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01/23/2004 2:26 PM

OOC: This story begins on the banks of the Lake of Death, where the city of Qualinost once stood. It is here that the three gods of magic have chosen to gather their followers in order to restore the Order of High Sorcery. Please observe the NO OOC rule that is in place on this thread and read the OOC thread before posting here. Thanks.

The River of the Ages flows, and Ages come to pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. In one Age, called the Age of Mortals by some, an Age yet to come, an Age long past, a wind rose in the Forests of Qualinost. The wind was not the beginning. There are neither beginnings nor endings to the streams of the River of Time. But it was a beginning.

The wind blew across the rain-sodden leaves, rippling the fronds of the ferns that grew above the ground like a great green sea. It blew across the verdant groves and sleepy brooks that surrounded the quiet stillness of the lake, once the home of the Qualinesti Elves, now a testament to all that had been lost and all that had once been of the Qualinesti. It was in this place of Death, that the seeds of the new Order of High Sorcery would be planted.

The wind flowed across the cold, dark surface of the Lake, gently rippling its mirrored surface before it reached the moss-covered stones of the shore and whipped the snowy white hair of a figure as he trailed a hand though the cold water, his old blue eyes focused sadly upon the stillness of the water before him.

He stood with a slight groan and placed his wide-brimmed hat upon his head, smoothing his white robes with his free hand before taking his staff of gnarled white wood that lay against a nearby tree. It was almost time.

He recalled the Vision he had received as he closed his eyes and felt within himself for the power of magic that had once again returned to the World of Krynn. He smiled to himself thankful for its return as he turned to face the newcomer that approached…

01/23/2004 4:28 PM

He recalled the Vision he had received as he closed his eyes and felt within himself for the power of magic that had once again returned to the World of Krynn. He smiled to himself thankful for its return as he turned to face the newcomer that approached…

As Syrashalsana carefully made her was through the muck and mud, she noticed keenly the figure. Avoiding the lake, who's stillness unnerved her, she moved closer to the human, tucking a golden lock of hair behind a pointed an undoubltly elven ear. She grumbled at the now wet and mucky hems of her robes, but continued to walk over to the man, pondering just who this person, this obviously white-robed mage was, and waht exactly he was doing in Qualinesti. Then again, one would also wonder what a Silvanesti white robe was doing as well. It was extreme good luck and E'li's blessings that had led her out of her homeland only days before the Minotaurs came.

The other mage reminded her just how much had been restored to her. The magic buzzed in her fingertips, the spells in her mind. Not too long ago had they been so absent from her, filling the holes with a solid emptiness that may have well been steel, weighing her heart down and distracting her mind.

"Excuse me," She said in fluent common, hinted with a tint of elven accented exotic-ness (?), "But if I may ask, who are you?"

01/24/2004 3:10 AM

Cherizal was ready to go. The vision had been clear enough about where she had to go and what she had to do, but still... there were so many questions that needed an answer. She hoped she will find those answers with the help of the other mages that had received the message of the gods of magic.

She closed her eyes and chanted the words of a teleportation spell. Feeling the magic run through her body again was so sweet, almost painful. She abandoned herself, her body, her mind to it, she drank from it, bathed in it. Finally her life had found its meaning again.

She reappeared on the shores of the Lake of Death. She spotted two figures in white not so far from where she stood. She decided to wait for a short while before she joined them, magic was still filling her body and she wanted to savour it a little longer before she let it go.

Cherizal sensed a presence, a strong presence. Her keen elven eyes spotted a figure in black between the trees and she walked towards it, her silver hair glittering in the pale light of Solinari, a determined look in her blue eyes.
She stopped a few steps from him and bowed, a slight smirk on her lips.

Dalamar watched the red robed mage recalling the time when she had been his apprentice. It felt like another lifetime, something past and forgotten. He remembered a promise he had made and never kept. He could read in her eyes that she had not forgotten, that she was expecting him to pay his debt.
"Cherizal..." he said in a flat voice.

"I knew the gods would have summoned you too..." she whispered "Other mages are already here, we should join them" she added coldly looking into his dark eyes and gritting her teeth. The sight of him filled her with anger, she remembered all too well how it had felt to be the target of his mockery and his contempt.

She turned her back to him and approached the two white robes she had spotted earlier. Dalamar followed her with an amused smile on his lips. Cherizal's feelings were so easy to read, so easy to play with.

Cherizal's eyes widened in surprise when she recognized one of the wizards.
"Master Falagar...." she said amazed "You are still alive..." The man had been so very old when she had taken her test so many years before.

01/24/2004 4:08 PM

…Falagar straightened and turned to regard the White Robed Silvanesti as she strode though the ferns and lush green foliage of the forest while stroking his long white beard with an aged hand. In his hand he held his wizard’s staff of gnarled white wood as pale as marble.

“I be the Wizard Falagar, young one.” He said with a smile as he leant upon his staff and watched the young elf with his old blue eyes. “And who pray tell would you be, wandering alone in this place of memories?” He said waving his hand across the still lake behind him, his smile faltering and melting to one of genuine sadness.

He cocked his old head to the side slowly and turned his head to watch the coming of two more figures, one clothed in ebon robes the other the color blood. The old Wizard turned to Syr and raised a snowy eyebrow in surprise.

“A most fortuitous morning for wandering indeed young Silvansesti, for you have stumbled upon the time and place that the Wizards of Ansalon gather to reclaim what was once theirs and shall once again.” He said enigmatically as he craned his head to the two new Silvanesti.

“Ahhh Mistress Cherizal and Master Dalamar, it does indeed do these old eyes good to see you both fit and well. And yes, the years have been most kind to this old man.” He said in greeting with a smile and offering his hand in greeting to the elves as the chill breeze caught his white robes and ruffled them slightly…

01/24/2004 4:26 PM

Syr smiled, "I did not know you were still alive, Master Falagar. Greetings. I am commonly known as Syr. It is a pleasure to see you again," She bowed to him, then turned to Cherizal and Dalamar, also bowing to the two of them, "Greetings Lady Cherizal and Lord Dalamar, fancy seeing you here..."

01/25/2004 9:19 AM

Cherizal nodded at Syr, then took Falagar's hand and shook it with a smile on her lips. The presence of the old mage made her feel comfortable, he had lots of experience and she was sure his wisdom and knowledge would be very helpful. She wondered though if his old body would be strong enough to endure the difficulties of their journey. But then if the gods had chosen him, it was because they had faith in him.

Dalamar ignored Falagar's hand. He tucked his hands into the sleeves of his black robe and acknowledged the old white robe with a slight nod.
"I'm afraid there's no time for all these courtesies." he said with impatience in his voice "I believe we all have received different instructions, but the gods want us to follow them together for some strange reason. And if this is what my dark god commands me, I will obey."

It was clear that Dalamar was not impressed by the party that had so far gathered at the lake of death. He hated to not know which tasks the others had been send to accomplish and he would keep his information for himself for as long as possible. He looked at the others and waited for them to speak up and make plans.

Cherizal had been Dalamar's apprentice and knew how his mind worked. He would try his best to make their mission turn to his advantage. He was fully dedicated to his magic, but his hunger for power made him a very dangerous ally. He would use them until they had nothing more to give him and he would never move a finger to help them, if he couldn't gain anything doing so.

"Maybe other mages are going to join us. I suggest we wait a little longer. And if you are in such a hurry, shalafi, then you could be the one to begin. Tell us about your vision" said Cherizal trying to provoke Dalamar. The former head of the black robes smirked and bowed mockingly.
"Ladies first..."

01/25/2004 9:33 AM

Solan wasn't given a vision, per se... but then again, it wasn't as if he was really a mage...however he was inexplicably drawn to what remained of his homeland..though he had sworn to never give a damn about it again.

His blonde hair was hidden in the shadows of his cloak, his dark blue eyes stared out upon the Lake of Death... a fitting end for those who had exiled him. Though he hated those who lived here, the land itself cried out to him... torturing his already darkened soul. He shivered and turned his gaze away from the edge of the lake, listening to the group of mages that had gathered here.

Beneath his cloak was hidden his normal arsenal... daggers of many sizes, from two twelve-inch beauties, to several two inch throwing blades. Small pouches of herbs hung from his belt, the bitter-sweet scent of dried roses could be discerned, as well as other, more unplesant ones, many which made up a poison that coated many of the smaller blades on his person.

lingering silently, he waited to hear what the red-robed magess would say.

01/25/2004 3:02 PM

A loud noise reveals a large warrior braking through the muck and filth. His eyes expressing only irritation. The black scalemail is full of grasstufts and mud.

"This is the last time you will pull me through the abyss and back Cherizal! Im not really that fond of wet dirt and twigs poking out my eyes!"

He stares at the people who are looking at him, and blushes. He strokes off some of the mud only to reveal a black scalemail and a big wickedly bent knife and on his back a greatsword hangs ready to be drawn any moment.

"What!? ....yeah, right...um, i'm Tulm"

01/25/2004 3:10 PM

Solan watches the warrior blunder his way through the brush, the dark elf suppresses his amusement, and moves closer to the group, knowing that it is only a matter of time before one of them finally sees him.

01/25/2004 3:59 PM

Syr heard the blundering warrior and looked at him with a skeptical raised eyebrow, "Are you alright? What are you doing here," She looked up and down his being, "You are most certainly not a mage...." SHe trailed off, looking at the other three mages.

01/26/2004 2:24 AM

…In the pale illumination of the lights of Nuitari and Solinari, a figure cloaked in colors of the void stared at the third moon, invisible to all save the servants of the God it was named for. His ebon hair stirred slightly in the chill breeze, a single silver lock running from his temple, as he regarded the night’s sky with charcoal eyes.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, thinking of the Vision that Nuitari had sent him. Rebuild the Order? He thought with a snort of derision that curled his lip in a sardonic smile.

I already have all I need Nuitari, the Order was dead to me long ago…

01/26/2004 4:50 AM

Cherizal felt the anger stir inside her at Dalamar's words, but she just gave him a blank stare and then shrugged.
"As you wish. I have nothing to hide."
She looked at the three mages without really seeing them, her eyes focused on something they could not see, whilst she recalled the vision to her mind. She felt the reassuring presence of her goddess one more time and she smiled, then she woke up from her trance and sighed.

"In my vision I saw the tower of high sorcery in Istar" she said and looked intensely from Falagar to Dalamar to Syr to make sure they had understood her words. "Yes, the tower that now lies at the bottom of the Blood Sea. And there we'll have to retrieve the eye of Istar."

She went silent and looked at the other mages curious to see their reaction.
Dalamar's face remained expressionless, but his eyes betrayed him.
The eye of Istar from the tower in the blood sea... Such an interesting task..
"Your goddess is very imaginative, Cherizal. Are you sure you got it right? I wouldn't be surprised if Lunitari meant something completely different with the vision she gave you. That's what I don't like about this. How can I be sure that you have interpreted the vision in the right way?"

Cherizal's eyes narrowed. Such a bastard...
"You can't, Dalamar. You'll have to trust us and our words, even if you don't like it...."

01/30/2004 1:56 AM

…The old wizard looked from Dalamar to Cherizal, his snowy brows furrowed in concern as the two wizards bantered words between them. “Please, my brethren let us not begin this endeavor with heated words, let us put past differences aside for the sake of the Order and the reclaiming of what is delivered unto us by the gods.” He said, his white robes rippling gently in the breeze as he leaned heavily on his Wizard’s staff.

“Trust.” He said, then mused the word in his mind as if thinking of the true meaning of the word. “Such a small simple word, yet one that has more meaning and strength with each person who gives themselves unto it.” He said with a smile upon his old lips.

“The Lost Tower of Istar. I had always dared hope that this tower somehow survived, it was always one of my favorites, after the tower of Wayreth naturally.” He said cryptically with an apologetic glance in the direction of Wayreth forest.

“Unless Master Dalamar or the Wizardess Syrashalsana has anything to add, it seems indeed that Lord Solinari wishes for me to begin with our quest, since the item he sent to me in Visions lays at the bottom of yonder lake.” He said waving an aged hand in the direction of the dark, still waters that housed the dead city of Qualinost at its depths.

“I believe the item is known as the Staff of the Stars, once wielded by the ruling family of Silvanost and then the first Silvanesti in the Order of High Sorcery, who used the eldritch item in placing the enchantments upon each of the sacred groves that surrounded the Towers.” He said closing his eyes and thinking of memories old and ancient and half-forgotten to the passage of time, the ghost of a smile hinting at his lips.

“If I recall correctly, the staff was taken to Qualinost during the strife of the Kinslayer Wars, and there it remained, entombed within the crypt of the Wizard Eridienthalas upon his death shortly after the war, forgotten to many but not all.” He said his gaze drifting out and unto the still waters of the lake before returning to the other with an enigmatic smile.

“But I have found Staff of Night is older still, much older indeed by my reckoning for its name is littered through the oldest texts found within the Library of Palanthus. I have theorized it was created by the Irda when the world was still young and the stars still cooling in the heavens.” He finished, meeting the gaze of the other Wizards with his ancient blue eyes from beneath his snowy brow…

01/30/2004 11:39 AM

Cherizal listened to Falagar's words, her eyes half closed, her expression dreamy whilst she saw picures of the events told by the old wizard in her mind. It sounded like Falagar had been in those places and seen those things with his own eyes and Cherizal looked at him curiously wondering which secret he kept.

"It seems that there's lots of water involved in our search" muttered Cherizal aloud. "We shall of course start our quest here, but before we begin, I think you should tell us of your vision, shalafi"

Even if only for a short moment, Cherizal saw pain in Dalamar's eyes, but just as quicky his expressionless mask was restored. He turned his back to them and looked to the lake of death.

"My quest is to find the tower of Palanthas and bring it back to where it belongs" he said in a flat, cold voice. The tower, the place where he had learned so much, where he had taught his apprentices, the only place that had been a home to him after he had been cast out of Silvanesti and at the same time the only place that was forbidden to him. He felt the gods had played him an evil trick and were mocking him with their request. He hated them for what they were doing to him, but still... he was there, ready to obey because deep in his black heart, he hoped he could go back to the tower when the conclave had been restored.

Cherizal recalled the tower of Palanthas where she had lived for a few years and wondered why it was so important to bring it back. She smirked thinking that she now had something she could use to mock Dalamar with, to pay him back for all the pain he had inflicted her when she was his apprentice. But she managed to restrain herself, even if it took a big effort. It was not the right time to have Dalamar as an enemy.

"Is this all, shalafi? No artefact to be retrieved?" she asked doubtful.
"No, no artefact." he answered dryly.

01/30/2004 6:58 PM

Syr was rather taken aback at all of this. She had come here for no reason except to be here, and suddenly the orders where reforming? And these visions.....she had almost begin to doubt the sanity of her fellow mages as they spoke, though they seemed to speak with such clarity that perhaps she was the one that was insane, being the fact all of them had these visions.....

01/31/2004 3:23 AM

…Falagar flashed a reassuring smile to Syr as he began making his way towards the still waters of the lake of that marked the grave of Qualinost. His staff in one hand as he stepped across the moss covered stones that grew around the shore.

“Elberteth Il’qundai Aquam tralerse.” He intoned in the ancient tongue of magic, holding his staff aloft in one hand, the gnarled ivory wood glowing faintly, as he watched the surface of the water ripple slightly. He turned and looked to the others for a moment, his free hand stroking his beard and the ghost of a smile on his lips.

The old Wizard turned back to the lake and took his first step onto the water, held aloft on the surface by his incantation, he began to make his way across the surface of the water, his steps and robes rippling the surface behind him as he made his way towards the centre of the Lake.

“I suggest you all follow, before the magic begins to fade.” He said with a slight chuckle as he continued walking without looking over his shoulder, the wind caressing the Wizard’s snowy robes as he walked, his form reflected clearly upon the surface…

01/31/2004 12:15 PM

The old Wizard turned back to the lake and took his first step onto the water, held aloft on the surface by his incantation, he began to make his way across the surface of the water, his steps and robes rippling the surface behind him as he made his way towards the centre of the Lake.

“I suggest you all follow, before the magic begins to fade.” He said with a slight chuckle as he continued walking without looking over his shoulder, the wind caressing the Wizard’s snowy robes as he walked, his form reflected clearly upon the surface…

"So the magic really has returned..I have not just drempt it," Syr muttered with a small, but noticable, grin. WIth an elegant step, the elf stepped onto the water and followed Falagar with impecable grace that only the elven-kind possesse.d

02/01/2004 8:06 AM

A mist appeared in between two oak trees on the fringe of the lake. It thickened and wrapped around the nearby trees like a cloak, covering all that was within. Dew appeared on the leaves of the trees and quickly turned to ice, giving the trees a crystalized look. A figure appeared out of the fog. Wearing faded red robes and clutching a staff in his pale hands he looked like a bringer of death. From an unseen command the mist stoped materializing and slowly dissolved in the wind. The red mage slowly walked forward surverying the new lake. Not looking where he was going he tripped over something sticking out of the ground. Landing in the mud, he muttered a small curse to himself. Looking back, to where he tripped, he saw a large dwarven face staring back at him. The face was bruised and battered. His eyes set back and staring off into the west. A great crack ran down the middle of his mining helmet and the crack continued on into his head. His left arm was non existent with only a brown and blackened stub of where it should be. With a sympathic look on his face the mage got up, gathered his robes together, and kept walking wondering were he was. At the very edge of the lack he recoiled in horror. Under the settling waters of the lake were hundreds of elves and dwarves. Their bodys twisted and shattered, their face showing great agony. The mage looked out over the waters and saw an interesting sight indeed. Two mages walking on the water with another two on land. A large warrior was standing nearby and shadows moved in the bushes behind them but, the mage quickly dismissed them as animals. Without any sign of worry and only touching the staff to the water. He quickly walked right on to the water. If he was going to meet these mages he would at least meet them knowing that he was no weakling mage. Although only his second time in the past forty or so years that he has cast magic, the words returned to him as if it was only a day ago. His step was lighter now knowing that dear Luin had returned. He covered the distance quickly and still had not been seen by the mages and the warrior. He heard the word "vision" coming from the group and he halted. Thinking back to only a few days ago he remembered his vision, well not a vision, a dream.

In the forty years since the Second Cataclysm he had not dreamed at all. Now, here he was in a familiar setting. A room lit by red candles and smelling of roses. In the middle sat a fair haired women at a desk reading a huge tome. The women looked up and smiled at him. "Greetings Gulzuu" she said. Gulzuu could only stare at her. He had not seen or spoken to Luin in well over forty years. But here she was. "How? Why" was he was able to say. "I am sorry to say that this time I do not have the time to catch up. The order was destroyed but it needs to be brought back. Magic must live on. It will live on. You must go now. Your heart will tell you where to go. " With that Gulzuu faded out of his dream. When he awoke his fingers burned with energy. His heart with love. He was ready.

After the brief flashback he realized that everyone on the shore was looking at him. He walked forward to the mage standing on the water. "Greetings brethren, I am Gulzuu."

02/02/2004 2:09 AM

Cherizal looked at the newcomer with curiosity wondering if he would add one more quest to their already difficult mission. He was not young and she guessed he had tasted magic before the departure of the gods.

"Greetings, Gulzuu. I am Cherizal Sølvstjerne." She said with a smile.

Dalamar shot a quick glance at the red robed human but didn't say anything. He didn't need to introduce himself, the man surely knew who he was.
"Tell us your tale, red robe. I want to be done with this as quickly as possible. And we have lots to do" he said dryly.

02/02/2004 7:28 AM

Syr turned fromthe water and glanced at the newcomer. Keeping her concentration on standing on the lake, she nodded to him, "Greetings, Geluzuu. I am Syr, for short. DO you have a vision as these others do, or are you visionless as I am?"

02/02/2004 6:03 PM

"It is both an honor and a surprise to see you all here." Gulzuu said his gaze glanceing around the group, from the blundering warrior to the dark elf mage cloacked in blackness. His gaze lingered the longest on Dalamar. Having only taken his test a couple of years before the Second Cataclysm he grew up on legends of Raistlin, Dalamar, and Par Salian.

"Tell us your tale, red robe. I want to be done with this as quickly as possible. And we have lots to do"

"For an elf, you are quite hasty," Gulzuu replied ,his voice showing no emotion. "Besides, my tale is long and full of betrayal, my vision on the other hand, " He glanced at Syr when he said this "Is one of the few highlights of my life..."

He described his vision quickly, cutting around some parts that the other mages didn't need to know. He finished his tale and looked around at the group.

"It appears I am not the only one who had a vision. So what was your vision about?" He asked. His gaze turning to no one in particuler yet for some reason, the group all turned and looked at Dalamar.

02/03/2004 6:38 AM

Dalamar's beautiful features were distorted by his disgust for the red robed human.
"I'd suggest you to keep your insult to yourself if you don't want to taste my anger" he answered flatly "I want to have this done quickly, so I can be free of all of you pathetic creatures. The situation must be really bad if the gods didn't find any better mage to summon"

Without waiting for a reply he stepped onto the water and started walking towards the center of the lake.

Cherizal frowned, then she turned to Gulzuu.
"We'll fill you in on the way. Dalamar is a little edgy, the gods have not given him an easy task and we make a good target for his rage. The first thing we have to do is to find the staff of the stars somewhere on the bottom of this lake."

02/04/2004 1:32 AM

…Falagar looked to Dalamar’s harsh words with furrowed snowy brows as he stood upon the mirror-like surface of the eerie lake, his white robes flapping gently around him as they stood there.

“Forgive young master Dalamar here” he said fising Dalamar with the disapproving look he gave to naughty apprentices before turning to Gulzuu. “It seems that he finds both the requests of our gods and the company of his brethren Wizards more than taxing upon himself.” Said the old wizard with an amused smile as he offered his weathered hand to the red robe. “I am the wizard Falagar, Master of Apprentices. Though of late I have dwelt within Palanthus until the call of my Lord, Solinari.” He announced.

“Gulzuu.” He murmured, his mind casting back through the ages, searching for a younger face to put to the man that stood before him, but the memories were jumbled, it would come to him eventually when he had more time to think and sift through the memories. All the Tests did, it was both his curse and his blessing...

02/06/2004 2:07 PM

Cherizal glanced shortly at Falagar, Syr and Gulzuu, then she shrugged sligthly and followed Dalamar. Walking on the water gave her a strange surreal feeling. She could see the tops of the beautiful buildings that had been the pride of the inhabitants of Qualinost. She sighed feeling a sense of loss and a sting of pain. All that beauty lost forever...

She kept walking and tried to push the thoughts of Qualinost and the elves aside and focus on the first quest. The staff of the stars... she didn't know much about it, she had never spent much time studying the power of the ancient artefacts. She regretted that, but she knew that both Falagar and Dalamar probably had the needed knowledge.

Dalamar walked to the center of the lake and then waited impatiently until the rest of the party had gathered around him. He spread his arms wide and started chanting. Cherizal thought she could hear anger and pain in his voice. Dalamar let the magic take possession of his body and with his eyes closed he bent down and touched the water. The water in that place parted and turned into a stair that led to the bottom of the lake. Slowly he descended and Cherizal followed right behind him.

02/09/2004 2:31 AM

…The old wizard, winked to Syr as Dalamar cast the spell a glimmer of mirth in his old blue eyes, the wind playing with the white fabric of his robes as he looked on. “Thank you Master Dalamar.” He said sagely nodding to the dark robe as Dalamar looked the old wizard with a frown before disappearing down the magical stair.

The old wizard held his staff aloft and muttered to himself, the tip of the gnarled ivory wood glowing slightly with a wan light that illuminated the watery stairs that led into darkness.

“Careful, we know not that which dwells in the darkness amongst the dead elves.” He said quietly and to himself as if he was reciting a line from a tale or a book as he stroked his beard absently and followed the Dalamar and Cherizal further into the darkness...

02/09/2004 2:30 PM

Gulzuu carefully placed his foot on the water steps, half expecting for it to give away at any moment. Once he found that indeed the steps were secure he took several more steps deeper, the staircase was damp and chilled him to his old bones. He drew his red robe tighter around his body hoping for a bit of warmth and glanced warily around to see if anybody else was as uncomfortable as he was. The faint light from Falagar's staff did nothing to warm him and only served as a mockery of the warm sunlight above. Trying to get his mind off of the coldness he look out into the waters. Dirt was shifting around in the waters and he saw more then one spire of an elven building off in the distance. Small and large river fish were swimming around confused at the sudden absensce of their river and the appearance of this lake. Gulzuu hoped that all of the dead bodies had either sunk or moved downstream. The thought of seeing hundreds of people killed similiar to the Dwarven warrior caused him to choke down the bile that rushed to his mouth. Gulzuu was the first one to break the silence when asked "Where exactly is this tomb suppose to be found?"

02/09/2004 4:38 PM

Syr took a few steps into the stairway, looking around in shock. Knowing that no doubt a few hundred or more Qualinesti had met their deaths here made her shiver. She could almost feel the death around her......the magick of the ropes, of the green dragon overloard, Beryl...

"Where exactly is this tomb suppose to be found?"

"That's a good...question...Falagar?" SHe looked towards the other white robe.

02/10/2004 2:53 PM

When Dalamar reached the bottom of the stairs, he stopped and turned to Cherizal as if he wanted to tell her that it was her turn to choose the path, but the red robed elf shook slowly her head.
"I don't know where the tomb is..."

The look that her former shalafi gave her made her feel ashamed of her ignorance. She bit her lip and looked away. Dalamar didn't look very pleased. He made an annoyed gesture with his delicate hands and turned to face the rest of the group.
"Stay close to me" he said coldly, then he waited until the other four wizards had gathered around him.

He found a foul smelling poultice in one of his pouches and smeared some of it on his companions forehead and on his own, then he kneeled and started chanting in a deep and laconic voice. Cherizal shivered at the sound of those words, they reminded her of past experiences she wasn't eager to try again.

Dalamar stopped his chanting and got back to his feet. He looked like he was waiting for something. Or someone. A few seconds later a group of shadows approached the five mages. They were ghosts of the people who had died in Qualinost, elves and dwarves. Cherizal gritted her teeth, feeling fear and at the same time pity for those poor souls.

"Show us the way to the tomb of the wizard Eridienthalas" ordered Dalamar. The souls looked uneasy and didn't really answer or move, but they were bound by Dalamar's spell and had to obey him. The dark elf frowned. Something was wrong, but he decided to keep his suspicions to himself. The dead started moving north, slowly and hesitanting.
"Let's follow them"

02/16/2004 9:04 AM

Solan watched the preceedings in his typical silence, and decided to follow in that same silence.. the more he learned about why he was called here, considering his talent, the better.

02/21/2004 1:53 AM

…The old wizard watched Dalamar with a strange almost unreadable expression, his face only half illuminated but the soft wan light that emanated from his gnarled Wizard’s Staff. Falagar looked at the shimmering walls of darkened water, barely able to make out the murky buildings that lay in the lakes depths.

Something gnawed at the pit of Falagar’s stomach, something old and dark that bespoke of nightmares and shadows and other things that the old Wizard wished not to ponder upon. He steeled himself and followed the dead deeper into the depths, noticing the air chilling the further sown they walked, his staff shedding little illumination for him to see further than the backs of their dead guides.

For almost twenty minutes the party traveled the magical tunnel that wound its way amongst the cold dead buildings of what was once Qualinost, the path leading inexplicably towards the remnants of the tower of the sun.

The dead guides halted, the wan light of the wizard’s staff illuminating the darkened hem of a blackened robe as the dead stood either side of the figure as if waiting for some unspoken command. Falagar halted, noting the looming shadow of the broken Sun tower only dozens of meters behind their dead guides and the black robe.

Hesitantly Falagar raised his wizard’s staff to illuminate the figure ahead of them, the light traveling up the black voluminous robes that seemed to draw in the wizard’s fey light until they finally reached a deep hood that pooled with darkness. Falagar tensed for a moment and then shook his head to himself, muttering as he lowered the Wizard’s Staff.

The figure stepped forward into the light, pale elegant hands lifting to the cowl and revealing a pale handsome face into the light, black ebon hair hung straight, and a single lock of grey hair hung from his temple. Dark charcoal eyes fixed the party and a wry smile spread across the man’s thin lips as he nodded to the party.

“I see the years have held you well Cherizal…”

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02/21/2004 3:14 AM

Cherizal shook her head feeling uneasy, but she followed the dead as Dalamar had ordered. Her uneasiness didn't disappear when they all started walking, it became deeper and darker. She wished they would leave soon, but she knew the worst was yet to come. She felt it in her bones, something was waiting for them. She didn't want to look ahead, so she kept her head bowed and her eyes fixed on the ground.

Dalamar walked in silence, his nervousness was growing, but didn't show on his smooth face. No matter what is was that made him feel that way, he would fight and defeat it.

The party stopped, Cherizal raised her head and stared at the figure who had just spoken to her. Her eyes mirrored the variety of emotions she was feeling: surprise, anger, hate and a little bit of delight that she did her best to hide.

"Zander?" Memories of their past meetings, adventures and arguements flowed to her mind. "I thought you were dead... You should be dead..." she whispered confused.

Dalamar's eyes widened in surprise at the sight of his former apprentice, then they narrowed. He hated the man. One of the few people that had tricked him and got away with it. He had suspicions about how he could still be alive after so long, but he didn't say anything, he just regarded him coldly and waited for him to speak.

02/21/2004 3:35 AM

...The black robed figure spat a self mocking laugh that was wracked with spite. His lip curled in derision as he looked to Dalamar, the ghost of an amused smile flickering across his lips as he looked to Cherizal.

“Yes, I suppose I should be dead.” He said with a wry smirk. “I see your choice of company is still as poor as always.” He said in a hushed voice, his dark eyes fixed upon Dalamar with a defiant stare. Inside of him the darkness riled and screamed and threatened to break its tether, wanting to kill, wanting to claim lives.

“And what exactly brings you to the Lake of Death?” he said, though his eyes flicked back to Cherizal and his smile slid from his lips to a mask devoid of emotion, as he folded his pale hands within the sleeves of his voluminous ebony robes, a patch of shadow darker than the gloom behind him…

02/21/2004 4:22 AM

Cherizal hadn't completely recovered from the surprise, she was still staring at Zander with a puzzled look in her eyes, but his words got her back to the present. She shot him a cold glance and shook her head.
"Many years have passed, but you haven't changed at all. You are still the same bastard" she sneered.

"And what we are doing here is none of your business. You are the one who should give us an explanation... What do you want from us? And how come you are alive? What in the abyss are you now, Zander?"

Dalamar felt the need to kill Zander and eliminate the danger he represented, but he controlled his urge, as he didn't know how powerful the man had become.
Probably more powerful than I imagine he thought. I'll have to be careful and take him by surprise... I'll let Cherizal distract him with her ranting and bitching.

02/22/2004 1:49 PM

…The black robed wizard studied the elf maid with charcoal eyes that seemed devoid of life, his mocking smile slid across his lips once again, the human emotion never reaching those darkened eyes.

“Yes, Cherizal a bastard I may still be. But you still stand in Dalamar’s shadow, remember what this bastard earnt you.” He said his voice soft but carried eerily in the dim light of the magical passageway his lips sneering at the mentions of Dalamar’s name.

“I am here for the Tower, as I was a Wizard and servant of Nuitari.” He finished, the ghost of an enigmatic smile crossing his pale lips as he rose a pale hand to his long ebon hair and tucked the errant grey lock behind an ear.

The black robed wizard stepped to the side and waved a pale hand along the passage his laughter soft and foreboding as he cast his darkened eyes to the group, his pale hand guiding them towards the twisted, broken ruin of the Tower of the Suns. “The first test awaits…”

02/22/2004 2:06 PM

Cherizal's eyes flashed in anger and she clenched her hands into fists.
"I don't stand in Dalamar's shadow. I never did and never will! You a servant of Nuitari? Ha... You serve yourself and noone else. And if Nuitari really asked you to come here and believes you will do what he requires, then I guess he's a fool" she said in angry voice and started walking toward whatever was waiting for them.

Dalamar listened to the two wizards talking about him as if he was not there at all. His lips curled in a cold smile.
"I would like to know who sent you here, Zander. Nuitari is no fool and he would not use one of your kind for his purposes."

02/22/2004 6:24 PM

…Zander laughed to himself once again at Cherizal’s anger fixing her with his dark eyed stare. “I would have thought you had finer control of that temper by now Cherizal. It is quite pleasing to see after all this time you have not forgotten my words to you.” He said in his whisper-like voice his eyes flicking to Dalamar as the dark-elf spoke, his lip twisting wryly as he heard the man’s melodic elfin voice.

“Nuitari has indeed sent me Dalamar, it seems he has a special task for me in this. If I were you though, I would wonder what the dark god wanted with a wasted specimen such as yourself.” He said his smile widening and showing teeth in an almost predatory gleam.

“I felt your clumsy fumblings with necromancy across the Shroud, Dalamar. Your feeble attempts to chase your own power by stealing it from the Dead, were like ripples across the Shroud. The Dead remember you Dalamar and they wait for your payment in the eternity of the afterlife.” He said, the darkness within his lithe form surging in Zander's mind suddenly, filling it with incantations of death and pain that threatened to overwhelm the black robed human.

The old wizard Falagar stepped forward bringing his light with him and stepped between the trio, casting a disapproving glance at all three Wizards from beneath his snowy brow. “Let us not forget we are here for the staff, not to bicker like young children and bander threats like some common rogue. You are Wizards of the Order, perhaps it is time that you start acting like such.” He said sternly, eying each of them in turn.

The ancient wizard turned to regard Zander with a critical eye, his free hand stroking his long white beard in thought. “Tell me young Zander, are you here to help us or not. Enough of this childishness, and give us a straight answer or step aside. I have precious little time to waste with such foolishness as pride, and I will brook none of you arrogant nosense we have enough of that already from young master Dalamar.” he said eying the human black robe with his old blue eyes.

The black robe’s eyes widened slightly, the rage within him struggling to be free, dark incantations flittering across his mind pleading with Zander to let them claim the life of this old man. The Master of the Shroud was not used to being dismissed so easily and chafed upon him.

“Yes. For now Nuitari’s and my goals are one and the same.” He snarled, his pale fists clenched so tight his nails bit into his skin, causing droplets of blood to well beneath them. Zander sucked in a ragged breath and closed his eyes, forcing the darkness that lived within him back into the depths of his tainted soul.

He opened his dark eyes again and looked to Falagar, his face once more a mask of no emotions save the mocking smile upon his lips. “Very well old one, your staff lies waiting within the Tower beyond…”

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02/23/2004 2:33 AM

Cherizal flushed with shame at Zander's words. She bit her lip and tried to keep a plain voice.
"I've learnt to control my temper, it's just... you..." she said shaking her head and wondering why the black robe always made her lose her wits.

Dalamar's face was expressionless, even if he was shaking with rage inside. Zander was a worm, an annoying worm and he was not going to accept his mockery anymore. He concentrated on one of his darkest spells, but when he was ready to unleash his power, he felt like a giant barrier around him and for a moment he was trapped. Then a voice spoke into his mind. No, Dalamar, let him be, I need him... said Nuitari.

Dalamar nodded slowly, hate burned in his eyes, but he didn't try to move a finger against Zander again. He tried to focus on their quest. If Nuitari said he needed the man, then he had to respect his god's wish, no matter how deeply he despised Zander. There would be time for vengeance when the three orders of magic were restored.

He shot an annoyed glance at Falagar, the old wizard was an idiot like all the white robes. Cherizal felt relieved instead when Falagar stopped the bitching. She wondered how they could work together when they all hated each other so much. Maybe that's a part of the quest... she thought. She looked at the others frowning slightly.
"I think it's time to enter the tower and find out what is waiting for us..." she said quietly.

02/26/2004 2:11 PM

Syr knew little of the way the black robes worked together, but if this was the way they did, then she had no idea how they were going to complete this quest Cherizal wanted. SHe quietly obserbed them with a small frown. SHe didn't know this Zander personally, only by reputation, but what she had heard had not been kind to the black robe.

The white robed elf only nodded when Cherizal suggested they enter the Tower.

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