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01/30/2004 12:09 PM

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Saidara sat in a rocking chair by the fireplace with a distant look in her grey eyes. She had just got home after she had assisted a woman giving birth. They had lost the baby and Saidara blamed herself for that even if she knew that she couldn’t have done more.

She was exhausted but she couldn’t sleep. She stared at the flames losing herself into their light and feeling like hypnotised. Suddenly bright images danced before her eyes. She saw what looked like an elven royalty be brought away in chains by dark figures.

As suddenly as it had come, the vision faded away. Saidara leaned back trying to catch her breath. Every time she had a vision, she felt like she had been running for hours. Absently she run her fingers through her wavy black hair, whilst she mused on what she had seen.

She had had visions since she could remember, learning of things that were going to happen. She knew she could trust her gift, her premonitions had proved right every time and a few times they had helped to prevent disgraces. But she usually had visions about people and places she knew.

This time it was something completely different… Elves… She had seen a few of them recently, she knew they were living somewhere close to Sanction now that Qualinesti was a place of death and Silvanesti was under the control of the minotaurs. It was a sad fate, she thought, feeling sorry for the two elven nations. The man she had seen in the vision had to be Gilthas, the speaker of the sun, son of Tanis Half-Elven and Laurana. If he was kidnapped, things would get even worse for the elves, but what could she do to prevent it?

Still shaken she went to bed. Sleep came fast but didn’t bring much rest. She dreamt of woods, elves and a kidnapped king. When she awaked, she felt groggy, the dreams still fresh in her mind. She knew she could not run away, even if she didn’t wish to get involved. She had to try at least. Yes, she would go to the elves and tell them about the vision.

She packed some food, some of her herbs and a few clothes, then she locked the house. She closed her eyes and shut everything out trying to concentrate on the direction she had to take. She tried all the directions in her mind and she felt a shudder when she thought about south.
Then south is where I will go

She walked for hours before she reached the outskirts of a wood. Cautiously she went on looking for a sign. Then suddenly a few elves jumped down from the trees right behind her. She looked at them relieved and scared at the same time. They had bows in their hands and their expression was not exactly friendly.

“This is elven territory and humans are not welcome here.” Said one of them, a slender man with dark hair and blue eyes.
“I am not here to cause trouble, but I need to talk to someone in charge. The speaker of the sun is in danger!” she explained.
One of the elves laughed, the others shook their head.

“Go back to where you came from and we won’t harm you”
Saidara bit her lip exasperated. “I’m telling you the truth, this is important. Please, let me pass! I won’t go back!”
“Take her to the trees” said the dark haired elf.
Saidara looked confused not knowing what the trees were, but she followed hesitatingly the two elves that were showing the way. The other two walked behind her. In a short while they got to a row of trees. There was a prisoner chained to most of them. Saidara suddenly understood what the trees were and she turned to the elf that had talked to her.

“You don’t understand! I am not a criminal! I am here to save the speaker!” she said in an angry voice.
“Save your breath” he sneered and gave order to the others to chain her to a tree. Seeing that there was no point in arguing or fighting, Saidara let them chain her without struggling, whilst she cursed herself for not staying at home.

01/30/2004 1:39 PM

…The waning sun of the late afternoon dappled its way in streams of light from the canopy of green leaves above. The clink of heavy iron chains and a low snort accompanied the raising of the prisoners head to regard the young woman with the palest of blue eyes. The face of a minotaur.

The figure was massive, easily reaching eight feet, if it could stand while chained, and was broad across the shoulders its body hardened with muscle, covered in fur as pale as the first snows of winter. Long curving horns swept up from the bovine head, beaten circlets of gold adorned the base of each horn depicting minotaur in battle if one looked closely.

The beast wore the armor of a Kothian warrior, a sculpted bronze breastplate and short leather kilt of hardened pleats of leather with arm greaves of bronze and iron shod shoes upon its cloven hooves.

Despite its bestial appearance, the figure held itself with a strange aura of nobility as it swung its head to stare balefully at its captors then back to the young human before it.

“You do not look like a warrior.” It announced simply in a deep low voice as the breeze rippled the beast’s white mane and the dark haired elf disappeared into the vast green of the woods, leaving the elfin guards to stand watch over their prisoners…

01/30/2004 1:53 PM

Saidara cocked her head and looked at the minotaur curiously. She had never seen one before and she realized how little she knew about the world and the races that inhabitated it. She had lived all her life in a small village where strangers were not welcome.

"I am not a warrior" she said softly "And I can't understand why they treat me like a prisoner when the only reason I came here was to warn them and offer my help...."

She shook her head sadly.
"Something terrible is going to happen and they won't even let me talk... I am called Saidara. What is your name, if I may ask... And why do they keep you here?" she asked with her natural spontaneity forgetting her troubles for a moment.

01/30/2004 2:03 PM

...The beast regarded her with its pale eyes for a moment, critically as if judging her worth, before finally snorting to itself quietly and nodding.

“I am called Korath es-Kotharn and you are chained because they are elves. A weak, cowardly creature who lacks the honor to face their foes with courage. I am here as a prize of battle, though I was captured through devious elvish magic.” He growled as he swung his massive head to regard the nearest captor with a baleful stare before returning his gaze to the young seer…

01/30/2004 2:50 PM

Saidara smiled faintly at the minotaur.
"Well, Korath, I don't know much about elves, but I know that your people invaded their homeland. I can understand their feelings. And they are frail creatures. Courage would not help much against people so big and strong as you."

The conversation was interrupted by the arrival of a couple of guards who were escorting a noble looking elf dressed in reach velvets.
"Dear lady, I can see that you are already making new friends... Maybe you should choose your friends more carefully, especially when you are in elven territory." he said in a cold voice, an expression of disgust on his smooth face.

"Now tell me what pressing matters brought you here" he continued in a demanding tone.

Saidara looked at him puzzled and bit her lip. She could not understand the hate and the contempt in the man's eyes. Trying to speak with a steady voice, she looked into his eyes and spoke.

"I had a vision... The speaker of the sun will be kidnapped".
The elf lord laughed and looked quite amused.
"Kidnapped? When? And by who?"
"I don't know...." she answered blushing and feeling stupid.

"You are just wasting my time" he sneered, then he turned to one of the guards "We'll keep her here for a couple of days at least, so she will get those strange ideas out of her head. And watch her, she looks so innocent, but you never know with humans..." and with those words he left.

01/30/2004 3:28 PM

...As the elves approached, the beast threw itself forward towards his elfin captors, the chains groaning as he railed against them, growling deep in his throat, his eyes fixed with hate upon the lead elf.

He continued there, pushing against his chains, his fur covered muscles straining in agony as Korath imagined himself throttling the elf to death with his bare hands. Once the elves had departed once again, Korath collapsed back on his haunches, breathing heavily from the exertion, his muscles feeling as if they were on fire.

He shook his head and then looked to the human. “You have come to warn them about a dream you had?” He said ending the words with a snort of derision as he inspected the chains that bound him. “I don’t blame the cowards then. You make little sense, even for a human.” He added in his deep voice.

“A dream…” the beast mumbled to itself irritably barely audible as Korath lay himself down amongst the leaves as best he could.

“Better to get yourself some sleep girl.” He added simply as he closed his pale eyes…

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01/30/2004 4:19 PM

Saidara looked at the minotaur visibly offended.
"It was not a dream! It was a vision and my visions always speak the truth. If I didn't know for sure that this was of extreme importance, I would not have come here! But what could you possibly know about this kind of things! You... you rude, barbarian beast!"

With tears in her eyes she tried to find a comfortable position, but sleep would not come to her. She was too upset to relax, she just lay there and stared at the stars wondering what she was meant to do and hoping to receive an answer from the gods.

01/30/2004 6:13 PM

…Korath’s ear twitched once, then again more rapidly, the minotaur opening one pale eye slowly and then the next and listening silently. The light of the day had past and the symphony of crickets and other night insects told the minotaur day had given unto night. He raised himself slowly and listened again for the sounds that had woken him. Nothing.

He slowly pushed himself up, putting his broad back against the tree, casting a glance in the darkened light to the human woman lying a the base of the other tree, she had lain awake for some time he gathered before finally fatigue must have taken her. He shook his great head, there was no reason to chain a commoner in such a way, it was degrading something you did to a slave.

His ear twitched, and the minotaur craned his head and looked to the source of the commotion. The elfin tents he thought, not understanding a word of elf-speak, but it sounded like something was indeed wrong and he could see the trail of torches winding there way through the trees towards where they were laying.

Korath lay himself down slowly once again on the fallen leaves and closed his eyes pretending to sleep as the elves approached once again…

01/30/2004 6:42 PM

Rough hands shook Saidara awake. Startled she opened her eyes and stared at an angry guard. Beside him stood the same elf lord that had talked to her earlier and shot her a poisonous glance.

"Tell me immediately! Where is he? What have you done to him?" he asked shouting.
Saidara looked around confused. What was going on?!
"What are you talking about? I don't understand!" she managed to say in a feeble voice.

"The speaker has vanished. He's been kidnapped and you knew it. It's all your work, human bitch, isn't it?" his tone was getting more and more angry and he slapped her.
Saidara cried out in pain, her eyes widened in fear.
"What... I tried to warn you and you didn't believe me... It's your fault if he's been kidnapped. I've been here all the time chained to this tree..." she mumbled still half asleep.

The elf's eyes narrowed and Saidara didn't dare say anymore. He kicked her hard and then left clearly upset.
"I will be back and then you will regret whatever you have done to lord Gilthas!"
Saidara closed her eyes and let the tears run free wishing that it was all a dream.

01/31/2004 3:07 AM

...The first of the beast’s pale eyes slowly opened, followed by a second as he looked up at the Lord standing over the human woman in his anger the lord had decided to shake the human roughly, demanding answers a wicked smile crossing his bestial snout.

The massive frame of the minotaur rippled as he set himself, and then heaved himself upright in a blur of pale motion, wrapping his massive white-furred forearm around the surprised elf’s throat and hoisting him a good foot off the ground, his feet kicking air as he gasped for air and clawed ineffectually at the minotaur’s arm.

Korath turned and faced the guardsmen with a fixed stare and growled low in his throat. “Drop your weapons now!” he commanded them as they exchanged nervous glances amongst themselves. “Quickly, this elf wont breath to the weapons are down and my chains are gone.” He said as he shook the body of the noble in his arms.

The elves slowly dropped their swords and bows to the dew touched grass at their feet and looked at the scene before them warily and with increasing concern for the elf lord struggling for breath in the massive prisoner’s grasp.

“Now free the human woman and give her the keys so she can free me, I don’t want an elvish blade in my back while you unlock my chains.” He said, pale blue eyes fixed upon the elves before him…

01/31/2004 4:04 AM

Saidara watched in surprise, whilst Korath managed to take the elven lord hostage. She was impressed by his strength and courage and felt deeply relieved when he gave order to free her.

She staggered to her feet and sighed loudly when one of the elves freed her from the chains. She took the keys he handed her, then she snatched one of the swords that were lying on the ground. She had never wielded any weapon and it felt strange in her hands, but she thought it could be useful. Or maybe she could just give it to the minotaur.

Quickly she unlocked Korath's chains, then she turned to the elves.
"Now you come here... It's your turn to be chained to the trees... And you remember, if you make a false move, your lord is as good as dead" she said in a calm and determined tone. She couldn't believe she was actually saying those things, but she didn't waste time to think more about it.

Pointing the sword at the two elven guards, she ordered them to sit down each by a tree with their hands in sight. She laid the sword by Korath's feet and chained the two elves to the trees, then she torn a piece of dress and made two gags.

"It will take them some time to get help this way" she said with a hint of satisfaction in her voice. Then she picked up the sword and turned to Korath.
"Shall we leave? Which direction shall we take?"

01/31/2004 4:22 AM

...Korath released the elf lord who fell to the ground and gasped for breath on his hands and knees, he growled and kicked the elf in his side with his metal-shod cloven hooves, a sharp brutal crack which caused the elf to goggle in pain. The minotaur reached down to the elf and hoisted him up by his collar, forcing the injured noble to look at Korath’s pale eyes.

“Remember next time you ambush minotaur with your hidden arrows and elf-magics, we will never be slaves to the older races again.” He growled and then brutally whipped his head forward, to crash into the elf’s face, his body going limp as the sickening head-butt knocked the elf senseless.

He glanced at Saidara before sweeping up the elfin sword and looking at it critically for a few heartbeats before snorting in disgust and hurling the blade into the bushes. “Too small for my hands. Like it was made for a girl child.” He growled as his held up a massive fist before him.

“Can you run?” he asked simply as his head swung left and right, his nostrils flaring as he scented the night air for elves. He suddenly moved for the bushes at a speed that belied his great size, his legs powering him across the small clearing and into the underbrush where he stopped and looked back for the human…

01/31/2004 4:51 AM

Saidara shuddered seeing the minotaur knock down the elf.
"You didn't need to hurt him like that..." she said in a faint voice. The beast was scary indeed.

"Can I run? I don't know, minotaur. I have never run for my life before, but I'll do my best" she answered and followed him. She kept running for what felt like hours. Korath was fast and Saidara found it difficult to keep his pace. Her legs were short compared to his and she was not especially well trained.

Her legs started feeling as heavy as lead, her lungs were burning and her pale face was blank with sweat. She stumbled and fell. She was exhausted and didn't even try to get back on her feet.
"I can't go any further... I am sorry...." she stammered trying to catch her breath.

02/01/2004 4:06 AM

…The minotaur came to a sudden halt, his massive frame heaving from the long run and his metal shod hooves gouging a line in the soft earth, his head swung to regard the human on the ground gasping for breath and then to the path they were taking and back again with narrowed eyes.

The beast turned and took another two loping steps away from the woman, his form leaving Saidara where she lay, before a growl rose in his throat and he turned back, crossing the distance between them and hoisting Saidara up and tossing her roughly over his broad shoulder, before he began running again, slowly at first and then picking up speed as he made his way through the trees, branches whipping at them as he loped between the green boughs.

They ran for almost an hour, the twin moons, one crimson and one white shone brightly in the sky from amongst the glittering stars, though the light was barely enough to illuminate the path ahead of them. Korath burst from the undergrowth Saidara still slung over his shoulder, his fur matted with sweat and his breathing coming in heavy plumes from his nostrils in the chill night air. His hooves found the icy cold of water and he stumbled a little as he entered the shallow stream.

He set Saidara down in the ankle deep waters and glanced back towards the tree line his nostrils flaring as he sniffed the air for any scent of pursuers. “The stream should hide our scent from the elven trackers and their fey hounds. We should keep moving, elves see better than you or I at night and I don’t want to be caught unawares by the bastards.” He growled, pointing a scarred finger downstream.

Without waiting, the huge figure began half jogging, half stumbling through the water as he made his way downstream. The water was cold, as winter was rapidly approaching but it did little to hamper the beast.

The pair continued this way for another half an hour before the stream ended in a 200 foot fall, the cold waters cascading off the cliff face and pooling below before the river meandered its way southward.

“Sargas give me strength!” the beast cursed, growling low. “At least we have lost those pointy-eared bastards for now” he said his eyes flicking to the tree line either side of the river…

02/01/2004 2:08 PM

Saidara nodded slowly.
"I hope so... Thank you, Korath. Thank you for helping me. I owe you my life. I don't know what would have happened to me, if you had not stopped..."

She drank some water from the river and washed the worst grim from her face and hands. She looked at her dress, now dirty and torn, and shrugged. There were more important things to think about.

"I suggest we stop and get some rest. I am tired and I am sure you are exhausted to. You carried me for a long time."
She sat down close to a tree and sighed.

"Do you believe me now? The speaker was kidnapped just like it was shown to me in the vision. I still find it difficult to believe that the elves thought it was my fault. I only wanted to help.. " she shook her head sadly, then she turned to Korath with a determined look in her eyes "I have decided to find lord Gilthas and free him. Will you come with me?" she said simply.

She knew somehow that she would have more visions and she felt sure that she was meant to have a role in a greater pattern. She raised her eyes to the sky and fixed her gaze upon the silver moon. She concentrated on its pale light and asked the gods for a vision that would show her the way.

After a few seconds the light of Solinari melted away and she found herself staring at the image of a tall warrior with reddish hair and a big sword. He was in a tavern, the sign said "the fallen sword". Then the vision was gone and she took a deep breath shaking for the cold and the exhaustion.
"I think I know who is going to help me" she whispered.

02/02/2004 12:21 AM

...Korath also stopped and put his back against the nearest tree, still eyeing the woods around them. He slid down the moss covered trunk at its base and glanced back upstream his nostrils sniffing the air for any sign of pursuers.

“Very well then we shall rest, but I shall not sleep. We cannot afford to rest for long. The elfin kirath are swift runners and trackers, it wont take those Silvanesti bastards long to find our trail.” He growled as he rested his head against the rough bark of the tree and closed his eyes.

He listened to the human woman’s words and at the mention of GIlthas, his pale blue eyes short open and a snort of disbelief issued from his throat. “You must be joking human. Help the enemy find their King? I would be a traitor to my people, to my kind.” He shook his head in disbelief…

02/02/2004 1:36 AM

Saidara was too tired to try to persuade the minotaur to help her on her quest. And she could understand him. If she could choose, she would not help the elves either because of the way they had treated, but she felt the gods had made the choice for her.

But she hoped Korath will help her find the way to Sanction at least. She was completely lost in those woods and had no idea of which direction she needed to take. And she knew the warrior she was meant to meet was in Sanction. She had to hurry.

"Please, wake me when it's time to leave..." she said softly, then she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

02/02/2004 2:01 AM

…The beast that bore the name Korath watched the trees as Saidara slept, he had been trained for battle and had run many more leagues than he had run this night on his home Isle of Kothas, amongst the winding hills and windswept rocky plains he called home.

He rested against the trunk for a little over two hours before he roused himself and head over to the woman, crouching on his haunches to shake her shoulder with his massive pale hand as he looked to the trees for any pursuers.

“Time to leave, to stay any longer is just inviting an elf arrow in the back.” He growled quietly. “We should make for the nearest neutral port. I suggest Sanction, we should both be able to get ships to wherever we need to go form there. I long for the Sea.” He added with a deep sigh that shook his massive frame.

He stood offering the human his hand to get up. He looked to the woods once more time before he started across the water, the ivory minotaur knew it was only a matter of time before the elf rangers caught up to them, but he fully intended to make them pay dearly for his captivity or his life…

02/02/2004 2:46 AM

Saidara slowly opened her eyes and tried to focus. It felt like she had been sleeping for no more than a few minutes, but it was already dawning. She jawned and let Korath help her to her feet.

"Good morning, Korath. Sanction is perfect, that's where I wanted to go. There I will find this warrior who is going to help me free King Gilthas. We should try to find some food on the way, I am starving. I know lots of plants and roots that taste good. It would be nice with a cup of tea, but I guess we don't have time and we can't risk a fire, can we?".

She smoothered the folds of her dirty dress and run her fingers through her tangled hair. She sighed feeling lost, tired and confused.
"Well, I guess it's time to go... Will you please show the way?"

02/02/2004 3:09 AM

…Korath led the way through the woods after getting his bearing from the morning sun. He trudged relentlessly through the woodlands, stopping only when Saidara asked to rest. He was anxious to be rid of the woods, out of the tress, the home of the very people his kind was at war with.

He kept himself alert, answering questions when he needed to, speaking seldom and never about his past or his homeland nor of the capture of Silvanost. It had been a bloody undertaking, the elves already conquered by Tahkisis’ knights did little to repel the invasion of is people, they had taken the once beautiful city quickly and with the brutal efficiency his kind were known for.

For almost three days they traveled, sleeping by night and traveling by the day, the woods and lush green lands thinning to give way to the harsher climes that surrounded the port of Sanction. As they crested a high ridge just on dusk, the city of Sanction came into view laying before them nestled amongst crevasses of molten rock that caused its formidable walls to glow with an eerie hue. The volcanic smoke that billowed from its moat caused a dark cloud to drift lazily across the city and over the harbour.

“Sanction.” The minotaur said simply and pointing at the distant port with a broad finger before sniffing the air and looking to the sky with narrowed pale eyes that took in the sky critically.

“There will be a storm tonight.” He said “I can almost smell it in the air.” He said as he turned to look at Saidara. “Sanction is a vicious place, I will take you to meet this human you search for.” He sated in his growling voice before starting again along the trail which lead to the great city, his metal shod hooves clacking on the hard ground as he headed for the city gates…

02/03/2004 1:40 AM

"Sanction..." repeated Saidara softly looking at the place Korath was pointing at. "We'd better hurry if there's a storm coming. I will find the warrior from my vision at a tavern called "The fallen sword". Maybe we could find shelter there. I have a little money left. The elves took my pack, but didn't think of searching me.." she said blushing slightly.

They walked all day stopping only a couple of times to drink some water and find a little food. The sun was already setting when they finally reached the city gates. Saidara looked around with curiosity when they entered the town. She had never been there before, even if her village was not so far. Sanction was kind of overwhelming and she felt a little intimidated.

"I don't like this place" she muttered "It's so big and there are so many people. And then if feels... evil... yes, evil and dangerous." she shuddered and stepped closer to the minoutaur as if looking for protection. "Have you been here before, Korath? Do you know where we can find that tavern? I hope it's a respectable place. I wouldn't mind sleeping in a bed tonight and eating a good meal."

02/03/2004 3:51 AM

…The minotaur accompanied Saidara into the throng of Sanction, his sensitive sense of smell immediately assaulted by the stench of the vast number of people who dwelled in the city. He fixed a scowl upon his face and strode down the streets his ears twitching from all the noise, people moving before the intimidating figure with looks of either fear or anger, but none dared speak a word.

“Yes, I have sailed to this port before. This is a port o’ call for anyone not looking to be found or looking for something not found anywhere else. I was told that the Solamnic knights were quartered here, since Solanthus has fallen to the Nerakans while led by the girl-child…Mina.” he growled as they continued along the street in search of the Inn.

“Trust no one, little human, the people here care more for gold than words and lives.” He warned as an afterthought as they head towards the merchant district. Korath was aware that he drew stares and heard the murmurs of the people as he walked by them. His people were not well liked especially after the taking of Silvanost, but he cared little, for soon he would find a ship and feel the spray of the ocean as he sailed back to his people…

02/03/2004 9:03 AM

Adal dropped the mug of crappy ale on the bar and muttered something to himself, batting the bastard sword at his side. He stood up and glanced outside the bar, taking note of the minotaur, looking rather threatening (as per usual. stupid cows.) and the small figure next to him wihich he couldn't make out.

He turned around and dropped two steel on the counter before making his way to the door.

"'ey, jerk! Get baaahck here! Itzz thraee steel!" The bartender yelled.

"It is two steel, innkeep," Adal replied, sighing to himself and turned to face the no-doubt drunken man, "You told me as I walked in. It is not even worth two steel, for that matter, but that is the price."

"Paay me, druuhken knight!" He growled, picking him self up and staggering over to face the well-muscled warrior.

"No, innkeep, I will not pay you." He pushed past the man and opened the door, the sign holding the name of the inn, the Fallen Sword and the sign wavering in the breeze. Taking note of everyone else, he promptly decided that staying inside would be wiser, and of course, the threatening thunder and grey-hued sky make him assume rain was coming.

He took one step outside to further examine the scene. The minotaur and his companion were heading this way, and he knew that it was not wise to cross paths with an angry cow. He stepped back inside, the sun (that was quickly being stifled by clouds) reflected off his sapphire and gold eagle crest on his sheath and bastard sword, it banging on his thigh once before he closed the door behind him.

Sitting down at one of the tables, pulling out his prized weapon and begining to clean the blade, which was in desperate need of a weaponsmith to heal it's numberous nicks and dents from use.

02/03/2004 1:25 PM

"I will remember your words, Korath" said Saidara and nodded at the minotaur. She hoped she wouldn't need to stay long in that town, but that was a decision the gods would make for her.

She was tired and hungry and longed for a good nights sleep. And it looked like Korath had been right, a storm was indeed on its way. She was going to suggest the minotaur to find a place for the night, when she spotted the sign she had been looking for.

"Korath, look! The fallen sword! That's the place! Let's hurry before it starts raining!"
The inside of the tavern was old and dirty and the faces of the guests made Saidara shudder. She was glad she had the minotaur at her side.

She sat down at a table and invited Korath to join her, then she asked the barmaid to bring them some stew and some ale. Whilst she waited for the food, she looked around trying to find the face from her vision. She didn't exactly find the face, but she noticed something else that was at least as good.
"Korath.. The eagle crest on that sword... I remember it from the vision..." she said with excitement in her voice.

02/04/2004 1:20 AM

…Korath took a seat at one of the tables, the chair groaning beneath his bulk as the minotaur stared at the grimy table with a mixed look of disgust and indignity. Saidara ordered the food as Korath looked around the gloomy interior of the inn, his eyes caught the figure sharpening the blade and studied the warrior for a moment before taking in any other persons of note in the common room.

As Saidara whispered about the crest, the minotaur glanced back at the warrior with his pale eyes. “That is the man you had a vision of? Or has someone in this ton already killed that man and stolen his sword?” the pale furred beast growled with what passed as a smile, before his glaring was interrupted by the arrival of ale, which the minotaur took and then looked to the tavern wench.

“Bring the man with the eagle sword an ale.” he growled to the serving woman who look more than a little nervous and took a half-step back away from the minotaur. “Tell him it was bought for him by the human woman here.” He finished nodding his great horned head to Saidara.

“There is no quicker was to a warrior’s heart than through free ale.” Said the beast, thought the line sounded like a jest, there was no mirth in the minotaur’s pale eyes…

02/04/2004 1:33 PM

"I don't know... I've never met a warrior before, but I hope you're right" said Saidara with a smile. Then she sipped her ale and attacked the food, anxious to see how the man would react.

02/04/2004 2:25 PM

Sitting in the corner of the "Fallen Sword" Quilenthalas watched the minotaur and young lady enter. Breathing heavily from his run trying one to avoid the two's eyes and also trying to beat them here he was almost to the point of exhaustion.

Pulling his cloak's hood farther over his pointed ears and well sculpted face he watches and waits. His long bow sitting at his side as well as is soris . At his waist is strapped a exquisite short sword made of fine elven steel, his steel grey eyes watching the group and listening. As he sits and breaths a small lock of black hair falls in his face and he quickly pushes it back under the hood. His cloak concealing most of his body made of earthen colors that blends so easily with the forest.

Ordering a wine from one of the bar mades he sits and waits wondering why the interest with Sanction and more in general why THIS tavern

02/04/2004 7:09 PM

"This is for you..." The wench said, winking and dropping the ale in front of the focused Adal, "That woman bought it."

"What? Oh. ALright. Tell her my thanks," The knight replied and pushed the ale away. His formal training taught her to go thank the lady in person.

He stood up and placed his sword back into the sheath at his side, walking in bold strides over to the woman, who he now realized was the same he'd seen with the minotaur (conviently sitting next to her) outside.

"Many thanks for the ale, m'lady," He said courteously, "Though it tastes no better then piss, it's the thought that counts. Would you mind if I sat with you?"

02/05/2004 3:33 AM

Saidara blushed hearing Adal's words, but she didn't comment them. She just smiled at him.
"Yes, please, sit down. I've come here looking for you. I saw you in a vision." she said simply then she was suddenly hit by a painful headache. It felt like hammering her skull with great ferocity. Her inner eye saw a blackhaired elf.

The vision was a very brief one and the headache faded away just as quickly. Saidara rubbed her forehead and breathed heavily.
"I'm sorry... I've just had one of these visions... A very strong one..." she muttered, then she turned to Korath "Have you seen an elf in here? Or on the way to this place? The vision was so strong that I believe he must be near..."

02/05/2004 5:18 AM

…The beast looked to Saidara and then to the human Adal, fixing him with a baleful atare of his pale blue eyes before he looked across the tavern patrons with narrowed eyes, searching for any signs of an elf.

“Why would your bloody god send you visions about the pointy eared bastards that are hunting you?” He growled quietly, a little more than jumbled sounds in his throat, his nostrils sniffing the air but finding nothing but the acrid stench of ale and sweat.

His eyes found the cloaked figure and fixed upon them, his pale blue orbs narrowing further and a snort of anger issuing from his throat as his white hackles rose along the base of his bovine head.

“There in the corner, hiding like the tricksy little bastard it is.” He said nodding his horned head in the direction of the corner as his massive fist enclosed the ale. Drawing it to his lips, the Beast drank from it heavily before slamming the empty tankard back down upon the table…

02/05/2004 9:03 AM

Adal's eyebrow lifted, "An elf? Are you searching for one? No, I have not seen one pass by here, but I have not been in Sanction for long...butif you are looking for one, I would be honored to acccompany you....I am somewhat fond of the elves and their history myself, and the few I've met, I have been very impressed with....." He smiled, "AN elf would not been in here anyway...."

02/05/2004 10:48 AM

....." He smiled, "AN elf would not been in here anyway...."

Hearing them talk of him and knowing that the minotaur knew exactly where he was he arose from his seat and walked softly towards them... so softly in fact that they could not hear his footsteps coming across the wooden floor.... no creak no boot fall just him gliding towards them.

"That is were you are wrong good sir". He says to the human warrior. Looking at the other two and bowing deeply to the women and just as deeply to the minotaur showing great respect to the creature.

"hellow fair lady and honorable minotaur. I know how much your race despises mine but dont look to me for that hatred for i am just as dispised from my own race as you and your kind is. That is why i have followed you. I worked in the service of Porthios Solostran(sp?) and because i have helped free the lands of silvanesti from the nightmare i have been banished from my land and friends." he says with a pang of regret and anger in his voice

"I was in the woods when i saw them chain you to the tree good lady. I was going to release and then the minotaur did it for me. I heard you talk of visions and going to Sanction so i tried to beat you here and only made it a few minutes before you arrived. I apologize for the secretiveness but i figured if i had come out in the woods the minotaur would have throttled me then and there not listening to what i had to say."

Looking at the table and then hestitantly(sp?) at the minotaur. " May i join you at your table good miss?"

02/05/2004 11:01 AM

Adal cocked a curious eyebrow at the elf, "A pleasure, indeed....elves are few and far betwen within lands other then their own...." He smiled geniunely, "It is not my table, but had it was I would gladly accept your invitation..."

02/05/2004 11:08 AM

A pleasure, indeed....elves are few and far betwen within lands other then their own...."

"That would be true if we talked a few years earlier but as it is now. All elves are now homeless little more then a wandering race. But that would not imply myself anyways. As i have said my people threw me into the "dark" for ridding them of the nightmare that plagued the great nation of Silvanesti and for my help in this endeavor i am forever banished from elven life."He says with a sardonic sneer.

"But excuse me let me introduce myself. I am known as Quilenthalas. But you may call me Quil if that is easier for you." Looking with a glint of humor in his eye. He always loved listening to humans try to pronounce elven words properly.

02/05/2004 1:57 PM

Saidara's face was enlightened by a broad smile, when the elf joined them.
"Yes, Quil, come and sit with us. My name is Saidara and this honorable minotaur is called Korath" then she turned to the warrior and frowned slightly "But I don't think I know your name..."

She looked at Korath hoping that he would not do or say anything foolish against the elf.
"I'm very pleased to meet you both. You may already know that King Gilthas has been kidnapped and I intend to find him and free him. My visions and the will of the gods have led me to you. That's why I'm here. I need your help"

She cocked her head to one side and looked at the two men waiting for their reaction and their questiona. She was afraid she had not any good answer to give them, but she hoped she would be able to persuade them to join her nonetheless.

02/05/2004 5:03 PM

"I did not introdunce myself, a thousand apologize.....I am Adal de Rokan." He stood up, and bowed formally, then sat back down, "Of Palanthas, though I have long left there, and have not returned in some time, to pursue my studies...a pleasure to meet you, Saidara and Korath. Though I have little faith in visions, I will join you in your quest. My days are not filled with much..an adventure will be a welcome respite to the boredom."

02/06/2004 4:45 AM

Saidara had not expected the warrior to accept so easily, but she was pleased. She smiled and patted gently his hand.
"Thank you, Adal. I'm glad I'll have you by my side. What about you, Quil? Will you join us?"

Before Quil could speak, Saidara turned to Korath and looked into his eyes, a serious expression on her pale face.
"Korath, are you sure you don't want to come? I know you long for the sea, but you've been a good companion the last few days and your presence would make me feel safe."

02/09/2004 2:19 AM

The hulking beast looked at Saidara sideways his pale eyes fixed on her and his brow raised slightly in surprise. He looked at her for almost a minute without saying anything and then snorted and glanced at the human Adal and then the elf Quil.

H thought about he question. She had asked the minotaur warrior, a thing he could never remember, such a simple thing yet it caused the beast to a strange emotion he tried to quell. He had never been asked, anything in his whole life, it was all as had been ordered, no choice for his own, just whatever his superiors had ordered.

It was a strange thing choice, and uplifting and yet terrifying sensation that made Korath hesitant to answer as he puzzled over the question. This human had given him what none of his brethren ever had. A choice. A choice that had no consequences, but was up to the warrior entirely.

“Yes” he growled. “I would be honored human.” He finished bowing his head to Saidara in a show of respect…

02/09/2004 3:54 AM

Korath had been very clear about his feelings for the elves and Saidara was very surprised to hear his positive answer.
"That's wonderful, Korath" she said with a smile and gave the beast a hug. "Thank you!"

She took a sip of ale and then looked at Quil.
"You haven't answered yet, Quil. Will you come with us?"

02/10/2004 12:09 AM

She took a sip of ale and then looked at Quil.
"You haven't answered yet, Quil. Will you come with us?"

Looking from her eyes then to the minotaur and the human warrior and then back to the lady that sat before him. Fixing his eyes onto hers.

"Lady i would feel priviledged i heard what you told the elves about the speaker and know that you have some kind of power. What that is i dont know and maybe im not meant to know. But my bow and sword are at your service no matter what is said about me in the elven courts it is still my home."

Looking again towards the minotaur and wondering how this adventure will turn out with a creature that has taken everything from the elves.

02/10/2004 4:17 AM

Saidara nodded and smiled at the elf, then her look embraced all the three men at the same time.
"I am very pleased and very honored to have you as my companions. I appreciate your help much more than words can tell. I think we should get some rest and meet here again in the morning. I will pray to the gods and ask them to show me the way that needs to be followed. Good night"

She left the table and went to the counter to pay for a room for the night. The room was small and dirty and the bed was not comfortable at all. But Saidara was too tired to notice and after a few nights on the cold hard ground, that was a pleasant change. She tried to open herself and allow a vision to reach her, but no matter how hard she tried, nothing happened.

That frustrated her deeply, as she needed to know where they had to go from there. And without a vision she was lost. She didn't know where Gilthas was kept and had not a chance to find out if the gods didn't let her know.

After a couple of hours she couldn't keep her eyes open anymore and she abandoned herself to sleep. A dream sneaked in just before dawn.
She was somewhere in the mountains, it was cold and windy and it snowed. She could see a small entrance in the mountain side and she approached it hoping to find shelter in the cave. The inside of the cave was not big. There was a small room and a tunnel that went downwards. She followed the tunnel deeper and deeper into mountain.

The dream faded slowly and Saidara woke up. She wondered if it had been a message from her gods or not. She was not sure, but she decided to trust her instinct and try to find the place she had seen in the dream. Maybe it was there Gilthas was kept, or maybe there they would find the next clue.

She washed her faced, got dressed and went down to the common room to have some breakfast and meet the others.

02/10/2004 3:30 PM

Adal nodded to Saidara and walked up stairs, his sleep fitful and restful. As the moons slowly fell back, the sun faded up and awoke him bright and early, for that was how he was taught to rise.

Waking up quickly, his hand shot out for his sword--thankfully there. He had forgotten he was in Sanction, and hence a locked room was not safe--but he had been lucky. Strapping the sheath back into his belt, he glanced into the broken mirror and fixed his hair, then straightened out his clothing. Quickly jumping the stairs to get downtairs, he ordered whatever they used for food here (not much to say for it, at least).

"Good morning, Saidara," He said softly, rubbing teh sleep out of his eyes.

02/11/2004 6:41 AM

…The hulking figure of Korath came down the stairs, the morning light glinting off his breastplate as the stairs groaned in protest against the beast’s great size. He ducked his pale head under the last lintel of the star case and stepped into the common room, his iron shod hooves ringing sharply on the wooden floor of the inn.

His nostrils flared and he growled low in his throat, he could smell the cloying scent of the rain outside, the heavy iron scent of a storm that had yet to reach its tempest. He wondered if the storm was an omen, wondered if he had chosen correctly to aid the human woman.

The horned beast swung his head from left to right, scanning the room for any signs of danger before making his way across the tavern room, he muttered something to the barman in a low guttural voice as he was passing, and was rewarded with a sharp nod and the balding man scuttling through the door to the kitchens.

He came to the table and gave the pair a silent nod, sitting heavily in the chair, lost in his own thoughts for the moment before looking to Saidara with his pale, almost colorless blue eyes.

“Where are we heading to Saidara? Where does this god of yours send us on this day of Storms?”

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02/11/2004 2:15 PM

"Good morning, Adal" said Saidara, when the warrior joined her in the common room "I've just ordered some breakfast. Would you like some?"
She ate some of the bread and cheese the barmaid had brought, then she noticed Korath approach.

She sighed hearing his question.
"Well... I have seen the place the gods want us to visit, but I don't know yet where it is. I will get more hints on the way. We will leave as soon as Quil joins us." she tried to sound as confident as possible. She didn't want them to understand how confused and scared she felt.

02/11/2004 10:34 PM

Well... I have seen the place the gods want us to visit, but I don't know yet where it is. I will get more hints on the way. We will leave as soon as Quil joins us." she tried to sound as confident as possible. She didn't want them to understand how confused and scared she felt.

As the minotaur sat down and got his answer the door to the inn swung open slowly and the three sitting inside could hear the fall of ran on the cobblestone outside. The man that walked in was covered by his cloak and they noticed it to be Quil. His cloak soaked with ran and pulled tightly around him he takes the hood off and looks around scanning the inn.

Seeing the three at a table he begins to walk towards them.

"good morning to you all i hope you slept well. The rain is beginning to become more fierce and faster as we speak perhaps we should figure out where we are going and be on our way before a storm sets in." he says looking at the three and letting his eyes fall upon the human woman that started this all.

02/16/2004 9:00 AM

Outside in the rain, a figure stood on the top of a small hillock, a flash of lightning illuminated the equine silhouette. The elegant head dipped for a moment as the rain plastered its heavy mane and tail to it's body, the early morning light weak and wan as the clouds darkened.

The head turned and now it could be easily seen that this creature was one of the rarest on the face of Krynn... a Unicorn. The creature's dark violet eyes were fixed on the inn below, the crystalline horn on her head sparkled in the breif flash cast by the lightning, then seemed to hold the light for a few moments as the thunder began to roll.

"You're running out of time... We have to hurry." The unicorn spoke, her voice sounding like soft crystal bells. "Saidara, see me... and Hurry!" The horn on her head began to glow softly...

02/19/2004 12:05 PM

Saidara looked at the pouring rain outside with a frown. She didn't really know how to reply to Quil's question. She was going to try to explain, when she saw a bright light before her eyes, a light only her eyes could see. And then the image of the most enchanting creature she had ever seen. A unicorn. A unicorn with a message to her.

The light faded and Saidara blinked a couple of times. Then she turned to look at the others.
"We don't have much time, someone's waiting for us. Are you all ready to leave?" she asked in a distant tone. The voice of the unicorn was still echoing in her mind, she picked up her pack and went out. It was hard to see anything, but she thought she saw something glowing not very far and went in that direction hoping that the others would follow her.

02/19/2004 2:27 PM

Yui stood stock still in the pouring rain, ignoring the rivulets of rainwater that ran down her nose and made her shoulder twitch. upon seeing that the door to the Inn had opened and several people had come out, she began to pace forward, her gaze locked upon the leader, the woman she had been sent to find.

"Greetings Saidara... I am Yui, and I am here to aid you in your journey." The unicorn pawed at the sodden earth, one ear twitching from the rain.

02/19/2004 9:52 PM

"Yes, Saidara..." He said, standing up and pulling his cloak around him and following her outside, not exactly knowing what she was following. Now that he had slept on it, he realized that charging into this blindly might not be the best idea...but his father had taught him that you should never go back on your word, and he would not.

02/21/2004 2:55 AM

...Korath had followed Saidara into the rain, its cool touch doing little to phase the white furred beast. He followed silently, pale blue eyes watching both the crowd and the other two men, his nostrils twitching as he scented the air around them.

He fixed his gaze upon the magnificent steed before him and grunted, dual puffs of steam issuing from his snout as the beast studied the unicorn. He looked from the unicorn and scanned the surrounds, looking for anything unusual before swinging his great head back to Saidara.

“Is this another one sent by your god’s dreams?” he growled to the young human woman…

02/21/2004 6:37 AM

Yui dipped her head in an unmistakable gesture of honor towards the minotaur. "That would be one way of stating it, however I think the term "dreams" would be argued by some." She said, raising her gaze to meet Korath's.

"I am here to aid Saidara... I, the exile of the Darken Wood, recieved a vision of my own, sent by the Forestmaster. She showed me where I would find you, and that I may manage to find my way home should I aid your quest."

02/21/2004 12:14 PM

Saidara looked at the unicorn in awe and bowed respectfully.
"I am honored to meet you Yui and I welcome your help with all my heart. These are my companions: Korath, Quil and Adal." she said pointing at the minotaur, the elf and the human warrior.

"What did the Forestmaster tell you about our quest? Do you know anything that could help us?" she asked the unicorn hoping that she could give them some more directions. She was at a loss and if she didn't get any new information, she would not know where to lead her companions.

02/21/2004 2:05 PM

Yui's gaze tore away reluctantly from Korath, and returned Saidara's stare. The look in this human's eyes made Yui's heart ache... she knew all too well what it meant to be wandering without direction. Yui made a delicate sound and turned her gaze south and east.... away from the garish glare of the volcanoes that surrounded Sanction.

"All I know is that our quest leads us South... To Silvanost itself." She said, her gaze slipping once again to Korath.

02/23/2004 9:30 AM

"All I know is that our quest leads us South... To Silvanost itself." She said, her gaze slipping once again to Korath

Staying very quite during this entire conversation, giving the unicorn the respect he believed it deserved being one of the greatest woodland creatures in existence. He perks up at the mention of his homeland and to be more to the point his own city. Looking through the deep shadow of his hood into the unicorns eyes he quickly turns away and looks about the city holding onto the hilt of his sword and waiting to be on their way and away from this horrid place.

"well mistress i hope you will accompany us but i think we should be on our way from this city and back towards the woodlands and fields were it is probably safer. At least with ogres you know their intention to rob and kill you right away. These humans on the other hand you never know . . . "

02/24/2004 3:55 AM

"To Silvanost..." whispered Saidara. She looked surprised and confused. "Why to Silvanost? I mean there are minotaurs in Silvanost..."
She frowned and looked to Korath feeling suddenly a little suspicious. The minotaur had been with her from the beginning, but she hadn't had any vision about him.

She had trusted him without even thinking that he could be involved in the kidnapping. She didn't want to believe it because she had come to think of Korath as a friend, but maybe that was exactly his plan...
"Do you know anything about this, Korath? If Yui is right, and I believe she is, then your people are guilty of the kidnapping of king Gilthas..." she asked the minotaur, then she turned to Quil "We will be leaving very soon, Quil, don't worry. I don't like this place either."

02/25/2004 1:29 AM

…Korath looked to Saidara, fixing her with a baleful stare of his pale blue eyes, his ear flicking as he strained to filter out the surrounding sounds. He was silent for a moment before nodding his great head, his eyes flicking back unto the Unicorn Yui, and then back to Saidara before snorting.

“My people sneak through a woodland and kidnap an elfin King from amongst the elfin people and their entire army?” he growled incredulously slowly shaking his head and causing a multitude of droplets to fall from his horns and mane.

“But if the Unicorn is right, then Gilthas is as good as dead. I saw that elfin whelp once, such a scrawny thing wouldn’t last a single sandglass in the arena. More akin to a public slaughter than a ritual combat” He said shrugging matter of factly and looking around the group.

He looked to the others for a few moments in the quiet rain, the steam slowly rising from his shoulders and wisps of plume like steam escaping his nostrils. He sighed loudly. “Saidara, you are not thinking of seriously going to Silvanost? My people will not just tie you to a tree for the night and blather at you in woman’s voices like an elf. This is folly, the elf-king is dead why risk yourself for the very people hunting you?...”

02/26/2004 12:41 PM

"I must admit, Lady Saidara..." Adal said quietly after Korath had finished talking, "Korath has a rather good point....why save someone who is trying to kill you? An elfking, I can understand, but if these visions lead you back to where you came......," He looked over at Korath, "I merely don't understand what exactly is happening." The rain fell heavily on his armor, making a rather obnoxious plinkplink each time a drop fell, but the warrior had gotten steadily used to it, "If you are wanted by the Silvanesti, going back would not be wise..less wise then perhaps entering Sanction, which is indeed saying something."

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