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02/04/2004 10:10 AM

OOC: This story is about the dark elven army attacking lands to take them for their own.
There army is unstoppable for the leaders are a sorcerer who conjours up phantom soldiers, a pirate who attacks by sea on his ship the star tempest, the commander of the army, Sintalos and the a seer.

I dont mind who joins, just start somewhere within the city of Dargin, and or be with the dark elven army. This forum is also for ideas you have. Just post here and i will see to the ideas.

02/04/2004 11:28 AM


A couple questions:
What's the name of this world?
What sort of magic does it have?
What sort of deities?
Is there a large empire or kingdom that the dark elves are fighting against, which Dargin is a part of?
How advanced are they?

If I join, I will probably play a char on each side. I might be interested in playing the captain of "The Star Tempest"......

02/11/2004 9:58 AM

Well heres the basic gist of it: there are three types of gods, the light, the dark and the neutral. The world is of Srinsal. The magic of the world hasnt been all discovered yet and the peoples are looking for more magic. The dark elves are raging to make themselves the top of the list, to be better than all other species, to rid of them to rule the whole world.
The dark elves are very advanced. They are quicker then all other elves, they are almost as strong as a human could be, they wield only small swords, maces and bows.

Now the Star Tempest is a ship of the dark elven kingdom that travels all the waters it can. They have cannons, blah blah blah. Now if you want to be someone on the Star Tempest, make up what you do to the ship, where you go and so on and so forth.
Even make up your own towns for all i care.

02/14/2004 8:17 PM

Looks like an interesting thread you've got there Gait. Can't say how I approve of Angel's character name though. :s

02/15/2004 8:41 AM

Can't say how I approve of Angel's character name though

Good point. I meant to change it once I noticed it, but my computer is acting weird.

02/15/2004 8:46 AM

Just so long as you do change it, I will be fine.

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