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02/04/2004 10:06 AM

In the rural town of Dagrin, a coastal town by the Starsea, a festival was beginning. This was the time of the year when people of Dagrin left their houses in order to decorate the whole town, cook up all the food they could and prepare events to happen.

The lord of Dagrin, Master Varden, almost atempted to not do the festival this year for the wars coming on to their territory. A festival would gather many outsiders and may drag the enemy in but most of the citizens thought that as crazy.

The town's school of monks closed down for this event. Monks, instead of of decorating, they kept close eyes on the outside. They were the people who picked up trash and also made notice to take care of the town griffins at the stable.

In the tavern of the Gold Feather, a party of drunken monks and there wives gathered for a feast. This feast was always held before the festival started and left most people drunk.
At one table, one druid sat, eyes staring at the wooden table top. He had his hood over his head to not gather any attention at the most. The smell of Brandy filled the air as well as the stomach of Monks.
"Come, one and all, come to the tavern of drunken idiots!" said the bartender. The monks only laughed for they were drunk. The druid lifted his head. He began to stand up, when a monk came crashing into him. "Want....a Driinkkk?" he managed to speak. The druid only stared at the hopeless idiot. "I said want....a drink...you want a Drink!!!"

This outburst caught the whole taverns attention. "Let me be." said the druid. "Let you be? HA!" the monk had started to laugh and the druid only wanted to get out of the dreadful tavern. "Let me go." With such speed, the monk stopped as the druid held his long curved knife at his throat.
The druid pushed the man aside and made his decendence through the door. "That...was close..." he whispered to himself. He pushed his silvery hair back behind his hood and perked his pointed ears.
The fesival just began.

02/04/2004 11:39 AM

A woman slipped into the inn, trying to remain unnoticed, and managing it in all the chaos.

She wore a plain cloak, of rough, brown cloth, and it hid most of her face. All that was to be seen was her red lips and pale neck. A silver chain held a thin, twisted piece of skystone, roughly an 2 inches long.

As she attempted to step through the door, she was intercepted by a man coming out, and ran into him, knocking them both to the ground.

Her hood slipped off, revealing for an instant, a pale face and shining black hair, before she replaced it. The man appeared to be a druid, with silvery hair.

"I'm sorry..." she began hastily, in a lilting accent, common to the elven-folk.

02/13/2004 10:17 AM

His hood came off for the moment as he fell to the ground. He quickly hooded himself again for no one to catch glimpse of him. "So lady, that was my fault. I was kind of in a hurry..." he spoke, with delicate tones so she wouldnt be taken that he was a angry man.
His attention went to the skystone on her necklace. It was brightly beautiful in everyway but it was dark to his thoughts. "Where did you get that?" he began but then ignored her reply as he caught her eyes, staring into them.

02/14/2004 7:58 PM

Where did you get that?"

"From..." she began, but his eyes caugh hers. There was somehting deep in those eyes, somewhat frightening. She could not name it.
"I am Eria."she said, rising.

02/17/2004 10:02 AM

"Im honored." he said sarcastically. He saw something about her that he couldnt guess, couldnt grip right of the bat. His thought only focused on that Skystone. "I've no time to fall in love with anyone right now...even if you are pretty. I am on the move for now...til we meet again." he finished.

He moved on past her heading towards the main square of the town. Without realizing, he had dropped something on his belt when he had rushed into the woman. His money was gone.

He ran on past the main square down to the boat docks where a crowd had gathered up in conversation about something.
The crowd was shouting curses, back and forth, some hitting each other for the oppotunity to hear the captain of the great vessel, The Star Tempest. "What a great man!" some women had cried out. "He is our savior!" some others cried.
He had never seen a man so worshiped before, for he was just like a god. The dark elf slid on a housed wall in an alley to catch glimpse without getting caught. One little peak around the corner of the house and he saw the captian. Although, it wasnt what he expected. It was not a man, but only a dark elf, a worshiped dark elf.

02/13/2005 3:04 AM

"This thread has been hijacked by Thread Enders Inc.!" The captain of the Star Tempest declared in a loud booming voice. "Hah! Weakminded fools, You worship me like a god, you think of me as your saviour, but you do not know that I will be your end. Within the Star Tempest is a weapon of mass destruction powerful enough to destroy half of this god-forsaken planet within minutes. I shall wipe all of you here unless you beg for my mercy and be my vassals!"

Gasps of confusion, gasps of fear, gasps of outrage filled the air. Gradually, realization dawned upon all of the townspeople at the very same instance when the crew members reinforced their captain's words by drawing their weapons and pointing towards their direction. Immediately, they knelt before the captain, begging for him to spare their lives.

"All right. I'll let you all go." The captain said, nodding.

Then, seconds later...

"Maybe not." He added, snapping his fingers. His men took out the weapon of mass destruction and started activating it.

Everyone screamed in terror and started fleeing.

The captain laughed hysterically. "Maybe there's not going to be a DarkElven War: part 2."

Everything exploded. Civilizations, population, cities, erased within seconds. The captain miscalculated, the weapon wasn't just powerful enough to destroy half the planet, it destroyed the entire planet.

Eliar Swiftfire appeared with a POOF and gasped in horror! "Wha-? It's destroyed before I can blow shit up?"

The End

02/13/2005 11:14 AM

Eliar Swiftfire appeared with a POOF and gasped in horror! "Wha-? It's destroyed before I can blow shit up?"

Jazara appeared, shaking her head in disgust.
"Where's the fun in destroying it so fast? Honestly, Eliar, I thought you were better then that."

02/14/2005 9:11 AM

"The last time I tried to prolong a thread's demise, I ended up forgetting about it. So I'm definitely not gonna repeat my mistakes again." Eliar said grimly.

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