on a few

Name: Nikayla "Nikki" Goodlight
Sex: Female
Species: Werewolf
Age: 23
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 180 lbs
Description: Long red hair, slanted green eyes, very trim. Fairly pretty with slightly lupin features.
Background: Nikki is a natural born werewolf, originally came from Romania but her family fled to England when she was just a cub. She has long since forgotten her original home. She feels she is ready to start a family of her own, but hasn't met any potential mates yet.

Name: Marleena Trufou
Sex: Female
Species: Human
Age: 19
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 165 lbs
Desciption: Long, wavy golden blonde hair, often worn in curls, dark blue eyes, a natural beauty mark above her cherry red lips on the right side of her face, and creamy white skin.
Background: Comes from a well-to-do family that has always lived in England. Her father has tried to force her to marry by presenting suitors to her since she was 17. Marleena, or just Marlene to her friends, has been rebelling against her father. She wants to be the one to find her own path. Dabbles in painting.

02/08/2004 4:17 PM

an honor?... *chuckles*

Well being around me has been called lots of things but never an honor. I am indeed joining this one (how could I not it has an 'R' rating!) ). I look forward to it eagerly in fact, as the thread already has some really exceptional writers in it who I really enjoy writing with. I dont know how but they somehow the manage to inspire me to write.

My muses *hugs* ;)

Okay here are my character(s):

Name: Vladimir
Sex: Male
Species: Vampire
Age: Unknown
Height: 6’1”
Description: Vladimir is a tall, dark imposing figure with a powerful broad shouldered frame and long dark hair with an aura of menace that clings to him like the scent of the grave. His skin is pale, so pale in fact that the spiderweb of veins can be seen at his temples and backs of hands.

Background: Vladimir is an old Vampire who journeyed to Europe laying waste to all that crossed him, eventually settling down in the mountains of Romania, where he terrorized the local peasantry and other nobility with his bloody conquest of the surrounding land. He was brought low by the attack of a vampire hunter while sleeping in his crypt and has taken leave of Romania to rest and heal the wound, and consult with others of his kind on the dark nightmares that have plague his undead soul the past few moons.

Name: Gaebriel Whitlock
Sex: Male
Species: Werewolf
Age: 25
Height: 5’11"
Description: Gaebriel is a fair-haired man with blue eyes. He has an honest face and the heart of a gentleman though of late things have begun to wear at him to the point where he questions whether he is still a man at all…

Background: Born of the lesser nobility of London his family was looked down upon by other nobility. His life was one of relative ease until the night he was bitten by a werewolf almost 6 moons ago. Now he is on the run and a fugitive from all he has known…

Hope they are OK, if you need to know anything or something doesn't quite fit, just let me know...

[Edited by Arandur on Sunday, February 8, 2004 5:30 PM]

02/09/2004 1:01 AM

I'm honored to be one of your muses, Deany :D

Here's my character. I think I'll introduce a vampire later, but I'll start with this one.

Name: Cynthia
Race: Human
Age: 22
Hair: long and black
Eyes: Blue

Background: Cynthia's the youngest child in a middle class family. She has two brothers and two sisters and she's her father's favourite. He gives her all she asks for. Her father is Victoria's lawyer. She's had quite a lot of suitors, but none of them was good enough for her. In fact she wants to marry someone that is both rich and noble.

Personality: Cynthia is smart and witty, but very spoiled. She can be manipulative and irritating, but also very charming, especially when she wants to achieve something. She loves intrigues.

02/09/2004 8:23 AM

You three are good to go whenever you choose to begin. :-D

02/09/2004 12:45 PM

One thing I wanted to add about vampires.

The way a vampire is made.

Forget the old Dracula stories where a bite is all that is needed.

Sure, a vampire must bite their victim. However, there is an immense difference here.

A mortal is not turned into a vamp by a vampire merely biting them. Sure that's a start. But in order for a mortal to become a vampire, certain steps must be taken.

1.) The mortal must be on the brink of death.

2.) The mortal must taste and drink the blood of a vampire.

Ok. So it's not a long drawn out process. But the turning is a horrible one to watch. The body dies and it's fluid's are drained. When the body rises again, the new vamp begs for blood. It is the maker's job to ensure the new vamp has a victim waiting for them.

02/09/2004 2:12 PM

Name: Tereira Akamato.. aka..teira
Gender: Female
Race: Vampire
Age: 87, 24
Height: 5’5
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: black
Skin: fair

She has a prominent forehead that is shaped with jagged bangs. She has a slender and lithe figure, sometimes quite emaciated after days without feeding. But within the supposed appearances of her frail physicality lies well toned muscles.

Personality: Though despising the lusty and murderous nature of her kind, she chooses to view her transformation rather as a gift than a curse. She does not feed for pleasure but chooses her victim carefully, most times, ones who are criminally active. She is not temperamental but is quite levelheaded even at the worst of times. More so, she still retains the qualities she had prior to being turned.

Born to farming parents of oriental ancestry, she was raised as a calm and poised figure despite her heritage. With dreams and ambitions, her nature is one of relentless oscillation between conservative and passion. It is with this quality as well as with her genuine character that she attracted a young vampire. Unbeknownst to her as to the nature of this beautiful creature, she “fell in love”. In doing so, she innocently invited the promise of immortality. And so in one night, in one brief moment, she was altered in every human aspect.

02/09/2004 3:43 PM

You have been enlisted, Ery.

02/10/2004 4:16 AM

Tass, I am ready to post my first piece but noticed the antics of Angel in the IC thread so I'll wait until we sort this out. I have the first two posts (one for Vladimir and one for Gaebriel) saved and waiting...

I also posted a message in Angel's Peacekeeper Inc. thread in the Town Hall, letting her know that you have first dibs on her (since it is your thread) but after that she is free game for the rest of us who are in this story and been affected by her childishness....

02/10/2004 5:50 PM

[ei. a Highlander, demon, angel, etc.]

Hmmm... Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Duncan McCloud?

This looks really good, and I'm just starting to rp, so I don't think I'll join. This definitly looks like a good read, though.

02/15/2004 12:39 PM

About Vampires and Mirrors.

Something I failed to mention. Mirrors have no effect on vamps. In fact, vamps tend to like mirrors. And vamps do have a reflection.

So, yeah.

02/16/2004 9:52 AM

I'll join when I catch up :)

Name: Serenity Christiansen
Age: 27
Race: Lupine-Born Werewolf, born on the new moon. (this gives a little into her background, Lupine born means she was born in wolf-form, not human... being born during the New Moon (or dark moon) means she's secretive, and quiet.. and usually suspicious of everyone.

Homid(human) appearance:
Hair: Short and dark brown
Eyes: Light brown, almost gold.
Petite and slender build...

her wolf/werewolf forms are similar to her human form, small and lithe
fur: light grey w/red an black markings
eyes: gold

lemme know if this is alright.

02/16/2004 10:36 AM

Welcome aboard Kalia!

02/16/2004 2:49 PM

YES!!!!!!!!! Kalia is onboard! Alright!

02/17/2004 8:15 AM

Okay, here's the other characters I briefly mentioned last night Tass.

NAME: Rolph Dungree
AGE: 29
SEX: Male
RACE: Werewolf
DESCRIPTION: Long light brown hair, which he always wears in a que (ponytail), hazel eyes, medium height, good looking in a rugged sort of way, solid build.
BACKGROUND: Was bitten by a werewolf at age sixteen, and started to travel all of Europe when he found out what had happened to him. Knows Nikayla Goodlight, even though she doesn't know him. He met her parents a year ago in Romania, and became friends with them, and that is how he found out about Nikki. Fell in love with her based of what her parents told him, and thinks that she will make a good mate for him.

NAME: Marco D'Antonio
AGE: 135 physical age is 25
SEX: Male
RACE: Vampire
DESCRIPTION: Short black hair, blue eyes, very handsome, slightly pale, tall, slightly muscular build.
BACKGROUND: Became a vampire when he was seduced by a mysterious woman, who convinced him that being a vampire wouldn't be that bad a thing for him. Since then he has fallen in love with many different women, and has even turned a few of them. None of them really meant much to him as he later found out. Is very sad and bitter with the way his life has been going. He misses the way the world looks in the daytime, and wishes he could end his misery.

NAME: Esperanza Kirkaldy
AGE: 23
SEX: Female
RACE: Human
DESCRIPTION: Long chestnut brown hair, dark brown eyes, scar on her back, slender but lithe body, very pretty, medium height.
BACKGROUND: Received her scar on her back from her mother when she was six years old for being "impertinent". Hated her mother for much of her life, and was glad when her mother died from a mysterious malady when Esperanza was 13 years old. Many people think that Esperanza or Hope as she is also known, killed her mother with poison. She has had her fair share of suitors, although many of them left her when they discoverd her disfiguration. Many of said suitors have mysteriously disappeared. Esperanza wishes to find the man for her, one that won't mistreat her, but doesn't think such a thing is likely. Is very good at exacting revenge on those that wrong her.

02/19/2004 11:04 AM

if its ok tass, I'll join in aswell, I've itching to make a vamp thread, but reading this, I'd rather just join one.

02/19/2004 8:41 PM

I'd be delighted, Master. Just make a post here giving me a discription of your character and I'll let you know if it's ok or not.

And Aeramae, you are good to go, sweets.

02/19/2004 9:16 PM

And Aeramae, you are good to go, sweets.

I kinda assumed I would be, so I went and made a post that had those characters thrown into it.

02/20/2004 8:09 AM

Name: Lucian D'ark

Species: Vampire

Sex: Male

Age: Some mystery surrounds this, his existence has been noted as far back as 11 centuries, but it is has been rumoured that Lucian is true born, suggesting he could date before even that.

Appearance: Not incredibly tall, standing roughly 5'10, but with a slim, sculpted figure. Raven haired and dark eyed. Pale skinned, with what would seem like blood soaked lips. A comely youthful appearance, though he would not deem himself to be overtly handsome. Dressed always in black and silver, carrying an ornately carved ivory serpent headed cane. Though cold and apparently devoid of emotion, Lucian is ever the gentleman.

History: It is unknown where this vampire originated, save to the few whom would be old enough to remember his rise. Intelligent and precise, Lucian was not one to sit idly, even in his younger years, as such, he left a trail of death and blood in his wake, earning the fear and anger from many a Lycan, and human. But as is the way of the world, his rise was short lived, and what power and wealth he had amassed fell into ruin and dispair. Lycan Clans gathered and slaughtered many of his kin and lovers, were he narrowly escaped death himself.

Centuries have passed since those dark and harrowing years, and Lucian was left to wander them alone and begotten, lost to memory and word. Until recently, that is. Italy became his home for some time, but ever restless, Lucian left in search of.... others, like him, starting to feel the coldness and lonliness so tightly associated with eternal life. Immortality, always to be a gift, ever is it a curse.

02/20/2004 6:43 PM

Lucien sounds quite interesting... 11 centuries old from 1800?... That would make him.... Born in....800. Victoria is older then him.

To give ya'll some insight to Victoria (Some mind you. I like keeping her mysterious.) Victoria is a "third generation" vampiress. She was made in the 500s and is of Egyptian blood. (Her maker was an Egyptian pharoah.)

Her family (a husband and small harem consisting of three women not including herself) died from a plague. Victoria was on the verge of death from the plague herself when she was offered the "gift."

After she became a vampiress, she spent a few centuries learning vampirism (among other things) from her master. She acquired the name Victoria de Rosehart when she visited France at the turn of the millenia (beginning of 1000). In France, she met and made Jacob (her first "child".)

The two traveled together for quite a few centuries. Exploring the world and even venturing to the New World. It was on their return voyage that the two decided to depart their ways.

When Victoria and Jacob entered England in the 1600s, they met Lucas (a spoiled, selfish Duke's son.) Victoria was intrigued by Lucas's wild spirit. So she offered him the gift.

Jacob left and since then it's been Victoria and Lucas together in the mansion in London.

I will say this much. Victoria played no part in the Crusades. Also, she is completely enthralled with diseases and plagues.

That's it for now.

02/20/2004 7:52 PM

He may be older than stated, as he is true born ;) part of his own mystery. so most likely Victoria will know him

02/21/2004 7:00 AM

What are the chances to adding one of the other changing breeds into this later on? Like a Bastet for instance ;) I've always been partial to those I'll even create a new one just to make things fair, so she/he won't be overly powerful.

Just let me know what kind you would like to see:

Bagheera: The Panthers/Leopards
Balam: The Jaguars
Bubasti: The egyptian panthers
Ceilican: The Fairie Cats
Kahn: The Tigers
Pumonca: The Cougars/Mountain Lions/Pumas
Qualmi: The Lynxes
Simba: The Lions
Swara: The Cheetahs

02/21/2004 8:23 AM

Wow. A lot of these changing breeds are cats. Big cats, mind you, but cats nonetheless. Are werewolves the only dogs?

Not that I mind it. It would be intriguing to see some of these interesting characters later on, but would these be known to exist in London?

Also, I plan on having Victoria leave London a little later. (Not any time soon, this is wwwaaaayyyy later in the thread.) She'll be taking a ship to America. (Dean, this will be where she goes to New Orleans, thus starting the other thread that kinda.... died....)

02/21/2004 9:33 AM

okay here's the char that I want to use... hehe and I already have an easy way to introduce her.

NAME: Alyssa Demonsbane (This is her true name, The breed she belongs to must pretty much forget and change their entire persona once a year)

BREED: Homid Bastet (Human born Feline Change-breed)

TRIBE: Ceilican

PRYIO: Daylight (She has an open and honest heart and tackles things head-on.

(all atributes are a max of five.)
Strength: 2
Dexterity: 4
Stamina: 2

Charisma: 3
Manipulation: 4
Appearance: 3 (two is average)

Perception: 2
Intelligence: 3
Wits: 2

Alertness: 2
Athletics: 3
Brawl: 2
Dodge: 2
Empathy: 1
Expression: 0
Intimidation: 3
Primal Urge: 2
Street-wise: 1
Subterfuge: 2

Animal Ken: 0
Drive: 1 (as far as carriges go)
Etiquette: 3
Firearms: 0
Leadership: 0
Melee: 3
Repair: 0
Stealth: 2
Survival: 0

Computer: n/a
Enigmas: 0
Law: 1
Linguistics: 0
Politics: 0
Rituals: 1
Science: 0

Pure Breed: 3
Allies: 3 (Alley Cats)
PATHFINDER'S PRIDE: Heightened sense of Direction

SWEET HUNTER'S SMILE:With a charming look, the werecat wins his/her Target over; if that look turns to a snarl or a stare, the victim feels uneasy and may back away intimidated

SATYR'S WISDOM: With this gift, the Bastet can play any instrument as if she where born playing it.

(These marks are of a max of ten)

Ferocity: 1
Honor: 3
Cunning: 2
Rage: 3
Willpower: 3
Gnosis: 2

Merits--Culture Knack /// Flaws: Too Curious

Hair: Pale Blonde, worn long
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 136

Forms: the +/- are to add or take away from the basic homid attributes.
Sokto: (human form, mild feline appearance)
Strength: +0
Dexterity: +2
Stamina: +1
Manipulation: +0
Appearance: +1

Crinos (Half feline/ Half human, classic depiction)
Str: +1
Dex: +3
Sta: +1
Man: +0
App: -2

Chatro (Prehistoric Throwback)
Str: +0
Dex: +4
Sta: +1
Man: -2
App: -2

Feline (Self explanitory)
Str: +1
Dex: +4
Sta: +0
Man: -2

02/21/2004 9:42 AM

Ok.... You completely lost me after "All attributes are a max of five."

<~~ Never really did any true table rping.

02/21/2004 9:49 AM

basically its the rating she has in a particular ability or such on a scale of 1-5. one being minimal, five being max...and 0 well nothing at all in that category.

02/26/2004 7:34 AM

Okay, is it safe to assume that this thread is on hold until Tass get's done with creating her forums? Or has this thread just been forgotten and abandoned?

02/28/2004 10:36 AM

Tass, you have to edit your latest post in Nightcreepers. Dokar was dancing with Serenity, not Nikki, so it should have been Seren he thanked for the dance and kissed on the cheek.

02/28/2004 9:28 PM

<~~ Is an idiot.

I had posted that not too long after I had woken up. My greatest of apologies.

02/29/2004 7:29 AM

You aren't an idiot. So there's no need for apologies.

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