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01/23/2004 2:59 PM

Do you ever worry about the world ending? Not every world can substain itself indefinately. They do end - even a world like Psuedo. The new found world had died because of war and plauge. However, schoolars have been known to say that out of old endings, new beginnings are found. If this is always the case is hard to say but it keeps schoolars employed.

What we know for sure is that when Psuedo failed a new attempt was made. The three gods, Benn-Salian, Skystrike and Insano weren't content with this. Thus the creation of Ohm.

With the RPGC, as highgod, condoned this venture and it was known that the Father of All and of Nothing, Chung, would keep and eye on it. Yet - Ohm was created with Benn-Salian creating its light, Insano creating its dark and Skystrike held everything together with his twilight.

Ohm, like Psuedo, shall be populated with mortals. We must learn from the mistakes of old. Our intentions were just when we gave them everything we could, but they forgot that they were men and not gods.

That was more your concern than mine, but I agree that we, as the gods, should take place first priority in their lives.

Mortals do what they must - we can only give them their chances.

Perhaps we won't give them certain choices then. I think we should maintain our magic amoungst ourselves. Mortals can not comprehend the responsibilty needed to wield such power - pity some gods have trouble.

The other gods nodded in agreement, though with some reluctance. Then the three gods concentrated their thoughts into one and willed the world of Ohm into being. Benn-Salian willed the rivers, Insano willed the mountains of fire and Skystrike willed the rolling plains - these features came into being upon an instant.

The geography of Ohm was a magnificent undertaking and the gods could not help but be pleased. Benn-Salian populated the land with animals that ate plants so that they could feed those mortals the gods would create. Insano created animals that would prey on others to keep everyone in check. Skystrike developed omnivores so that the lines were blurred and the inhabitants would need to pay more attention.

Benn-Salian settled himself in the forest and plains of the east. The lush greenery encouraged him and he felt sure that he may be able to establish a race of beings that were respectful and responsible of the world of Ohm. thinking carefully, Benn-Salian devised the idea of a Caprican. The being was similar to the satyrs he had seen on other worlds. He had liked the idea of a race of mortals that were partially goat and partially man. this would remind them that they are made of the same essence as Ohm and that they were siblings in a sort of way.

I will you into being, young Caprican. I have decided you worthy of following in my will. You shall be the envy of my other creations and you will remain focused during adversity and versitile during turmoil.

A being standing four feet tall and indeed having the upper body oy a man and the lower body of a goat stood before the god of light. The sweat of the Caprican glistened in the light of Benn-Salian's arua. As a mark of the first being of his race, the being was gifted a full beard of golden hair and a twinkle it his eye.

You are known as Archus Beget, for you are truly a work of greatness. You shall travel south of here for a few miles until you find others that are similar in looks as you are equally as great. You shall be their leader and lead them in my name. Where you find them you shall stay and build the city of Quintagaia in my name and for your purpose.

After some coaxing, Archus left the god in the field where he had been birthed and traveled the plains almost to the forest's edge where he had found the countrymen and women that he had been promised. He told them of all the things Benn-Salian had told him and how they god truly cared about them. Determined by unanimous appreciation, the Caprians began first to build the Hall of Benn-Salian, which had a high tower to see accross the plains as the first building created in Quintagaia.

01/23/2004 9:50 PM

0 AB
The Test of Time

The geography of Ohm was a magnificent undertaking and the gods could not help but be pleased. Benn-Salian populated the land with animals that ate plants so that they could feed those mortals the gods would create. Insano created animals that would prey on others to keep everyone in check. Skystrike developed omnivores so that the lines were blurred and the inhabitants would need to pay more attention.

It was the very dawn of time and Skystrike was already hard at work beginning to develop a balance in the world of Ohm. It had started with the creation of simple animals, animals that ate both meat and vegetables. These animals had been the first step in Skystrike's plan, and that plan was to create a balance between the world. Skystrike knew that this balance would be hard to uphold, but he also knew that if this world was to survive the test of time, then it would have to be upheld. This needed balance was the balance between he forces of chaos and order, and Skystrike was willing to do all the work that he could to see to it that this balance was created. Skystrike had failed to do that in Pseudo, and he would not allow this new world to befall the fate that the old one did.

Skystrike's avatar appeared in the far northern reaches of the world, in the form of a teenage human child. He looked about at the world he had come before and realized that the people he would create this time would have to be much more faithful then the Wood Shades of Old. They would have to be disciplined, and they would have to adhere to a refined code that would keep the race aligned behind his goals, cultural greatness and balance in all things. As he thought more about the qualities his new race should have, he first came up with the idea of the Knaag.

Looking north of his current location, Skystrike noticed a massive towering mountain at the very tip of the world. The mountain was far larger then any in the area and with a quick cheek of the world itself using his far sight, Skystrike quickly became aware that it was the largest peak in all of Ohm by far. It was here that Skystrike decided would be the homeland of his new creation. In a thought, Skystrike teleported to the base of the grand mountain.

Once at the base of the grand peak, Skystrike began to concentrate and work his own great divine magic. Using the light and the deep snow from around him, Skystrike fashioned the first of the Knaag. The Knaag male stood to be about four feet, five inches tall and was humanoid. He resembled the image of a 'Roswell Grey' a creation of the imagination of humans on another world. His skin was a pale, smooth grey, and his head was bald and quite large compared to its small stature and body. The creature's eyes were also large and appeared to be nothing more the shadowy black globes. As the Knaag's small frame stood up from his place of birth it looked upon his creator and his small grey lips formed a smile as he bowed his head in respect.


Greetings. I am your Lord and God, Skystrike. I have brought you into this world, known as Ohm, so that you may carry out my belief of balance between good and evil within it. You are the first of your kind, which will be henceforth know as the Knaag.

The Knaag began to shiver a bit in the cold climate. Having only just been created, this was to be expected, as his body had not adapted to the extreme cold as of yet. Seeing this, Skystrike smiled and moved forward, patting the head of his still bowing creation softly. With a though, he willed a full set of fur clothing onto the Knaag. Instantly, Skystrike's creation began to feel a bit better.


As you are the first, you will lead your people in the times to come. You shall be known as Baylrac, the First. However, in order to be sure that you are indeed worthy for this task, you must prove yourself to me, and thus I grant you a sacred charge. You are to climb this grand mountain, which I shall name Yelslev. It is the largest in all of Ohm, and it will be your people's sacred home in the future to come. The climb will be hard for you, and you will suffer great hardship in your attempt, but this is a test of your fortitude, so this is to be expected. Once you reach the top, you will receive further instructions from me. Do you understand?

After a few moments hesitation, Baylrac nodded his head in consent. Skystrike smiled and offered his creation the best of luck, before disappearing. Upon doing so, Baylrac turned and began to make his way up the snowy slopes of great Yelslev...

01/24/2004 8:37 AM

The sun had just set on the first day of Ohm. God Insano stood on the fertile plains. He could sense the magics of his fellow Gods, he knew somewhere on this wretched planent, mortals existed. "Very well, so now it is time for me to create my own mortals to triumph someday, over this wretched place, and sing praises to me." Looking west, Insano knew this would be the place for his most powerful mortals to be born. The soil would support their founding communities. And the sprawling landscape would... assist their development in the future.

With that, Insano created the Aki. Standing no taller than 6 feet, with thin features cut along their faces. The race looked quite similar to Krynnish Elves with a stronger upper body build, and one other feature. They all had White hair. The attractive race would have more than enough physical assests to turn the heads of all the other races.

The first born was Jyrkinius. He rose from a throbing mass of jelly at Insanos feet, and attempted to rise. The mortal did not quite comprehend exactly what it was like to exist. "Yes, he is weak at first, but in time he has the potential to rule this planent." Muses Insano. "Go, out into the plains. There you will find others similar to yourself. You must find shelter to survive in this place. When you find the others like you build some huts, and remeber this day in praise and song. For I am Insano, your God. I shall be watching."

OOC: OK, anyone else is welcome to join as a God! Dont think this thread is restricted to us three knuckleheads.

01/24/2004 10:20 AM

A small goddess looked up at the three who towered her. "I can play now?" she asked, giggling. When the three agreed, she skipped off and jumped off the side of the heavens. She made a splash into the waters of Ohm.

Once there, she looked around.

Tassana Burrfoot

I call upon my first born. Calya K'srelyna. You are beautiful. As beautiful as the ocean. But, like the ocean, you are odd in nature. Your mood changes as easily as the ocean current. You and your kind make your home both on lands and in the waters. And while you prefer islands and seashore homes, you may venture inland without fear of lack of water.

And thus were born the Oreoins. They were a short race, reaching no higher then 4.5 feet in height. They were lilthe. Their skin was pale with a slight bluish tint to it. Their eyes varied from frost to midnight blue. Their hair as well varied. Ranging from the colour of glaciers to the colour of seaweed. Some even had hair the colour of coral. They had pointed ears. They were able to breathe water and air. Their hands and feet were slightly webbed for easy swimming in the oceans.

The Oreoins, with Calya K'srelyna leading them, built a beautiul settlement on an island they named Burrland, after the goddess they paid homage to. They had a Temple built to honour their goddess.

They were an extremely chaotic race. Constantly changing their minds as to how the government on Burrland worked. One day Calya would be a queen. And the next, she would be a president. Her title changed like the wind, yet she remained in charge. And it was finally agreed that her eldest daughter would take her place when she finally laid down to join her goddess in the heavens.

Happy with the work she created, Tassana Burrfoot returned to the heavens and smiled innocently at the three fathers.

Tassana Burrfoot

I think my race should be quite intriguing to watch. Don't you agree?

01/24/2004 10:32 AM

Benn-Salian to TassanaBurrfoot:
I see that minor dieties are developing. I am content tith this if you acknowledge the ban of giving magic to the mortals. I'm sure you will find Ohm, that me and my brothers have created, to be perfect in any needs you may have. I assume you are of twilight alignment, we must make that official.

Benn-Salian appeared in front of Archus Beget in the Hall of Benn-Salian and he couldn't help to be in awe of the work put into the building. He knew he could have made it with the turn of a wrist but he had done nothing for this place of worship and government. This was created by the Capricans for the Capricans' god. The walls were tall white granite with smooth sides facing the inside. Large bay windows featured rose quartz windows that let in the light as the sun first Quintagaia before anywhere else on Ohm.

I am intrigued by your work Archus Beget. You know you have done well, but now you may know that you lived up to my expectations thus far. I have heard that you have even built a nice force of warriors. Why have you built a force already? I have not requested such a military body.

Archus seemed nervous in front of his god. He thought he could please his god with such a sign of strength. "My dear lord, creator of all that's valid and virtuous," the Caprican began with his formalities, "the Brigade of Quintagaia began as hunting party, which they still are primarily, but they are more than willing to defend our homeland if need be with strength and determination."

Benn-Salian watched with interest and he remembered his concerns with his fellow gods. He remembered one of his bretheren, Insano of the Dark. The god had power lusted in Psuedo. He had waged wars every moment his race was strong enough. In the spirit of stunting trouble before it had a chance to be unleashed, Benn-Salian spoke to Archus about his plans.

I have a task that will benefit your brigade, Archus Beget, I want you to watch the Aki from a clear distance. They are a race much like yours, but it was created by my brother, Insano, so they are not as perfect as you. I have my concerns about their own restraint, so I would like if you sent half the available forces to their homeland.

Archus looked at his god and ackwowledged the request and he responded as quickly as he could to please his god. "I shall send a small force with Commander Hinter deJing as soon as possible," he declared.

01/24/2004 10:37 AM

Skystrike - Benn-Salian

Skystrike came to Benn-Salian within their abyssal home. The young god smiled broadly as he looked out at the expansive world of Ohm that had just been created. The sun was setting on Ohm's first day, and Skystrike did not say anything to the other god at first, but too time to marvel at their work. This should truly be the beginning of something great, or at least that’s what Skystrike hoped for.

"Our craftsmanship is as fine as ever, old friend." Skystrike said to Benn-Salian as he turned from the image of Ohm to face the other god.

"I think this world already shows itself to be several times more beautiful then Pseudo had been. It truly is a marvel, is it not? It sometimes amazes me with what we can come up with. Such a beautiful sunset...fitting of the first day of Ohm..." Skystrike added, turning back to his broad view of Ohm.

"But I did not come here to talk with you about Ohm beauty, so Sir." Skystrike continued, "But rather I thought me might discuss where it was we might have turned wrong with Pseudo, that it ended in such chaos. I mean, aside from the overpowering presence of magic within the world...any thoughts?"

0 AB, 6:30 PM, Day 1

Baylrac had been climbing since the very dawn of the first day, and the young Knaag could still see nothing of the top of Mt. Yelslev. He made good time, since he was small and quite agile, but the bitter cold of the climate was working against him, and even with his many furs, he was freezing. Digging into the depths of his being thought, Baylrac found the strength to go on. He had faith in his creator, and he would not fail Skystrike's test.

'I will be able to do this. I will prove my worth to my wise god. He will be proud of me when I reach the top, and he will then know that his creations are sturdy. He we know that I am indeed worthy to lead my future people...' Baylrac thought to himself as he trudged on through the deep now and blizzard like climate about him. Calling upon the power of his faith, he drew the strength he needed to move on.

He was nearly 1/3 up the slopes of the mountain, Yelslev...

01/24/2004 12:00 PM

A minor deity stepped into the circle. His hair was red like fire and eyes where as deep as an ocean with the sea grean that had embodied them. "I wish nothing but balance" he proclaimed simply and brought his hand forward over the world of Ohm .

I create the Crystians from the winds and the trees. Beings that wish for peace and balance. They bare a soft skin that varry between pure white to duller pinks. They stand decently tall with hieghts varrying from 6-7 feet and they bare long red hair with sea green or baby blue eyes They are fast and dexterous but lack strength and endurance. Creative in nature they work with the buildings of anything they preceive able to assist them for their lack of physical strength but not hinder their speed. I create them wise minds and diplomactic. They maintain a unified balance within their communities and are naturally passive in most situations to the world around them unless action is required to maintain balance. Though none of the communities will exceed the populance of their capital Zal Thender. They will promote communication amongst other races but will maintain a secluded exsistance.

The god Greylen_Judeth looked apon the other gods awaiting for aprooval then floated down to the world of Ohm.


I call apon my first born, Silva Windwise. Travel to the moutians in the North-West. There you will find others like you in the forests that lay within the valleys. Make haste and use your speed. We have much to build and little time at our disposal. Maintain balance within the land.

The god handed the Crystian an egg with a pair of white and black wings protruding from cracks upon the egg.

"Greylen Judeth"
Carry this with you Silva Windwise. It will be your sign of allience. Give it to the first high preistess and allow them to care for this Egg. Be on with your journy now.

As the Crystian ran off tward the moutians the god Greylen flew to the heavens once again.

01/24/2004 12:22 PM

0 AB, 8PM Day 5

The Aki had progressed since the first evening. Not only had Jyrkinius found others like him, but they had all been visited by Insano, Lord of Night and knew that Jyrkinius was to reign supreme in the Akinian Plains. Already the basis of a village was being built. The Aki were errecting crude dwellings out of sod and mud with the use of even cruder tools. Jyrkinius, feeling the fatigue of so much physical labour called a halt to the days working. He glanced out over the plains to the north, seeing a mountain range and felt a sudden pang of fear. Were the Aki alone on this planet? Or were there others, more powerful than he?

Jyrkinius decided that only one person, no, one thing could answer his questions. He fell to his knees and began to pray to Insano, asking for his lords infinate wisdom.

Insano, Lord of Night to Benn-Salian, The Burning Star.

So, brother. I see that you have begun the development of this planet much the same as you did last time. I, however have far too much respect for this creation. I will not meddle in the affairs of mortals anymore, unless my Aki pray in their most dire moments, lest we repeat our last experiment. I have even turned a deaf ear to my greatest creation, Jyrkinius. I would suggest you do the same.

OOC: OK, so whats the count for the Gods right now? We have the Three Prime Gods. 1 Good, 1 Neutral, 1 Evil (All Lawful). Then for the lesser Gods ye far we have 1 Lawful Neutral, 1 Chaotic Neutral. Time for some more Good and Evil Gods methinks.

01/24/2004 12:48 PM

OOC: I agree. The lack of other gods is something to think of.

01/24/2004 3:38 PM

A tall figure in a robe made from links of chain that glittered like the stars in the heavens, coalesced from the darkness of the Void.

He stopped and quietly regarded the world before him with cool blue eyes.


I call forth, Aradiel, firstborn of the Sincorian, you shall dwell upon this world seeking to keep the darkness at bay, to preserve the righteousness of the light and to protect the freedoms of the other races. Your bond shall be your word and you shall honor all that is the light.

From the darkness strode a figure, tall and lean and with many of the characteristics born unto the Aki and the Oreoins for they were the template from which the God of light had chosen for his servants. Unlike the Aki, their frame was heavier, given to the nature of their cause. Their hair was black like the darkness of the Void to honor the Nothing that had come before Ohm and there eyes were intense, in colors of emerald and sapphire that burned more brightly hen the race’s passions were invoked.

The Sincorians, with the Firstborn Aradiel leading them, migrated East where they began building their first settlement, named Sincoria for it was to be the heart and home of their people, as was foretold by their creator and God.

As a race their vision was singular bound by a purpose given unto the by their God, the were guardians of the light and creatures bound by their word, a race of warriors who sought only to protect what the Gods of Light had created.

As the construction of Stormhold began, the god Arandur watched and was pleased…

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01/24/2004 4:28 PM

In seclusion, another figure worked. She glanced down at the still-forming worlds, watching what took place. The Goddess Tassana had taken the lakes, the God Skystrike the holy mountain of Yislev. Benn-Salian had taken the valleys and Insano had placed their races amoung the land, so she decided to that her creation would work underground, in the deep chasms of Seyun. The valley walls would be riddled with their passageways, their viliages and cities dug out of the soft stone itself.

So she worked her power. Standing on the edge of one of the sides of one of the rows of valleys stood her first Raeuth.

The being stood very tall, approximiately eight and half feet. It was a skinny creature, with a small torso and long legs. It's legs seemed to be jointed in many places, allowing the creature to flex in almost any way it wanted. From the small chest jutted two arms, arms that seemed to work as two more legs: long, with many joints, hanging down to it's knees. It had long, sharp fingers on his hands, six of them to be precise, that were barbed in such a way they they could find the miniscule cracks in stone. His toes--if you could call them that--were the same. Three of the toes protruded from the front of a "human"-shaped foot, three toes protruding out the back. The small torso/chest area also held a small neck, connected to a circular head that seemed mostly mouth and only had two very small, and monochromatic eyes. Behind it's weak eyes were three small slits, giving the being extraordinary hearing and the ability known as tremorsense, or the ability to, well, sense movement in the ground. It's skin was a murky ground, cameoflauging with the rock it stood upon.

The creature blinked it's small eyes in the light, then scampered down the chasm wall. It's feet and hands clung to the rock, and with only a few seconds of searching, it darted into a hole into the chasm, into a dome that seemed to be formed out of the rock itself, touched by some godly hand.

Which, in fact, it had been.


To the darkness you go, and you shall live within the earth and stone walls of Ohm. You are the first of the Raeuth. You are Norun, and you shall be my voice upon the world. You shall lead your people, and you shall be lead by me. KNow that I am only known as P.O.D, that I am your Lady and Mistress, that my word is your law and overrides all you think.

The creature nodded, clinging loosely to the rock. As it spoke, the voice was harsh and accented, as his mouth was not made particullary for speaking, but rather for getting rid of the rock that was dug out to make tunnels, "Yaaas, Gaaawdess."


You shall monitor the stone around you, feel it, and watch the movements of all who walk upon this Ohm.

"Yaaas, Gaaawdess."

Norun chiseled harshly at the stone, eating what fell away. It was slow work to do, and as he began, his tremorsense picked up many vibrations. He did not turn from his work, but creatures padded closer to him, to help him carve out his structure.


Raeuth, my creatures. You will obey Norun in all aspects. You will follow his words, and think of them second only to mine.

A chorus of growling hisses rose, as the creatures carved their city out of stone with incredible ease.

01/24/2004 6:54 PM

Silva Windwise had made good time that day. Her speed allowed her to cover quite some distance over the land but her lack of endurance brought her to camp apon a hill over looking the opening to the valley in which she was told go.

Silva Windwise
Greylen_Judeth, my god, I must rest apon this spot for I have already pushed my limits. Please forgive me for the delay in which I am bringing forth.

Greylen_Judeth had walked apon the hill behind Silva without her noticing and placed a hand upon her shoulder.

I forgive you for now. I beleive in your ability to know your own limits and make your own desicions. Rest here tonight. I doubt there will be any trouble for you. It's far to early

At those words Greylen left the area with a gust of wind leaving her to rest.

Silva Windwise
Thank you Greylen_Judeth, your understanding goes without saying for me.

Soon after the fact Greylen_Judeth went back to his Heavenly domian and watched as his people within the valley made progress in building their capital Zal Thender.
The progress made was somewhat astounding to Greylen for the lack of strength he had given them was made up by the co-opperation they had amongst each other. He had not taught them this sort of co-opperation and organization that they had shown in the construction of Zal Thender, but eventually he thought that it was enevitable seeing as how they where given the qualities that would eventually sprout into such things.
Though he was pleased none the less. The wisdom and unity he had given them had given them an advantage in their creativity and co-opperation in the construction of their capital Zal Thender.

01/24/2004 9:50 PM

Airiana looked from the Void into the expanse of Ohm, watching the creations of the other gods and the world which was made for them. Looking to the other gods, she decided to ask her question.

Is there room on this planet for another race of mortals? I have had an idea for a time of one that I think would be sufficient, and this seems the best time to try them out.

01/24/2004 10:18 PM

A god that was about half the height of the three gods just looked at them. He then nodded and left the heavens and as he did he transformed into his eagle form. He circled a spot where he thought would be good for his creations. He then transformed into his regular form. He looked down at the forest that he towered over, yet to the creations of the other gods and his, the forest was gigantic in size and distance.

He smirked and said, "Perfect."

There in front of the forest he lowered his hand to the ground an as he did this, a silver ball formed in his hand. He then placed the silver ball on the ground and after a few moments the ball started to crack. After the silver ball cracked completly a winged humanoid man stood up. This was the first of the Sarions. He had a medium built body and silver wings, like his creator. He had silver eagle eyes that were keen sight even in the night and he only stood at about 5 feet, 8 inches. He had pale white skin, and had short black hair. The Sarion bowed before his creator and then looked up.


Hello, my creation. I am your creator and your god. This world that you live in is called Ohm. I believe protecting all that is right and good in this world, an so shall you. You will meet others like you in this forest. The forest's name is Kekein forest. You will lead them yet, to prove yourself I want you to show me that you can lead them by creating a city in the trees which you will name Deolin. If you do this you will truly be the leader of your people. Once you have done this I will give you more instructions as what to do. Also, here is some clothing and don't worry the rest have clothes too. Ah yes one more thing, you are Lurin Klin, the first of the Sarions.

And with that SoaringEagle changed into his huge eagle form and flew back to the heavens....

Lurin Klin nodded and started to take flight into the forest, where his leadership and abilties would be tested....

OOC: Hope this is okay. Alittle background information on the Sarions is:
Eye colors can either be blue, green, silver, or black. There hair color is either white, black, or red. Yet, their wings can only be silver. Even though they are medium built they are actually quite strong. They aren't quick on their feet yet in the air they are fast. They also have keen sight. And I think thats all. But, if I've missed something then I'll edit it.

01/25/2004 7:09 AM

OOC: Evil races here people. We need some more! I'm all alone on the evil side of things, and who wants to RP in a planet where I'm going to have my ass completly handed to me? One race vs 4 Good allinged races isn't going to make for a fair fight....

01/25/2004 9:22 AM

OOC: Evil races here people. We need some more! I'm all alone on the evil side of things, and who wants to RP in a planet where I'm going to have my ass completly handed to me? One race vs 4 Good allinged races isn't going to make for a fair fight....

OOC: My race is evil, I just wasn't sure if you were still accepting new races and gods...

01/25/2004 9:24 AM

OOC: Um, Insano, unless I'm mistaken, I belive POD's chars are gonna be evil....

01/25/2004 9:44 AM

Um, Insano, unless I'm mistaken, I belive POD's chars are gonna be evil....

OOC: I dont know. The 'Gods' are the same as last time, and if I'm not mistaken, in our last playing God POD and I didnt get along. If memory serves correctly I corrupted some of her race, so I dont really see her jumping to my side after I partially conqured her last time.

Airiana, you'll have to ask Benn if we are accepting new Gods, its his thread and I think he has a very precise idea of what he wants to happen. Now if only he'd respond to my post.

01/25/2004 9:53 AM

OOC: Hey Insano, if you want I'll change my race to evil. I don't really care if their evil or good. I just wanted to try this again. So if you want I'll edit my first post and make them evil.

01/25/2004 12:54 PM

OOC: I talked to PoD (henceforth known as "Peapod") and she is indeed evil. Sorry for my delay, I've been having computer problems. Sorry for mistakes in this post in advance, as my comp is still half down and I cant run it through spell cheek.

0 AB Day 6, Dawn
Baylrac had finally gotten to the grand summit of Yelslev on dawn of the sixth day of his life. The young Knaag was tired as anyone could possibly be after climbing such a huge peak, but he was proud that he was able to make it in one piece. He sent a prayer to Skystrike, knowing that without the faith he had in the god, he never would have made it to the top at all.

When the exhausted Knaag had finally reached the summit, he was startled to see what was there. The mountain seemed to cave in about fifty feet at the very top to form a small crater where the highest point would be. In that small crater, thirty or forty people, Knaag like him, waited, looking at Baylrac. As soon as Baylrac had crossed over into sight of the people in the crater, there was an instant murmur in the group down there. They began to whisper among themselves and point at Baylrac. He wasn’t sure, but Baylrac thought he heard words like 'leader' and 'First One' in the echoed whispers of his people within the crater. Slowly, the tired and freezing Baylrac made his way down into the crater to join his people.

When he got there we was meet with a female Knaag, who moved ahead to meet him from the rest of the group. The female Knaag didn’t look too much different from the male ones, save the fact that their breasts were much larger then that of the males, and their eyes shined a beautiful silver, rather then that of the voided black of the males. It may have been in Baylrac's mind, but they also seemed to be much more graceful then the males as well. He already found himself fond of the woman before him's looks. She was very beautiful, even by female standards of Knaag.

"Greetings. Baylrac the First. I am Mujan, first of the Shaman of the Lord. Our lord and god told me that you would come soon, and he was right! He is all seeing and all knowing!" the female, Mujan, said, her voice picking up a bit.

"Shaman of the Lord? Who gave you that role?" Baylrac asked between shivers and he continued to move toward Mujan.

"Why, our lord himself. When he created us, he told us of you and named me the role. He said that I would advise you, and aid you in leading our people." Mujan said, her voice calming a bit. Baylrac thought her voice only complemented her beauty, as it sounded as wonderful as a calm breeze.

Baylrac wasn’t too sure about what to say to that, but he was too cold to care at the moment. As Mujan helped him to the group, she and two other females gave Baylrac extra furs to try and warm the freezing Knaag. Others of the Knaag moved around Baylrac, so that he was in the center of the group, and their body heat helped him warm up. After about an our, Baylrac felt as if he was thawing, and he felt a little bit better. He felt well enough to talk to his people at least. He learned from Mujan that there were forty-five Knaag in the group, and they were all in the beginning of their adult life. There were twenty males and twenty-five females from count as well.

After five hours at the summit, Baylrac began to feel much better, but he was worried that he had not received word from Lord Skystrike as of yet. The wise god had told him that he would receive word as soon as he reached the top of great Yelslev, but that had yet to happen and the people were beginning to get restless. Baylrac hoped that he would get some kind of message that he would. He sent a prayer to Skystrike, asking for guidance.

No sooner did Baylrac end his prayer that a huge image of Skystrike appeared upon the snow clouds circling the mountain. Many bowed their heads to the image as it appeared, and others spoke soft words of prayer. At this, the image of Skystrike smiled.

Greetings my children. I am happy to see that you are all together now, and it brings me even greater joy to see that your leader has pasted his test. Well done Baylrac the First.

Baylrac bowed his head even deeper in respect to the great god before him on the clouds. He was proud to receive such high praise from his god.

As a reward for your passing, I offer you Mujan, Baylrac. She is the picture of female beauty for your race, and you will take her was your wife and Queen. I can already see that you take fancy to her.

Baylrac blushed a bit as the god said this before the group. He knew it to be true, but he didn’t want her to know too soon. He had wanted to tell her himself. Worried she might dislike him now, Baylrac looked over at Mujan. He was happy, and relived so see that she only had a broad smile upon her face.

Now, you must begin to build you legacies, my young Knaag. To begin, you will build a grand temple in my name within the very center of the crater you stand. Atop this grand temple, you are to build a three-hundred foot crystal tower. This tower will reflect the bending lights of the south sun upon your lands. The holy mountain, Yelslev, and all that the light from this crystal beacon glances will be your own, a gift for you from me, your lord.

The Knaag around Baylrac, as well as himself cheered Skystrike's name upon hearing this. Baylrac could already see the glint of pride and thanks in his people’s eyes. He could almost hear the wheels of thought turning in their heads. Baylrac knew that this would be a grand temple indeed.

Now, I must leave you young Knaag. I have faith in you, and faith that you will uphold the balance between light and dark. Fallow your leaders closely for they speak my wishes, and know that I am ever watchful. As long as you speak my message of balance, I will always have you in my favor. Farewell, my chosen children...

With those final parting words, the image upon the snow clouds was gone. The people cheered Skystrike's name again. Baylrac smiled, and rallied his people with his newfound wife at his side. It had been a grand start for the Knaag, and the day was still young, and they hand a masterpiece to build. It would be the grandest of temples indeed...

01/25/2004 3:19 PM

OOC: Unless otherwise noted, officially:

Gods of Light:

Gods of Twilight:

Gods of Dark:

These do not mean that these gods are alligned. They are guidelines that are to be concerned when developing a god's will. Remember not all mortals follow their god's will and all the gods interact with one another so alliances can occur anyplace.

01/25/2004 4:49 PM

OOC: Yes I am DARK (Benn burned my ass for calling me evil. ^^). And in the thread I did intend that to happen, which is how I exited that thread.


0 AB 10 AM Day 6

Norun stopped to pick the rock out of his specially carved teeth and pressed his head to the rock. Progress was going well in the city, which he had so named Garul De Dejar (But Garul was much easier to say).

There were tunnels in progress. Spiralling everything, going to everyplace, a Raeun occasionially branching off to make a home. Only a few feet, but given on how deeply the current and only inhabited chasm went, this said quite alot about the height of the spire. The top of it was merely the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

Inside the cavern, the hollowed-out walls of the spire were carved into runs of a language that had been gifted by PoD to Norun and few others, to insure they remained in power. The many-leveled structure was a temple, the highest level (And the smallest) being only for the two leaderes of the Raeun, Norun and Kaear (His mate). The second was an altar, the third and fourth for offerings, and the fifth and largest was for prayer. The Raeun were quickly getting the hang of language now, the words shifting in meaning as they spoke them.

"Noorun!" Shouted one from inside under him as he clawed and bit out the newest tunnel, "Whaat shawwl we do aabout the ootheers?"

The leader had indeed felt the earth shift with others, others that were not his kind. But his goddess had spoke nothing about them. He was confused, and did not know what to do.

"Iggnaaaur them!" He shouted back.


PoD watched her Raerun form their city, and she was impressed by their mindless working. Just as she had anticipated to make them a hive-mind, there were forming perfect obediance and hierarchy. Their spire pleased her, their numberous offerings mader her chuckle indeed. For their offerings mostly included rare stones. Rare, valuable stones like diamonds, rubies, emralds, sapphires, and opals. (OOC: Are we making up new precious stones for Ohm or can i use earths?)

She had not, however, given them any information on the other races, like the Knaag and the Sarions. Already she could see the latter conflicting, given their bird-qualities and her ground-dwellers. The others, like the Aki, she saw her Raeun getting along with quite well. The Goddess Airiana had piqued PoD's interest, thought she had not yet set a race onto Ohm.

PoD sat back in a chair that came from nothing and listened to them praise her.

01/25/2004 5:23 PM

Another day came upon the Crystian. Her sleepy eyes began to open to reveil the dawn lit sky.

"Beautiful" Silva Windwise whispered to herself.

She had regained her stamina and was ready to run the rest of the way to the valley ahead. She collected her items and sprinted ahead with her speed matching that of the wind.

Several hours later as her breeath had come short she slowed down and looked at the ever closer entrance to the valley. As she looked she saw distantly the construction of buildings that suported the moutian walls and the contruction of an arch that must have been 40 feet high. She strained her eyes to see several beings that looked quite like her. All assisting each other with moving suplies and construction on the many buildings.

She turned her rest to a walk and began to make her way to this entrance. She had began to wonder why they was building ino the open but after some time she noticed that that it could be used as a defensive position. A way to further seclude them behind the capitals walls as well as be able to promote communication through posable trade routes. Though she somewhat detested it open position a little but knowing what she knew brought her a bit of comfort.

The structures where mostly complete but the arch over them would not be complete for some time. There was a few houses and there was places to store goods like wood and food. The size of the place was large enough for a small town but Silva had an idea that this place would flourish and grow. She hoped that the acheivements that these people had done would influence other nations as well. It was a larger then life hope seeing that her and her people never wished to extend any hand to far off their territory unless they thought it was nessesary. Though they wouldn't mind having visitors they only wished them within the capital of Zal Thender.

She neared these people finally and she knew for a fact from all the studying she had done that these people where infact the same race as her. Joy had begun to spread through her body and she began to move somewhat swifter tward the town. As she had entered the town many of these people surrounded her but done so in silience. They seemed to have been studying her and almost all work had stopped.

Finally after some time a women draped in robes that where made of some sort of silver with large metallic shoulder mounts made from some blue matallic material stepped forward from the ammasing crowd. Her hair was pure wite and he eyes where a deep blue with grey pupals stepped forward.

Mysterious Women
I am the high preistess Doina Fillong. I am the 3rd born. Our god had fortold your arrival and asked me to receive the egg from you. Do you posses the egg in which he gave you?

Silva Windwise
Yes preistess Doina. I have the egg with me.

Silva Windwise pulled the egg from a pounch she had along side her and held it out while bowing her head slightly

Doina Fillong
You have passed your first trial that our god has given you. Surely you must be tired after such a trip. But I am sorry to say that you may not rest at this moment. Your house has not been fully constructed and we do not wish to bare you ill company when your house should be finished by nightfall. So please ask one of these towns folk to take you to your abode.

Silva Windwise
I can not leave untill this egg is taken from my grasp by my High Preistess.

Doina Fillong
You have an admirable trait Windwise. You seem to be quite determinded to give me that egg. But what would make you beleive that I truly am the High Preistess or that I am even worthy of such a precious gift from the gods.

Silva Windwise
You will proove your hospitality my preistess by taking this egg that I hold in my hands. From the moment your hands touch this egg I may be able to continue upon my next task of Empress and allow our kingdom to grow so we may be able to maintain balance, whether it be inner balance or the balance of the world. I will maintain this world even if it wasn't our god who created it.

Doina Fillong
You proove your wisdom Silva. Allow me to free you of your burden and accept this egg to care for. But you are bold to put yourself into the position of Empress so easally when even our god hasn't informed us of this, but as high preistess of Greylen_Judeth, god of elemental balance, I allow you to assume your postion of empress. I will make it your 3rd trial. Your second is to govern the construction of your palace and the contruction of our capital Zal Thender. May Greylen bless your future.

The High Preistess gently took the egg from the hands of Silva. As the weight of the egg had lifted off and Silva stood and began to walk tward a rather large building protruding in the close distance behind the nearby construction.
She walked down the already developed roads that weaved throughout the capital and took the sceanery into mind. Her mind would flutter as she would feel the warm breeze that seemed to funnel within this valley's entrance. Her red hair flowed constantly with it. She felt blessed with such beautiful land scapes surrounding her.
She began to near the entrance to the building. There was about 15 workers working within it. They seemed almost syncronized as they would lay the lumber and strones into the construction. Silva was pleased with this work and jumped apon a scafold to lend a hand.

Greylen looked from upon the top of one of the ridges overlooking the town and was pleased with his creations progress.

You have acheived so much without my aid. You proove yourselves worthy of my power as you use your abilities to further yourself and without my aid. I commend you all, you show your true strength ever moment of the day. You have all prooved quite enetertaining

"Silva may become uncontrollable. This may become a good omen for me. She shows promise as well as self progress. I will defenately enjoy watching you most of all Silva. I will allow my first born to take the position she pleases." The god had spoke to himself.
The god sat down apon a smooth rock nearby him and continued to watch and wait in case they would require his assistance.

01/25/2004 8:11 PM

0 AB 9AM Day 19

The Aki continued their development at the rate that their God intended. Not that their astral diety was intrested any longer thought Jyrkinus. The Aki were yet to discover if they were infact alone in this paradise. The Aki had discovered some intresting wild species of mamals. Jyrkinus had spotted some sort of creature which could be an asset to the growing Aki species. The creature, Jyrkinus decided would be called the "Tricorn [see apendix A]." These beasts would aid the Aki in plowing the fields, and would provide transportation to examine the frontiers of the Akinian Plains.

Upon another Plane of existance stood Insano. Although most of the Aki had already begun to doubt in him he still stood watching the development of his 'perfect' race. "The fools, the weaklings" snaps the God. "How could they overlook their greatest advantage. They stand on the planent, so timid not even aware of the impending danger that approaches. Bah, it will be a test to see if these puny mortal beings are worthy to be called children of mine." With that, the God once again shifts to another plane of existance.

Insano, Lord of Night to PoD

So, you have once again entered to the field of mortal forging. After those days on Pseudo I never thought to see you again. But, in the final days of that dying planet I felt something from you. Something that I never thought possible from one such as you. An emotion, it was... hate? You hated me, you still hate me. Yet I can sense your attraction to me, to my power.
However, it was not only you who was attracted. I'm sure you felt something from me as well. Pain? Yes, it was. It pained me to see my hopes and dreams, the Drakes fall to the powers of the Albiel. So, I propose some sort of agreement. I shall not tamper with your precious Raeuns development so long as you agree to urge your race to form some sort of contact with my Aki. All their whining about being 'alone in the universe' has already begun to make me weary. What say ye?

Appendix A

Tricorn: Similar to fantasy Unicorn in most aspects. Similarities include a horse body with a horn of ivory growing from the head. However, Tricorns fur ranges from Dark Black to Iron Grey. As well, the Tricorn also has two more horns from the sides of its head, much like a Bull.

01/25/2004 9:18 PM

…Aradiel turned and looked to his brethren as they toiled to build the village of Sincoria, he wiped the sweat from his brow and pulled his damp sweat-sodden fringe from his eyes before turning to look upon the first few buildings with a sense of pride.

He had dispatched scouts to the north and south but none had yet to return and this filled him with a sense of anxiety. He once again turned back to his work, laying stones for the high walls that would encircle the village while other worked to using ropes to move logs into position while yet others dug the channels that would alter the course of the river and fill the channels that encircled the village.

Smoke rose lazily from the thatched roofs of masons as they worked forging weapons of flint and obsidian taken from the mountains to the north, a gift unto them from their god in Aradiel’s dreams. The god often sent visions to Aradiel, testing his will and his devotion to his word.

All was chaotic, but the Sincorians worked with a devotion to their task, a single mindedness that bade them to continue until the work was done…

OOC: Just as a question or reference, exactly how far along are our civilisations meant to be, stone age? bronze? Just so I have an idea of where to go in their development

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01/26/2004 1:40 PM

Insano, Lord of Night to PoD

So, you have once again entered to the field of mortal forging. After those days on Pseudo I never thought to see you again. But, in the final days of that dying planet I felt something from you. Something that I never thought possible from one such as you. An emotion, it was... hate? You hated me, you still hate me. Yet I can sense your attraction to me, to my power.
However, it was not only you who was attracted. I'm sure you felt something from me as well. Pain? Yes, it was. It pained me to see my hopes and dreams, the Drakes fall to the powers of the Albiel. So, I propose some sort of agreement. I shall not tamper with your precious Raeuns development so long as you agree to urge your race to form some sort of contact with my Aki. All their whining about being 'alone in the universe' has already begun to make me weary. What say ye?

PoD turned to Insano, a slight smirk appearing on her face.

PoD to Insano, Lord of the Night

Yes, yes I have. I wanted to test a few theories out on the Io, all of which that failed. Unfortunately, but even goddesses still have things to learn. It is only a mortal life...though, I was not so pleased with your...interference, She tightened a fist and growled. WIth a shrug, the She hand on her hip and she glanced down into the mortal world, Yes, I felt your pain. I laughed at it, as well. Very well. My Raeun will contact your Aki in a...non-violent sort of way.

0 AB 11 AM Day 6

PoD to Norun

Norun. Do you feel those who walk on two legs, that are heavily built, with toes?

"I doo."

Go to them.

The Raeun nodded and placed his head to the rock. Within a few moments, he began his own tunnel out to the Aki.

PoD to Insano, Lord of the Night

My race are the Raeun. It is prounouced singularly. One Raeun, Two Raeun. Do not make the mistake again, Isano. She chuckled softly.

01/26/2004 3:28 PM

Tassana Burrfoot nodded her acceptance to Benn-Salian and giggled. She then skipped away and dove into the ocean again. She was in the form of a dolphin. She decided to visit her race of people. Though they were small.

She swam to the beach of Burrland and changed into a priestess of herself. She walked to the place where Calyn ruled and entered the hut.


Hi Calyn. You know who I am. I need you to send some of your people into the oceans. I want them to go to the mainland and learn of the other people. The last thing I want is for my people to be ignorant of the ways of other people.

"Diplomats?" the Oreoin asked, her eyebrow slightly raised.

Yes. Diplomats. I want them merely to learn. Nothing more, nothing less. Learn the ways of the surface folk then return to Burrland with a full report to you. I will be waiting for your prayer. I want to know everything.

The Oreoin nodded. "Yes, my goddess. I promise. Your will shall be done."

The goddess smiled and then skipped out of the hut. She continued skipped to the shoreline, some of her people following out of curiousity. Others following because skipping seemed to be a fun entertainment.

She reached the ocean and turned back to her people and smiled. The will of the Goddess be done! she said and then leaped into the ocean.

The Oreoins giggled and repeated what the goddess said.

Calyn called upon three to do what the goddess asked. A young male named Kanos, a female named Absence, and another male named Noska. All three answered her call and were told to go into the mainland and learn of other people. The goddess had asked for this. "And we all should obey the goddess," Calyn said giving each person a medallion that beheld a dolphin on it. "May you go with the goddess's blessing.

She bid farewell to the three adventurers and said a prayer to let her goddess know the deed had been done.

Swimming and hunting was easy for the three adventurers. They played with the dolphins and ate fresh, raw fish. They giggled and merrily danced in the waves. The ocean was beautiful. And when rest was needed, they found coral reefs or sandy little islands, or even the back of a humpback whale and slept.

01/26/2004 5:26 PM

The Goddess Airiana swept her hand over the world and found a desert. She smiled and with a thought, she was there.

Here shall my people live, and they will prosper!

And from the hot sands and cactus-juice she created an image. The creature stood just over six feet tall and had a warrior's build. Her—for indeed this prototype of the species was female—eyes were large, almost overly so, and a dark green in color. The nose was wide, the lips full and deep red, and the ears lifted gracefully from the sides of her head. Each of the senses' organs were strong and sharp, doing their job well. Her arms were strong and her hands adept at gripping firmly, though inch-long claws were poised readily on each of the four fingertips. The body was leans but muscled and rested with easy grace on two strong legs on which every muscle was defined. Her hair was the color of ash and her skin a greenish-brown.

Airiana nodded in satisfaction at her work and awoke it.

You are the first, and the leader of the people called Neraka. I am your Goddess, Airiana, and you will worship and obey me in all things. From this day forward, you shall be known as Terrok B'ork.

At these words, the Nerakan leader bowed her head to her Goddess and humbled herself to the powerful being that created her. Airiana was pleased by this, and so smiled on her creation, giving her clothing to cover herself with. She also took time to teach the Nerakan what would become her language.

To prove your worthiness, I will give you a task. You are to find an oasis here in the dessert. If you are able to find it, you will also find your people and there you will build a city called Nerorka San. The first thing you must do is build a temple in my honor, once these tasks have been completed, I will come to you and give further instructions. Now go!

Terrok bowed deeply to her Goddess as Airiana's avatar disappeared from her view. Straightening up, the Nerakan looked around and on instinct, scented water to the east of her. She took off at a run in that direction, her strong legs and clawed feet moving quickly and easily.

01/27/2004 7:18 PM

0 AB, 6:30PM Day 36,
The Knaag had banded together like no other race in the history of time had been known to do in the building of the great temple to Skystrike. Only thirty cycles had passed since the Great Archon had given the order for the temple's construction, and it was already nearly finished. All that was left to be constructed of the great monument was the crystal tower that the Great Archon had said must rest atop the great temple.

Baylrac, the newly created Greatlaw King was very pleased with how things were going. He was very pleased to see his people work so well and quickly. It made him proud to call himself a Knaag, and to be in the service of the Great Archon, Skystrike. He could only hope that things will continue to go well for him and his people.

Now, Baylrac and his wife, Mujan, were in the chamber of prayer, kneeling silently before the stone alter that had been erected in Skystrike's name. There were others in the rooms that were praying as well after a long day's work, asking Skystrike if he was pleased with the work that they had been doing. Others seeked guidance about their young lives, while others still were asking what the god wanted done next. Baylrac smiled, and thought about how magnificent the temple truly was, and how great the Knaags Lord is.

The temple is built in a circular manner, with ten levels. Each level of the temple is smaller then the circular level under it. Each level after the first one was supported by a series of beautiful supports, which we actually statues of Knaag. In between the supports were beautifully crafted stained glass windows. The windows depicted images of Skystrike’s avatar, the young teenage boy, as well as Knaag in many stages of worship. Some windows also showed of the Knaag’s continuing effort to build the great tower/temple. Even still yet, some windows showed of Baylrac’s climb up Yelslev or of his wedding to Mujan. Already there were too many honorable images to count which could be placed within the tower. There was also a window for each of the fist Knaag, and at the bottom of their window was their name written in the dust of rare diamonds. Atop the top level, which was already eight stories out of the crater at the top of Yelslev, was a half constructed crystal tower. The crystals that make the tower were a brilliant shade of clear/white and reflected any light that came into it. The tower was created to be large at its base and slowly get smaller until reaching the size of a pin top at its peak, 150 feet above.

The bottom two levels of the tower were covered in water. When the first three levels of the tower had been finished, that made the temple one story above the crater. At which point, the crater flooded, creating a crystal clear lake that filled the crater. Though the first two levels were secure and used as store rooms and quarters for the forty-five Knaag first crated, it was now only assessable from inside the tower. Four marble bridges lines with beautiful statues came from each corner of square crater and connected with the temple’s third level which was made the reception area. The next level was designated to be a great library, were all of the works of the Knaag, and their history would be recorded and stored when the temple was finished. The levels above that were dedicated to religion, rituals, and worship of the Great Archon.
Water was not an issue, as the lake’s water was perfectly clear and clean and didn’t seem to go down at all, and food was handled in terms of hunting deer/stag like creatures that dwelled in the mountain called Taan. The meet was used for food, while the furs were used for fabric and clothes. Nothing of the animal was wasted, and the Knaag were very grateful for Skystrike’s blessings.

The Knaag were off to an excellent start indeed, and this made Baylrac smile. The crystal tower would be done in a week, and honor would come to Skystrike in a scale unheard of before within the walls of this great temple.

(OOC: At this point I strongly suggest we slow the timeline down a bit. Develop your races, and work a bit in detail about what is around them and how they are doing so far. Are they taking in any hardships? Are they overworking like my people? Explore their culture, and start its beginning. Explore your governments build, and social structure. All of this helps and will lead to a very well developed race. Just some hints. Also, Insano, we need to speak as soon as possible.)

01/27/2004 9:04 PM

Lurin had been flying through the forest for sometime and he was getting tired. My god said that I would meet my own race yet, I haven't seen any for miles. I wonder if this is just part of the test. Or am I lost? He thought this just as he started to notice a light peaking his right side. He took a quick turn right and flew towards the light.

Soon he found his people. "Finally, I have found them." He flew upwards till he spotted a place where he could land. When he landed a couple of Sarions landed near him and said, "Halt, who are you?" These Sarions had spears and were pointing them at him.

"Why don't you know who this is my friends? He is Lurin Klin, the First one." Said a feminine voice from behind the others. The Sarions caring the spears moved and then appeared a female Sarion that had piercing green eyes, with shining black hair. And just like any Sarion her wings were silver and her skin was tan.

Lurin at first gawked at the female Sarion because this was the first time he had ever seen a female of his kind. Then he regathered his wits about him and said, "Yes, I am Lurin Klin and I have come here to lead my people. Yet, how did you know who I am, unless..." The female nodded and said, "Yes, our god SoaringEagle or Eagle for short has told me of your coming. I am Neru, the second." She smiled at him.

He then turned away to look at the city that was being created around him. "I'm taking a guess that you were told to start building Deolin." He then turned around to her and she said, "Yes, since he wasn't sure if you would be here in time. So he told us to start building, yet we aren’t sure what else to do after we have created the city and that’s were you come in Lurin.” He turned back to the city and examined it.

“We need a temple over there,” He pointed to a very big tree that was in the center of the city that seemed to be able to hold such a thing as a temple. “Also, I would advise that we have some Sarions go out near the edges of the forest to build some lookout towers,” and as he said this Neru told one of the warriors carrying a spear to go get some others to create lookout towers. “We will also need to start building a hunting party or militia incase of being attacked.” Neru put her hand on his shoulder and said, “We have a hunting party already yet, not a militia.” Lurin looked at her and said, “Well, if I know one thing, it’s that we aren’t alone on this world. We should also find some Sarions who can be our Diplomats with the other races when we find them but, before we do we also need to send out scouts to look for other races.”

Neru added, “Yet we don’t have enough people or resources to do all of this. Right now we can only do these things: build a temple, keep building the city, and build lookout towers. And that is all. Our hunting parties will be our militia as you say until we get the rest of the other things done, understand?”

Lurin looked tooken aback. He hadn’t realized that even though he was supposed to lead the group, that she could also help him. “I am sorry,” Lurin said, “I forgot that we hadn’t had enough resources.” Neru smiled and said, “Its ok, you don’t know how many Sarions there is and how much resources we have. I mean you just got here.”

“Yes but still that is no reason for me to just start commanding that we start them now.” He then looked down to see many different animals drinking from a river that flew under the trees that they were building there city on. He then looked back up at Deolin, the main capitol for Sarions that was being built. I hope that Eagle is proud of what we are doing. He then he turned and said, “We should stop progress today and let all the workers rest for now.” Neru bowed and then walked up a little walkway to a horn. She played the horn and through out the forest it could be heard. “The Sarions that are working on the lookout towers are now coming back. They will be here shortly.” Lurin then said, “Good, tomorrow we start again.”


From a different plane he watched as his Sarions worked. “Lurin and the rest are doing well. Soon I shall talk to them and give them more instructions. Maybe I should go and see how Arandur and Benn-Salian are doing. And maybe even help my Sarions gain a few allies.” He then disappeared from the plane he was in. He wasn’t sure which plane they were in so it might take him awhile to find them…

OOC: I hope I didn’t have any spelling errors. And I hope everything I typed is ok (yeah yeah I know its long but hey, I had to catch up. I think I typed over 3,700 words, longer than I usually do). Well that’s all for now later.

01/27/2004 9:27 PM

Terrok had been traveling most of the day, the intense heat of the desert not bothering her in the slightest. The Goddess provides, the Nerakan though with an absent smile as she stopped for her second break of the day. She was very close—the scent of water was near, as well as that of plant life. She had even seen tracks similar to her own: three-toed and clawed, with the occasional line that could be made by the sweep of a tail.

As well, her sharp eyes picked up a hint of green on the horizon. Refreshed from her rest, Terrok B'ork stood and stretched various muscles before speeding off again, heading for the oasis she knew lie ahead.

Airiana sat in a soft chair on her plane smiling down into a pool of water, watching the progress of her creations. Terrok will be in the oasis before nightfall if she keeps up this rate, and the Nerakans have already begun building their homes under Orisso's guidance. I could not have made a better High Priest than Orisso! He has prayed to me at least five times this day, most often to merely thank me for his creation!

The High Priest Orisso was indeed loyal, though he may have been a little cruel to his brethren. The males, who were the slighter of the species, tended to get along with each other, while the females did the same with their gender. Orisso treated the females worse, having them do any heavy lifting and anything that required strength. This, though, made sense enough, as the females were much stronger and more mechanically-minded than their male counterparts.

The males were, for the most part, constructing a written language to go along with the spoken one their Goddess Airiana had taught them. They seemed, as a whole, to connect to Her better, and were thus already taking the roles of scholars and priests.

As Airiana watched, Orisso was ordering two females to hoist a newly made thatched roof on a house made of clay dug up from the spring's shore. They had completed two large structures this way—one for the males, another for the females—and were finishing the third, though it was slightly smaller. After all, there would only be two Nerakans living there, while the other building would hold nearly thirty a piece.

Airiana smiled down at the image of her High Priest and the others of her creation in the still-forming capital of Nerorka San. With a wave of her hand, the image in the water altered, and she was again watching Terrok's fast pace across the dessert…

01/28/2004 8:30 AM

Silva Windwise sat back restfully as her newly finishe stone building was completed. She felt like resting and falling asleep in her topple padded bed, "topple is a material simular to cotton," but she felt as though it was no time to sleep.
Silva waved a hand at one of her suboranates and asked him ina gentle tone to fetch her 3 people, " Please bring me the high preistess Doina first, the head Mason Mentain Sealstrike, then to bring her the head of military Drovorak Windscape." She closed her eyes after asking and listened to his footsteps ring through the hallways as he walked out to fetch these people.
Silva Windwise waited for some time. Her exhaustion was becoming more apparent and all she really wished for was to deal with all of this and be off to bed. She stood from her hand carved chair made of silkwood from the woods near by, and made her way to her bedroom chamber. As see entered she whitnessed her god juggling three balls of stone each one baring a different color.

I see Silva. So you've finally come to rest. I had expected as much, but do you think it a bit rude to leave your company you sent out waiting for you to wake up?
Greylen was teasing her and her appearance into the room. He stopped juggling and layed the three balls which where suddenly descovered to be stones apon a dresser nearby.
I see... Well I knew you'd never be a bad host for someone. Though it seems as though you already planned apon the construction of the High Temple. It is nessesary to keep the egg in shape. You wouldn't want to ruin the egg for me would you Silva?

Silva Windwise
No Greylen I would not wish such a thing. The egg is a precious gift from you. To disrespect that gift may cause disrespect for you.

Greylen laughed out loud and looked deeply into the eyes of Silva.

I see you dont call me a god. You call me by name. I somewhat like that... but I do not wish you to speak my name so familuarly outside our private conversation we hmay have in the future.

Greylen paused and lifted a finger pointing past Silva and to the door.

You have company my daughter. Attend to them. I will observe your actions for the shadows.

Greylen faded away and then a knock came upon the door. Silva reached over and opened the door to see four of her people standing there. Silva waved away her subordanate and welcomed the rest into her room. Her room was fairly empty. It had a bed a chair and a dresser close to the corner. There was only 2 windows in the room and both where small.

Doina Fillong
We have been summoned. What is it you wish from us.

Doina bowed her head to Silva and stepped forward seperatign herself from the others.

Silva Windwise
You are in need of a temple am I correct? Well I am in need of a good mason as I have brought forth as well as patrols along our border and to the ocean south of here. I will make use of you all in here.

Doina Fillong
Yes I need a temple.

Silva cut her off with a motion of her hand then pointed over to the three stones.
Doina walked gracefully over to the stones and felt them all. She picked up a green stone that seemed to glow then the mason stepped forward. "That there be jade mi-lady. There was a small source nearby but none large enough to build a building." The mason had stated.
Silva stepped forward. "Can you make the jade shine like this Mentain? I need it the best quality I can get it. I need a entire temple made from that stone. I also need a single pedistel made in the center engraved with runes."
Mentain looked at Silva with widened eyes filled with excitement, "You bring me the stone I will make you the most beautiful temple you may ever lay your eyes on."
Silva smiled brightly with the masons ethusiasm then pointed at Drovorak Windscape, the millitary commander.

Silva Windwise
Drovorak, you will protrol the norther boarders and moutians sides. In your search you will see about other life on this planet. Though your main idea is to secure our boarders and look for this stone called jade. Bring back several samples. You Mentain, you find me a metal smith. Someone able to bend and ply metal to his likings. Have him attend me tomarrow noon time. And finally you Doina. Gather a search party and look for a sutible location. Have this temple located in our secluded areas so that it may only be accessed by our people.

All of the people nodded and agreed and soon all Silva heard was the foot steps of their feet leaving the building. Silva then whispered to herself "I must enhance this place and make it our castle." After that had been said Greylen_Judeth stepped from the shadows with a wide smile plastered upon his face. He began to applaud.

You have made very wise counslign to these people. You have made very wise desicions as well. You proove your worth of wisdom well I see. You made great use of my gifts. I will grant you your first bow by assisting your fletcher in finding the materials needed for it. As for other weapons. You'll have to find those materials on your own. But I wish my children to be equiped in this world here. I do not wish to see them fall by just lullygagging around with pitch forks and little branch bows.

After Greylen had stated what he had he disapeared with a gust of wind.

Silva had things to be answered but finally conclueded that they should be solved on her own. Silvav was definately a exception among her people. She was showing signs that wheren't so passive. And seemed more determind then the rest. She had a higher endurance but that may have been because of the long treck here. Though she still needed alot of sleep to recover.
Silva made her way to her bed and began to change into her night clothes to sleep. After the change she laid back apon her bed and allowed the lead weighted eye's to drift close and began to dream.

01/28/2004 2:50 PM

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02/02/2004 9:22 PM

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02/05/2004 10:50 PM

"Our craftsmanship is as fine as ever, old friend." Skystrike said to Benn-Salian as he turned from the image of Ohm to face the other god.

"I think this world already shows itself to be several times more beautiful then Pseudo had been. It truly is a marvel, is it not? It sometimes amazes me with what we can come up with. Such a beautiful sunset...fitting of the first day of Ohm..." Skystrike added, turning back to his broad view of Ohm.

"But I did not come here to talk with you about Ohm beauty, so Sir." Skystrike continued, "But rather I thought me might discuss where it was we might have turned wrong with Pseudo, that it ended in such chaos. I mean, aside from the overpowering presence of magic within the world...any thoughts?"

Benn-Salian, The Burning Star, to Skystrike, The Iron Scale:
Elder God, Skystrike, I think you should know as well as I that the mortals of Psuedo were unchecked in our admiration. They mistook their places in their world. Each of our races believed that they were superior and should rule their world. That is a role reserved to the gods. They forgot their mortality and didn't realize they were all equally inferior.

[SW Akinian Plains]

Hinter deJing left his post in Quintagaia at the whim of his god spoken through Archus Begot. He had traveled through the mountain ranges for a little more than two weeks and his men still did not show signs of fatigue. With him, Hinter took his nephew, Bijoin, as well as four stout lads who were named such things as Cojure, Tunalt, Jhen and Dillard.

The force was a dispatch from The Brigade of Quintagaia. The were sent to keep an eye on a danger that none of them had seen before. Some civilization of men known as the Aki were the foretold enemy of the Capricans and the force of light.

The six warriors walked closely together over the rolling hills as they looked for signs of life. Hinter was the first to notice anything since he led the company over the crest of a particular hill. Once over, the commander saw a large animal that stood almost twice as high as the Caprican. It appeared to be a large back stallion with three horns protruding from it's head. The beast was held back by a creature of tall statue, about six feet from the ground. It's head was covered in white hair that hid some of the more angular features.

"You there!" Hinter deJing called out to the man, "hold yourself, we have questions to ask of you and your beast of burden."

02/06/2004 8:18 AM

Many days had passed as the patrol of Crystians was sent off. There hadn't been much word since they left as they dedicated themselves to the pratrols and search missions to find the Jade and to hold their boarders firmly.
Silva Windwise sat back in her silken wood throne. As every day passed a new rune or precious minneral would be placed apon the throne. It had still held the golden brown look that the initial throne had held but was bedazzled with the blues and reds of saphires and rubies. The rune writing had gold or silver like minnerals placed withing the carved grooves. It was a mighty chair of symbolic gestures. It held peices of history writen in a language only known by a few of the Cystians.
Though none the less. The beauty did not appeal to Silva. She wished to work on the gates and of the arch over head. Ideas would sprit through her head on ways to elevate the city apon the arch and of ways she would ave to deal with other races. Silva was not a vain person and she knew there was other races upon this world. She knew she would have to one day confront these races of beings. What ever they may look like or what level of hostility they may posses. She knew she had to befriend them in the future.
Silva beleived seclusion wasn't the wisest attribute in the world but she could not convince her people otherwise. Silva seemed alone amongst her people and she felt the distant moutians and valleys calling to her. She yerned for a way outside the solid confinements of her peoples seclusion.


How did I get myself caught up in gathering of items?

Greylen laughed upon his words then looked over to the fletcher which was scowering the lands with him to find the final peice to Silva's grand bow.

"This will be a grand bow my lord. It may never be rivaled. Making it has also taken quite a bit of energy out from within my body." The fletcher sagged down and braced himself upon his knees. Greylen moved a hand over tward him in worry but found the fletcher waving it away. "No need m-lord. We Crystians may not be endurant physically but we dont give up easy you hear." The fletcher sighed, releiving him of his thought. "You should know. You created us"

Greylen listened unintently to the words of the Fletcher. His interest did not lay with in them though. Greylen began to lean forward with his hand outward to grasp something. Greylen quickly vanished from the fletchers sight and within the distance the sound of hissing came.

Greylen stood with his hands embraced around a long snake which had him entwined in a fearful embrace. The fletcher soon came running after the sound with a large spear at hand. The speed the fletcher ran was incredable even to the eyes of the god Greylen. The fletcher used the spear to pullvault him high into the air and came down upon the snakes head with the spears tip. The incredible force of the speed that the fletcher had used peirced straight through the snakes armored head. Soon after the snake released it's coils that entwined Greylen and the snake fell lifeless apon the ground. The fletcher laid next to the snakes corpse with blood sprayed acrossed his body. "May we rest now m-lord?" the sletcher mumbled out to the god.

Rest my child. You have yet to string the bow.

Greylen went over to a pack nearby that he had dropped and pulled a wool blanket from it. He then placed apon the fletchers resting body.

Sleep well my child

Greylen then disapeared with a gust of wind leaving the fletcher to rest alone with the only threat extinguished.

Silva laid boredly in her throne waiting for either her patrol to return or her bow to be contructed. She just got done dealing with birth charts and suply sheets. The math involved had brought her down and she wished to leave her humble abode.
Silva sighed breifly then stood from the throne and began to walk for the front doors. As she neared the doors a man bust through holding a bow within his grasp. It was a beautiful bow decorated with many metals that weaved around each other. Inside you could see a Iron wood core layered in several flat layers. The bow was then embraced with a Silver like brace the left a knotch for the arrow to sit apon. Silva realize the fletcher had finally finished his job but was asstounded to see his shirt covered in blood. The fletcher then flung a bundle obsidian tipped arrows from over his shoulder to show his craftsmanship.
"You have done well fletcher. This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Though I may not have much to offer. I can always see about providing you with a meal fit for maybe even our god Greylen." The fletcher bowed his head as Silva spoke.


Drovorak Windscape had spent hours looking at a heard of animals that his patrol had been following for quite some time. He saw these animals as an asset to his millitary and as for labor forces back within the Capital. His eye's narrowed down to spot one particular one and gave a signal to someone behind him to come forth in rank. "see that one" Drovorak Windscape pointed out into the middle of the group. "It shows Alpha qualities. We take that one first. We kill that one first" A grin that bore blood lust apeared on the Captians face and the millitia unit backed away a bit in fear. "Yes sir" the unit replied with alittle reluctance in his voice. "Once I take that one out use your ropes and anchors we made earlier and tie them upon them."
The creatures where four legged creatures with their backs standing 6 foor high. They shown vegitarian traits which shown a good thing for the Crystians seeing they had plenty of vegitation around their homeland. They had black or white fur and long snouts. Their hooves where as large as a Crystians head and they showed power in everystep. When they ran the earth would rumble and quake under the weight the possessed as a whole.
"We wont strike today recruit. We need rest because it'll be a battle in the morning. I hope we do not lose anyone." The Captian smiled softly at the millitia unit calming him down from his fear that Drovorak Windscape had brough him earlier.
The other militia units began to talk within the camp the set up. There was about 10 alltogether in the camp. "I'm glad we dont have to pit against our captians blood lust." Some would say. "It still creeps me out to see him yern for blood that way" others would proclaim. All the talk made Drovorak Windscape feel out of place. though he loved to travel as he found out. His need to travel could only be matched by the Empress herself. Only she would dare tred outside the border lines without much reason to. Drovorak Windscape sighed in releif then took his position as first watch for the night.

02/06/2004 10:15 AM

PoD considered Insano's request before acting on it, then finally looking into the mortal world.

PoD to Norun, the First.

Norun. Pick four Raeun which will serve these purposes: First, you shall send one to the Plains, to meet with a race called the Aki. Treat them kindly, or fear my wrath. Second, you will send one to the rivers, lakes, and oceans of Burrland. Third, you will send one to the desert, to find the Neraka. Is this clear?

"Yaass....Goddess." He noddded once, resuming his tunnel work. This tunnel would lead downwards, spiralling into where cities of rising spires and honeycombed tunnels would stay. Quickly crawing back up and into the temple, he placed his head to the ground, feeling for those he wanted. With the vibration in mind, he tapped on the ground in a complex series of fingers, toes, and bites. Three others came over to him. They tapped back, a language that was being formed even now.

(OOC NOTE: Since the Raeun do not normally speak, all of their tapping will be in [brackets] and then ["quotes"]. Is that okay?)

["Ayen, Neak, Tura. Three of you carry our Lady PoD's will."]

["Which?"] Neak asked.

["Go desert, plains, and ocean. Find others Aki, Oreion, and Neraka. Talk with Aki, watch other. Clear?"]

The three of them nodded.

["Who go where?"] Ayen replied.

["Ayen, plains and Akis. Neak, ocean and Oreions. Tura, Neraka desert."]

["We go, Lady PoD."] All four of them tapped in unision, before the three of them scampered off in their own directions.

02/07/2004 9:06 PM

As predicted, Terrok reached Nerorka San just before sunset. The warrioress felt the warmth that had been at her back cool to such a degree that she found herself shivering slightly from the drastic change. She approached quietly at first, wanting to see her capital without interruption, but soon found that two other females had been on sentry duty, one of which whose claws were at her throat within mere moments. The second realized the identity of their captive first, and her already large eyes widened in surprise as she barked out a quick order to her guard-mate.

Terrok whirled on the girl quickly, knocking her down with a sweep of her tail and leaping on her, her own claws pressing at the younger Nerakan’s throat. “I applaud your stealth and accuracy,” she hissed, her dark eyes narrowing, “but if you ever lay a claw on me again, you will get to meet the Goddess firsthand!” She snarled, letting the girl up. “Now, escort me into my capital.” She told them curtly.

The two Nerakans bowed low, the younger of the two rubbing her throat. “As you wish it, First,” the two of them said in unison with respect.

With the aid of the stars, the two sentries led their leader into Nerorka San. She noted the vegetation and the stream, then the three clay structures, nodding her head in approval. The first to greet her as she entered was Orisso, and he bowed deeply to her. The two guardswomen slipped out to resume their watch and were replaced by two males who slipped a cloak over Terrok’s shoulders.

“Terrok B’ork, First of Neraka, welcome to Nerorka San. I am High Priest to Our Lady, Airiana, and am called Orisso B’ork. Our Dark Empress has informed me that you would arrive at about this time, and said also that there was a task to be carried out upon your arrival?” Orisso stated as he led Terrok to their home and to a carved chair made especially for her.

Terrok bowed to Orisso—though it was only a quick, half bow—and nodded her head at the mention of her task. “Aye, to be sure… Airiana has instructed me that the first thing that must be done on my arrival was the building of a temple in devotion to her.” She said as she sat back comfortably in her chair and looked around the room she was now in. “I suppose… given that we share the name of B’ork… that you are to be my mate?” She asked casually.

“Yes,” Orisso replied, looking over Terrok’s body a moment before replying further. “I am that indeed. It is our line that is to forever remain in power amongst our people, so this is certainly true.” He told her, then motioned one of the males forward to him as he sat in a chair identical to Terrok’s. “Amootta, begin constructing a temple to Our Lady immediately. It is not necessary for it to be completed tonight, but it must be started,” he told the minor priest, who bowed quickly and scurried out of the house.

Terrok nodded her head and wrapped the cloak more tightly around her. It seemed amazing to her that it could go from such warmth in the day to such cold when the sun set. The scant clothing she wore—a short shirt of sorts and a loincloth—beneath the cloak would do well during the daylight hours, but she would need to have other, warmer clothing at night.

It was about the time she thought thus that her stomach growled, and she looked around the room to find a male swathed in clothing from neck to ankle at the door. She motioned him forward a moment later. “You, bring food immediately! Your queen,” she said, trying the name out, “should not be allowed to go hungry!”

The male murmured a “Of course, mistress,” and disappeared out the door, returning minutes later with a heaping platter of meat and some of the lush vegetation.

Terrok took a large piece of the meat greedily, making short work of it. “Tell me, from where did this meat come? I have seen no animal that could produce this much meat,” she asked as she took another bite.

The male bowed as he placed the remaining food on a table. “So please you, mistress… a priest and a warrior had words today, and the warrior killed him,” he said by way of explanation, “we could see no reason that his flesh should go to waste.”

The Nerakan queen paused a moment in her chewing, but soon shrugged and swallowed the meat. “I can neither see a reason. Let my first decree be this: if one of our own dies in combat, their flesh will forever go to sustain those of others… only if disease takes a Nerakan to Our Dark Lady will the body be left… and under such a case, it will be burned in ceremony for all to see. Now, once the temple to Lady Airiana is completed, I want this warrior brought there, for she who kills her fellow will have words with me… I will not have us killing each other.”

The priest bowed continuously as he backed out the door, leaving his queen to munch on the bones of one of his own.

02/08/2004 1:16 PM

Lurin stepped out of his bedroom and looked about. It had been about a week since he had arrived in Deolin. And already it was looking splendid. By now they already had atleast 2 lookout towers constructed and more were being built. That and the already built towers were having weapons built into them incase they had to hold back an attacking unit.

Neru flew down to Lurin and told him of all that was built and being built. "So far the temple has just started, the lookout towers are still being built, and we have already begun to mine the mines near us. Also, we have a blacksmith up hear and don't worry, the smoke doesn't get past because the trees up above it are the thickest. That and some of the city is built, mostly houses. We have just started making the mines and farming facilities on the ground. We have also constructed pulleys to pull up the resources that we harvest." She then looked at him to see if he had any comments.

Lurin looked back at her. "That is good to know. One thing though, how is our military? I mean if we are attacked and don't have enough man power to hold them back then..." Neru touched his shoulder, "Don't worry, so far we have about 50 armed and ready to battle Sarions."

“Good, I think for now we will be constant on construction then searching for others. Yet, I want some Sarions to travel out and look for the other possible races that live here.” Neru looked at him, “Shouldn’t we ask our god to make it more easier by just asking him where the others are?” He looked up to the sky, “No, we can’t always rely on him to help us. We don’t want him to think that we can’t do anything without his help. That would make us look weak. And he made us to be strong.”

She bowed to him, “Well then, I will now go and find some others who are willing to travel. Fair well for now.” And then she left, leaving him be.

02/08/2004 7:25 PM

0 AB, Day 38, Noon

Baylrac walked about the halls of the newly finished great temple to Skystrike in awe. He could hardly believe that the great work of art was really something his people had done themselves. Not only was the huge towering temple greater then anything Baylrac could think, and not only was it the most awesome temple to ever be face Ohm, but it was a city center, a hub to begin the great Knaag Civilization. Baylrac was greatly pleased.

Now, the Greatlaw King was on his way to a meeting of all Knaag. His Queen, Mujan had but called them all together a scares hour before, and it was time to inform his people of the greatness to come. Soon, Baylrac came to a staircase that fell to the ground level of the temple, before the two levels under Lake Yelslev. There he meet the his beautiful wife, Mujan, who had been waiting there for him. Baylrac smiled and embraced her as they came to the first step.

"Greetings my wife." Baylrac said, smiling.

"Greetings my great husband. Shall we go to the great hall and begin?" Mujan asked as they both sat down on the top step of the stairs, still holding each other.

"Not just yet. I think we should wait here a moment longer and enjoy each other’s company." Baylrac smiled, gently placing his lips upon those of his wife.

"This cannot be the best time for this, love. We don’t have any time for this..." Mujan said, giggling a bit as she drew back after a few moments.

"Not the best time? No time? Love, I am the king! Time goes as I say it does on this mountain, and only the Great Archon himself could say any different!" Baylrac laughed.

Mujan giggled, and this time kissed Baylrac a bit before speaking, "There, happy my love? Come, the others are waiting. We must go and tell them of your plans..."

With that, Mujan walked down the large staircase, and into the great hall of the huge temple's ground level area. Baylrac smiled, and began to walk down the case as well.

Meanwhile...in the Ohm Abyss.

"See now, I think that is where you are wrong. I don’t see them as mortals or inferior at all." Skystrike smiled, "My creatures are my children. I love them, as I might any of the other gods. I gave them the wisdom to be a great as me, and they know it. Weather they use it or not is their own design."

"In my book, we are on a pseudo equal plain..."

02/09/2004 11:12 AM

Doina Fillong was pleased to find a spot for the temple. It was a grand spot as well. She wished the temple located withing the water and had ideas for the river and lake to be a major part to it. She knew that it would take great arciturural skill to design such a grand place but was begining to wonder where the Jade may be located at. She prayed at the spot to Greylen for an answer to the posability.

My child. I see you are quite desprate to forg this building. Why do you wish to have it constructed so fast?

Greylen laughed a bit and waited for Doina's reply.

Doina Fillong
I wish to kow where this material called jade is. I wish to know so we can begin construction as soon as posable

Silly child. Take this time in which your Empress has sent out the scouts to design this grand Temple. I know you will be able to design a great building and I know I will be pleased. But you must think about it first.

Greylen laughed a bit and left with a gust of wind that parted the small lakes water in which Doina knelt and prayed at. Many of the people looks at Doina in awe wondering what had just happened but Doina just held her same posture she made while praying. Though she was not praying but she was thinking. He inmagination grew rampent as she had so many ideas that not only benifitted herself the Temple's beauty but also would be able to be used as a defensive structure. She wondered if it would be wise to brood over the idea of a offensive structure as well.

Doina still remained pleased with her surroundings. The beauty of the lake only help to spawn such ideas. The stream nearby eased her soul and relaxed her body and the calm glow that peered over the cannopy that the trees had form gave her warmth.

Doina sat and designed. Not ready to put the plans to paper she ordered her party to set up camp for the night.

02/09/2004 8:48 PM

The Aki scout stood in awe at the creature speaking to him. Although he couldn't understand what the other creature was saying to him, it seemed hostile. Thinking quickly on his feet, the Aki pointed to his eye, then his head, then extended his hand. A meager peace offering if the other could understand it.

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02/10/2004 12:48 PM

Ayen balanced himself half in the ground and half out, squinting in the light of the sun(s?) of Ohm. He tried to make out the symbol that the creature in front of him was trying to say. THe confused Raeun repeated the gesure, then stumbled all the way out of the ground, swaying slightly on his long legs. He held a large six-fingered hand back to the creature, narrowing already tiny eyes, although he knew that his Lady had ordered peace.


02/10/2004 2:25 PM

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02/17/2004 6:20 AM

Ryack moved along the floodplains slowly, motioning to the other Knaag moving carefuly through the marsh that it was safe to continue. Ryack did his best to keep as low to the musty ground as possible as he moved, knowing that stealth was very important so that he and his team could move without impediment.

Ryack, 25th born of the Knaag was leading a scout team outside of the mountian range. Lord Baylrac had ordered that he investigate the outlands to the east of the great moutain range of which sacred Yelslev was part, which Baylrac had named 'Skystrike's Iron Plate.' It had been only three days since the Greatlaw King had made this order, and Ryack was quick to move his team to the west which consisted of a mere four Knaag. They moved wityh great speed and stealth across the land, making their way to the coasts east from the mountain range. Though the area between 'Skystrike's Iron Plate' mountain range and the eastern coast of the land as far as the Knaag knew was a meare thirty miles in width, the strip was over 400 miles in length, so Ryack and his team still had much work to do.

Ryack and his team had first caught a glimps of the great oceans of the eastern coast two days into the trip. The coast, at least for the northern part of the east was covered in dense marsh, which was actually good for Ryack and his team, as it was easier for the grey skinned Knaag to blend in that was, however it did slow down their movements.

Ryack and his team have been traveling for three days when afteer making camp for the night, Ryack noticed creatures nearby, unlike the beast of Ohm. Ryack put his team on guard as they hung low to the floor and listened to the group of creatures move about in the marsh.

This could be the first real life the Knaag had learned over other then their own and the beasts of Ohm...

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02/17/2004 8:36 PM

Another day had risen for Drovorak Windscape and his scouting group. They had awoken to find the game they wished to tame still grazing.
Drovorak Windscape had began to awaken the still sleeping millitia and began to conduct his plan by explaining the stratagy.
It seemed to have been a fullproof plan. One that would be hard to mess up seeing the Captian himself would do the brunt of the dangerous work.

Soon after the meeting Drovorak Windscape took perch under brush up upon a hill over looking the heard. He began his position of spotting the Alpha male of the group and to pick him out as the target.


Silva Windwise sat leaning her head against her hand boredly. She didn't wish to be in that posion anymore... she wanted to explore the land. Every minute that passed by her blood would burn hotter to move. She felt bound to her position as a boring leader that just conducts and orcastra of Crystian's.
Standing from her throne which got more glammerous by the day. Silva called out to one of her underlings. "Where's Drovorak Windscape?! I have another mission for him when he returns." The faithful servant answered calmly countering the hostility Silva was showning from the heated urge she was bearing upon herself. "He has not returned m-lady. Should I send out a messanger. Last we received word from him he said he was getting a vital resource. He never specified what that resource was." The servant bowed gracefully to Silva and his calm demeiner calmed her soul to speak in a more organized tone.
"Yes, send out a messanger. I need word from him as soon as posable on this advancement tward his "valuable" resource he is after. I hope he has found the jade. We need that temple built. I feel the Egg growing weaker... We dont wish the egg to wither away do you Slavak?"
Slavak bowed again to Silva's words. "No I do not m-lady." After saying his words he back tward the darkness and disapeared.
Silva sighed a lonesome sigh. "No peace. No peace for me is there. How long must I wait till I can satisfie my curious urge to move out past our lands?" Silva sat back down in her throne then threw her legs into a crossed position and layed her hands to rest upon her knees. "I dont know what to do... things are moving to smoothly for me... I have no idea why I crave chaos... but I do." Silva looked out a tiny window that the throne room was so littered with and out to the full moon that inhabited the sky. "I feel so lonely not knowing if there are other races out there."
A voice then came from behind the throne. It was a mysterious voice that Silva had not heard. She was sure she heard all the Crystian peoples voices as they came in for her counsel. "Many days that moon shines. Each night it seems that nothing is truely gained. The begining is always the loneliness m-lady." Silva turned sharply to see a figure with a black hood covering most of his face. A dark but comforting aura emitted from him and what she saw of his face prooved he was a Crystian.
"There are many things you do not think exsist in your kingdom I see m-lady. I am of the dark sages. We are your peoples outcasts." He paused momentarally "Well outcasts is a bit much. We seek to learn the many things that encompass this land. But most your people do not wish to know much more then what is in our own land." He looked out the window Silva had gazed out of earlier and his face illuminated. He was a handsome man but his skin was much paler then other Crystians. Almost as white as the twinkling stars high above the world. His eyes gazed with red enveloping them.
"Oh sorry m-lady. I am Ostra the dark sage. I am the towns librarian. I am the one that sorts through all information that gets put on paper. There is 4 others of us in all. All skilled intellectually and combativally. We do not wish any information to leak out of our great library's. We have convined this night and decided to send one of us with you when your blood can no longer tollerate that throne." Silva gazed at the still mysterious man. She was sure she never heard of him. But she did remember the construction of the Marble Library's that where scattered through her lands. She was surpised even more that he knew about her want to explore.
"What brings you here Ostra?!" she demanded. "Your intentions are too clear and you know more then your fair share. How did you know of my want?"
Ostra stared into the eyes of Silva. "I told you we where outcasts, Sages, barers of knowledge, managers of your great libraries." Ostra bowed gracefully infront of Silva as if to ask for forgiveness. "I am at your beck and call Empress. Lady to the Outcasts of the Crystia Empire." Ostra disapeared with a flash of flesh and cloth with what he had said. His speed was unusual even for the Crystian race. Even Silva's sharp eyes could hardly keep up with the movements. He prooved indeed to be a fearful enemy but a extrordanary ally and she was glad to have him on her side.
She called out almost quietly. "Drovorak Windscape "will" be here when this morning dawns, I know it, be ready then Ostra. I will require you then."

Back to Drovorak Windscape

Drovorak Windscape has spotted out the Alpha Male he had been seeking out. It seemed slow and sluggish this morning as if it hadn't rested for days. He took that as an advantage against these large creatures. Drovorak Windscape move stealthly from the bushes and to the millitia group below on the opposite side of the hill from the herd.
"We move to our positions now. Take stealth. Take caution. Keep your lives or I'll be sure to grant you a soul torment you would never expect even the abysmal darkness of death could never grant!" he muttered as his order.
This sparked some life in the still unenergized troops. They began to make their way through the shrubbery and bushes with stealth as a second nature to them. They disapeared from Drovorak Windscape's sight within seconds of the command. He waited a few moments before making his way up the hill. He took no caution this time so he did not waste his energy. His heart began to burn with the passion to kill. He was a blood thirsty man far unlike the other Crystians that only wished peace and balance. He picked up his speed and brought his spear from it's upright position. "I will take you out my friend. Even if my life is the cost." Drovorak Windscape said determindly.
He began to sprint over the hill and down into the herd. As he ran the herd began to split and run outward away from the center where the Alpha Male stood. The ran to the surrounding hill sides where ropes where then thrown over them binding them to trees or the ground. Drovorak Windscape then began his final speed. It was a flash and then he was high in the air coming down upon the creature below him with his spear aimed straight for the creature. As he landed. The spear plumeted deep within the flesh of the creature and a blood curdling scream came from its throat. This scream had only fueled Drovorak's blood hunger and he braced himself to drive the spear deeper. The creature then began to kick and toss about trying to get him off to free its self from the pain that was brought from the Crystian's spear. Drovorak droped down, his legs cradeling the beasts neck and he unsheathed his dagger and began to plumet it into the creatures side over and over.
Suddenly everthign went upside down for Drovorak as the creature rolled over him. Nearly crushing Drovorak's frame. The spear Drovorak had peirced the beast earlier with broke off and drove deeper within it's hide where it then twitched as it rolled off Drovorak and fell limp.
Drovorak's vision began to blur as he tried to stand on his feet. His endurance was met as he was delt the damage he was. He had become short of breath and dizzy. He stumbled to the corpse of the beast and gave the creatures their name. "Thenderholves. You where too weak. Now you are ours. Lay there and rot." Drovorak then fell to his knees and planted his face against one of the Thenderholves open wounds and smeared its blood upon his face. "I won." He proclaimed quietly then passed out laying triumpetly upon the Thenderholves exhausted and in pain.

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0 AB, Day 36, 8 AM

[Skystrike, The Iron Scale to Benn-Salian, The Burning Star:]
"See now, I think that is where you are wrong. I don’t see them as mortals or inferior at all." Skystrike smiled, "My creatures are my children. I love them, as I might any of the other gods. I gave them the wisdom to be a great as me, and they know it. Weather they use it or not is their own design."

"In my book, we are on a pseudo equal plain..."

Benn-Salian, The Burning Star to Skystrike, The Iron Scale:
Skystrike, Hellforge of Old, knowledge does not equal greatness. Especially such greatness of the likes enjoyed by us gods. It is the ability to completely comprehend that knowledge and the ability to put it to use.

These mortals must also know their limitations. That is the only knowledge that will benefit them. Ohm will not meet the same quick end that Psuedo did. I will see to that myself. Alone if needed.

And with that, Benn-Salian took his leave of his astral brother.

[SW Akinian Plains]

Hinter DeJing watched as the strange being with white hair began to touch his eye and face. With this the fellow, who Hinter assumed was an Aki, offered little else as far as a greeting. Hinter didn’t wait much longer for one either. “Alright boy, have yourself a care and tell us what you’re up to and the agenda of your bretheren in the area.”

The Aki stared at the short commander of the brigade with enthusiastic interest, not appearing to understand much but waiting patiently nonetheless. “Do you at least acknowledge Benn-Salian’s power in this world and region?” Hinter demanded of the Aki.

Hinter became upset and distraught at the Aki’s lack of response this time around and called for two of his men, Cojure and Tunalt, to apprehend the Aki and take him back to a camp ground that was to be set up within the hour.


Archus Beget walked the main chamber of the Hall of Benn-Salian. His footsteps echoed throught the length of the building. They were quite loud because they were the only noise inside the building made of white granite and rose colored quartz. He had not heard from his god, Benn-Salian, yet today. The gods had seemed absent for a time and he did not feel secure without their presence. The caprican known as The First, kneeled in the direction of what his people called The First Star, and others referred to the sun, and repeated his morning prayer to Benn-Salian. He was hoping that the problem was merely that he hadn’t been loud enough earlier.

12/20/2004 12:41 PM

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Insano: Man, the American Democratic process is retarded.
Benn-Salian: It's a work in progress, except without the progress.

Oh Billy-Bob, will you ever learn?

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A strange looking mist coalesced on top of a tree, screaming with effort and pain as it formed into a black skinned man who radiated death and pestilence. A black cloud floated off his skin and drifted to the ground

My creatures of the dark, bring your evil to this new home and destroy all who oppose you.

The tall humanoid figure born from the mist was mostly claws teeth and blades. Its skin was a mottled brownish red and its eyes were a soulless black. It smeared its make shift hand across a tree, creating a strange substance which rappidly replaced the tree and produced more of the creatures. Each grew the same, becoming a spindly work of muscle designed for one thing and one thing only. Other such creatures, suited for other

Go my race. For you are the superior race, the only race. You are The Race. Your enemies shall tremble before you as you overcome your weaknesses aginst them and adapt to their ways. their homes shall be captured and replaced by your spoor and the survivors of you terrible rage shall merge with you and share their intellect and knowledge as you bond with their brains and brawn alike. You shall sweep across this place like the plague you were made by. Go Forth, your being is one, your parts many. Your purpose, sole domination of life itself.

The creatures began spreding the spoor of their being across the land, spreading their monstrous form over the land and warring with the other races.


The spawn of my pestilence is loosed. I pitty any who survive long enough to see the full potential of the race.

The Race soon spread to all aspects of Ohm near the site of their creation, burrowing into the ground, taking to the air, and spreading the growth they were formed from into the earth. Any construct the biogrowth encountered, it replaced with its own equivalent.

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12/25/2004 10:02 PM

0 AB, Day 36, Noon


Archus Beget had been praying for the better part of the day. He prayed, mostly, because he knew not else what to do. He almost decided to declare his session fruitless when he was finally visited by his patron god, Benn-Salian.

Archus Beget. I have heard your prayers for direction and I have come to you with aid. First, I want you to expand Quintagaia beyond this hall and the farmhouses to the west of it. I believe you need to erect more buildings of learning. I want to see libraries and schools of both study and defense. These should line streets designed like a grid with a large circle drive in the center, that being this hall, of course.

The first Caprican was quick to acknowledge his god's command with a bow of his head. He had even began to develope a plan to have such things done already. Archus raised his head before he responded, "and so it shall be done, in your name, amen."

Indeed, it shall. I also require you to put one of your brigaders on notice. A man named Gabriel Jhadon. Tell him that he will be called upon soon to defend his homeland. There are minor disturbances in Ohm that I'd rather see dealt with sooner than later. Ask that he take some classes in biology if he hasn't already.

Archus raised an inquiring eyebrw. "Does this concern the Aki?" he asked, "because I did send Hinter DeJing as you requested prior. They were sent several weeks ago."

No. that is not the concern in which I speak. There is a new threat as well. This new foe is somewhat disrespectful of how we gods handle thing here on Ohm. I will need you to inform this Gabriel Jhadon that he will be my messenger, and the message shalln't be mercy.

[Quintagaia, Jhadon household]

Gabriel was oblivious to fact that the god and the leader of his people were mentioning his name in the Halls of Benn-Salian. He lived by himself and took care of his own small farm. He volunteered for The Brigade occasionally whenever he had the time. Gabriel was a self taught man who regularly spent his nights in either thought or prayer.

At this percise moment he had sat down to late lunch after a long morning of plowing in the field. He reached across the table for the salt shaker and in the effort knocked over his entire plate of food. After a few moments of staring at his wasted meal, his eyes glazed over in rage and he slammed his oversized fists into his wooden table. The glaze over Gabriel's eyes dissipated with the thud, as if the noise itself had muted the Caprican's anger, he then calmly stood up and cleared the floor and went back into the kitchen to give lunch a second chance.

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out of character:

Some people may actually come back to pick up a race - just like you SoaringEagle. Understandablly - some may not. Races were abandoned in the Psuedo, we always tie-up loose ends after we give the former god time to recover. So no worries about that. Glad to see you back.

More importantly, evidently, i want to leave a message for Chung. Are we able to get an OCC thread attached to this? I know that this thread originated prior to that renevation, but now I'm kind of partial to the idea. This is one of those threads that I fear would have lots of OCCs and they clutter the story. So, if you could, I'd appreiciate it. Thanks.

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The race encountered a small tunnel, no bigger then a small crack, in the earth it was leeching into and suddenly the biogrowth spread into this gap. The biogrowth suddenly shifted, turning into a more elastic jelly like substance that immediately reformed when disturbed. Out of it came small balls with four legs that could move like the wind itself. These creatures soon learned the nature of the Raeuth and the spread of ther underground empire. The races collective mind determined that, once underground, they would be able to strike anywhere and melt into the labyrinths of the earth.

Black Plague
Go my children, consume the Raeuth and bend Ohm to your will.

Driven by their creator, the race spread into the crack and soon encountered a tunnel. Again the biogrowth began to elastisize and gell into a doorway. this doorway filled the entire left side of about ten feet of tunnel. The door finished its formation and out of it came the armies of the race, massive hulking monsters, built to hammer and destroy and thing into oblivion and dust. Followed by the race's firstborn warriors. The armies of the race wasted no time, advancing on the Raeuth from far back in deserted tunnels, spreading biogrowth as they went and converting over a hundred feet of tunnel into their own home before encountering the Raeuth themselves. The first two encountered, did not last long.

12/27/2004 2:00 PM

The Raeuth were not accustomed to being attacked, disturbed, or otherwise interfered with. Nor were they accustomed to the lighting-quick snapping of the loss of one Raeuth to the collective mind. Tapping filled the halls; confusion echoed through walls and stone and temples that had been built.

What is it! What has happened?! What is going on! PoD., help us! Their clicking became unison begging to their goddess.


What is you wish, my creatures?! What drives you to beg me for anything! You should know that.....What is that! What dares threaten my creation!? Go to the temples, my children! Run, quickly now!

Driven by their goddess' voice, they swarmed. WIthin the upper layers of the temples were weapons, claws and blades and so many things the Raeuth didn't need to dig. But they needed them now, needed them to defend. Defend. This was something new, something they had never done before.

They equipped themselves. Equipped. A concept that was still being learned. Meanwhile, PoD made her own moves in the hells.


I seek the God of the creatures that threaten my children! What buisness have you fighting my Raeuth?! Do you think yourself superior to all others? Do you think yourself so perfect as to be able to simply INVADE where you see fit! Move your creatures out of my childrens' realm before I do it mySELF!

12/27/2004 5:41 PM

The race continued to hound the raeuth as they fled to the temple but were quickly left behind. These tunnels did not suit them well. They killed all they could save for one. this one they dragged back to their home to be merged.

Black plague stood above ohm, watching through the ground. He saw PoD searching for him and snickered. shed never understand the magnitude of his idea.

Black Plague

I see youve heard. Please dont take it personaly, this goes beyond me disliking you or your creation. You see, the Raeuth have a certain aspect to them that the race needs to become perfect. Not purity of form, or purity of escence. Ive already cornered purity of escence. But their home offers the perfect position to strike at the ones i need. These creatures have purity of form. When the race merges with these, They will be perfect. As we speak, The Race is adapting to your creatures form, to their ways. soon, they will be flushed from their own home by forces they cannot see and creatures they cannot harm. That is the beaty of my creatures. They change to fit their environment with alarming pace. So you see, its not your creatures or you im after. It perfection. And as for you allowing the Race to travel your tunnels, which i doubt youll let them, The Race would consume the Raeuth completely. I might let your chosen one live.

And as he finished, the new horror of the race entered the tunnels. These creatures were thinner, yet stronger than before. They had pads on their feet that allowed them to simultaneously hang off walls and avoid being sensed by the Raeuth's unique sense of tremor. They also had aquired this trait, allowing them to hunt the Raeuth in greater earnest. Yet they still sustained the fundamentals of the Race. They could see heat and were still built to shred their opponents. And in the midst of these new hunters, a creature emerged. It's head, voice and personality were Raeuth, but its body was definitly spawned from the larger creatures in the primary assault on the Raeuth. It led the swarms to the temple, its own weapons honed by biology and cytokinisis rather than tooth and nail. The swarm stopped at the front the Raeuth had created.

The Race: Raeuth Elite

"I wish to talk to your leader. Bring him too me, and this conflict can be spared. Refuse, and [we][The Race] will exterminate every single Raeuth in the ground or above it."

As it spoke of The Race's armies, the word we and the race seemed to float from its mouth at the same instant.

12/27/2004 9:05 PM

It had been awhile now and the Sarions were doing fine. They had the temple built, all of the houses built, almost everything that they had planned to accomplished, had been. They were now planning on sending out Sarions to find the other races and form alliances. The Sarions also planned to build up an army of battle-ready Sarions. Then there came a bright light that shined throughout the forest and all of the Sarions bowed, for it was their god Eagle.


Greetings my children, I see you have progressed quickly without my help. I am proud of your accomplishments but, I must tell you to build libraries, places for the young Sarions to learn, and schools for the study of defense.

The Sarions acknowledged this but, Lurin had to speak up. “For what reason must we do this, oh great god.”


You must do this because a new threat has arisen. This new god is disrespectful of our ways and needs to be taught a lesson, thoroughly. Now, you must teach 10 Sarions of your choosing to learn biology.

Neru stood up after this and said, “My lord, I would be willing to be the leader of the ones chosen to learn biology. If its okay with you.” She then bowed again and stayed there.


Very well Neru the second. Now once I have left Neru, please pick the other 9 that you wish to learn with you. You will also need allies for this battle, to the east in the forest and plains the Capricans roam. Send diplomats of peace to them and hurry. Eagle then looked up into the heavens. I must depart my children, the new foe seems to be trying to take over the Raeuth who live underground. Their god seems to be pleased, while PoD is not. And I am not pleased as well.

Eagle then disappeared with the blinding light. And the Sarions began to do what was needed to be done.

Eagle then appeared next to the new god, Black Plague.


Oh you think so do you? Well, you have another thing coming. PoD could defeat you by herself but, I feel it necessary to help. Now there are many other places currently vacant on Ohm that your creatures could occupy. Why not place them there and avoid conflict? I INSIST IT.

12/27/2004 9:58 PM

The Races Nest: Edge of Raeuth canyon.

The nest was being plated by stone, drawn from the bottom of the canyon by biogrowth. The doors on the outside were closing. They had no need even though there was no security risk. Only The Race could use them. The interior was a buzz with energy. Already the Raeuth were cornered in their temple. The Sarions had a supreme disadvantage being housed in the trees. Scouts with wings shot out of recessed cracks in the stone, heading for the different civilizations of Ohm.

Raeuth Nest:

Two brutes advanced through the tunnel, standing beside the elite form adressing the stone dwellers. The biogrowth had leeched into the ground above the temple, preparing to collapse the structure. It was entirely capsulated by the growth, with no doors or any way through. save the exiting tunnels which were blocked by the race.

Above the Raeuth's nest:

Black Plague*with his back to Eagle*

"Go fly a kite Eagle. This doesnt concern you, yet. Besides, this isnt helping you or the Raeuth. I have them cornered and once The Raeuth are removed, I can sink that little forest you call home into the ground."

Plague turned to Eagle.

"And if any of your biologists get close to the race, I will personally peel the flesh from their bones."

He said this with utter confidence, biologists wouldnt help the sarions or any for that matter for long.

Now to buisness, thought black plague, projecting his mind to Airiana


"No doubt by now youve heard tales of my minor exploits in my corner of Ohm. Do remeber, once i have conquered the Raeuth and Sarions, why we'll be next door neighbors. And I truly dont like the dessert, its sooo, dry. There for, I think we can work out a win win deal between us no? Heres how i see it. Your people are well suited for harsh environments and seem to be very combat inclined, my people are used to all climats and are extremely combat inclined, so we can defend all of Ohm between us easily. As well, The Race can be shifted to provide food surplus for your conditions and also they can put out water. Now if you aid me in the fight against those who call themselves the Sarions and allow me access to the dessert for various things i may need, I will feed your people and help defend your borders. Contact me at my nest. You will know it when you see it."

Black plague returned to his avatar, blinking with the slight dissorientation from astral projection. Now the crystians he thought

Plague to Greylen.

"Contract me at my nest, we need to talk."
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Mess with the squirrel and die

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12/27/2004 11:23 PM

I see that the extreamists still exsist with no cracks spared in the greatness of all the worlds.
Greylen shown little effort to even look toward the new god let alone look for him. Greylen stood upon the clouds that floated above his beloved Crystians.

I fear that my childern may need to finish what they're doing quickly and resume on other projects to ensure their defense."

Greylen was stricken in his thoughts as he stared at the growing race. He knew that knowledge and speed would be the Crystians advantages with the ever growing presence of evil coming to the land of Ohm. Greylen did not want to take dirrect action. Any more so then the egg he had gifted his people. He was begining to wonder if his people where able to build the temple fast enought to incubate the egg so it may hatch one day. He had pride for the Egg more then the people, he was happy for his gift but he hoped that the darkness would not wipe the world cleanly for all that is dark or light.

*Meanwhile at the Castle of Silva Windwise*

She sat in her throne, her back was noblely arced back as she took on orders given to her by the people while placing her judgement on their concepts or problems. Drovorak Windwise had not returned and this was weighing heavilly on Silva's mind seeing she sent out scouts only a day or two ago. She was begining to lose time being unable to remember when she sent out word to Drovorak.

A man came barging in and quickly kneeled in front of Silva's throne. "Drovorak has been sighted just outside the walls M'Lady. What shall your loyal people do?" Silva's went limp in relaxation letting her narrow back slide easally down the back of her now metal throne, alllowing the cool feeling encompass her now exhausted body. She began to laugh softly and replied. "Simple, welcome them with open arms. They have been out a while and need the comfort of our people. Besides that, I feel the stresses of the future burdening their shoulders in a time to come. They need to rest but have them bring their "valuable" resource to the stock pits in the norther sector of the village. Also take workers from the Marble mines and put them up on the building of the wall which will seperate us into this cliff shrouded grove." She paused knowing her order was growing to large and thought it best to wait till Drovorak came in with his report before she sent him off again for the ever needed jade. She was begining to feel that if she didn't get it soon, that the world outside may get a little to advernturesome for her people in the matters of blood. "But why blood" she asked herself.

"Blood your majesty?" Her servant hadn't left with his orders yet and over heard her and from the look she saw in his face she knew of his worry. "Dont need to worry. I just have a interesting feeling enveloping my body right now." Silva replied and waved him away from her throne. "Dont have Drovorak come to me today. Make it tomarrow night. I have matters that I must attend to in my chamber." She pulled muffler of a cloack tighter around her shoulders and shuddered a shiver off the base of her legs then took her steps onward to her bed chamber. She knew that she needed rest and now was as good a chance as it could have gotten.

Within her room stood Greylen. He was wearing a sku blue robe with red embroidery and trimming.

You better hurry your construction. I think you should take on the arts of chemistry and biology. But dont think what you're already doing is not extrordinary I just feel that you need a defense verse the sicknesses to come and ways to fend off other races. I say that a goo thing to study would be the mushrooms.

Silva looked at the hands of her god Greylen and saw the blooming shroom that he spun between the fingers of his left hand. His right was held firmly behind his back as he stood sternly infront of the window.

I will have the avalable sages of my many libraries work on your mushrooms as you please
Greylen laughed in a soft way that acknowledged his fatherliness. A laugh that any child would know that they where looked down on. She felt put off for that reason but she knew she had to obey her creator. Though the thought of studying a simple life form as a mushroom didn't seem to carry many aspects in her knowledge of the world.

Greylen just looked breifly over his shoulder at Silva's eyes.

I think that you could use that knowledge for several things, foods, poisons, cures, and even eventually come up with a universal way to elementate of all funguses so that you dont have to worry about becoming sick...." his pause brought a sort of concern to the mind of Silva "Or even having to fend of posible creatures with the attributes of mear fungus's." He looked at Silva still and placed his body to parrallel to her own. She was begining to see that there wasnt much she could do and she needed to find of a way to deal with what ever inhabbited the thoughts of her creator.
Just focus on your defensive capabilities for a while. Also your knowledge collection, I cant teach you anything more really. Greylen smiled and with a gust of wind and a flash of Silva's drapes Greylen was gone.

*Drovorak Windscape*
Drovorak was lain across the backs of one of the Thenderholves, he was incapacitated since the fight with the Alpha Male of the group, though the Thenderholves where easy to domesticate without the Alpha leader it seemed seeing that him and his scouting militia where able to ride such large beasts back to the outskirts of his village.
The militia was close to the outside wall, the wall it self was large and spanded from one opening of the grove to the other, from the looks of the wood and marble wall it seemed as though it was nearly complete and within a few days they would probably cristine it as a completed progress. Though he was to tired to care and quickly fell deeply back to sleep, in his sleep he heard of his name spoken to his men close by and orders that where given but he cared little and remained asleep.

(OOC) It seemed as though enough people finally posted though I would have to say that the progress made was to quickly for any growing world. I also have to say that you should leave the movements of my people to myself and only deal with your own unless I am either dropped out or I've given premission to do so. Just a prewarn so no one takes them out of their context there hasn't been enough posts to even say what race is capable of what yet.(OOC)

12/28/2004 10:32 AM

0 AB, Day 38, 4 PM


Archus Beget stood behind the white granite walls of the Hall of Benn-Salian. The sun was laying low on the horizon and it made the light that flowed through the rose-colored quartz all the more pink in hue. In front of him was the whole population of Quintagaia who were listening to his every word. "I have held council with Gabriel Jhadon and he has told me that the best way to protect our city in his absense is to lay down salt around and throught the city," Archus announced.

A voice emerged from the crowd, "and what benefit will that produce for us? We're not supersticious folks around these parts - no piece of mind will come of that."

"I do not speak in the ways of good luck charms nor do I speak of the way of witches. Gabriel has been given the divine knowledge of Benn-Salian of this viotale pretender of race. He has deduced through the ways of biology and alchemy that the best way to fight this enemy is through chemical reaction. Judge by their characteristics, Gabriel says that these creatures share common characteristics to mushrooms and gastropods that salt tends to dry out and reacts to create hydrochloric acid that will also aid in the defense of Quintagaia."

There was little in the way of arguement from the crowd. Archus was well respected and his faith in Gabriel Jhadon was generally accepted. The population of Capricans that lived in Quintagaia spent the few remaining moents of sunlight spreading salt around their fair city. from every outreaching border and more importantly in each of the cracks that exist in the earth of Ohm.

[West of Quintagaia]

Gabriel Jhadon had left his homeland earlier that morning by his god, Benn-Salian's, command. He was commanded to take off west in search of any signs of the Race Pretender that had recently been unleashed on the Raeuth. Benn-Salian had chosen gabriel himself, and the young caprican was determined to fulfil this mission in the name of his god. He had to seek out and nulify the actions of this renegade god, Black_Plauge.

Benn-Salian, the Burning Star, to Black_Plauge, Renegade God:
I should warn you to be careful. your actions on Ohm have not gone unnoticed. It wouldn't be prudent to allow you to destrot what so many have come to build. As one of the three elder gods (ooc: and don't forget DM) I will do all in my power to stop you. Don't forget it is within my power to directly intervene. I only need to permission of the other elder gods, Insano, Lord of Night, and Skystrike, The Iron Scale. Be advised, young god. There are other intersts to be concerned with.

12/28/2004 12:17 PM

(OOC: I'm just playing the super menace so if anyones holding that against me, poke your nose into my greeting thread. You might be surprised how nice i am once im finished the roleplaying thing.)

Black Plague, Renegade God (OOC: I like that.) to Benn-Salian.

This world needs evil, and evil fights itself and others. Remember that Highgod.

Black Plague then turned to The Race.

Black Plague, Renegade God

The others are developing weapons that are effective against you, involving salts and other biological warfares. Its time to adapt further. Go beyond pysical defense and control you very genetic makeup. Make it so if a toxin is used against you, it wont work as well again.

Black plague smiled. The other gods didnt know what his creation really was. Viruses did not give much of a shot for salt, but then again, it didnt harm them. And with his warning in mind The Race would forever adapt to chemical and biological warfare. As he watched, a plague carrier was formed from the growth. it was escorted by two brutes and a small squad of cutters. They exited the nest and moved towards the Sarion forest, converting plants and trees until they reached the borders. There, the plagu carrier rested its hand on a tree, converting a small portion of it into The Race's nest and transmiting a lethal infection into it. This infection would spread through the trees and those that inhabited them, slowly rotting them from the inside. Then the squad entered the tree that had been converted and using a strange biological point of some sort, returned to the main nest. The expansion was amred by a small garison of cutters, but besides that it was left defenseless. The Race didnt need it.

Black Plague, Renegade God to Eagle.

I alone can cure that plague. It is born of my escence and will only become stronger when touched by any but my hand. Make a deal and I might just remove the affliction.

Black plague returned his attention to The Raeuth nest, grinning at what he saw.

12/28/2004 5:52 PM

((OOC: um, Black Plague, by any means, are your species derived from the Zerg, in Starcraft? I'm noticing the amazing similiarities, and I"m not really happy about it, either.))

PoD growled. When a goddess growled, the hells shook, quakes rippled through all of Ohm, causing cracks in the very planet itself. She watched her Raeuth, and again spoke.

PoD to Black Plague, Renegade God

You leave me no choice, fool. I have seen Pseudo. I have seen what species can do and cannot do. I have survived, and you come here to survive and bring your...your lumps of nothing but flesh!? What sort of idiocy could a god like yourself have?! You will not last long on Ohm, fool. Even I understand the balances races hold.....and even if you take the Raeuth, I remain. And if you take the Raeuth, do not think the other gods and goddesses high above us will not notice this. Even if you defeat me, you pathetic attempt at a god, you will never defeat ALL.

PoD looked down at her Raeuth.


Norun watched the thing in front of him. His Goddess abjected strongly to it, but he didn't know how to defeat it. What was it, anyway? It was some sort of...black...pulsating..thing.

PoD to Norun

Talk to them, Norun. Buy time. Do not let yourself be defeated. Die with honor, in battle, in my name.

"Whaaaaat ahre shoo?" He slurred, mouthparts not meant for talking as he looked at the thing.

Meanwhile, the Raeuth other then then Norun rushed towards the two towering underground spires, crawling over and under and around one another to reach the top spire, where their goddess touched each and every one of them.

12/28/2004 6:06 PM

(OOC: While i do play starcraft with the zerg, they are based of something that waddled into my head one day. and the only way it would work was if they were biological. and i heard my friend going on about purity of form and escence so that sounded cool. If thats off starcraft, i dont really play the missions much so.)

Black Plague, Renegade God to PoD

Races quarrel all the time. I just encountered yours first.

Raeuth nest

The Race Elite: Raeuth avatar.

The raeuth/race stood to its full height. Its Raeuth head grazed the ceiling but its Race body (whichj had a deffinite humanoid shape) seemed to grow thinner as it did.

"I am the elite. I have merged with your Raeuth brother and his knowledge and personality is mine. now please, either allow us to merge with you all, or we will have war."

The two brutes cracked their knuckles at this, roaring loud enough to shake the cavern.

Black Plague reached out to the race, lending them his strength.

12/28/2004 6:12 PM

OOC: Black_Plague, I'm sure you're a nice person - that's not the issue. What is, however, is an issue of roleplay. Because of the limits of forum rp, we need to keep a fair playing field. I'm sure you agree. Your race, whose lack of name delivers an annoyance of semantics, is unfairly advantagious when any way to combat it is quickly contered in unrealistic ways. It's similar to two children who are fighting with action figures and one child decides that his action figure can now fly so he wins by default.

I'm not complaining that you've entered our roleplay, nor what your race is attempting to do - far from it, it can be used in other storyline as well - it's simply that this thread is not about who wins or loses, but to make an entertaining story of a fictious world created by us gods. Restrict your race in a way that is fair to everyone.

As well, please take note that this thread was once abandoned and has only recently been resurrected, that is why some races do not have their gods present. Such gods do not know that the thread was picked up. PoD, didn't know until I told her after you attacked her race. Also, It is not reasonable, and therefor not allowed, that you can engage, attack, and claim victory over an opponent in only two posts. Please take note to give other players adequate time. With that said, enjoy the expierement that is Ohm.

0 AB, Day 44, 8 PM

Gabriel Jhadon took out some of the raioned food that he brought with him on his trip as he sat around the fire he had built for the night. Benn-Salian had sent him to confront the Pretender Race. How he, one Caprican, could do anything against this foe to Ohm Gabriel did not know. He wondered why Benn-Salian had sent him, and him alone, to thwart the actions of a god. He only could put faith that Benn-Salian had forseen a way to help hi succeed.

Gabriel had been traveling for four days and he was closing in on the homeland of the Sarions. That's where Benn-Salian had asked him to travel. Gabriel thought he would have to travel to the land of the Raeuth because that's where much of the information that Benn-Salian past along to Gabriel was from. But the Caprican's patron god directed him to the lands protected by the god, SoaringEagle.

Gabriel did not know what to expect, not exactly, so he decided to be prepared for anything.

[SW Akinian Plains]

Hinter DeJing had been trying gather information from the tall Aki. There was little luck. He spoke so much that the only word any of the Brigaders could recognize was "octavious" because the word was used numerous times. Bijion, Hinter's nephew, had made attempts to teach the Aki the launguage that he understood.

Hinter had given up hope on this particular Aki. He took off several times with the rest of the Brigade of Quintigaia to spy on more of the Aki population. Bijion was the only one left behind with the apprehended Aki to further his attenps to teach the Aki the launguage so they they could comminicate.

12/28/2004 7:05 PM

((If you weren't a newcomer, you'd know that being teh evil one is MY job. But we'll let you off on that one. ^_~. And, as i have suddenly remembered, THey're the RaeuN. not RaeuTH.)

Norun eyed the creature in front of him. He could see the forms of his race in the creature, but wasn't sure how to handle it. He growled at it, not exactly sure what to do. He was told to stall by his goddess, told to buy time. But it didn't seem this...half-race..thing....would like to stall at all. It looked more like the things that ate other things on the surface. Altogether it didn't seem like something that would deal with other things.

"Owwr gawddesss thhnihksssss nawht." He hissed at it, standing completely still. Around him was abandonment; the rest of them had scrambled into the temples, leaving Norun alone in front of this...this.....this thing.

12/28/2004 8:44 PM

(ooc)Sadly... this site doesn't like asci art. :(

This was to signify to all the people their locations as based off the origanal map. I want to also point out more then not that PoD and Soaring Eagle are quite the distance away from each other, about 2 weeks trip if you dont have any problem with the marshes that is.(ooc)

www ====================gggggggtppp

t=tree "forest"
g=grass "just a filler"

1: Benn-Salian
2: SoaringEagle
3: Insano
4: Skystrike
5: Greylen_Judeth
6: PoD
7: Airiana

12/28/2004 10:31 PM

(OOC: Sorry, I'm new to this type of rollplay and i wasnt aware of the time frame in place. also i didnt see a map when i went over the thread so I will keep that in mind. Apologies to everyone, ill slow down the races assault pattern and remove the complete adaptation. However, they still adapt and make certain things less effective, not as much or as fast though, and with that. And hey, evil cant do it all alone. Evil needs a back up, however evil didnt know you were evil. sry. And ignore my advance on the Sarions. For now. *Evil eye*)

The Elite: Raeuth elite: (OOC: I have no idea how your creatures sound when they communicate so please just imagine it sounds like norun does.)

"I am the elite. I have merged with this Raeun you call Catar and as a result, aquired his knowledge and personality. I can do this with any creature, warping its body to fit my needs. The body before you is not suited for tunnel combat, however, on the surface it could overpower many. I am built of the Biogrowth that makes up all the Race and recieve its strengths. This Raeun did not run fast enough to evade us. Now, Your goddess seems to to have a certain trust in[us][you][me][the raeun] but your bretheren have deserted you and the entire army of the race is before you. With that said, I think I shall test your faith in your god ."

The Elite raised one of its arms and stopped, frozen, the entire race paused for a moment.

BLACK PLAGUE, Renegade God.

"Wait, these creatures, they.... PoD, what are the design of the Raeun. Why did you create them?"

The elite lowered its arm.

"Maybe not [brother][friend][norun] for my god has just ordered us to wait while he confers with yours. I may be an engine of destruction, but I can certainly understand this word you call diplomacy. You see, The Race have already moved into many of the tunnels you fled from, converting them into our [nest][home] and doing irreprable damage to the tunnels them selves. The biogrowth is slowly spreading down from your temple towards the roots. At the same time, its growing up towards it inside the city. We could greatly weaken the structure to a point where enough strain would cause the temple to collapse. But yet [my][our][the Race's] God wishes us to halt this conflict for now. I propose a mild truce for now. We will retreat to the nest, you remain in the upper levels of your city. If you decline however, you had better hope your god loves you. Please do not make me do this, there is a strange feeling here. I believe you call it..... Grief. This construct is reluctant to order your death, but it is driven by the Race itself and will not hesitate to, shall we say, squash you."

The elite again, raised a limb which had eveloped long claws and a blade on the wrist. The race behind it clicked their teeth and shifted, dangling from every surface. A strange ripple traveled across every warrior, and a wave of noise receded from the front of the army.

The Race: Tunnel Armies(as one)

[Why is Our God stalling? We can finish this by destroying their leader."

The entirety of the race thought this, including the elite, as the collective intelligence behind the beasts triggered a mass RNA relay within the nest. More warriors began to form from proteins extracted from the environment and those Raeun that had fallen to The Race. The scouts were not reporting, save for one. That one had survived the trip somehow. The race would prepare warriors for long travel. But first, they had pressing buisness closer to hand.

Sarrion Forest: The first scout arrived in the village, gliding over it and relaying all it saw to the nest. It landed in the midst of the village, crashing violently into a small structure and dropping to the ground. It hissed through over large teeth and quickly squeezed through a crack in the buildings wall, trying to avoid the light and any of the Sarions themselves.(OOC: The scout is really jast a ball of teeth with wings and eyes. So dont think this is an offensive move or anything.)

12/28/2004 10:31 PM

(OOC: Sorry, I'm new to this type of rollplay and i wasnt aware of the time frame in place. also i didnt see a map when i went over the thread so I will keep that in mind. Apologies to everyone, ill slow down the races assault pattern and remove the complete adaptation. However, they still adapt and make certain things less effective, not as much or as fast though, and with that. And hey, evil cant do it all alone. Evil needs a back up, however evil didnt know you were evil. sry. And ignore my advance on the Sarions. For now. *Evil eye*)

The Elite: Raeuth elite: (OOC: I have no idea how your creatures sound when they communicate so please just imagine it sounds like norun does.)

"I am the elite. I have merged with this Raeun you call Catar and as a result, aquired his knowledge and personality. I can do this with any creature, warping its body to fit my needs. The body before you is not suited for tunnel combat, however, on the surface it could overpower many. I am built of the Biogrowth that makes up all the Race and recieve its strengths. This Raeun did not run fast enough to evade us. Now, Your goddess seems to to have a certain trust in[us][you][me][the raeun] but your bretheren have deserted you and the entire army of the race is before you. With that said, I think I shall test your faith in your god ."

The Elite raised one of its arms and stopped, frozen, the entire race paused for a moment.

BLACK PLAGUE, Renegade God.

"Wait, these creatures, they.... PoD, what are the design of the Raeun. Why did you create them?"

The elite lowered its arm.

"Maybe not [brother][friend][norun] for my god has just ordered us to wait while he confers with yours. I may be an engine of destruction, but I can certainly understand this word you call diplomacy. You see, The Race have already moved into many of the tunnels you fled from, converting them into our [nest][home] and doing irreprable damage to the tunnels them selves. The biogrowth is slowly spreading down from your temple towards the roots. At the same time, its growing up towards it inside the city. We could greatly weaken the structure to a point where enough strain would cause the temple to collapse. But yet [my][our][the Race's] God wishes us to halt this conflict for now. I propose a mild truce for now. We will retreat to the nest, you remain in the upper levels of your city. If you decline however, you had better hope your god loves you. Please do not make me do this, there is a strange feeling here. I believe you call it..... Grief. This construct is reluctant to order your death, but it is driven by the Race itself and will not hesitate to, shall we say, squash you."

The elite again, raised a limb which had eveloped long claws and a blade on the wrist. The race behind it clicked their teeth and shifted, dangling from every surface. A strange ripple traveled across every warrior, and a wave of noise receded from the front of the army.

The Race: Tunnel Armies(as one)

[Why is Our God stalling? We can finish this by destroying their leader."

The entirety of the race thought this, including the elite, as the collective intelligence behind the beasts triggered a mass RNA relay within the nest. More warriors began to form from proteins extracted from the environment and those Raeun that had fallen to The Race. The scouts were not reporting, save for one. That one had survived the trip somehow. The race would prepare warriors for long travel. But first, they had pressing buisness closer to hand.

Sarrion Forest: The first scout arrived in the village, gliding over it and relaying all it saw to the nest. It landed in the midst of the village, crashing violently into a small structure and dropping to the ground. It hissed through over large teeth and quickly squeezed through a crack in the buildings wall, trying to avoid the light and any of the Sarions themselves.(OOC: The scout is really jast a ball of teeth with wings and eyes. So dont think this is an offensive move or anything.)

12/29/2004 12:50 AM

Eagle to Black_Plague

You will not bury the forest and you will not peel the flesh from my Sarions bones. I will not allow it. And seeing as how it would take my Sarions too long to reach the Raeun, the Sarions cannot help the Rauen at the moment. I will leave you now for I have matters to attend to.

Eagle then disappeared and traveled back to the Sarions. He appeared before them in his eagle avatar and spoke to them in their minds.


My children, a Caprican has arrived in our lands. Send out 10 Sarions to make sure he makes it back here safely for I feel he can help you stop the new threat. Now go my children. And continue your tasks at hand also.

As Eagle departed the 10 Sarion warriors took off to go and find the Caprican. Eagle then went back to the heavens to watch over his Sarions and to watch the Caprican.

12/29/2004 8:43 AM

PoD to Black Plague, Renegade God

You demand I give up my children, and now ask for their reasons for their creation? Does your idiocy know no bounds? Why in the name of the hells would I share information such as that with a god who knows nothing? Do you take me for someone as low as yourself, or perhaps someone forgiving? Do you forget who you speak to, Renegade? I am the goddes PoD, and I NEVER forgive someone who has done something so hideous like YOU.

What could almost be called a sneer curled one edge of Norun's mouth upwards. He eyed the thing in front of him and tapped out his message. This thing was apparently his brother, or part of it, and therefore, he should be able to speak the language of Tremorsense.

["You are part Catar? Then you are Norun's brother, why must you ask retreat? What be the half thing you are? Norun am not understanding. You be half Raeun, why you attack like you do so? You half Raeun, we half accept you into our tunnels. YOU stay in upper tunnels, becuase YOU be half Raeun. WE, be fully Raeun, stay in lower better tunnels. This make more sense to Norun. What does half thing say to Norun?"]


Ayru! You will travel from the great city of Garul de Dejar and make yourself known to the first race you meet! Is this clear?!

A Raeun looked up to where his goddess resided, the top of the spires. He was near it. He would heed her call. He was destined.

["I will do such, my goddess."]

And he began a long journey east....

12/29/2004 12:09 PM

Silva Windwise:

"I call for you Ostra of the dark sages. I have a task for you and the other dark sages." She called out and then waited. She dared not say such a thing so loudly again and wondered if there was some wait time for him to reply or if he was strategically placing his movements into her throne room.

Some hours later when the darkness was creaping into the windows from outside Silva could hear the faint patter of 2 pairs of feet. They where light sounds but without her servants around her keen ears could pick up on such a small noise.

"Ostra has come to aid you my majesty." It was not Ostra's voice but it had the same style of speach as his. She looked up and past the opened throne doors and saw two men in black drab and cloaks standing side by side, one bowing in reverence while the other stood tall, Ostra was of the two and he was the one with his back held straight in a noble fashion unwavering even to the empress herself. "He has heard you call and already knows of your want." Silva waved off Ostra's servants words and looked at Ostra himself. "What is it that you know I know? What is it that I want o wise sage?" Silva spoke as though her tounge was silver.

"You finally wise to take to the road. You have called me to be your guardian. I know this because you know it." Silva laughed at the words Ostra had just spoken and laid her replay siftly there after. "Ostra I can not leave this through till the Jade Temple is complete. What I need is for you and one other sage to take up on a simple quest. I need you to be the emmesaries for our people. As you know more of the lands outside our great and providing valley. I have selected you and your sage brethern to be my emmisaries."

Ostra smiled and took to leaning against the throne doorway. "I respect your wish, and I have to say that I jumped to my own conclusions. You won against my intelect with just a simple strategy." Ostra laughed softly holding his forehead in between his thumb and index fingers. "I shall be wise in my descretion my mistress. I will only serve you well as will my bretheren." He took a step forward awayfrom the wall and unveiled his face from beneath the hood he wore. He pulled it back slowly but only showing the side of his face till the hood was restil softly upon his shoulders where he turned his back to Silva and took a few strides past the door. "I beleive we can show our faces to our people again now that we will be doing something great for them. I cant gaureentee anything though.

Greylen Judeth
I bid a word with you Ostra Greylen spoke to the leaving sage and his associate. I will give you one task of my own, more of a selection for you. Ostra took a step away from the god and toward the door. "You're only to easy to anticipate, You made your people in a likeness simular to your own?" Ostra spoke wisely as he thought a sage should. "Where do you wish me god?" "I wish you to head to the east where there across the marshes lays woodlands much like your own, in those shrouded trees live a race, I beleive you will find something of interest within the minds of those people." Greylen turn his back on the sages. "I recemend taking with you weapons that suit your speed, There is a ever present evil in this world now, outside these walls lingers more creatures carying more dangerous abilities, I have faith in your speed and ability with your weapons Ostra, You sages are probably the only few besides the Militia of Drovorak that are capable of fighting for my children, you have my hand and I will not let you lifes go to waste without a fight of my own." Greylen then took toward the nearest window and waited patiently for the two sages to leave the building before leaving on his own.

The sages made arrangements with their fellow bretheren and departed with all the nessesary rations and weapons needed for their journy. They knew that they'd have to cross the marshes in the morning so they took their time on their long walk.

Drovorak Windscape:

Drovorak woke up with headache that pulsed within his cranium. He awoke in a fur bed made from many small game and what seemed to be larger hides of animals he hadn't encountered yet. He smiled for he knew that his people where growing into this new world and he was pleased that they where making themselves accustomed with the many resources their land had to offer.

He suddenly remembered that he had to report to Silva, as he rolled over he found that the day was nearly upon the entire village and he was disgraced in feeling for he had not reported sooner. He shot up and back his boots and over to where his clothes where laidened over and around a chair. Quickly he put them on not knowing of the orders Silva had given him about not report today anyways. He wa sin a hurry none the less and once his boots slipped firmly onto his feet he shot out the door not even daring to grab his over coat and ran up into the castle's throne room, Silva laid back in her chair lazilly and she had a unique look of boredom on her face. Upon seeing Drovorak Silva shot up to attention and smiled a smile that beamed a heart beat within Drovoraks chest. "I have come to report" He stood upright and attentive while he spoke. Silva just smiled and waived the words away. "No need to report, I already gather information this morning from your Militia members. What I need you for now is to actully find the jade needed for the Jade Temple." Silva smiled as if she was gifted something by saying that. "Also from what the sages tell me I have heard that within this very valley further to the south where not so many of our kind has inhabited, there was a sighting of a large jade made cliff wall, I have been informed that it even may be enough for a good sized temple but I'll leave the descreation up to you if you want to even dare take down one of our natural walls that will and may give up protection into our future." Silva stopped her speach and waited intently for a reply bu Drovorak only stood momentarally in silence. "You want me to make that decision? I say it's a deal meant to be done, I beleive the jade temple and the egg will offer much more then just something small like your Thenderholves." Drovorak looked shocked before he spoke up. "Those Thenderholve will be important in our civilization, I know this because I put my blood and body to the line with them, their power will assist us in the mining of this rock called "Jade" Drovorak turned away from the Empress feeling as though she had just insulted him and left the room to gather the rest of the avalable militia to assist him in the first shipment of jade.

That night Drovorak and his militia found the towering cliffside in which large jade boulders laid littered at the base of. Drovorak looked at who he had and assembled a round the clock schedual for the mining operation till they where able to provide the first shipment of jade with the help of the Thenderholves that Drovorak had captured earlier.

12/30/2004 10:09 AM

0 AB, Day 45, 8 AM

Benn-Salian, the Burning Star, to Gabriel Jhadon:
Gabriel, I hope that you remember that I told you that a majority of activity was occuring in the Raeun city of Garul de Dejar. I tell you this because it appears as if the infiltration into the Sarion nation will be on hold for a while - but your true test will take you to the other side of Ohm. The Pretender Race must be reminded of their place. Go now to the lands of the Raeun.

The night prior, Gabreal had thought his traveling would come to an end in a few days time. Now he had at least another week ahead of him. Somehow Gabriel felt that he should have known he would have needed to go to the land influenced by PoD, The Abandoner.

Before he could ponder that anymore, a small group of Sarions came upon the camp of Gabriel. The attention was not exactly welcomed by the Caprican. He held his hand in front of him requesting the Sarions to hold their ground. "I am Gabriel Jhadon of Quintagaia," the Caprican explained, "I have been sent here by He, who is Benn-Salian, and He was also decided to send me to Garul de Dejar so I shall depart from your land soon. I only ask that you give me enough to time to gather my things and I will vacate your homeland."

12/30/2004 11:04 AM

Insano, Lord of Night to the Panthelon of Gods

My collegues of all allignments, Good, Neutral and Evil. It seems as though our new creation of Ohm has fallen under seige from some sort of new Chaotic Race. We shall have to see how this flea fares against Insano, the Prime Evil! Yet, my resources have not yet fallen into the place where I need them. I must attend to other Realms before I can make my return. I shall communicate with all of you then. Until then, farewell my bretheren.

OOC: Sorry, I'll become active come January 7th-9th sometime. Sorry for my delay.

12/30/2004 11:54 AM

Instead the Hells of Ohm, PoD wished herself to another place. And she was there.

PoD, the Abandoner, to Benn-Salian, the Burning Star

This Pretender disrupts the balance, Burning Star, surely you can see this. Even I can and... She smirked, ..I do not often see such things as important. But this...this...meaningless fool...seeks to disrupt Ohm. You would not want that, would you? Ohm is your little masterpiece.....I am almost certain you would not want this Pretender to destroy it in such a way he intends too.


Ayru pulled chunks from the rocks and shoved them into his mouth as he moved in a steady, straight path eastward. The rock around him was comforting, but lack of Raeun, the steady flow of information from eachother from the tapping on the stone, was unsettling to him, and he couldnt' stop thinking about it. His goddess was back at Garul with Norun, his people in the temples, and here he was, far from all of that.

But his goddess had sent him on a mission. He'd do this, regardless of whatever else was felt.


Norun looked up at the half-thing expectantly, forcing the strange curling sensation in his stomach away. Whatever the feeling was, he really didn't like it. It was making feel almost like he wanted to hide in the temple with the rest of his brothers and sisters. But he couldn't. He knew this was what he had to do, and he did it without showing the curling feeling in his stomach to the half-thing.

12/30/2004 2:48 PM

Black plague Renegade god.

There is only one way now. Destroy them all.

The Race Elite : Raeuth Avatar:

[We accept your proposal, however our God does not. I'm sorry about this Norun.]

The Elite suddenly lashed out at Norun, and at the same time, the army of the race sweapt forwards, blasting upwards after the Raeuth populace. The two brutes at the elites side also advanced on Norun, moving with a speed that didnt seem possible considering their size. They struck, but not to kill. The Race had bigger plans for this creature.

The Elite:

[Let it be known to the Raeun that any who surrender their weappons will be merged and live on as part of the Race. Belive me, there is no greater peace. Catar used to be low on the totem poll but now [he][I] are at utter contentment.]

A small tail like structure tapped this out in the stone.

The Elite:

"Norun, my orders are to stun you. I do not wish to kill you but I will. Surrender, and you will live.]

12/30/2004 3:37 PM

OOC:Um. Okay. I have a question. How can your race be defeated? It's a pretty simple question. You can't run around annhiliating people. Simple as that. And PoD, as a Goddess, and the Raeun, a people, don't and will not surrounded. I consider myself a pretty reasonable person, and short of agreeing to your demands, what can I do to avoid annhiliation?


Norun thanked his the plates on his forehead, squeezing one six-fingerd around aroudn the creature as hard as he could, snapping bones under the limb. Behind him, the other Raeun wrapped the stone of the temple around them, pulling it into a virtually unpenatrable shell.

12/30/2004 5:04 PM

Greylen stood to the on the moutian tops in which PoD's fight for survival continued. The thought to assist her kept crawling in his head, though he was not someone to intervein so easally and he didn't want to get caught up in an unnessesary battle. Grelyen only hoped that he could stop any invasion there was within the tunnels below from seeping to the surface. His only worry was for his race because they where to close to such a disaster waiting to happen and he didn't want to pull any of his truimph cards out so soon as the world was only a baby as of yet.

Greylen flashed next to the side of the god Black Plague, the Renegade God, in order to speak his mind.

"I only wish to stay neautral at this point though your chaos is only helping to tip the scales against you and your creations. I do not wish involvement with such... a undesirerable creation as yours but I will not premit anhialation of any race so young as these on Ohm." Greylen sighed deeply before continueing on.

"Just keep your disgusting creatures away from my Crystians. That is my only demand from the likes of a Renegade God like you."

Greylen stood only momentarally by Black_Plagues side before vanishing in a gust of wind.


Ostra was accompinied by another sage as was ordered by Silva herslf. Ostra and his associate had reached the edge of the marches heading east. This was as far as any of the sages had ventured in the past. He only had small bits of knowledge of how to cross this wastland of plantlife.

The marshes seemed self explanitory but only by foot, it was full of holes and deep ponds that littered and smelled foully as they crossed. The marshes wheren't a capable place to camp and Ostra knew this most of all, but it would be a long walk for the duo. it would be a couple days before they reached the outskirts to the forest their god Greylen had dirrected them toward.

Drovorak Windscape:

Drovorak had taken a small section of his mining crew back to the unnamed Captial of the Crystians. This was the first time Drovorak had taken a look at the progress his people had made.
The City was made atop long arches the went from one side of the cliffs to the other and the arches weaved together as they crossed over. He was amazed at the constructive ability he knew he didn't have. Few buildings remained on the ground and he could see that even the great wall that his people made was used as a suport for the arches as well. He almost got lost looking at the complicated arches.

The arches where made of Marble and it seemed as though there was already ivy creeping up the base of the arches. Drovorak only laughed and trudged forward with his small group and the thenderholves which carried a small shipment of Jade. "Small in comparasin to what they needed" his load was consistant of 3 large jade stones, roughly cut and needed for the base of the building.

Drovorak moved up north to one of the few buildings on the ground, it was a long building made entirely of wood, it was being used to hold the Crystians mineral resources, the top of the building merged with one of the over head arches. "I should have paid more attention to my own city!" Drovorak laughed out loud. "Then again it's been a while since I had a chance to take a long enough look at it." He continued on.

"Sir?" One of his militia spoke out. "Yes?" Drovorak replied. "Nevermind." The crystian just smiled softly at Drovorak and continued on."

Silva Windwise:

Silva laid lazily across the chair and table she sat at. Her mind was becoming mush with the amount of paper work and she began to lose interest quickly in her job.

"Empress, Drovorak has provided us with a small shipment of the needed Jade." a servant informed Silva.

"Have him take it to the storage..." She slobbered a bit ontop of her papers as she took her head away from the table to look at her servant.

"He's already done that. Shall you calculate the jade into the aquired resources m-lady." he continued

Silva wiped the slobber away from the corner of her mouth and continued. "Just tell me how much we use and I'll have it put into the documentation." Silva just waved the servant away after that and tried to focus at the papers at hand while thinking. "I need to get a secretary."

12/30/2004 7:25 PM

OOC: Ok, here's my re-edited post.


The stars of Ohm twinkled brightly overhead. The grass, once calm, rippled in the wind, shivering and swaying in the wind. A slender figure appeared in the darkness.

The goddess known as Angel looked over the grasslands, smiling, looking up at the stars, her waist-length golden hair rippling. She took a deep breath of the night air, and laughed. She was short in human form, around 4'9, wearing an elbow-sleeved shirt with billowing sleeves. In one hand she held a flute, made from some type of material that almost looked like pearl, swirls of silver and white, in the other a walking stick.

Her light blue eyes, the color of a morning sky in summer, glinted in the moon light.
"Ohm?" she said curiously, her voice the voice of a child. A figure seemed to appear beside her, the shape of a dragon, wingless. The shape was not unusual: it was the coloring that made it strange. The dragon looked as if a piece of the night sky in the shape of a dragon had been cut out, with red slit-pupil eyes.

"Yes, m'lady." Ranak said in a rumbling voice. The night dragon had been given the task of guiding and watching over the childish goddess, which often was far more then he had bargained for.

"I like it. The name sounds funny, like what the monks say."
The dragon shook his starry head.
"I think we should stay." the little goddess announced, climbing onto a nearby boulder, leaning her stick with it's pack on the end against the rock.
The dragon sat in the grass, ever wary and at attention, gazing at the night sky.
"I'm going to make a race, in the morning. A pretty one." she announced, laying back on the rock.
Next Morning
The sun shown golden over Ohm. Dew glittered in the grass, as Angel sat in a patch of flowers, staring contendedly at the butterflies. The dragon sat nearby, coiled partly under a boulder,uncomfortable at being out during the day, even in the shade.

Angel stood up, and got out her pearly flute. She placed it to her lips, and began to play, a sweet melody of childhood, sunshine, and magic. The goddess channeled her power through the flute, and she had taken a while deciding what she wanted her race to look like.

A shape began to coalesce in the air, sparkles of light twirling together. The dragon watched carefully, red eyes keen. Finally, the shape solidified and appeared.

The newly made creature was beautiful. It was humanoid in shape, though much smaller and slender then a human.
Large, almond shaped, slanted eyes of a pale, silvery purple gazed at the goddess, pupils a darker shade of purple, with no whites. Silver-lavender hair trailed down her back, a pair of light blue bird wings in her back fanning air gently.

Her skin was pale, with dark purple markings on her cheeks, and a small crystal horn, a few inches high, adorned her forehead, not quite clear. Pointed ears poked out of her long hair. Angel stared at her new creation, and giggled, smiling.
"Hello! Your name is....Dianna. You're the first of the Fayrin."

Dianna stared at the goddess, and inclined her head, crystal horn shimmering in the sunlight.
"You will be the head of the Fayrin, Dianna. Your people will live here, in the meadows, by the mountains."
The Fayrin bowed.

Angel played on her flute, and slowly more Fayrin appeared. Finally, her task complete, she stopped playing and put the flute away, disappearing along with Ranak the dragon. Her voice echoed in Dianna's head.

I am the goddess Angel, you are my people. The are trees a little ways away, at the foot of the mountains. There is water there, and the trees will provide shelter. I will watch over your people, as will my companion Ranak, and I will speak to you again soon.

The Fayrin found the forest, and built their homes there, staying near the grassy plains to fly and stretch their wings. The city of the Fayrin was mostly in the trees, with some houses and buildings on the ground, linked with swaying rope bridges. They prospered in the fields of music and dancing, their goddess teaching them the flute.

The Fayrin were a peaceful race, content to stay in their forest home, little noticed by the world outside. The only real variation among the race was the difference of wings, some having bird wings, some having butterfly wings, and a few having dragonfly-like wings.

OOC: Ok, a bit about the goddess: she's a chaotic good goddess, fairly young for a god. Ranak was bound to guard her and guide her, until she is old and wise enough. She is immature and childish, something that I hope will evolve.(possibly even be corrupted by evil)

12/31/2004 9:59 PM

OOC: AvA, so if I am to understand this, both of you gods are of twilight but one leans more to the light and one leans more to the dark? Just wondering….

The 10 Sarions landed and looked at Gabriel. Then a short red haired Sarion stepped forward with jet black eyes and said, “My name is Dex Hadar of Deolin. We were told to have you accompany us back to our city Deolin. Yet, if you say you must leave to Garul de Dejar, then we will let you. We will leave now, farewell and take care Gabriel.” The 10 Sarions then took off and headed back to the forest.

01/01/2005 10:57 AM

Present day, Ohm

The Fayrin had prospered, safe in their land between the mountains of Greylen_Judeth and PoD's realm. However, dark rumors now came from the realm of PoD, stories of dark creatures attacking the Raeun. The goddess Angel had seemed unconcerned, but her companion the night dragon Ranak had warned the Fayrin to be careful.

The Fayrin had retreated deeper into the forest at the foot of Greylen_Judeth's mountain, using their knowledge of the forest to set up traps, watching for danger from high in the trees.

God Mode:

Goddess Angel was investigating the rumors. Ranak spread his black wings, the young goddess clinging to his starry back, and they set out for the realm of the Raeun.

They flew over the mountains. The goddess closed her eyes, and sensed the Raeun were clustered together, as if hiding together. And she sensed other beings.....not Raeun. Were they this new race she had heard of?
She sensed the presence of another god, besides PoD, a strange god......with an evil feeling.

Ranak spiraled slowly downwards, landing on a mountainside. What was going on? What were these new creatures?

01/01/2005 6:51 PM

(OOC: Well, the race is still organicly based, so poisons and bladed weapons will harm them quite effectivly, despite armor plating and such. Heights are still factors, basicly its like the aliens in independance day without the ships and shields. Plus they grow to fit their environment a wee bit. An unarmed Raeun will be able to kill a tunnel hunter, a cutter, even a brute. Not easily, but still possible. Plus they have a collective intelligence so misinformation could screw them over. Basicly fight back. As for meeting any demands, the Race is after the tunnels and food provided by the Raeun. I was angling for symbiosis or something along those lines, but you promptly rejected any form of diplomacy so....)

The elite screamed in pain and the nest twitched at the exact moment of the break. The creature pulled with its massive muscles, lifting the Raeun off the ground and swinging at him with his other arm, which sported a massive blade where the middle finger should have been. The brutes not to be forgotten reaced for the struggling Norun with their troll like arms, snatching for its limbs.

The tunnel hunters smashed into the rock shild, their claws digging into the rock. They immediately began to pull back, causing the rock to groan. More Brutes rushed up the tunnel, scattering the hunters and crushing most of the rocks in the way. They arrived at the barricade and began smashing at the barrier. They werwent refered too as brutes for no reason. The rock began to crumble under the onslaught of fists the size of small boulders.

Tunnel hunters surrounded the fighting norun and Elite, their claws long enough to half the Raeun with ease.

01/01/2005 6:52 PM

OOC: Angel, I appreciate the effort that you are putting into this, but I think you're making it a tad -too- complex. As well, you are breaking a few "rules" that Benn himself laid out when he created this RP. If you'd be so kind as to review the rules of the original Playing God thread you would see what the problems are. Or, if you would perfer I'll abreviate the problems and put them here.

i) One race per-RPer. To be honest, we already have enough names, places, Gods to remember. It makes it difficult for your fellow RPers to follow if you play as more than one race. As well, as you will find out, it's difficult enough to post as one race as you deveop it.

ii) Ficticious Gods. (So, naming a God after something other than your RPGC Login Name) As I said, its difficult enough to follow along so many Gods. It makes it easiest if you just go by your RP name for everyone around.

iii) Ohm vs Pseudo. The story is supposed to be more about the races then the Gods. The only Gods who have backstories are the ones who participated in the creation of Pseudo in the original PG thread. If you read it, you'll see that it failed because of too much emphasis on Gods and Magic. We're trying to limit that in this thread

As I said before, dont get me wrong. We appreciate your excitement and participation in the thread, but you're going a little nuts and straying from Billy-Bobs rules. So, if you'd be so kind to edit your 'newest' post to make it comply with what I've pointed out here, we'd all greatly appreciate it.

On a sidenote, looks like my eta to return full time to the thread is January 8th. So, I'll see all you guys in character then.

01/01/2005 7:09 PM

OOC: As per usual, Insano has the long and the short of it. Angel, I've seen you have an interest in Ohm and that's definately good. BUt the rules are in place to keep things from getting more complicated than they need to be. While what you wrote was entertaining, it needs to be adjusted to reflect the conditions and rules of Playing God. So, Insano gets my endorsement for his post.

I'm Benn-Salian and I approve this message.

01/01/2005 7:27 PM

While the struggle in the tunnels was occuring, the forward scouts of the race were scouting the marshes. A short RNA Relay in the nest and scouts began to grow gills and webbed limbs. They also began to grow larger and more combat oriented. The wing mechanisms in the body became absorbable and would only cary the new forward gaurds to the marshes. The creatures dropped into the water, poking their heads out to get a rough idea of both environments. The Race had gone to the water. Amphibious guards with odd leathery straps on their hands/flipers, were swimming through the networks in the marsh, spreading out as more arrived. When needed, the straps became blades (because of the flexible exo-skeleton on them and the tightening bone/muscle work inside them) and could shred one of the strange stunted trees in mere seconds. Despite this, the creatures were weak and despised the light. They were inactrive or sluggish during the day.

01/01/2005 7:32 PM

OOC: I'm sorry, I was not aware that I had done it wrong. Since my sign-in would not make a very good name, I used different names. I'll edit it.
Oh, yeah, and just for the record: Kat'Trai and Nightwalkers are the same race-Kat'trai. The Nightwalkers just call themselves Nightwalkers since they regard their kin as fools, and want nothing to do with them, and as a sign of devotion to Night.
One more question: why can't other gods have pasts? I mean, the gods are our main characters, and one of the most important parts of a character is their past.......just curious.

01/01/2005 8:13 PM

OOC:OK, it looks like I'm back due to an opening of a few hours in my day. Hope everyone’s ready for this.
But first.... No worries Angel. If you want to make a brief background on your God, feel free. The key to this RP is being simple. As I said before, we have too many names, places, and gods to remember as is. Cheers, and sorry to be such a buzz killer.
Secondly, PoD, I've got a few good ideas for what you can do with your race and character if you are open to suggestions. If it’s cool, I'd like to drop you an e-mail. Third, and finally, for all of you guys who are new, may I suggest that you skim over Playing God I? It's not necessary, but does make some story line and references a little more clear.
Alright, here we go.

01/01/2005 8:46 PM

0 AB, Day 44, 9 PM

Jyrkinius stood in the center of his crude civilization. Mud buildings, and rudimentary dirt roads ran throughout the Akinian village of Lumme. In the center of the village was a great pit in which a grand fire blazed. The Aki had begun to operate as a cohesive unit since their last interaction with their God. Jyrkinius had done well for himself as a leader, dividing the culture into several smaller sects of their society. The agrarian sect, the political sect, and the women. While the political sect consisted of only Jurkinuis himself ruling over the realm, the agrarian sect, and the women had far more diverse roles. The agrarians were responsible for farming and hunting, as well as a crude scouting corps. The women were responsible for upholding the morals of the society, which would otherwise be overrun by inner corrupt due to the races innate good looks.

As the fire in the pit began to grow higher and brighter, Jyrkinius called together all the leaders of the sects to get a status report on the days events. To his shock, the leader of his agrarian sect, Octavius was not present. Jyrkinius, already sensing something was amiss detached the rest of the agrarian sect to the frontier upon their quick-footed Tricorns to determine what had happened to Octavius.

Insano, Lord of the Night to Black Plague, the Renegade God
So worm, you believe that you can simply enter this realm that we Gods have strived to create and overrun it? Now listen, any reckless attempts to overthrow this precious experiment will only result in the destruction of your puny race, and eventually yourself. This warning is more than I offer most. I will not have the patience to warn you again.

Hey Billy-Bob, what’s the chances of us getting a handy little map like the one you made for Pseudo? Oh, and Octavius is all yours now. We'll discuss on MSN what will become of him.

As for everyone else..... I love Burritos.

01/01/2005 8:53 PM

0 AB, Day 44, 10 AM


Silva woke to the almost noon day. Her face was still planted firmly against her over stacked papers and a trail of drool seemed to seep into the absorbant paper.

Silva had made another over nighter doing paper work, entitled to the wellbeing of her people she was forced to overlook blueprints and submissional information about the arches that the village was using to make their City, Zal Thender she had several demands and segestions from her people asking if they may be able to build beneath the Arches that had spanned from one side of the cliffs to the other. Silva was hoping they would ask such things but found it agonizing on how it all was built, she only understood some of the designs and some of the ideas but only because it was her nature, she wasn't someone that could turn her nature into an art form. Over the long time Silva realized "shortly before passing out on her papers" that she was not made for this kind of work and needed a secretery of some sort.

"I need a secretery servant!" Silva called out then thought that she may be taking to much advantage of them.

A servant of hers dress in a silve looking over coat and black dyed leather pants came in, he had long silver hair that was common to the Crystian race and carried blue eyes. "What do you need assistance with m-lady?" He replyed to her previous command. Silva could tell he was new because he never called her empress.

"I'm no good at this kind of thing. Paper work should be done by a scribe or sage. Someone that is meant for this kind of job. I'm only a strategeist. I can tell you where to put something... not how to make it or where it is weakest... or how to place crystian kind after it was positioned..." Silva proclaimed to her servant.

"I will get a sage onto the job then. If you wish I think you may be able to part from those papers you seem to have..." he walked over to a stack of papers that sat infront of Silva. "That you seemed to have drooled on..." He pulled the top peice of paper off the stack and flicked it in a way that spit seemed to fly across the room, Silva having watched this could see the look of disgust riding on the brow of his face.

"I'll leave immediately then" Silva shot up acting cheerful, doing so she moved quickly to the nearest door. "Be sure to tell the nice sage that he should account for the natural resources as well as position.

01/01/2005 9:03 PM

Black Plague, Renegade God

I want the underground for the survival of The Race. Once they are entrenched in the earth itself, the only way to flush them out would be to intervene directly. And my master would not approve of that.

With a mocking little bow, Black_Plague turned to dust and was gon on the wind, only to solidify over the marshes. The Aquatans were doing nicely.

01/01/2005 10:39 PM

((drop me an email or an IM, whatever whenever you like. ^^))

Norun hissed and jumped up, throwing himself bodily back into the fray. THe rest of them filled in the hole the brutes were making, some of them clawing at the Race to push them back. They wouldn't let these creatures have their temple. No.


It had been some time Ayru had been crawling. He, being a Raeun, had no problem with crawling through the dirt, but even this was getting extreme. No time to rest or pray. And it was especially the latter that worried him. He figured that since She had told him to keep digging and not stop, his lack of prayers would be attributed to this.

At this point in time, the ground began to....tremor. Tremor? That would mean there are...

Before Ayru could finish the thought, he was going upwards. Poking only his head up, he glanced around, squinting small, monochromatic eyes around. He couldn't really see anything with the bad vision, so he watched, waiting for something to slide into his fuzzy vision.

01/02/2005 10:39 AM

0 AB, Day 45, 8:05 AM

[Outside of Deolin]

“It is true, I no longer have business in Deolin, but I can’t say the same for Garul de Dejar. I am sorry that our paths do not cross here Dex, but perhaps another time,” Gabriel replied.

Gabriel Jhadon felt it strange that the Sarions had come to interrogate him only to leave so suddenly. Would they have left so simply if they had been attacked by the Pretender Race? Without an appropriate answer, the Caprican watched as the Sarions walked away and he gathered his things as he had promised to. After his camp was clean, Benn-Salian’s champion took off west to confront The Pretender Race.

Gabriel decided he was better of not having the Sarion’s attention. They would only have advertly affected his mental conditioning. The caprican had been spending a good deal of his journey preparing his mind and establishing a link with his god, just as Benn-Salian had showed him.

01/02/2005 2:37 PM

[0 AB, Day 50, 5:30 PM Dusk]

It had been nearly two cycles since the day of creation. Several of the Knaag women were already with children, thanks to early meeting with their life-mates. There would be many births expected. Baylrac had spent all day in sermons/prayer with his wife, and he was tired. Walking back from the prayer chamber, Baylrac again took a few moments to admire the temple his people had constructed.

While the temple had been finished in form, a feet by no means small, the temple was still not properly decorated and furnished. Baylrac made a mental note to summon those Knaag that were masons early the next day, so that something cool be done about that. Walking to the nearest window, which the Knaag had crafted out of ground stones and stained with different ores, Baylrac looked out at his people's land.

The sun was setting, nearly past the other mountains within the range, but even with the little light remaining the crystal tower reflected the rays. Baylrac saw that his people's land extended around might Yelslev herself in a circle, covering the entire valley and falling short just at the tips of the mountains that outlined the circle. A frozen river ran through the base of the Yelslev valley, a strange, winged cat like creatures soared the skies. Baylrac had often wondered what those creatures were, but knew that was a problem for another day.

Just as Baylrac was about to turn away from the stained-glass window, he noticed a small group a figures making their ward toward the northern bridge of the temple. Knowing that no Knaag would be out this late other then the party Baylrac sent before, Baylrac made his way to the base of the temple to greet them.


Skystrike, the Iron Scale to Black_Plauge, the Renegade God:

You are an unusual one, I will say as much. Know of course that I will watch you, and I will maintain the balance on Ohm, at ALL prices.

OOC: Yes, Im still here, and yes I will be playing, but please bare with me as my time is very tight. I will post more in the 'morrow.

01/02/2005 6:53 PM

(OOC: Sha I will)

Black Plague chuckled. These gods were getting annoying. They thought their small bands of chosen ones could interfere with the Race. They wouldnt Reach the nest. Already the scouts were tracking two or three such groups. The Aquatans would intercept the ones crossing the marshes. The scout that had crashed in the sarion forest was decomposing nicely, synthesising the right chemicals to convert itself to nest material, and the Raeuth were heavily on the defensive.

The Race didnt take kindly to being attacked from multiple angles. The trollish Brutes were busy blocking the tunnel, they would have fun with the stray. All the hunters whirled on it advancing and slashing with their large bladed limbs. The Elite and his two body guards advanced on the creature.

The Elite:

"Kill Him."

His arm was already beginning to heal, although slowly. He was the only one of the race that had this ability besides the nest insofar. But eventually that would change. The nest was expanding their empire. Another mind within the Race was being formed. Evolutions and mutations would be occuring soon. The doomed Norun was not bound to last long. The race was slowly digging new tunnels with strange squid like workers. They secreted a strong acid that ate the rock quite effectively. Tunnel hunters followed them closely, ready to attack the second they punched into the tunnel. The Race dug into the temple from above, pouring in on the Raeun from a few feet above them, landing with a good flurry of slashing and biting. The brutes took advantage of the distraction and smashed through, blocking the tunnel with their bulk and letting a small amount of tunnel hunters(the ones who couldnt reach Norun ) in to sandwich the pinned tunnel dwellers.

01/02/2005 8:47 PM

Ostra: 0 AB, Day 46, 4:17 9M

The days travel had finally ended and Ostra and his companion had already crossed the rugged marshes. His thoughts laid on the distance though for his intuition had given him a foresight of danger. He remembered his god, Greylen, telling him of a ever growing evil outside the walls of Zel Thender. Ostra now as interested in this new threat but he was under orders by Silva at the current moment to be a emisary of his people, the Crystians and for that reason alone he did not wish to provoke the unnatural chaos within his blood to find this new danger out.

At the thoughts at hand Ostra signaled without even a word or a hand gesture to his associate sage that they must quicken their pace till night fall. Both took to a swift walk that could almost be mistaken for a job by just speed.

Drovorak: 0 AB, Day 48, 12:35 PM

Silva had gifted Drovorak and his Militia with several workers from the Marble mines. There was 11 workers over all and there had been 4 Thenderholves being used to haul the large rocks away from ther cliffs edge. The Jade temple was also underway but there was only a small team under the guidence of Doina Fillong, 4 people and 2 Thenderholves where in her influence untill the day enough jade was mined to work further onto it.

Drovorak was wiping sweat from his brow from working his 6 hour shift. Though he felt this mining expedition was excelent for the body and knew it could increase his current endurance over that of the other crystians. This was a hard process for any Crystian though seeing they naturally lack endurance, but Drovorak knew he could endure this all within time.

He slung a pick over the top of his shoulder at that moment and continued away at the wall near by. In back of him he could hear the Thenderholves loud steps as they pulled yet another large chuck of Jade away from the wall.

It would be days before they had enough jade for the Jade Temple in construction. Though this was nothing compared to how long it would have taken without the help of Drovoraks invaluable resource called "Thenderholves" Drovorak only laughed thinking that. He knew he was right and he knew that he had done well even if no one was patting his back telling him that. He could only think that the other Crystians had their heads dug to deeply into their research and blue prints to see that sometimes brute strength is what they needed during this long begining.

His pickaxe would dig into the walls of the cliff in an uncountable amount before Drovoraks shift was over, but every hit gave Drovorak as much happiness as he would with a sparring match with a sword or spear. That feeling alone kept driving Drovorak to becoome stronger so that he could enjoy this feeling longer.

Silva: 0 AB, Day 50, 05:37 PM

Silva was once again swamped. Even with her new secretary she still had to deal with over flowing papers. These papers where consistant mainly of reports of strange creatures out in the near by moutian ranges and birth record that Silva was told only she could sign them into the Crystain Empire.

Silva's curiosity was now begining to rip at her heart as she sat in and around her throne she felt more useless to her self. "Greylen, damn these reports!" Silva finally burst out in a fit. Quickly two of her servants had entered the room. Both wearing finespun over shirts and pants made of a rare fabric called silk. Both of their clothes where dyed a red meaning that they were people of the sword.

Silva just waved them away but the two just stood there still looking at Silva. "What are you looking at" Silva glowered at the two with a peircing stare though they still stood there.

Finally within a moments time a man wearing black drapign robes walked in and the two people of the sword took to either side of the door way. Silva could tell from how the man in black was dressed that he was a seer, most likely one that just returned from the moutian ranges to the west.

"My lady Silva." The man spoke in a unnaturaly calm and soothing tone. "I have come from the west as you may have known." He continued on without much more then a moments pause. "I have seen many things that I would call unnatural" Silva was listening intently now, she wished now that she would have been able to make this report to someone. "There is a battle in the west between two races deep within the moutians themselves. Those moutians moan in pain as it seems the two are clawing to and away from each others. My intuition tells me that there is a great number of evil there with no glimspe of the light. It is true chaos." Silva bore a smile deeply on her face. "I dont want such creatures here." She spoke out. "I want people here to train more with the sword. Take some of these... book worms and teach them the ways of the sword. Show them what the true weight of our life is like through the weight of their swords." Silva smiled almost deviantly knowing that she may be able to take leave of her throne.

"We will recruit new members." The two Crystians said while unseathig the swords and holding them to their chests. The seer only looked at the two and spoke his share "I do not think it wise, even as a member of the dark robes, to just drive ourselves into the dens of evil. I shall say that we should use your Keepers of the sword to hold an effective line of defense to any of those who wish to spill out of the festering holes and into our kingdom."

(ooc) over veiw on my peoples color scheme seeing I'm just introducing this because they introduced this pretty much only a couple days ago "in ohm time", though I didn't post about it.

Red are keepers of the sword "trained warriors" White are keepers of the mind "libarians, sages, seers, secrateries, engineers, arcitects, artists and well anything dealing with a pen and paper. this is also the most common" Blue are keepers of the Empire. "Miners, Construction workers, those kind of things." and Black are keepers of Chaos "These are the people of the Crystian empire who do not follow their instincts or have different instincts from the other crystians. Like the want for battle blood, or the want to explore, or the want to live outside the small or large communities. People who are socially different so to say. They as also naturally feared in the Crystian empire as well as respected just for being different but having the same blood. They are the Dark Crystians. Even if they aren't evil. They are usually refered to by their title though, like Dark Sage or Dark Sword. sorry for this useless information I just kinda wanted to explain something I thought interesting I wont use it too much just something to create more story." (ooc)

01/02/2005 8:58 PM

0 AB, Day 45, Noon

[Akinian Plains]

Hinter DeJing had left his nephew, Bijion, with the Akinian detainee once again that morning. The Quintigaia Brigade force had been carefully doing recon on the Aki for some time now. As commander, Hinter believed that they still had not uncovered anything that truly exposed the Aki for the evil that they were.

Nevertheless, Bijion was left with the Aki every day. After evening supper, Hinter attempted to interrogate the Aki about the days findings, but there was never any satisfactory responce from the Aki. Even less than before. During the day, Bijion had no trouble to get the Aki to speak. He had been attempting to teach him the language he knew. So far, The Aki, who Bijion had taken to calling Malacai, had no problem repeating the phrases he had been taught by his caprican teacher, Bijion believed, however, that this was more mimicry than true learning but it was still progressive.

Malacai, who had been born with the name Octavius after his father, had picked up the Caprican language better than he let on. He had an immediate distrust for Hinter because it was he who had taken the Aki from his farm. However, the Aki had resolved not to pass judgement on him until he could further understand the reasoning for doing so. Malacai had grown to appreciate the young caprican, Bijion's, patience and understanding when the two were alone. This had encouraged Malacai in his decision to reserve passing any judgement.

0 AB, Day 50, 10 AM


Archus Beget felt secure that his homeland was safe. He had recieved confirmation from Benn-Salian that he and his kinsmen were safe within the boundry of Quintagaia. Archus was told that the magnesium-chloride that was spread would not only absorb the necesary water that the so-called, Pretender Race, contained but also would react to develope hydrochloric acid that surly finish the job. The Capricans would be safe to develope their society in an orderly fashion.

[East of Garul de Dejar]

It had only been five days since Gabriel Jhadon has left Deolin, the Sarion captial. By all of the caprican's accounts he should have taken at least seven to ten days to get this far, but here he was in only five. Gabriel decided not to question his good luck and thanked his patron god in his morning prayer.

Gabriel stood in front of the mountain range and realized it was impossible to find any reference point for the Raeun nation. "I believe this will have o be close enough," the caprican told himself, "surely a god could hear me no matter where I stood."

Taking a deep breath to steady himself, Gabriel jhadon began the speech that he had begun to prepare after he departed from Quintagaia some time ago. "My name is Gabriel Jhadon of Quintagaia, the Caprican homeland," he spoke as loud as he could so that the words echoed proudly amoung the peaks of the mountain range, "I have been dispatched here by He, who is called Benn-Salian, The Burning Star. He has entrusted me as his emissionary to deliver a message to the god, Black_Plauge. If you can here me Renegade God, show yourself to me so that I may know if you truly exist and not merely some boogeyman created by the sherpas in these parts to scare their children into behaving. Come here so that we may share words. For is my master's, Benn-Salian's, wish."

01/02/2005 9:02 PM

The beginning of the Fayrin's first generation of children had been born, the Fayrin having a short gestation time for the children.
Rumors had been filtering through the people, of a strange race attacking the neighboring realm of the Raeun, a new god on Ohm.

Dianna the Oracle, who led the Fayrin, was anxious, and often at the simple shrine in the city, praying to the goddess Angel. At her warnings, the Fayrin had withdrawn from the border of the forest, into the forest depths, keeping a watch on the border.

God Mode:

Angel sat on a large stone by the rocky mountain river, playing a bright tune on her pearly flute. Ranak the night dragon was swimming in the river, revelling in the feel of the water on his scaly hide.

He turned his head to quickly nab a fat fish swimming by. The dragon finally surfaced, water spraying as he emerged, starry hide shining in the sun.

Angel paused, lowering the flute as the dragon approached.
"Mistress Angel." the dragon said, voice rumbling.

"I am worried. The Fayrin are not a strong or warlike race, and should this new god break through the Raeun and conquer PoD's territory, it is likely he would turn his attention to Greylen_Judeth next, and stumble across us."

Angel looked up at him, her light blue eyes wide.
"Why? We didn't do anything to him. Neither did Greylen_Judeth. He wouldn't come after us."

Ranak shook his head in frustration. She didn't understand that some people did things for no reason, other then conquest and power.

"He wants our lands. He wants to kill people. That's what the Dark Gods do, renegade or not."

"But why?" she asked in her sweet, childish voice.
He sighed.
"Because he will, alright?"

Angel looked up at him confusedly, the look of a child who knows a parent is right, but does not understand why.
"So what do we do?"
"Get the Fayrin ready."
"How? We can't teach them magic."
"There are other ways to defend, traps, barricades, hiding."
"I don't know how to make those."
"I do. I will teach them."

Angel sighed, sitting crosslegged, looking down at the flute in her lap. Tears gathered in her eyes.
"This isn't fair! Why does this new god have to come and mess it all up?"

Ranak put clawed fore-arm around her shoulders, sympathy for the young goddess welling up.
"These things happen. They're a part of life."

Angel sniffled, and wiped her eyes, standing up.
"Well I guess we better get back, huh?"
Ranak nodded. The goddess hopped off the stone, onto his back. The dragon gathered himself for a spring, and leapt into the sky.

01/03/2005 10:24 AM

Black Plague stepped out from behind a tree behind the caprican. Interesting.

Black_Plague, Renegade God:

What do you want Caprican?

Black Plague was in his avatar form so as to allow the creature to live. He was about 6 feet tall with short blond hair and he had a massive claymore draped over his shoulder. He was also floating a half foot above the ground.

The Nest:

[stimulus-sound. Direction-southeast. Caprican voice profile from scout reconisance. Response-Dispatch hunters. Kill]

Cutters with short range flight abilities were already leaving from the recessed cracks in the stone around the nest. They would be able to reach the source of the voice on wing but would have to return on foot. Why hadnt the marsh scouts detected the Capricans? The cutters would reach the other side of the canyon in about 15 minits of hard flight. All thirty of them would be battle ready and mad as hell. Scouts flying over head were detecting strange mineral compounds they immediately identified as toxins. The nest created the plague carriers, creatures that secreted a chemical so strong it would kill anything not adapted to it. The began to patrol around the nest which was growing tighter knit. The stone was growing as close together as it could, and the biogrowth was secreting mucus to sluff off as much of the chemical as it could. Plague carriers filtered down into the Raeun's nest, moving swiftly by the Race. They were not affected by the plague carriers but teh Raeun were sure to be bothered. They climbed up to the top tunnel and prepared to drop on the fight from above.

01/03/2005 12:50 PM

Black_Plague stood before Gabriel Jhadon at the foothils of the mountain range. The god looked down at the caprican from seven feet off the ground. This did little to influence Gabriel, and that fact surprised him.

"It is not I who want anything. It is He who wants something. And what He wants is for you to decrease your influence from Ohm," Gabriel defiantly told the god, "It is unchecked evil that destroys worlds. I have seen such. Though not with my eyes, but through the eyes of another. Benn-Salian has seen worlds built and destroyed and it is He who works to protect this world from such a fate so prematurely."

Gabriel was tempted to view the gods reaction, but did not trust himself to finish properly if he did. So he continued; "What do you hope to achieve in Ohm, for you certainly will not come to reign. Will you only spread your race and burn both ends of the candle until it is no more? Perhaps it is best that your followers have no true name, for the historians will write little about their existance on Ohm during the short time they exist."

Gabriel became tense, but strove to achieve the mental claity that Benn-Salian told him he needed. He decided the best thing to do was to dispel his fears. "You want me dead, don't you, Renegade God? My life matters little, kill me if you have to. It will not alter your fate."

01/03/2005 6:46 PM

One of the younger Raeun, who did not all the way understand the problem with leaving the barricaded temple, heard strange things above. He decided that he was going to burrow out of the very top of the temple and see what the strange vibrations were. He also screetched when he saw the Caprician - the above-the-ground thing that was definitely not one of his brothers. And that other thing, which could only be defined as....as something that he really didn't like. He pulled himself back into the comforting ground and looked with only his eyes, rest of his body hidden.

The rest of Raeun burrowed themselves tightly into their temple. Nothing was getting in here, not as far as they were concerned. They might as well been hidden in another dimension for how possible it was to break through the walls.


Ayru squinted. His eyes finally shifted enough for him to see a blurry black and white picture. Near him were creatures that lookd nothing like him, carrying piles of rocks. There were little creatures that looked like the big ones, running around. Some of the creatures had thing covering their bodies. Some of the creatures with things on their bodies were looking at the ground.

He was, for lack of better words, confused as he stuck the top half of his body out of the groun. His multi-jointed arms strethed out in front of him as his face turned and looked at everything he saw, half curious and half afraid and half plain freaked out.

01/03/2005 7:17 PM

(OOC: Notice I said eat as in with acid. breaking would be impossible.)

More diggers were widdening the progressing tunnel. One of the hunters felt a tremor moving up and growled. A couple of diggers shifte, eating towards this new tunnel. Not long now.

01/03/2005 10:02 PM

(OOC) I'll respond to PoD's post later. I am out of ideas atm though I have some... selecting one can be a pain. this is just to let people know I read and intend to reply soon.

01/05/2005 7:33 PM

0 AB, Day 50, Noon


Archus took a few moments from his day to travel the streets of his fair city. He had reason to have great pride in the accomplishments of his people. Of course the Hall of Benn-Salian was magnificant, it's white walls and rose-colored windows were a testament to their god, for whom it was named. It was the centers of learning, the schools and libraries, that caught the caprican's attention this day. These were built in honor of themselves and their future.

Benn-Salian was wonderful as their god and they could not seek a better one, but it was each and every caprican that led the mundane activities of every day life. Each family of capricans owned it's own farm, even Archus himself, though he never had time enough to tend to it himself.

The roads that the farms were laid traveled westward from the Hall of Benn-Salian like so many spokes on a wheel or like rays from the sun. Every few lengths of farmland on these roads a traveler came upon a large barn outfitted for the use of the community for whatever purposes the day saw fit. Some days it served as the grounds for a celebration, or as a rest stop for merchants to come closer into Quintagaia.

No one in particulat maintained these community barns, since the community typically found enough reason to make use of them and always took care of them during their usage.

Archus allowed himself a sigh of content. He was satisfied that his people had a place to work, to learn and to pray and they could choose to do that together or they could do so alone as well. An idea occured to the first caprican; Perhaps we could develope an embassy for some of the other nations of Ohm, wouldn't that encourage growth of my people and those of the others who inhabited Ohm? Archus decided to send a few such letters to the other leaders of Ohm to determine their interest.

01/05/2005 8:10 PM

The Aki outriders had reached the frontier of their native plains just before sunrise. Their search for Octavius had failed, the young Aki had dissapeared without a trace. The leader of the search party, a well muscled tall Aki by the name of Agrippa had lead the party. The party, disheartened turned and began to return to the heart of the plains.


The flames of the firepit in the Aki village had long died out. The village which had begun to take on the name Gaul had become lifeless in the middle of the night. Yet, Jyrkinius still stood awake, waiting for his outriders to return.

OOC: OK, I'm back and ready for regular rotation. Insano, Lord of the Night has now returned to the world of Ohm, full time.

01/05/2005 9:41 PM

(OOC: Oops, sorry benn, missed your reply to the god fellow.)

Black Plague, Renegade God

My intention is to use mindless evil to destroy all evil. Why do you think the Capricans have not been waylaid by scouts or the Amphibians. The Race did not want to destroy you until it was sure you came with evil intent. They have sensed your magnesium chloride and are sending enough foot soldiers to overwhelm your band. I dont interfere with them much and i wont make an exception this time. Go, You will be safe from harm once you retreat."

Black Plague dropped to the ground then through it, destroying the vegetation. He hated revealing his plans to mortals but sometimes it had to be done to preserve them.

01/06/2005 11:44 AM

In Reaction to Ayru's appearance many of the Crystians where scarce to aproach the different creature. It's more then simular structure to a bug only had people baffled and the intrusion seemed to stem outward in amore then quick gossip amongst the people. Soon people from all over the city knew of the new creatures and it was only within minutes time Ayru's appearance.
The different reactions of the Cark Crystians. "whch where few" Went to aproach the new thing that came from the ground. Still unknowing of the creatures intellegence the Crystians did not aproach to closely in fear it may fear them and attack.


Word reached to silva not nearly as quickly as it had the rest of her kingdom. Her reaction was only suprise. Nothing came to mind and the little information she had ont he creature made it so she was weary to make and strategical segjestions on how to deal with the situation.

"Pull the people back away from the new creature. Set up a parimeter using the Keepers of the Sword. Bring me the Dark Sages and Seers I want to see how intellegent this creature is." She gave her orders and took up her cloack and took to the front of the castle. She had not seen the sun in a few weeks and the sun and stung her eyes deeply as if daggers yet she had to continue.


Silva arrived at the destination and already the parimeter was set up and now she needed to wait for the Creatures reactions.

01/06/2005 1:29 PM

Ayru hissed at all the shifting and dug a new hole back in, peeking only his eyes out. Was he in the wrong place? Was he going to die?

Ayru, they mean only peace, harm them not. You are in the right place. Do not worry.

Filled with the voice of his goddess, Ayru pulled the rest of his body out of the soft ground, feeling exposed but brave. He hunched over, long legs and small torso not meant for standing, before thinking a moment and slurring out a word, "Peaaahcce?" Meanwhile, one of his claws moved rapidly on the ground below him, tapping a slightly more sophisticated message.

["Harm is not meant, do you know Tremorsense? Think not. I come from Garul de Dejar under great Mistress, PoD, the goddess. Do you hurt Ayru?"]

01/06/2005 2:34 PM

[Outside of Garul de Dejar]

Gabriel Jhadon swore as the renegade god disappeared from the scene. Benn-Salian had sent him to confront Black_Plague and the caprican was not finished with his crusade. It was probably only begining.

"I will not be patronized. I am the messenger of Benn-Salian and you will listen and listen well," Gabriel exclaimed to the wind as he began trudging to the mountains themselves where he would have to continue his venture into the Raeun nation.

Benn-Salian, the Burning Star, to PoD, The Abandoner:
As I'm sure you are aware, Gabriel Jhardon closes in upon your people even more as we speak. I hope that the enemy of my enemy could become useful to his purpose. He will continue his dissent into Garul de Dejar, but I fear he may be ill-equiped to defend himself in the situation there. If you could bear that in mind, perhaps it would aid to your benefit as well.

Gabriel took off into the chasms off the mountainside and took care to keep up the pace as he ran into the darkness of the caves with his utmost trust in his god.

01/06/2005 5:02 PM

What the creature said or what the Sages thought he said was peice. Though this could have meant anything and that they where just trying to place some sort of intellegence onto something that may not have it. But they still did not understand the tapping the creature was making. Everyone agreed that it was trying to communicate and that he was not hostile. Soon the sages departed into a huddle near by, Silva could hear them making tapping sounds on the ground with a stick as they spoke and even argued a bit. Silva just was cursious. She didn't know what it meant though she felt in her bones that this wasn't an ordinary creature that was born when the planet was.


Silva began to take steps forward to the creature when she saw a bundle of her people charge to stop her.

"I'm going to show you if this thing means harm" Silva shot a peircing glance at every person. She knew she also had the attention of the Dark Sages who where huddled away trying to figure out something consistant with the tapping noise. Silva knew that she had more bravery when it came to the unknown then others. Her people gasped and the Dark Crystians stared interested in their leaders "dark" like behavior.

Silva continued her steps toward the creature. Slow, cautious, and holding her hands forward and palm up to the creature showing she didn't mean anything wrong.

"I welcome you here." Silva spoke in a easy tone that was soft on the ears. "I am Silva, empress of my people..." Silva paused then continued on. "I wonder if you can even understand me." Silva smiled and lightly laughed trying to act as though she wasn't embarrased. "But we mean you no harm and I hope you mean us none as well." Silva finally was within arms reach of the creature and she knew if it was a dangerous creature she could be cut down at that point.

The people who watched as their leader Silva was within arms length of the creature and they where all shocked, even the Dark Crystians where speachless as not to attract unneeded attention to the creature who may have looked brave but still may have fear in its head.

Their Empress, Silva, stood there waiting for the creatures reply to her offer of peace.

01/06/2005 7:46 PM

(OOC: If anyone wants the Race's weaknesses, dont hesitate to IM or mail me. I thought the organic based side of things was pretty odvious but. and ive never played halo if anyone sees similarities there. I dont have an xbox.)

The second mind evolving within the Race suddenly became aware and determined that regrouping would be wise. Allowing the Raeun to survive would mean better material later on. The race pulled pack, fleeing the tunnels and returning to the nest, which had taken a medium chunk of the lower region.

Black Plague, Renegade God. to self in head

Damn that was close. If the other gods new i had lost control I would have been condemned to mortality. No you dont, pull back. I,m glad this new mind is only a strategist and not a total whacko. Now, develop, your too weak to destroy them now. Your army is pathetic. The elite is returning. Good, im back in control.

The nest solidified, creating a rock hard wall that had the temper of a skunk and the chemical outputs of one. Any Raeun or other wise who got close would stink like a warthog for a loooong time. Within the nest, the warriers were bedding down, becoming dormant. The beings in the marsh became sedate and the synthesising scout in the sariuon forest promptly stopped growing nest and died. The nest over there didnt last long withou those chemicals and was technicly dead in two days.

Black plague to self.

"I should be called the deciever. No-one knows why im really here besides me. Now begin to fill your territory."

Cutters, bipeds with strange blades sprouting fom their hand structure began to trickle out of the nest, roaming a 30 x 30 square radius around the nest which was about half a mile wide. It was growing a spire at the top which would at least provide a warning next time something came near, but it would take a while. Black plague killed the first mind, bringing the nest solely under the new one's control. But new safeguards were needed. six new minds began forming, each one detailed to a certain aspect of the Race's evolution.

one would govern the others, a sort of circuit breaker if one went insane like the last mind.
Another would control the armys.
three would control nest growth
four would control evolution
five would control scouting and possible conquering of others.
and the sixth would oversee nest functions such as security, worker detail and assignment, and serve as a back up circuit breaker.

The old brain would be the central mind, sending the rna relays to the areas they were needed like a bottle neck. In short, the nest became a computer, each area assigned to a specific task.

Canyon's edge:
The scout cutters landed on the edge of the canyon. They could see the Capricans moving down to the nearest entrance to the tunnels.


[threat, destructive toxins confirmed. intervene, route and/or destroy. save one for mergeing. Species identified Caprican. Send Relay to all scouts/soldiers/guards Capricans are threat and must be dealed with accordingly.]

The scout cutters immediately shed their wings and began advancing on the Capricans. Their footsteps muffled by one of the changes gained from hunting the Raeun. They wouldnt be heard until it was almost too late.

01/06/2005 10:22 PM

PoD listened to Benn-Salian's request, and thought on it for a brief moment or two before pulling her attention off Ayru and glancing down at her holed-up Raeun. She picked a familiar one and boomed into the female's head.


Kaear. Your mate may not return, therefore, I must entrust you with a task that must be completed as soon as possible. You will have to leave the temple, and you will go to the faultline, and you will take the stone and you will take the silver and you will go to the bottom of the Chasm to where the green gasses flow. Do you know what I say, Kaear?

The Raeun tapped upon the wall, ["I do."]

Go now.

And Kaear was digging downwards, heading where she was supposed to be going.


Ayru looked at the thing in front of her. Apparently she was Silva.

"Ahhyrhuu." He grated again, pointing to himself with one six-fingered claw. He gently reached out and pokd her with a retratched nail, cocked his head to the side, and poked again. These things even FELT wierd.

01/07/2005 7:36 PM

The Race had concentrated near the bottom of the tunnels. the hunters detected a stray Raeun, but they couldnt quite reach her. The nest had cracked into a vein of gas that had dissolvedthe nest. They had collapsed the tunnel quick as possible and were searching along the bottom of the nest for possible rupturing veins of the gas.


[Toxin, chlorine. Dangerous.]

The Raeun would miss the nest by bare inches at the current course. The Race wouldnt intercept if it could, this part was dead. It had been cordoned off and the warriors were preparing to filter upwards. They would harrass the Raeun as a reminder to the Raeun they were there.

01/08/2005 8:54 AM

[outside of Garul de Dejar]

Gabriel ran through the tunnels as fast as he dared. The caprican didn't realize just how dark it was until he noticce that there was no difference if he had his eyes open or not. For the most parthe was able to navigate with the aid of the winds that also traveled the tunnels.

The air seemed to get heavier as he decended, as well as warmer and wetter. Gabriel thought briefly about how these mountains must have formed. The oceanic plate was pushing into Ohm and being launched up to form the peaks of the Raeun homeland. That would mean the mjority of the minerals found in the rock would be basalt and andesite. That was why Benn-Salian has allowed me to enter such recklessly into the mountains. There is protection all around against The Pretender Race. The very mountain was created in sea salt! Gabriel relaxed slightly as he moved, though he would have relaxed more had he bee able to figured out how to harness such an advantage against The Race, who seem to hold every other advantage possible.

Benn-Salian, The Burning Star, to PoD, the Abandoner:
It would seem that my chosen has discovered some of my plan before I have disclosed it. Well, that's why it was he who I have chosen. But listen to me rant like a school girl - I wanted to further remind you that besides the baslt, you will need to locate silver chloride. This is essential to create the internal reaction to unlease the power within chemically. It would probably be best to forge such a weapon in the sulfer deposits - I hope you Raeuns are able to do that. Just remember that Gabriel Jhadon is a caprican, that gives him a four foot height - max. I thank you for concidering such a plan, especially since you are known to be quite fickle. This will also aid you as well as the rest of Ohm.

[Akinian Plains]

Bijion was beginning to believe that he had finally broke through to the Aki. Malacai was able to have short converstaion about insubstancial matters on a regular basis. Bijion was grateful that there was some evidence that he could show the commander, else Hinter DeJing may have pulled the plug on the whole thing. Malachi knew that he had to show some signs of understandment or it would have blown his cover.

Malacai felt comfortable talking to the younger caprican. He seemed responsive enough. Though, the leader was as impatient as a trihorn. Malacai knew that his admission to speak would be discredited if he did not speak to the elder caprican. He would have to prepare himself mentally. Talking to the caprican originally was pointless becasue he didn't understand what was being said anyways. But he did know how it was said and he needed to be prepared for that.

Later that evening, at eight, Hinter DeJing returned with the Qiintagaia Brigade and was told of the advancement of Malacai. Determined to see this for himself, Hinter tried once more to interrigate his hostage. he went over to the Aki and looked him straight in his eye. "How do you plan to take over the world?" Hinter demanded.

Malacai looked blankly. "It is very cold this day here. I hope it will rain," Malacai replied elliquitely.

"Benn-Salian damn you, boy!" Hinter yelled as he grew upset at the Aki for appearing to waste his time, "What plan of Insano's is the Burning Star going to have to thwart? We know his ways and he plan to have you work as his slave labor to conquer and/or destroy the world."

"I m feeling very so-so," Malacai replied finding it harder not to react to the caprican's harsh words, "and yourself?"

"You will tell me now, all that Insano has told you." Hinter demanded, "I'm sure even to a peon such as yourself he has told much about his so-called impending victories. Now out with it!"

"I am not completely sure of Insano's existance, much less met the god!" Malacai snapped before realizing he had given away the only secret he did have.

A sly sneer crossed Hinter's face. "It would seem the boy wasn't lying when he said he taught you a lick of common."

01/08/2005 12:12 PM

The Tunnel hunters patrolling around the Nest picked up a four footed tremor moving swiftly towards the nest.


[Suspect Caprica, intervene, capture or destroy.]

The Cutters were gaining on Gabriel, their vision adapted to the dark, running as fast as they could offered little danger. Tunnel hunters moved up towards the Caprican and in from around him. He would be pincered and captured unless a tunnel collapsed or something. Then he would be crushed.

01/08/2005 1:12 PM


Silva stood right before the creature as it spoke. She knew now that it was capable of speach she knew now that it was intellegent but she did not know why it was here, it didn't seem like it was hostile, didn't seem like it was an accident, seemed to Silva that it was a purpose of some sort. Being poked by the creature made Silva think it was trying to figure her out as much as she was trying to figure it out.

"It seems you have problems speaking in a language like ours, but you do seem to understand." Silva took hold only breifly of the creature's arm in which she was being poked with, almost as a way of asking it to stop with the little persure she offered against it.

Silva turned toward the gathering crowd as spectators watched in awe and disbeleif that Silva was able to interact with something so forien, though they where more accepting of Silva's behavior then she first would have thought. "You all may part." Silva spoke to them. Most began to walk away talking amongst each other about the events that where happening and the events that may come. Groups began to form in the distance as the Crystians parted from the area.

Silva turned back to the creature. "You have my premission to do as you need here but understand that we do not accept violence here in our city. But if you need to open lines of communication." Silva turned and looked to see if any of her Dark Sages where still near and to her luck they all still stood near by watching her turning back she continued. "To make it easier for you to be understood I will ask you to accompany one of my Sages back to the city so that we may study... your... complex way of tapping." Silva turned away from the creature and walked back toward the group of sages. "If it wishes to take my offer will one of you help to understand its language?" Silva asked.

"We where already working on it." One stepped forward and spoke.


Drovorak had finally heard word of what was happening in the city. He was getting the feeling of being over protective as he had to be held back as not to go back to the city so soon, when there was only a little left to mine till another shipment of jade needed to go.

Drovorak felt helpless but he had soem faith into his empress, he knew she wouldn't fall so easilly but he didn't know why he thought that.

Ostra had made way across the long grassy feilds just past the marshes. He could see the line of trees in the distance and he knew it wouldn't be long till they where deep inside the forest. But he also knew that he should stay aware because that pervious feeling he had received still bugged him. He could not depict now if it was past or future that bugged him more but he knew he had to keep a watchful eye out for the evil that he felt before. That pure chaos that no Dark Crystian was capable of conceiving.

"We must slow down once inside the woodlands ahead" Ostra spoke to his companian. "I agree with your wise words." The dark sage replied to Ostra.

They made way to the woods and continued to look over their shoulders and out into the distant plains.

01/08/2005 5:44 PM


The Aquatans stirred as the sun set, awaking again. The Nest needed their reconisance. The Marshes were becoming like a strainer and all sorts of races were passing through them. They were instructed to begin developing chemical glands that would secrete mild sedatives. Strong enough to stun most creatures enough to be returned to the nest. Their mottled black skin allowed them to blend with the water perfectly and they could rise from the water with a snap, strike, and return to the swampy puddle they spawned from. There was a slight disturbance in the marsh, A creature of some sort. A small squad of aquatans clustered infront of it. One rose slightly to the surface, exposing its back which resembled a lichen covered rock in between two widespread bumps of land. The others poised around it, preparing to strike with the stingers grown on the end of their otherwise useles thumb. They now had a blade that could become a tentacle and a retracting stinger on their their thumb. There were no other fingers on their hands, which were shaped like pincers. They sprung as the creature put its foot on the aquatan, snatching and stinging it before plunging underwater. It was an obscurer form of wildlife, built for marsh life. It was quickly returned to the nest to make an aboveground template for marsh strikes.

01/09/2005 5:17 PM

PoD, the Abandoner, to Benn-Salian, the Burning Star

I know my own cliffs, thank you, I am well aware of what they contain. Kaear knows what she is looking for. And she knows where to find it, she does not need guidance from you.

Kaear held the rocks in one many-taloned foot as she dug fowards and down, watching the minerals change. Her elaborate sense of this sort of thing told her they were changing quite alot, shifting to sea-rocks, basalt and the like. The silver chloride already in one foot, she wrapped one long claw around a handful of basalt and dug now directly downwards, looking for the gas her goddess spoke of. A hiss and growl of delight erupted when she did, digging her talons into the rock as she set down the two minerals, fixing them together as her goddess had said. Short. Half her size, if not a little less. Sharp and perfect. All in all, it was proving to be very interesting.

Meanwhile, other Raeun were following the cutters that were following the Caprican. This thing that was in their tunnels wasn't hurting them and the strange things that were half-them were, so they decided to help the thing that wasn't them. After they had dug out a reasonable area, one of them, a female called Unun, pushed back and attacked one of the cutters, stopping him from collapsing the tunnel around the Caprican. Other Raeun took notice to the strange creature that was half-blindedly guiding itself through their tunnels. One of them dropped in front of it as Unun and her band attaked the Race trying to crush Gabriel.

The one who dropped, one called Iril, eyed him in the darkness. His small eyes made out that he was no Raeun, and no Race, and not a rock-creature.


Guide him to where you sense Kaear. Do not harm this creature. My blessings go with you.

Iril looked at Gabriel again and beckoned with five of his six fingers, then scurried into a new tunnel, heading towards Kaear.


Ayru nodded as he pulled the rest of his body out of the ground, hunching his eight-and-a-half foot length so he could almost walk above-ground. He watched Silva and the dark sages, one claw moving almost nonstop on the ground as the other helped him stay quasi-upright.

["You be different then Ayru, very different. You not hurt Ayru though, so he figure out what to do to help goddess and brothers. Ayru come with you to see where you be going."]

He burrowed slightly underground, so that the ground lifted a bit when he moved, tunneling next to the Dark sages.

01/09/2005 6:16 PM

The Race Reacted with surprising violence. They had grown savage. The cutters blitzkrieged the interfering Raeun while more of them poured out of the nest, converging on the disturbance and collapsing as many tunnels infront of the caprican as possible.

01/10/2005 9:19 PM

OOC: Typically, I don't want ooc's in this thread, but I'm making an exception so that this gets across exactly as I intend it to.

Black_Plague, please do not think I am trying to halter your rp strategy, but something has come to my attention. As a god, you created "the race," but since then they have develped into elites, aquatans, cutters, and marsh strikers. I think this technically violates the one race rule (or sub-race, as it were). I know that you've been doing this so far and it wasn't a problem before. It only recently occured to me and I would appreciate it if you would discontinue introducing new versions of the race. Perhaps you should even focus on one version and use that solely, like the rest of us do.

Don't think I'm picking on you. Insano and myself old Avenging_Angel prior to limit herself to one race because that was the rule, it's only fair that you do too. It's hard enough to get a feel for what the race version 1.0 is exactly, let only keep in mind the variations.

0 AB, Day 50, 11 PM

[Garul de Dejar]

Gabriel stopped his frantic run of the tunnel into the Reaun city when he heard a commotion up ahead. Benn-Salian told Gabriel to expect clashes between Raeun and Race factions. The caprican reached into his bag and found part of his supply of grain salt. He prepared to ambush the Pretender Race's forces while he had the element of surprise.

That was when Gabriel saw the stone walls give way to a rock fall that seperated Gabriel and the warring races. he had no idea if it was intentional, but he knew it had saved The Pretender Race much grief - momentarily.

With both hands outstretched to the edge of the walls, Gabriel jhadon backtracked his way through the tunnels in hopes of finding an alternate route into the temple. Several yards on the right side gave way to a crude tunnel. Gabriel decided to test it's course.

On his way down, Gabriel found the tunnel to get hotter as he went down. The caprican was worried he would not arrived anywhere near his intended destination as the tunnel curved away from where he believed the temple to be.

After several momentsof dissent, Gabriel came to what appeared the destination for which the tunnel was created. Before him stood a creature almost twice his own height, but it didn't fit the description of the Pretender Race. "I am Gabriel Jhadon. I have come here from Quintagaia, homeland to those loyal to Benn-Salian. What say you, what allegiance do you have?"

01/10/2005 9:34 PM

Kaear looked over. Or, at least, she turned her head that way, dropping the silver and basalt. She crawled over to Gabriel and squatted down, so she was about his height, looking at him intently. He sort of maybe kind of a bit looked like the thingy that her Goddess said she was doing something for. She shrugged her large, bony shoulders and returned to what she was doing, just about ignoring the Caprican. Picking up the Silver Chloride, she carved it up a little, then dropped it down and did the same to the basalt. This done, she returned back to Gabriel curiously.

"Kaaaheahr." She growled, tapping a message at the same time, "Rhhrraauehn."

["I be Kaear, mate of Norun, leader of Raeun. You be a person that Kaear make a weapon for? Kaear making as fast as she can, you hold on. Kaear be a Raeun, you not be."]

01/11/2005 7:25 AM

Agrippa and his outriders returned silently to Gaul, their heads hung in shame. Any attempt to find the missing one, Octavius had failed. Surely Jyrkinius would be very angry to find that one of the flock had been picked off by a wolf. What exactly that wolf could be was what frightened Agrippa. There were no signs of struggle around the area where Octavius had last been seen, and only a few scant clues stood around of his whereabouts. Only a few hoven footprints stood around Octavius' abandoned tools. Needless to say, what could have happened was far beyond Agrippa's comprehension. His only hope was that Jyrkinus could figure it out. As the outriders rode to the center of town, they saw that Jyrkinius had stayed awake since the moment they had left, sitting near the firepit. He turned his head to the approaching riders, and spoke "Where is he?"

"We could not find him M'lord, and we searched to the frontiers of our domain" Replied Agrippa.

"Well, that apparently is not good enough. I told you to return with him. It is easy as that. You failed in your mission and now I'm afraid you must pay the price." Snapped Jyrkinius. He quickly leaped to his feet, grabbed a spear and hurled it at the Aki standing next to Agrippa. The outrider had litlle chance to react and the spear plunged deep into his chest. "Agrippa, next time you fail me, that will be you."

"Yes M'lord, I am greatful for your mercy." With that, Agrippa turned on his heal and returned to his mud hut.

Lord Insano of the Night to Benn-Salian, the Burning Star

Brother, it appears that your attempted 'contact' of my race went awry. I was under the impression that they were going to quell my followers whining, not abduct one of my foremost subjects. Never the less, it seems that your races bumbling may have become an asset to my Aki. With proper thought and planning this could very well work in my favour. I offer my thanks to you, oh pristine one.

01/11/2005 7:26 PM

(OOC: Ok, there goes adapting to another Race's weaknesses completely. Arighty, I'll keep that in mind.)

The Race had collapsed the tunnel and turned on the Raeun who were now sizeably outnumbered by angry, bladed cutters with only one thing on their mind. Dinner. The Cutter closest to the Raeun lashed out, dispatching one of the tunnelers. The others boiled around the corpse, chasing the Raeun down and killing all but one. This one survived by digging strait up and away from them. They grudgingly returned, picking up the bodies and entering the nest.

Lower tunnels:

The Race were buisily collapsing as many tunnels as possible around the nest, attempting to iscolate it from the Raeun. Yet they left a few open as they went, to allow further strikes on the ungerground denizens. These contact points were heavily guarded by both the nest's vigilant eyes and decent garrisons of Cutters. The work was slow as the collapsing of tunnels took time and effort. The tunnels not destroyed were heavily patrolled where the Nest came through them. It would be tough to get to the Nest, but a concentrated assault would be hard to fight off.


[multiple toxins detected in tunnels. Perimeter around nest must not be breached, create tunnels around Nest and patrol to prevent direct penetration to the nest. Garrison heavily and destroy any of the False Ones who come within sight.]

Inside Nest, Above Ground:

A strange network of sperical structures Were holding Raeun corpses. One held a live one. The Dead ones were being digested, The live one was being hooked into the nest by biogrowth and merged with the nest to create a new mind. This would aid greatly in hunting The Raeun. Other strange egg like structures were hatching new Warriors. The filtered to the bottom of the nest.

01/12/2005 9:07 AM

(OOC) That had to be the best writen post of yours Black Plague. Interesting and more developed. I hope to see if you keep on track with posts like these.(OOC)

Ayru's Gathering: 0 AB, Day 51, 010:37 AM

The sages listened intently to the creatures tapping and continued to work with it as if the creature was one of them trying to figure out something new. More sages of the white robes came into the mix and left as well. This was a long process till someone had a good idea to point out certian things to see about what it would call them.

Under the long processes the Sages had brought many materials in which they beleived could be used as a reference for a language and assorted them on tables brought in by some of the Keepers of the Empire. At this point they pointed at an object and asked the creature what it would call it.

Silva Windwise: 0 AB, Day 52, 08:42 PM:

Silva lain back with one of her military consultants sitting in a chair to the far side of her room. She called him in to see what his opinion was on assembling a fighting force.

"I was told by a Dark Sage only a few days ago about how there was a war within the moutians near by, as there was a massive chaos beneath the earth its self..." Silva paused and looked over to see the response the advisor in white robes was giving. He sat upright and his back pressed sternly yet unnaffected by Silva's words.

"Could this creature be one of them?" Silva asked.

He replied shortly and surely. "I am not sure but I dont think we should let it run without a watch."

Silva waved the mans segjestion away with her hand and sat upright on her bed. "We will welcome anything that is not hostile or anything we dont see becoming hostile toward us. This thing may be big ad bad but it also came with a bit of fear. Lets show it we can be kind and if it steps out of line just how cruel we can be." Silva proped herself against the wall in back of her and brought her knees to her chest and continued. "I have a feeling we may need to balance the scales if things get out of line down there." Silva spoke uneasely.

"I dont know if our empire can handle something as big as a war now." The advisor spoke.

"I never said we'd war now. I brought you in here to ask if we should prepare a force." Silva shot a glance over to the advisor and began to crawl out of her large bed.

"I think we should train more people in the arts of the sword and arrow." The man spoke firmly and this haltered Silvas movements.

"I wish to take this training as well" Silva replied to his words. "I wish to learn to fight and I want to be taught be the men that know best."

"That impossable Empress. You place is here for one and the only person with that much knowledge is Drovorak and he has yet to take up the Red Robes.

"Then bring him here!" Silva demanded and stood from her bed.

"He'll be here tomarrow with the last shipments of jade needed." The man spoke and stood up in reply to Silva's. Silva could tell this man was a bold and brave man who didn't want to give up, she somewhat liked that as an advisor.

"You may leave, but remember to assemble more of a fighting force. Take some of the Keepers of the Empire they will be excelent with the sword because of their inherient physical strength compared to other Crystians. And try to see if Keepers of the Mind would be better bowsmen." Silva threw herself back onto her soft bed. "Now leave. I tire now and need rest."

01/12/2005 6:22 PM

(OOC: Its not an issue of running out of good post, its an issue of not needing a long reply)

The Nest minds were cycling through the mind of the Raeun. Many things were cast aside. The neame of its immediate family, the link with its bretheren, its knowledge of primitive warfare. All that remained was the tunnel layout and makeup, the higher ranking officials in the society and specificly, the weapons the Raeun had at their disposal. The Race's army was beginning to prepare a minor scale assault on the mid section tunnels. The Raeun were starting to press too close to the nest. An upper tier contact point opened and belched out three squads of thirty cutters each. The cutters began to stealthily move upwards, searching for a Raeun group. Most had remained in the temple and were out of reach. There wasnt even a sign of life in the stone passages. The cutters sniffed around and began to weaken key points in the rock. More slow work, but it would save The Race alot of grief if they had to seal themselves off from the Raeun. An insubstantial barriere to diggers but it could crush them too. They remained atwork, hammering as much stone away as they could before turning arpund and sprinting back to the nest. The contact point peeled open and admited them into a large antechamber, where a large amount of dormant cutters rested. The three squads settled into the formation and curled up, shutting down and waiting for their next job. The Nest began dispatching identical squads to patrol the Nest's perimeters. No one would would get close.

01/13/2005 7:36 AM

(OOC:) I agree with Greylen, much better post. Might help if you added more paragraphs:D

Ok, these are some pictures I did of the mountain at the edge of the meadows which the Fayrin call home, they live in a forest on it's slopes and base. (not shown here, the program only does terrain, but you get the idea from the mountain's shadow)

Front view across the meadows to the mountain:

View of the mountain from the eastern end of the valley/meadow:

View of the mountain from the west:

Closer view of the mountain:

01/13/2005 8:59 AM

0 AB, Day 51, Midnight

[Garul de Dejar]

Gabriel Jhadon watched what he believed to be a Raeun, since it didn't look like the descriptions of the Pretender Race. He watched as the Raeun tried communicating by tapping the walls in some morse code-like fashion. This should not have been decipherable by Gabriel, but in only a few moments delay it was possible. It was almost as if he ha dhad a translator somewhere in his own head translating for him.

This Kaear seemed to be creating a weapon for Gabriel. That most likely meant that either Benn-Salian or the dark god, PoD, intended for the caprican to become further involved in the conflict then he had originally thought.And who argues with the gods, exactly? Gabriel watched as the weapon, which appeared to be a short sword, easily weilded by the caprican. He could see the cold blue of the mineral basalt which was bountiful in this western region, he could also see the shine from silver compound that was being infused into the blade nearest the edge.

"I am not sure if you are aware, Kaear," Gabriel replied, "but on my way here there were signs of war being let loose in the tunnels beyond. I don't intend to rush, but it will be inevitable for such conflict to find us."

01/13/2005 8:12 PM

(OOC: I'm going to use a program derived from a sattelite viewer to make a map based off Greylen's much confuzzling number map. If theres a good one being made, stop me, because this is a low quality program, using paint as its base. sry for the ooc only, but im getting tired of not knowing where everybodys located and guessing at proportionate land masses.)

01/14/2005 1:10 PM

OCC: That's nice thought Black_Plague, but don't fret, an official map is in the works. Greylen's map is only an account for what he remembered of the official design of Ohm originally done. Skystrike still has all the old information and he has already aspired to create the world map. Thanks for the offer, but it'll be taken care of.

01/14/2005 2:06 PM

Kaear turned her head and shrugged her large, bony shoulders. War wasn't her concern, after all. She had to make this weapon for him, and it was too small, but that's how PoD wanted it, so that's how she made it. Returning back to the weapon, she looked down at it thoughtfully. It was not even the size of her leg.

[" Mhragar."] The tapping even suprised the Raeun herself. She wasnt' quite sure where the word had come from, or how exactly she'd tapped it, but somehow, she had. She lifted the blade in a claw and held it out to Gabriel, looking at him in the darkness, her small eyes quite comfortable in the non-light, ["This be Mhragar. Mhragar be a special stick you use to hurt non-brothers. Kaear make for you from goddess. You are careful with Mhragar."]

01/16/2005 9:29 PM

God Mode

The stars sparkled over the woodlands of the Fayrin. Near the main waterfall that spilled into the Starshine Lake in the middle of the forest, goddess Angel lay on her back, gazing at the stars, leaning against Ranak.

"Ran, where do we come from?"
"Hm?" the dragon rumbled deep in his throat, opening a red eye.
"Where do gods come from? I mean, mortals come from other mortals, or are made by gods, but where do gods come from?"
The night dragon shifted. An odd question, unusually deep for the young goddess.

"It depends. Many are created by more powerful, Highgods. Others simply form from the elements, or just coalesce from the Beyond. Some....well, some start as mortals."
"Mortals? Are you serious?"
"No, not at all. Sometimes gods pick mortals to become gods."
"That can't be right. Mortals don't know how to be gods."
"They learn. As I said, it's not common."
"Hmph. I'd never trust a god who started as a mortal."
"Is there a point to your question, mistress?"
"No..............just wondering. Why do we gods fight? I mean, aren't we supposed to take care of mortals? Why are there gods like Black_Plague?"
"That's simply the nature of some gods. In that way, we are all like mortals."
"But why can't we all be at peace? Why can't we make the mortals not fight and the powerful gods make the others not fight?"
"It doesn't work that way."
"It should. It's silly to fight."

The dragon shook his starry head at the childish tone. In so many ways, she was a child. The goddess was quiet again, and the dragon gazed at the night sky, it's patterns reflected in his own hide. Sometimes she reminded him of one of his own dragonlets. Whyyy? Whyyy? Whyyy? It was the way of children, but it never failed to amaze him. He was bound to the goddess, to guide and protect her, but he never could understand her.
His children.
Ranak had not thought of his mate and children in a long time. It was too painful. The young dragonlets he had been forced to leave would be almost adults now, almost ready to set out and walk the paths between worlds.
Regret welled up, as he remembered their names.Raana. Kenak. Skaran. Jarik. Rasith. His mate, Jassth.
The dragon closed his eyes, settling down again. They were yesterday, far away.

Mortal Mode

Dianna stared up at the night sky, the moonlight glistened off of her long silver hair, glinting on the crystal horn in her forehead. Lately the Fayrin had been a busy people, alert for danger and wary against an attack. The strain showed on the Oracle, and her blue eyes were strained from worry. What if this new race attacked? Would the goddess be able to protect them? But if the race could break past the fierce Raeun.......

The Fayrin knew little of their neighors, but the few encounters they'd had with the Raeun had left them with a very large amount of respect tinged with fear, for the Raeun. They respected the strength and cleverness of the Raeun, and feared their dark goddess PoD. They had virtually no contact with the Crystians, and knew very little of the other race in the mountains, but were ever wary of them, and did all they could to avoid them, like they did all races. They didn't even know whether Raeun or Crystians knew that anyone lived in the forest at the edge of meadow and mountain.

Dianna sighed. There was nothing she could do, at least not immediately. They would have to wait for the enemy to come to them(goddess forbid) and worrying would do nothing about it. But....still. She felt so helpless, unable to change what happened around her.
Goddess, give me strength.
She sighed, pulling the dark blue shawl she wore tighter around her, her gaze straying over the city. The Fayrin had built many homes in the trees, the forest that they lived in always providing fairly warm weather. The leaves on branches woven into roofs were still green in some places. They lived off of the land mostly, cultivating fruit around the city a bit, and all their homes were made from a clever way of weaving green branches between the branches of trees. The homes were flimsy, but the Fayrin relied on their knowledge of the forest to protect them. It was dangerous, but few other races knew the woods as well as they did.

The Oracle sat down in the knee-high grass, still gazing at the stars, folding her light blue wings around herself, feathers rippling in the wind. She continued to muse on the strange world she lived in, until she finally fell asleep, reaching the conclusion that she would just have to have faith. It was all she had.

01/17/2005 5:58 PM

Black_Plague had heard the godess'questions to the dragon she used as a pillow. It made him think, almost. He returned his escence to the nest. The tunnels were almost three quarters down and already the masses of cutters guarding the exposed growth were a good reflection of evils strength. Plague returned his astral eyes and ears to the skys of Ohm, overseeing the other races which were developing defensive measures against him. He did not care, they were future events. He appeared before angel, leaning against a now dead tree.


(OOC: Im not using that stupidly overlarge colored text anymore because its inconvinient to use.)

"That was a good question, why do I exist I mean. Mostly its because i was created by another god. But also, think of a childs teeter board. The multi-verse requires balance to function, planets must exert negative force, speed, against their suns to prevent themselves from falling into them. Light must exert a negative force on dark to prevent total darkness and vice versa. Evil, and good I supose, is part of this balance. Both you and I were created to balance this equation. Somewhere in the cosmos, is an evil god being created, and somewhere else, an entity of light is being created to balance him. Life is essentially one big teeter board. And we are the children."

He closed his eyes, philosophy was not his strong suite, but that was deep even for some of the most advanced thinkers in creation. He opened his eyes and stepped away from the tree.

"I, as you may have guessed, am Black_Plague. I'm here to prevent a conflict between our races. You see, You and your creations seem to want to avoid conflict with both the Raeun and The Race, I can provide an answer to both by distracting the Raeun, and by keeping away from your limits, if you only return the favour. Not immediately, but when I ask, your aid would be most appreciated. How about it Angel?"

He shifted to human avatar and extended his hand to the goddess.

01/17/2005 7:39 PM

The night dragon looked up.
Something is coming.
He shifted slightly.

He appeared before angel, leaning against a now dead tree.

Angel opened her eyes sleepily.
"Huh? Whas' wrong, Ran?"
The dragon growled at Black_Plague, getting to his feet. Angel's eyes widened and she stood up, staying by the dragon. What was going on?!

"That was a good question, why do I exist I mean. Mostly its because i was created by another god. But also, think of a childs teeter board. The multi-verse requires balance to function, planets must exert negative force, speed, against their suns to prevent themselves from falling into them. Light must exert a negative force on dark to prevent total darkness and vice versa. Evil, and good I supose, is part of this balance. Both you and I were created to balance this equation. Somewhere in the cosmos, is an evil god being created, and somewhere else, an entity of light is being created to balance him. Life is essentially one big teeter board. And we are the children."

Angel eyed him. It was a good answer.....but why had he been listening to her?

"I, as you may have guessed, am Black_Plague. I'm here to prevent a conflict between our races. You see, You and your creations seem to want to avoid conflict with both the Raeun and The Race, I can provide an answer to both by distracting the Raeun, and by keeping away from your limits, if you only return the favour. Not immediately, but when I ask, your aid would be most appreciated. How about it Angel?"

He shifted to human avatar and extended his hand to the goddess.

The goddess stared....an alliance? Or something else?
"What kind of aid?"
Walk carefully, goddess. He is a treacherous kind.
I know, Ran.

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01/17/2005 8:39 PM

Greylen Judeth:

Grey looked down on his neighbors from the clouds toward The Reaun, The Race, and Angel's Fayrin. He was please that The Race had not made any hostile actions toward his creation and was also pleased the Reaun made contact with his otherwise reclusive Crystains, he also looked down at the new race that was born next to his. The Fayrin. This race had interested him seeing they where born out of the mind of what seemed to be a child goddess's. He took time enough to look through the tree's in which the Fayrin lived and seemed to hide.

"Even though it's because they are hiding from "The Race" they are simular to my Crystians." He muttered in a light breath.

Greylen was deep in thought and he was captivated by these creatures which seemed to bare crysal horns on their heads. "Was this horn a symbol of their goddess?" Greylen pondered deeper. "I have always repusented myself, mortal and as a god with Jade as my stone." Greylen laughed off his self thought as it was irrelevant to the race he was preceiving.

Upon looking over the plains his eyes spotted a small girl and what looked to him as a dragon created from the night. "A Midnight Dragon?" Greylen laughed again. "Cant be any such creature.... I dont think they even exsists. Maybe till I know it's name that's what I'll call it as I watch this "Dragon"."

Under his thought he quickly glanced back at the little girl as it struck him that she seemed out of place next to a dragon. "A little girl with powers enouhg to create creatures with only the sound of music." He was intent on watching this goddess as she exsisted in this world.

Greylen contunued to watch down on this goddess beneath him as he laid watching her slipping only moment glances back to his own creation. Then he noticed a dark figure on the ground close to the two he had peered on for some time now. Greylen only cursed in his mind. "Damn the winds of Ohm for not moving the dirrection I need them most, why will they not let me listen to what those two have to say." Greylen only waited and watched to see what outcome would come of the encounter this goddess would face with what he felt to be chaotic evil, what he knew to be the master of The Race.


Ostra was deep in the woods and moving faster then he had previously fortold. He thought it nessecary and now safe to move at a pace the demanded less cautiuonary messures. Unknowing to him his speed was bringing him close to Soaring Eagles creations.

Ostra was running with his sword drawn to his side and at this time with the amount of running that he and his colliege had endured they had proven their more fluid movements where a way to conserve their power. They where masters of the sword and wind and they where showing it with each step as they seemed to glide over the top of the earth and dodge branches and twigs by rolling lowly to the ground and by using the inertia they had given themselves through their swift speed, to resume their movements previously or by allowing their sharp swords to slice the trees with peircing power cutting a pathway. Ostra was please for this new forest wa a great chance to improove his abilities though he knew he hadn't the endurance to continue more then 2 or more hours, 4 at most but he would become defenseless at that time.


Silva sat organizing several military mobalization orders with her secratery. One of the sages the pervious day had formed corrective lenses for Silva by sanding crystals down to a fine grain and flexed them using heat so that it would bend light differently and encased them in a wire like but sturdy frame. This allowed smaller things to be veiwed in a bigger size. This was a large step in the science that consumed most Crystian minds. To be able to see the small insects with a more preceptive eyes. Even if they had keen eyes already. Though in Silva's case she was using it to read the writing more comfortably, this was one of her problems, she had noticed, as it was the reason she could not get into her paper work previously.

"We should set up lines of defense within the wall Empress." Her secretary turned and spoek to her. "All these orders seem as though you want us to move outside." Silva quickly took some of the papers that her secretary was over looking and peered at them for a few moments till she spoke.

"I see... But I did not give these orders, see it's writen here." Silva pointed at the bottom of the page in which one of the Military advisor's had writen his name.

The secretary looked puzzled over the next few papers on his desk. "hmm... I see, most of these seem to have other ideas as well." Her secretary turned back to Silva and gazed within her eyes through her spectecles. "I see you would agree with me, but you wish to be else where at the same time." Silva quickly turned from the appointed secretary and threw the papers she had in had over her shoulder. "You are a secretary, you should only know what you read an not what you see in my place." She snapped at him.

"If you wish, it seems as though there are extra Keepers of the Sword at our disposal, I dont see why you cant take a small repreive from your work to investigate matters?" The secretary spoke questionably wondering if he still was able to seggest as much. "Also Drovorak has finally returned with the last of the shipments of Jade needed for the Temple. I think the Priestess can handle things from here. Her influece is needed I think" He continued on. "We have deludged ourselves in the waters of science and most of us are growing our children without the knowledge of the one that created us. I think seeing he has not stepped in he sees us as growing children that need our mistakes to grow, but I see him helping us as well meaning he is only fathering us up there and we need to respect him more with the construction of the Jade Temple." Silva looked back over her shoulder toward the secretary "What is your name Secretary?" she questioned him.

"Fuujin Hyuga, I come from what I like to call the 7th house or we say, the 7th born." He smiled.

"I entrust you, if I take leave for diplomatic reasons, to rule this place with the second word of Doina as my repusenitive. I beleive with your wise yet kind words that you can keep this place under control." Silva swept her long red hair in back of her. "Take your time in the preperation of what we discussed. We have alot of our people wanting to join now that this new creature surfaced. We need to give them a place to work well." Silva and Fuujin huddle over a small map on their Table and pointed out positions that looked like they needed defense. After some time they found to many troops had joined and would have to be dispatched, even after organizing a small troupe for the posable journy in the future.

01/17/2005 8:48 PM

(OOC: My emails ocarion62@hotmail.com. drop me a line if you need to.)

Black_Plague shifted back to god mode. The drgaon was communicating with the goddess, no doubt at his expense.

"Maybe suplies, aid, or a cast off from your society, who knows. But whatever it is, the benefits to your race can be enormous. The Nest is being surrounded by rock, the warriors can sense tremors, and The Raeun are resting their lifes on the shoulders of a single Caprican. All this can be used against you, or used alongside you. remember that if you fall under siege, as for my stay-away-from-me treaty, I wont ask for much. I am needed at the nest, find me there. Its above ground."

Black_Plague dissapeared and reapeared in the nest, the tunnels had been collapsed and the Race was awaiting orders. Good.

"Hold your position in the tunnels, if the caprican comes close, give him no option but death or return to his home."

Things were good.

01/17/2005 10:07 PM

"Maybe suplies, aid, or a cast off from your society, who knows. But whatever it is, the benefits to your race can be enormous. The Nest is being surrounded by rock, the warriors can sense tremors, and The Raeun are resting their lifes on the shoulders of a single Caprican. All this can be used against you, or used alongside you. remember that if you fall under siege, as for my stay-away-from-me treaty, I wont ask for much. I am needed at the nest, find me there. Its above ground."

Black_Plague dissapeared

Angel stared at the place where the god had been a moment ago.
"That.....didn't sound bad.....isn't he supposed to be evil? He was nice....he didn't really seem evil at all.....and he wasn't asking for alot....maybe I should take him up on his offer....."
"Goddess.....I don't think this is a good idea...."

Angel giggled.
"Oh, don't worry. It'll be fine. I'll just think about it, okay?"
She smiled, and lifted her pearlescent flute, playing a light and cheery tune.

You worry too much. the dragon chided himself, settling down again as the light music filtered through the star-lit night.

01/18/2005 3:01 PM

0 AB, Day 51, Midnight

[Garul de Dejar]

Mhragar. The sword laid in Gabriel Jhadon's hands. The power within it seemed alien, yet alluring. While the hands that created this weapon were Reaun, it was meant for the hands of a caprican. Gabriel watched the tip shimmer in the light of the sulfur fires. He could see that once the silver made contact with the basalt base it created a granular residue. Hopefully this weapon will not fall apart when I need to call upon it against the Pretender Race, Gabriel thought to himself.

Gabriel took the tunnels that he used to arrive here. He'd rather work against the collapsed tunnels than attempt to sulfur fires. On his accentup the tunnels, Gabriel could here commotion. There were two of the Race who had been tring to follow him down to the chasm.

Not finding a proper way to ambush the two Prentender Race, Gabriel charged out of the darkness and engaged them before they could properly react. The two were expecting to by the predetors, not the prey. They were slew before they could think about being attacked at all. Watching their limp bodies on the floor, the caprican saw that they emitted a sort of bubbling over at their wounds. That's when Gabriel realized that Mhragar expelled a sort of salt byproduct that would prove invaluable in his attempts to thwart the god, Black_Plague.

01/18/2005 5:01 PM

Black_Plague watched the two cutters die. So one caprican could ambush the tremor senseing cutters. Then he realized those ones came before the change. Ah well, the nest had his rough position and had dispatched a large squad to intercept him. They came silently around a corner, sensing the creatures hoofbeats two turns up. Black_Plague shrouded the are with his evil, obscuring it to the other god's senses and creating an opressive feeling in the tunnel. It was the feeling of despair. The Race greatly profited from this emotion, drawing extreme confidence. They would need it when faced with a lethal salt weapon. They promptly tunneled into the wall and back from the advancing caprican, creating a sort of firing corridor in the tunnel. This was the only one that contacted the network of tunnels around the nest. The Race had seen to that. Funny, the fate of the Raun rested on a single entity not suited for the tunnels nor equiped well enough to engage an army. Interesting.


[CAUTION! CAPRICAN IDENT INBOUND, CAPRICAN IDENT INBOUND. salt ion emiting weapon in posession, high lethality. neutrilize and destroy weapon. Caprican is to be ingested, ruturn him to nest for consumption. Weapon must be destroyed in any manner available.]

Black_Plague, Renegade God:

"I'll deal with the sword, just kill the Caprican, I cannot interfere with him when he is guarded by his god."

He drifted back into the tunnel infront of the firing corridor, reflecting briefly on the recent events. The young goddess angel seemed to have no quarrel with him and almost seemed to.... like? respect?..... some plucky warm 'n fuzzy feeling. She was considering at least asking about the propossal on the metaphoric table. He raised a hand to the caprican.

"Halt now, or die a terrible death. I warned you on the cliffs edge, I tried to prevent you reaching deeper, but you persist. I mean it, last warning."

01/18/2005 8:51 PM

(ooc) I would like to point out Black_Plague that an Ion is a electrified gas molecule or another way of saying it. "an active molecule" salt can be ionized when combined with other gasses but... I dont see this being the case now.(ooc)

Diona Fillong: 0 AB, Day 56, 010:42 AM:

Diona sat on a flat rock off the edge of the lake where Keepers of the Empire worked hard to position the first Jade stones for the Temple. Close by a sage overlooking blueprints that Diona herself made with the help of a Dark Seer.

She looked out into the distance looking for faces and names for each of the people under her command when she heard in the brush near by a runner. Turning to the sound she saw his face as he raced light footedly toward Diona herself.

"A message for you." The man stopped and bent over in exhaustion allowing the palm of his left hand to embrace his knee in rest, extending his right hand he held a rolled up scroll and repeated his previous words. "A message for you."

Fillong extended her hand to receive the message and gently took it from the runners hand. "Thank you for dilivering this message with such dillegence. Allow yourself to rest. I doubt I'll need you to return for some time." Diona opened the message only to read that the jade shipments are completed and the rest of the jade should be there in the following days. Diona waved to the sage which stood in front of her to come. "Here read this, it'll please you more then me now." Diona handed the sage the scroll then took to laying in the shade in which the flat rock was. I had been weeks since she last saw her home in Zal Thender it'd be much more before she may even see with her own eyes that city again. She had accepted the fate of raising the egg given to her people from Greylen, and that fate required her constant attention.

"Greylen, have I cursed myself into solotude unintentionally?" Diona muttered quietly as she stared up at the clouds which could be seen through the canopy of leaves above her.

Drovorak: 0 AB, Day 55, 06:22 pM

Drovorak had just returned to the city of Zal Thender when he was greeted by a messanger.

"The lady Silva has you on call. She seems to have a use for you in an posable expidition." The man spoke, but Drovorak raised one of his sturdy arms and waved the message away.

"I am always on call just come and tell me when and where and I'll be there. But aside of that what is this of a creature which came from beneath the earth?" Drovorak spoke.

"As far as I know it's name is Ayru, looks like an insect and the sages are close to desiphering the language it seems most capable of. Sadly seeing our Sages beat sticks on the ground makes me think we're becoming primitive creatures much like the cricets we hear when the sun goes down." The messanger sighed and took his leave of Drovorak.

With that out of Drovorak's hands, Drovorak continued on with the last shipment to the northern store houses.

Silva: 0 AB, Day 55, 01:12 PM

Silva decided to approach the creature which was working with her sages.

"Have you any need of us? Do you need us for anything? We have assembled fighters and trading goods if your race would need them. We are even willing to trade out skills in construction and arcitecture with you for items you may be able to present us, like metals and minerals." Silva looked back at her sages and spoke to them. "If Ayru needs a translation I ask you to do it with what you know."

01/18/2005 9:54 PM

(Occ: odd i thought an ion was a combination of two or more elements into a single atom. or is that fission. damn my stoner of a science teacher. Oh and note to other gods, cutters will be seen in and out of nest, other adaptations such as diggers or other nest required things will not exit the nest.)

The Race had discovered a few metal veins farther back in the mountain and descended on them with a ravenousity they hadnt shown in war, attacking it with spare cutters and small diggers not used for war. They broke off large chunks of the useless metal and moved it to the above ground portion of the nest.


[secondary function, mining and movement of following materials. copper, steel, iron to the upper nest for stock piling. possible trade/weapon developement later.]
[primary function, DESTROY CAPRICAN!]

Black_Plague appeared at the back of the tunnel, his arms crossed. He still blocked the tunnel from the other gods sight, but was suddenly in his mortal avatar, complete with broadsword and hair cut.


"Or better yet, come and kill me yourself. End it now. The fate of Ohm rests on you my little caprican friend. Your God cant help you here, his power is useless in my realm. He is deaf, dumb, and blind here. I can easily overpower you in person. Now, you have three choises. 1 throw your little metal stick down here, turn around and leave.
2 come down this tunnel, the only one leading to the nest, and kill me. Or 3, swear alegiance to me. I doubt you'll pick the smart choices of run or convert, but the choice is up to you."

Black_Plague drew the sword. His avatar could die but he wouldnt, combat was a moot point. If the caprican got by him, the nest would send the entire army after him.

01/19/2005 8:29 PM

OCC: This is a moot point, but it is an irritancy of mine. See below:

Ion: an atom or group of atoms that carries a positive or negative electric charge as a result of having lost or gained one or more electrons.

Salt is a compound created from the ions Na+ and Cl-. Ions exist in all phases of matter and fission is the further breakdown of an individual atom. Benn-Salian's glad he took Chemistry in college. BIC:

0 AB, Day 51, 1 AM

[Garul de Dejar]

After Gabriel dispatched the two Race, he journeyed further up the tunnel. As he had expected, he heard more commotion further up the tunnel. He suspected that the Race had created a gauntlet for him so he extended Mhragar in front of him for protection.


"Or better yet, come and kill me yourself. End it now. The fate of Ohm rests on you my little caprican friend. Your God cant help you here, his power is useless in my realm. He is deaf, dumb, and blind here. I can easily overpower you in person. Now, you have three choises. 1 throw your little metal stick down here, turn around and leave.
2 come down this tunnel, the only one leading to the nest, and kill me. Or 3, swear alegiance to me. I doubt you'll pick the smart choices of run or convert, but the choice is up to you."

The caprican studied the god before him. He had seen Black_Plague once before and while he was still in awe of his presence he seemed to respect the god less for having to appear before him, a mortal, once more. Gabriel Jhadon was not going to allow such a show of power overwhelm him so easily.

"If this be a day of ultimatums then I have one worthy of a god such as yourself," Gabriel replied with just an ounce of contempt, "I want you to leave the Reaun homeland. I command in the name of Benn-Salian, himself, that you cease your desires of oppression of the races of Ohm. Also, I have decide not to accept any of your options - I shall stand my ground and liberate the Raeun by myself, if needed.

"And to be quite frank, there is no one place on Ohm that Benn-Salian is impotent. It was he, with the other elder gods, that created the very mountains within you stand. How dare you not admit inferiority to him!"

Gabriel Jhadon stepped forward towards Black_Plague and the Race. "I have already relayed to you that I will not claim defeat nor align myself with you. If you choose to strike me down, so be it - I place trust in my god, Benn-Salian."

[In the Abyss of Ohm]

Benn-Salian was unable to keep in contact with his champion, Gabriel Jhadon. He lost the caprican somewhere in the tunnels of Garul de Dejar. Benn-Salian knew he could have penetrated the dark aura around the area if he wanted to, but he would also alert anyone in the area to that interference. The Burning Star decided it was best to wait and view the aftermath.

01/19/2005 10:35 PM

(ooc) Yeah Benn got me on Ion but... I think benn ment Fission not fusion, fisson mean "an atom breaking down or apart" Honestly I dont deal much with chemical reactions. I deal best with Physics. I just know the effects when it does happen. *looks both ways* Any how I cant post anything till other people post. I will wait for Angel, and PoD before my next posts. I also know how much Benn hate OCC's when they are stand alone, so I wont make a habbit of this. But to enforce what Benn said... Ions are just active "particles" atoms that lost or gained extra electrons. I thought they were aimed more toward gasses but gasses are normally stable so... Yeah I remember physics 101 now... so forgive me BP for the Ion information. It was mostly true just missing some BIGGER details to follow also some false information about "just" being gasses. My bad.

01/20/2005 7:40 PM

(OOC: Arrggg the science. Oh, and Benn, if you dont mind I'll kill your chosen one now.)

Black_Plague studied the caprican. He was serious. But Benn wasnt tapped into the aura. this was new.

"Very well then. Your faith will be your down fall."

Black plague didnt even bother with the sword. Well mortal, the avatar he inhabited rivaled his goddly power. There was a hissing noise and a thin band of air steamed. The bolt was aimed strait at Gabriel's head. There was a sickening crack when the invisible force struck the Caprican. With a muffled thud, the quadriped collapsed. Black_Plague advanced on the soon to be corpse and rested a hand on the air above his head. It was a corpse already. The Aura around the tunnel dissipated and Black_Plague called to the elder god.

Black_Plague, Renegade God:

"You see what has befallen your creation? Maybe you should have given them a touch of common sense before you sent your chosen one after me."

He turned to mhragar, picking it up without even touching it and breaking it into its basic elements, which he dispersed through the skies of ohm. The corpse he left for the nest, which accepted it via the cutters in the wall. It was absorbed into the nest.

Nest: Above Ground

The capricans body was put in one of the cells used to break food down and burrow into minds. The Caprican was removed of his brain delicately, merging it with one of the nests many minds after shucking it of personality and other unnessiscary trappings. The head, missing the brain was removed and sent to the Caprican hometown in the jaws of a scout drone. The body was broken down and added into a waste recycling section of the nest.

[Threat neutrilized, return to standard operating routine.]

Caprican hometown: The scout carying Jhadon's head landed in the town square, its insectile legs barely stopping it. It dropped the head and uttered a strange hissy, yet understandible phrase in perfect caprican before flying about ten feet and dying.

"Compliments of The Race. stay away from our territory or else."

Black_Plague drifted above his creation, laughing. He couldnt wait till the end. He turned as he sensed a god coming towards him, switching to his usual god form, instead of the black cloud he really was.

Black_Plague, Renegade god.

"What brings you to my domain?"

01/20/2005 9:17 PM

OOC: There's a rule about killing off other people's characters. Not just in this thread, but the whole forum. I will resolve this without corrupting the storyline. I ask that you bear that in mind in the future. BIC:


Gabriel Jhadon stood before his god. Benn-Salian watched him as he came to grips with what had transpired. The caprican had died at the hands of Black_Plague and was not witnessing the afterlife.

Benn-Salian, the Burning Star:
I've been expecting you. I knew as soon as you were outside my influence He would take advantage of your mortality. Do not take this as sign of failure. No, far from it. You have done well Gabriel Jhadon of Quintagia.

Gabriel looked to his god, whom he put all of his effort and faith into. "Does it end here then?"

Benn-Salian, the Burning Star:
I'm afraid not, Gabriel, you are still sorely needed on Ohm. I need you to return. I can't allow you to rest until Black_Plague is finished terrorizing Ohm and the Raeun are liberated. I wish you luck.

And with that, the Abyss faded from Gabriel's vision and was replaced by a familiar location.

[Garul de Dejar]

Gabriel Jhadon stood in a now empty tunnel where he had been only momentarily, but seemed ages by now. In his hand lay Mhragar, the Blade of Kaear. Gabriel began to realize that this may be more of a bane than blessing. Who is one to question the gods? On that ironic note, Gabriel continued upon the task at hand.

01/21/2005 5:08 PM

(OOC: Arighty, I just wasnt sure because you said your god charachter wasnt watching him, so I took that to mean you had abandoned him.)

The Nest was busy organizing the army for a small offensive against the Raeun. It was a small one, designed to inform the Raeun that they still existed. It consisted of about thirty cutters, all of which were prepared to rip open the first thing they encountered. The door closest to the tunnel they had last sensed the Caprican lay beofre them and they began sprinting up it, hell bent on destruction. The Nest guided them from its memory of the tunnels and where neccessary, the cutters moved walls. Or ripped through them. The nest closed the contact point, the patrols stalking around it. And Black_Plague stood above the nest. The entity he had sensed was either gone or had dissapeared from his senses. Odd.

02/16/2005 4:12 PM

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Through the expanse of the cosmos, an entity had followed the gods as they had left past ventures. This entity brought with it something much more than the hate that consumed its being. The entity knew only too well what it felt like to have fire consume the dry parts of his body as if it were merely timber, to have magma melt away the muscle and sinew from his very bones. He decided if he were ever given the opportunity, others would know too.

[Garul de Dejar]

Newly resurrected, Gabriel Jhadon sought his way deeper into the tunnels of the Raeun, there his presence had been needed for some time now. Shortly after turning a corner Gabriel came across a break in the wall. Aparently some the Race had broken through and as luck had had it, their party turned away from the caprican.

At this thought Gabriel decided to take chase. With the Blade of Kaear, Mhrager, to his side, the caprican ran through the darkness following the grain of the stone on the floor of the tunnels. After several moments of almost quiet pursuit Gabriel came upon two of the Race. Gabriel relied on absolutly no thought, but pure instinct, as he pierced the back of the Race with Mhrager. The sight of penetration instantly foamed as the salt componets of the blade violently reacted with the chemical makeup of the Race.

Gabriel thrusted the creature off the end of the blade by pushing on the back of its head. The Race fell to the ground convulsing as if in a seizure while it continued to foam from the mortal wound. In the second before the other could turn around, it lay dead with similar wounds where its neck met up with the rest of its body. It, too, fell to the ground before ever seeing its attacker.

Once Gabriel had recollected his thoughts after the battle, the caprican decide to backtrack to the tunnel's sight of penetration. Once there he followed it until he came across a familiar passageway. The one traveling to the Temple of PoD, where he attempted to travel to originally.

The caprican, borne of the bright village of Quintagaia, ha d developed a sixth sense in the dark which allowed his some percieved knowledge of the Race's movements. Even if it were only intuition, the ability allowed the caprican to choose with some forethought to fight or flee the engaging search parties. Gabriel had resolved not to take any more unneccesary chances and gave the remainder of the Race the slip on his way to the Temple of PoD.

The tunnel that Gabriel was taking had finally gave way to a larger enclose, even if it wasn't dimly lit, Gabriel Jhadon recognized it as the site of the Raeun temple of their patron god.

03/10/2005 9:31 PM

Black smiled as the Caprican moved away from the nest. He knew that Benn would have reurected him, but a pause was a pause, and the Caprican seemed to have feet of foam. The Race had becom almost self sustaining and Black simply watched it. It pulled back into itself, concentrating more on defence. It had developed the foothold it needed in the tunnels to prevent its death from above. The warriors dispatched to kill the wayward Gabriel turned back to the nest and returned to the patrols around its edge.


[defend nest, caprican fleeing, defend nest. God has ordered us to run our own selves. Nest preparing to sever link with god.]

Indeed the link was clipped, Black could still control the race, but the nest was mostly on it's own. The armies began to mass up, the nest converted all extra food into warriors which began to cluster at exit points of the nest. The nest was now a buzzing hive of bladed horrors. They patrolled both the inside and outside restlessly. Essentially they were now wingless hornets. Black plague pitied any wanderer who encountered the nest. As a small number already had.

03/11/2005 9:03 PM


The entity, almost no more than an apparition, paused out of exhaustion. A trip throughthe astral materials of the multiverse had given no rest to the would-be traveler.

At one point, the astral traveler had found itself in a battle pitted against a dragon of anient yore. The dragon found itself on the recieving end of relentless pain and toment. The dragon had felt the burning might of revenge sear through its thick hide. The agony was too much too bear and the beast fell victum to the intense heat as the unsatisfied thirst of retribution.

The dragon was merely a victum, its death did nothing to qualm the astral traveler's hatred. It had occured to the astral travel that perhaps it would never be sated, but that no longer could matter. This astral travel was not merely traveling the cosmos, it was hunting.

[Garul de Dejar]

Gabriel found the temple's courtyard vastly deserted. Not that he expected much to the contrary, but he was nervous that he would not find any of the Raeun inside. The caprican thanked both respected gods when their existance was confirmed. All Raeun were asked if remain inside the temple, even those who had been acting as its defenders.

With Mhrager, the very blade crafted by the Raeun for the purpose of saving the Raeun, in front of him, Gabriel Jhadon of Quintagaia, champion of the Burning Star, prepared to meet any challenge that presented itself.

03/12/2005 10:03 AM

Black had sensed something new on the playing field, what he did not know. He returned his focus to the Raeun temple. Pathetic. The entire army of the Race could sweep through that lot. The problem was the tunnel. Suddenly a silver mist appeared around Black Plague. It leached into the ground, and formed in the tunnel in front of Gabriel.

Black_Plague, Renegade God:

[Ah, you live again.]

The voice seemed to be made of many, and vibrated through the minds of thoe who heard it. The voice was despair beyond any felt between all the people of Ohm, Psuedo and all the planets Black Plague had destroyed in his life. Many of the Raeun began to cry hopelessly, but none fled. They were held by Black's power.

[I expected as much, Mesiahs and Saviors never stay dead for long. Why are you here, of all places, this dirty twisted maze of rock and salt? Why does your god care what happens to these ugly rock dwelling things? Moreover, Why do YOU care? There is nothing here, nothing of value, to the Caprican race. The only value of these beasts is to my creation as food. Do yourself a favour, go outside and get some fresh air. If you will not do that, maybe we can bargain. Of course, why would a creature such as yourself care to be smart? Good luck Jhadon, you shall need it.]

Black began to dissipate, melting upwards through the rock slowly. As he did so, He called to the nest.

[Surround them, your entire army can swamp them. This ends here.]

Black_Plague, Renegade God to Avenging Angel.

[Now is the time when I require that service I asked of. My creation's home will be somewhat vulnerable for a while, and your aid in the tunnels will be appreciated. If you do this for me, my armies will always be at your service in wartime. I have urgent business to attend to now, you know where I am.]


[destroy them. destroy them all. Dispatch armies. kill.]

Under the peak, the entire army of The Race awoke with a ravenous hunger. Every warrior roared their fury, causing the tunnels to shake. Black_Plague was still mostly in the tunnel, and this loud scream of collective anger seemed to increase his prescence. slightly.

[Last chance Caprican, I give the army about five hours.]

The voice was fading rapidly in the now shaking tunnel. The entire might of The Race's exponentially large army voiced again. The army began to move slowly forwards, towards the network of tunnels and the temple the rockdwellers called home. They spread out as they moved, filling as many tunnels as possible and collapsing the ones they didnt know. As a result, most of the tunnels between the nest and the temple were taken up by the army. The ones tyhat werent, were fallen drifts.

03/13/2005 12:29 PM

[Garul de Dejar]

Seeing as Gabriel had little choice other than fulfilling his god's will, the caprican was more irritated than afraid of Balck_Plague. Not to say, he wasn't afraid, this was his third or forth time seeing the god and the intimidation hadn't lesson - and that was what irritated Gabriel.

The departing god's last words warned that the caprican had five hours until the army engaged him. His irritancy did want him to wait until then - perhaps he could lighten the army around the edges in those five hours. Gabriel took a step forward to do that very thing when an all too familiar voice stopped him.

Benn-Salian, the Burning Star:

Nay, warrior. It is one thing to raise weapon upon those who you must defend yourself against. Within the next five hours, you won't be able to rationalize about The Race. You will have to wait your time until you can fulfil my decree. I suggest in that time that you continue to stand firm in your guarding of the temple. Fair thee well, caprican.

Gabriel breathed out a sigh. He intended to uphold the word of Benn-Salian.

03/13/2005 2:50 PM

Black appeared above the temple roof in god form. He would watch the carnage. He seeped back into the temple, forming a cloud of silver gas. It bubbled like a bad omen. The armies of the race suddenly picked up the pace, going from a steady tromp to a run. They had sped up enough to reach Garul de Dejar in about two hours. They voiced again, shaking the tunnel. Black grinned and a huge yawning gap appeared in the cloud that he was. It would be a good day. The race began to boil through the final tunnels, spreading around the temple network to come in from all sides. The defenders were in for a shock. Suddenly with a cracking rumble, The race attacked the barriers, crunching through the stone in many places. The first warrior to enter the temple stopped and roared at the Caprican. It seemed to say do your worst.

03/16/2005 4:16 PM

Gabriel waited as the Race approached him. He was somewhat apprehensive about instigating the battle between himself and the Race after what Benn-Salian had said. Luckily, the Race did not dissapoint, one approached close enough to become a threat - one Mhrager was able to nuetralize.

The caprican's dodging and alternating attacks fell many foes. But for ever four or five creatures that recieved a mortal wound from the reactive edge of Mhrager, another one got the upperhand over Gabriel and sent him to his maker. Benn-Salian was relentlessly reanimating his champion around true death.

Early on Gabriel Jhadon has entered a berserk-like mode to the point that he did not question, if acknowledged at all, that he was suffering an army's worth of casualties. The champion from Quintagaia merely continued his onslaught of the enemy tring to clear the enterances into the temple. Many followerd of PrincessOfDarkness perished despite the caprican's best efforts.

03/16/2005 5:19 PM

Black was amused by the constant reanimation of the caprican. It was truly interesting. He watched as more of the race swarmed into the tunnels around the temple from the bulk of the army which was still mostly in transit and in the connecting network of tunnels. Every time a warrior fell, it was rebuilt from excess mass in the nest. There was quite a large amount of this as the rocks contained minerals up the wazoo. The Raeun were putting up a valiant effort, Black gave them that. But they didn't stand a chance.

[I have won Caprican.]

Black dropped into the middle of the temple in avatar. He drew the sword slung over his back and used it like a cane.

"Having fun yet?"

03/20/2005 7:24 AM

Gabriel could feel the god's presence before he heard the renegade speak. After the RAce he had just recently slain dropped from Mhrager's blade, the caprican slowly turned towards Black_Plague with intent.

"Of course I am," Gabriel Jhadon answered, "for I am winning."

The caprican from Quintagaia looked all around him to a scene that made his claim contradictory. This did not phase him. "It's a matter of mission statements," Gabriel explained, "Since you seek to enslave and rule the Raeun as well as Ohm, you are losing until you actually do. Myself on the other hand, I just seek to stop you and while you lose - I win."

Black_Plague looked at Gabriel in a way that the caprican took as rage. Gabriel reacted as if it were. "You can kill me. You can kill me a thousand times over, but you will only need to klill me once more. And in that time you will continue to lose and I will continue to win."

Gabriel, the Ressurected, and Chosen of the Capricans wore a look a satisfaction because he had learn how to do what no one on Ohm has done before - effectively challenge a god.

03/22/2005 8:09 PM

Black chuckled.

"There are many things worse then death my quadripedal friend. There is eternity. Severing your mind from your body and letting it drift. There is no way to resurrect your body. It would be fed in the nest, while your mind spiraled downward into insanity. I can make it happen. And your god? The void is something even the most powerful highgods do not touch. Pushing you into it would guarantee your loss. And while I may be at current loosing, the rock dwellers are being decimated. Your pathetic struggle is laffable. Why protect those that have nothing for YOU?"

With the last word, there was a hissing noise and the air off to the cprican's left seemed to lose substance. If one of his warriors hadn't moved in between the two, Jhodon would have been lost. Instead the warrior crumbled into dust as the RNA was sucked out of it.

04/08/2005 1:36 PM

OOC: I appologize for my recent absence - I had to get a new internet account. Meh. This thread had tons of potential, the whole concept does, it's a great game of chess (not checkers.) But it's always best to play chess for the love of the game rather than to win, so with my last move I'll regretfully call "Checkmate." Thank you all for another educating RP expierence.


0 AB, Day 54, 10 PM

[Garul de Dejar]

"Nothing for me?" Gabriel Jhadon, the Ressurected and Champion of Benn-Salian asked the god rhetorically, "The Raeun fight for what little they can be content with - life. I fight for that very same thing. I want to live for me and not anyone else. Especially a god who is as demented and warped in mind and body as you!"

True to his threats Black_Plague smited his still mortal adversary and claimed his very soul with intention to torture. Both his astral form and Gabriel's ascended into the heavens.

Once Black_Plague's presence had departed The Race was working independantly with direction from The Nest. The Raeun, who felt more content battling a mortal enemy, swarmed the area to do battle with The Race.


Black_Plague relished in his ability to inflict pain upon the caprican. Without aid or succor the mortal had stood defiant in front of the god like a fool and he deserved a fool's punishment. The renegade god manipulated nerves to mimic the expierence of the very flesh being ripped from the bone over and over again. Black_Plague was entertained greatly from the caprican's woe.

Both the god's and caprican's presence caught the attention of the traveler amoungst the cosmos and multiverse. They were a beacon for the entity and drew him closer to his destination. Gabriel's deaths were sending disturbances through the multiverse in every direction and CHASM had followed one of those to its source.

Bypassing the two astral beings, CHASM dwelved straight into Ohm - the residence to his two greatest nemesis; Benn-Salian and Insano.

Benn-Salian, The Burning Star, to Insano, Lord of Night:
Brother! We must be on alert, I have sensed a great peril approaching. Do you know anything of it?

Insano, Lord of Night to Benn_Salian, The Burning Star:
Aye, I have. It is your Abiel, CHASM, he has tracked us down from Ohm's sister world, Psuedo. He is a treat indeed, he bodes ill for both of us. I suggest we enlist Skystrike and follow him to Ohm before he does any irreversable harm.

Benn-Salian, The Burning Star, to Insano, Lord of Night:

[SW Akinian Plains]

Benn-Salian, Insano and Skystrike set foot upon Ohm in their avatars. They had senced CHASM's advances here and sought to get an actual visual. They all saw the Akinian named both Octavius and Malacai before them. He had a crimson aura around him and the bodies of five caprican's laying at his feet, melting into the ground.

Benn-Salian, The Burning Star:
Malacai! What have you done?

The gods all knew the gruesome truth. They had all witnessed what the Burning Plague could do. But how had the Burning Plague developed in a world without magic? CHASM! The Abiel spectre must had had a hand in this.

"I was merely defending meself," the Aki replied, not grasping what he had truly done, "these capricans chose to bring harm to me and they would have hadn't the specter saved me."

Insano, Lord of Night:
Octavius, you have not been saved. That spectre only serves ill will. You must go back to your homeland and warn your people of impending doom.

The three elder gods departed with intention of confronting CHASM.

[Garul de Dejar]

On a suggestion from Skystrike, The Elder Gods traveled to the beseiged city of the Raeun. When they arrived, they were too late. Both the armies of the Raeun and the Race were laid to waste. PrincessOfDarkness sat crying amoung her dead followers.

PrincessOfDarkness, the Abandoner:
All gone! All! Surely Black_Plague's followers had survivors - Why not my Raeun? He shall pay, that Abiel shall pay dearly.

Skystrike pulled Benn-Salian and Insano away from comforting the deity. The Twilight god knew only too well how sharp her teeth were when she was upset, plus, time was of the neccesary.

Skystrike, The Iron Scale:
Where could CHASM had hoped to go from here?

Insano, Lord of Night:
It's impossible to tell where he intends to go. We'll have to alter his plans somewhat. Let us challenge him directly in Quintagaia.

Benn-Salian, The Burning Star:
Quintagaia! Why there? That is where my Capricans flourish.

Insano, Lord of Night:
I know. It's added insurance that CHASM will answer. Surely, he could not pass up the opportunity to be called to the new homeland of his former patron god.

The Elder Gods left PrincessOfDarkness to care for the dead and headed to Quintagaia.


Benn-Salian, the Burning Star:
CHASM! There you are! It's over, we have come to stop you.

"It is too late, Almighty Benn-Salian," CHASM spat, "The formless ones have aready unwittingly brought the Combustion Plague to their nest. It's been spread throught all of the underground tunnels and into all of the societies of this Psuedo. Much of the Psuedo gods that have joined your betrayal have paid for their crimes and new gods have also paid dearly."

Benn-Salian, the Burning Star:
No! You stop now and we will rebuild that which you destroyed.

CHASM reached out for Benn-Salian's hand and grabbed it, inflicting upon the god the mortal expience of the Cumbustion Plague. Though the god had no flesh to melt nor bones to singe he also had no release from the pain. This was all possible through CHASM's antimosity and built up anger at those gods who allowed him to suffer.

Benn-Salian, the Burning Star:
Insano! Brother, you must aid me!

Insano, Lord of Night:
No brother. You were wrong. There is nothing to rebuild - these mortals of Ohm do not live for themselves, they live for you. It was your caprican's resurrection that called CHASM here in the first place. Perhaps it better you die within the proximity of your great hall that you had your capricans build from white granite and rose quartz.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" CHASM screamed as the blade of Mhragar pierced into his being and tore him apart. The enemy of the gods dissapeared from existance before the pantheon.

Benn-Salian slumped to the ground cradling his left arm where the forearm showed signs of third degree burns. He looked up into the face of PrincessOfDarkness.

PrincessOfDarkness, the Abandoner:
From your godly hand you brought him life and from my godly hand I brought him death. Both are a blessing and a curse. This I learned in Psuedo, what have you learned in Ohm, brother?

With his ego bruised, Benn-Salian decided not to answer and retreated to the Abyss to nurse his wounds.

Insano, the Lord of Night:
Shall we destroy this world now, Skystrike? Perhaps once we confront our brother of light we could work to create another world.

Skystrike, the Iron Scale
Nay. Ohm has no sins of its own to atone for - let us depart from the world and allow it to decide its own future for once, we owe it that much for Benn-Salian. You and I will have enough trouble getting the other gods to leave anyways. That Black_Plague is going to be a sticky wicket I'm afraid.

And while that did not end the world of Ohm, it did end anyone Playing God there. While much of the races were decimated from the Cumbustion Plague, none of the survivors were afflicted after CHASM's death. While they did rebuild their cities, they did not rebuild their temples. They were left in ruin as monuments to the gods' sacrifice to allow them true life. One that was only owed to themselves.

As for PrincessOfDarkness's followers. While it is true that the Rauen were completely wiped out, they eventually became reguarded as the race with the most valor during The Race Invasion and much of their customs were adopted by neighboring communities. Even Today, it's not uncommon for Aki and Sarions alike to tap out conversations when dealing private trade agreements.


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