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01/30/2004 6:46 PM

SETUP:In Ansalon a few miles away from Palanthas, there is a village called Perechon, and in Perechon there is a tavern called Tavern of Fire. Most houses are of mud and straw, but some of the upper-class has brick buildings. The tavern is made of brick, and is most usually busy. But just recently a draconian army has invaded the village. A group of rebels decide to meet in the Tavern of Fire to discuss what to do about the invasion.

A cloaked figure walks into the tavern and heads to an empty table in the corner. She looks around, then pulls down her hood. She has long blood red hair. She has black eyes and blood red lips. She has elven blood, but it is only noticable in her pointed ears and fair features. She surveys the room, then sits back in the chair.

Several draconians stalks in pushing people out of their way. They sit at the tables closest to the fire.

EDITED BY DK: Just fixed some spelling problems and grammer.

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02/01/2004 12:22 PM

Hiya Spitfiregirl...since I want to get back into rping and I'm a bit rusty I thought maybe I could join in with you ..if that is cool with you. I can relearn while you learn. Did that make sense? :P I'll post my char here..tell me what you think. As Angel stated a few posts ago...

Ok! I'm in. I think you do have an idea here, and it's always great to have new people on the boards, so I'll try and help you get settled in:)

Here I go:

Name: Zara Nightrunner
Race: ½ elf(kagonesti)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Occupation: Ranger
Hair: dark Reddish Brown
Eyes: deep green
Skin: tan

Past: Zara was raised by her human mother in a small village not to far from the City of Palanthas. She knew nothing of her father other then his name. Upon her mother’s death she travel with a few others from her village and learned the ways of a ranger/trader. They would hunt game of all sorts then trade or sell what they could at the next town.

As the world turn to bad times they used their skills as Scouts for the varies armies or even bounty hunters when that was needed. Being that she was a ½ elf Zara out lived the party she travel with and was soon on her own. She took up her fathers last name and became a ranger for hire. Now she is traveling the land back to Palanthas looking to help those who are in need of her services.

02/01/2004 2:52 PM

Hiya Spitfiregirl...since I want to get back into rping and I'm a bit rusty I thought maybe I could join in with you ..if that is cool with you. I can relearn while you learn. Did that make sense? :P I'll post my char here..tell me what you think

It makes perfect sense. And yes, please join. OK, so I put in a description of my character, right? Well, here it is.....

Name: Ashena Flame
Race: Dragon (always takes form of an elf)
Hair: Blood red
Eyes: coal black
Skin: Brownish-red
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Dragon form: (not evil, although color is red)
Eyes: Flaming red
Scales: Red
Claws: curved, silver

02/02/2004 5:32 PM

OOC: Thankfully there are no more flames in the tavern of fire. Those of you here are to witness my first rp. Hooray.

Here are my chars: (I play two)

Name: Cly
Race: Human, distant elven ancestry
Hair:Iron colored
eyes: silver
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Thief

Name: Boldar
Race: Human
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Brown
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Fighter

Two travelers entered the inn, along with a sheet of snow and frigid air. They quickly located a isolated table near the fire, trying to avoid the eyes of inncomers roused by the cold.

"Damn! Unusually cold, even for autumn. You would think Khellendros was over thrown by a white dragon!" The first one said quietly. He also scanned the room, his hands itching for his great axe.

"Let's not discuss dragons, please? That was hard enough getting in past the dragonspawn sentries, I hope they do not mind newcomers. Anyway, I thought these small towns were not occupied as heavily?" The second one said, leaning back and closing his eyes, although his hand was already on the grip of his slim rapier.

"Rumor has it that something is here that Khellendros wants, badly." He had no sooner said this before an unusual woman, red hair, eyes, and black-grey skin, took a seat abrubtly at their table.

"Care to buy a friendly stranger a drink?" She asked cheerfully. It was all Cly could do to keep his friends berserker blood from loosing the great axe and chopping this girl to pieces, although something told him it would not be that easy, even for Boldar.

02/03/2004 5:42 PM

OOC: Sorry about the flaming. Guess Tavern Of Fire was a portentous name....;)


Near the fire, a young man sat, with his thick brown hair pulled back into a braid. His lute filled the inn with a melodious song, as he spoke the ancient words of the favorite ballad, trying to lift the spirits of the besieged villagers....

When darkness falls, as night arises
Star sprinkled curtain covers the skies
Darkness above, all about
But light of hope always
Shines ahead,
In memory of long past deeds
Of bravery unending.

Night's darkness closes in,
Trying to shut out all the light,
'Til it seems all light is lost,
Even in hope of glorious dawn.
But moons still shine,
Eyes of the gods,
Stars still twinkle,
Tears of the gods,
Light is not lost,
And starfire always burns,
As hope's fire never truly goes out.

Light of moons,
Light of stars,
Guide my way through deepest dark,
Guide my way to the dawn.

He swung his lute of his shoulder, and found himself a seat.
"Got an ale for a thirsty bard?" he inquired of the barkeep, a fat, nervous man.
"Well sir, for a tale or two more, or another song like that, a place to sleep and a meal are free, along with that ale."

He grinned.

02/04/2004 4:20 PM

OOC: ok, cool. I was just wondering, because DM and I both have reddish hair.

BIC: Ashena looked curiously at the two seated across from her. -hmm, I better look out for the blond one, he looks slightly crazed- she thought.
"How are you two doin' tonight?" she asked cheerfully. Then, in a more serious tone she asked cautiously "Are you er, happy with the dragonspawn being here?"

02/04/2004 5:49 PM

OOC: sorry guys I have been working late and I'm having computer difficulties getting threw the forums was taking forever and a day. :( It seems better now so I will come play with y'all now. :) Remember I’m a tad rusty so bare with me..I get better…I hope! hehee Btw...how do I put a sentence in italics? I can't remember.

Zara is cold and tired as she wonders into this small village. She has not been in the part of the world for some time. With the cold wind blowing about her she looks for the local tavern. The Tavern of Fire appears before her and she hastens her footsteps towards the doors. The feeling of heat hits her chilled body has she steps through the doors. Ignoring the brief pause of silence as she enters, Zara scans the room for the darkest corner nearest to the fire.

She notices the tables closest to the fire are taken. One by two men and a woman and the other a bard. Someone else walks into the tavern bringing in the cold air once more. Trying to shake the chill from her bones Zara removes her hood then walks up the fire and begins to warm her hands.

*First warmth then sit down and have a mug of ale maybe some food.* Zara thinks to herself as she stands staring into the fire. *Now let me see what I can find out about this town.* Zara focuses her listening skills on the conversation of the three people next to her.

02/04/2004 6:48 PM

the other a bard.

Gen noticed a woman who was staring into the fire, shivering, and tipped his chair back, grabbing another one, and pulling it up to his table.

"You're more then welcome to share my table." he said with a grin to the woman. ((Zara))

02/04/2004 7:07 PM

OOC: For italics, stuff here then remove the spaces. for bold or underline, replace i with b or u.

Cly was first to respond, "We're doing fine. What is your opinion of Dragon spawn?" He knew not to say to much, she could be working for Khellendros, although the chances of that weren't exactly astronomical.

"Excuse my friend here, you surprised him, and he is cursed with a berserker's mad blood." After being stimulated like that, Boldar was still sensitive. He raged against his companions grip as the door opened and a rather pretty woman walked into the room, and again when the bard sitting nearby scraped a chair against the floor. He was not to beyond reach, and did not overly alert everyone, but recieved stares from the bard and newcomer. Cly leaned back and said, first to the woman

"Excuse me for a moment." then apologetically to the others, "Sorry, if we caused you any trouble, I'll buy you a drink." They accepted, and moved to that table. Wow. We were supposed to be in and out. So much for minimal attention.

02/04/2004 7:27 PM

"fine, eh?" she chuckles coldly. "you will not be getting that answer from any of the folks around here, unless they try to hide their real feelings. Dragonspawn," she practically spat the word out " are the devil's own servents. You don't need to excuse him, by the way, everyone is entitaled to their own personalitys, reactions, and opinions."

02/05/2004 3:45 PM

OOC: thanks Graffiti..it's awful when you get older lol

Zara turn to face the bard and slightly smiles. She is about to accept his offer when a noise from the table next to her make her turn to look. One of the men seems a bit crazed while the other stands and offers his apologies.

Looking rather puzzled, Zara is about to turn him down when the red hair elven woman at the table mentions "Dragon Spawn".

Zara accepts the invitation to a drink and hope to land herself a job in the process. She sits herself across from the crazed blond hair man and turns to the woman.

"My name is Zara Nightrunner. I'm a ranger and not from around here. Are you from this town?" she looks around the table, "Are any of you?"

02/05/2004 8:07 PM

"Yeah, I'm from here. those two just got in, from the look of it. You're a Ranger? Have you heard of any rumors about this town, or this tavern?" She looks around, and notices a bard listening to them. She motions for him to join them.

02/06/2004 6:40 PM

"Yes, fine. No, we're not from around here. My name is Cly, and my friend here is Boldar." After traveling mainly with his companion, he was no used to conversing along so many lines of conversation. "I too, am not fond of dragonspawn, but we cope."

OOC: It's okay to use other peoples characters sometimes, right?

02/07/2004 3:59 PM

OOC: Ok question here. I'm not too sure about the dragon spawn thing here. I'm at a loss to how to react. I'm guessing Zara would know something about them due to traveling along but I'm, that being me not the char, don't know what to have my char say in this case. SO I'll just going to skirt the issue for now. Graffiti do you mean using our chars to fill in conversation? If so you I have no problem with that, if not then I don't understand the question. :P

Zara looks over at Cly, "Nice to meet you Cly as well as you Boldar," she adds as she quickly looks back in forth between the two men.

"Dragon spawn you say, well yes what more can be said about them." She states with a serious look. Zara returns her attention back to the elven woman.

"You didn't say your name and no I haven't heard anything about this village. I have been in this area for very long time. Is there anything you would like to share?" Zara asks then adds before the woman can answer, "I am looking for some work, maybe I can be of some help here."

02/07/2004 4:19 PM

"Likewise." Cly said as he nodded back. Then he turned on the other woman. "Zara is right, you have not revealed your name yet, it would be very kind of you to inform us. Also, any work that you have, we'd be happy to help with, we really have nothing better to do, we basically wander as we please. A change of pace would be nice."

02/07/2004 8:18 PM

OOC: I was origonally making them draconians, but I was adviced to make them dragon spawn.

She looks at the three sitting at the table. "Sorry, I don't normally give my name as freely as you guys did. My name is Ashena. I will accept your offers. Look, let me lay it out plain and simple. This tavern is a meeting place of people and creatures who are against the armies that are invading the area. I am the appointed leader, and I really need people who know what their doing. Half the people here are too enthusiastic, and have gotten themselfs in jail for some careless folly. All I need to know is what you are good at, and if you are willing to help out even if your life is on the line. So?" She looks expectantly and hopfully at each face.

02/10/2004 2:41 PM

OOC:So which is it?

BiC: Cly listened carefully, watching the others responses. Zara watched with what could almost be considered apathy, much like himself. The bard was eager, as if he was already writing an epic in his head. Ashena herself was adament, but hopeful. Boldar listened attentively, and responded,

"So why isn't this tavern not closed? Cly and Boldar might well be fake names. We could easily be working for the dark queen, and be spying out this tavern. Yet you waltz over and start your tyrade against the armies that are our troubles. You really need to learn how to run an underground organazation. As for us, we are thieves who are not thieves. I am a warrior, a sell sword, and Cly is Cly. We worked for the guild in Palanthas for a tenyear, and left to pursue our own destiny, which we have yet to find. If you are persuasive and a little more discreet, we might just decide that this is it."

02/10/2004 4:02 PM

OOC: Sorry Guys I have been sick for the last few days so I haven't been on since Sat..I think. lol Anyway, uhmmmm where are we going with this story line? I'm still sick and not thinking clearly because I'm on lots of meds right now so I'm not going to post much. By the way what happened to AA? Is she still playing? Ok on with the show.....

BIC: Zara nods in agreeance with Boldar, "Yes being more discreet would be good." She says to Ashena, "As for my skills, I'm a ranger so I can track, hunt and capture my pray. What I do with my captive once I have it, well let me just say it depends on what I'm hired for." Zara smiles slightly.

02/10/2004 4:28 PM

OOC: We (or I) are going to get together an army and fight the army of draconians. I'v changed it to draconians because they are the, er, "things" I'm most familiar with. Yeah, I know it's not a well thought out plot, but if you want to add on, your welcomed to it.

BIC: She looks at them, realizing she said too much. "Sorry, things have been really hetic. What do you mean discreet?" She got distracted when someone cam up to her and asked if the food was free. "What?! Just because you are a damn rebell doesn't mean the food is free!!!!" She immediatly shooed him away, and turned back to them. There where lines of fatuige on her face, and bages under her eyes. "Sorry, what was I saying? Oh yeah, if you do work for the Dark Qween, you might as well tell her, just so she knows how easy it's going to be to squash us."

02/10/2004 6:00 PM

OOC: DarkMisstress, 4 things: First, get well soon. Second, do you have a nickname? Third, It was Boldar who was talking. Fourth: Idoubt that AA is coming back, check out Arandur's thread in the Take it Outside forum. Spitz: It is actually my favorite kind of plot, the one that develops over the story. Ahem.

BiC: Cly watched in amusement as his friend got angrier at Ashena's loose treatment of the other rebels. Before his frend said something rude or angry, he stepped in.

"What we mean is that you should adopt a bit less casual of an atmosphere. Don't call each others "rebels" openly, for one. Remember, this tavern is still open to the public. Find a better place to meet, also. We can help train your forces, Boldar is an excellent fighter, and I am also quite talented. Boldar can train their strength, and I will train their finesse. Then we might have a bit of a chance."

02/11/2004 2:34 PM

OOC: Thanks..I am much better today. Hmm nickname..not really. What about DM? Or just Mistress? or Misty? I don't know..whatever will do as long as I know it's me you are referring to. :) I fixed my post to say Boldar..I don't know what happen there lol. Yeah after I posted I saw all that mess with AA...too bad thought she had a nice char but these things happen. :( Oh, I didn't mean to sound like I was being critical Spitfire, I am not use to Roleplaying anymore but don't worry I'll just follow your(yours and Graf's) lead.

Zara listen to Cly as she watches Boldar temper die back down. This one seem to fly off the handle a bit too easily. I wonder why? She then turns her attention back to Cly and Ashena.

When Cly finishes Zara adds, “I can help with archery and thrown weapons but that is not the limit to my talents for I have many.”

Zara looks serious for a moment, “Tell us what you are in need of but first I agree with the setting. Is there a barn or house nearby where we could have more privacy then..” Zara looks around at the crowded Tavern then back at her new companions, “this place."

02/11/2004 6:54 PM

IC: "I would apreciate your help." She looked at Zara "I highly doubt there is a barn or shack or even a freaking clearing in the woods that we would be safe in. But you know" she pauses and lookes around, then lowers her voice "My house hase already been searched, and I own a cabin in the woods with a huge underground network underneath it. We haven't used it yet because they (the draconians) are still searching the village, and I haven't been down there in a while. How about we meet in the morrow in the square, and I will take you to my home." She stood up to leave, and gave them two keys. "Those are the keys to the best rooms here. So, what do you think?"

02/12/2004 5:06 PM

Zara nods as she takes one of the keys. "Yes I will meet with you tomorrow. Thank you for the room."

She sits back to enjoy the rest of her drink. Once she finishes she waves over a barmaid to order another one and maybe some food as well.

Zara turns to the Cly and Boldar, "Do either of you want anything?"

02/13/2004 5:35 AM

Cly also takes one of the keys, and then turns to Zara.

"Yes, I would like their best wine, if you don't mind." Boldar also turned, and asked for a pint.

The next day, Cly and Boldar followed Ashena through the town. Ashena was covered by a cowl, and the others were also disguised slightly, because none of them had made it into town honestly. When they made it to Ashena's home, they stopped, and had to hide as draconians strolled by.

"Does anyone have any leads yet?" one grunted to the other.

"Not yet, and if we don't find what we're looking for, Ariakas will wring our necks."

"Do we even know what to look for?"

"Well, we're looking for a dragon, so obviously an unusual person, seeing as no dragon clever enough to refuse the queen and live would not walk around in true form."
Ashena shivered, but the draconians were then out of sight.

"Well," Cly said with a sigh, "Time to keep going, eh?"
With that, they creeped out into the open and towards the house.

02/13/2004 2:05 PM

"Well," Cly said with a sigh, "Time to keep going, eh?"
With that, they creeped out into the open and towards the house.

When they got to the front door, Ashena took out a key but instead of putting it in the lock of the door, she turned to the left wall. There was an ornatly carved stone that looked like a tree. She glanced at them and mouthed the words "I'll explain later" She fitted the key into a well hidden key hole, and turned the key. The stone swung foward to reveal a small tunnel that they would just bearly fit through. She got on her hands and knees, and without looking back, crawled in. It resembled a rabbit dug tunnel, rough on the sides and ceiling. Yet the floor was smooth, and cool to the touch.

02/13/2004 4:26 PM

Although his eyes were wide, Cly was not totally surprised. When they were far enough down the tunnel so he could not be heard he started to talk.

"Well, this could complicate things." he stated. By then they could stand up, but it was still very cramped.

"How?" Ashena asked over her shoulder.

"How do you expect to get a town's full support of able bodied fighters through this shithole? Let alone equipment, and also, will we have enough space to train? What if someone becomes a traitor?"

"No one will willingly betray us, and there are spacious caves and other entries."

"Not willingly. You think the dragon high lords can't torture the words out of a simple farmer?"

"Why would they?"

"Well, the massive, daily migration to the woods might tip them off, especially since the mob would be crudely armed."

"We'll do it gradually."

"Leaving how much time for training?"

"Enough. Do you expect a deadline for this rebellion?"

"Two hours a day won't cut it."

"Niether will mass executions. What was this you said about crude weapons?"

"Ashena, now you're just changing the subject."

"Answer the question." Cly and Ashena stared at the elf, realizing that they were not alone. The others seemed interested, though.

Cly recovered and explained, "Well, we can't pay for weapons, so they will be homeade, probably wood."

"The blacksmith is one of ours."

"And you suppose the draconians won't notice how busy he is and that he is giving out weapons free to the townsfolk?"

"We'll figure something out."

All this talk had made the journey go by quicker, and it was not long until they arrived at the caverns.

02/13/2004 5:49 PM

"OK, let me caution you against using the frount door, unless you want to be booby-trapped. I rigged up the place so the Draconians can't come and search my house again."

"And you suppose the draconians won't notice how busy he is and that he is giving out weapons free to the townsfolk?"

Ashena looked at Cly "We can set up a fordge down here; the noise can't be heard above ground, I'v already tested it. Like I said, there are other entrences to the caverns. There is an underground streem running through one of the smaller caverns, and I have already set up a kitchen in there."

"And there still is the issue of traitors" commented Cly

"Well" She said with a wry smile "I know a few magic tricks that can prevent them from saying anything."

"Will the 'tricks' work? How do you know that they won't backfire?"

"I don't know. But that's one of the chances we will have to take."

"Well, the massive, daily migration to the woods might tip them off, especially since the mob would be crudely armed."

"We'll do it gradually."

Zara looked around the cavern, glancing down some other tunnels. "If you bring the 'rebels' down here gradually, it will be waisting time, and I think you want to get this rebellion started before They decide to burn the village down."

Cly looked away from Ashena, choosing his words carefully "Well, I don't think that they will risk their necks destroying the village yet." He glanced up at her "They haven't found what their looking for"

Ashena sat down on a rock, hugging her knees to her body. "They will find me soon, if I don't stay down here. I will help organize everything, but you three are going to have to do all of the work up there on your own."

02/13/2004 8:25 PM

OOC: Sorry guys I didn't mean to get this far behind. I'm not going to be online for a day or two so just keep moving me along. You both have used my char well. :) I'm not good at using others so I won't be doing it..not yet anyway. Ok I'll be back online asap...so don't think I left you for good. :P

IC: "So she is what they are looking for?" Zara says to Cly then she looks down at Ashena. "You are the dragon? By the Gods, what does this mean?" Zara starts to walk back in forth not only because she is frustrated but because she is not fond of being underground.

Zara shakes her head and stops in front of Ashena, "And what do you mean by us doing all the work up there? How? We are not from here. Who is on our side and who isn't?"

Zara turns to Cly,"What do you make of all of this? Look, I want to help really I do but how are we suppose to do this?" before he replies she begins to pace again.

02/14/2004 10:55 AM

Cly watched all this with a frown. He decided not to argue with Ashena anymore, so he turned to Zara.

"Honestly, this means nothing. She is just as intelligent as any of us, far more powerful, and just because she is more valuable than we thought, she can take care of herself."

Ashena also answered Zara, "Everyone up there is on your side, as long as you are on ours, and they are all trustworthy. Also, we will work down here."

Cly was starting to get tired of this indecision. "Why don't we go up their and get our new recruits started?"

OOC: I think we will need people to play the townsfolk, because we can't run a plot with four characters. Maybe I'll revive the recr. thread.

02/16/2004 10:39 AM

OOC: That would be great, because I don't know how to do a recr. thread, and you're right, we need more people.

IC: "Sorry I didn't tell you earlier that I'm a dragon, I just forgot to mention it. Oh, and earlier, when I said everyone is on our side, I was leaving out the "mayor" and his posse. They are noticeable, because they are the only ones in this town who wear silk cloths and his spies wear silk rags. They are not on our side because they made some kind of deal with the draconians." She stood up, closed her eyes and muttered something under her breath. She changed smoothly from an elf maiden into an orange cat. "I will go with you now. It takes energy to change, so I won't be changing often." She walked over to a spare pack and curled up inside. "It will look less suspicious if you carry me in here, and it will make it easier to communicate."

Cly carefully lifted the pack up, and Ashena stuck her head out. "Ok, see that cavern on the left? Go in there, and there will be two more tunnels. Take the one on your right. It leads to my room in the Tavern of Fire."

An hour later, the trap door in the floor of Ashena's room lifted up and three dust covered people climed out. A cats head peeked out of the pack on Cly's back and sneezed. "Er, I think you three should wash off, then we can go to the parlor and wait for people to get interested in helping out."
A few minutes later they were sitting in the main parlor.

02/16/2004 4:13 PM

OOC: Eh, I think I can play another character, at least for a little while.

BiC: As the group sat calmly at the table near the fire, exactly where they met the first time, Boldar leaned over to Ashena.

"So are we going to be discreet this time?" he asked, almost sarcastically.

"Actually yes. I'll introduce you to one of our better fighters." then she yelled, "Bartender! could you get us some mead from the newest barrel?"

The others watched curiously as nothing unusual happened. A young man then brought five mugs of mead to the table and passed them out.

Cly noticed the number of mugs and almost asked about the extra when the man sat down.

char stats:

Name: Damen
Race: Human
Eyes: Green
Hair: Auburn
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Archer
History: Mother was a cleric, sent him to school for archery, when she died, the town took him in because he was well liked.

BiC: The man greeted all with a grin, and eagerly shook everyone by the hand. In troductions were made, and Ashena explained how his archery could help the cause.

Boldar liked this cordial new addition to the group, but still very skeptical about the idea of overthrowing the draconians. "So we're picking up some semblance of a force, eh? An archer, a ranger, a big lizard with a bad memory, a thief and a berserker. Now all we need is a huge army of fully trained warriors, and we might get somewhere. All that stands in our way is a beauracrat and his badly disguised silken spies. Not to mention the armies of all the darkness powers.Not to be pessimistic, but, do the odds just seem a little favorable to one side?"

"We only need to overthrow one town's worth of draconians."

"And I suppose he dark queen will just ignore us?"

Now Cly stepped in, albiet briefly. "Probably not. She has bigger fish to fry, eh?"

02/16/2004 4:36 PM

OOC: Ok I'm starting to think I'm not good at roleplaying anymore. I can't think of a blessed thing to add to this right now. Anyway...Zara is going to get a bit bolder cause I think she needs to be....here I go:

BIC: "Yes the odds are heavily in their favor but in a way that makes it a bit more exciting." Zara states with a sparkle in her eye. She takes a drink of the mead and notices how much better she feels out of that underground cave.

"Yes I agree the Dark Queen eyes will be focus in this area." She glaces at Ashena then back to Cly. "You seem to be a clever one, what ideas do you have going on in that head of yours." she says with a sly smile.

02/16/2004 5:04 PM

OOC: Ok I'm starting to think I'm not good at roleplaying anymore. I can't think of a blessed thing to add to this right now.

OOC: It's alright, I feel the same way, like right now. ;)

BiC: Cly was slightly surprised at the obvious change in the elf.

"Well, my current thoughts are curious if they are drugging the mead. My other thoughts are trying to devise a way to train without alerting enemy forces. Exciting. Prehaps. Dangerous? Without a doubt."

02/16/2004 9:28 PM

OOC: It's going to be really hard to play without more people. I posted the subject Tanis and Laurana in the Dragonlance Setting, so I'll ask people who answer my post if they could come here. My answer is going to be short, I have nothing to say.

BiC: Ashena glanced darkly at Boldar and muttered "memory loss? I'll give you memory loss" Then she straitened up.

02/17/2004 8:11 AM

OOC: It might not be a good idea, mixing rp in with the other boards doesn't usually go well.

"You forgot that you were a dragon?! Yes, I suppose it's easy to forget that you are the sole reason for this town's troubles!"

The were both standing now, Boldar's hand was itching for his axe, and his eyes were rolling crazily as his berserker blood heated up. He was ready to kill this witch, or die trying.

"Hold." Cly saw his friend regressing into a state of madness, and refused to let blood be spilled over this trivial matter. he stood up and stepped between the two flaring tempers. "Ashena, I regret to say that if we continue to waste time in this manner, my colleague and I will have to leave. It is your choice. If you keep me, you keep Boldar, if you eject Boldar, I leave also."

02/17/2004 8:28 AM

Ashena, I regret to say that if we continue to waste time in this manner, my colleague and I will have to leave. It is your choice. If you keep me, you keep Boldar, if you eject Boldar, I leave also."

OOC: Ashena is in the form of a cat right now, remember?

BIC: Ashena hissed at Boldar. "I did not forget that I was a dragon. I only forgot to tell you because I usually don't tell people that I am a dragon. I am descreit sometimes, you know. I can't afford to loose a man right now. But I sware if he makes one more crack about me, then you both will leave. You're right. We can't waist time fighting." She sat back down on the table, stiff as a statue.

02/28/2004 8:01 AM

OOC: Aeramae, I'm going to "use" your char. for this post, because we seem to be getting nowhere fast.

BiC: The door slamed as a figure entered the Tavern. Ashena stiffened at the noise, but if the figure was a draconian, she did not want to look suspicious. She jumped off the table and snuck to a table close to the door to get a better look at the figure that just entered.

03/03/2004 9:07 AM

Tala looked around the inn, her slanted eyes peering out from under the hood of her cloak. The place looked deserted. She walked into the middle of the room, and lowered her hood, revealing her elven features.

"Hello? Is there anyone here?" she called out, hoping that she wasn't walking into a bad situation.

03/04/2004 8:34 PM

"Hello? Is there anyone here?" she called out, hoping that she wasn't walking into a bad situation.

Seeing that the girl was elvin, Ashena decided to take a chance and poke her head out. "Meow"

03/06/2004 6:48 PM

OOC: I'm trying to get here when I can, but the school is tring it's amndest to stop me. Two research papers, two projects, sports, and extra-curricular bands. All of which I am behind on. Gonna be long weekend.

BiC: Cly noticed the newcomer's elven race almost immediatly, even before she lowered her hood. He had dealt with many races in his lifetime, and none had ever shown the kind of grace inherent to elves.

"Welcome. This tavern is friendly, even to your race in these hard times. Care to have a drink with us?"

03/12/2004 12:53 PM

Tala cautiously approached the man, patting the cat on the head as she passed it. She bowed slightly to him before sitting with him.

"A drink would be nice," she said. "Where is the bar maid?"

She looked around the near deserted inn, and spotted the girl hiding in the shadows by the kitchen. She waved her over. The girl hurried over to the table, giving the cat a wide berth as she neared it.

"Yes? What can I do for you?"

"A glass of wine and whatever you have that passes for food around here," Tala ordered, and waved the girl away. The maid bustled off to get Tala her order. Tala turned her attention back to the man in front of her. She wanted to know why there were so many draconians around, and had a feeling that he might know the reason.

"Tell me friend, has this town always had a vermin problem?"

03/12/2004 2:06 PM

OOC: My character is Misty Darkness, a elf, she would be 23 if she was human.
BIC: A young elven women walked in the door of the Inn, looked around and saw a elf sitting and talking with a man. The young elven women in her white clothing and blue hair stood out in the dark room, and her eyes were piercing if you looked straight into them. She walked over to a table near the elf and the man so as to maybe find out about the draconians she had seen. She was lucky to have snuck past them. She wanted to talk to this elf she was listening to, she wanted needed to speak to someone of her own race, do mainly to the fact of having been away from her home for a long while. She sat patienly and awaited the end of the elf's conversation.

03/12/2004 4:42 PM

"Good choice. The wine is quite good here." Cly saw in the elf's eyes that he should not evade the pressing topics. He sighed, and gestured to sit, and doing so himself.

"Well, vermin are all to common nowadays, are they not?" The elf nodded warily, and he continued, "Obviously, this town has more of one than most towns. Let's just say that this town has a large store of grain that would strongly attract such vermin. We collected here are occupants of this town, ore good samaritans looking to get back at the vermin who have invaded past homes. We are all itching to fight, but there are few of us and many of them."

"But, I am being impolite. My name is Cly." the introductions circled the room, and towns folk peeked out of their nooks and crevices to see if it was safe. The elf was still cautious, but she was warming to her surroundings.

Cly left the elf to converse with the others, and turned to another newcomer, also an elf. "And you are...?"

03/12/2004 4:56 PM

Cly left the elf to converse with the others, and turned to another newcomer, also an elf. "And you are...?"

OOC: I assume you're talking to me, so I am going to go with it.
BIC: Misty turned and looked at Cly. "My name is Misty Darkness." Misty replied. "And who might you be?" she asked. "What can you tell me about that elf over there?"

03/12/2004 6:39 PM

OOC: I was

BiC: "Nice to meet you. My name is Cly. I know as much as you do about 'that elf.' If you want to know more about her, talk to her yourself."

They turned, but Tala was immersed in conversation.

"Well, tell me about yourself."

03/12/2004 7:18 PM

Tala turned from her current conversation and looked at the other elf. She didn't recognize her, and wondered who she was and where she came from. She didn't smile, but gave the appearance of being friendly nonetheless. She nodded to the other.

"Please, before you begin your story, I would like to introduce myself to you and this man," she said. "My name is Tala Greenleaf, recently arrived in this town as I assume you are. You have been asked to tell your story, and so now I will allow you to do so."

Tala sat back in her chair, and sipped her wine when the bar maid brought her her order. As she listened to the girls story, she ate and wondered what was going on in the town. She made a mental note to ask Cly about it, if he didn't share his story with them that was.

03/12/2004 8:06 PM

"My name is Misty Darkness, I am a Silvanesti elf, but I have never really been in Silvanesti, I was always the exploring type," "I have left my home in search of adventure, power, honor, fighting, I am not the type to sit around and stare at trees." "No offense to you or any other elves," "I am 25 in human years and I have been gone from my homeland for a long time." "I also wish to not return while any of them would recognise me," "I have but one complaint about traveling, it is so dangerous to travel alone, I got this scar the day after I left my homeland." Misty would rumble on about some unimportant stuff. "I was hoping to accompany either or both of you on your journeys." "If you would be happy to have me I would be very obliged." she smiled.

03/14/2004 6:27 AM

Cly was about to explain the town's predicament, but two draconians walked through the door. People froze, and a hush fell around the room.
The draconians were not malicious, at least not any more than usual. They walked like typical bar patrons, walking in light conversation, happily waiting to be drunk. The elves were seated with their backs toward the door, and Cly gestured for them to stay where they were and cover their ears. He himself walked to the bar and told the bartender to get their new friends very, very drunk.

03/14/2004 7:29 AM

Tala looked at Cly, bewildered and wondering what was going on. She watched him walk over to the bar, and narrowed her eyes when she saw the two draconians. Instead of covering her ears, she instead placed her hand on the hilt of her sword.

"Those scum are going to pay for what they have done to this town," she growled. "So help me Eli, they will."

The elf woman continued to watch Cly and the draconians, waiting for something to happen.

03/14/2004 11:56 AM

Cly hoped to every God he knew the name of that people would remain calm. If someone did something rash, these draconians would react.

The draconians were from the meat of the army, so they felt worthless, and were volatile at best. They did not suspect anyone of any rebellious activity, but that could change.

Cly did not approach them, he let them drink in peace. He wached them tentativly, but he struck up conversation with Damen. He did not speak to loud, or to quiet, he just conversed. Gradually, the room started to talk again. The draconians knew they were disliked, and thought nothing of the silence. In a short amount of time they would be roaring drunk anyway.

03/15/2004 6:34 PM

OOC:I was told i could join so i'm gonin jump right in ok this is my first time doing this so just bear with me . This is my caracter.
Name: Merith
Sex: Male
Age: 23
Race: Human
Occupation: Sorcerer of Geomacy,and uses Animism of Mystic magic /Wanderer
Description:Tall,Built,Tan skin,Wears a red vest with a black under shirt,and wears black pants, and red shoes has dark brown hair and red head band. Also has a Dark red pendant
Weapons: uses tonfas and a staff
Background:When he was 13 years old he ran from home because his town was attacked by orges and ran into a mystic that showed him the art of animiusm and geomancy. who help out until one night they were attack at night by a group of draconians. That night his teacher was killed. He become very angry and grief-stricken and became an assasin for hire. He also has a hawk as a companion named lunarus. he comes to town looking for a place to stay, and money.
Here i go

<Snipped out Move... see Graffiti's intro for this character.>

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03/15/2004 6:56 PM

OOC: so how was that Good Bad tell me ok .

Okay, I only have a few problems.

1. Try and watch the punctuation a bit, especially for dialogue.

2. Stay with the story. What you wrote has little to do with what's already been done.

3. Think over what you've written before you post it. Keep in mind, if he killed or hurt two draconians in an occupied town, and was percieved as a threat, he'd have a large amount of the dragon-armies out for his blood.

Other than that, it is good.

How about I start you off.

BiC: A red mage walked into the tavern, and the first thing he saw was the two draconians. Cly saw him enter, and also saw that he was ready to fight the dragon-men at the slightest provocation. Cly made a beeline for the newcomer. Since the inn was busy and loud, he could talk, quietly.

"Hello and welcome to the Tavern of Fire. What is your name?"

The mage didn't seem to want to talk. "I am Merith, and I would like to..speak with those draconians." He moved to go around Cly, who stepped in front of him.

"I'd advise you didn't start a fight with them."

"Do you think I am a coward?!"

"No, but would you be held responsible for the life of every man, woman and child of this town? If you fight, chances are the Dragon Armies will burn this town to the ground. None of the people here like draconians any more than you do, let me assure you. We would just like to rid ourselves of them in a more organized way, so that we might be succesful."


Oh you can takeit from here.
You can use my character.

I just started you off, you have full reign of your character now. After all, what's the sake of rping if you don't play?

03/15/2004 7:25 PM

OOC: Thanx, okay should i delete that and i'm goin take what you wrote and have as my intro ok.Also what age are we in is after the summer of Chaos Or before it.You quoted me wrong
so let me trie this

BIC:Merith replied with "Fine I won't attack Because I don't want those people to get hurt because of me.Since I can't attack I'll help if you need it"

Cly nodded his head and said " Yes we could use the help, but unless you can build weapons i'm not sure how much good you could do except fight.

Merith replies with "Yes, I can help you build weapon's i'm a sorcerer of Geomacy"

OOC. Sorry about my grammer and in case you didn't know this what my Abilities are. And not a red mage. And yes i worship Chislev

This is the school of earthquakes and metal, drawn from Krynn's elemental firmament. It allows the sorcerer control over minerals of any kind, from common dirt to substances such as steel and silver, though the more refined the target the more difficult the manipulation.
This is the sphere that governs the relationship between the mystic and the life energy of Krynn. It allows the mystic to communicate with animals and plantlife, to influence and control such lifeforms and to understand their natures. It offers no control or communication with other sentient individuals, such as humans or elves, which is the realm of Mentalism, nor does it by itself extend to the sensing of life nearby, which is the realm of Sensitivity.
I got all this at
they have alot on the history of krynn
also what other forums are there?

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03/16/2004 7:31 AM

Tala tapped Misty's arm and nodded at the newcomer. It was a mage, a red robed at that. The elf woman generally didn't have a use for those who studied magic, and she doubted she was going to like this one very much. He seemed...volitile.

"Misty, you have told me your story, and even though we are not of the same race, I consider you a friend already," Tala said. "Tell me, what do you think of the young man over yonder? The one talking with Cly?"

03/16/2004 7:52 AM

OOC: first off i'm not a mage unless you consider a Sorcerer a mage then i'm sorry. second the only reason i can't be a mage is because my character takes places after the summer of chaos. third i'm not that good at spelling and grammer so tell me if i make a mistake, and thank you all for the help!
Graffiti i'm goona use your character agian ok

BIC: Cly says "That would be alot of help thanks" Then looks over his shoulder and says" Can we talk about it later i'll meet you at the Table near the fire around 6, Ok"
And walks over to wear he was seated before merith walked in.

Merith nods his head and turns to to go get a room.Out of the corner of his eye he notice some elves, and snears.Merith instead decides to take a seat, and orders some food and water.

OOC: my character's name is pronoced *Meer_rith*, and since you all keep getting my character mixed up here he is again

<SNipped the Character Info. Already stated in a couple of posts above>

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03/16/2004 10:06 AM

OOC: This is set in the War of the Lance, so, you might have to alter your character a bit. Like I asid before, you might want to write your posts in a word document, and then correct spelling/grammar, then you can copy and paste what you've written onto the board.

BiC: Cly watched the Mage carefully, noting his sneer toward the elves. The mage would have to be dealt with delicately, he seemed reckless, hair-triggered.

The Cly looked at the elves, they were deep in coversation, and were in no threat from the draconians, who were likewise talking, although loudly and sloppily. One of the draconians suddenly fell backwards, unconscious.

Cly looked at the Mage who got up and ambled over, grinning lopsidedly.

"Looks like that fella can't hold his alcohol..." he said quietly. He continued walking, straight out the door.

03/16/2004 10:32 AM

OOC: How about this for my character?
Name: Merith
Sex: Male
Age: 23
Race: Human
Occupation: Red mage /Wanderer
Description: Tall,Built,Tan skin,Wears a red vest with a black under shirt,and wears black pants, and red shoes has dark brown hair and red head band. Also has a Dark red pendant
Weapons: uses a staff
Background: When he was 13 years old he ran from home because his town was attacked by orges, and ran into a mystic that showed him the art of magic. who help out until one night they were attack at night by a group of draconians. That night his teacher was killed. He become very angry and grief-stricken. He also has a hawk as a companion named lunarus. He took the test when he was 20 years, but still refused to wear the robes He became very talented very fast and became an assassin for hire. He comes to town looking for a place to stay, and money.

BIC: When he got outside he called for his hawk Lunarus, and told him to scout the area. Then he walk down the street to see what was going on out here. About 3 HOURS LATER comes back to the tavern and gets a room. When he was going to his room he over heard a conversation and started to listen in....

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03/17/2004 4:25 PM

OOC: A few problems...

1.What is she saying? I couldn't quite understand.

2. Ashena is still a cat, unless you've warped the timeline, remember, we're still in the tavern, and Ashena is still a cat.

3. From what I could understand, it seems you are portraying Ashena as a traitor. You haven't even asked to use her character, and even if you had you should leave something that important to the original author.

Misty? Aerie?

03/18/2004 5:11 PM

OOC: I am sooooo sorry I haven't been on latly. My computer is stupid and the internet isn't working. I will try to be on as much as possible, but I also have several reports I have to complete for school. Ugg. Anywho, welcome Red_mage. You guys can use my character anytime, as long as you use her wisly. Good tacktic, Red mage, trying to get me angry an'all.

BiC: Ashena slunk into a back room, and changed back to her elvin form. She walked back out, saw a draconian lying unconsous(sp?) on the floor, and ducked back, laughing. When she recovered, she noticed a human standing near Cly. She walked over to him, and nodded a hello. "You just got here?" Seeing the look on his face, she hurredly added "We elfs aren't all that bad. Most are arrogant, stuck-up snobbs, but not all of us. Have you meet Cly?" She grabbed Cly's arm and pulled him over.

OOC: I may not be on for a while, so like I said, you can use my character WISLY.

03/18/2004 7:00 PM

OOC: Sorry, but I'm still in the 3 hours before.

BiC: Cly turned to Ashena. He could already see this was going to be a hectic night.

"So...what should we do with this?" He glanced at the unconscious mercenary, and his stunned drinking partner. He knew neither was a threat, so he hadn't any worry for his unique looking companion.

"I don't know. We can't exactly drop them off at the dragonarmies porch. How high rank are they? Maybe we could pass them off as deserters..."

"Well, they aren't dead, so what's the problem? couldn't we just chuck em' in town square? They probably won't remember anything anyway.." He paused as the conscious draconian called for more alcohol. He and Ashena lapsed into silence, watching as the draconain call loudly (and slurredly) for more beer.

Cly sighed, and walked over to talk to the two elves. Ashena followed.

03/18/2004 7:18 PM

OOC: Graffiti I'm coming back in for ya hon! Or at least trying too. ;) Aeramae & Misty glad you are here. :) Spitfire we all understand computer problems. Hope you can post soon. Red mage I get a little confused by what you are posting but then again I'm a little out of it right now!

BIC: Zara makes her rounds at the tavern that night talking to the townsfolk and trying to get the feel of what the people want.

Zara sits down at Cly’s table, “Hello. I’m Zara Nightrunner.” She introduces herself to the two elven females and they chat as Cly and Ashena come back to the table.

Zara turns her attention to Ashena and Cly. “We have a lot of support here but people are afraid to fight because they don’t want things to get worse then they already are.” Before they can respond she adds, “All I know is that we have to start something soon or we will lose what little support we do have. These people are ready to give up and that is not a good sign.”

OOC: I will try to post once a day guys but that is only if I can get out of bed..lol Feel free to use my char if I’m missing for a day or two, k?

03/18/2004 7:32 PM

OOC: I'd like to say sorry for early I was having a bad day And thought that if I took my anger out here it would help. It did but was uncalled for, so sorry and since everyone wants to stay 3 hour before i'll stay there to and pick up there later then. I'm alittle sick right now also and i'm reading what i put up there, and i'm confused to so don't worry.Been sick for the last two weeks so sorry.

BIC: Merith was walking around town he noticed some draconian talking and listened in and heard them say they were looking for a dragon. Also heard there boss was handing who ever found the dragon a huge reward, and that is when he jumped in. Told them he would help if the reward was worth it.

The draconian said to him “ the reward is 50 pieces of gold, and who ever killed the dragon would become a dragon highlord, and would get 100 pieces of gold”

Merith said “ ok, then take me to your boss so that I may talk to him” at that very moment he took out a dagger, killed the one that attacked him, and took the dagger out of the him( before him he turned to stone). At that same time told the other one not to move or he’ll die to( of course he didn’t, knowing well the mage would not be afraid to kill him to). At that moment the mage got up and told him again to take him to his boss. He did.*his robe turned a darker red after that moment But turned back to normal immediately*

03/18/2004 7:45 PM

"Nice to meet you Zara. I am Tala Greenleaf," the elf woman said. "I don't know why your town is overrun with this scum, but I will help you in any way I can."

She looked at Cly and Ashena. Misty seemed to have fallen asleep for the time being. Tala shook her head. She wondered if they could count on the other elf if things went bad. She sighed.

"What plans do you have for getting the draconians out of here?"

03/19/2004 6:00 AM

OOC: I'm moving my character's age up 33, O.K.

BIC:Merith was walking with the draconian, when they ran into his superior( draconian’s).
Immediately his superior asked “what is going on here” then killed the draconian before he could answer. At that very moment he took his sword, and put it up to the Red mage’s throat.

The Officer said “ I’ll kill you before you can say a word of magic. So I wouldn’t think of trying it. Explain to me why you had one of my draconian solider’s hostage.

Merith “well one of them jumped me, and I killed it. Then the other one told me about the bounty on the dragon. So I told him to take him to his boss, and here we are.

Officer “ Give me one good reason to Believe you”

Merith “ I can’t only you can decide that, but you would have killed me already if you thought I was lying”. At that moment he took off his hood.

Officer was shocked and said “ O my god look at who it his Merith long time no see”.

Merith said “ Yes old friend it has been long hasn’t it, about 10 years if I’m correct”

Officer “Yes, you are correct, 10 years. Looks like we got a lot to catch up on don’t we.

03/19/2004 8:17 AM

OOC: Ok I’m feeling better today felt like writing and hope you all don’t mind. :P I'm going to use the info of a bounty on dragon's head(aka Ashena) but I'll put it in terms of steel and bring it down to a reasonable amount. Why not say 100 steel. At that time I think that would be a lot. Let me know I can always change it! :) Oh when we need it I willing to play another char..one of the people from town to help fight.

BIC: Zara leans into the table and lowers her voice, “Part of our plan is to gather people together then train them to fight the opposing force.” She looks over towards the drunken draconians, “So far only a hand full of people have come forth.” She says looking around at her companions.

Just then a young men walks quickly through the door and head straight for the table. He knees down next to Ashena, “My lady, I have some news for you.” He says hesitantly looking at everyone sitting at the table, “Maybe we should speak in private?”

“No Jake it’s ok. We are among friends here. Now tell me what brings you here in such a state?” Ashena says in a concerned tone.

Jake lean forward, speaking softly, “There is a bounty that has been placed on your head of 100 steel. But now instead of capturing you they want to have you killed.” Jake looks intently at Ashena, “You have saved my family and for that I offer what little skill I have. My sword is in your service. I will guard you with my life.”

“I thank you for that Jake but I believe your father needs you more then I do. I have my friends here who can help me. Your father is already doing us a great service by smithing the weapons we need. You would better serve the cause by keeping him alive and out of harms way for now. When we do fight, I will be honored to have you fighting with us.” Ashena says with a proud smile.

“As you wish.” Jake replies with a smile of his own then nods and takes his leave.

“With this news, I think we need to move our plans into action sooner.” Zara says frowning, “Some of the people I have spoken to have a little skill so maybe we should just work with them first.”

03/19/2004 12:25 PM

OOC: glad you feel better DM. :)

Why not say 100 steel. At that time I think that would be a lot.

Yes, you are right that was alot back then I forgot thanx's.

BIC: Merith think to himself * Who ever would have thought Saurus would have joined the dragon armies*

Saurus looks at him, and says “ Is everything ok you don’t look good?”

Merith replies with “ Yes, I’ m fine just a little tired. That’s all, anyways how have you been? The last time we saw each other was when I past the test of high sorcery, and you carried me to the inn, remember?. Then we went to Palanthas, and I decided to study there, you stayd with me for 3 years. That’s when went are separate ways.”

Saurus “ I still can’t believe it’s been that long, Merith. Why don’t you rest at are camp tonight, then we can catch up on what we’ve been doing?”

Merith “ Maybe tomorrow old friend? I’ve got business to attend to tonight.

Saurus “Ok.”
Merith say’s the words to a spell. Then disappears in a cloud of smoke. He reappears in front of the inn.

03/19/2004 4:35 PM

Cly was watching the goings on around him, and paying slight attention to the talk around him. He heard some noise from outside, and people by the windows were talking more anxiously.

"Hold on, somethings happening..." They all moved toward the door, and Tala shook Misty awake.

Outside, a draconian's body was lying in the town square, with its throat cut. There were blood marks from where it was dragged. The body was surrounded by townspeople, trying to do something about it without alerting the soldiers. Cly walked in among them, picked up the body, and threw it into the well, which was empty. There was a thud, and a few moments later, a flash of light, and the ground shook.

"He wasn't dead. At least Merith isn't the sharpest knife in the barrel..."

03/19/2004 4:48 PM

Meirth walks up behind Cly and says " Whats going on here? Why are all these people surrounding the well?
*Merith looks in the well*

Merith" oh, got to go "

Cly grabs him and says "wait"

03/20/2004 7:54 AM

OOC: Thx Red..I do feel a lot better now! :)

BIC: Zara looks over at the others as Ashena walk among the townspeople getting them to go back to their dwelling by assuring them that everything will be alright.

Tala and Zara exchange glances then move over towards Cly and the red robed Mage he has grabbed a hold of. A sleepy Misty follows closely behind them.

"Do you know this mage, Cly?" Zara asks then turns her attention to the mage and before Cly answers she asks the mage, "Did you cut that draconian's throat?"

03/21/2004 3:25 PM

OOC: Hold on for a minute. Why did you fight me? I did nothing to overtly anger Merith. Also, I think you under estimated both Zara and Cly. One more thing, I haven't said this, so just keep it in mind, Boldar can't use magic objects. He's always been magically inept, magical objects just don't work around him.

Anyway, I'm gonna play it from there, except instead of fighting, Merith just took off.

BiC: Zara watched as Merith ran out of sight, and abruptly turn a corner. She was not surprised that people got out of his way, his eyes burned with a madness that few would want to anger. When he was out of sight, she sturned to Cly.

"Why didn't you stop him?" She more or less knew the answer, but asked anyway.

"He is not someone to be taken casually. I could tell that from the beginning. But, with the dragonarmies at his back, which they undoubtedly will be, and us waiting for him here, he has few chances of living to see the plants blossom."

Boldar, Damen, and a few other people from the inn jogged up. Damen spoke for them.

"If you don't mind, sir, we'd like to send a patrol out for him."

Cly looked at Damen, amused. "So I'm a 'sir' now? I can live with that. Yes, a patrol isn't a bad idea. If you see him, try and take him out from afar, and preferrably before he sees you." Cly then turned to Ashena, Tala, Misty and Zara. "Would any of you like to come?"

03/21/2004 3:46 PM

OOC: Nobody used my character in a way that wasn't suited to the way she behaved before. I just wanted that warning out there before Red did to her what he did to Zara and Cly. She's not afraid of anything, and knows how to fight.

BIC: Tala walked up to Cly and Zara. The looked just as confused as she did. The trio watched at the crazed mage ran off through the crowd. She shook her head.

"I think we'll have to watch out for that one," she said. "Anyway, you know I'm here to help in any way I can, be it taking out the current problem in town, or getting that psycho under control."

03/21/2004 8:21 PM

OOC: Sorry I have been gone all week do to spring break. I am really confused about what is going on in this rp now, so if it's cool I am going to of had my character sneak out of town and just now meet back up with you guys. Is that cool?

BIC: Tala walked up to Cly and Zara. The looked just as confused as she did. The trio watched at the crazed mage ran off through the crowd. She shook her head.

BIC: Misty snuck up to Cly and whispered in his ear, "Hey, I'm back." Misty collapsed on the ground.

03/22/2004 2:35 PM

Zara nods "I'm not sure what to make of him so I agree that he needs to be watched and any help is greatly welcome." she says with a smile to Tala.

Zara looks seriously at Cly then speaks, "Yeah I'm up for walk, Sir." a slight smile widens across her face.

03/22/2004 6:34 PM

OOC: Like I said before, Sorry I tend to get really over zealous sometime so sorry. * feels embarrassed*

BIC: Merith snaps out of it, and says "Same old, same old"

Thinks to himself how am I gonna fix this. A few minutes later comes up with a plan. His robe goes a little blacker again, but ignores it. He starts to chant a spell. Then he sets a fire on a building. The fire is a false one of course, but the towns people will never know. His robe turn alittle whiter this time.

03/22/2004 6:40 PM

Cly and the others were going to leave when Misty collapsed. Cly was surprised, the elf seemed perfectly healthy at the time. He told some people to take her into the inn, do what they could. This worried him, but he had bigger elves to fry.

The group of searchers was kept to a minimum, only Tala, Cly, Boldar, Damen, Zara, and Ashena. Cly wanted to keep townspeople from getting hurt if Merith fought with them. Merith had proven that he was not going to come easy, or even be predictable.

Then, as if on cue, a commotion started. Apparently, a fire had started on Second Avenue. The group ran toward it, knowing that Merith was somehow involved. As they got closer, they knew something was wrong.
There wasn't enough sound. No screams, no crackling of the flames, and the house was fine. The fire stopped and a black cloaked figure stepped out of the shadows. She carried a well carved and obviously powerful staff.

"Simple illusion. No harm done, except maybe a little fright to the commoners."

OOC: Naomi, I hope you don't mind me using your character. If you did, let me know.

03/22/2004 8:19 PM

Misty was feverish and shaking for a few hours, she was all sweaty and really hot. Her hand was clenched so tight as to keep something from being seen, when she passed out she dropped the amulet she had been holding on to.
It was a amulet to the dark god of pain and sorrow. Misty was now a dark elf and an evil cleric along as a ranger. She did not hate her friends but she had come back to see them and tell them of her struggles. She had become powerful but had fallen ill with the plague.

03/23/2004 2:48 PM

OOC: this isn't much of a chage DM, but I'm not that good at originality but still. I think this group needs a jump start so here it is....

BIC: Merith saw what the unknown mage just did and says under his breathe, " Sure
spoil all my fun".

His see the group standing not to far off in the distant as they become
aware of his presence. Just then Merith turns to take a look behind him.
His eyes widen in surprise. Everyone turn their attention to the area behind
Merith then ready their weapons of choice. .........

Saurus “ What old friend can’t speak?”

Merith “ What are you doing here?”

Saurus “What do you think I’m doing here? I’ve gotten tried of waiting for the dragon to come.”

Merith “These people have nothing to do with that. Now leave them out of it, and go away.”

Saurus “What you don’t want to play? Too bad, and I’ve set a little party for you.”

Merith “Everyone leave now! This is between you, and me not them.”

Saurus “ Now that is where you are wrong, one of these people is the dragon. So see now there are involved”

Merith “ I said leave now, I’ll fight him off as long as possible. Now leave!!”
Behind Saurus was about 10 to 20 draconians, and men from his army. Who appeared out of nowhere. Everyone steps foreword, but Merith says “ I said go!”

03/23/2004 5:17 PM

While the peculiar group of warriors were abruptly stood up against the draconian troop, a cloaked figure watched patiently in the shadows. Her eyes splayed about the scene, analyzing the situation and wonderign whether she should get involved or not. She had been there for quite a while, hiding in the shadows where even elvensight could not reach.

Her black hood was lowered so that seeing her face was a near impossible feat, though yellow eyes glowed dimly in the shadow like twin lamps in the distance. She stood as still as stone; watching, listening.

She heard the one named Merith cry out valiantly to his companions. Telling them to retreat, to leave the decent sized troop of draconians to him and him alone. Catlike pupils shifted, the only movement her body seemed to make.

(This could be interesting to watch....and yet...that would not be right.)

Ruby lips played softly with smile at her own thought.

"But then...what is right, in any case?" she murmured quietly, and, without another sound, fell away from her hiding place behind the stone wall.

The draconians were advancing upon the group, at the will of the one named Saurus, it seemed. Their slitted eyes narrowed in bloodlust, their jaws bared. But she did not fear them.

She stepped forward, ignoring Merith's order to go. In her hands she held what looked like a staff, but was draped in old, raggy cloth.

"This is quite a strange affair." Her voice was deep and powerful, and yet quiet at the same time. Her face was still hidden by her hood.

(OOC: Um...if I did anything wrong, just tell me and I'll change my post. Okay?)

03/24/2004 5:11 PM

Cly watched the draconians advance slowly, and weighed his options. The draconians were Baaz and Sivak, so they couldn't use magic. His group, along with Merith and the newcomer, could probably defeat them. But, if they did, there would be no more hiding, no more preperations. The wrath of the dragonarmies would more than likely level the small town, and his motley group would hardly be a bump in the road.

He started yelling orders. The draconians were not attacking, and stopped walking when the group readied there weapons. This group was small, but definitely strong enough to put up a fight. Cly whispered something to Damen, who pulled his bowstring back as far as it would go, and pointed it straight at Merith's head. He let it fly with a snap of his fingers, and the arrow spiralled close enough to Merith that a bit of hair fell off, and his ear started to bleed froma small nick from the razor edge of the broadhead arrow. That arrow kept flying true, however, and plunged directly into Saurus's heart.

The draconians were shocked, and were plungeed into chaos. Afew ran, for without the head, the snake is kiled, while others fought haphazardly. There were more than were obvious, draconians were coming out of the woodwork. Boldar and Cly cut a swath through them, Boldar's heavy axe hacking them apart while Cly's rapier sliced them neatly in arteries they didn't even know they had.

The newcomer also helped, hitting the draconians with her staff, accompanied by flashes of light. Damen loosed arrows through the mob, constantly buzzing past heads but always lodging into the dragon men. He and Zara were making short work of them.

Tala proved to be a formidable fighter, her flashing sword was often the last thing her enemies saw. Even Merith was being effective. His magic burned and sizzled through the chill air, and every now and then a draconian would find his feet eveloped in the earth.

With this impressive collaboration, the daconians were all dead, and quickly. Now Cly just had to deal with the consequences.

"Ashena, how long can the all town's fighters live in that cave?"

03/24/2004 5:54 PM

The silent black mage entered battle quickly with them, though strangely did not use her magic or unsheath her staff from the cloth which wrapped around it. She was a swift mover, through, and many of them fell with crushed skulls from blows to the head.

One final opponent stood in her path, advancing upon her with a sword. She did not move, but withdrew against herself, as if concentrating in spell, therefore leaving herself vulnerable. The draconian fell for this and leapt forward, thinking he had a clear shot.


Her right hand, which had buried into one of the many folds in her robes, whipped out at him--releasing a powdery black sand at him, catching him in the eyes and the mouth. The saurian creature reeled backward, but couldn't scream; the sand seemed to be quickly suffocating him. His eyes seemed to melt, blood dribbling down his scaly face. Mercifully he slumped to the ground moments later, dead.

Upon that makeshift battlefield she regained her composure, standing tall although she was not that great in height. She turned to Cly and listened to his question without saying a word, focused upon him though her other senses were alert for other draconian forces that might be coming.

03/24/2004 6:59 PM

Tala grabbed the bottom edge of her cloak and wiped her sword off, grimacing as she did so. She didn't like wiping her sword off on her clothes, but neither did she want the putrid black blood staining her steel.

She sheathed her sword, and walked over to Cly. He asked Ashena how long they could hide out in some cave. Tala frowned. She knew nothing about a cave. She decided the best course of action would be to just wait for explanations that would surely come.

03/24/2004 9:07 PM

OOC: Forget all about the whole evil elf thing about Misty.
BIC: Misty ran over to cly, she seemed sorry to have missed the battle but happy to see her friend still alive.
"Cly, I missed you." Misty said blushing. "I was hoping you would not have gotten hurt." Misty hugged Cly and told him the story of what had happened to her between the first time they met and this time.
OOC: By the way, haha, Misty is in love with Cly.

03/25/2004 2:23 PM

After Zara puts her sword away she hears Cly ask Ashena about the cave. She walks over to them and stands next to Tala who is also awaiting Ashena's response.

"If it is ok with you, I would rather take my chances in the forest near the back entrance of the cave." Zara says as she places a hand on Cly’s shoulder, "Besides someone needs to stay on the outside. I can stay hidden and in touch with other members of the town that are not fighters." She adds with a smile.

OOC: Zara doesn’t like caves so this is where I can play another char..someone from town…another fighter. I will continue to play Zara but just want to play someone different as well. I’ll post a char on the occ thread when I can think one up.

03/25/2004 9:18 PM

The sound of his own footfalls. The run through the brush in the forest was constant. He was used to it. He had to do this daily in his life back in Palanthas. This was what he was trained to do.

It was only a day ago when he got word that there was a rebellion brewing in Perechon. He was right. He know the minds of the commoners better than most of the people he knew. He was just that kind of person. Loved by the people, respected by his equals and hated by some of the more well off. Well, you can't please everyone.

Find the rebellions. Chardan said. Find out what they know. Get them organized with us somehow. The city will need them.

Farron chuckled though his heavy breaths. Need them huh? Will they want to help them when the city let the damned dragon freaks overrun their towns? He wondered.

He arrived at Perechon in the late morning and to his disappointment the town was just full of the dragon breaths. This can be good. A rebellion brewing here means they must be cautious, cunning and smart. Their leader must be a smart fellow; or a woman as is in this case.

Getting in was no problem. The draconian foot soldiers were as dumb as they looked. It only took him a few minutes to find the place. The Tavern of Fire. Quaint little name.

As he was trained, he must find out more about this place and the woman he was to seek out. First, a stake out. He hated stake outs but it's better to be safe than sorry. This could be some cunning little ploy to draw out some of the less faithful to the great cause of the Dragon Highlords.

He scaled a building just across the street of the tavern and watched hidden behind the waist high wall of the ledge. He looked around.

"Damn," he said to himself, "The Draconians are all over the place. It will be a treat to meet this group. They have to be good to keep a rebellion under wraps like this to not be discovered!"

After a few hours of watching a few people enter and leave the tavern his attention took hold to a man in red robes leaving the tavern.

"Hmmm... a red." he commented to himself, "What is he up to?"

He watched as the red robe figure walked down the street toward the town center. The figure looked around and then head over to a couple of Draconians.

Farron tilted his head in wonder. "Interesting."

He watched as they conversed then gasped as the red robed figure withdrew a dagger and stabbed the draconian through the throat. He withdrew the dagger just as the Draconian turned to stone and fell to the hard cobblestone with a thud.

"Huh?" Farron was confused. That was stupid, he thought as he watched the other Draconian take the red robed figure away without even a struggle. He must have a death pact. Who knows with those magic users.

A few minutes passed by and a crowd of folks started to gather around. It looks like they are trying to decide what to do with the body before more Draconians could discover what had happen.

He was about to get up to go help when a group of people exited the tavern. He hunched back down and watched as on of them walked to the town center and pushed through the crowd, his companions followed in tow.

Could this be the group he was looking for? It couldn't be. Why would a rebellion who's prime reason was to stay incognito have a crazy red mage running rampage in the group causing attention they didn't need?

He watched as the man who seems to be the current lead of the group hoist the draconian into a well in the town center. A few moments later, a thud and flash of light emitted from the well. He thought the ground shook a little but he wasn't sure from up here.

The group coversed a bit, some telling the towns folk to disperse, when that crazy mage appeared out of no where. After a few words with the lead of the group, the mage tooks off running.

What in the world is going on? If this mage is part of their group I'd kill him just on principle. He put the group in danger and has no doubt just blown their cover.

A sudden voice yelling fire broke his thoughts. He peered over the side of the ledge wall. A building across the town center was ablazed. People started to run around in commotion, however, after a moment the people calmed down and watched the fire curiously.

The fire stopped and a black cloaked figure stepped out of the shadows. She carried a well carved and obviously powerful staff.

A female voice, faint to him but clear enough said, "Simple illusion. No harm done, except maybe a little fright to the commoners."

"So, another mage." he whispered to himself. He doubted that she was the one who caused the illusion. From here she didn't have that crazed look that the red had. It must have been him again, probrably thinking he was doing his friends a favor.

He looked beyond them and saw an advancing group of Draconians. "Drat!" he said to himself worried but the battle was over in a matter of minutes. Some Draconians didn't make it and some ran. Even the red mage helped out.

"Hmmmm..." he mumbled to himself, "At least they know how to fight. But that red mage. He's going to be a problem."

If this is the rebellion of Perechon then they'll have to find a new base of operations as this one is blown. A little voice in the back of his mind said to go on to the next town. This rebellion won't last another week with the way things are going but it's best to at least talk to this group. See what they know and perhaps they can use his help.

Best to keep watch just a few moments longer.

03/26/2004 7:07 AM

Tala looked around her. She felt very edgy suddenly, and didn't know why. They had to leave town, and fast.

"Listen, we don't have time to just stand around here," she said, her voice tight. "Where is this cave? We'll discuss how long we can stay there when and if we arrive there."

03/26/2004 1:54 PM

The newcoming black mage stepped forth, keeping respectful distance from any of them, and pulled back the cowl of her black robes. She was a human woman, fairly young, with short black hair that grew even darker than her attire. Her amber yellow eyes roamed purposefully from one face to another, catlike pupils slitting and widening as they adjusted to the light.

"She is right, if I might add. We are sitting ducks, standing here. There, we can at least regroup and prepare for the next attack." There was no question that there would be another attack. These Draconians were not done.

As Naomi spoke, her eyes continued to roam, analyzing each whom she saw with a fleeting but intensive gaze. Her eyes finally settled upon Farron, where they stayed for some time as she fell into thoughtful silence.

03/26/2004 1:58 PM

Misty kept trying to get Cly's attention, she loved how he looked into her eyes.
"Yes, where is the cave?" Misty asked. "Do you think we will have to filter out the 'evil'?"

03/26/2004 2:25 PM

Antonius is awaken by the sound of a battle going on not too far from his small dwelling. He makes himself ready in record time but then the noises stops.

How strange, he thinks to himself as he cautiously opens his front door. Upon seeing no one in sight he slowly creeps outside. Wrapped in his dark cloak, he slips silently around the building and into the shadows. With his hand on the hilt of his one sword he peers towards where the noise had been.

He sees a group of people standing in the middle of the square looking as if they had been fighting but there was only one body that he could see. Then he spots objects scatter on the ground. Draconians! What do they think they are doing? His inner voice says. Deciding that this group is trouble he shakes his head. He is about to turn away and leave them when he sees Ashena standing among them as few of the group are talking to her.

He walks out of the shadows of the building and calmly towards Ashena. Upon seeing him walk out of no where the group makes ready to fight him. But then Ashena seems to recognize him and grabs the one men's arm then nods for him not to fight. The others see this and stand firm.

“Ashena, What has happened here?” Antonius asks then look around at everyone standing there, “You have all put yourselves in grave danger. We must get to the cave.” He says in a calm tone.

“Who are you?” one of the females asks as she steps forward. Upon looking at her he notices that she is an half elf. She stands with her hand still on her sword awaiting his answer.

“Please forgive me but there is no time for this. Just know I am a friend of the rebellion. You must follow me before it is too late.” Antonius says as he looks around at the group. “Ashena, you must convince them and now.” His voice held a hint of concern.

"He is right, Cly. We must go now. I will come with you to the cave then leave out the back way." says the half elf to the man standing next to Ashena.

Just then the sounds of men and Draconians are coming from the direction of the main road. Time for them to make their move to leave is coming to an end.

03/26/2004 6:55 PM

The group scattered, travelling in small groups headed for the cave, each with someone who knew the way. Misty was immediately by Cly's side, as was the black robed mage. They walked trhough the streets. Misty and Cly were conversing, but it was small talk, and Cly was not paying much attention. Instead he was watching the shadows. He thought he had seen a glimpse of something moving on the roofs. He didn't see anything else, so he ignored it.

Cly started to flash back to his life in Palanthas. Life in the Thieves guild had been pleasant. Opposed to popular opinion, the thieves were mostly happy, and took care of each other. They were often good friends. That was where Cly had met Boldar. Cly, Boldar, and someone else were a strong team, Boldar was the fighter, in case they were caught, Cly usually though up the plans or carried them out, in the case of undercover jobs, or when he needed to fool a mark, Cly was a very talented actor. The other one was the one who could pull off a stealth job, he was and expert at creeping through mansions or avoiding guards. What was his name?

Anyway, the leader eventually was killed by the knights, and the new leader, Chardan, did not encourage the companionship of the guild. Cly and Boldar didn't like this, and wanted out, while the other wanted to stay. There was a bit of a falling out, and now Cly was here, the other one was not.

OOC: Chung, I'm trying to tie our characters together. Do you mind?

03/26/2004 10:51 PM

Antonius thought the plan to break off into groups was a great idea. Cly and Boldar took one female elf, Misty with them as well has the unknown black robed mage. Ashena said she would take the half elf, Zara with her as well as Damen, which left him with the female elf, Tala and the red robed mage, Merith. Cly was taking the long way to the back entrance of the cave while Ashena was entering through her dwelling. Antonius decides to take his group to an older passageway.

"We must move quickly." Antonius says to both of them, "Now follow me."

There was no doubt in his mind Tala would be able to keep up with him but as for Merith he wasn't sure so kept his pace slower then when he travels alone. But even though they were moving slower they arrive at their destination in a matter of minutes. Once they reach an old cottage, he pulls out a key and unlocks the door.

"Please go inside." he says in a soft voice but both of them heard him. Once inside he lights a candle then reveals the passage way to the cave. He enters first to lead the other two down the deep passage way. Not too long after they enter the cave to find Ashena, Zara and Damen are already there.

Looking at Ashena, Antonius takes down the hood of his cloak, “Now all we do is have to wait for the others to get here.” She slowly nods then sits down on the floor while Zara starts to pace. Damen is leaning against the wall facing the back entrance ready for action.

Knowing they are safe for the moment, Antonius turns to the ones who are there, “My name is Antonius.” With that said Zara stops to look at him as if to size him up, “And Ashena and Cly said all of your names, Zara, Damen,Tala and Merith.” He says as he looks at each one in turn as a sign of respect.

Turning back to Zara an idea forms in Antonius’ head that may give the half elf some relief, “Zara, do you mind going to the entrance of the cave and looking out for the others?”

Zara nods and quickly leave the cave without a word. Upon her leaving, he turns his attention back to Ashena. He walks over to her and bends down on one knee to look her in the eyes, “Tell me what has happen since I was here last.”

03/27/2004 1:11 AM

OOC: OK No problem. :) We'll play off of each other. I'll have to add some backgroud stuff while we're at it but it'll work out as we go along.

I'm going to take a little liberty in the storyline right now in response to what the Red Robe did and also put us in a new enviroment, we've been panzy around a little too long. ;) I hope you don't mind Graffiti.

Farron watched as the group quickly exchanged a few words and split into two groups.

Good, he thought, they see them coming. Just across the town center down the main street Farron could see a larger squad of Draconians rushing to the disturbance.

Farron watch the group split down the street. The person who seems to be the leader passed across the street with the dark robed woman and a couple of others in the group. Farron froze.

"No!" he said under his breath, "It can't be him. If he's here then..." his eyes scanned the rest of the group.

He grinned as they turned down a corner at the end of the street.

"We'll I'll be. Cly and Boldar. I think that was their names! I haven't seen them since I signed up with the guards. Father told me they were never up to any good!" he chuckled.

He dipped low back behind the ledge wall suddenly as a voice boomed from below in the streets. His head snapped back to the group of Draconians now standing in front of the Tavern.

"Attention fair citizens of Perechon!" A man in a dark armour standing on the steps of the Tavern bellowed. Those citizens who were milling about during the ruckus started to gather around in front of the tavern, minding their distance.

Farron hissed under his breath, "Dragon Highlord Kantros!"

Other Draconian troopers were dragging what remaining patrons there were still inside the tavern and threw them in the street at sword point.

"I am but a fair man." he continued in a very good immatation of a man who has been betrayed by his people.

"I wanted peace here. We did nothing but released you from your Palanthas oppressors and this is how I am repaid?" he paused dramtically and shook his head in vain.

"I have always tried to be an understanding man. Alas, I have but no choice."

He turned to a draconian and nodded. The draconian barked out orders and other troopers ran into the tavern. From what Farron could tell, the were tearing up the place. His understanding dawned as the troops filed out dousing alcohol against the building. The draconian then set a torch on fire and tossed it into the tavern and fire over took the walls and interior in a matter of seconds.

"I am Dragon Highlord Kantros! I demand the woman named Ashena be handed over. I am offering a substantual reward for her capture. Now, you can all hide and protect her and her band of rebels or I can burn this town down building by building until I find her. The choice is yours!"

A couple of women let out short screams to this, most just mumbled in appearent fear.

"Sir! What about these people?" a Draconian asked the Highlord.

Kantros looked at the people kneeling on the ground, most looking at him in fear. He scanned the faces of those in the now large crowd.

"As the Highlord of this region, I declare these people TRAITORS! Let these people be an example for those who do no cooporate with us!"

The draconian grinned and shouted orders and to Farron's horror, the people started to lay dead from the onslaught of the draconian's serrated blades.

People screamed but the all stayed where they stood. There were too many Draconians to do anything rash. That's good, Farron thought, at least the people have sense but he can imagine what they were going through. He, himself, was doing everything he can from jumping off the roof and attacking the Draconians.

He eyes narrowed as his heart fluttered. The Draconians were going down the line slashing and stabbing the innocent, like workers in a meat slaughterhouse. At the other end was a woman holding her child in her arms. He could hear her mumbling reassurances to her child as the slaughter approached them. The Highlord stood there and smiled as some of the crowd took quick leave from the gory spectacle.

Farron's fist went to his mouth and he bit hard. He hated to be helpless to do anything. He couldn't. Not without help and the townsfolk were too shocked to be any help. No this wasn't the time but damn it to hell!

The child suddenly sprang from his mothers arms. He couldn't have been more that seven or eight years old.

"No Timmy!" she screamed. The Draconians stopped and looked at the boy who stood his his ground a few meters facing their Dragon Highlord. They looked back to their leader in anticipation. Kantros merely grinned.

"We are no traitors! You are the oppressors mister!" the boy shouted, his chest puffed defiantly.

The woman crawled on her knees in front of the highlord and begged, "Please sir, he's only a child. He knows no better. Please, let him go."

Kantros looked into the womans eyes, "Why, of course." he said assuring her, "Please, get up." He helped the sobbing lady to her feet and the boy smiled. Why not? He just stood up to a mean looking man who was going to kill both him and his mother.

"You see I am but a fair man. However my dear, you still are a traitor." he smiled cool and calmly, "And if I were to let traitors go, then more will do the same. Now we can't have that happening can we?"

She just sobbed, tears free flowing from her face. She never heard the sword being drawn from his sheath and the surprise on her face told Kantros so as his slid the blade into her stomach. She stiffened then slowly dropped to the floor.

"NO! MOMMY!" the boy screamed as Kantros laughter filled his head. By this time the crowd was in chaos. Many tried to jump in but the Draconians pushed them back or in some cases, beat them back.

The woman uttered one last sentence, "Run Timmy, run...". She slumped to the ground and breathed he last final breath of air.

Timmy turned and ran. Kantros smiled and pulled his bow from his back. He drew an arrow and aimed.

Now Timmy was a boy, just like many of the other kids in Perechon. He always listened to his mother. His heroes were the Solmatic Knights who upheld honor and glory. No, you never say a bad word about the order who he was someday going to grow up to join. He had childish dreams of saving the world from evil but then again, don't we all?

The air whistled low of a soaring arrow and it truly hit it's mark. Timmy will never be a Solmatic Knight. However, he still did listen to his mother, even at his last living second, for as he hit the ground from the force of the arrow and as the lights started dimmed from his eyes, he still heard his dear mothers voice. Run Timmy... Run.

Farron held back a scream and smacked his fist repeatly into the hard stone ledge wall.

He decided that he will seek revange for Timmy and his mother. He will ask Kantros if he remembered them as he laid dying on the ground by his sword. He will make sure his last dying thought was trying to remember who Timmy and his mother were.

Right now he must go find the group. It shouldn't be hard to track their trail and catch up. He scaled back down the wall and gave the street a wide berth, heading out an alley to a street on the other side and back tracking down the way the others went. It didn't take long for him to find the first group where Cly was part of scurring along the street.

A few times he thought Cly saw him but that is fine. The woman in the dark robes have already seen him. No one said he was a master theif. He as just a plain Captain part of the Palanthas Guard. Besides he will introduce himself to them sooner or later. They need to organize and fast. This Ashena is who they are looking for and he must warn them they are dealing with Kantros.

He followed them to a cave entrance where they were met with a women from the other group. She was beautiful Farron thought but this wasn't the time to go girl watching. He listened and waited, hoping that it will soon be time to introduce himself to Cly and Boldar and to the rest of his group.

03/27/2004 11:11 AM

Naomi silently followed Cly and his group deep into the forests to the entrance of the cave. It was relief, not being the leader for once. She knew how selfish that thought sounded, but still...

Listen to yourself, she thought as she smiled cynically. Menion would be laughing at you now.

She had been in Solace visiting an old friend, but the sickness of Menion's sister, Ember, had brought her here to Perechon to find a cure. However, she had not expected this attack.

Or perhaps, she had.

Suddenly, her sure steps faltered upon the ground, she fell behind. Moments later, she came to a complete stop, and with watering eyes she watched the others move ahead, unnoticing, or perhaps uncaring of her state as she fell to her knees.

Perechon had been again attacked. She had been right. But the forces were far greater than before. In her mind it was set out like a play, and frightened villagers stormed the bloody stage.

Run, Timmy, run...

I declare these people TRAITORS!

Voices filled her mind. Screaming, begging, too many to count or soothe. She was awash in a sea of death, that broached upon the buildings of the town and left blood in their wake. And above this storm of slaughter, there stood one man untouched.

Of course. It was him...

The Dragon Highlord Kantras.

When she came to she was upon the ground, on knees and one hand, the other gripping her staff so hard she feared she would dent the magic black wood. Small trickles of blood had poured from her nostrils and her lips, staining the cool grass beneath her.

Coughing, she wiped her face clean with an already bloodstained sleeve, though the black sleeve concealed its presence. Her hand then reached for her flask and brought it to her lips. The bitter acrid fluid burned her insides just as much as it healed them, and her weakness subsided.

Slowly she got up off of her knees and idly brushed off the front of her robes. Her eyes glared, but her face remained completely expressionless.

No...I must concentrate now on what is important, she thought to herself, the horrific images in her mind playing dimly like a passing dream. His lordship Kantras...he shall get his due. Yes...I am sure of that. Looking ahead, she hastened her step to catch up with the others, who were not far away.

03/27/2004 2:15 PM

Zara stands at the entrance to the cave as she keeps a look out for Cly and others. The feeling of fresh air and open space gives her a sense of peace. Silly fear of caves she says to herself.

With her senses coming back to her, she becomes aware of the forest in front of her. All of a sudden there is a sense of uneasiness in the wildlife surrounding the area which makes Zara put her hand ready on her sword. The forest becomes very still and even the wind ceases to blow.

strange she thinks to herself maybe I should get the others she starts to turn back towards the cave when she hears the sounds of footsteps and low chatter of a female’s voice.

Cly appears with a non stop talking Misty on his arm. Zara frowns to herself. What does Misty think this is some sort of night outing? her inner voice says as she shakes her head.

Cly stops to greet Zara but someone is missing for the group. Just before Zara asks where the Black Robed mage is, she comes into view.

Zara turns to Cly, “We are all here now. But I feel something is wrong. I don’t know what but the forest has gotten silent.” With that said they all head into the cave but Zara.

Cly turns and stops for a moment looking at Zara. He goes to say something to her but she puts a hand up to stop him. “No please go in without me I need to stay out here for a few more moments. I’ll be in shortly.” Zara adds with a slight smile as Cly nods then takes the others inside.

Zara closes her eyes for a moment and takes a deep breath. You can do this! It is just a cave. she tries to convince her self then sighs once more.

Opening her eyes she sees something move to the side of her. Using her keen sense of hearing she listen to the slight sound of movement coming from that direction.

She slowly steps back into the mouth of the cave and out of sight waiting to see if anyone else appears.

03/27/2004 5:42 PM

Tala rose from her spot. She stretched her arms in the air, and then started towards the front of the cave. As she passed Cly, and the now ever-present Misty, she nodded, letting him know she was alright. He nodded in return.

"I have to get some fresh air," she told the group.

As she neared the entrance, she noticed Zara, hiding just inside of the cave. Tala crept up behind her, and tapped her lightly, letting the other woman know she had a visitor.

When Zara looked back at her, Tala looked at the other, and then outside, frowning as she did so.

[i]Someone out there?[/i] her eyes seemed to ask. Zara simply nodded. Tala stood beside her, and waited to see if they had been followed by friend or foe.

03/27/2004 6:18 PM

OOC: Hey Chung, what side is your character on?

BiC: Cly was wondering about the black robed mage, she hadn't looked well when she broke off from the group, and she didn't look well now. Cly was almost certain that someone was following them, but it wasn't malevolent, so he ignored it. He told Zara, but he wasn't sure she heard, she was deep in thought.

They were inside then, and that was when the black robed first really spoke.

She whispered, "Something has happened"

The group listened in stunned silence. As if to illustrate her point, a person stumbled into the cave, escorted by Zara, who looked a little sick herself. The person was so dirty and matted with blood that it waas impossible to tell age or sex. She stopped, and told a story of fire, death, and fear, punctuated by hacking coughs. The draconians had slashed at her, but the cut was not fatal, but the draconians left her for dead. she sneaked out in the chaos, seeing many old friends and rivals dead and dying. Luckily, if you could call any part of this day lucky, she made it to the cave without being accosted by guards.

Cly assigned someone to help her to a room, she was obviously exhausted, and needed sleep. He adressed the room.

"It is time to act, but we do not have time, supplies, or manpower on our side. Does anyone have any ideas?"

03/27/2004 9:12 PM


They were inside then, and that was when the black robed first really spoke.

She started whispering, "Something has happened..." but then she got louder. "Something horrible has happened. I'm not sure you know what you're up against. A Dragon Highlord feared all over Krynn has just razed the inn and killed all of it's patrons. We have to flee, or fight."

Are you talking about my character? I'm sorry, I wasn't too sure of that...because if you are, I'd kinda like it if you didn't use my character anymore. If you weren't, my apologies.


Naomi entered the cave and was there to see the injured woman come stumbling in upon Zara's arm. She watched them pass her by with once more not an ounce of sympathy or anger on her face, as others escorted her to a room inside the cave.

She had not needed to hear the villager's tales of horror. She had seen them in her mind's eye, where they would remain for what she imagined would be all of her life. But she would not relay the horrors she had seen to any of them. The horrors, they were hers to keep forever.

"I suggest that first we decieve them." Naomi's eyes met Cly's fully, a stare that could either make, shake, or break a man depending on his will power and her sheer will. "Make them think that there are more of us than there truly are. Perhaps they will falter; and if only a bit, that may be the only advantage we need. As for decieving them, I can manage that if you wish of me. With your help, of course." Her frail hands rested upon the top of her still cloaked staff, showing an utter calmness despite the dagerous situation.

03/27/2004 11:19 PM

Hey Graffiti. He's on the good guy side? :) lol Here' what I figured since you didn't catch the character info before you posted. Farron knew Cly as Booldar before joining into the guards and kinda had a on the street life with his various friends. This was until his father convinced him to go into the guards. When that happened, he and his street friend kinda split then. As for Cly and Boldar, he hasn't seen them since he joined the academy (or whatever). This way your problems with the Guild and the Guards will still work. :)

From the bushes where he was hiding, he watched the group enter the cave except for the one named Zara. She seemed a bit uneasy with the cave and he smiled.

She must be one of those outdoor people he thought to himself and silently chuckled. He took note of her dark reddish brown hair and deep green eyes. He knew right away she was only half elf but with the way she looked and her dark tan skin, it must be... well, what could it be?

He shifted a bit carelessly while playing the "name that race" in his mind and made a bit too much noise. The red haired half-elf looked towards him and he ducked back down. She didn't seem to see him but she backed a little further from the mouth of the cave never-the-less.

A few moments later, another elven woman with long black braided hair and green eyes tapped Zara lightly. They both looked at each other then back outside.

Farron decided would be a good time to introduce himself. He stood up and walked out of the bushes slowly and with both hands held apart and palms open.

"Be calm for I mean no ill will." he said warmly. "I am Farron Nazzerath, a captain with the Palathas guards. I am here to help."

With that, he ended with a low sweeping bow and a warm charming smile.

03/28/2004 10:23 AM

OOC: Graffiti, I am leaving you in charge of this roleplay when I'm not here. Can you teach Red Mage to roleplay please? I'm still having problems with my PC, so bere with me.

BIC: Ashena hurredly turned into a beetle and flew towards the newcomer. she sensed trouble. careful not to be seen, she landed lightly on the back of Farron's shirt. She got an immeadiate sense of danger, but still hung on, knowing that she needed to find Farron's true intentions. Gathering all of her mental strength, she sent a message to Cly : *Please tell Misty that this is serious, and that she needs to focus on the task before us, and not on you good-looking hunk. I am trying to tap into this man's thought, without him knowing. Be wary! I don't completly trust him.* She sent a mental picture to Cly, then turned to Farron's mind, while at the same time listening to his conversation.

03/28/2004 12:11 PM

OOC: Ok everyone I got confused with the last few post so here is what I'm going to do. Using quotes from all of your threads, I'm going to tie them all together so we can all be at the same spot. Misty, Red and Spitz I didn't do anything with your chars. Everyone else I used your chars a little but not much so if you want me to change anything..e:mail me! I know this is long and may not be the best writing in the world but please read the whole thing. I don’t mean to step on anyone’s toes so forgive me if you think I did.

Zara and Tala watch as Farron walks towards them with his hands held up and professing that he meant no harm.

“Captain of the Palathas Guard? Why should you want to help us?” Zara asks with hint of curiosity in her voice.

Before the man can answer, a figure stumbles out of the forest and falls at Zara’s feet. “Help me” is all the person could say as it touches Zara’s leg.

Together Zara and Farron pick what seems to be a woman up. She leans heavily on Zara trying to speak, "Save your strength. " Zara tells her.

“We must get her inside, Tala can you stay and make sure she wasn’t followed.” Tala nods then Zara adds, “Come in when you are sure we aren’t going to be ambush.” From the little time they have spent together, Zara could see that Tala is an able fighter who could do what needs to be done.

Zara looks at the newcomer, Farron and in a instant knows she trust him. She does not understand but she has no time to ponder her thoughts. With his help she takes the injured woman into the cave.

The others are in the middle of a discussion as the three of them enter the main part of the cave. Farron lets go of the woman backing away as Zara brings her forward to Cly. “She is badly wounded and I don’t know if she will live or die.” Zara says to Cly with sorrow in her eyes.

The woman starts to speak and all in the room listen. She tells the tale of the massacre and a Dragon Highlord but she didn’t know his name.

Antonius says his name softly almost in a growl but loud enough for the others to here it. “Kantros, that bastard”

The woman continues her story telling it in as much detail as she can before passing out from exhaustion in Zara’s arms.

As the woman faints, Antonius walks over to Zara, “Give her to me, I know her.” He says with sadness in his voice. Zara nods as he easily takes the woman in his arms then looks at Cly. Cly tells him to take care of the woman.

There is no doubt in Antonius’ mind that he would take care of her but he didn’t want to be left out of the plans. This is his town and people whom he has know since he was young. His brother had dies because of this and he isn’t about to let strangers leave him out of. “I will be right back.” He tells Cly as if to remind him that he is a part of this group.

Cly waits until Antonius comes back into the room and sees that everyone is now in the cave even Tala. Clearing his throat, Cly speaks up, “It is time to act, but we do not have time, supplies or manpower on our side. Does anyone have any ideas?”

The black robed mage speaks up, "I suggest that first we deceive them." Her eyes met Cly's fully with a sense of coldness in them, "Make them think that there are more of us than there truly are. Perhaps they will falter; and if only a bit, that may be the only advantage we need. As for deceiving them, I can manage that if you wish of me. With your help, of course." Her frail hands rested upon the top of her still cloaked staff, showing an utter calmness despite the dangerous situation.

Antonius stands next to Cly, “Please forgive me but who are you?” he asks her as strange eyes seem to look through him. He looks at her calmly awaiting an answer.

Before she says anything, something reflects in Antonius’ eyes then he sighs waving his hand at her as to dismiss his current train of thought, “I guess it truly doesn’t matter if you are here to help." he looks at her for another second as if to be thinking about what she had said, "I think your idea has merit and could work to our adventage.” he adds with look of approval in his eyes.

Antonius turns to Cly, “As for supplies and man power, I have been gathering up weapons and have them here in one of the tunnels. There are a few men in town that can help unless they were at the tavern.” a quick flash of feeling crosses his face then he composes himself once more. “If so then all of us are what we have to go with.” He says as he looks around at the group, “But I tell you this, I have fought large groups with less manpower and have come out victorious. It can be done and with two mages on our side the odds are even better.” He adds with cockiness in his voice and a darkness in his stormy blue eyes.

Then Antonius’ attention turns to another men who had entered the cave with Zara, “It seems we keep growing by the minute.”

The whole room seems to focus on Farron now. Something on Cly’s face shows that he knows this man as does Boldar. Farron in return just smiles slightly and takes a few steps closer toward Cly.

“Do you know one another?” Antonius asks as he looks at all three men.

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03/28/2004 6:16 PM

OOC: Thanks DM, things were getting a bit muddled.

BiC: Cly recognized Farron immediately. All the years away from Palanthas, the face and name were crystal clear, along with many memories. Boldar looked like he was going through a similar experience. Cly beckoned to both to follow him, and told the others to continue without him.

"Farron. It's been a long time."

"Yes it has."

"So what have you been up to after we left?"

"We don't have time for small talk, as much as I would like to catch up with you. I was sent here by the Palanthas guards, and they might be able to back us up, if we can organize it. We are walking on eggshells. If we attack to soon, before we have it perfectly planned, we will be crushed. Do you have any ideas?"

Boldar spoke up. "We don't have many people, but those that we have are worth five times their number in the townfolk we had before, who hadn't traveled 3 miles out of town, or fought much more than a stubborn colt. But still our number is too small to dent the armies without planning, strategy, and heavy advantages. With the elves and mages, guerilla warfare might iveus the upper hand, but we would still be picked off until there were none left to live the rebellion."

Cly just stared and said, "You joined the guards?"

Farron sighed and replied, "Later. Let's go and discuss this with the others."

They decided to go with guerill a warfare to wear down the opposing forces to a managable number. This could also keep them guessing at the size of the rebel band. a small band of Palanthas guards would be sent, so as not to alarm the city. Even elves might be brought, if possible. It seemed like to group was getting the upper hand. Now they just had to carry all their plans out.

03/28/2004 8:41 PM

OOC: Excellent! Thank's DM. :) We're getting things more organized now so RPing and the storyline is going to come together a bit here. :) I'm going to do two posts here. First reply to SpitFireGirl's bug espionage and then the continuation where the we're all together in the cave.

Farron started to follow the ladies in. He reached back and scratched his neck.

"Damn bugs," he mutter to himself almost squashing Ashena. The bug flitter it's wings a bit and the picture suddenly burst into her mind.

The war room walls were decorated with many maps of the surround areas of Palanthas. One huge map was laid out on a large table. Various little markers were scattered in places as a group of people stood around it. One of them, Ashena recognized as Farron.

"They are springing up everywhere," Farron summized, "but they are pretty much little groups of unorganized people."

"So what are you purposing Farron?" A man with brown hair and a matching beard asked.

"Help them." Farron simply replied, "They need our help or they will be slaughtered."

They all nodded around the table. Another man in long white robes decorated with gold and red trim scratched his chin.

"Very good Farron, your heart were always with the people." he chuckled.

Yes, he thought. Unlike you sitting in your high horse in your safe heaven of a position. What a bureaucrat. One of the worse he had to deal with.

"OK then. Farron, take a few men and split up. Take various areas around here and find the rebel groups. Try to organize them into a mass network. We'll provide what you need Farron, weapons and supplies out the back door." The one that Farron knew as Chardan said.

They all nodded and every one ajourned from the room except for Farron and Chardan. Farron pours his thoughts over the map.

"Farron." Chardan said interrupting his thoughts.

Farron looked up and smiled as the man who was like a father to him since his very own died a few years ago.

"This isn't going to be easy." Chardan continued, "It's not like leading in the field. You have to almost act like a theives guild and stay underground."

"Well that I know I can do. Let's call it a mispent youth.", Farron grinned and winked.

Chardan laughed and shook his head, "Well I personally don't have a love for them but without them, we'd be out of business and bored out of our minds."

Farron smiled back and looked back down at the map. Chardan's voice got serious, "I don't have to tell you that with an all out attack by the Dragon Highlords, Palanthas can be taken and destroyed. People like that pompous ass Talas don't know any better."

"They live in a fairy tale with all their incoming gold from the sweat and hard work of the people. He is the worse." Farron spat.

"True but that's something we'll deal with later. Farron?"

Farron looked into Chardan's eyes, "Find the rebellions." Chardan said, "Find out what they know. Get them organized with us somehow. The city will need them."

* * * * *
Farron was with a group of about 30 people all dress in commoner garb. They crouched around a large map in a dingy darken room just in the outskirts of the city of Palanthas.

"Alright then. We all know where to go. Dayton, Sander, Ander, Shiela, Hardan, Stater, Yarlara, Greuber, Darmok and Cender. You are the runners, keep moving town to down and pass the word of how the others are doing. Use your hawks if you need to speed the word up." Farron instructed.

They all nodded and started to leave.

"Oh and, be careful." Farron added. They all smiled and nodded. Farron set off towards an area where a town called Perechon stood. He'll meet a couple of people three days later in a town called Tarelon. They will then lead him a day away from Perechon.

Farron follwed the women into the cave but he looked back to where he was and Ashena followed his gaze. She saw a trinket hanging among the trees where he emerged. It was placement marker used to to alert a messenger hawk.

03/28/2004 9:07 PM

Chapter 2Rebellions Unite!

Farron looked around the "Perechon Rebellion" and introduced himself.

"I am Farron Nazzerath. I am a captain of the Palanthas guards. I'm here to help your rebellion. I am able to get weapons and supplies for us while we're hold up here."

He cleared his throat and continued, "Cly and Boldar know me... well used to know me so I'm not sure if they can voulch for me however, I have some good news and that is I have a few men out to help organize other rebellions around the areas of Palanthas and hopefully soon we'll have a good network going where we'd be able to coordinate attacks and hit the draconian armies and be effective. Right now though, I suggest we try and gather more people and organize some strikes to at least keep the draconians busy and their attention AWAY from the people of the town."

He looked around, "By the way, who's Ashena?"

Ashena appeared right behind Farron, "I am." she said a bit loud and almost in his ear.

"Yikes!" Farron exclaimed. One hand went to the hilt of his sword and the other to his chest where his heart would be. He whirled around.

"By the Gods woman! You scared the bejeezus out of me!"

Ashena grinned and the group chuckled. One of the women, Farron didn't know who, giggled and whispered to another, "Did he just say 'Bejeezus'?"

Farrons calmed - At least he looked like he calmed, his heart was running miles a second - and smiled at Ashena.

"Why hello there. I think you're a very popular women. Looks like Kantos is looking for you."

03/28/2004 9:54 PM

OOC: For all of you to know, I don't mind if you use my character Misty, wisely I mean. She is young and naive and love struck (Cly). Good warrior with her bow but doesn't quite understand things yet.

03/29/2004 3:46 AM

Naomi silently agreed with Lord Farron, but said nothing. Most of the time, she found that she could gain more knowledge when she listened and did not speak. No one suspected a silent mage, after all.

Her eyes wandered to the entrance of the cave, and sensed the building chaos in the air. She doubted any of the others could feel it, but it was massing as clouds do in the sky before a storm. Naomi knew well, however, that in their current state they could not hold off another attack such as the one in Perechon.

Decisions, decisions...and yet so simple.

"I think I shall stand guard," she murmured out loud, and moved towards the entrance, looking out but fixing her ears inwards at the conversation at her back.

03/29/2004 10:10 AM

Tala heard Naomi announce she was coming to the front of the cave to stand guard. So far she hadn't noticed anything or anyone in the woods. She nodded to the black mage as she approached.

The mage seemed on edge, almost nervous about something. Tala herself was a bit uneasy. There was something in the air, something that didn't seem right. At first the elf woman assumed it was Naomi herself, but that wasn't it. Whatever it was, it felt like it was bigger than the mage.

As she stood where she was, she listened to the remaining group inside the cave, and waited for anything to happen.

I just hope it's not anything too big, she thought.

03/29/2004 10:42 AM

"Evil things need not be large," Naomi murmured, as if to herself, as she stood guard on the other edge of the cave. She stood at attention as if it were nothing, her hands patiently folded upon the top of a staff clad in rags. "But it does not do to worry, I suppose. It could be far worse."

Her catlike eyes scanned the misty forest about them, her mind traveling back momentarily towards the chaos she had seen and compared it to the dreadful peacefulness of these surroundings.

It used to be chaotic forests, peaceful towns...now, the tables had been turned.

03/29/2004 8:38 PM

As Farron talks to Ashena, Antonius shows Cly and Boldar the weapons in one of the tunnels and goes over the small list of men who may still be alive to help them out.

“Since I know my way around, I can go and find out what I can.” Antonius suggest to Cly. Cly agrees and Antonius heads out the back entrance of the cave.

As he reaches the entrance of the cave, he sees Tala and Black Robed mage standing a small distance apart from each other. There seems to be an eeriness about that area but he dismisses the feeling.

Antonius notices that Tala glances back at him then looks towards the forest without saying a word. She is very beautiful but most elves are to humans, his inner voice says as a slight smile crosses his face.

He stands still for a moment reflecting on his thoughts finding himself staring at her for longer then he intended to. Focus on the task at hand not some elven female, damn it!he says to himself in an angry tone.

After bringing himself back to reality, he walks up and stands in between the two females. Not turning to either one of them he speaks, “I going to leave and check on the situation in the surrounding area.” Placing his dark crimson cloak about his body, Antonius starts to move almost silently towards the forest.


Zara listens to everything that is said and watches everyone break off in different groups. That is when she notices that she is calm. She has not thought about being in the cave since she brought the wounded women in. She slowly looks around the room.

Cly and Boldar are speaking to Antonius then he quickly leaves the cave. Tala and the black robed Mage are keeping watch at the mouth of the cave. Misty and Damen are sitting in the corner talking about fighting with a bow. Merith went in to check on the wounded woman. Then there is Farron and Ashena standing just a few feet in front of her talking about the Dragon Highlord Kantros.

Zara agrees with what Cly had said about attacking in small group and with the help of Farron’s men their odds are getting much better. Yes this group is coming around nicely.

She listens to the two of them talk as she leans against the wall taking time to rest while she still can.

03/30/2004 1:01 AM

It was quiet for Tala and Naomi outside of the cave after Antonius walked off. High in the sky a lone hawk screeched. Suddenly a faint scream was heard. They both looked around for the source when suddenly a crash like the sounds like someone falling into thick shrubbery was heard only by the two standing outside the cave.

Please note, no one can hear this inside the cave. It wasn't that loud. So basically this is for Tala and Naomi.

A young man dressed in commoner garb was hugging a branch on a tree just 5 meters away from Tala and Naomi.

"Oh dear... Oh my..." he mumbled with his eyes shut tight. He squinted and slowly opened one and saw the two elven woman standing there.

"Help..." he peeped like a little gnome. He eyes shot open in surprise as the branch broke underneath him. He went tumbling down landing on branch upon branch. With each branch he clumsily bounced off came a weak sounding "eep", "umph" or "ack".

He fell with a light thud into the grass, his body strewned in a funny way. Surpisingly, he didn't break any other branches when the tree played paddle board with his body.

He just laid there as he looked at Tala and Naomi. At first he looked dead, then he blink and moaned.

"Ugghhh... errr... hello." he said weakly. "I think I'm just going to lay down here for a few seconds." The hawk above screeched again as it was responding to the man's request.

03/30/2004 7:40 AM

Tala looked over at Naomi. If the man had been followed by something large or dangerous, the black robe would be better equipped to deal with it. Especially since the elf got the feeling that the mage's magic was stronger than anything the elf woman could do or had.

Tala crept over to the man, and helped him to his feet. She motioned for him to remain as silent as possible and led him into the cave. Zara was towards the back of the cave, tending to the injured woman still. Tala nodded to her.

"This man may need some assistance," she said quietly. "He fell out of a tree. I know not what he was doing there."

Tala laid the man down and turned to walk away. Before she left, she told Zara to question him. Maybe she could get some answers as to why he was in a tree. The elf woman met Naomi by the front again. All seemed deadly quiet still, save for the hawk in the sky.

03/30/2004 1:32 PM

Misty was exploring the cave depts while thinking of how to best approach Cly. She was daydreaming and didn't notice the figures following her in the darkness. Misty sat down to take a rest and noticed in the corner of her eye, the red outline of a .... Minotaur. Misty had no idea how to handle a situaton like that. She got up and took off running back the way she came. The last thing she saw was the ground rushing up to meet her.......

03/30/2004 6:13 PM

Naomi sensed her return, and looked off into the mist. Leaning against the wall of the cave, her lids fell halfway over amber orbs and she felt at peace, softly humming a song she had learned long ago...

'How fast thy heart is beating, love
But blood runs cold in misery
How warm thy cheek upon my glove
But cold lips tremble as you speak

But love, you need not be afraid,
You are the black moon, passing death
The stars, they dance in fields of--'

Suddenly, he voice stopped, her soft breath sucked inwards as she tried to be silent. Her ears twitched, and bumps rose upon her pallid flesh.

"Something is wrong," she whispered, looking at Tala.

03/31/2004 8:58 PM

As Tala leaves the room, Zara looks down at the men who seems to be awake but slightly out of it. She tries to make him as comfortable as possible before she starts to ask questions. However before she can start she hear the woman call out Antonius’ name then moans in pain.

Zara walks over to her and kneels at the side of the cot she is on., “Antonius has went out but I’m sure he will be back as fast as he can. Is there anything I can do for you?” she says softly to the woman.

“Water” is all she can manage to get out before cringing in pain once more. Without hesitation, Zara gets up to get some water from her canteen. She returns quickly to the woman’s side and gives her a little of the water. The woman sips some water then turns to Zara, “I am Veliva. I want to thank you for your kindness and your help to save my people. May the Gods shine upon you.” She says as she relaxes and seems to fall asleep.

Zara get up and turns to the man. His eyes are open but he isn’t looking at her instead he just lays there mumbling something to himself. Zara decides to wait until he is done before questioning him.

Antonius moves quickly through the trees and the village. He sees Draconian everywhere he turns making his trip more dangerous. Only a little further and I’ll be at Mallon’s dwelling his inner voice speaks to him as he stops for a moment to let some guards pass by.

Shortly after he started moving again Mallon’s house is in sight. Mallon is a weapons smith by trade but he had retired and a new man took over. Even though he stopped producing for the public, he continues to make weapons for the rebellion. Mallon was his father’s best friend and almost a second father to his brother Kristos. Although Antonius and Mallon did not know one another all that well, they shared the pain of loss together. That is why Mallon makes the weapons.

Sneaking in through the back door was not a problem. Mallon sat in the front room by the fire and didn’t even seem to notice that Antonius had arrived. Antonius makes a deliberate noise that doesn’t seem to phase Mallon. He sits still staring at the fire.

“Mallon.” Antonius almost whispers the older man’s name.

“They killed him Antonius. My son Jake is dead.” Mallon says in reply, “I have no hope now. I am all that is left.” He turns to face Antonius, “I heard they killed everyone at the tavern and my daughter was working there.”

Antonius get down on one knee next to Mallon, “Veliva is alive, Mallon.”

A sense of joy gleams in Mallon’s eyes, “Are you sure? Where is she?”
“Come with me and I will take you to her.” Antonius say softly helping the old man up. “I’m taking you to the hideout. It won’t be easy but I do not think you will be safe here anyway.”

Mallon gathers his things then turns to Antonius, “Your father and brother would have been proud of you Antonius for helping out this village.”

Antonius just nods as he helps Mallon with his things.

03/31/2004 10:05 PM

Tala! LOL I was trying to give you and Naomi some RP time cause I didn't want to leave you two out standing out by the cave just starng out into the wood in your thought alone and what do you do? Drag the man into the cave like these rebels are falling out of the sky every minute (though that's what it feels like) lol

At the moment Farron was talking to Cly about what could be done to perpare them all for the battle up ahead when he stopped and watch Tala drag a man into the cave.

"This man may need some assistance," Tala said quietly. "He fell out of a tree. I know not what he was doing there."

She told Zara to question him and started back out to the cave entrance. Zala made him comfortable and stood and walked over to a seemingly delerious woman.

"Excuse me Cly but I know that man. I think you better come along with me to talk with him." he said. He walked over the the man that Tala found falling out of a tree.

Farron looked glanced at Zala and smiled then looked at the man lying there. He lightly kicked his side.

"Hardan. Wake up man." Farron said a bit amused.

Haran groaned and looks at Farron, "Farron!". His hand went up to hold his head and he moaned even louder.

"Didn't I tell you about using those cursed Teleport Potions?" Farron childed.

"Ug. I'm sorry but I was trying to find you as quickly as I can." He said sitting up, "The others have found and are currently with the rebel factions in the other cities. Well... most of the others. I haven't hear from 4 or 5 of the others."

"That's fine but that's why you wanted to rush to me?" Farron raised a brow.

"Oh well no. Chardan is sending supply wagons your way first. If figured you found the faction here in Perechon." he replid.

Farron frowned, "That was quick! How long ago?"

"Four days ago. The caravan of 3 wagons will be coming down the main road from Palanthas. Food, supplies and weapons."

Farron smiled, "Excellent!"

"Well... Sort of." Hardan said.

"What do you mean 'sort of'?"

"That's why I was rushing to find you. On my way here to let you know I almost ran smack into a squad of Draconians." he explained. Then in his best draconian voice he said, "'We'll high jack the caravan and the Highloard would be pleased with us! We'll take them at the pass'. That's what one of those lizard muzzles said."

Farron looked at Cly. "Well, I guess we better get our supplies. The hard way."

He looked at Zala and smiled to her again, "Zala was it? Prehaps you should gather everyone back. It's time to do a little planning and we'll need to know who's who and who can do what." He finished it with a friendly wink.

04/04/2004 8:40 PM

OOC: Well knowing that my charater is being attacked by a minotaur and noone coming to look for me, I think I will just leave this post cause I cant post anything cause my character is unconcious, so I think I am going to just kill her off and leave this post. What do you guys and gals think?

04/05/2004 12:50 AM

OOC: Misty dear, I'm not sure why there's a minitour roaming around cave that were staked out by the rebellion in the first place. lol I don't even know if the cave is that big. We're trying to get the storyline under control first so why don't you get unconscious and come back to the crew?

04/05/2004 8:06 AM

OOC: just thought i'd put in my 2 cents. Misty don't leave it just that your plot you tried to put in doesn't fit. maybe change it to a person or draconians, but fight it off instead.

"Misty was exploring the cave depts while thinking of how to best approach Cly. She was daydreaming and didn't notice the figures following her in the darkness. Misty sat down to take a rest and noticed in the corner of her eye, the red outline of .... Merith. "

Somehting like that cause aminotaur wouldn't come this far out unless it wanted to kill all of us. OK just trying to be helpful. The only reason i used my character is because I didn't think anyone else would want their character out there. you put in the rest.:D

04/05/2004 10:04 AM

OOC: Misty, I am so sorry. I WAS going to come after you, but I was waiting for Aeramae or at least a few other people to post. Please don't leave, please? Minotaur or something else, I'm all for it.

04/06/2004 10:26 AM

OOC: Sorry, just trying to liven stuff up since hardly anyone ever talks to my character I was trying to get attention to my character. Maybe this will be better:

BIC: Misty went off to explore the tavernous cave, and so she could be alone to think about Cly. Daydreaming to tripping over ruts in the cave floor. Misty came to a fork in the cave, she decided that left would be a good decision and went off skipping down into the darkness. The whole time she hadn't noticed the shadows following her, they crept ever so more closer and closer to the elf maiden. Misty sat down to take a rest and just barely but clearly enough she saw the shape of a dark elf and a group of draconian guards standing at arms. Misty knew that more than likely this was the end, her stupidity had gotten her into this and there wasn't a way for her to escape this predicament. Misty could only think of 2 options: To either yell and warn her friends to get away before they were surrounded or option 2, to take as many of these bastards as she could before they killed her.

Misty screamed as she grabbed her dagger and thrust into one of the draconians, she immediately lost her dagger to the stone form of the draconian. Misty saw the blow coming from the nearest draconian and dodged it, she drew her bow and nocked an arrow and sent it through that draconians head. But, wait, where was the dark elf, she was here a second ago, where could she have gone? The others, Misty thought. She yelled another warning to her friends while she smited another draconian to the ground. Misty knew she couldn't keep the draconians at bay for very long. There was maybe 20-30 remaining and Misty was already feeling the tiredness of battle. Misty heard something behind her, sounded like a sword being unsheathed, she whirled around to face it when the ground suddenly rushed up to meet her........

OOC: Hopefully that is better.

04/06/2004 2:05 PM

Naomi's ears pricked once more, and her senses shivered uncomfortably.

"There is something definitely wrong," she murmured, and like a shadow she swept away from her post at the cave entrance, and past the others, who barely saw but a shadow across the cave wall.

She hurried into the far reaches of the cave where Misty had gone, and had the sense enough to turn left. Draconians lay in final poses of gray stone. She moved among them until she saw Misty lying on the floor, but made no move yet to aid her. There was something in the darkness about her.

"Misty," she called, recieving no answer. When that happened, she reluctantly stepped forward to help the elven maiden.

04/06/2004 3:01 PM

OOC: I will play the dark elf also.

BIC: The dark elf Shoakir stepped up behind this new women.
"My army will destroy you!" she shrieked. With those words draconians swept up to her side. These weren't like normal draconians these wore heavy armor that protected them from malevolent blows. The draconians swept up to the women and drew their swords.........

04/06/2004 6:42 PM

Tala looked into the cave, and uttered a word that no elf in their right mind would utter. She ran into the cave, just in time to see a group of draconians surround Naomi. Tala screamed loudly and joined Naomi's side. Leave it to another elf to cause trouble. She just hoped that someone from outside would hear them.

04/06/2004 7:15 PM

Naomi pushed Tala so that the two stood back to back over Misty's unconscious form. She finally rose her staff, and the rags fell away, to reveal an impressive black staff that bore lifelike wings and a dull misty orb.

"Shirak," she whispered urgently.

The orb set the cave alight, with bright eerie violet illumination, and the wings spread openly though still appeared to be made of wood. The size of the enemy became more apparent, and strangely, the black mage grinned slightly. She had been hoping for a challenge. However, she wasn't as stupid as to show her full power to these weaklings, and knew that they would need assistance.

One hand held her staff as the other buried itself in the folds of her robes. Some of the draconians stepped back, apparently having seen what her black dust had done to the ones in Perechon, but others remained undaunted.

She whipped her fist's contents out at them, but instead of melting eyeballs and bleeding mouths, the white dust crackled loudly in the air, making tiny white explosions about them, disorienting some of them. But most importantly, it was deafeningly loud, so if the others had not been distracted by the sound of Tala's scream, they had gotten the message now.

"Do not be so sure about your precious army," she said to the dark elf. "Ast kiranann kair soth-arn suh kali jalaran!"

A fireball formed in Naomi's hand, flickering with white hot blaze but not even burning her tender flesh. She hurled it at the draconian troops, and it grew larger as it soared through the air at them, threatening to swallow them all whole.

04/06/2004 7:20 PM

Zara looks at Farron and slightly smiles back at him not sure of what to think of his actions. Just as she is ready to speak she hears a noise coming from one of the offshoot tunnels then she a shadow quickly passes by. Blinking a few times she looks back at Farron. He is looking at the tunnel with his sword drawn and waving his hand to the others. Zara pulls out her bow and cocks an arrow while she starts to move towards the loud fighting sounds.

Without warning, Tala rushes past Zara then a few seconds later yells for the group to come help. With a nod form Cly, Damen and Boldar are at his side. Damen readies his bow and Boldar pulls out his weapon. Merith walks slowly behind Zara preparing a spell while Ashena does the same.

04/07/2004 3:44 PM

"You are foolish 'black robe'!" cried Shoakir. The dark elf muttering odd words of magic, it seemed. Suddenly, the room filled with pitch black darkness, and shards of ice splintered everywhere. It was now clear that this Shoakir was not as weak as she looked.

The group of warriors had now taken out 2 or 3 dozen draconians, but they could sense more around them. More and more evil filled the small chamber, surrendering no weaknesses.

"Leave before you die, your friends are already on their way to death!" Shoakir said to the oncoming warriors. She then turned on them and sent purple rays of lightning at them. "You will see death now, foolish ones!" The dark elf yelled at them. She took a breath and started to say another spell, when suddenly........

04/07/2004 7:07 PM

Naomi held her ground, the energy of the dark elf's spell causing her hair to stand slightly on end, giving her the look of a perturbed cat. Her face still void of anger, she held her staff in both hands.

"Ast kiranann kair gadunrm soth-arn suh kali jalaran!!!"

Her voice boomed throughout the cave, magnified by the call of thunder that seemed to rise in her throat. Bright white streaks of lightning mingled with the bolts of violet, choking them out of existence and driving great gashes into the stone floor, sending draconians sprawling out of the way and zapping some as well so that they lay upon the mangled floor writhing in death throes. The lightning circled the dark elf mage, like a cage of electric white bars.

04/08/2004 4:21 PM

Merith "Here black mage you may need help"
A hawk appeared out of nowhere with a sword in its talons.
Merith "I don't think you'll need this anymore" talking to the elf.
Elf seem about to laugh.
Merith " what, you dare.."

04/12/2004 8:30 PM

The dark elf countered the hawk's lightning with magic of her own. She chuckled as the hawk flew off to die............

04/13/2004 7:30 AM

Naomi looked vaguely disappointed when her lightning took to no effect. Still standing protectively over the elf maiden's body, she dug her fist into the many folds of her black velvet robes and pulled out a handful of her lethal black sand.

Instead of throwing it randomly into the air at the dark elf, she tossed it upwards, a cloud of black above her head. Before it touched her, she raised her staff. "Elem shardish," she commanded, and then pointed at the enemy.

Suddenly the black dust was like a swarm of bees, moving and gathering with a will of its own. At her command, the cloud condensed and flew at the dark elf only, touching no one else.

04/13/2004 7:59 PM

The dark elf saw the swarm of dust like things flying at her, this mage she was fighting was starting to annoy her. She could see that the mage was watching protectively over the elven maid that her draconians had smote down. Shoakir thought maybe if she finished off the elven maid that the mage would see who really was the strongest here and leave.

Shoakir summoned a dozen red fiery demons from the abyss, it seamed. They were nothing except figures of flame, mainly to distract the mage. She ordered them all to attack the mage and the others, as they swarmed the mage and attacked the group of warriors, the dark elf summoned a deathly spell to her lips. "Hakir si omen ti Ogrou" she shrieked. Purple light burst from her finger tips and hit the elven maid.

Misty was unconcious but could feel the pain, and her silent scream pierced the souls of everyone in the chamber. Shoakir was unaware of everything else in the room, her love for killing elves was to great to occupy her attention elsewhere.

04/14/2004 12:56 PM

Naomi winced slightly as the elven maid's silent scream pierced what was left of her mutilated heart. She rose her arms over her face, never moving from her spot over Misty's body, whispering words foreign to each and every person in the room, not moving even as fire began to catch onto the sleeves of her robes and burn her slowly.

Suddenly, the demons of fire were no longer flame. They were exploding into bushels of dark red rosebuds as they struck at her, showering the ground until their perfume wafted heavily in the air. They piled about her, and formed a protective wall about Misty.

"You bore me, dark elf," Naomi said calmly.

04/14/2004 2:47 PM

Shoakir looked at the mage, she was a defiant little quirk. She thought sure by now the mage would know who was to win this, but no, she was still here. The dark elf thought to herself, 'I've played with this mage too long, now comes the games'.

Shoakir ordered more draconians in, she knew she was running thin with what was left of her guard. The corpses of all the dead littering the ground in dust. As these draconians were put to slaughter they burst into acid causes great pain if you got any on you. The dark elf was fed up with the mage and was ready to end her life.

Shoakir best 2 spells were left, she knew that if they didn't work that she was done for. She had 2 options remaining, cast the first one and teleport to safety and lose this battle, or, stay and fight and try and win with her second spell. She made her decision........

"Aiop prility rxena mrokair" said a voice unlike the dark elfs but it came from within her. It seemed as though the mage knew instantly what it was, but the thing is, could the mage defend off this spell.......

After the spell was spoken, hundreds of dead skeletons and draconians rose to their feet, back from death, to kill. Oh yes, the dark elf was a necromancer. She had had hundred upon hundred of years to gain power, but she had been rusty and used alot of her spells unwisely, therefore weakening herself to much. The dead minions outnumbered the warriors 30-1. All hope seemed lost as the warriors were backed to the walls.

Shoakir decision was too stay, but her last spell would take awhile to say to bring it to life. She needed the minions to give her time, she knew they would be smote down one by one.

"Juari Nuitorio comista quiopi GRANDORIMYA HOCKstar muachie congratsoi" with every type of emotion it seemed flowed through those words. There was dead silence, the battle siezed. All eyes on the dark elf, she was glowing with a brilliant but horrible dark red color. The silence was shattered as an enormous fire nova, hotter than that of dragons, burst through the corridors behind the dark elf. You could feel the heat from deep within the depths of the cave, growing hotter and hotter. The walls started to crumble and the roof was caving in. Shoakir knew of a secret escape route, she knew that the warriors only had a few seconds to escape, but she knew that she could get away cause they would be too frantic to try and follow her into the caves, she knew they would run out into safety........

Shoakir came stumbling out of the caves through the secret exit that she now came to love. She started to hurry off, when she heard footsteps behind her. She turned around to face...........

04/16/2004 8:36 AM

Merith appeared behind Shoakir. His eyes flaming a bright red, from the death of his hawk( familiar).
Merith " how dare you..."
Merith starts the chanting of a spell that would bring a demon from the earth to devour, the elf.
Merith " asg neY cau byu nase DAFA GARV LGHY"
the earth shook that ground opened up.......
OOC: Just so you know my character isn't weak by any standard so, don't make him seem weak plz. Also great fight very powerful. WHERE IS EVERYONE THOUGH * looks around for DM, graffti, spity, * everyone??????

04/16/2004 4:32 PM

Shoakir expected to find that stupid mage following her, but no, some other cretent was here. Shoakir almost laughed when this irrogant fool started to summon a demon. Demons wouldn't hurt her, they were on her side.

The demon came out of the ground but did not attack Shoakir. Shoakir spoke to the demon in the language of the devils.....

04/16/2004 5:15 PM

Even though this fight was mostly between the mages, it was all Cly and co. could do to fend off the undead warriors. The zombies had less finesse than their living counterparts, but they almost always rose when they fell. Damen's arrows were useless, except to slow the trickle of live fighters still coming from the back tunnels. Boldar, and Tala chopped limbs off their enemies until they could rise no more. Cly saw that this would not end until the necromancer was killed or the rebel forces were all dead.

Cly used all his speed and stealth to avoid his enemies, and crept closer and closer to the elf. He silently drew his rapier, although with all the backround noise plus Merith and Naomi, it scarcely mattered how loud he was. He stood, and thrust the rapier through Shaokir's heart and lung, until the blade emerged from the other side. Before Cly could see the results, a large demon swatted him clear across the room, where he slammed against the wall. He hoped the sword's protective enchantments would keep it safe, and then he was unconscious.

04/17/2004 2:12 PM

Boldar lost sight of Cly early, but they could take care of themselves. Boldar hacked through the zombies, not overly worried about his companion. He and Tala were doing well dismembering the undead draconians. Boldar kept track of the dark elf through his peripheral vision. He saw a flash of light off of Cly's blade, and then Cly stabbed the elf. Boldar saw a demon and yelled a warning to Cly, but it was too late, Cly was knocked across the room. Boldar was about to run to his friend, but Tala fell from a hit to the leg. Cly was too far, someone could help him, Boldar had to aid Tala.

04/18/2004 10:44 AM

OOC: Now it's time for merith to die and flare to come in hehehe. Misty, I believe this is possible but i'm not positive, so tell me if it isn't ok. Naomi my character my need you help so plz, help, but not to save me but them.
BIC: Merith “ Fool, you think I’ll have it attack you”
Merith laughs as though he lost it, then he starts to chant a spell. A huge ball of light formed in his hand. Then he shot the ball at the demon, and the second the ball hit the demon in the center.
A explosion occurred the shot threw the tunnel yet killed the dead only, and.......
OOC: I want my character dead, but misty not yours ok. Naomi I hope you know how i set this up for you.

04/18/2004 1:16 PM

Tala struggled to her feet, favoring her injured leg. As she continued to fight her way out of the throng, Boldar came to help her. Tala sliced off the head of a zombie before turning to yell at her fellow fighter.

"Go help Cly! I'll be alright!"

Tala worked herself into a corner, and hoped that her strategy would aide her and not hinder her movements. She used the walls of the cave to support her body and protect her from any attacks that might come from behind her. As she continued to slice off heads, arms, legs, whatever her blade could reach, she prayed that the end to the undead creatures would soon come.

04/19/2004 2:33 PM

The whole cave was about to collapse entirely, if anyone was left inside they had less than a minute to vacate. The roof was starting to crumble and wasn't nearly as high above your heads as it was earlier.

Shoakir cried in pain, tried to yank the blade free but it was stuck through her ribs. She could see her heart completely severed from her body, still beating on the tip of the sword. She was dieing but not dieing, she was already an evil minion so death was nothing. With her last breath she summoned the spell to end it all. She said the words as blood poured out her mouth. "Yakira Hakir Staker Kiraya" with that she pulled out her wand, broke it in half and said "Prigola", and death took her.

The wand started moving from the quake the mountain was making as it crumbled to ruins, causing the broken pieces of the wand to roll into the dark elf's blood. The wand started growing and formed into a.......Blood Golem. The strongest of all golems, even more so than the relatively close fire golem, but blood was above all the strongest by far. The spell that Shoakir cast finally took effect. A door way to the abyss physically opened up. Minions poured out, hundreds of fallens and shaman and demons of all kinds. The warriors were going to have to run now, there is no honor in dieing this way. The warriors noticed the swarm of demons come swooping down what was left of the mountain, but what was this, the dead/undead minions turned from the warriors, and lunged up the mountain screaming piercing screams and hacking away at the minions. The skeletal minions weren't bound by the powers of hell, they were bound by their master. Their master had fallen from death. The only thing the undead minions hated worse than the living was hell's demons.

The warriors now had their chance to escape from both armies. The skeletal warriors outnumberd 100-1 were doing serious damage to the demons from the abyss. There was probably 150 skeletal warriors remaining, and they were falling rapidly from the onslaught of the demons. Splintered bone flying everywhere. The warriors noticed this, and........

OOC: Sorry if this was kind of godly, but if you haven't already figured out, Shoakir wasn't exactly not godly. She had to have been almost godly to have lasted that long and have been that strong. Btw the blood golem is still out there somewhere.... ;)

04/20/2004 6:23 PM


OOC:That's a lot of demons.

Sorry if this was kind of godly

Maybe a little.

Chapter Three:
Out of the Frying Pan...

BiC:Everyone was safe from the collapsing cave, but not necesarily from the many beings from hell. Boldar had Cly over his shoulder, but was not hindered. They ran down the hill, towards the town, right into what they had been trying to avoid.

"Out of the frying pan, into the fire." Cly coughed, and spit blood, feeling a loosened tooth. He felt for his rapier, and was reassured by the cool grip. Then he reached in his pack, found what he was looking for.

The group was seperated, but when the pair got into town, Farron dropped down to them from a low balcony. Boldar stopped and put Cly on his feet, and he leaned against the wall.

"So, what are we going to do now? We have dark forces on one side and dark forces on the other. Any ideas?" Boldar sighed. "The fun just keeps on leaving."

Farron nodded. "I don't know. at least that black robe is with us. I wouldn't want her to be on the other side, our odds are bad enough, right? What's that, Cly?"

Cly looked up. He was barely able to stand, he was exausted and just struggling not to give up. "Oh this? I think it might be one of the few things to defeat that blood golem. All I need is too find that mage."

04/20/2004 6:25 PM

The blood golem stumbled on to the group of warriors standing in awe at the battle of the minions. He charged the black mage and swung his fist to try and kill her in one punch. His fist coming forward.....

04/21/2004 12:25 PM

The blood golem stumbled on to the group of warriors standing in awe at the battle of the minions.

OOC: I think most of us were gone by then. Minions or not, they'd probably run for it.

04/21/2004 2:32 PM

OOC: alright just a thought, yall hadnt wrote back and I was bored. Better hope you didnt leave anyone in the cave. They have about half a minute to escape if they still in there.

BIC: The blood golem runs into the fray and is slaughtered after tearing hundreds of minions to the ground.....The warriors meet up, but not everyone is there..........

04/21/2004 6:06 PM

(OOC: I am SO sorry...I have been ultra busy lately with school and other things. Time to get back in the story!)

When the cave crumbled, Naomi disappeared into the dust. It seemed that she was dead, until she appeared with the group some moments later, unscathed as she walk from out of the shadows, only to be enveloped in another battle. She watched for a moment as the minions tore each other apart...war was such a horrible thing to be necessary.

And then, in the corners of her vision, a blood golem...vanquishing its foes with indiscriminate brutality before being brought to the ground itself. Naomi watched it be torn asunder before hurrying to meet up with her companions.

04/22/2004 5:38 PM

Cly watched as his friends eventually made it to the secluded alley in the town, as far away from the hill as they could. Cly looked around, and something told him that people were missing. He looked around. Misty and Ashena, Merith. Oh well, they were on there own, it was too dangerous to search for them, they were probably lost in the town somewhere, although for once Cly was dissapointed not to see the red mage's eager face.

Everyone was talking quietly. Cly reached in to his bag, and placed five stones on the ground. They were: silver, ice blue, orange red, swirled with various colors, and black, respectively. The group stopped and stared. Damen asked, "What are they?"

Cly looked up with a weary smile. "They are the first onslaught to the enemies, and possibly the one way to defeat the blood golem. They are stones Boldar and I collected on our travels. If used with proper magics, they raise into a Golem of Blades, an Ice Golem, a Fire Golem, a Jeweled Golem, and lastly, a Demon Golem, with which we must be most careful."

"How are we to raise them?" asked Tala asked increduosly.

"I'm hoping Naomi can help with that aspect, and also Merith, if he survived."

Before Naomi could answer, (If she would have.) "Is this all you have?" asked Zara.

"Well, this is just the safest, least likely to backfire, yet powerful enough to possibly help. I do however have far more powerful items. But those are also extremely risky for us. So what about it, Naomi?"

04/23/2004 5:20 PM

"That will not be a problem," Naomi replied quietly. "But do you really want to bring to life a Demon Golem?" Her question was honest enough, eyebrows raising slightly in question.

04/23/2004 5:28 PM

Tala listened to what was going on while she treated her wounds. Her leg was the worst, but it wasn't too bad. Granted the various scratches she had from the hasty retreat from the cave were annoying, but they weren't bad. She felt that she would be able to get around just fine, injured leg or no.

"Are we sure we want to bring to life any golem at all?" the elf woman inquired. "And why are we relying on magic?"

04/24/2004 9:13 AM

Cly expected hesitation. "The demon golem will only be used if neccessary. The other golems should not be a problem, I am completely confident in our ability to control them."

04/24/2004 11:39 AM

"Indeed." Naomi laid her eyes intently upon Tala. "The golem is quite strong, Lady Tala. If you wish to try and bring it down with manpower alone, I cannot stop you. But magic may prevent any more casualties from occuring..." Her memory was briefly re-subjected to the scene in Perechon...

04/25/2004 2:54 PM

Cly stood up achily, and picked up the stones. "Let's get on with it, eh?"

He placed the stones (except the black one.) in a wide circle while Naomi chanted in the language of magic. The silver stone reacted first, rippling slightly. It created a hole in the earth under it, raising up green stones and fitting them together and the metallic golem gem stretched and turned into blades, which were fitted onto the golems arms.

The blue gem rippled next, and drew water from a nearby well, and froze them into blocks, fitting them together similarly like the bladed golem. Two smaller stones split off the gem, and fitted into the ice golem's hands, while the larger one slid into it's chest.

The fire golem was also similar, drawing ashes and lava up from the nearby mountains.

Then the jeweled golem was formed from gold, and fitted with natural gems from the depths of the earth. All of the golems were ready, and walked robotically up to their makers, prepared to fight.

04/25/2004 5:37 PM

The blood golem had been smashed to the ground, but, one thing about blood golem, they regenerate life every time they hit an oponent. The blood golem was a newly made golem and hadn't gained its regenerated life yet.

The minions still poking the bloody body, when it lunged into the air more revitalized then when it was first made from the dieing necromancer. The blood golem tore into the frey. Smiting all who stood to opose him. He was slaughtering hundreds a minute. Wait, he felt it. His hatred grew even more. He could feel golems being brought to life, 4 of them. He was by far the strongest golem ever. The only one to revitalize beyond fully after a few hits. He knew that he could slaughter any golem one on one, two on one, maybe even 3 on one, but 4 on one would be a chore. He could even sense the feeling of a unborn demon golem. He had no respect for any golem exept for the demon golem. He had fought many golems in his previous lives, he could sense that his master had died, this being his last life if he died. He had fought along side a demon golem before the necromancer Shoakir had captured him, and slaughtered the other. He knew that there were few stones of magic that could bring to life a golem. The blood golem being the only one to not be brought to life by anybody except for a very powerful necromancer. He was brought to life the first time by The dark Queen herself. Before she was sent to the abyss, before being awarded to Shoakir for slaughtering the demon golem with her experienced magicks. The blood golem had no love for any such creature except for the demon golems. He would fight one if he had to, survival of the fittest. He wished deeply that he could see another but not from the opposite side of the battle. He got ready for the battle by bashing a few hundred more minions and gaining more life he then went rushing down the hill towards the golems. He knew this could easily be his last battle, last life, last breath, but he had one thing going for him. Experience beyond any other golem ever. He was way more accustomed to battle than these young newly born golems of ice and fire, etc.

Misty was dragged out of the cave by a red elf. The elf spoke not one word. He was red from head to foot, wearing no clothing. Misty looked up to him in awe. He helped her rise to her feet and then handed her a letter, before disapeering.

The red elf then appeared near the group of warriors, he spoke no words. He spoke to their minds telling them to turn around with thoughts. He reached out to Cly and handed him a letter then frowned and burst into red dust that disapeerd after a few seconds.

Misty looked down at the letter in her hand, she opened it.......She now realized her purpose in this life, she must leave. She loved Clay and didn't want to just rush away, she wanted to leave him a message, while reading the letter it said "Do not fear Mistoyira, He now knows." Misty spoke the words the letter told her to in the Silvanesti language but nothing happened. She then figured it out, she spoke the words a second time from her heart and felt herself leave the ground, she looked at her arms which were now black as darkness. She saw the land change and then she reappered in a clearing in some ancient woods......

OOC: Misty will be gone for a short while, to her it will seem like years, to you it will seem like a day. Only Cly shall know the truth. He knows not to tell anyone. The letter to Cly just describes what I will tell you next time I post about Misty. So you can see it then.

BIC: The blood golem stopped a hundred feet from the golems and yelled his battle cry.......

04/26/2004 11:35 AM

The elves and the letter was a distraction, Cly slipped the latter into his pocket, so he could read it later. Since part of the golems was infused into its makers, Cly could control them, to an extent. Cly had fought golems, once before, and knew they were intelligent, but in the way a computer is intelligent. They are not creative thinkers, but are structural. Cly had gone over strategy for the fight.

First, the golems coted the bladed golem's arms in ice, fire, and acid. He then procceeded to attack the blood golem, buring it, freezing it and melting it. The blood golem was unimpressed, and swatted the golem away. he was more intent on the freezing cold, intense fire, and boiling acid being thrown at him continually.

Cly yelled at Naomi, "It's not working! USe your magic!"

04/26/2004 4:38 PM

Naomi held no hesitation. Her staff rose high into the air, her head tossed back....and her eyes became blind to all the realms except that of the Abyss.

There were no words for this spell. Could it even be called a spell? More like a resurrection, a placement of soul into another body...she had only achieved such feats once before.

Without aiming, just knowing it was there, Naomi stabbed her staff downward and crushed the black stone lying on the ground before her.

She was stained in darkness. It clung upon her fingers, everything she touched...a black blacker than the velvet robes that clothed her...it had no substance, no feel, no taste, no scent...this darkness...nothing more than condensed shadow.

Large red eyes met hers in the pitch black. The sounds and vibrations of the battle field were gone, and she could only hear the silence of the Abyss, the soundless scream, pierced by heavy footfalls of a demon long since put to sleep. It eyed her hungrily, but made no move to attack. She smiled lightly in triumph, the look of a satisfied cat. She felt the amusement of the demon golem mirroring her.

Upon the battlefield, Naomi's body remained motionless, frozen in time. Her eyes were wide open, but were draining of their amber color, and turning red. Her essence was fading from her body.

Suddenly, the ground beneath her staff, the crushed black stone, melted away into a wide, gaping black hole. A great creature arose, as the others had done, but with more presence, more threat than any other of its kind.

The demon golem opened its eyes for all to see that they were yellow, like a cat's, staring with the intelligence of the black mage about her. Leaving Naomi's body behind, it advanced towards the enemy of blood.

((OOC: Cly yelled at Naomi, "It's not working! USe your magic!"

You wanted Naomi to raise the demon golem, yes? If not, I'll change it...))

04/26/2004 5:10 PM

((OOC: Cly yelled at Naomi, "It's not working! USe your magic!"

You wanted Naomi to raise the demon golem, yes? If not, I'll change it...))

OOC:Yep. I couldn't have done it better myself. How is Naomi connected to the golem, now>

BiC: The demon golem flapped its wings and stretched its limbs, it had been a while since it had been on the human plane. The blood golem was taken aback by its appearance, and sort of frightened, by it, it was much larger than he remembered, it was almost magnificent.

It was coal black, made of stone, but covered with intricate designs that seemed to change as it moved. In its eyes was a fierce intelligence, but a calm, one, it knew itself, its limits and its enemies'. It walked to the center of the field, by a burnt tree, an old one that had been caught by a stray fireball. It watched the blood golem without anger, just coldly sizing it up. It drove its fist into the center of the tree, and pulled back a handful of ash. after a brief incantation it sprinkled the dust on itself. suddenly the golem was much harder to see. It wasn't invisible, it flashed starkly when it moved, but if it was still, it blended into the scene. The battle would be mostly physical, so this would be useful.

The Demon adressed the other in a voice to low for anything else to hear, "Surrender, or be destroyed." It listented to the answer, nodded, and rushed in to attack.

OOC: The demon golem is adept at magic, and breathes fire.

04/27/2004 2:01 PM

OOC: Wow our Golems are becoming gods.

BIC: The blood golem slightly remembered the voice of demon golem, sounded so familiar......no!!!, it couldnt be. Could it? It had to be, but he didn't act the same as he had remembered. Last time they fought side by side banishing all who tried to control them. The Dark Queen had beat them and took punishment on the demon golem, by banishing him to the abyss. Shoakir had won the authority of the blood golem. But now that his master was dead he could once again become the most powerful again. He wasn't liking the idea of having to take on his old friend and 3 other freaks at the same time. Time would pass and he knew that when it did, the demon golem would be sent back to the abyss. But he could still survive, but how? He looked around and remembered......yes!!!! He couldn't be defeated now, he knew it.

The letter in Cly's pocket fell out when Cly had bent over. The letter opened itself and a ball rolled out from it. The ball exploded, stopping all time. Cly was the only creature that could move. A figure appeared, it was that of the red elf, but the red elf was now clothed and in blue plated armor made of Mithril. He approached Cly and waved his hand in front of Cly. He then started to speak: "You must wonder why time seemed to stop and why you are no longer on the field of battle and are now standing in this hall," "the answere is this, there is only one way to defeat the blood golem. He has now figured out his ultimate strength, he can now no longer be harmed if he accomplishes his task. His task will take him to a place where only life, love, and purity can follow after him. The reason I am telling you this is, he has now become immortal. Immortal in a sense, he has remembered his time of being, his stone of blood, that is standing in the Hall of Gardinia. Only the two of pure heart can enter, one of which is your young friend of which you call Misty. It is set in time that you two shall fight off Gardin the blood golem. There was a spell put on him long ago, before the 1st cataclysm, long before Huma and the Dragonlance. That spell was to keep him from ever learning of this, this one true power. It has let him die and sleep for so long, but now it has been awakened. It truth you and your friends have awakened it. By smashing the black orb that let the demon golem out has let the truth out as well. The demon golem can inflict harm on Gardin the blood golem now also, but cannot kill him....entirely. It has come to you to choose what shall now happen. If Gardin makes it to his stone of blood, his stone of life, before someone of life, love and purity does, he will become immortal. But don't fear, for there is one, already that has gone, and yes it is Misty. She is there and waiting on Gardin now. If she stays to fight Gardin alone, she will smote him and finish him, but will perish with him. She needs someone of purity and love and life to help her. That one person is you, but if you choose to go, she may still perish and you may also. Either way Gardin will perish, but you now have the choice of whether to go and help Misty or not. Choosing to go will put your life in jeopardy, but can have a chance to save her. Choosing not to go will mean that she will perish but so will Gardin. I am sorry but I can now give you no longer to think about it, it must be your decision now. Do you choose to go to her aide or go back to your comrades? I am about to put you back in the mortal realm, your decision comes from the letter. How you will make your decision is this: If you decide to go to your friend's need and help her in the Halls of Gardinia, you will open the letter and read the incantation at the bottom. ONLY you will be able to see the incantation. If you decide not to go, you need not pick up the letter it will leave your realm upon rejection from you. You will have few seconds to pick up the letter or not. The decision is yours. Good luck. Either way you are not disliked by the gods." with that the red elven lord vanished and Cly came back to life.

The blood golem turned towards the demon golem who was barely visible and slashed at him, he then turned and fleed to the nearest stream, where he would say the spell that would transfer him to the realm of Gardinia, more so, to the Halls of Gardinia of which stood his life stone of blood.

OOC: That was long, sorry. Haha, now your golems can only harm him, like only harm him to 1hp left. I know many of you may not like this that I have written, but please I think it will be a good way to have the blood golem die.

04/27/2004 7:15 PM

((OOC: Well, Naomi and the demon golem are kind of sharing each other's consciousness. If that won't work, like I said, I'll fix it...*blush*

OOC: That was long, sorry. Haha, now your golems can only harm him, like only harm him to 1hp left. I know many of you may not like this that I have written, but please I think it will be a good way to have the blood golem die.

I think it's just fine. ^_^))


The demon golem voraciously attacked the blood golem, shifting through shadows and moving like one as well. When the blood golem turned to flee, the golem of darkness quickly took pursuit.

Naomi stood frozen, a strange smile etched upon her face as her new ruby eyes glittered with bloodlust. Her eyes were the only part of her body that would move; as they shifted to the right, the demon golem looked to the right. As they squinted to the left, the demon's head turned left. Power surged through both bodies, one powerful entity joining with another. It was a frightening thing to one of magical knowledge.

And as the demon golem quickly chased after the golem of life fluid, small rivulets of blood trickled from Naomi's nose, crossed her smiling lips and dripped down her chin.

04/27/2004 8:37 PM

Tala looked around her. It seemed like time had stood still for a brief moment, but that couldn't be so. Everything was still moving, in a rush it seemed. The elf woman had no hope of fighting the golem, and so had set about helping those who were either still injured, or who were injured anew with the fighting between the golems.

As she was helping a human female, she paused in her work, looking over to where the demon golem was flying off to. It appeared that the mage had decided to bond her life to it, giving it the power it needed. She hoped that it would be enough to kill off the other golem. Yet, something deep within her told her it wouldn't.

04/28/2004 9:25 AM

"Heroes or fools, I can't be sure what you people are right now.", a tall elfin woman states from her place in the shadows.

04/28/2004 12:25 PM

Cly knew what he had to do. He walked to the letter and picked it up. People were buzzing around him, but did not notice him, he was mostly out of their plane. He picked up the letter, and began to read the incantation.

04/28/2004 7:05 PM

Well then. What now?

04/29/2004 7:47 PM

Well then. What now?

I want you to get a visual of the place your going to. You should appear in a gardin, there will be a door somewhere you pick. Through it you find yourself in a chamber and the doors vanish, the blood golem turns around. The room is like an octagon shaped room that is about the size of a footbal field(not the stands) just the field part, so its kind of big, but not to small. Walls are dripping with blood and the room is dimly lit. Thats how I picture it. I'll wait for you to enter the room before I respond with Misty.

04/30/2004 12:23 PM

OOC:Well, I don't have much to add as of right now, so let's just say I'm where I need to be.

05/09/2004 9:08 PM

Misty walked about the room cautiously, knowing that soon she would find great evil and danger. She could sense familiarity about something not far away. Misty's armor clanking quietly with her easy steps. She had just been given this armor. She wore a Mithril breast plate, with Mithril chainmail on under it. She had no idea why the elven lord had given it to her but she took it all the same. Misty walked over to the side of the room and saw a figure through a crack in the wall. What was this?! This wasn't a crack, it was a door!!! Misty pushed on the rock and it gave way, falling into nothingness. Misty was afraid to even attempt to walk over the gap, sure it looked like stone all the way, but hey, it sure looked like that stone door fell through it also. Misty stepped back and took a running jump she rebounded off the side wall and grabbed hold of the rock ledge on the other side. She had herself pulled halfway up when she happened to look down. WOW!! It was shocking but also looked very freaky. Her body was coming out of the stone floor. It was like an illusion. Misty pulled herself up on the ledge and looked around, she noticed the figure standing on the other side of the dimly lit room. Misty dared not speak for doubt of her conscious. She walked over with her bow nocked and ready, but released the tension the moment she noticed it was Cly.
"Cly!" Misty said with happiness. "How?! Did?!" she wasn't quite sure what to say, but something told her to not speak anymore. She had the urge to remove the breastplate and did so. She handed it to Cly and pulled the arrow back turning around to face THE STONE OF GARDIN.....

Gardin the blood golem, appeared right beside it. He looked at it and ran to it to replenish life, but instead it burned him. He was instantly told in his mind, that he had company. He was weak from the demon golem, but he could still fight. He turned and noticed the 2 elves, standing in the corner. He lunged at the elfmaiden, but she dodged his attack. He turned to swing at the other, and received an arrow in the back. Fool!! He thought, does she not know that she cannot win? He turned towards her and dodged another arrow. He reached out and snapped her bow, he picked her up and slammed her against the wall and then threw her across the room. The blood on the wall proved he had inflicted damage. He then turned towards the other elf, the one that shone bright blue in this dimly lit room. He was wearing, MITHRIL! Gardin had replenished some life from the damage inflicted on the elven maid, but he was still not fully replenished. He lunged at the elf shining in the corner.....

05/12/2004 3:37 PM

OOC: Cly isn't an elf.

BiC: Cly was about to refuse the plate mail, but noticed immediatly that it was Mithryl, a very light, strong metal. He just finished slipping it on when the golem flashed in. He drew his rapier and reached into his bag. He pulled out a few small objects and slapped them on his sword, which burned with dark green flame. The other objects he ate, swallowing them quickly, like pills. The golem was too fast, however. By the time Cly was ready, it had already dealt with Misty. At the sight of Misty's crumpled body, Cly felt an anger stronger than he had felt since his brother was killed by the Palantian Guard. His blade flashed and he rushed the golem boldly. Even against a blood golem, Cly was a strong match. After all, twenty years of practice brings intense skills. Every hit the golem scored was repeated back twofold, and the golem was son tiring, and his defenses were slipping. Cly seemed to get better every moment, as his anger mutated into a cold flame, he got more focused, and laid the golem out with a final swing, then stabbed straight through its chest, shattering its stone. The sword sputtered and went out.

Satisfied with the death of his opponent, Cly got up and rushed to Misty's side, but collapsed from exhaustion before he made it.


He awoke to the feeling of water on his face, and familiar voices.

OOC: Anyone can tak that last part.

05/13/2004 9:09 AM

Tala was tending to Cly. It was odd, everything around them seemed to have frozen in time, and suddenly the blood golem was gone, Misty seemed near death, and Cly was passed out not far from the other elf maiden. Tala had forced a few people to take off their cloaks and give them to her. She turned two into make-shift pillows, cushioning both invalids heads, and then covering them with the other cloaks.

Someone else had taken over seeing to Misty. Who it was, Tala wasn't sure. It did leave Cly to her however. She grabbed a bowl from her carry all, and poured some water into it. The human was battered, but was in better condition than Misty. Tala ripped a strip off her shirt and dabbed it into the water. As she was cleaning Cly's face off, he awoke.

"He's awake," she announced. "Don't try to get up on your own. I don't think you've recovered that much."

Tala looked over to where Misty was being tended to. Apparently she was worse off than she had appeared. Tala shook her head and looked at Cly sympathetically.

"They're doing the best they can," she said softly. "I'm afraid that she won't make it, unless the gods intervene."

05/13/2004 5:10 PM

As the blood golem died by Cly's flashing sword, the demon golem stopped in its tracks, its body spasming for a moment before sifting away into black dust, returning to the Abyss. The crimson drained from Naomi's eyes, and she fell backward upon the ground, her face bloody from the rivulets streaming from her nose, which now slowed to a halt.

However, a smile of triumph played upon her ruby lips. She had not killed the golem, but in turn had gained something more.

05/17/2004 4:28 PM

OOC: Cly isn't an elf.

OOC: My bad, I just forgot about him.

BIC: (Misty's spirit)
Misty was in a hallway made of white marble, and there was this bright white light at the end of the long doorless hallway. She looked down at the light, she had the feeling of purity and wanted forever to rush to it. She turned around to look back the other way and there was only darkness and evil flowing from it. Misty turned and walked towards the light, she had forgotten all about the fight with the golem. All she knew was that there was something very good at the end of this.... She walked up to the light, took one last look behind her.....

05/18/2004 7:44 PM

OOC: i'm back, hey everyone :D

BIC: Flare readied his crossbow and aimed his shot, at........

OOC: ok, who ever whats to have me try to kill them. tell me. LOL, k. i know not to use other ppl char without asking. so just tell me kk cya l8er everyone ^^

05/19/2004 9:04 PM

BIC: Flare readied his crossbow and aimed his shot, at........

OOC: ok, who ever whats to have me try to kill them. tell me. LOL, k. i know not to use other ppl char without asking. so just tell me kk cya l8er everyone ^^

OOC: WTF!!!! Why does he have to "shoot at" one of us?

BIC: Misty's body spasmed and then went still, her heart beat slowed, and the light in her eyes dimmed. Her eyes were open, she had a strange smile on her face. Yes she was still unconcious, but it was like her way of saying "Good Bye".

Misty turned around and faced the bright light, she smiled and finally understood what her purpose had been....

05/23/2004 8:40 AM

OOC: LOL, because I couldn't think of any other way to bring him in, and because he's an assasin.

05/23/2004 2:28 PM

The bolt flew straight and true, centering on Cly's chest.


The steel tip was no match for the Mythril breastplate.

"What in the Abyss was that?"

05/23/2004 5:16 PM

The metal clang awoke the black mage from her power-drained faint. She was on her feet in almost an instant, a flourishing sweep of velvet black. She wiped the blood from her face with her ebony sleeve as she sought out Cly's attacker. The Staff of Teles pointed at the assassin's chest, though their was no guarantee that magic would be the first thing she used on him.

"Drop your weapon, assassin." She ignored the new trickle of blood seeping from her left nostril.

05/23/2004 6:42 PM

Misty turned and stepped into the white light......

The light and happiness and energy drained from the elf maiden. The warriors knew she was gone.....A voice in their heads said 'Good bye'.

Misty walked into a room of glorious marble stone everywhere. She turned at the sound of the voice, but it there was noone in the room.

OOC: Misty died y'all. I think I'll stay around and see how the story turns out though. :P

05/24/2004 9:00 AM

"What did I tell you about sitting up on your own?" Tala asked, frowning. She looked at the arrow in Cly's lap. "What the..."

She looked around, searching for whoever had fired the arrow. No one in the makeshift camp had fired it. She heard Naomi off in the distance. Apparently the black mage was taking care of it. Tala sighed and sat down. The reason she hadn't been there when Cly was attacked was because she had gone to check on Misty.

"Don't worry about the would-be assassin. Naomi has that under control," she said. "Cly, I've got some bad news. Misty is dead."

The elf woman wasn't sure how the human would take the news. They hadn't known Misty for very long, but humans tended to let their feelings run rampant. Therefore she couldn't tell if he had stronger feelings, feelings that Misty had obviously had for the human. She watched him closely as he took in the news.

05/24/2004 1:29 PM

Misty kneeled down near Cly and kissed his cheek. From the way Cly acted it seemed he felt it. Misty turned to Tala, smiled and left to go back to after life. She knew her friends hadn't seen her but knew they had felt her presence.

A note was attached to Misty's mithril chainmail (which is still on her), it read: Tala, thank you, this is for you.

05/27/2004 4:38 PM

Despite Tala's chide, Cly stood up with a grunt. He looked at Misty's body, and a tear slid down his face, but even through his grief, he knew she was happy. He turned to Boldar, then adressed the group.

"Is it time for us to go on again? To go our seperate ways?"

05/28/2004 12:01 AM

Tala followed Cly over to Misty's lifeless body. They'd have to perform the burial rites. After all, they weren't barbarians. As the elf woman looked over Misty, she noticed something stuck in the mithril armor. She bent down and picked it up. It was a note, from Misty to Tala.

A lone tear trickled unheeded down Tala's cheek as she read the note. The blue haired elf had sent a message from beyond to her brief companion. Apparently the mithril was to be Tala's. She carefully took it off, and held it in her hands.

"If we have no need of one another anymore, then perhaps we should leave," she said in answer to Cly's question. She kept her head down, refusing to look at anyone. "After all, it seems as if we have helped the people here."

05/28/2004 1:58 PM

Misty had no idea about this after life but she hadn't met anyone yet in it, so she had decided to follow her companions around and see what they were up to. Misty has sat down and as Cly walked by she jumped back to avoid tripping him. She then remembered she was dead duh! What?!?! Cly was looking right at her with a thoughtless unbelieving face. Misty turned around and looked behind her, couldn't tell what Cly was looking at. Misty had thought for a second he was looking at her, but he couldn't be, she was dead. Misty got up and went to see Tala to make sure she had gotten that armor. Misty turned around and Cly was still looking at her, Misty was starting to feel frightened. "MISTY!!!!" someone said behind her. Misty turned to see.......

OOC: I really like this RP so Misty is coming back. Her time here wasn't over, she was sent back to fulfill her purpose. Anyone can take that last part^

05/28/2004 2:57 PM

OOC: hello, everyone sorry i've been gone alot a new game it really addicting. :D

BIC: Flare laugh at the mage, "Fool". Flare drew the sword thats was as big as he was in height, and flew off the roof of the building he was on. He landed and, the pedant he wore was shown....

05/28/2004 8:11 PM

"A fool, am I? I do not shoot arrows at mithril vests," she mused, not moving as he jumped form his perch like a vulture from a tree.

She swept back her cloak, revealign the darkest of her robes; and the not one but three pendants that hung from her slim, pale neck: the goddess Mishakal of healing, Majere of knowledge, and the six headed dragon queen Takhisis of evil. She glared at him challengingly, her eyes not filled with anger or fear, but almost amusement and anticipation.

05/28/2004 10:00 PM

Flare, "Oh good a worshiper, i'm scared now a mage and a worshiper"
Flare starts to chant a spell, then his sword starts to blaze with fire. He jumps forward and.....

OOC: ok, the pendant wasn't that of a god but the pendant merrith wore. Also Falre worships Sirrion, and Chislev

05/30/2004 8:54 AM

Naomi dodged to the side, as smoothly as a shadow retreating from the dawn. "Worshiper...how blatantly ignorant you are." Her tone still held its amused octave, and she rose her staff. The wings, once folded on the Staff of Teles, now opened, stretching as if alive.

"Ast kiranann kair gadunrm soth-arn suh kali jalaran," she whispered. A great force built around the black mage, a ferocious tension...a crackling sound filled the air, and Naomi's shaggy black hair stood up almost entirely on end. Then, an explosion of blue-black lightning surrounded her, laced the shaft of the magical staff, focused in the shining purple silver orb, and shot towards the advancing Flare...

05/30/2004 10:17 AM

Flares eyes filled with fear, knowing death was coming he jumped a the black mage. Hopeing to hit her before she hit him, but stop feeling foolish he......

OOC: Oh boy, my char is gonna die faster then merith, well........

05/30/2004 5:04 PM

OOC: Oh boy, my char is gonna die faster then merith, well........

OOC: Lol...well, he'll only die if you want him to. That's the beauty of it...he's YOUR character, you're in control. ^_^

Naomi dropped to her knees to avoid his oncoming attack, her yellow cateyes glowing with extraordinary power. A power that her superiors in the High Tower of Sorcery at Wayreth had feared even as they tried to destroy it...

The blue-black electricity enveloped her, lacing around her arms, her slender neck, her chest, her hands that gripped the black staff for life. Rather than from the staff, the power came from within...her glowing eyes widened towards the sky in almost a quiet ecstacy as the lightning snaked through the ground, ripping it, heading towards him...

05/31/2004 8:19 PM

OOC: ok i don't think anyone likes this char, but i'm keeping him alive.

BIC: Flare's eyes filled with fear, knowing death was here.

Flare "May we meet again on the battle field mage, till then bye"

Flare knowing that running wouldn't help him much ran towards and past the mage hopeing it would help........

OOC: srry, about the spelling i really tired, again srry i'll try to fix it l8er

06/01/2004 1:37 PM

OOC: ok i don't think anyone likes this char, but i'm keeping him alive.

OOC: Maybe if he was a bit more calm...

BiC: Unfortunately, Naomi's back was to the camp, and Flare was a bit too preoccupied to realize that they were his enemies.

Against all advice, Cly drew his rapier, and stood ready for this maniac. Boldar stood be hind him with his axe leaning on his shoulder.

"That seems bigger every time you use it." Cly said, looking up at the huge blade. "Be careful not to lop off one of our heads with a backswing."

Damen strung an arrow, and shot it at the speedy assasin. "Here's to looking back..." he muttered as he drew a second arrow.

06/01/2004 6:48 PM

OOC: Maybe if he was a bit more calm...

OOC: I agree...O.o Red, it's not that we don't like your character, but you DID start the fight...shooting at Cly and all...so being an assassin, Flare's bound to get a few enemies...lol. Besides, the conflict is what makes this an RPG, yes? If everyone got along and forgave people for shooting at them, it would be kinda boring...so let's keep going! ^_^

Naomi's eyes flashed. Her opponent was escaping...she stood, spinning round, and waved her staff with on hand in a huge arc that seemed like it could tear the earth. The electricity sprouting from her body changed direction, splitting the ground between her legs as it raced towards Flare, slow, yet incredibly fast...now the assassin had no choice but to fight. For to his face there were swords, arrows, axes...to his back, powerful magic that could rent him in half just as quick as any mortal weapon. Her eyes narrowed; the electricity darknened.

"Running is not an option," her powerful voice boomed. "Finish what you have started."

06/02/2004 4:53 PM

Tala stared in disbelief. Standing before her, a soft light surrounding her, was Misty. Cly was a bit preoccupied taking care of the would-be assassin, as was nearly everyone else, so he didn't seem to take notice of what was going on. Tala rose and walked over to Misty.

"Are you...real? Or are you a spirit?" Tala asked, reaching out to touch the blue haired elf. When she met solid flesh she smiled, and then immediately sobered up once more. "You're real. But...shouldn't you be dead? I mean, we saw you die. And yet here you stand!"

If ever the strong elf woman felt like fainting, now was it. She bit her lip to keep her head from swimming. She shook her head and handed Misty the mithril armor.

"Here. Since you are alive again, you may need this," Tala said. "Cly! Let your friend tend to that crazy assassin! You have more important matters at the moment that need tending to!"

06/03/2004 6:00 AM

"Running is not an option," her powerful voice boomed. "Finish what you have started."

OOC: is this alittle better? i hope so i think it goes together smoothly not sure Hmmm........

Flare, "No I can't run, but I won't be killed by a mage....."

Flare was scared, and it showed. The fact that he could either die by them or die by him...is what scared him not, just the thought of death.
Flare knew a few spells, yet none would save him but, it was worth a shot. flare chanted a small defensive spell, and suddenly a magic wall surrounded him..yet wouldn't save him. It might him alive maybe but the pain would still be felt.

The electricity hit him..Flare cried out in pain, as the electricity surged threw his body. He fainted to the ground, barely alive.

06/03/2004 3:39 PM

The deed was done. What was left of the bodily thunderstorm seemed to leave Flare's motionless form and absorb back into Naomi's body; the wings upon the Staff of Teles closed tightly. The black mage dug the base of her staff into the scorched ground, leaning heavily upon it although she made it seem like she wasn't.

"I would never be so considerate as to offer you the gift of death," Naomi murmured quietly, walking over to his spread-eagled body slowly, a weary limp in her stride. "You don't...deserve it..." she coughed quietly into her sleeve, looking down at him. Her yellow eyes still pulsed with magic as she gazed up at those around her, her face more pallid than before. "What do you suppose we do with this one?"

06/03/2004 4:55 PM

"Actually Tala, I think you might need this more. I think I may have only come back to fulfill some purpose." Misty said handing the chainmail back. Misty looked down to find her Elven short bow broken. She now had no weapon.

06/07/2004 4:47 PM

CLy looked from Flame to Misty, and his priorities were quickly set in order. He jogged over to Misty, and reached into his pack. Amid the shining stones and small artifacts he pulled a rod, roughly six inches in length, patterned like a handle of some sort.

"Stand back..." with an ominous click sound, Cly pressed a small button. Seconds tick by, and Cly starts to sweat. At last, he can stand the suspense no longer. He through the rod up into the air, and with a large TWANG and various other noises, the rod flipped out to form a longbow. Had Cly held it longer, it might well have taken of his head.

"Here, Misty, a gift. Be careful though, it's gnomish make. I picked it up during my short stint in Nevermind." He winced at the memory.


Boldar and Damen approached the Mercenary carefully, with weapons at the ready. They knew from experience that people like him should not be presumed harmless until their hearts stop beating in their chests, and even then, caution is advised.

06/07/2004 10:44 PM

"Thank you Cly," Misty said gratefully. "Where are we headed off to now?"

06/12/2004 2:30 PM

"Well, I will probably leave town to explore more, but that can wait however long it needs to. First we have to deal with this headcase." Cly gestured to the mercenary, who was still writhing on the ground. They watched their friends draw closer to him, and waited.

06/14/2004 12:24 PM

Have I been abandoned? Does anyone know Thread Enders Inc.'s phone number?

06/15/2004 2:10 PM

"I think he's dead," Tala said. "I mean, it's been how many days already, and the little bugger hasn't even so much as twitched."

Tala bent over to poke the mage with a stick, but was distracted by a shower of glitter and a rather buxom red-head making her way over to the group.

"Hello luvs! I heard mention of Thread Ender's Inc. and decided I'd answer the call. What can I do for you?"

06/15/2004 2:49 PM

"Hello luvs! I heard mention of Thread Ender's Inc. and decided I'd answer the call. What can I do for you?"

Cly stared.

"Oh! Sorry! What was that?" He listened again. "Oh, well, my comrades all seem to be comatose and in some odd ste of paralysis or rigor mortis. Is there any thing you can do?" Then he resumed staring.

06/15/2004 3:11 PM

Straea wandered around the area for a few minutes before standing in front of Cly again. She sighed, making certain body parts jiggle a bit.

"Well, if I could get Eliar here, he could help me set up something really grand. But I think he's off ruining another thread at the moment. Too bad Ballsar is gone....he'd think of something...naughty. Oh well, guess we're going to have to blow this place up with a Nacho Cheese Bomb."

The red-haired woman conjured up a pack and pulled out a nacho cheese machine. She placed it on the ground and pressed a few buttons.

"This won't help with the rigor mortis that seems to have spread around here, but it will make this all seem better. What I have here is an ordinary nacho cheese dispenser, rigged with enough explosives to not only cover this entire thread with cheese, but also blow it up as well. I've set the timer for five days."

06/16/2004 4:39 AM

Cly listened attentivly. His focus wandered a few times, but heheard most of what she said.

"I have two questions. First, what's nacho cheese? Second, can we eat the cheese while we wait?"

06/19/2004 9:12 AM

"Nacho cheese is a creation of some mad man from another world. If you don't have the tolerance for it, you can rest assured that you will remain in the bathroom for the rest of the day," Straea explained. "As for your second question, we can have a little bit, but I do need the rest for the explosion."

Straea checked the time, and frowned. For an odd reason it was stuck at one. She pounded it, and the timer started running down minutes until detonation. She jumped up and grabbed Cly and Tala, pulling them after her.

"Seems there's been a bit of miscalculation on the bomb dearies," she said. "I think we'll be leaving now."

Straea opened up a portal and shoved Tala through. The elf stumbled, and glared at the red haired woman, but said nothing. Straea looked at Cly.

"If there's anything you want to grab from here, I suggest you do it now," she told him. "Otherwise, jump through and we'll be home free!"

06/20/2004 3:37 PM

"Okay." he seemed dissapointed, but not paniced. He had not yet realized the danger to him and his various digestive organs. He patted Misty on the back and wished her luck, and then towed a sluggish Boldar over the nearest hill, with Damen close behind.

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