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01/22/2004 1:58 PM

The constable looked at the scene. Two bodies, their heads chopped clean off. It wasn't the first time he had been to a crime scene like this. Over the last two months, there had been at least fourty other cases like this. All of them involving people who had been travelling to or from inns. Everything taken. Plus, many of the victims were nobles or else had descended from families like of the type.

It was getting bad for the town of Helsuik. The small Erogothian resort town normally was a teeming with travellers this time of year. But, now with the murders taking place, people were begining to get a little scared. People would rather be going to the larger cities then a town which had suddenly gained the highest murder rate in the country.

The constable had to solve the case before their town got blacklisted and lost its lively hood. Unfortuantly, he didn't have many clues. The bodies were cut so cleanly. And often times murdered in what had seemed to be the most improable ways. And the tracks were strange. He kept seeing either dog tracks or some type of sandle.

He sighed as he mounted his horse. Going back meant he would half to file paper work. His fellowmen would have to tidy up the crime scene. He would end up answering to all the angry shop owners, innkeepers and workers who were losing buisness.

Maybe taking out that ad for capable investigators and extra help wouldn't be such a bad idea...

(OOC: Basically, If you want to join, you can be the extra help, someone who is staying in the town or maybe an outlaw who decides to take advantage of the havoc being created by the robbers. Or what else you can think of. I will have some characters of my own running around too.)

01/23/2004 12:24 AM

OOC: Ohh... I love mysteries and I would like to join, if it's ok with you. I'll have to think of a character... Maybe a relative of one of the victims who wants revenge and harasses the constable because she wants the case solved or something like that. What do you think? Any particular wish about class, race, etc..?

01/23/2004 6:28 AM

(OOC: Nope, go ahead. I want a certain amount of freedom in this thread.)

01/23/2004 8:47 AM

OOC: Good, I will post as soon as I have some time to think about a character. Probably sunday :)

01/27/2004 2:12 AM

OOC: Hey.. you still interested in this? I haven't had time to think of a character yet :(

01/27/2004 10:14 AM

(OOC: Yeah. I just felt like throwing out a line and seeing if any fish would bit. No pressure though.)

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